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We all need a break at one point or another, but perhaps you need one NOW. You may say that you are absolutely too busy to take a break or there is no way that you can let go right at the moment. These are both signs that you need a break TODAY。谁都需要时不时休息一下。说不定此刻你就需要休息。或许你会说太忙没空休息,要么当下根本就无法脱身。倘若如此,说明你确实今天就得歇一歇。If you find yourself saying any of the following, it’s time to take a day off and turn off the computer and all of your notifications and get away。如果你发现自己也有下面这些情况,说明你有必要关掉电脑、丢开报告、花一天时间好好休息一下了。1. There is Only 24 Hours in a Day一天只有24小时Are you one who says that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done? Are you running around somewhat like a chicken with its head cut off? If you continue at this pace, you will always be behind. You are putting tons of items on your plate and only a few items are getting completed。你是不是总觉得一天的时间不够用、事情总也做不完?你是不是像没头苍蝇似的到处乱撞?若持续下去,你肯定会一直赶不上趟。你的日程排得太满、能完成的任务却寥寥无几!2. Your Social Life is Non-Existent没有社交生活If this phrase rings true, then you definitely need a break. It has been said that not spending enough time with friends and family is one of the top regrets of people on their deathbeds. Do you want that to be you?若果真一语击中,那你绝对需要休息。据说很多人临死之前最后悔的就是没多花点时间陪陪亲友。你想成为那样的人吗?If you are missing your children’s events, missing momentous occasions from your best friends, and your family has no idea where you are at, then a break is long overdue。如果你经常错过小孩的活动、好友的重要时刻,或你的家人常常不清楚你身在何处,那么休息绝对是迫切之需。3. A Change Throws You for a Loop改变会让你措手不及Are you flexible? Do you hate change? Change is what should bring you opportunities and a chance to see life in a new perspective. However, if you are continually trying to be in charge of every single aspect of your life without allowing room for change and absolutely detest when someone asks to change a meeting time, then you definitely need to take a deep breathe and schedule a day off。你灵活变通吗?是否讨厌改变?改变带来机会并创造生活新视觉。但是,如果你总试图掌控生活的方方面面,根本不留任何变通余地,要是有人提出改变会面时间,你甚至会心生嫌恶,那么你绝对需要深呼吸、给自己放一天假!4. You Have Dinner at the Office在办公室吃饭Does ordering in for dinner and having it delivered to the office ring a bell? Or what about eating in front of your computer telling yourself that this last deck must get out tonight? If you cannot take 30 minutes to de-stress and eat in a peaceful (note: mobile and work free) environment, then you must start to ask why and make yourself distance away from work. Lastly, schedule a day to disconnect. No email. No calls. No thinking about the to-do lists. A day to yourself。你总是订快餐、然后在办公室解决吧?是不是还一边盯着电脑咀嚼、一边想着某个任务今晚必须搞定?如果你连30分钟都抽不出来、无法保不接电话不干活、安静放松地吃顿饭的话,那可得找找原因、暂时避开工作了。接下来,请给自己安排一天假:不回邮件,不接电话,不想任何工作事情,好好放松自己。5. The Gym Hasn’t Seen You in Months好几个月没去健身了You have not had any injuries. You used to be at the gym five out of the seven days a week, and now you are so busy working from sunrise to sunset. If anytime fitness was closer, then you would try to squeeze in a twenty minute workout, but it is a balancing act between sleep and working out。你并未抱恙受伤。以前,你每周有五天会去健身;现在,你朝九晚五地忙碌,如果到了健身时间,你会挤出20分钟来运动,为睡眠和健身之间寻求平衡。