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According to the Medical Research Council#39;s Reproductive Biology , sperm counts are falling by around three per cent every year, so we spoke to Dr Allan Pacey, male fertility expert from Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society, to get the lowdown on male fertility.根据医疗调查委员会的复制的生物样本,每年精子的数量会下降到大约3%,因此我们采访了Allan Pacey,来自谢菲尔德大学的男性生殖专家,英国生殖力协会秘书来弄清男性生殖。Male infertility is mostly caused by men producing too few sperm or sperm that don#39;t work properly (i.e. they don#39;t swim as well as they should, or when they meet an egg they don#39;t fertilise it as they should).男性不大多数是由男人产生太少的精子或精子没有适当运转(例如它们没有像它们应该的那样游动,或当它们遇到一个卵巢它们没有按它们应该做的生殖)导致的。The main test for male fertility is called #39;semen analysis#39;. This is where a man provides a sample of semen to be examined under the microscope to check the number of sperm and also some aspects of their quality (how well they swim and their size and shape mainly). It is important that the man abstains from sex or masturbation for between two and five days before this test is carried out. It is also important that this is carried out by a proper laboratory used to looking at semen. Based on the tests from semen analysis some men may then have their hormones checked and also some genetic tests performed.对于男性生殖主要的测试被称为“分析”。也就是人们提供的样本在显微镜下被用来检查精子的数量和它们质量的一些方面(它们游动的有多好和它们主要的形状和类型)。重要的是人们放弃性和手淫2到5天在这项测试实施之前。同样重要的是,这在被用来照看的恰当的实验室里实施。然后基于来自分析的测试,一些人可能检验荷尔蒙,同样一些基因测试会被执行。Most of the existing solutions are to try to help the sperm that the man is producing get to the egg in some way. This might include a simple insemination of his partner (IUI), or it may mean in vitro fertilisation (IVF). In more severe cases, individual sperm could be injected into eggs collected from the man#39;s partner. This technique is known as ICSI. If the man is producing no sperm, then normally this means that he will have to consider using the sperm from a donor. Although in some very rare cases if this is because of a hormone production problem, it can sometimes be corrected.存在的大多数解决方案是试着帮助人们生产的精子在某种程度上获得卵巢。这可能包括简单的它的伴侣的授精(促排卵方法),或者它可能意味着试管内受精(体外受精)。更严重的案例,个体的精子能够被注射到收集于人们的伙伴的卵子上。这种技术被称作试管婴儿。如果男人产生不了精子,然后正常地他得考虑使用来自捐献者的精子。虽然在一些罕见的案例中,如果这是因为荷尔蒙生产问题,有时能被纠正。There is no evidence that older men produce fewer sperm, but there is evidence that the sperm from older men are of poorer quality. This is evident in two ways. First the partners of older fathers are more likely to have a miscarriage compared to the partners of younger men. There is also evidence that the children of older fathers are more at risk of having some rare genetic diseases. Both of these observations suggest that the DNA of the sperm from older men has been altered or mutated in some way.没有据表明,老年人会产生越来越少的精子,但显而易见的是,老年人的精子质量很差。两天前这被实。首先老父亲的配偶对比于青年人更易流产。同样显而易见的是老年人的孩子会承担更多罕见的基因疾病的危险。这些观察显示,在某种程度上老年人精子的DNA被改变了或变异了。Some of the treatments for cancer and similar drugs used to treat arthritic conditions or some kidney disorders can affect sperm counts. This is why some men get offered the opportunity to bank sperm before they start those treatments.一些对于癌症的治疗和用来治关节炎的相似的药品或肾障碍会影响精子的数量。这就是为什么一些人在开始治疗之前获得堆积精子的机会。 /201408/323296。

