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中国大私人物馆英文介绍:包畹蓉中国京剧饰物馆 -- :9:6 来源: 中国大私人物馆英文介绍:包畹蓉中国京剧饰物馆 Top 8: Bao Wanrong's Museum of Peking Opera Costumes 包畹蓉中国京剧饰物馆 Bao Wanrong is a famous Peking Opera artist and collector. He studied opera with many well known artists, including Xun Huisheng, one of the four great th century permers of the Dan (female characters) in Beijing Opera. He has collected, designed and made more than ,000 Peking Opera costumes, including robes, skirts, garments, trousers and amices, including the costumes of Mei Lanfang and Xun Huisheng, which promote the glorious traditional culture of Peking Opera.包畹蓉是一位著名的京剧艺术家兼收藏家他和包括荀慧生(世纪京剧著名的四大旦角之一)在内的很多京剧名家一起研究京剧他收藏、设计制作了00多见包括京剧戏,有长袍、戏裙、裤子、方巾,甚至还京剧大师梅兰芳和荀慧生穿过的戏 中国 私人 物馆。

  • 有关家庭暴力的8人 -01- ::00 来源: CastSandy (child):Mr. Lin (Father):Mrs. Lin (Mother):Neighbor:Social worker:Wader:Policeman:May (Sandy’s friend):Miss Lee (Teacher):——————————————————————————–Scene I(In Sandy’s home)Father is ing newspaper in the living room.Father:Sandy, I’m thirsty. Give me some drinks. Bring me bottle more!Sandy:Dad, please don’t drink any more. It’s enough!Father:If you don’t bring it to me, I will hit you!Sandy:Yes, father!(But when Sandy comes, she falls down. Break the bottle and spill on father. Father is very angry and began to hit Sandy.)Sandy: Dad!Please don’t beat me …Father: Hum!(Hold the bottle) Because you are so stupid and not a good child.Mother:Honey… please stop. Our child is crying. She didn’t do anything wrong.Sandy:Dad, please… stop hitting me.Father:Shut up! Or I hit your mother, too.(In the same time, the neighbor discovers this domestic violence.)Neighbor:(Calls to 1) There is a father hitting his family now. Please help themimmediately… I’m afraid the child will be in danger. The address is…. Please, hurry up!Policeman:Ok, I’ll be there soon.Scene II(In the police station)Police:Why do you abuse your child? She was innocent. Don’t you regret to doing it?Father:It’s none of your business.Social worker:Mrs. Lin and Sandy, did Mr. Lin often abuse the child?(First, Mrs. Lin doesn’t say anything, and then she is crying.)Mother:Since he lost his job, he was drinking all the time. Sandy and I usually werehit by him. And if I didn’t give him money, he sad he would kill us…Father:Nonsense!I didn’t do that thing.Social worker:Mrs. Lin, calm down. If he did it again, please call me. I’ll help you. And I’ll find sometime to talk to him.Scene III(In Sandy’s classroom)Teacher:Sandy, follow me after class.(Sandy and teacher go to office together.)Teacher:You are often absent lately and your grades also are not as good as bee. What happened to you?Sandy:No, it’s nothing. Thanks your concern.Teacher:Are you sure? Anyway, if you have any problem, tell me, ok?Sandy:Ok, Miss Lee.(After the class, Sandy and May are on the home way.)May:Sandy, I called you home yesterday. You wasn’t at home. Your mother told me that you have a part time job. It’s a surprise to me! What’s the matter with your family? You have to study hard during this year bee you take the entrance examination. This year is very important to you. You can’t let other things distract your studies and deprive of your study time.Sandy:(crying) I know. But I have no way anymore. My father lost his job, and wehave no money to pay all the spending.May:Oh, Sandy, Don’t worry. I will help you.(After the day, May decides to tell the teacher about Sandy’s problem.)May:Miss Lee, I have to talk to you something about Sandy…Teacher:May, you are Sandy’s good friend. Do you know what’s wrong with Sandy?May:Eh…I heard that Sandy’s family has economic crisis, and Sandy has a part time job…Teacher:Ok, I understand. I will talk to her parents.Scene IV(On the road in front of Sandy’s home)Police:Hold it! Don’t move!Father:No!(Still running in front of the policeman)(The police got the father.)(In the police station)Policeman:Mr. Lin, You can’t go anywhere unless you promise you won’t sell those drugs. And you should stay in the jail six months, because we found the evidence that you are a drug dealer.Father:No! Please give me….I was not on purpose.Mother:(Crying) Please give him a chance to turn over a new leaf. He has to make money the family.Father:You…shut up! Here is no need of your interjection!Scene V(In the social worker’s office)Teacher:I’ve told you everything about Sandy….Social worker:I see. Thanks your help. I’ll manage it as soon as I can. ( Turn to talk to the mother) Mrs. Lin, I understand your feeling, but it’s her crucial time to study hard to enter a good senior high school. In another word, she can’t do part time job after class and without review her lessons.Mother:I know what you want to tell me. But, in fact, her father and I haven’t found jobs…and her father is in jail now because of selling drug. (Crying) Oh! I can’t stand it anymore!Social worker:Don’t worry it. I can introduce you some work I know. As long as you work hard, you’ll have a steady life with your daughter. Now, Sandy needs a secure and stable environment to grow up and study.Mother:(Still crying) Thank you very