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青岛全瓷牙哪家医院最好的山东省青岛诺德医院是私立的吗China to Attend Southeast Asian Summit温家宝赴老挝参加东南亚首脑会议Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao leaves for Laos, at the end of the week, to take part in a Southeast Asia summit that is held every three years. The regional gathering is just one of several China has pursued in recent years, in an effort to build stronger relations with its neighbors.  中国总理温家宝本周末将启程前往老挝,出席每三年召开一次的东南亚国家首脑会议。这一地区峰会只是中国近年来争取参加的会议之一。中国这样做是为了加强与邻国的关系。The Greater Mekong Subregion includes the six countries along the 4,000-kilometer Mekong River, which starts in China, flows past Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, before reaching the South China Sea. 大湄公河次区域包括湄公河4千公里沿岸的6个国家。湄公河起源于中国,流经缅甸、老挝、泰国、柬埔寨和越南,最后流入南中国海。Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao goes to Laos, Saturday. He will join other heads of state for the third Greater Mekong Subregion summit. The grouping is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and is aimed at enhancing regional cooperation.  中国总理温家宝定于星期六启程前往老挝。他将会见出席大湄公河次区域第三次首脑会议的其他国家领导人。亚洲开发为召开这一峰会提供经费,目的是加强地区合作。One controversial issue has been use of the Mekong River, itself. China aly has two hydroelectric dam projects on the part of the waterway that flows through China. A third, huge dam -- the Xiaowan Hydropower Station -- is to be completed in 2012.  如何利用湄公河是一个存在争议的问题。中国在本国境内的湄公河河道上已经修建了两个用于水力发电的水坝。第三个大坝、也就是小湾水电站大坝,预计在2012年竣工。Speaking to reporters in Beijing Wednesday, Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei acknowledged there are disagreements with other countries about China's use of the river.  中国外交部部长助理何亚非星期三在北京对记者说,有关国家在中国利用湄公河的问题上存在着分歧。He says there have been media reports that China's upstream hydropower development is having a negative impact on downstream countries, especially environmentally. 他说:“有些媒体在说,中国开发了水电,上游开发水电对下游国家有没有影响啊?生态环境会不会遭到破坏?我想这是媒体和大家关心的问题。”He says China will never do anything to harm the interests of downstream countries and says Beijing is y to have discussions on the issue. But he also stresses that what he calls reasonable development of water resources will serve the interests of all countries in the region. 何亚非还说,中国决不会做任何损害下游国家利益的事,并表示北京准备就这个问题进行讨论。但他同时强调,他所说的负责任地开发水资源将对本地区的所有国家有利。The two-day Greater Mekong Subregion summit begins Sunday. One highlight will be the opening of the Lao section of a major highway that will link Bangkok to the southwestern Chinese city, Kunming. 为期两天的大湄公河次区域首脑会议将于星期天开幕。一个引人注目的安排将是举行一条主要高速公路在老挝境内路段的启用仪式。这条高速公路将把曼谷与中国西南城市昆明连接起来。200803/32444青岛市诺德医学美容医院是什么医院 Clinton Scores Victory in Pennsylvania Primary克林顿在宾州初选中较大优势获胜  Senator Hillary Clinton has kept her presidential bid alive with a nearly 10-point victory over Senator Barack Obama in Tuesday's crucial Pennsylvania primary. The victory is a boost for Senator Clinton, but she still trails Senator Barack Obama in the total number of votes received in state primary races and in the total number of pledged delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.  希拉里.克林顿参议员星期二在宾夕法尼亚州举行的关键初选中以超过对手奥巴马将近10%的选票保持了她继续竞争总统候选人提名的活力。这次胜利增强了克林顿参议员的竞争力,但是她在举行了初选的各州所得的总票数以及民主党提名所需的做出保的党代表人数方面还都落后于奥巴马。On the morning after the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Hillary Clinton summed up her feelings about her nearly 10-point win on the CBS Early Show. 宾夕法尼亚州初选过后的星期三早晨,克林顿参议员在哥伦比亚广播公司的早间节目中总结了自己赢得超过对手10%选票的感受。"It was a wonderful night," she said. 