6. Phone Calls Anger You一来电话就生气Hearing the ring of your telephone just sends an overall sense of more work. The words “it never ends” continues to go through your mind. Work is constantly calling or if it is your best friend that you have not talked to in months is calling, you sadly slide the notification to decline. Sighing and saying, “One day, it will be better。” I’m here to tell you that it’s time to take a break and realize that a phone call may just be what you need from your best friend。电话一响你就条件反射地想到又来任务了,脑子里全是“没完没了”的牢骚。不论是工作电话还是好久未联系的好友电话,你都郁闷地按下“拒接”键,叹气安慰自己:“总有一天,情况不再这么糟糕吧。”说真的,或许你该歇口气,说不定会发现电话恰好就是好朋友打来的呢。7. What Used to Bring You Joy is Now A Hindrance以前曾让你开心的事情,现在却变得碍手碍脚That hobby and job that you once loved seems more like an obligation than something that makes you smile. You regret every item that has to deal with the job. It feels as if you are chained to it and cannot escape. As my friend AJ Leon said so eloquently, “I have met many entrepreneurs that leave a job they feel is a prison, only to find that now the door is locked from the inside and they are holding the key。” No more smiles and happiness。曾经喜欢的兴趣和工作,现在更像是义务,已经无法让你感到快乐了。所有跟工作挂钩的事情都让你倍感懊恼。你仿佛被它牵绊着、无法逃脱。我的朋友AJ Leon说得非常形象:“我见过很多辞去围城般工作的企业家,到头来却发现自己手里有钥匙,而门却反锁着。”从此微笑不再、快乐不再。8. You Answer Emails as You Go To Bed and Right When You Wake-up临睡觉或刚睁眼就回复邮件Are you answering work emails in your bed at night and then checking your email immediately upon waking? Taking work with you to bed is a recipe for a high stress lifestyle. Having it by your side 24/7 is a recipe for disaster. You are always thinking about work and adding it to your to-do list, which is not giving you any time to yourself. It’s time for a break。你是否晚上上床了还在回复工作邮件、早上一睁眼又在查收邮件?临睡觉时还在工作是一种高压生活方式。无时无刻不在工作的话,简直是不要命了。你脑子里一直想着工作、任务单上也都是工作,完全没有自己的时间?那么是时候歇一歇了。9. You Have a Quad Americano Three Times a Day一天喝三次美式咖啡Does your barista know your orders based on the look that is on your face when you walk? Do you have a morning, afternoon, and evening order all with at least four shots of espresso? Maybe it’s time to step back and realize that all the caffeine in the world is not going to make your work go away。单凭你走路的神情,咖啡店员就知道你想点什么了吧?你是不是每天早中晚至少要喝四杯浓缩咖啡?那么是时候反省反省了——靠咖啡因刺激不可能长久提高工作效率。10. You Are Never Home从不归家Your roommates don’t believe you exist. They get the rent check but never actually see you. Your house looks impeccable because you have not had enough time to spend there to make it dirty. You have just a couple of groceries in your pantry, and the refrigerator is empty with the exception of condiments that have a two year expiration date. You are literally home to sleep and wake up early to do it all over again. It’s an unsustainable lifestyle. You live and breathe work。你的室友都意识不到你的存在。他们会收到你的房租票,却很难见到你本人。你的屋子看上去完美无瑕,因为你很少呆在里面,更别说把屋子搞脏搞乱了。你的碗柜里有那么几颗蔬菜,冰箱里除了过期两年的调味品便再也没有其他。其实你也回来睡觉,但醒来后便人去屋空。这种生活方式简直不像话——你只为了工作而活!It’s time for a break if you can check off one of these items. It’s time for a week vacation if more than two apply to you. If you have all ten, then you need to take a break, go on vacation, and reexamine this lifestyle because you only have this one and is this how you want to live?如果你发现自己也有以上情况,那么该休息一下了。可能的话,休一两个星期的假吧。要是时间更充裕,那就去度假,反省一下这种生活方式。毕竟,人只有这一辈子,你真想这么过下去吗? /201507/387405。

