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Back at SCVNGR, we like to joke that with seven game dynamics,在SCVNGR的时候,我们总开玩笑说,如果有7个玩游戏的动机的话,you can get anyone to do anything.我们就能让任何人做任何事情。And so today, Im going to show you four,今天我给大家介绍四种,because I hope to have a competitive advantage at the end of this, still.因为我想保留一些,以保我的相对优势。So the first one, its a very simple game dynamic.第一个,很简单的玩游戏的动机。Its called the appointment dynamic.它叫做约定动机appointment dynamic。And this is a dynamic in which to succeed,要想使这种动机发挥作用,players have to do something at a predefined time, generally at a predefined place.参与游戏者需要在约定的时间做某种事情,通常也约定好了地点。And these dynamics are a little scary sometimes, because you think, you know,有时这种动机有些吓人,因为,你可以设想,other people can be using forces that will manipulate how I interact: what I do, where I do it, when I do it.其他人可能用这种力量来控制人们该如何交流,做什么,在什么地方做以及什么时候去做。This sort of loss of free will that occurs in games can be frightening,在游戏过程中,这种自由的丧失确实存在,有些恐怖,so with each dynamic, Im going to give three examples:每种动机我都会举三个例子——one that shows how this is aly being used in the real world,一个是已经在真实世界中应用的例子,so you can sort of rationalize it a little bit;所以你们可以更好地体会它,one that shows it in what we consider a conventional game --另一个是指出它在传统游戏中表现——I think everything is a game,我认为所有的事情都是游戏,but this is sort of more of a what you would think is a game played on a board or on a computer screen,这与棋盘游戏或者电脑游戏很相似,and then one how this can be used for good,最后一个例子是如何向着好的方向利用这种动机,so we can see that these forces can really be very powerful.由此我们可以看到这些力量是如何的强大。So the first one -- the most famous appointment dynamic in the world--is something called happy hour.第一个例子——也就是世界上有关约定动机的最有名的例子--被称作快乐时刻的例子。So I just recently dropped out of Princeton因为我刚刚从普林斯顿辍学,and actually ended up for the first time in a bar,第一次在酒吧中结束学业生涯,and I saw these happy hour things all over the place, right.我发现在很多地方都有这种优惠时段。And this is simply an appointment dynamic.这是一种简单的约定动机。Come here at a certain time, get your drinks half off.在特定的时间到这里聚会,喝一杯半价饮料。To win, all you have to do is show up at the right place at the right time.为了好处,你会在特定时间出现在特定地方。This game dynamic is so powerful这种游戏动力如此强大,that it doesnt just influence our behavior, its influenced our entire culture.以至于它不仅影响到我们的行为,还影响了整个文化。Thats a really scary thought, that one game dynamic can change things so powerfully.这确实让人害怕,一种玩游戏的动机居然使事情发生如此大的改变。It also exists in more conventional game forms.这种动机也存在于很多传统游戏中。Im sure youve all heard of Farmville by now.我敢肯定你们都听说过了美国农场游戏Farmville。If you havent, I recommend playing it.如果你没听过,我推荐你玩一下。You wont do anything else with the rest of your day.有了它,一天的其他时间里你都不会再去做别的事了。Farmville has more active users than Twitter.美国农场游戏Farmville的用户比Twitter的用户还活跃。Its incredibly powerful, and it has this dynamic它的力量是如此的强大,能让你where you have to return at a certain time to water your crops -- fake crops -- or they wilt.在特定的时刻赶回来玩游戏,为你的庄稼浇水--虚拟的庄稼--否则它们就枯萎了。And this is so powerful that, when they tweak their stats,它的力量如此强大,当信息显示,when they say your crops wilt after eight hours, or after six hours, or after 24 hours,你的庄稼会在8个小时、6个小时或者24个小时之后枯萎,it changes the lifecycle of 70 million-some people during the day.它就能改变这一天7千万人的生物钟。They will return like clockwork at different times.他们会像闹钟一样准时地在不同时间回来给庄稼浇水。So if they wanted the world to end, if they wanted productivity to stop,如果制定游戏的人想要农场倒闭,生产力停滞,they could make this a 30-minute cycle, and no one could do anything else, right?他们可以把浇水的周期改为30分钟,所有人就无法做其他事情了。Thats a little scary.这有些恐怖。But this could also be used for good.但是也可以用这种动机做好事。This is a local company called Vitality,有一个本地的企业叫做Vitality,and theyve created a product to help people take their medicine on time.他们生产一种产品来帮助人们按时吃药。Thats an appointment.这是一种约定。Its something that people dont do very well.在这个方面,有时人们表现的并不好。And they have these GlowCaps, which, you know, flash and email you所以他们就制造了GlowCaps,能够闪烁,还能够给你发邮件and do all sorts of cool things to remind you to take your medicine.还会做一些其他有趣的事情来提醒你吃药。This is one that isnt a game yet, but really should be.这不太像是一种游戏,但实际上它是。You should get points for doing this on time.当你按时吃药的话,你就能够得分。You should lose points for not doing this on time.没有做到就要被扣分。They should consciously recognize that theyve built an appointment dynamic and leverage the games.他们应该意识到,他们已经拥有了约定动机,提升了游戏的水平。And then you can really achieve good in some interesting ways.你确实可以巧妙地利用这一动机做些好事。201601/422966

