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2019年08月18日 15:00:36

Kim Jong-un, who appears to be America’s newly self-appointed minister of culture, has decided that it is not enough that “The Interview,” the Seth Rogen film about North Korea that includes Mr. Kim’s assassination, will not be released. On Thursday, a message from the Guardians of Peace, the hacker group that breached the computer systems of Sony Pictures and warned against releasing the film, said “we want everything related to the movie, including its trailers, as well as its full version down from any website hosting them immediately.”金正恩最近似乎成了美国自封的文化部长,他认为塞斯·罗根(Seth Rogen)导演的关于北朝鲜、含有刺杀金正恩情节的电影《采访(The Interview),不能上映还不够星期四,破坏索尼影业网络系统,并警告该片不得上映的黑客组织“和平守卫者”(Guardians of Peace)发来消息,称“我们希望和这部电影相关的一切,包括预告片和完整版都马上从网络上撤下”My, that slope became mighty slippery pretty quickly. The hackers promised that if Sony scrubbed all traces of the comedy from the Internet — an impossible task — they would cease a campaign that has lasted almost a month and has threatened employees and their families, embarrassed executives and potentially unleashed 0 terabytes of private company data into the world.天哪,形式可真是急转直下黑客们宣称,如果索尼从网上抹掉这部喜剧的所有痕迹——一个不可能完成的任务——他们就会停止对该公司持续了一个月的攻击,此外他们还威胁公司雇员和他们的家庭,令公司高管难堪,偷偷把相当于0兆字节的公司秘密信息公之于众Federal officials said Friday morning that they had extensive evidence that the North Korean government organized the attack. A few hours later, President Obama added his voice to the chorus of critics, including irate Hollywood actors, who say Sony and the nation’s theater operators should not have canceled the release. “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the ed States,” he said.星期五上午,联邦政府官员称,他们有足够据明北朝鲜政府组织了这场攻击几小时后,奥巴马总统加入了批评的大合唱——盛怒的好莱坞演员纷纷指责索尼公司以及美国的院线老板们不应当取消放映这部电影奥巴马说,“我们的社会不应该让某个地方的某个独裁者对美国施加审查”It was a remarkable and disorienting turn of events: a tiny, failing state that lacks the wherewithal to feed its own people was deciding which movies we can and cannot see, while the industry it had attacked watched silently from the sidelines, and the president of the ed States felt compelled to step into an international confrontation catalyzed by a lowbrow comedy.这是非同寻常、令人迷惑的转折点:一个每况愈下的小国,连自己的人民都养不活,却来决定我们能看什么、不能看什么,而它所攻击的行业只是一言不发地旁观,美国总统则认为自己不得不卷入一场由一部粗俗喜剧引发的国际冲突After weeks of embarrassing disclosures from Sony’s hacked files, the endgame the movie began on Tuesday, when the hackers invoked the devastation of September , and said that anyone who attended the opening on Christmas Day would be risking their lives. “We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time,” they wrote in a rambling email to news organizations.自从文件被黑客公开后,索尼公司经历了几个星期的尴尬,如今这部电影即将迎来上映前的最后阶段,然而,就在星期二,黑客却提起9事件的灾难,声称任何在圣诞节那天去参加首映的人都将有生命危险“我们建议你们在那个时候远离那些地方,”他们在给新闻机构的一封前言不搭后语的电子邮件中这样写道Theater chains quickly let it be known that “The Interview” would not be screened. Sony, saying it had no choice, withdrew the movie. Certainly, there were concerns about public safety, but make no mistake, other considerations factored in the decision, all involving dollar signs: the box office receipts of films that would be playing alongside “The Interview” during one of the biggest movie weeks of the year, and the holiday shoppers at the retail chains that surround so many theaters. Major cable players made it clear that they were unwilling to step in with a -on-demand alternative, so short of hanging a bedsheet and screening the movie at its Culver City headquarters, Sony was cornered.