  • LONDON — The grainy black-and-white home movie lasts about 17 seconds. It shows a young Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II, raising her hand in the air in the style of a Nazi salute, an apparent youthful pantomime. The queen mother and Elizabeth’s uncle, Prince Edward, who would become King Edward VIII, also make the gesture.伦敦——在一段长约17秒、颗粒感很强的黑白家庭录影中,年轻的伊丽莎白公主,即后来的伊丽莎白女王二世,举手行了一个纳粹礼,显然是一场童趣的胡闹。做出同样姿势的还有女王的母亲以及伊丽莎白的伯父爱德华王子,即后来的英国国王爱德华八世。Three days after the footage of the royal family, taken in 1933 or 1934, was published on the website of The Sun, the images of the young Elizabeth continued to reverberate throughout Britain on Monday. The story — under the headline “Their Royal Heilnesses” — has stirred debates about the limits of press freedom and royal privacy; the imperative of historical transparency; and whether an 89-year-old monarch should be judged for a gesture made when she was 6 or 7 years old.这段王室家庭录影拍摄于1933年或1934年间,在《太阳报》网站发布它三天之后,本周一,伊丽莎白的这些儿时影像继续在英国掀起波澜。这篇名为《殿下万岁》(Their Royal Heilnesses)的报道引发了争论:对于新闻自由和王室隐私的界限,历史透明的重要性,以及一位89岁的君主是否应该因在6岁或7岁时的一个手势被说三道四,人们看法不一。Indeed, some critics have assailed The Sun for publishing the , saying it unfairly sullies the image of a future queen who was too young to understand the meaning of what she was doing. There has also been an outpouring of support for the queen, a beloved and unifying figure, on social media.事实上有一些人在抨击《太阳报》(The Sun)发布录影的举动,说这种对未来女王的形象玷污是不公平的,当时她还太年轻,不理解自己做的事情的含义。在社交媒体上,这位受爱戴、极具凝聚力的人物得到了众多持。But other commentators have praised the newspaper for prodding a historical reckoning, saying it could enhance understanding of the royal family’s attitudes toward Nazi Germany, in particular those of Prince Edward, who has been accused of sympathizing with the Nazis. As Edward VIII, he renounced the throne in December 1936 to marry the American divorcée Wallis Simpson.但也有一些者赞扬了该报对历史的真实展现,说此举可以让人们更好地理解王室对纳粹德国的态度,特别是爱德华王子的态度,之前就有人指责他同情纳粹。爱德华八世为了与离过婚的美国人沃利斯·辛普森(Wallis Simpson)结婚,在1936年12月放弃了王位。“It is disappointing that film shot eight decades ago and apparently from H.M.’s personal family archive has been obtained and exploited in this manner,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. It is not clear how The Sun obtained the footage.白金汉宫在一份声明中说:“这段影像拍摄于约80年前,似乎是从女王陛下的个人家庭档案中获取的,它以这种方式遭到利用,令人深感失望。”目前尚不清楚《太阳报》是如何获得这段录影的。Mayor Boris Johnson of London defended the queen and argued that the royal family could not have foreseen Hitler’s future barbarism.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)为女王辩护说,王室无法预见到希特勒后来的野蛮行径。“It makes my blood boil to think that anyone should use this image in any way to impugn the extraordinary record of service of Her Majesty to this country,” Mr. Johnson wrote in The Telegraph. “She was a child, a tiny child, and she is making that parodic salute long before her family could possibly have grasped what Hitler and Hitlerism was really all about.”“想到任何人可能以任何方式利用这些影像来抨击女王陛下的非凡功绩,我就感到自己的血在沸腾,”约翰逊在《电讯报》(The Telegraph)中写道,“那时她还是个孩子,一个年幼的孩子,她模仿别人行纳粹礼的时候,她的家人还远未明白希特勒和希特勒主义的真实企图。”