她说:“昨天晚上太美好了!”A number of political analysts had said Senator Clinton needed a convincing win in Pennsylvania to stay in the race, and that is exactly what she got. Some Democrats were hoping for a closer outcome that would have compelled Clinton to drop out of the race, allowing the party to unite behind Senator Obama and focus on defeating Republican candidate Senator John McCain in the November general election. 很多政治分析人士曾说,克林顿参议员要在宾州得到有说力的胜利才能继续竞选下去,而她恰恰得到了这样的胜利。有些民主党人希望投票结果更加接近,迫使克林顿退出竞选,以便民主党能在奥巴马的周围团结起来,在11月总统大选中集中力量战胜共和党的竞争对手麦凯恩参议员。At a victory rally late Tuesday in Philadelphia, Senator Clinton told her cheering supporters that the tide is turning. Speaking to CBS News, she said the victory would give her momentum for the next primaries, and explained why she believes more voters chose her. 星期二晚上,在费城举行的胜利庆祝集会上,克林顿参议员向对她欢呼的人群说,选情正在好转。她对哥伦比亚广播公司说,这次胜利会在后面的初选中给她带来获胜的势头。克林顿解释了为什么她认为更多的选民会选择她。"They believe that I offer them and their families the, you know, best chance for a better future," she said. "And I think that is what is going on here." 她说:“他们相信我可以给他们自己和他们的家庭提供未来最好的机会。我认为这里的情况就是这样。”Senator Clinton also said that her campaign raised more than million overnight with an Internet appeal after her victory. Her campaign had gone into debt during the Pennsylvania race, while Senator Obama still has plenty of funds for the next contests. 克林顿参议员还说,她在宾州胜利以后的竞选筹款通过因特网的吁求一夜之间筹到了三百多万美元。克林顿的竞选资金到了宾州初选的时候已经开始负债,而奥巴马参议员接下来的竞选所需的资金仍然雄厚。As in other races, Senator Clinton carried her core supporters, voters over the age of 60, female voters and lower income voters. Senator Obama again did best with young people, higher income voters and Black voters.  和在其它多次初选中一样,克林顿参议员的持者多数以60岁以上选民、女性选民以及低收入选民为核心,而奥巴马参议员最受年轻人、高收入、以及黑人选民的持。Obama, 46, sought to reassure his supporters late Tuesday at a rally in Evansville, Indiana. He pointed out that Senator Clinton had led in opinion polls by more than 20 percentage points in Pennsylvania six weeks ago, and that he gained ground in the state. 46岁的奥巴马星期二晚上在印第安纳州的伊万斯维尔的一个集会上再次寻求要他的选民放心。奥巴马指出,克林顿参议员在六个星期前的一个民意调查中领先他20个百分点,这次初选他本人在宾州扩大了地盘。"And now six weeks later, we closed the gap. We rallied people of every age, and race and background to the cause. And, and whether they were inspired for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, we registered a record number of voters and it is those new voters who will lead our party to victory in November," he added. 奥巴马说:“六个星期过去了,我们的差距在缩小。我们这次集会的持者年龄、种族和背景都非常广泛。不论他们是第一次受到这样的鼓舞,还是多年来第一次受到这样的鼓舞,我们纪录在案参加投票的选民已经创造了新纪录,就是这些新的选民将在11月的大选中带领我们的党走向胜利。”But before either candidate can turn their sights on the November election against Senator McCain, Democrats must decide which one of them is the nominee. There are nine more contests between now and early June, starting with primaries in North Carolina and Indiana on May 6. Senator Obama is heavily favored to win in North Carolina, and Senator Clinton currently has a slight lead in most voter surveys in Indiana. 但是在参加11月总统大选和共和党的麦凯恩竞争以前,民主党人必须决定这两人之间由谁来参选。从现在到6月初,还有9个州要举行初选,首先是北卡罗来纳和印第安纳州在5月6号举行的选举。奥巴马参议员在北卡受到特别强烈的持。克林顿参议员目前在印第安纳州所有的民调当中都有小幅领先的优势。 200804/36462EU Ministers Reach Agreement on Immigration Pact欧盟成员国就移民政策达成协议   European Union ministers reached broad agreement on a common immigration and asylum policy during a meeting in France. France holds the rotating EU presidency, wants the proposal to be formally adopted in October. 欧盟各国部长在法国开会期间就统一的移民和庇护政策达成一项内容广泛的协议。欧盟轮值主席国法国希望这项协议在10月份获得正式通过。Authored by the French government, the proposed immigration and asylum guidelines aim to set common European standards for legal and illegal immigrants. They would toughen policies against illegal immigration - for example, making sure those caught are expelled while basing legal immigration criteria on the needs of individual European Union states.  这项拟议中的移民和庇护指导方针由法国政府执笔,目的是为欧盟各国在合法和非法移民问题上制定统一标准。