电影院线很快公布,《采访将不会公映索尼公司说自己别无选择,也撤下了这部电影诚然,这里有公共安全方面的考虑,但是别搞错,影响这个决定的还有其他因素,全都和金钱有关:比如在一年之中电影最赚钱的一个星期里,和《采访同期上映的其他电影票房收入,乃至诸多影院周围商店中的假日购物者都将受到影响各大有线电视台澄清他们不会播出《采访的视频点播版,索尼别无选择,只能将这部电影扼杀在摇篮,或者只在公司科尔瓦城总部偷偷放映它Once the film was successfully censored, you could count the days until other films were affected. Actually, it happened earlier in the same day, bee “The Interview” was shelved, when New Regency announced that it would drop an untitled thriller about North Korea that was to have starred Steve Carell.这部电影就这样成功地被审查了,其他电影受到类似影响也指日可待其实,在《采访被宣告搁置的同一天早些时候,这种事已经发生了——新摄政(New Regency)公司宣布,它放弃拍摄一部与北朝鲜有关的惊悚片,该片原计划由史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(Steve Carell)主演,尚未命名The threats and subsequent cancellation will become a nightmare with a very long tail. Now that cultural discourse has become the subject of online blackmail, it is hard to imagine where it will end. Documentaries, which have become increasingly important sources of news and inmation, could suddenly be in jeopardy. And if you’ve been watching the current season of “Homeland” on Showtime, you know that Pakistan’s more sinister operations have been on wide view.这些黑客威胁乃至电影业内的取消行为将成为长着长长尾巴的噩梦如今的文化话语(cultural discourse)已经成了网络勒索的主题,很难想象它将如何终结纪录片如今日益成为新闻与信息的重要来源,它们很可能突然陷入危险境地如果你看了这一季映时台(Showtime)的《国土安全(Homeland),你就知道巴基斯坦很有可能采取更危险的行动This summer, HBO is planning to broadcast a comedy series starring Jack Black as a eign service officer who takes on a rogue general who seizes control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Rogue states and their operatives could go after a Bond movie because they didn’t like its taste in villains. (The script the next installment was released as part of the intrusion, by the way.)今年夏天,HBO台计划播出一部系列喜剧,由杰克·布莱克(Jack Black)饰演一个外国军官,他惹怒了一个掌控巴基斯坦核武库的流氓将军流氓国家及其官员们可能会因为他们不喜欢0电影中坏人的品位就谴责它(顺便说一句,该剧下一集的剧本作为黑客入侵的一部分而被公之于众)And it doesn’t end with the entertainment. Some news outlets, including The New York Times, have found themselves under sustained digital attack after publishing s that displeased various groups that had the resources to respond with intrusions. Many state-sponsored actors will no doubt be emboldened by the spectacular success of the Sony breach.这种事不会止于行业一些新闻出版物,包括《纽约时报在内,在发布某些惹恼拥有黑客资源的群体的文章后,持续遭受到网络攻击黑客在索尼一事上取得的巨大成功无疑会令不少由国家赞助的网络攻击参与者感到大受鼓励Things have gone so deeply wrong so quickly — the movie industry will look back at this crossing of the Rubicon with a deep sense of shame — it is hard to keep track of all the mistakes that led us here, but I’d like to take a crack at it.形式就这样飞速恶化——在未来,电影业回顾这个转折点之际,将会感到深深的羞愧——想追溯我们是怎样犯下各种错误,走到今天这步田地,这是一件难事,不过我愿意开个头Sony I happened to be with Howard Stringer, then chief executive of Sony, during a vast security attack on its PlayStation platm in — he looked as if he had been living inside a beehive three days. That Sony did not harden as a target in a meaningful way afterward is inexplicable.