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第十一届“汉语桥”中文比赛肯尼亚赛区选拔赛在内罗毕大学孔子学院举行,来自内罗毕大学孔子学院、肯雅塔大学孔子学院等院校和机构的16名选手参加了比赛。The 11th Chinese bridge competition was recently held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. It’s a one-of-a-kind contest that showcases Kenyan students’ Chinese language skills.This year it attracted 16 competitors who showed off their talents at the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi. CCTV’s Susan Mwongeli reports.16 students from the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi participated in the Kenya finals. The competition was divided into three parts: Chinese speech, a 3-minute talent show and a segment on general knowledge. The 1st part was rather interesting and attracted many.Student Liu Mei said, Leaders, judges, friends, hello everybody!Student Nobert said, I’ve learnt Chinese for 9 months, I don’t think it is difficult.Although most of the contestants had only studied Chinese for a short time, they were determined to show case their prowess in the Chinese language.Student Mercy said, Chinese culture and Kenyan culture have similar parts and different parts.Student Benson said, My name is Benson, I don’t have an English name, because I am Chinese.Among the participants was Anthony, his passion for the Chinese language was evident in his performance.Anthony competitor said, ;When I graduated from senior high school, my mother asked me which major I want to be. I told her without any hesitation ;I want to learn Chinese;. My mum thought it is a crazy choice,she said ;What?!Are you crazy? Why do you want to learn Chinese?!!; I told her ;I am not a baby,.It is my choice,never change!;The second part of the completion was the talent show and here, the students out did themselves with both song and dance. After an exciting competition Anthony was crowned the winner. He will now visit China to take part in the Chinese Bridge Competition semi-finals and finals.The prize also includes a 1 semester scholarship from the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese in China and a free international tickets. He also assumes the tittle of ;Chinese Language Envoy; in Kenya. With events like these, the director of the Confucius institute in Kenya hopes Chinese language studies will catch on, and bring in new students.Yang Daping, Confucius Inst., Kenyatta Univ., said, ;Chinese is a hot subject in Kenya. Kenya’s Education Departments are now planning to make Chinese a course in primary schools. At the Confucius Institutes, we will do our best to help them expand the subject. We hope Chinese culture and education will have a big future.;Kenya built the 1st Confucius Institute in African continent in 2005, which later grew into two Institutes. It now boasts over 2000 students, which serves as proof of the increased political and cultural cooperation between the two countries. Article/201205/182623听写第一句话Researchers have been___________________________ a health risk. Article/200909/83934Baking soda小苏打Funny thing, before I knew baking soda was actually used for baking…I thought it was solely a cleaning product. I was legitimately appalled when I saw someone pour the very baking soda my mother used for tile cleaning into a cake recipe.搞笑的是,在我知道小苏打实际上是用来烘焙之前,我认为小苏打仅仅是一种清洁产品。所以当我看到有人将我妈妈用来清理瓷砖的小苏打倒入蛋糕配料中的时候,我真的被吓到了。So, yes, baking soda has a bounty of uses. The first is indeed to bring out the shine of tiles. Simply take two gallons of water and half a cup of baking soda. From there, scrub the tiles with the solution. Easy cleaning.所以呢,实际上小苏打有许多用途。第一种用途就是让瓷砖闪闪发亮。只需要将2加仑的水和半杯小苏打混合在一起。然后,用小苏打水擦拭瓷砖。瓷砖就被很容易地擦洗干净了。Another use for baking soda is for unclogging sinks and drains. Pour some baking soda into the drain after removing the cover. Then take some regular vinegar. The fizzing will work down into the drain to help break up whatever is clogging it.小苏打的另一个用途就是清理堵塞的水槽和排水管。将排水管的盖子打开,然后将一些小苏打倒入排水管中。然后拿一些普通的醋倒进去。然后你就会听见;嘶嘶;的声音,然后沿着排水管一路向下,这样就能打破那些堵塞排水管的任何东西。Other uses for baking soda include:小苏打的其他用途还有:1.Exfoliation. Mix 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water then rub in a gentle circular motion across the skin. Wash off and be wowed.1.表皮脱落。将3份小苏打和一份水混合在一起,然后在皮肤上面轻轻画圆圈擦。清洗一下就会很吃惊地发现,表面的死皮脱落了。