We’ve all heard the saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”我们都听说过“每分钟都有笨蛋呱呱落地”这句话。Well, what if I were to tell you that this is a gross underestimate? According to the Department of Human Health and Services, there are about 7.6 Americans born every minute, and there’s good evidence that about five of them will grow up to be “suckers” when it comes to financial literacy.那么,如果我说这句话显然低估了实际情况,大家会怎么想呢?美国卫生和公众务部(Department of Human Health and Services)的数据显示,每分钟有7.6个美国人出生,而确凿据表明其中有5个会成为理财方面的“笨蛋”。The University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study found that only about one third of Americans ages 50 and older were able to correctly answer three simple questions about how compound interest works, what inflation means for one’s savings and investment gains, and the basic differences between a single stock and a mutual fund.密歇根大学(University of Michigan)健康和退休研究项目发现,在50岁及以上的美国人中,只有约三分之一的人能正确回答三个简单的问题:复利是怎么回事?通胀对个人储蓄和投资收益意味着什么?一只股票和一只共同基金有哪些基本差异?In the latest addition to a body of economic research that shows Americans’ striking financial illiteracy, a study by economists Benjamin Keys, Devin Pope, and Jaren Pope examined Americans’ refinancing habits during the worst of the financial crisis, when the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve were doing their utmost to get people to refinance their mortgages and take advantage of low interest rates. According to the paper:一系列经济领域研究已经表明,美国人的理财知识欠缺程度令人震惊。其中最新一项研究来自经济学家本杰明o基斯、德温o波普和贾伦o波普,他们的课题是美国人在金融危机达到高峰时的再融资习惯。当时,美国财政部和美联储正在竭尽全力帮助按揭者进行再融资并利用低利率环境。这篇研究报告称:“We estimate that approximately 20% of households for whom refinancing would be optimal and who appeared unconstrained to do so, had not taken advantage of the lower rates. We estimate the present-discounted cost to the household who fails to refinance to be approximately ,500, making this a particularly large consumer financial mistake.”“对有些家庭来说,再融资是最佳方案,而且这方面也不存在障碍。但据我们估算,在这些家庭中,约有20%并未对低利率加以利用。据我们计算,对未能再融资的家庭来说,其当前贴现损失约为1.15万美元,这在消费金融领域算是个特别大的失算。”Altogether, this failure to refinance cost these consumers, and presumably the economy at large, .4 billion. And this estimate is actually on the conservative side of the spectrum.由于没有进行再融资,这些消费者的整体损失为54亿美元,想必整个美国经济也蒙受了同等金额的损失。而且这个数字实际上偏向保守。A 2008 study by Dartmouth finance professor Kenneth French estimated that investors in the U.S. pay roughly 0 billion per year in fees and other expenses in an attempt to “beat the market” rather than investing in low-fee index funds that track the broader performance of the stock market. And a 2006 study from Harvard economist John Campbell estimated that poor decisions concerning mortgage financing costs homeowners more than billion annually. The list goes on, from payday loans to credit cards to retirement products: Americans spend billions more because of their lack of financial knowledge.2008年,达特茅斯学院(Dartmouth College)金融学教授肯尼思o弗兰奇在他的研究中估算,为了“跑赢大市”,美国投资者每年都要付约1000亿美元的手续费和其他费用,却不愿用这笔钱投资手续费较低,专门跟踪大盘的指数基金。2006年,哈佛大学(Harvard University)经济学家约翰o坎贝尔估算,由于在按揭融资方面决策欠妥,住房业主每年都要损失500亿美元以上。