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That god bid that made me first your slave,使我臣于你之前的神灵,I should in thought control your times of pleasure,不准我限制你行乐的光阴,Or at your hand the of hours to crave,不准我弄清你如何度过每一个时辰Being your vassal, bound to stay your leisure!即是你的臣下,只能任你纵情O, let me suffer, being at your beck,啊,就让我遵命自囿于孤独的牢狱吧,The imprisond absence of your liberty;你既然肆意逍遥,二意三心And patience, tame to sufferance, bide each check,让我默然忍受你的声声呵斥,Without accusing you of injury.绝不对你的伤害抱有微词Be where you list, your charter is so strong.你随意而往吧,既然你享有特权That you yourself may privilege your time可自由配你的时间,To what you will; to you it doth belong为所欲为吧,你已有特权,Yourself to pardon of self-doing crime.可将你的一切罪行赦免I am to wait, though waiting so be hell;我绝不责你寻欢作乐,管它是恶是善,Not blame your pleasure, be it ill or well.我只能期待如牢囚,哪怕把牢底坐穿 595

More recent and disturbing history will be reviewed this week by a court in Oslo. While Anders Behring Breivik will present his own warped view of reality, victims and bereaved families will confront again the terror of what actually happened. To resist simple vengeance, pursue justice and to relive the pain is a brave thing to do and shows in the words of the commentator Libby Purves that ;the default setting of Western civilisation is not hatred or fear but hope;.Perhaps, part of that default setting of hope stems from our Judaeo-Christian history. The last steel ingot from the Consett steelworks was made into a cross and is kept at a local Roman Catholic Church. It represents me the pain of the past but also hope the future.It is tempting to despair the future of the world, in a time of financial insecurity and mindless terrorism. Yet history does remind me that human commies of justice and love still triumph.这周奥斯陆法庭将会翻开最近一段纷扰的历史尽管Anders Behring Breivik会继续歪曲事实,受害者和受害者家庭将为还原真实恐怖事件而战不为复仇,只想讨回公道而自揭伤疤,这种行为是勇敢的,用员Libby Purves的话来说,“西方文明的本质不是仇恨或恐惧,而是希望”可能,这种希望的本质部分来源于犹太-基督历史Consett钢铁厂最后一块钢锭做成了一个十字架,现存于当地的一家罗马天主教堂里对我来讲,这代表了过去的伤痛和对未来的希望当遭遇财务危机或者无端恐怖事件时,人们很容易会对这世界的未来失望但是,历史告诉我们,公道和爱终将胜利 3593

  O thou the last fulfilment of life, Death, my death, come and whisper to me!呵,你这生命最后的完成,死亡,我的死亡,来对我低语罢!Day after day I have kept watch thee; thee have I borne the joys and pangs of life.我天天地在守望着你;为你,我忍受着生命中的苦乐All that I am, that I have, that I hope and all my love have ever flowed towards thee in depth of secrecy.我的一切存在,一切所有,一切希望,和一切的爱,总在深深的秘密中向你奔流One final glance from thine eyes and my life will be ever thine own.你的眼泪向我最后一盼,我的生命就永远是你的The flowers have been woven and the garland is y the bridegroom. After the wedding the bride shall leave her home and meet her lord alone in the solitude of night.花环已为新郎编好婚礼行过,新娘就要离家,在静夜里和她的主人独对了 71


  Cassandra: Ive had it! Im quitting and Im not coming back. I was meant greater things than working in this pathetic place. Life is passing me by.卡桑德拉:我受够了!我现在就辞职,再也不回来了我生来就是为了成就更大的事业,而不是在这么悲剧的地方工作生活从来没眷顾过我Lazlo: You cant quit. You need the money and you have responsibilities, remember?拉兹罗:你不能辞职难道你忘了,你需要钱,你还有责任在身Cassandra: Ive sacrificed enough security. I want to make a difference. I want to do big things. I want to have an impact on the world.卡桑德拉:我为这种有保障的生活牺牲得够多了我想改变自己,去干大事我想影响全世界Lazlo: That very admirable. Most people want to make a difference in the world, but dont have the guts to try.拉兹罗:这种想法值得赞扬大多数人都想改变世界,但都没有勇气去尝试Cassandra: You are so right! But Im going to make it happen. I aspire to do great things and I wont rest until I do. I want to follow my dream.卡桑德拉:你说得太对了!但是我一定会办成的我立志要成就伟大的事业,不达目的绝不罢休我想去追求梦想Lazlo: What is your dream?拉兹罗:你的梦想是什么?Cassandra: Um, well, Im not quite sure what Im destined to do yet, but as soon as I figure out my true vocation, Im following my heart.卡桑德拉:嗯,我还不太确定我注定要做什么,但我一清楚自己真正的职业,就会顺从自己的心意Lazlo: That great. Until then, lunch break is over. Could we get back to work?拉兹罗:那很好在那实现以前,午休时间过了现在可以回去工作了吗? 18686