The big men in the other boat crews 其它船上的大个子would always make good natured fun of the tiny little flippers 总喜欢拿这些小个子的小脚蹼开玩笑the munchkins put on their tiny little feet prior to every swim 每次游泳之前 他们都会把这些脚蹼戴到小脚丫上But somehow these little guys, from every corner of the Nation and the world但来自美国和世界各地的这些小个子always had the last laugh 却总能笑到最后swimming faster than everyone and reaching the shore long before the rest of us 比其他人都游得快 早早就到达了目的地SEAL training was a great equalizer 海豹训练中 大家都在同一起跑线上Nothing mattered but your will to succeed 没有什么比求胜欲望更为重要Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status 肤色 种族 教育 社会地位都不重要If you want to change the world 如果你想改变世界measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers请用心有多大来衡量一个人 而不是脚蹼的大小Several times a week the instructors would line up the class and do a uniform inspection每周都有那么几次 教官会让学员排好队进行装检查It was exceptionally through 检查格外彻底Your hat had to be perfectly starched your uniform immaculately pressed 帽子需要非常笔挺 制不能有一点褶皱and your belt buckle shiny and void of any smudges 带扣要有光泽 不能有任何污迹But it seemed that no matter how much effort you put into starching your hat 但无论你把帽子弄得多笔挺or pressing your uniform or polishing your belt buckle, it just wasnt good enough 把制弄得多没褶皱 带扣擦得多有光泽 这都不够The instructors would find ;something; wrong 教官似乎总能找出;问题;For failing the uniform inspection 由于制检查不合格the student had to run fully clothed into the surf zone and then, wet from head to toe学员需要穿着制跑步到海浪区 从头到脚都会湿透roll around on the beach until every part of your body was covered with sand 在沙滩上来回跑动 直到身体上到处都沾满沙砾The effect was known as a ;sugar cookie; 这被称作;糖曲奇;效应You stayed in that uniform the rest of the day cold, wet and sandy 接下来一天 你都得穿着这件制 又湿又冷 满身沙砾There were many a student who just couldnt accept the fact 有很多学员都无法接受that all their effort was in vain 自己的努力完全白费201602/423997

When we think of games, theres all kinds of things.当我们提起游戏时,脑海中会浮现很多回忆。Maybe youre ticked off, or maybe youre looking forward to a new game. Youve been up too late playing a game.或许你被某个游戏折磨得够呛,或许你正在期待着一款新游戏,或许你为了玩游戏而熬夜。All these things happen to me.所有这些都发生在我身上。But when we think about games, a lot of times we think about stuff like this: first-person shooters, or the big,但是大部分时候,当我们想到“游戏”通常想到的是: 第一人称射击游戏,或者大型的,what we would call AAA games,我们称之为3A级的游戏,or maybe youre a Facebook game player.或者,你喜欢玩Facebook里的小游戏。This is one my partner and I worked on.这是我跟搭档一起设计的一款游戏。Maybe you play Facebook games, and thats what were making right now. This is a lighter form of game.如果你玩Facebook游戏,这就是我们现在正在设计的游戏。这是一种小型的游戏。Maybe you think about the tragically boring board games that hold us hostage in Thanksgiving situations.或许你想到的是那些极为无聊的棋盘游戏,那些我们在感恩节时不得不玩的游戏。This would be one of those tragically boring board games that you can figure out.这个游戏就是那些你能想到的非常无聊的棋盘游戏之一。Or maybe youre in your living room, you know,又或许你在客厅里,playing with the Wii with the kids, or something like that,与孩子们一起玩Wii或者类似的游戏。and, you know, theres this whole range of games,另外,还有各种各样的游戏,and thats very much what I think about.这差不多就是我所能想到的游戏种类。I make my living from games. Ive been lucky enough to do this since I was 15, which also qualifies as Ive never really had a real job.我以设计游戏为生。我很幸运 能够15岁就从事这行,另一方面这也意味着我从没有过一份真正的工作。But we think about games as fun, and thats completely人们认为游戏是有趣的,这是完全合理的,reasonable, but lets just think about this.但让我们从另一个角度来想一想。So this one here, this is the 1980 Olympics.请看这张照片,这是1980年的奥运会(美苏曲棍球比赛)。Now I dont know where you guys were, but I was in my living room. It was practically a religious event.