2.Relieve skin irritation. Adding baking soda to bathwater will soften the skin and ease irritations, like insect bites, burns, and more. This also comes in handy for when your baby has diaper rash.2.缓解皮肤疼痛。将小苏打加入洗澡水中,就能让皮肤光滑,缓解皮肤疼痛,比如蜜蜂叮咬,烧伤等。而且当你的宝宝得了尿布疹的时候,这种方法也很方便。3.Deodorizer. This is probably the most famous use for baking soda. Simply sprinkle around the house and let it sit before vacuuming or sweeping up to get rid of lingering odors. You can even put an entire box in the refrigerator for several months to absorb odors that would otherwise affect the flavors of the stored food. This also works in trash cans, cutting boards, litter boxes, toilet bowls, and anything else that gets rank.3.除臭剂。这可能是小苏打最出名的用途了。只需要将小苏打洒在房间周围,待一会儿,然后再用吸尘器或者扫把清除那些弥漫的气味。你还可以在冰箱中放入一整盒小苏打几个月,来吸收那些或许会影响储存的食物的异味。这也适用于垃圾桶,砧板,垃圾箱,马桶和任何产生异味的东西。译文属 /201707/516406VideoJug presents you with some great tips on how to eliminate insomnia. Let VideoJug help you sleep with these great steps.本期视频汇将会告诉你如何消除失眠。Step 1: Establish a Schedule1.建立行程表Your body rests best when it gets into a regular sleep-wake cycle.只有在有规律的作息中身体才能得到最好的休息。Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends.试着每天固定时间躺下,然后早上在固定时间起床—周末也要坚持。Eventually your body will get better at “knowing” when it#39;s time to sleep and when it#39;s time to get up.最后你的身体会适应这个作息周期。Step 2: Follow a Routine2.日常事项Do the same things in the same order every night. Following a pre-bed ritual trains your brain and reminds you that sleep is coming soon.每个晚上都按照一定的顺序完成睡眠之前的事情。这样有助于训练你的大脑。Step 3: Things to Avoid3.不能做的事情Food creates energy, and big meals can trigger indigestion and heartburn – both of which can keep you up.食物是能量的来源,大餐能让你消化系统延长工作时间,并可能带来胃灼热,这两种情况都能使你无法正常入睡。Alcohol – even small amounts – can cause disruptive sleep and an early rise.酒精-哪怕是一小口-也能让你无法正常入睡,并且容易早醒。The nicotine in cigarettes is a potent drug that acts as a stimulant for some and can contribute to poor sleeping patterns.香烟中的尼古丁是一种能够引起人睡眠质量降低的成分。Caffeine – Of course not.咖啡因-这个就不用多说了。And while 30 minutes of exercise each day will help you sleep at night, make sure it#39;s at least three hours before bed.尽管每天锻炼30分钟有助于睡眠,但是要记住,睡前三小时内不要运动。Step 4: Setting the Stage for Sleep4.创造睡眠条件Keep your bedroom cool – but not cold – and as dark as possible. Fans, humidifiers and white-noise machines also help drown out little noises that could distract or wake you.保持卧室舒适—但不是冷,尽可能的黑,风扇,增湿机和任何产生白噪音的极其都有助于减少干扰睡眠的因素。Avoid doing any work or paying bills in your bed or bedroom. Those stresses can spill over into your mind when it#39;s time to sleep.避免在卧室和床上做任何工作或者算账,这种活动产生的压力容易使你在睡眠时间心烦意乱,无法安然。Step 5: Clear Your Mind5.心神合一Insomnia sufferers often complain that a flurry of thoughts enters their mind the minute their head hits the pillow. Instead, try some relaxation techniques. Focus on your breathing. Imagine your body floating in a pool of water. Let your arms and legs go limp. Begin counting sheep… one…two…three…失眠症患者经常抱怨说,在他们接触到枕头的瞬间脑海里涌进无数的想法。相反的,尝试一些放松的技巧,比如集中注意力在呼吸上,想象你的身体漂浮在水池中,让手脚变得柔软无力,开始数羊:一只,两只,三只……Thanks for watching How To Eliminate Insomnia谢谢收看本期“失眠症”节目。 /201208/195396

A practical guide to harvest carrots. Top tips and great advice from Tom Coles at Capel Manor. Enjoy this popular vegetable year-after-year with Videojug#39;s help.这是非常实用的收获胡萝卜的指导意见。坎贝尔·蒙纳学院的汤姆·科尔为我们提供了很好的建议。在Videojug的帮助下,年复一年地享用这种受欢迎的蔬菜吧。Dig in from the side of the row and lever the soil up. Hold onto the green tops and pull up. Check for any blemishes or holes, ...and leave on the surface to air dry for 20 minutes or so before storing them. Don#39;t remove the tops as they will help keep them fresh.在整行胡萝卜的旁边挖一下,使土壤松动。抓住叶子顶端拔出来。检查一下胡萝卜表面有没有污点或腐烂,在空气中风干20分钟左右再储藏。不要把顶端拔掉,这样可以保持胡萝卜新鲜。Carrots are y to harvest 10 to 16 weeks after sowing and can be planted anytime after the last frost. If you prefer sweet, salad carrots, harvest while they are still young and small. Leave the harvesting until later if you prefer large, heavier carrots.胡萝卜在播种10到16周之后就可以收获,在最后一场霜冻后的任何时间都可以移栽。如果你喜欢比较甜的,用来做沙拉的胡萝卜,在比较幼小的时候收获。如果喜欢比较大的,味道比较足的胡萝卜,可以等时间长一点再收获。Whenever possible, harvest vegetables during the cool part of the morning, and process or store them as soon as you can.只要条件允许,尽量在早上比较凉爽的时候收获蔬菜,然后尽快处理或储藏。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Carrots.感谢收看“怎样收获胡萝卜”视频节目。 Article/201212/216267

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