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For beginners, there are easy ways to create your first crossword puzzle.You Will NeedInternet access Paper Pen Software Graph paper (optional) Step 1: Join crossword constructor online forums for tips(上网找填字游戏相关介绍)Join crossword constructor online forums or discussion lists for beginner tips from serious hobbyists and professionals.Step 2: Choose a theme for your crossword puzzle(定一个主题)Choose a central theme to hang your crossword puzzle words and clues on.Step 3: Brainstorm crosswords and clues from theme(沿着主题发散,找相关词)Brainstorm words and clues from your puzzle’s theme and write them on paper.Step 4: Visit a crossword puzzle-maker web site(登陆填字游戏网站)Using an online crossword puzzle maker, enter the width, height, and number of squares, and then enter the words and clues line by line. Click a button and a puzzle is generated.Some hobbyists prefer to create a crossword puzzle the old-fashioned way – using graph paper and pen.Step 5: Buy professional crossword-puzzle-maker software(购买一个专业的制作填字游戏的软件)Buy crossword-puzzle-maker software for professionals or serious hobbyists. This software has a steeper learning curve than the typical online puzzle generator.201002/97046。

How To Whiten Your Teeth For Cheap(教你用用厨房材料快速简单美白牙齿)Find out how you can get white teeth spending only a few dollars on household items that are natural and don't harm your teeth!You will needMilkMineral WaterSaltAn EggBreath MintsA ToothbrushStep 1: What You Will Need(材料)Get perfectly white teeth with one dollar in a few minutes using cheap household items such as milk, mineral water, salt, an egg, breath mints and a toothbrush.Step 2: How To Whiten Your Teeth(如何美白)Break open the egg and separate the yolk, we only need the white. Add milk and water. Add the salt. One breath mint. Now mix them up together for two minutes. Then, brush your teeth. The upper jaw will show you an amazing result.201106/140032。

How To Have an Outdoor Summer Movie Picnic Party on HowcastEnjoy a classic movie with family and friends in the comfort of your own backyard by having an outdoor summer movie picnic party.在自己家的后院开个夏天电影美食聚会,和家人和朋友一起欣赏经典电影。Step 1: Rent or buy a projectorSet up your projector. If you do not own one, you can borrow, rent, or buy one.第一步:租或买一部放映机起放映机。如果你没有放映机,你可以去借,或是出租或是买一台。Step 2: Put up screenPut up your screen. You can buy, rent, or make your own screen if needed.第二步:起荧幕起荧幕:你可以买活者租荧幕,如果有必要,自己做个荧幕。Step 3: Hook up cables and speakersHook up your speakers to the DVD projector and choose a classic movie for the night. Play a bit of the movie beforehand to make sure it’s in focus and on the screen.第三步:将机器接上电源并连接上话筒将话筒和DVD连接起来,选一部经典电影来看。事先播放一小段电影进行调试确保电影正对准荧幕。Step 4: Invite peopleInvite family and friends for a fun-filled night under the stars. Make sure you have insect repellant in case of uninvited guests.第四步:邀请他人邀请家人或朋友在夜空下度过一个愉快的夜晚。准备好驱中剂以防不速之客。Step 5: Set up foodAsk everyone who is coming to bring a dish for your outdoor picnic. Vegetables and dip, grilled chicken, assorted cheeses, and fruit salad are great picnic food choices.第五步:准备食物让来参加聚会的人准备一道菜。蔬菜和汤,烤鸡,各式奶酪,水果沙拉是聚会的最佳食物。Step 6: Make popcornMake popcorn, have an assortment of chewy and crunchy candy, and a selection of refreshments. Start a crackling fire and make s’mores.第六步:做些爆玉米花做些爆玉米花,再来点有嚼头的糖果,还要有些茶点。生些火,做一些蜜饯。Step 7: Enjoy the movieFind a spot on a blanket or find an empty chair and enjoy your outdoor summer movie picnic party.第七步:看电影在空地找一个地方或是找一个空的椅子,享受室外夏季电影和美食聚会吧。201009/113890。

Today in History: Thursday, November 22, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月22日,周四On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas. Suspected gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the ed States.1963年11月22日,约翰·肯尼迪总统在达拉斯车队上遭暗杀,持嫌疑犯李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德被逮捕。副总统林登·约翰逊宣誓就任美国第26届总统。1718 English pirate Edward Teach - better known as ;Blackbeard; - was killed during a battle off the Virginia coast.1718年,英国海盗爱德华教授——以“黑胡子”更为人熟知——在弗吉尼亚海岸的一场战斗中丧生。1890 Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille, France.1890年,戴高乐在法国里尔出生。1906 The SOS distress signal was adopted at the International Radio Telegraphic Convention in Berlin.1906年,SOS呼救信号在柏林国际无线电通信大会上被采用。1928 ;Bolero; by Maurice Ravel debuted in Paris.1928年,莫里斯·拉威尔的波莱罗舞在巴黎首秀。1967 The U.N. Security Council approved Resolution 242, which called for Israel to withdraw from territories it captured in 1967, and implicitly called on adversaries to recognize Israels right to exist.1967年,联合国安理会批准242号决议,呼吁以色列撤出1967年占领的地区并暗示要求对手承认以色列的生存权。1968 The Beatles ;White Album; was released.1968年,披头士的“白色专辑”发布。1975 Juan Carlos was proclaimed king of Spain.1975年,胡安·卡洛斯当选西班牙国王。1990 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, having failed to win re-election to the Conservative Party leadership on the first ballot, announced her resignation.1990年,英国首相玛格丽特·撒切尔在第一轮投票中未能赢得保守党领导连任而宣布辞职。1998 ;60 Minutes; aired of Dr. Jack Kevorkian administering lethal drugs to a terminally ill patient.1998年,“60分钟”播放了杰克·凯沃尔吉安医生使用致命药物治疗绝症病人的视频。2004 Tens of thousands of demonstrators jammed downtown Kiev, denouncing Ukraines presidential runoff election as fraudulent and chanting the name of reform candidate Viktor Yushchenko.2004年,成千上万的示威者挤满了基辅市中心,谴责乌克兰的总统决赛竞选是欺诈行为,并高呼改革候选人维克托·尤先科的名字。2005 Jose Padilla, an American once accused of plotting with al-Qaida to detonate a radioactive ;dirty bomb,; was charged with supporting terrorism.2005年,何塞·帕迪拉,一个美国曾经被指控与基地组织策划引爆放射性“脏弹”,被控持恐怖主义。2005 Ted Koppel hosted his final edition of A News ;Nightline.;2005年,泰德柯柏主持他A新闻栏目《夜线》的最后一场节目。2005 The Microsoft game console Xbox 360 went on sale.2005年,微软计算机游戏控制台Xbox 360发售。 /201211/210434。

Geneva Motor Show opens this week, against the backdrop of poor consumer confidence and tough austerity measures hurting Europes car market. Media are getting a sneak preview today, two days ahead of its official kick-off.Global automakers have suffered setbacks in the region and the event is clouded by the absence of long-term participant, Saab, which went bankrupt last year, as well as Mitsubishi Motorss recent announcement that it would close its Holland based factory.Carmakers are eyeing emerging markets such as China and India, even as growth in their auto markets stall.Analysts say the industry faces a more uncertain and complicated landscape this year.世界五大车展之一的第82届日内瓦国际车展6日开始举办为期两天的媒体开放日,向上万名记者展示260多家参展商的最新汽车和配件。全球经济危机加上人们日益追求的节能环保生活方式,使得各汽车制造厂商更注重研发小型车节能车。201203/173774。