类似的研究层出不穷,从发薪日贷款到信用卡再到退休金融产品,它们的结论都是:财务知识匮乏让美国人多花了数十亿美元。Cass Sunstein, former Obama Administration official and promoter of government policies that “nudge” people into avoiding making such predictable and costly mistakes, suggests that we should institute rules that force banks to make it very easy to refinance loans when interest rates fall. While this approach won’t be very popular with banks or mortgage investors, there’s plenty of research that shows that creating systems where it’s easier to make the right choice about your finances will lead to more people making those choices.曾在奥巴马政府中任职的凯斯o桑斯坦认为,政府政策应提醒人们避免这种可预知的高成本错误。在桑斯坦看来,美国应该制定法规,迫使在利率下降时让贷款再融资变得简单易行。虽然和按揭投资者不会非常喜欢这种做法,但有足够的研究明,如果我们建立的机制能让人们更容易地在财务方面做出正确选择,就会有更多的人进行这样的选择。This is also good way to approach the problem of the American retirement system, in which average citizens waste billions of dollars every year without making their futures more secure. Private companies have basically abandoned defined-benefit retirement programs, but that doesn’t mean they should abandon the idea that they are partly responsible for making their employees’ retirements as comfortable as possible. That means setting up automatic enrollment, automatic escalation of their contributions, and, most importantly, not giving the option to invest in high-fee funds. It also means that employers need to make sure that their employees have the knowledge to make the right choices.对美国的退休制度来说,这也是解决问题的好办法。普通美国民众每年在退休方面要浪费数十亿美元资金,却不能让自己未来的生活更有保障。私营公司基本上都已经放弃了养老金固定收益计划,但这并不是说这些公司不再承担责任了,企业还是应该设法让员工的退休生活变得尽可能舒适。这就意味着要建立自动注册和自动提高缴纳金额的机制,而且最重要的是,不要涉及高手续费基金投资。这也意味着企业需要确保员工可以凭借自己掌握的知识做出正确的选择。At the end of the day, there also must be a greater emphasis placed on financial education in public school systems so that, at the very least, the vast majority of consumers can understand a concept like compound interest. There may very well be five suckers born every minute in this country, but there’s no reason they have to remain suckers for the rest of their lives.总之,还要更重视公共教育体系中的金融课程,以便让绝大多数消费者最起码能够理解复利这样的概念。也许,美国每分钟确实有5个笨蛋出生,但绝对没有理由让他们在接下来的人生中一直当笨蛋。 /201409/329598。

A Tennessee bride has defended her curious decision to strap her newborn daughter into the train of her wedding dress as she walked down the aisle, saying the baby was #39;awake and well-secured#39; and that she was #39;covered by Christ#39;.美国有一位田纳西州的新娘,她决定在自己婚礼中走过教堂长廊的时候、把自己刚出生的女婴绑在婚纱上。对此很多人提出了批评和质疑,而新娘本人却为自己辩护,称女婴“清醒并且安全”同时还“有耶稣的佑护”。Shona Carter-Brooks has been attacked online for the bizarre bridal party moment following her marriage to Johnathan Brooks in Ripley last month, with some commentators arguing she should be reported to child protection services.修娜·卡特·布鲁克斯上个月和丈夫乔纳森·布鲁克斯举行婚礼,然而她在婚礼上把女婴绑在婚纱上的行为让很多网民感到匪夷所思。有员称她应该被举报给儿童保护中心。The couple, who live in Jackson, just outside of Nashville, are believed to have only welcomed their little girl, Aubrey, one month before the ceremony.这对夫妇生活在离那什维尔不远的杰克逊城。人们推测,她们的女儿奥布里在婚礼前一个月刚刚出生。The dress appears to have been altered to allow for the child.婚纱看上去有为小宝宝做过改装。Criticisms said the act was #39;incredibly dangerous#39;. People say that the child could have suffered carpet burn from being dragged along the floor of the church.