索尼:年,索尼的PlayStation平台受到大型安全攻击,当时我正好和索尼当时的首席执行官霍华德·斯特林格(Howard Stringer)在一起,他的样子看上去好像在马蜂窝里呆了三天在这以后,作为靶子的索尼表现得并不强硬,这一点令人非常难以理解And while I am all bold creative choices, was it really important that the head being blown up in a comedy about bungling assassins be that of an actual sitting ruler of a sovereign state? If you want to satirize a lawless leader, there are plenty of ways to skin that cat, as Charlie Chaplin demonstrated with “The Great Dictator,” which skewered Hitler in everything but name.此外,虽然我全心持大胆的创意选择,但这是一部喜剧,讲的是拙劣地谋杀某个主权国家的领导人,这个领导人是真实存在的,在片中爆掉他的脑袋就真的那么重要吗?如果你想讽刺某个无法无天的领袖,要干这件事有很多办法,比如查理·卓别林(Charlie Chaplin)的《大独裁者(The Great Dictator),从各方面讽刺了希特勒,只是没有指名道姓Hollywood If you are looking courage on the lots of Hollywood, probably best to pack a lunch. Other studios were content to watch Sony dangle, saying nothing fear that they, too, would end up on the Guardians of Peace’s naughty list. The Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the film industry, went into witness protection when the crisis erupted, with a spokeswoman telling Deadline, a trade website, on Dec. , “We have no comment at this time. We are not involved.” The association condemned the attack only once the devastation was writ.好莱坞:如果你想在好莱坞的人们身上找到勇气,还是歇菜吧许多制片公司都满足于观望索尼的犹豫不决,自己却什么也不说,担心自己最后也会上“和平守卫者”的黑名单当危机发生时,代表电影业的美国电影协会仿佛进入了人保护计划,月日,它的一位发言人对商业网站“截稿日”(Deadline)说,“目前我们无可奉告,我们没被卷入”只有在损害很明显时,该协会才谴责了黑客攻击行为The breach of Sony would seem to be exactly the kind of moment when an association has real value, when it can collectively respond to a fundamental threat to the industry. The organization and the studios it represents hid instead. As my colleagues Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply wrote, “The incident is likely to be remembered as a failure of Hollywood leadership.”对索尼的攻击或许应当被视为这个组织显示其真正价值的时刻,它可以发表全体声明,回应对这个行业的基本威胁然而这个组织,乃至它所代表的那些制片公司却躲了起来正如我的同事布鲁克斯·巴尼斯(Brooks Barnes)和迈克尔·西普里(Michael Cieply)写的:“这件事很可能被视为好莱坞领袖地位的失败”On Friday, George Clooney was even less polite about the widesp cowardice, telling Deadline Hollywood that when he circulated a petition of solidarity, he heard nothing but crickets in response. “As we watched one group be completely vilified, nobody stood up,” he said. When the novel “The Satanic Verses” was under attack, the book industry med a ed front. Exactly the opposite happened here.星期五,乔治·克鲁尼(George Clooney)对普遍的懦弱显得更不客气,他对“好莱坞截稿日”说,自己在散布一封请愿书,要求大家团结起来,却没有得到任何回音“当我们看着一个团体遭到彻底中伤,却没有人站出来,”他说当小说《撒旦诗篇(The Satanic Verses)遭到攻击时,图书行业组成了统一战线电影业发生的事却正相反The News Media After the hackers absconded with personal and corporate inmation from Sony, they put the data on a site called Pastebin. Trade publications and some mainstream news outlets took the bait and spent a great deal of time rummaging through the stolen goods, and highlighting juicy emails meant to cause maximum embarrassment. What public purpose was served by printing private correspondence? We discovered that studio executives are capable of being callous, and that producers can be churlish when they don’t get what they want. As Aaron Sorkin pointed out, that’s not exactly new or important inmation.新闻媒体:黑客窃取索尼公司的个人和公司信息后,把数据放在一个名叫“粘贴桶”(Pastebin)的网站上业内出版物和许多主流新闻出版物上了钩,花费大量时间去翻查这些偷窃而来的赃物,用大标题报道这些意在尽可能造成尴尬的八卦邮件刊登这些私人通信对公众有任何意义吗?