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  Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will be in the ed States in the next few days. His visit will focus on economic and trade matters.The high point of President Medvedev's stay in the ed States will be his visit to Silicon Valley - an area in northern California known for its high-tech companies, venture capitalists and forward-looking entrepreneurs.  Experts, such as Robert Legvold from Columbia University, say Mr. Medvedev is trying to generate interest in his plan to create a Russian Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Moscow known as the Skolkova Innovation Initiative."That area of Skolkova, where the Skolkova School of Business and Management is located, has a fair amount of acreage," he said. "So when Medvedev committed himself to the idea of creating a Silicon Valley, and there were a number of parts, different cities in Russia that vied for its location, it was decided to put it in this park. I think the notion is that there will be some link between the businesses and research centers that are created and the school."David Kramer, former senior State Department official in the George W. Bush administration, says the Russian president will be in northern California to try and form business partnerships and to learn how Silicon Valley got started."He's looking for investment. He's looking for expertise and know-how," he said. "He's looking to form consortiums and alliances with the private sector, with the universities." "And the question is how much interest there really will be and how much money there might be, at least from the outside. There's money in Russia that can be provided to fund some of this, but how much money from the West is there in supporting this kind of initiative? Those are questions that don't have answers yet," he added.Skolkova initiativeAnalysts say President Medvedev's idea of creating a Russian Silicon Valley is tied to his broader plan to modernize the country's economy."There is a realization at the end of the day that despite all the profits that Russia got from its sale of oil and gas over the last 10 years, that unless it modernizes its economy and reforms it, it will be a declining power," said John Parker [expressing his own, personal views] with the National Defense University. "So there is what seems to be a growing body of opinion in Russia among leadership circles that Russia has to start investing in its own technology sector."For that to work, Parker says the Skolkova initiative must be copied throughout Russia. "The danger is that it would just be a very confined experiment," he said. "You really need system-wide Skolkovas - Silicon Valley - otherwise it ends up just like under Catherine the Great when they imported a lot of German tradesmen and planted them in various settlements - but they were fairly self-contained. To really do the trick, Skolkova can't be self-contained. Its rules have to apply to all of Russian society, to all of Russia's economy."After visiting Silicon Valley, President Medvedev comes to Washington for a brief summit with President Barack Obama. Bilateral relationsExperts such as David Kramer say relations between the two countries are good. "The Obama administration touts the U.S.-Russian relationship as one of its major foreign policy successes," he said. "I wonder whether that says more about the rest of its foreign policy than about the U.S.-Russian relationship." Experts say the two sides also will discuss a host of other issues, including arms control after the recent signing of the New START Treaty, what to do about Iran following tougher ed Nations sanctions, as well as trade and economic questions."But having said that, relations are certainly better than they were at the end of 2008, when there were significant tensions between Moscow and Washington in the aftermath of the Russia-Georgia war. And so the tone and environment are much better than they were," he continued. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫即将来美国访问,这次访问重点将集中在经济和贸易方面。 梅德韦杰夫在美国逗留的重点将是访问硅谷,这个位于北加州的地区以高科技公司、风险投资家和前瞻性企业闻名。 专家说,梅德韦杰夫为他计划在莫斯科郊外建立俄罗斯硅谷而努力激发人们的兴趣。俄罗斯计划在斯科尔科沃开发科技创新园区。 哥伦比亚大学教授罗伯特.莱格沃尔德说:“ 斯科尔科沃管理学院所在地区就是这个科技创新园区选定的地址,那里有比较宽阔的土地。当梅德韦杰夫致力于兴建这个硅谷的时候,俄罗斯有很多地方的不同城市争相提出承办这个科技创新园区,最后确定在斯科尔科沃。我认为这意味着在这里创立这个园区是要和这个管理学院形成一种联络。” 小布什政府时期在国务院任职的高级官员戴维.克拉默说,梅德韦杰夫将到硅谷努力建立生意伙伴关系,学习硅谷创业的经验。 