新协议对非法移民采取严厉政策,比如确保那些被抓到的非法移民被驱逐出境,而合法移民的标准则根据欧盟各个国家的需要。France also wants to establish common European asylum policies. 法国还希望建立共同的欧盟难民庇护政策。A number of European interior and justice ministers meeting in the resort city Cannes hailed the French proposals, with Greece's interior minister saying he hoped it would be finalized by the end of France's EU presidency in December. The Interior minister of Spain, which has voiced reservations about parts of the French proposals, said he was "satisfied." 在法国度假城市戛纳出席会议的许多欧盟成员国内政和司法部长欢迎法国的建议。希腊内政部长表示,希望法国的欧盟轮值主席国在12月期满之前最后通过这项协议。西班牙内政部长对法国的建议表示“满意”,不过对其中的部分内容保留意见。The proposed guidelines have been amended to take into account European concerns. French calls for European nations to reject mass regularization of illegal immigrants, which Italy and Spain have done in recent years, has been watered down, as has a French demand that immigrants sign a so-called "integration contract." 所提议的指导方针在修改时顾及了欧洲的担忧。法国呼吁欧洲国家拒绝让大批非法移民的身份合法化。意大利和西班牙近年来已经这样做了。而法国要求移民签署一个所谓的“融入契约”, 以这一措施来缓冲大规模身份合法化的做法。But immigrant rights groups like CIMADE are critical of the immigration pact. Sonia Lokku, the head of the non-governmental organization's international cooperation department, says the proposals are based more on European security concerns than on human rights or Europe's economic needs. 不过,非政府组织“帮助离散者互助会”等移民权利团体对欧盟的移民协议提出批评。“帮助离散者互助会”国际合作部负责人索妮亚.洛库表示,这项协议主要考虑欧盟国家的安全,而不是人权或者欧盟的经济需要。"Europe needs immigration a lot," she said. "It has been made clear for geographic reasons but also for economic reasons. There are lots of reasons for a country such as Spain, for instance, to have mass regularizations. Because they realize that migrants contribute a lot to the economy once they are at the peak of their growth.  洛库说:“欧盟需要大量移民。无论从地理因素还是经济原因看来,这都是显而易见的。对于像西班牙这样的国家来说,有充分理由让非法移民大规模合法化。因为,他们认识到一旦他们的经济增长达到顶点时,流动人口将对经济做出许多贡献。”"And once they are regularized and once they become documented migrants they also pay taxes, they contribute to the social security system, to the pension system and so on. So it is really a win-win situation," she continued. “而且一旦这些流动人口合法化,成为有移民,他们还纳税,对社会福利保障制度、养老金制度等都有贡献。因此这的确是双赢的局面。”In recent years, a number of EU countries have been cracking down on illegal aliens, alarmed by the tens of thousands of would-be immigrants arriving on their shores each year. At the same time, immigrant rights groups like CIMADE argue that an aging Europe will need more immigrants in its labor force in the future. 每年都有数万名有可能成为移民的人进入一些欧盟成员国,给这些国家造成恐慌,因此近年来它们一直在打击非法移民。而同时,“帮助离散者互助会”等移民权利组织认为,人口老龄化的欧洲将来会需要更多移民补充劳动力的不足。200807/43628青岛中心医院价格表

青岛市诺德整形是最好的泉州妇科医院black and blue ———— 满身伤痕(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Badly bruised so that one抯 skin is darkened.例句 Falling down the stairs yesterday has left me black and blue today, but I didnt break any bones.昨天从楼梯摔下,今天的我身上青一块紫一块,不过没有骨折。 /201606/445095滨州医学院附属医院祛除腋臭多少钱 The victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster (are) being remembered to the service in Dover. Survivors and relatives of those who died sang hymns and eulogies at the church service. Twenty years ago, 193 people died when the Herald of Free Enterprise turned on its side. The Townsend Thoresen ferry capsized because its bow doors hadn't been closed, allowing water to flood the car deck. John Spots has this.We remember Berry Alan, Ellin Badly, Allen Badly, Richard, Jeffrey Henry, David Harris, Leta Paris, Nichola Pain, Thomas Pitch. The Herald of Free Enterprise left Zeebrugge shortly after 6 in the evening. It was carrying a full load with 459 passengers on board. At 6:28 it began to list, and one minute later, it capsized. The captain of the ferry had crossed the channel some 60,000 times, yet on March 6, 1987, he left the harbor with the bow doors open. The result was catastrophic.I roused by helicopter; we went down in the ship, and it's incredible to see what happened. Er..people are drowning in the ice-cold water. 