人们批评说这一行为“极其危险”,孩子有可能因为在地毯上被拖来拖去而擦受伤。#39;I am sorry but if I would have saw that I would have gotten out of my seat and taken that baby. That is truly dumb,#39; complained one person on the website Clutch.有位网友在网上说,“很抱歉,如果我在场我会从座位上起身把婴儿抱起来。那样做真的很过分。”However Carter-Brooks hit back at her critics in two elaborate posts on her Facebook page, saying she does not regret the decision.然而卡特·布鲁克斯却对质疑声做出了反击,她在Facebook主页上发布了两条精心编写的消息,称自己对这个决定不后悔。#39;People questioning what we do, commenting all negative,#39; she wrote. #39;The answer is we do what we want, when we want, as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gona (sic) continue to be fine.#39;“人们质疑我们在做什么,所有的都是负面的。”她写道,“我们的回应是:我们在自己想做的时候、做自己想做的事情,只要有耶稣保佑我们,一切都会顺利的。” /201406/304612。

Europeans still harbouring concerns about a horsey taste in their hamburgers should spare a thought for Walmart customers in China, who are dealing with a food safety scandal that s like an Aesop fable.对汉堡中的马肉味道仍心有余悸的欧洲人,应该关心一下沃尔玛(Walmart)在中国的消费者,他们正面对一场听上去像是一则伊索寓言的食品安全丑闻。The world’s largest retailer has promised to compensate Chinese customers who bought its spicy donkey meat after a supplier adulterated the popular delicacy with fox meat.这家全球最大零售商已承诺向那些在其门店购买了“五香驴肉”产品的中国消费者作出赔偿,原因是一供应商在这种颇受欢迎的食品中掺入了狐狸肉。Walmart has recalled the “five spice” donkey meat sold in its stores in Jinan city in eastern China after it said tests found the product contained the DNA of “other animals”.沃尔玛已召回在中国东部城市济南门店销售的“五香驴肉”产品,此前该公司表示,经过检测发现,该产品含有“其他动物”的DNA。The revelations followed reports from government officials that found the products were actually made from fox.此前,政府官员的报告发现,该产品实际上就是用狐狸肉制作的。Fox meat sells for around per kilo in Jinan and is cheaper than donkey, a popular snack in some parts of China.在济南,狐狸肉的价格约为每公斤1美元,比驴肉便宜。驴肉在中国部分地方颇受欢迎。“We have been deeply shocked by this incident,” said Greg Foran, Walmart China chief executive. “It has#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; shown that we need to continue to increase investment in supplier management.”“我们对此事感到非常震惊,”沃尔玛中国业务首席执行官高福澜(Greg Foran)表示,“这……表明,我们必须继续加大在供应商管理方面的投资。”The company said it was considering legal action against the supplier. The problem came to light when a customer bought 1,600 packages of meat, and demanded compensation when tests showed that the product contained fox meat, according to Chinese media reports. These reports ed Walmart initially saying that it thought the customer was trying to extort money.该公司表示,正考虑对该供应商采取法律行动。根据中国媒体的报道,一位消费者在购买了1600袋“五香驴肉”产品后要求沃尔玛作出赔偿,因为检测发现,该产品含有狐狸肉。这些报道援引沃尔玛最初的话表示,该公司认为,这名消费者是想讹诈。Food and product safety scandals remain rampant in China. There have been countless cases of rodent meat being passed off as that of more expensive animals. In the past few weeks at least a dozen babies have died after receiving hepatitis injections produced by a company that supplies around 60 per cent of China’s hepatitis B vaccines.在中国,食品和产品安全丑闻仍层出不穷。有很多用老鼠肉冒充价格更贵的动物肉的例子。过去几周,至少有12名婴儿在注射一家公司生产的乙肝疫苗后死亡,该公司供应的乙肝疫苗占中国市场的60%左右。Consumers also have to worry about the effects of pollution on food production.消费者还不得不担心污染对食品生产的影响。