他说:“他是来寻找投资的。他来搜寻专业技术和高科技。他希望成立财团,和私营企业和大学形成联盟。” “问题是从外界能真正吸引多少兴趣,能得到多少可能的资金。俄罗斯可以为此提供资金,但是从西方国家可以得到多少对这一园区的持呢?这些问题还都没有。” 分析人士说,梅德韦杰夫要创立俄罗斯硅谷的想法和他更广泛的实现俄罗斯经济现代化的计划是密不可分的。 约翰.帕克是国防大学的教授,他表达了他个人的看法。他说:“ 俄罗斯最终认识到,尽管他们过去10年一直通过出售石油和天然气获得了大量收益,它仍将是一个走下坡路的大国。除非它实现经济现代化,将经济进行改革。俄罗斯领导层逐渐认识到,必须开始对本国技术领域投资了。” 帕克说,俄罗斯要做到这一点,斯科尔科沃科技园区必须成为俄罗斯各地的榜样。他说:“ 危险在于这仍是一个非常受限制的实验。俄罗斯真正需要的是体制的改革,也就是体制范围的硅谷化。否则这些努力不过是当年俄国女皇叶卡捷琳娜改革的翻版。她吸收了大批德国商人把他们安置在各地,但这些人基本上是自成一体的。俄罗斯的条例必须适用于整个国家和社会,适用于俄罗斯的经济。”  访问硅谷之后,梅德韦杰夫总统将前往华盛顿与奥巴马总统举行简短的峰会。包括克雷默在内的一些专家说,美俄两国之间的关系良好。克雷莫说:“奥巴马行政当局把美俄关系大力宣扬为它外交政策的重大成功之一。我想这也许是对奥巴马政府外交政策的其它部分的评价,而不是评价美俄关系。” “不过,尽管如此,两国之间现在的关系肯定比2008年年底的时候要好。那个时候,俄罗斯打完了和格鲁吉亚的战争,莫斯科和华盛顿的关系相当紧张。现在两国对话的语调和气氛比过去改善了很多。” 专家说,美国和俄罗斯将讨论很多其它方面的问题,包括最近签署了削减战略武器新条约之后的军备控制、联合国对伊朗实施更严厉制裁之后如何应对伊朗、以及其它贸易和经济问题。201006/106700。

  • Animal Conservationists in Australia expressed concern on Tuesday that a lost humpback whale calf separated from its mother could die within days, unless it finds its own mother or another mother to adopt it. The calf believed to be one or two months old was first sighted on Sunday in waters off north Sydney. It’s been attempting to suckle from various yachts in the harbor since Monday. “Um I think that its mother has rejected it and its , and the mother’s moved on.” Other experts suggest its mother may have died and the calf may be an orphan. According to Mackintosh, rescuers towed one yacht out to sea and the calf finally detached from the boat, but it returned to an inlet near Sydney on Tuesday morning. “It’s, it’s moved back in here. Um…it’s still showing a suckling habit. It’s quietly going around from boat to boat, which confirms that it is a young calf and probably still was suckling and relying on its mother.” Officials said hand feeding would be impossible and they believed the calf’s only chance was to find another female whale to accept it. “The calf really needs its mum’s milk. It’s a desperate situation for that young calf without its mother’s milk.” Conservationist: someone who works to protect animals, plants etc or to protect old buildingsHumpback whale: 座头鲸, 一种(座头鲸属 座头鲸) 有圆背和长而多节的鳍状肢的须鲸Be detached from: be separated fromInlet: a narrow area of water that reaches from the sea or a lake into the land200812/59522。
  • Changes in the Asian markets CNN's Kaushal Patel talks to an economic expert about how long good news will last in the Asian economy. We've heard about the government helping out Citigroup yesterday. Today the US Federal Reserve announced that they are going to help infuse 800 billion dollars, (Right. ) what else is going to be changing the markets in the coming weeks? Well, certainly the efforts that have been most recently announced are aimed at trying to get mortgage rates down. Because although we've seen interest rates cut significantly over the last year or so, mortgage rates stay stubbornly high, so the Fed s latest action is aimed at trying to get borrowing cost down for households. And as we get closer to short term interest rates getting to zero, you are gonna to see more and more, I guess, unorthodox measures being taken by the Fed. In addition, I think what analysts are looking for, what investment managers are looking for, are more fiscal stimulus and we are probably gonna see some sort of package announced in Europe, um, today or later this week and we expect to see fiscal stimulus in the US as well. And another big headline is the big merger, they have been talking about it for months, BHP and Rio Tinto, obviously not going to merge, where the commodities stand right now? Well, certainly commodities had a fantastic run, and we ve seen a lot of heat taken out at that market. Partly as a result of investors believing that the economic slowdown is gonna lower the demand for commodities, but also because commodities have really emerged yet again as being a financial asset with a lot of speculation in that market, and a lot of the heat has been taken out has been a reaction to the deleverage in the financial system, which is not only affecting commodities but it's also affecting liquidity in the financial system. And talking about forecast, IMF is cutting its GDP for Asia to 6%. And the International Monetary Fund basically has said, you know, it's pushing more countries to do push for economic stimulus plans, and you said, you know we might hear one for, uh , out of the