much. If there is not your help, I don’t know how to do…Scene VI(After six months, outside the jail)Warder:I really hope you won’t enter here again.Father:I won’t. I’m very embarrassed that you are so concerned with me. I really appreciate it. I don’t know how to thank you. (He sees his wife and Sandy, smiling to him)Warder:Don’t mention it, you just made a new start from now on.Sandy:Dad, Mom and I come to pick you up.Father:(Crying) Sandy, I’m very sorry about what I did. I thought a lot of things in the jail during that half a year. I shouldn’t ruin my own life and brought crisis to the family. (Look at his wife) Dear, I’m so sorry to you. I disappointed you very much, but you didn’t leave me, I owe you so much….Mother:(Crying) Don’t say that… It’s never too late to mend. I’m glad that it’s all over… 有关 家庭暴力 英语。
  • 疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课: 很高兴跟你谈话-- :7:36 有机会跟一些智者、聪明的人或老朋友聊天该是很快乐的事情,这时候你可以跟他们说:It's been nice talking to you(很高兴跟你聊天),所谓‘礼多人不怪’,外国人也很讲礼仪,例如Thanks calling.(谢谢你的来电),初次见面会说Nice to meet you.(很高兴见到你),或者It's been nice knowing you.(很高兴认识你)如果你想恭维别人,可说:I've heard a lot about you.(久仰你的大名),相信别人听到一定很开心 对话 A: So when can I expect to hear from you? B: We'll keep you inmed. If you don't receive a call by Friday, you can give me a call. A: Alright, I'll wait to hear from you then. It's been nice talking to you. B: You're welcome. Thanks calling. 甲:我何时可收到你的消息? 乙:我们会联络你如你在星期五前还未收到电话,请致电给我 甲:好吧,我等着你的消息很高兴跟你谈话 乙:不用客气,谢谢来电 和人家谈话,准备结束时,一般会说:It's been interesting nice fun great talking to you.那就是说:‘和你谈话真畅快’,但句子既用现在完成时动词 (present perfect tense),明显表示谈话要告一段落所以这句话之后,一般就是Goodbye,例如:It's been great talking to you, but I must go now. Goodbye. 结束谈话,往往是以‘时间所限’为理由听见对方像是突然惊觉那样说Oh, look at the time!(啊,看看时间!)你几乎可以断定他跟着就会说:I'm going to have to run. I must dash away now. I'm afraid I must fly. I've got to rush.(我得赶快走了) 要说‘是时间要走了’,有一英文句法特别值得注意:It's time I was. were going这一句是说现在的事但It's time. 之后的子句 (clause) 却必须用过去时动词 (past tense),现在不妨再举一例:It is about high time we went home.(现在(差不多)是回家的时候了)It is about time. 即‘差不多是时候’,It is high time. 则是It is time. 的强调说法 为什么It's time之后的子句要用过去时动词,而I甚至可配动词were?原来这类子句要用假设句法,表示‘我们早应这样做,现在却还未做’ 留意It's time we went home. 之类句子可以改写作It's time us to go home.,意思没有分别。
  • A Healthy Lifestyle,the Way --1 :: 来源: A Healthy Lifestyle,the Way  Traditional doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy. example,are you often weak and tired?Maybe you have too much yin.  You should eat hot yang food,like beef.Eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good this.But people who are too stressed out and angry may have too much yang.  Doctor believe that they should eat more yinfoods like tofu. Medicine is now popualar in many western countries.It's easy to have a healthy lifestyle,and it's important to eat a balanced diet.。
  • 小学生英语话剧:小狮子王 --6 :9:38 来源: 小学生英语话剧:小狮子王Like all children,Little Lion likes sleeping and playing,but his parents always wake him up very early ,they have a lot of things to teach .So the little lion has to study and study and study......Characters: Little Lion,Mother Lion , Father LionScene I(天刚蒙蒙亮,小狮子仍沉浸在甜美的梦乡里……) Dad: Son, it's time to get up. Little Lion: Dad, it's still early. Let me sleep, please! Dad: No. You will be a king. A king must learn some skills. Mum: Sweetie, your father is right. Little Lion: Mum, why do I have to be a king? Mum: Because your father is a king. Little Lion: But I don't like to be a king! Mum: Come on, sweetie. Your father will show you how to be a great king. . (狮子爸爸和狮子妈妈带着小狮子来到湖边) Little Lion: Mum, the lake is so beautiful! Mum: Yes, it is. Look, this is you. Little Lion: Wow, a beautiful new bathing suit! But I don't know how to swim. Dad: Don't worry, I will teach you. Mum: Yes, your father is a great swimmer. Little Lion: Why does a king have to swim, Dad? Dad: Because there are too many rivers in the est. A king must know how to save himself in the water. Little Lion: OK, Dad, teach me how to swim now. 3. (小狮子学会了游泳,和爸爸一起回到岸边) Little Lion: What will you teach me tomorrow, Dad? Dad: I will teach you how to use a computer. Little Lion: What is a computer, Dad? Mum: It's a magical thing. If you want to know something, just ask it. Little Lion: That's great! I will be a great king! 小学生英语话剧:小狮子王。
  • One Plus One Is One? 1+11? -- :: 来源: One Plus One Is One? 1+11?  One day a rich man met Sam on the road. The rich man said to Sam, "I hear you are very clever, but I don't believe." Sam answered with a smile,"Oh, I am not clever, instead, you are silly." The rich man was angry, but Sam said, "Don't be angry. Now let me ask you a question. If you have a group of sheep, and I give you another group of sheep, how many groups of sheep do you have?" The rich man answered, "Oh! That's easy . I have two groups of sheep." Sam laughed and said, "You are wrong. Two gruops of sheep put together is still one group. That's easy!"  一天,一个富人在路上遇到萨姆富人对萨姆说,“我听说你很聪明,可是我不相信”萨姆笑着答道:“噢,不是我聪明,而是你太笨”富人生气了,可是萨姆说,“不要生气,现在我问你一个问题假设你有一群羊,我又给你一群羊,你有几群羊?”富人回答:“啊,这太简单了,我有两群羊”萨姆哈哈大笑,“你错了,两群羊放到一起还是一群羊这太简单了!”。
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