  Ig Nobel Prize搞笑的诺贝尔奖Some people covet it, others flee from it. Some laugh with it, others laugh at it. Many praise it, a few criticize it, others are just confused.有些人企图得到它,有些人对它避之不及有些人和它一起笑,有些人嘲笑它很多人赞扬它,很少人批评它,还有些人感到困惑And many people are madly in love with it. It is the Ig Nobel Prize.很多人疯狂地爱上了它它是搞笑诺贝尔奖Weve been awarding Ig Nobel Prizes since 1991. Each year, ten Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded. The selection criterion is simple.搞笑诺贝尔奖在1991年首次颁发每年,都有颁发个诺贝尔奖项The prizes are ;achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced.; Examine that phrase carefully. 获奖标准并不复杂获奖者所取得成就应该是无法复制的审核这个标准的过程很仔细It covers a lot of ground. It says nothing about whether a thing is good or bad.这个奖的覆盖面很大,可能是好的事物也可能是不好的After something has been discovered or created, no one can later become the first to have made that discovery or creation.一旦有东西被发现或者被创造出来,就不存在发现或创造该事物的第一人了The ;firstness; cannot be repeated.第一性是不能被重复的Thus, Don Featherstone (Ig Nobel Art Prize, 1996), the creator of the plastic pink flamingo, clearly qualifies under the ;cannot be repeated; phrase.,唐·费瑟斯通(1996年搞笑诺贝尔艺术奖得主),塑料粉红色火烈鸟的创造者,严格遵守“不能重复“这一标准Similarly, Anders Barheim and Hogne Sandvik (Ig Nobel Biology Prize, 1996), who discovered that sour cream stimulates the appetite of leeches, but that garlic often kills them, clearly qualify under the ;cannot be repeated; phrase.同样,安德斯·Barheim和Hogne·山特维克(1996年搞笑诺贝尔生物学奖的主),他们发现,酸奶油刺激水蛭的食欲,但是大蒜常能杀死癌细胞,显然这也符合“不能重复”这一标准Jacques Benveniste (Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize, 1991 and 1998) discovered that water molecules remember things and that the memories can be transmitted over telephone lines.雅克·本闻尼斯特(1991年和1998年搞笑化学诺贝尔奖得主)发现水有记忆功能,而且这些记忆信息还可以通过电话线和因特网进行传递 780Guido: Whoa, check you out! That’s a great costume. Are you going to the Star Trek Convention? Rita: Yeah, it’s in town until Sunday. Have you ever been to one? Guido: Me? No way! Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of the shows. And, no offense, but I thought only geeks went to the conventions. Rita: Yeah, I thought that, too, until I went last year with my friend Claire and we had a great time. Guido: Claire? Your gorgeous roommate Claire? That Claire? Rita: Yeah, there were exhibitions from collectors and we got autographs from two of the show’s stars. The highlight was when the stars came out and spoke to the crowd…Hey, do you want to come with us? Guido: It actually sounds like fun, but I can’t make it today. Rita: How come? Guido: Uh…well…I’m going to the comic book convention. Rita: Oh, I see. Well, maybe next year. Live long and prosper… Guido: Uh, yeah. You, too. Hey, tell Claire I said “hi.” Rita: Sure. See you later. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 19