European, (Yes. ) who else could we? Well, we have aly seen a massive package in China which amounts to sort of 17, 18% of GDP. Whether or not the mainland can actually spend that amount of money, it takes time to transmit the money into projects, into fiscal stimulus programs, there remains to be seen, but we are gonna say need to see a more coordinated effort, particularly in the US and with Europe to try and stimulate demand, trying to get that money into the markets in terms of supporting the consumer, particularly in the US, before we are gonna see business confidence come back. And that's really what investors are looking at now. They are looking through next year's earnings really, at the macro numbers. Weak job data, you know, prices, CPI reducing, so you are looking at prospects of deflation, you know, weaker wage growth which is really not supportive of growth as we look out into 09 and 10. Let s concentrate on the confidence, ah, you know, there are some companies that are doing well, (indeed) ah Gold miners, pharmaceuticals, (Yes. ) which are the companies? Well, there're plenty of companies with strong cash flows, particularly in this region, you ve got companies both here in Europe and selectively in the US on very high yields as a result of the strong cash flows, and it's pretty much across most sectors. You ve got to be pretty selective. Because in this financial downturn, there are / few analysts out there covering companies, because the investment banks are pulled back from some of their core activities, so you ve gotta get down and rescrub the data and understand what's going on. But there are opportunities, but at the moment it's basically, you know, one brush across the whole market. The markets are being derated. There are opportunities there, but until confidence returns, until we see some of these measures take hold, we are not gonna see markets move up in a substantial way.200812/57779。
  • Terry S.Semel,Chairman amp; CEO, Yahoo!,Inc Terry Semel capped a long career at Warner Bros. He cleared the Bugs out of Yahoo! and solidified its stature as the Web's No. 1 information portal. Terry Semel walked into Yahoo six years ago as an outsider."When you came to Yahoo, you didn't know much about that technology, is that right?""That's very true, very true. But I knew about business, and Yahoo is also a business."Today the former Hollywood mogul knows a little more the crucial technology behind yahoo like this server farm at the company's headquarters."If you're collecting things like mail or photos, and others. They are stored on these servers."An accountant by training and the product of Brooklyn and Queens, Semel says his mother groomed him for leadership."I had a very supportive mother who would often say you know you could do it,you could do anything,you know, you could be the president of ed States. And of coures I came home with bad grades and she said don't let that bother you."Semel honed his deal-making skills over more than 30 years at Warner Brothers. In fact Hollywood had a name for it, getting Semelized. He and co-CEO Bob Daly transformed the studios into a diverse media company growing annual revenues from less than a billion dollars to nearly 11 billion dollars during their reign. After leaving Warner Brothers in 1999,Semel met Jerry Yang,one of the co-founders of Yahoo while attending a conference and the two became friends.One day online he said "would you like to be our CEO,our CEO has left". I said no, I'm really not really interested in a job,I don't really want to work for people. And I went home and I thought about it for a few days and I thought that's exactly what I'd like to do.Yahoo was founded by Yang and David Filo when the two was still students at Stanford. The company came to symbolize the Internet counter-culture of the late 90s, even down to its name."Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle."Yahoo was flying high when the Internet bubble burst, the company lost 93 million dollars in 2001. After then CEO Tim Koogle stepped down, Yang convinced the board to hire Semel. Silicon Valley was a big adjustment for an executive more accustomed to power lunches and Hollywood limelight. But Semel was there to figure out how Yahoo could make money and he made believers of his younger colleagues. The new business model boosted Yahoo's bottom line almost immediately."And then 2003 2004 recorded profits, you know, nobody could say enough good things about Terry Semel.""Right, then 2005 and 6 came and they said wow, what's happening."What happened was google, which became a powerful competitor after going public in 2004."Google came from virtually nowhere to dominate lucrative search advertising. And lately it has been beating Terry Semel at his own game--deal-making, outbidding Yahoo for some key acquisitions like YouTube."Despite losing out on YouTube and other sites, Yahoo is still by far the most popular website on the Internet. But google is the most profitable."This is personal searching for American Idol"Yahoo is trying to catch up in search advertising with a project called Panama and the stakes are high."The problem is that Google just has some so much momentum, so much money that anything next to them looks kind of pale. And google itself is also expanding into all kinds of things that Yahoo is aly doing too."Some think Yahoo may need to partner with someone, perhaps Microsoft to get ahead. But Semel with years of corporate ups and downs under his belt is keeping his eye on the long term."What's been the best part about coming to Yahoo and Silicon Valley?""Well, it's learning, and basically, helping to change the world."Changing the world by connecting millions of people, one click at a time.In Sunnyvale California, I'm Ceci Rodgers for CEO exchange.02/61756。
  • US Expects "Difficult" Beijing Talks on North Korean Disarmament美国预计北韩无核化会谈将很艰难 The U.S. State Department said it expects a meeting in Beijing next week on ending North Korea's nuclear program to be difficult, but that no consideration is being given to scrapping the six-party talks. The senior U.S. delegate to the talks Friday ended a two day set of preparatory meetings in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart. 美国国务院表示,预计下周在北京召开的北韩无核化六方会谈将很困难,但是并没有取消这轮会谈的想法。参加会谈的美国高级代表星期五结束了在新加坡同北韩代表举行的两天预备会议。Officials at the U.S. State Department said the Chinese- sponsored meeting due to begin Monday will likely be no less difficult than previous meetings on the North Korean nuclear program. But they said even though China has yet to officially announce the meeting, they do expect the six-party session to go forward as planned. 有关官员说,这次由中国担任东道国的六方会谈定于星期一开始。这次有关北韩核项目问题的会议的难度不会小於先前的几轮会谈。不过他们说,虽然中国还没有正式宣布举行会谈的消息,但他们预计这次六方会谈能够如期举行。All six heads of delegations to the long-running talks are to convene in Beijing to approve a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities North Korea made last June. 六方会谈已经进行了很长时间。所有参与国的首席谈判代表这一次将在北京开会,争取批准一项计划,用于核实北韩去年6月提交的北韩核项目材料及活动清单的真实性。Approval of a verification protocol is to open the way to the final phase of the intricate agreement reached last year, under which North Korea is to eventually scrap its nuclear program, including weapons, in return for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties. 去年各方达成一项复杂的协议。根据该协议,北韩最终将放弃核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它五方提供的经济援助和外交利益。批准核实机制为实施该协议最后一个阶段的内容打开了大门。The latest snag in the process involves whether disarmament inspectors can remove samples from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex for outside analysis. 这一进程遇到的最新阻碍是,负责检查北韩非核化工作的人员是否可以从宁边核反应堆拿走采样,到外面进行分析。Chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill said North Korea agreed to sampling, at least verbally, in talks in Pyongyang in July. The North Koreans later said they made no such commitment. 美国首席谈判代表、负责东亚事务的助理国务卿希尔说,在今年7月于平壤举行的谈判中,北韩至少在口头上同意允许核查人员进行采样。不过北韩官员后来表示没有做过这种承诺。Hill, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, met in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart Kim Kye-Gwan. Both said Friday they had extensive discussions on verification issues but did not indicate they had reached a final agreement. 希尔本周在新加坡会晤了北韩首席谈判代表金桂冠。双方星期五都表示在核项目确认问题上进行了深入讨论,但并没有说他们达成了最终协议。At a news briefing here, Deputy State Department Spokesman Robert Wood said that would be the goal of the six-way meeting, which will include South Korea, Russia and Japan, along with the ed States, North Korea and host China: 在美国国务院的一次新闻简报会上,副发言人伍德说,就核实问题达成最终协议将是六方会谈的目标。六方会谈的参与国包括韩国、俄罗斯、日本、美国、北韩和中国。"Really where we are now is trying to get those understandings and assurances that the North Koreans provided Chris [Hill], in addition to those understandings on verification, to get all of this on paper and codified at the six-party heads of delegation meeting. So the negotiations on that will take place in Beijing and hopefully we will have a final verification protocol after that meeting," said Wood. 