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The temperate isles of the Mediterranean are home to sun, sea and delicious dishes thought to hold the key to good health. But what is it that makes a Mediterranean diet quite so good for us?地中海温带小岛拥有阳光、海洋与美味佳肴,这都被认为是健康的秘诀。但是为什么地中海的饮食对我们如此有益呢?Victoria Taylor, Senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, gives her view on the healthy benefits of the sunshine cuisine.英国心脏基金会高级营养师维多利亚·泰勒对阳光美食的健康益处给出了自己的看法。While it#39;s important to understand how different foods and nutrients affect our health, a whole diet approach offers a more helpful way of looking at our eating habits and choices.了解不同食物和营养物质对健康的影响至关重要,一种统观全局的方法更有利于帮助我们分析饮食习惯和选择。A typical Mediterranean diet includes lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals and cereal products, for example wholegrain b, pasta and brown rice. It also contains moderate amounts of fish, white meat and some dairy produce.典型的地中海饮食包括大量的蔬菜、水果、豆类、谷物以及如全麦面包、面食和糙米这样的谷类食品。此外还包括适量的鱼,白肉和一些奶制品。It#39;s the combination of all these elements that seems to bring health benefits, but one of the key aspects is the inclusion of healthy fats.正是这些均衡的搭配带来了好处,但是关键的一点是,它包含健康的脂肪。Research into the traditional Mediterranean diet has shown it may reduce our risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, which are all risk factors for heart disease.对地中海传统饮食的研究表明,它有利于减少2型糖尿病和诱发心脏病的高血压、高胆固醇情况的发生。Researchers have also found that people who closely follow a Mediterranean diet may live a longer life and be less likely to put on weight.研究人员还发现,长期坚持地中海饮食的人会有更长的寿命并且很难长胖。Although we are some way from the warm Mediterranean coast, it#39;s still possible to adopt this style of eating without making massive changes. Try out our favourite Mediterranean recipes today.尽管离温暖的地中海海岸很远,但是做出一些小小的改变,我们就能吃得健康。那么不妨从今天开始就尝试我们健康的地中海饮食吧。 /201705/509136

It all began with one simple tweet.一切始于一条简单的推特信息。Writer Kelly Oxford, after listening to interviews about the locker room and sexual assault took to Twitter and shared – for the first time – the story of how she was sexually assaulted on a city bus when she was 12 years old. 作家凯莉.奥克斯福德,在听到有关更衣室现象和性侵犯的访谈后,通过推特首次分享了她12岁时在公交车上被性侵犯的故事。She then asked women to tweet their first assault. 随后她呼吁其他女性也在推特上讲述自己第一次被侵犯的故事。Within hours, hundreds and then thousands of women took to Twitter to share their stories using the *hashtag #NotOkay.几小时内,成百上千名女性在推特上以#不行为标签分享了她们的故事。Within three days, over 30 million people had or contributed to this th, moving the conversation beyond social media and making a disturbing fact *abundantly clear: Sexual assault is as American as baseball and apple pie.在三天时间里,逾三千万人阅读或了这一话题,使其超越社交媒体本身,并让一个令人不安的事实更加清晰:性侵犯正如棒球和苹果派,成了美国的一部分。Women and girls shared that they had been assaulted when they were 5 or 9 or 19. 女性和女孩分享了她们在5岁、9岁或者19岁时所遭受过的侵犯。It happened whether they were single, in a relationship or married.侵犯既发生在她们单身时,也发生在她们恋爱或已婚时。Some of the tweets like short stories with pain, guilt, shame and regret poured out 140 characters at a time. 其中一些推文读起来就像短篇故事,仿佛痛苦、内疚、羞耻和悔恨同时从那140个字符中倾泻而出。Some contributors used their real names; some created fake accounts to remain *anonymous. 一些作者用了真名,也有人创建了假的用户号以便得以匿名。Some stated that they had aly shared their stories with their families, but many said that they had never reported them before.一些人写道她们已经对家人讲过她们的遭遇,但很多人都表示她们此前从未提起过。When people started questioning why women did not report their assaults, a subsequent hashtag, #WhyWomenDontReport, was created 当人们问为什么这些女性不报告她们所遭受的侵犯时,一个新的标签随后又产生了:#为什么女性不报告。and in the space of a few hours, thousands of women responded in similar fashion: shame, fear, embarrassment, confusion, humiliation, self-hatred and a lack of trust that the system will work and hold their abusers *accountable. 几个小时内,上千名女性做出了相似的回答:羞耻、恐惧、尴尬、困惑、耻辱、自我憎恨以及对制度缺乏信任,不相信制度能将加害她们的人绳之以法。It became painfully clear that there really is a locker room, and it is within this space that men and boys are led to believe that they can sexually assault a woman or girl without any fear that they will be held accountable.这个事实残酷而清晰,那就是真的存在一个更衣室,而这个空间让男人和男孩们相信他们可以随意地去性侵犯女性或女孩,且不必担心会受到惩罚。The conversation was not about Donald Trump. 这一话题无关唐纳德.特朗普。It did not start with him. 他的丑闻并不是这个话题的导火索。We have been talking about sexual assault, rape and *consent for a long time, 一直以来,我们都在谈论性侵犯,强奸以及对这些行为的默许。along with daily forms of micro-sexual aggressions, from inappropriate touching to sexual *innuendoes and jokes.与此同时,日常的性侵犯形式也层出不穷,包括肢体冒犯、性暗示以及一些猥琐的玩笑话。We must now face the hard truth that the US culture has not changed and that these rapists are around us. 现在我们必须正视这一残酷的现实,那就是美国文化并未改变,那些强奸犯依然游荡在我们周围。It is within this environment that this tweet, once introduced, empowered women and girls to tell their stories.正是在这种环境中,这条推文发起并号召成年女性和女孩说出她们的故事。And if we do not change now, then we are complicit and we are helping to maintain an environment that encourages and rewards male violence, hyper-sexuality, and the *degradation and silencing of women and girls.如果我们现在不做出改变,那么我们都是帮凶,我们都在帮助维护这种环境,这种环境鼓励和奖励男性暴力、性欲亢进和堕落,并让女性和女孩保持沉默。 /201611/476533

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