193 people lost their lives and many of those who made it out of the vessel had suffered greatly.We saw some, well, some terrible injuries that people had got scourged, you know, arms and, er, it was just, just awful.Like many on board, Jackie Wilson had taken advantage of a cheap travel promotion in a newspaper. Yet that night she found herself looking after a boy who'd been separated from his family.We had tried everything to try to find his mother and the rest of his family because he'd got completely split up. And and he stayed overnight. We managed to get him to sleep and the next day, we went down again trying to find his family for him. And then we found his mother, that was, she was in a hospital. And the rest of his family had died.A public enquiry castigated the ferry's owners, part of the PNO Group. Yet no one was convicted by the courts, still the campaign for a new law of corporal manslaughters started here with the Zeebrugge disaster. And 20 years later, a bill is currently under consideration in Parliament. Surprisingly, the Herald's sister ship is still in service. New safety features, however, are plain to see. Progress has been made. Yet, there are those, like the man who coordinated the rescue efforts on that night 20 years ago, who can't forget what happened.Couldn't we save more people? Hardly I don't think so, but you never know, it's still, you know, something which is, you think about that.There is a memorial site now in Dover. Relatives of those who lost their lives come every year to remember that "dark and dful" night, and leave with what little comfort they can find. John Sports reporting.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.hymn:n. A hymn is a religious song that Christians sing in church. 赞美诗, 圣歌2.eulogy:n. A eulogy is a speech, usually at a funeral, in which a person who has just died is praised. 赞词, 称颂 200805/39576烟台山医院做隆胸手术多少钱

青岛市第二人民医院挂号预约平台Saudi Arabia Rejects US Appeal to Boost Oil Production布什晤沙特国王增产石油要求遭拒   Saudi Arabia is refusing a U.S. request to increase overall oil production as a way to lower record high energy costs. In Saudi Arabia where U.S. President George Bush met Friday with King Abdullah. 沙特阿拉伯拒绝美国提出的通过增加石油产量来降低创历史新高的能源价格的要求。美国总统布什星期五在沙特阿拉伯与阿卜杜拉国王会晤。It is the second time in four months that President Bush has come to Saudi Arabia asking King Abdullah to boost overall oil production to help drive down U.S. gasoline prices. 这是美国总统布什在四个月里第二次访问沙特阿拉伯。他请求阿卜杜拉国王增加石油产量,帮助降低美国的石油价格。And it is the second time since January that the president got the same answer: No. 这也是自1月以来布什的要求第二次遭到拒绝。Soaring gasoline prices in the ed States are partly to blame for the country's economic slowdown. 美国石油价格飞速上涨是美国经济发展速度减缓的部分原因。Speaking to reporters before this trip, President Bush said he would tell the Saudi king that U.S. gas prices are even higher now than they were in January. He said demand is so high relative to supply that there is just not a lot of excess capacity. 布什在访问沙特阿拉伯之前对记者说,他会告诉阿卜杜拉国王,现在美国的石油价格甚至比1月份的价格还要高。他说,需求量比供给量要高很多,以至于没有多少多余的产油能力。Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi says supply and demand are in balance. He told reporters in Riyahd that the country did boost output by 300,000 barrels a day last week but only to make up for declining production from Venezuela and Mexico. 沙特阿拉伯石油大臣阿里.阿尔耐米说,石油的供应量和需求量是平衡的。他在利雅得对记者说,沙特阿拉伯的确在上星期每天增加了30万桶石油产量,但仅仅是补上委内瑞拉和墨西哥减少的石油产量。