Nearly 50m acres, or about one-sixth of China’s arable land, is affected by soil pollution from heavy metals, pesticides and industrial effluent. About 8m acres are so polluted that the government has said planting crops there should be banned近5000万英亩耕地——约占中国耕地的六分之一——存在重金属、杀虫剂和工业废弃物造成的土壤污染。约800万英亩土地污染严重,政府表示不宜种植庄稼。The donkey meat scandal will further undermine Walmart’s reputation in China, now the world’s biggest food and grocery market, worth tn.驴肉丑闻将进一步破坏沃尔玛在中国的声誉,如今,中国是全球最大的食品杂货市场,规模为1万亿美元。In 2011 the company was fined in China for allegedly manipulating prices and was accused of mislabelling ordinary pork as organic.2011年,沃尔玛在中国因涉嫌价格操纵被罚款,并被控给普通猪肉贴上有机标签。 /201401/271405。

A well-known fixture on New York#39;s Fifth Avenue, U.S. jewelry giant Tiffany amp; Co. is aiming to improve its luster overseas and particularly in Asia, where demand for gold and gems appears to be insatiable.纽约第五大道上的知名品牌蒂芙尼(Tiffany amp; Co., TIF)打算提升在海外、尤其是亚洲市场的吸引力。亚洲消费者对黄金和珠宝的需求似乎源源不断。U.S. shoppers have largely driven sales for the New York-based high-end jeweler, but that picture is changing. For the quarter ended Oct. 31, comparable sales in the U.S.-at stores open at least a year-rose by a modest 1%, with the bulk of sales logged at the New York flagship store, which sells mostly to tourists.长期以来这家总部位于纽约的珠宝商的销售额大多由美国本土消费者所驱动,然而现在情况正在发生变化。截至10月31的第三财政季度,蒂芙尼在美国开业至少一年的同店销售额同比仅增长1%,其中大部分销售额来自主要面向游客的纽约旗舰店。Michael Kowalski, Tiffany#39;s chief executive, is looking for ways to turn those tourists into regular customers when they return home. Adding to Tiffany#39;s Japan-based stores, which the company first opened in 1993, the jeweler plans to open in markets such as Russia and in France.蒂芙尼首席执行长迈克尔?科瓦尔斯基(Michael Kowalski)正设法把这些游客转变为常客,希望他们回国后继续光顾蒂芙尼。蒂芙尼于1993年开设了第一家日本店铺。现在,除了在日本的店铺,该公司打算在俄罗斯、法国等市场开设新店。The other target is China, where the company operates 24 stores and plans to open three a year for the foreseeable future, attempting to take on rivals in a competitive market and convince Chinese consumers that Tiffany has the best cuts, designs and service.该公司的另一个目标市场是中国。蒂芙尼目前已在中国运营24家专卖店,打算在可预见的未来每年开设3家新店,试图在这个竞争激烈的市场迎战对手,并让中国消费者相信蒂芙尼拥有最好的切割工艺、设计和务。Mr. Kowalski recently traveled to China to show off Tiffany#39;s yellow diamond collection and spoke to The Wall Street Journal in Beijing about plans to build its brand in Asia.科瓦尔斯基近期到访中国,为蒂芙尼传奇黄钻石展示会造势。他在北京接受了《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的采访,谈到了在亚洲打造蒂芙尼品牌的计划。Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的访谈摘录:WSJ: What are your goals for moving beyond the U.S. in the next three years?《华尔街日报》:未来三年蒂芙尼在美国以外市场的目标是什么?Mr. Kowalski: We do believe there are wonderful geographic expansion opportunities for us. We#39;ve tried to build a diversified geographic portfolio so that we aren#39;t dependent on any one region or any one country. We#39;ve only recently become a stronger presence in the Middle East and we#39;ll open our first-owned-and-operated store in Russia this spring.科瓦尔斯基:我们相信蒂芙尼会有很好的地域扩张机会。我们已经试图建立了多元化的地理组合,不会依赖于任何一个地区或任何一个国家。近期我们扩大了在中东的业务,并打算于明年春季在俄罗斯开设第一家直营专卖店。We#39;re also optimistic about potential in China. Our companywide plan is for Tiffany sales to grow between 10% and 12% for the foreseeable future.