The Sun defended its decision to publish the images, saying it was a matter of history and in the public interest. “We publish them today knowing they do not reflect badly on our queen, her late sister or mother in any way,” it said.《太阳报》为发布这些影像做辩解,说这是个历史问题,而且符合公众利益。它表示:“我们发布影像,是知道它们并不会对女王,以及她已故的或母亲造成任何不良影响。”The film shows members of the royal family at their Balmoral estate in rural Scotland. At the time, the Hitler salute was being mocked in some quarters in Britain, and making the gesture did not necessarily signal support for him or his policies. “Families of all kinds larked around aping the stiff-armed antics of the faintly comic character with the Charlie Chaplin mustache who won power in Germany,” The Sun wrote.这段录影显示了王室成员在苏格兰乡村巴尔莫勒尔别墅的情形。当时一些英国人嘲笑希特勒的敬礼,做出这个姿势并不一定就意味着对希特勒或其政策的持。“当时各种家庭都会站在一起,模仿希特勒这种手臂僵直的古怪动作。这位德国掌权者有查理·卓别林(Charlie Chaplin)式的胡子,略有点滑稽,”《太阳报》写道。But some commentators have countered that by 1933 the Nazi Party was aly on the rise. There had aly been attacks on Jewish businesses, and the first anti-Semitic laws were passed in April of that year.但一些人士反驳说,1933年纳粹党已经处在上升阶段。已经有犹太人的企业遭到攻击,同年4月,德国还通过了第一部反犹太法律。Ben Judah, who is writing a book on London and the changing British identity, noted that in 1933, newspapers in Britain had accounts of Nazi repression. “Waking up to the image on The Sun made me feel that in the 1930s there was a whole world and depth of anti-Semitism about Jews being hidden behind regal demeanor and gentle froideur,” he said.本·胡达(Ben Judah)是一名作家,正在撰写一本关于伦敦以及变化中的英国身份的书籍。他指出,在1933年,英国的报纸已经报道过纳粹的镇压行动。“看到《太阳报》上的影像,我觉得在1930年代,在帝王风范和文雅的泠漠之后,掩藏着广泛而深刻的反犹太主义,”他说。Much of the coverage in the British news media of the affair has focused on the extent to which the footage suggested that members of the royal family could have been sympathetic to Hitler or Nazi Germany. The B wrote that in October 1937, Edward and his wife visited Germany, entertaining the notion that Edward could become “a figurehead for an international movement for peace on Hitler’s terms.” The couple met with Hitler, the B said.英国新闻媒体对此事的报道纷纷聚焦在一个问题上:这段录影暗示了王室成员在多大程度上同情希特勒和纳粹德国。据B报道,爱德华和妻子在1937年10月访问了德国,让人怀疑爱德华会不会给“希特勒构想的世界和平运动充当傀儡”。B说夫妇俩与希特勒见了面。The queen mother and her husband, King George VI, have been revered in Britain for their stoicism during World War II, in part because of their resolve to stay in London.女王的母亲及其丈夫乔治六世国王因在二战期间表现坚毅而受到尊崇,部分原因是他们坚决地留在了伦敦。 /201507/387340。
  • Bad Day at Work糟糕的上班日A man joined a big multinational company as a trainee.有一名男子加入一家大型跨国。公司接受训练。On his first day at work,he dialed the pantry and shouted into the phone,在他上班的第一天,他拨电话到餐饮室,并且,对着电话大声喊!;Get me a coffee quickly!;“ 快点给我送杯咖啡过来!”The voice from the other side responded,电话另外-端的声音却响应说:;You fool you have dialed the wrong extension!Do you know who you are talking to,dumbo?;“你这个笨蛋,你拨错分机了!蠢蛋,你知道你在跟谁说话吗?”这名受训的人回答说,;No,;replied the trainee.“不知道。”The man shouted back immediately,这名男子立刻大声吼回去:;And do you know who you are talking to,you fool?;“你这个笨蛋,你知道你在跟谁说话吗?…总经理回答:;No,replied the General Manager.“不知道。”这名受训 的人周答说:;Good !;,replied the trainee and then put down the phone!“很好!”,然后就把电话给挂了。 /201504/368415。