Al-Naimi says Saudi Arabia is aly investing billion over the next four years to increase production and is doubling the capacity of a refinery in Texas. "So how much more does Saudi Arabia need to do to satisfy the people who are questioning our oil practices or our oil policy?" he asked. 阿尔耐米说,沙特阿拉伯正在为今后四年增加石油产量、并使在美国德克萨斯州的一家炼油厂的炼油能力增加一倍而投资900亿美元。阿尔纳米说:“沙特阿拉伯还要做多少才能满足那些怀疑我们的石油生产运作和我们的石油政策的人?”U.S. National Security Adviser Steve Hadley says Saudi officials told President Bush that they do not believe an overall increase in production would dramatically reduce prices at U.S. pumps. 美国国家安全顾问哈德利说,沙特阿拉伯官员对布什总统说,他们认为增加石油总产量不会显著降低美国的石油价格。Hadley says Saudi officials argue that higher prices are driven more by uncertainty in the global market and the lack of refining capacity for the quality of oil most ily available. Hadley says the Bush Administration will take that explanation to its own analysts to see if it conforms with what they think. 哈德利说,沙特阿拉伯官员认为,石油价格的上涨更多地是由于人们对全球市场走向不确定,以及缺少提炼最容易获得的那种质量的石油的能力。哈德利说,布什政府将把沙特阿拉伯官员的这种解释转达给美国分析人士,看看这种解释是否和他们的想法一致。 200805/39243 Pope Appeals for Humanitarian Corridor in Georgia教皇呼吁在格开辟人道主义通道   Pope Benedict XVI issued another strong appeal on Sunday for a humanitarian corridor to be opened to allow aid to get through to the displaced in Georgia. 天主教教皇本笃十六世星期天再次强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚开辟人道主义通道,以便将救援物资送给因战争而背井离乡的格鲁吉亚人。Pope Benedict said he continues to follow with attention and concern the situation in Georgia and feels especially close to the victims of the conflict. The pope was speaking from his summer retreat in Castelgandolfo, in the hills south of Rome.  教皇本笃十六世说,他一直在注视和关注格鲁吉亚的局势,并且感觉跟格鲁吉亚武装冲突的受害者格外亲近。教皇在他的避暑度假地甘多尔福堡发表上述讲话。甘多尔福堡在罗马以南的山丘上。Addressing the pilgrims gathered in the palace's courtyard for the Sunday Angelus prayer, the pope issued a strong appeal for the urgent opening of humanitarian corridors between Georgia and the separatist region of South Ossetia to help people caught up in the fighting.  教皇本笃星期天向聚集在主教宅邸院子里进行奉告祈祷的信徒们发表讲话。他强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚和主张分离的南奥塞梯地区之间开通紧急人道主义通道,帮助那些被战火所困的人们。The pope said humanitarian corridors should be opened so that the dead can receive a dignified burial, the wounded can be properly treated and people can rejoin their loved ones. 教皇说,应该开通人道主义通道,这样死者才能得到有尊严的葬礼,伤员才能得到及时的治疗,人们才能跟他们的家人团聚。Pope Benedict expressed the hope that a French-brokered cease-fire between Georgia and Russia will turn into a stable peace. He renewed his appeal to the international community to continue to work for a lasting solution through dialogue. He also called for the rights of ethnic minorities in the region to be guaranteed. 天主教教皇本笃表示,希望由法国调停的格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的停火变成稳定的和平。他再次呼吁国际社会继续努力,通过对话找到一个永久的解决方案。教皇本笃还呼吁要保该地区少数民族的各项权利。An estimated 120,000 people have been displaced by the fighting between Georgia and Russia, which began August 7 between Georgian troops and separatists in South Ossetia. Georgian forces say they acted after coming under Russian fire. Russia says it moved in to Georgia to protect its citizens in South Ossetia, many of whom have been given Russian passports.  据估计,格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的战斗已经造成12万人离乡背井。这场战斗于8月7号首先在格鲁吉亚军队和南奥塞梯分离分子之间开始。格鲁吉亚军队说,他们是在俄罗斯军队首先开火之后才予以还击的。而俄罗斯则表示,他们开进格鲁吉亚是保护在南奥塞梯的俄罗斯公民,其中许多人都持有俄罗斯护照。The Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said Sunday that his country's troops will begin withdrawing from Georgia on Monday. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期天表示,俄罗斯军队将从星期一开始从格鲁吉亚撤离。200808/46199青岛市眼窝肉泡眼眼睑眼角哪家便宜价格青岛崂山区祛痘哪里好



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