我们只是发现,一旦达不到目的,制片公司的高管们可以非常铁石心肠,制片人可以变得脾气暴躁正如亚伦·索金(Aaron Sorkin)指出的,这并不是什么新鲜或是重要的信息The data dump did reveal an industrywide eft to join ces against Google, but most of what was disclosed was intended to elicit clicks and smirks and the hackers knew enough to harness the base, competitive impulses of the press. News organizations mostly refrained from publishing material like passports and medical records, but in general, the news media served as last-mile delivery agents on inmation that was used to threaten Sony, the industry, and finally, the American public. The larger story about an unprecedented political attack on free speech took a back seat to titillating peeks at industry backbiting.这些泄露出来的数据的确表明了,整个业界正在联合起来努力向谷歌施加压力,但最主要的内容还是那些会引发窃笑和私语的东西,黑客们知道这一定会刺激媒体最基本的竞争冲动新闻机构强忍住没有公开那些护照和医疗纪录之类的内容,但总的来说,在信息方面,新闻媒体还是成了威胁索尼、整个行业,乃至美国公众的最后一份力量在宏观范围内,媒体不是去关注对言论自由前所未有的政治攻击,而是去偷窥业界的互相诽谤中伤The list goes on, including politicians who engaged in bombastic, warlike rhetoric, but let’s just say the last few weeks in the American political and cultural narrative have been miserable. The merits of “The Interview” can be debated, but fundamental business imperatives and civic freedoms are clearly in play.这份名单还可以继续列下去,包括那些热衷发表空洞、好战言论的政治家们,但让我们只说过去的几个星期里,美国的政治与文化叙事都太糟糕了《采访的价值有待商榷,但最基本的商业规则和公民自由显然还是要尊重的So what is the right response? Americans are good at sitting on a couch and watching all kinds of stuff, so why not harness that impulse? David Boies, a lawyer Sony, told “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the film would eventually be distributed. “How it’s going to be distributed, I don’t think anybody knows quite yet, but it’s going to be distributed.”那么正确的回应应当是什么样的呢?美国人擅长于坐在沙发里看着各种各样的东西,所以为什么不利用这种力量呢?索尼公司的律师大卫·伊斯(David Boies)在星期日接受“与媒体会面”采访时说,这部电影最终还是会发行的“它将以怎样的方式发行,目前还没有人完全清楚,但最终它会发行的”The president — yes, it’s that important — should convene all the players who make billions from the free and unfettered display of content and broker a deal that gives Americans the opporty to watch the film. Put “The Interview” on Hulu, on iTunes, on Google Play, on Netflix, on N and all the broadcast networks, on Showtime and all the cable stations, put it anywhere and everywhere that people can push a button and watch at the same time. Ubiquity and the lack of a discernible target would trump censorship.在美国,影视内容可以自由而不限制地播放,许多人因这一点而获益,赚取了数以十亿计的金钱,总统——是的,这很重要——应当把他们都召集起来,还应当以中间人身份制定协议,让美国人有机会看到这部电影要把《采访放到Hulu、iTunes、Google Play和Netflix、放到N或者其他公共台网络,放到映时和所有有线网络,把它放到任何人们可以一个钮就能同时观看的地方让它到处都是,让目标无法识别,从而打败审查The industry, old and new, digital and analog, should step across a line together, holding hands with consumers and letting the world know that we prize our goofy movies, along with the important ones, and the freedoms that they represent. If disparate competitors managed to set aside self-interest and acted the common good, it could be the social viewing event of the century. I’d do anything to do my bit artistic freedom, including watching a buddy-movie comedy that stars Mr. Rogen and James Franco.这个行业里,不管是旧势力还是新势力,不管是数码还是模拟,都应该站在同一阵线,与消费者们携起手来,让整个世界知道,我们既为我们那些重要的电影而自豪,也为这些傻里傻气的电影感到骄傲,还有它们所象征的自由精神如果各路竞争者们为了自私的目的,想要打着共同利益的旗号袖手旁观,这将会成为整个世纪的重大社会旁观事件我愿为艺术自由去做任何事,哪怕是去看一部罗根和詹姆斯·弗兰科(James Franco)主演的兄弟情喜剧电影Play the movie.快放这部片子吧 356重庆纹绣培训At age 59, the lovely Yasmina Rossi is breaking all the rules of the fashion world. Despite her age, she is a highly sought-after model, working several international brands.