  • With a combined weight of 54st, they say they are ‘too fat to work’.一对情侣体重加起来有300多公斤,他们说他们“太胖而无法工作”。But that did not stop Stephen Beer, 45, and wife Michelle, 43, being able to splash out #163;3,000 on their wedding – as the bill was footed by the taxpayer.但是这并没有阻止45岁的史蒂芬·比尔和妻子43的米歇尔花上3000英镑来举办他们的婚礼,因为这些钱全部由政府来承担。Mr Beer, who was marrying for the sixth time, weighs 31st and had to have a suit specially made for the occasion.新浪比尔是第6次结婚,他体重197公斤,婚礼上需要穿专门定制的礼。By contrast his 23st wife became a bride for the first time and wore a white gown for the registry office ceremony and church blessing that followed.而他的妻子米歇尔体重为148公斤,这是她第一次结婚,在婚姻登记处的典礼以及随后的教堂仪式上,她身穿白色婚纱。The couple’s story was featured on the Channel 5 documentary Benefits: Too Fat To Work last night and viewers were shown how paramedics were called to the reception in Plymouth, Devon, before Mr Beer was taken to hospital feeling unwell.这对情侣的事迹被一档电视节目制作成纪录片--《胖到无法工作》,节目中介绍,在德文郡的普利茅斯进行的比尔、米歇尔两人的登记典礼上,虽然有护理人员在场,但比尔仍感到不舒,随后被送到了医院。The groom, who suffers from type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other problems linked to his weight, had a blood clot on the lung and instead of a honeymoon he spent nine days in hospital.比尔由于肥胖患有二型糖尿病、高血压等疾病,另外还有肺部血栓。其他情侣新婚后要去度蜜月,而比尔却在医院里呆了9天。He can only stand for a limited period before becoming breathless and his wife said the wedding day trip to hospital was no surprise.比尔只能站立一小会儿,否则就会喘不上气。他的妻子米歇尔称登记典礼那天比尔被送到医院是意料之中的事。Mr Beer used to run a cleaning business and had to give up work six years ago following a stroke.比尔曾经经营过一家清洁公司,但在6年前因遭受中风,之后便停止了工作。The couple receive around #163;1,700 a month in benefits. The rent on their one-bedroom flat is paid for by the taxpayer, and a carer comes twice daily to clean and help Mr Beer dress, but the taxpayer pays the #163;8,000-a-year cost.比尔和米歇尔每个月可以领到约1700英镑的补助。他们租住的公寓及各种费用等每年8000英镑的花费同样不用他们付钱,每天两次有护工过来打扫并帮助比尔穿衣。Mr Beer also uses a specially strengthened mobility scooter, provided at public expense.比尔走动也必须依靠一辆专门设计的小轮车。He insists he wants a job but says no one will give him work because of his weight. And yesterday, he blamed the Government for being too generous to those on benefits.比尔说他想要工作,但因为他太胖没人愿意提供工作给他。他抱怨这是因为政府的补助政策太好了。Speaking on ITV’s This Morning programme, Mr Beer said: ‘The Government is making it easy for people like us. The Government is making it easy for people on benefits.’ He said he didn’t think he deserved anything, adding: ‘I’m the one who put myself in this situation, no one else.’ However, he insisted he was now suffering from ‘prejudice’. He said he recently applied for an office job but claims he was turned down because he was too overweight.他说:“政府对我们这样的人提供了太大的便利。足够的补助让我们生活并不困难。”他觉得他并不该拥有这些补助,“是我把自己弄成这个样子的,与其他人无关。”但是他也说他现在遭受到了“歧视”。他说他最近申请了一份办公室的工作,但因为太胖而遭到拒绝。Mr Beer said he became so overweight because of an addiction to food, but is now trying to sort himself out and plans to go to a boot camp later this month.比尔说他是因为贪吃才这么胖的,现在他已经在尝试规范饮食,并计划参加减肥训练营。The couple both attended weight loss groups and courses at public expense in the run up to the wedding.这对情侣目前都在为婚礼而努力瘦身中。 /201501/355725。
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