我们也很看好中国市场的潜力。整个公司的计划是,在可预见的未来蒂芙尼销售额增长10%-12%。Right now, we have 24 stores and will probably open three to four stores here per year for the future. We certainly want to be flexible and watch how the market develops. That#39;s our strategic objective. Clearly if we regard China as the fastest-growing market going forward, that implies a growth rate meaningfully in excess of that 10% to 12%. We#39;re reasonably confident about that.目前我们在中国拥有24家专卖店,未来可能每年开设3-4家新店。当然,我们想灵活处理,看看市场会如何发展。这就是我们的战略目标。很显然,如果我们把中国视为未来增长最快的市场,这就意味着蒂芙尼在中国的销售额增速将远远高于10%-12%。对此我们很有信心。WSJ: Some luxury companies are wary of China, where an austerity campaign has hit luxury sales. What makes you confident?《华尔街日报》:眼下中国政府正在提倡节俭,这打击了奢侈品在中国市场的销售,所以一些奢侈品公司对中国市场持谨慎态度。你的信心缘何而来呢?Mr. Kowalski: We think the growth curve in China will be something we#39;ll love in terms of slope. But it#39;ll also be volatile. In 2011, it was a fantastic year here and 2012 wasn#39;t so wonderful. [But] 2013 is stronger and we just had a great quarter here.科瓦尔斯基:从增长率曲线上升斜率来看,蒂芙尼在中国的业绩表现将令我们满意,但波动也比较大。中国市场在2011年的表现相当不错,2012年不那么惊人,但2013年有所回暖,刚刚公布的季度业绩就说明了这一点。WSJ: What is behind the volatility?《华尔街日报》:波动较大背后的原因是什么?Mr. Kowalski: It#39;s driven largely by consumer sentiment and reaction to economic conditions perceived-real or of the moment. Consumer confidence is less volatile in Europe. China is at the higher end, [while] the U.S. is in the middle. I don#39;t know what drives that, but it#39;s a continuing challenge here.科瓦尔斯基:业绩表现主要受到了消费者情绪以及他们对经济形势看法(例如经济是真正改善还是一时的好转)的影响。欧洲消费者信心的波动要小一些。中国的波动性最大,美国处于中间。我不清楚是什么原因造成的,但这是蒂芙尼在中国持续面临的一个挑战。WSJ: Consumers are becoming increasingly global, particularly the Chinese consumer. How is tourism changing your approach?《华尔街日报》:消费者正变得日趋全球化,中国的消费者尤其如此。旅游业如何影响着你们的经营方式?Mr. Kowalski: [The] rise of the Asian consumers and tourism has caused us to change some of our store practices. We accommodate customers who are speaking other languages. It#39;s a struggle to find Mandarin-speaking sales professionals. We have to work hard to find them.科瓦尔斯基:亚洲消费者和旅游业的崛起促使我们调整了一些店铺运营方式。我们也接待说非本地语言的客户。但会讲普通话的专业销售人员比较难找,我们必须努力去找。WSJ: What are you doing beyond language?《华尔街日报》:除了克语言方面的障碍你们要做些什么?Mr. Kowalski: It has caused us to increase our store presence in markets that are heavily visited by Chinese customers. We#39;re building a flagship store in Paris on the Champs-Elysees.科瓦尔斯基:我们还在有大量中国消费者光顾的市场增加专卖店数量。我们正在巴黎香榭丽舍大道新建一家旗舰店。We are enhancing the store experience in the U.S. and all over the world. We#39;re renovating stores and upgrading the quality in sales professionals and everything you see in the store.我们还在美国和全球市场提升门店体验。我们正在装修门店,并在提高专业销售人员的务品质以及升级店内一切设施。We#39;re changing the ratio of selling space to provide more seating space. More casual sit-down environment, more private areas.我们正在调整销售空间所占的比例,以便提供更大的休息空间。我们力争提供更好的随意休闲环境、更多的私人空间。WSJ: What are some of the lessons you have learned by doing business in Asia?《华尔街日报》:你们在亚洲做生意有哪些经验教训?Mr. Kowalski: One thing we#39;ve learned is the need for high standards of service and store experience. We learned that several years ago in Japan and it was critical to our success. Here, we operate in a more intense environment than back in the U.S. and we need even higher standards of service.