美丽的雅思敏娜·罗西正在打破时尚界的所有规则尽管已经是59岁高龄,她却是一位炙手可热的模特,目前为多个国际大牌工作French-born Yasmina had an unusual start to her career – she began modelling in her late twenties, which is when most professional models retire. She got her big break at age 5, when she relocated to New York. That when she starred in ad campaigns Macy, ATamp;T, and Mastercard. Eventually, she landed a job modelling Marks amp; Spencers in Europe.出生于法国的雅思敏娜的事业开端与众不同——她在年近30岁时才开始她的模特生涯,而大多数专业模特在这个年龄都已经退休5岁时她迁居纽约,从此事业有了极大突破这段时间她拍摄了梅西百货、美国电话电报公司和万事达卡的广告最后,她成为欧洲玛莎百货的专用模特Everyone is naturally curious to know the secret behind her everlasting beauty, but Yasmina says there is none. “All I have ever done is eat organic food – long bee it became trendy,” she told the Sunday Times Style Magazine. She also gets a bit of exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of rapeseed oil her hair and skin.大家自然都想知道她芳颜永驻的秘诀,但是雅思敏娜说她没有秘诀她接受《星期日泰晤士报时尚特刊采访时说:“我所做的就是吃有机食品——早在它还没流行的时候就一直在吃”她还会适当地锻炼身体、坚持健康饮食,往头发和皮肤上涂很多菜籽油“I take oil and use it on my skin: I put rapeseed oil on my hair,” she explained. “I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and sugar. I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish.” She also added that it important not to overdo exercise. “This is very important. And dont take medicine if possible. Go with nature instead of fighting it – this is the rule everything.”她解释道“我用油涂抹肌肤,用菜籽油涂抹头发我将橄榄油和糖混在一起,擦洗肌肤,每周一次每天都吃有机肉、鱼和一个鳄梨”她还指出不能过量运动“这一点十分重要并且尽可能不用药物顺其自然,不要强制——任何事情都应如此”What most striking about Yasmina photographs is that she appears to proudly flaunt her lines and wrinkles – and they only seem to add to her beauty. That almost unheard of in an industry that obsessed with perfection. But Yasmina, a grandmother-of-two, says she happier with her looks now than she was in her twenties.最令人震惊的是,照片中的雅思敏娜总是自信大胆地展示自己的皱纹——而这些皱纹似乎让她看上去更加美丽动人——这在模特这样一个追求完美的行业里是前无古人的如今已有两个孙儿的雅思敏娜称她对自己现在的外表比多岁时更满意“I like the way I look now than how I looked years ago,” she said. “My body is nicer and I feel happier than when I was .” Amazing!她说:“相比自己年前的长相,我更喜欢现在的自己我身材更好了,也更快乐了”这真让人惊叹!But 59-year-old Yasmina Rossi is definitely not the oldest fashion model in the industry. That title goes to 87-year-old Daphne Selfe.不过,59岁的雅思敏娜·罗西并不是业界内最高龄的模特最高龄模特当数87岁的达芙妮·塞尔夫 3996眉山半永久定妆培训The Hunger Games is set in a future America in which wars have wiped out all but small population centers (known as Districts). The Capitol rules over the Districts, and each District is responsible one major industry. And after an uprising which saw one District completely obliterated (District ), the Capitol now controls every aspect of life the citizens of each District. 《饥饿游戏故事背景设定在未来的美洲,战争摧毁了那里的一切,只剩下几个小的人口聚集地(被称之为“辖区”)每个辖区负责一个重要产业,而所有辖区都受国会区统治在经历一次叛乱后,有一个辖区——第区被彻底毁灭了,国会区如今掌管着其他个辖区民众生活的方方面面As a punishment and a reminder of what happens when Districts revolt, the Capitol has set up an annual competition known as the Hunger Games. Each District must send one boy and one girl (known as Tributes) between the ages of and 18 to take part in the Hunger Games, with the names drawn at random in ;reaping; ceremonies. Once selected, the Tributes are immediately whisked away to the Capitol where they are assigned a team to both make them presentable to potential financial sponsors and prepare them the competition: a televised fight to the death between all Tributes from which only one Tribute may emerge victorious. 