伍德说:“我们目前真正想做的是把北韩向希尔所表达的那种理解和保,以及双方在核实问题上的理解都在六方会谈时写在书面上,成为正式文件。各方会在北京进行谈判,我们希望在会谈后能够看到最终的核实机制。”Both Wood and North Korean envoy Kim in Singapore said there was no reason why the Beijing meeting should not go forward, despite the lack of an official announcement. 伍德和北韩特使金桂冠都表示,虽然中国还没有正式宣布将在北京举行六方会谈,但是会谈没有理由不举行。Wood said Assistant Secretary Hill will go to Seoul on Saturday and then on to Beijing Sunday where he will consult with the Japanese, Chinese, South Korean and Russian envoys on the eve of the opening of the six-way meeting. 伍德说,希尔将在星期六前往首尔,在星期天前往北京,在六方会谈召开前夕听取日本、中国、韩国和俄罗斯谈判代表们的意见。Their discussions will also cover a delivery schedule for heavy fuel oil committed to North Korea in return for the disablement of the Yongbyon reactor complex. North Korea has slowed the disablement process, saying that nearly half the one million tons of fuel it has been promised has not been delivered.Japan has refused to join other parties in providing oil, because it said Pyongyang has not fully accounted for Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea agents in the 1980's.200812/58063。
  • ASEM Foreign Ministers Derailed by Burma, North Korean Nuclear Test亚欧外长河内会晤 关注缅甸北韩 The foreign ministers of 45 Asian and European countries met in Hanoi Monday for talks on the global economy but found themselves wrapped up with the issues of Burma and North Korea.亚洲和欧洲45个国家的外交部长星期一在河内举行会晤,共同商讨全球经济问题,但却发现他们全神贯注在缅甸和北韩的问题上。The foreign ministers had expected to take up the question of how Europe and Asia could cooperate to pull the world's economy out of the downturn it has fallen into since the global financial crisis began. But the highest-profile session of the so-called ASEM group (Asia Europe Meeting), took place between representatives of the European Union and Burma.这些国家的外交部长原来计划讨论欧洲和亚洲如何共同合作,带动世界经济走出全球金融危机开始后的低迷局面。但是最为引人注目的所谓亚欧会议却是由欧盟代表和缅甸代表参加的。The European Union called for the Burmese government to release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. She is on trial for violating the terms of the house arrest under which the government has held her for 14 of the past 20 years.欧盟呼吁缅甸政府释放反对派领导人昂山素季。她是在软禁期间违反规定而正在受审。在过去20年内,缅甸政府已软禁了她14年。Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said releasing Suu Kyi was crucial to pave the way for planned elections in Burma next year.瑞典外交部长卡尔.比尔特说,释放昂山素季对于缅甸明年举行的选举至关重要。"What is necessary for those elections is to have an inclusive dialogue with all political forces in the country. That is the necessary precondition for the stability that I think everyone is seeking for the country to be able to move forward," Mr. Bildt said. "And for that to be possible, there must of course be freedom for the different political forces."“这些选举所必需的是和缅甸所有政治力量进行对话。这是使局势稳定的先决条件,我认为,每个人都在争取使缅甸实现稳定,以便使这个国家向前迈进。为实现这一目标,不同政治力量当然必须享有自由。 ”By the time Bildt and Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout finished meeting with the Burmese, North Korea announced it had tested a second nuclear bomb. Bildt had to respond to that issue, too. 当比尔特和捷克外交部长结束和缅甸举行的会议后,北韩宣布它进行了第二次核试验。 比尔特必须对这个问题作出回应。"It is alarming, it is a condemnation of the provocative regime in Pyongyang. I think it further isolates the country, I think it further aggravates the long-term situation of the country," Mr. Bildt said.The North Korean move prompted the strongest response from the Japanese delegation. Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kazuo Kodama said Japan would press for the ASEM meeting to issue a joint statement condemning the nuclear test, apart from the conference's normal closing statement.北韩的行为促使日本代表团作出了最强烈的反应。日本外务省发言人儿玉和夫表示,日本将迫使亚欧会议,除了发表大会正常的闭幕声明以外,还发表一项谴责北韩核试验的联合声明。"This nuclear testing poses a grave threat, a challenge to the NEPT regime and also poses a grave threat to the peace and security, stability, not only in the Northeast Asian region, but also the whole global community," Kodama said.“核试验构成了严重威胁,不仅对东北亚地区的和平和安全,稳定构成威胁,而且也对全球各国形成威胁。”The Chinese, South Korean and North Korean delegations were reported to have met on the sidelines of the ASEM meeting, but no results of that meeting were made public.据报导,中国,韩国和北韩代表团在亚欧会议期间抽空举行了会晤,但是没有公布会议结果。05/71409。
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