科瓦尔斯基:我们的经验之一是亚洲人对高标准务和门店体验的要求。几年之前我们在日本了解到这一点,这对我们的成功至关重要。亚洲的经营氛围比美国紧张得多,我们的务标准还需要进一步提高。WSJ: What specifically have you learned in China?《华尔街日报》:那你们在中国又学到了什么呢?Mr. Kowalski: We learned we need to be more overt about how we present our brand. A great example would be the store signage. If you were to look closely at the New York Fifth Avenue store, Tiffany amp; Co. is written in steel letters on both sides of the doors, perhaps two [feet] in length, six inches in height and it#39;s carved into the granite of the facade. And that#39;s the only signage there is.科瓦尔斯基:在中国,我们需要更加直白地呈现品牌。专卖店标识就是个很好的例子。如果你仔细观察纽约第五大道的专卖店,我们在大门两侧都刻上了“蒂芙尼”的钢字,雕刻在花岗岩的门面上,长约2英尺,高6英寸。这也是专卖店唯一有标识的地方。When we first came to China, we were equally discreet and subtle in how we presented the brand and that created a problem. People simply didn#39;t see or couldn#39;t see the brand. They couldn#39;t understand what the store was about. We#39;ve had to be more direct and less subtle in how we communicate the brand. We need to do a better job of telling brand stories to give a deeper, richer more robust sense of brand. We#39;ve recognized that while there#39;s a broad awareness of consumers, we need to work very hard to increase the depth of that knowledge. There is limited understanding of our heritage and that diamonds are central to our business, that we cut our own diamonds. We need to work much harder to communicate that in China than in America or even in Japan.当我们首次进入中国市场时,我们在呈现品牌方面也同样谨小慎微,但却出现了问题。人们完全看不到我们的品牌标识。他们不明白这家店是干什么的。在如何沟通品牌信息方面,我们必须更加直接,不要太精细。在讲述品牌故事时,我们需要做得更好,在消费者眼中树立一个更深沉、更丰富、更强有力的品牌形象。我们意识到,尽管我们的品牌在消费者中赢得了广泛知名度,但我们仍需非常努力,进一步加大消费者对品牌的深度了解。人们对我们的品牌传承了解有限,不知道钻石是我们的核心业务,也不知道我们自己切割钻石。与美国甚至日本相比,我们在中国市场的品牌沟通方面还需做出更多努力。WSJ: How are you changing your strategy based on what you#39;ve learned?《华尔街日报》:基于你们汲取的经验,你们如何调整策略?Mr. Kowalski: One thing we#39;ve started to do is use Tiffany blue far more aggressively in the stores and in the facade.科瓦尔斯基:其中一点是,我们开始在专卖店和店面外观上大量使用蒂芙尼的蓝色。The other thing we#39;ve done in China is focus on diamonds. We are the world#39;s authority on diamonds and we#39;ve emphasized that more dramatically than anywhere else in the world. We#39;re also speaking more about the Tiffany heritage. We are 176 years old and more longer-lived than many of the luxury brands.另外一点是,我们在中国市场主打钻石。蒂芙尼是享誉全球的钻石权威,与在全球其他地区相比,我们在中国格外强调这一点。我们对蒂芙尼品牌传承介绍得也更多。我们拥有176年的历史,比很多奢侈品牌的历史更加久远。WSJ: You#39;ve had success in China recently, but what are some of the challenges you face?《华尔街日报》:你们最近在中国取得了成功,但还面临哪些挑战?Mr. Kowalski: Diamonds are seen as value items here, which is at the core of their attraction. But one of the challenges with them in China is the bridal tradition, the engagement ring tradition. It has developed some in the last 10 years. But that#39;s a core part of our business. We#39;d like to think our presence here is encouraging that development of the tradition.科瓦尔斯基:钻石在中国被视为贵重商品,而贵重也是钻石吸引力的核心所在。但我们在中国面临的挑战之一是婚礼传统,也就是订婚戒指传统。在过去十年,这种传统已经有所发展。但这是我们业务的核心部分。我们希望,蒂芙尼品牌能够激励中国这一传统的发展。 /201312/270218。