我不清楚你们当时在什么地方,当时我在我家的客厅里。这场比赛实际上是一次意识形态的对抗。And this is when the Americans beat the Russians,照片上就是美国队击败苏联队的瞬间,and this was -- yes, it was technically a game.这是——是的,从技术上讲仍是一种游戏。Hockey is a game. But really, was this a game?曲棍球是一种游戏。但说真的,这场比赛算是“游戏”吗?I mean, people cried. Ive never seen my mother cry like that at the end of Monopoly.我的意思是,有人因此哭泣。我从没见过我母亲在玩完《大富翁》之后会哭成那样。And so this was just an amazing experience.所以这只是一次“绝妙的体验”。Or, you know, if anybody here is from Boston.或者,如果这里有谁是从波士顿来的。So when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series after,当波士顿红袜队再次赢得世界冠军,I believe, 351 years,我想,距上次夺冠应该有351年了,when they won the World Series, it was amazing.当他们赢得了世界冠军,这真令人惊叹。201602/426127

Hi everybody. 嗨,大家好。I hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth of July, filled with parades, cookouts, fireworks and family reunions.我希望在7月4日这一天你们所有人都享受这到处是欢乐游行、野餐、烟花和家庭团聚的安全幸福的独立日。We celebrated at the White House with a few hundred members of the military and their families. 我们在白宫与几百名官兵将士和他们的家人一起共庆这一节日。And we took a moment amid the festivities to remember what our Independence Day is all about.而在这当中我们要铭记独立日的意义。what happened 237 years ago, and what it meant to the world.237年前发生的一切以及它对世界的影响。On July 4th, 1776, a small band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal-free to think and worship and live as we please. 在1776年7月4日,为数不多的爱国者们宣布我们生来就是平等的民族—自由思考、崇拜及过我们希望的生活。It was a declaration heard around the world-that we were no longer colonists, we were Americans, 这一宣言响彻世界—我们不再是殖民者,我们是美国人,and our destiny would not be determined for us; 我们的命运不再由他人主宰;it would be determined by us.我们的命运由自己掌控。It was a bold and tremendously brave thing to do. 这是一次英勇无比的壮举。It was also nearly unthinkable. 几乎不可想象。At that time, kings and princes and emperors ruled the world. 在那个时代是由国王们、王子们和皇帝们统治这个世界。But those patriots were certain that a better way was possible. 但是爱国者们确信当然可能有更好的生活方式。And to achieve it-to win their freedom-they were willing to lay it all on the line. 为了实现这一理想—赢得自由—他们甘愿付出一切。Their lives. Their fortunes. Their sacred honor.他们的生命、他们的财富及他们的神圣荣誉。They fought a revolution. 他们发起了一次革命。Few would have bet on our side to win. 几乎没有人认为我们能赢。But for the first of many times to come, America proved the doubters wrong.但是在此后的多个第一次里,美国明了怀疑者们的错误论调。And now, 237 years later, the ed States-this improbable nation– is the greatest in the world. 而现在,237年后,美利坚合众国这个不大可能诞生的国家成为了世界上最伟大的国家。A land of liberty and opportunity. 一片自由和希望的乐土。A global defender of peace and freedom. 一位全球和平和自由的捍卫者。A beacon of hope to people everywhere who cherish those ideals.一座珍惜世界各国人民理想的希望灯塔。Generations of Americans made our country what it is today.一代代美国人把美国铸就成现今的模样farmers and teachers,engineers and laborers, entrepreneurs and elected leaders-people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, all pulling in the same direction.农民、工程师和工人、企业家和民选领导人们—来自各行各业的人们、来自世界各地的走向同一方向的人们。And now we, the people, must make their task our own.而现在我们,美国人民,必须继承他们的使命,to live up to the words of that Declaration of Independence, and secure liberty and opportunity for our own children, and for future generations.履行独立宣言,保障我们的儿女们和未来后代的自由和机会。I want to say a special word of thanks to the men and women of our military, who have played such a vital role in the story of our nation. 我想对在我们国家历史上起着中流砥柱作用的军人们表示特别的感谢。You have defended us at home and abroad. 你们在本土和海外保卫了我们的国家。And you have fought on our nations behalf to make the world a better, safer place. 你们为我们国家的利益而战,使世界成为更美好及更安全的乐土。People in scattered corners of the world are living in peace today, free to write their own futures, because of you. 因为你们,世界各地的人们今天生活在和平中,可以自由地书写他们的历未来。We are grateful for your service and your sacrifice, 我们对你们的无私奉献和牺牲表达感激,especially those still serving in harms way and your families here at home.特别是那些至今仍然远离家人置身险境的军人们。So, God bless you all. 愿上帝保佑你们。And may God bless the ed States of America.愿上帝保佑美利坚合众国。201307/247532

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