为了惩罚发动叛乱的辖区,也为了“杀鸡儆猴”,国会区发起了一年一度的竞技比赛——“饥饿游戏”每个辖区必须派送年龄在至18岁之间的男孩和女孩(也就是“贡品”)各一名去参加饥饿游戏这些孩子都是在所谓的“收获”典礼上随机抽取的,一旦被抽中,他们就会作为贡品被立马带到国会区在那里,他们被分配入队接受训练,一方面要吸引那些潜在的资金赞助商,另一方面为比赛做着准备比赛通过电视直播,一场殊死搏斗在个贡品之间展开,但只有一位会最终胜出District is the poorest of all the Districts and seldom has a Hunger Games winner. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), a skilled hunter with a bow and arrows who, along with her best friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), has been illegally hunting outside the District compound years, steps ward and volunteers her year old sister, Prim, after Prim name is drawn. District other Tribute is Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), the baker son who years earlier had tossed Katniss a loaf of burnt b which helped keep her family from starving at one of the Everdeen family lowest points. After making sure Gale will take care of Prim and her mother, Katniss bravely prepares the Games, believing she is capable of winning. Peeta equally sure he cant win, but, no matter what, hopes to remain true to himself and not wind up just another player in the Capitol game. 第区是最贫穷的一个辖区,几乎没有在饥饿游戏中胜出过凯妮丝#86;艾佛丁(詹妮弗#86;劳伦斯 饰)是一位技术娴熟的猎手多年来,她经常拿着弓箭与最好的朋友加尔(利亚姆#86;海姆斯沃斯 饰)一起在第区以外的地方非法捕猎在得知她岁的普里姆被抽中参加饥饿游戏后,凯妮丝挺身而出,自愿代替前往第区派出的另一位贡品是面包师的儿子皮塔(乔什#86;哈切森 饰)几年前,艾佛丁家境窘迫,皮塔曾给凯妮丝扔过一个烤焦的面包,要不是因为这个面包,她一家人早就被饿死了在确信加尔会照顾普里姆和母亲后,凯妮丝开始英勇备战,并坚信自己一定能胜出皮塔却坚定地认为自己肯定赢不了,只是不管结果如何,他希望做真实的自己,不想让别人卷入国会区的这场游戏It a battle to the death, with the Capitol residents celebrating the slaughter of innocent young people in gruesome ways, while the Districts can only hope their sons and daughters will return victorious. 这是一场生死决战,无辜的年轻人用残忍的方式自相残杀,而就在国会区的居民为此欢呼时,辖区的百姓们只能盼望着他们的儿女可以胜利归来 18736绵阳纹绣培训学校学习韩式定妆水晶唇秀眉多少钱

重庆/韩式半永久眉毛去哪里学习成都熙华纹绣培训正规吗宜宾韩式半永久妆哪里学Victoria Beckham may be spending her 39th birthday “having a special day with my boys and Harper,” but we’re spending it reminiscing about her style and debating which outfit era was best.维多利亚#86;贝克汉姆也许会在她的39岁生日时与她的儿子们以及哈珀一起度过特别的一天但我们却用这一天来追忆她的风格,并辩论哪个着装时代是最好的The artist merly known as Posh Spice has come a long way since her “Wives and Girlfriends” look in (far left) when it wasn’t so unusual to see her sporting long blonde curls, teeny tiny jean shorts and a pair of shoes we’re pretty sure she has burned since. She then went through a very avant-garde phase, wearing all sorts of wacky get-ups on the red carpet with an asymmetrical blonde crop.这位原来以辣知名的艺术家自从她在 年的“老婆和女友”装扮(最左边)以来已经有了很大的进步看到她运动风的金色长卷发、小牛仔短裤和一双我们相当肯定她自此疯狂的鞋子是如此寻常然后,她经历了一个非常前卫的阶段,穿着各种古怪的衣裳搭配不对称的金发发型走着红毯Next she went society mum, chopping her hair into a pixie and wearing luxe furs and plunging dresses. And most recently, she’s transitioned from her “power businesswoman” attire to a more relaxed, denim-centric wardrobe her move to London.接下来她就身为人母,将她的头发剪短变成一个小精灵,穿着奢华皮草和深V裙子最近,为了搬到伦敦她将自己“商界女强人”的装扮变为一种更轻松、以牛仔为中心的衣橱风格There were so many amazing Beckham looks we didn’t even include; though she may be the birthday girl, her wardrobe is the gift that keeps on giving to us. Tell us: Which Beckham style phase was your favorite?有这么多令人惊叹的贝克汉姆装扮我们甚至没有包括进来,尽管她可能是生日女孩,但她的衣橱是不断给予我们的礼物告诉我们:哪个阶段的贝克汉姆风格是你最喜欢的? 3595四川半永久性化妆培训学校

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