  How did a peddler of cheap shirts and fishing rods become the mightiest corporation in America?The short version of Wal-Mart’s rise to glory goes something like thisIn 1979 it racked up a billion dollars in sales. By 1993 it did that much business in a week;by 01 it could do it in a day.It’s a stunning tale - one that propelled Wal-Mart from rural Arkansas, where it was founded in 196,to the top of the tune 500 this year. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart’s founder,pushed sales growth relentlessly while squeezing costs with sophisticated inmation technology.He exhorted employees to sell better with the“ten foot rule” (greet customers if they are that close).He was, in other words, an early evangelist the first commandment of today’s economy Service rules.Wal-Mart, in fact, is the first service company to rise to the top of the tune 500.When tune first published its list of the largest companies in America in 1955, Wal-Mart didn’t even exist.That year General Motors was America’s biggest company, and in every year that followed, either GM or another mighty industrial, Exxon, was NO. 1.Wal-Mart’s achievement caps a bigger economic shift - from producing goods to providing services.Manufacturing’s share of U.S. employment peaked in 1953, at 35%.It has been declining steadily since. In the decade that will end in ,the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures that goods producing industries will create 1.3 million new jobs,compared to million service industries.To look at it another way, today there are about four times as many people working in service jobs as in other kinds of jobs.And even within manufacturing, services are an increasingly large share of operations.As America got richer consumption got more complicated. With more income to throw around,people started spending more on services movies and travel, mortgages to buy houses, insurance to protect those houses,the occasional decadent weekend at a luxury hotel.Economists call this a shift in the demand pattern;tune calls it the main reason that 6 of this year’s top 0 are service companies.Over the next few years, only three of the ten fastest growing occupations (software engineers, nurses,and computer support) pay middle class salaries.The rest could be called, well, Wal-Mart kinds of jobs - cashiers, retail assistants, food service, and so on. In short, the service economy is delivering more good jobs than ever bee. 359873I put away the milk 37


  StatementA: Management wants you to make the public announcement tomorrow afternoon.B: Me? But I’m the worst speechmaker though!A: Come on! Don’t be modest. You’ve done this a thousand times bee!B: That doesn’t mean I have to like it. Has the necessary statement aly been prepared?A: Yes. I will bring it to you as soon as I print off a copy.可可在线背单词 — 中考英语单词 1871。

  Jordan:Excuse me, my girlfriend was brought into the hospital about two hours ago, but I cant find her.乔丹:劳驾,我的女朋友大约两个小时前被送进这里,但我找不到她Admissions Clerk:Why was she brought into the hospital?工作人员:为什么被送进这家医院?Jordan:Im not sure. I got a call from her coworker, but she didnt give me any details.乔丹:我不确定我是接到她同事的一个电话,但她没有给我任何细节Admissions Clerk:If it werent an accident, then she wouldnt be in the emergency room or the trauma .工作人员:如果不是意外,她就不会在急症或创伤病房Jordan:It may have been her heart. She has a heart condition.乔丹:可能是她的心脏问题她有心脏病Admissions Clerk:Then she might be in the cardiology department.工作人员:那她可能是在心脏病科If she is in severe condition, shell be in the ICU.如果情况严重,她此时应该在ICUJordan:It may also be the baby. She pregnant.乔丹:也可能是婴儿降生因为她怀了Admissions Clerk:Then she might be in the obstetrics and gynecology department.工作人员:那她可能在妇产科室And if the baby has been born, it would be in the neonatal .如果宝宝已经出生,这会儿应该在新生儿加护病房Jordan:Im just not sure where to go.乔丹:我就是丈二和尚摸不着头脑Maybe Ill start in the cardiology department.也许我可以从心脏病科开始找起Admissions Clerk:That fine. Go past the neurology and oncology departments and it on your right.工作人员:好吧经过神经内科、肿瘤科,它就在你的右侧If you see the burn , then youve gone too far.如果你看到烧伤病房,那你就走过了Jordan:You cant look her up me to see if she been admitted?乔丹:你就不能给我查查看我女朋友是否已经入院接受救治吗?Admissions Clerk:Im sorry, but our computer systems are down right now.工作人员:对不起,我们的电脑系统现在正处于瘫痪状态If you wait until theyre up again, I can try to find her you.如果你能等到它重启,我会试着帮你找找Jordan:And go out of my mind worrying?乔丹:你觉得我现在这么着急有这份耐心吗?No thanks. Im going to find her, even if I have to look behind every bedpan!不,谢谢即使我要看每个便盆的背后也要找到她! 673


  Nelly: Look at that couple over there. What they’re doing is indecent! Sadat: Where? Oh, you mean those two people hugging and kissing? That’s not indecent. Nelly: They’re not just hugging and kissing. That girl is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and they’re making out in the middle of a public place. They need to get a room. Sadat: They’re just passionate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t you remember when you were a teenager in love? Nelly: When I was a teenager, we behaved a lot more modestly. We might hold hands or give each other a peck on the cheek in public. That’s it. Anything else we did, we did in private. Sadat: Oh, you’re not saying that you didn’t get cozy with your boyfriend as a teenager, you’re just saying you did it in private. Nelly: Right. What I object to is having to watch other people’s public displays of affection. It turns my stomach. Sadat: Don’t look now, but there’s another PDA over there. Nelly: Oh, no! 90

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