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武汉华夏男子男科是几级医院武汉市武昌医院泌尿科咨询武汉早泄有什么反应 Two Russian hunters meet. "I shot a gigantic bear yesterday," says Ivan. "Look at the hide!"   "How do you find such huge bears?" Sergei asks.   "Easy," says Ivan. "You stand in front of a cave and whistle. When the bear comes out, you shoot."   Weeks later the two meet again. Sergei is covered in bandages. "Didn't you follow my advice?" Ivan asks.   "Sure I did. I stood, in front of a cave and whistled, " Sergei replies.   "And what came out?"   "To me, "says Sergei, "it looked like the Trans-Siberian Express." 两个俄国猎人相遇。“我昨天打了一只巨熊,”伊凡说,“看看这兽皮!”   “你是如何发现这么大的熊的?”谢尔盖问道。   “很简单,”伊凡说,“你站在一个洞前并吹哨子。熊出来时你就开。”   几周后,两人见面了。谢尔盖浑身缠满了绷带。“难道你没有听我的建议?”伊凡问。   “我当然是按你的建议做的。我站在一个洞前并吹哨子,”谢尔盖回答说。   “出来了什么?”   “向着我来的,”谢尔盖说,“像是穿越西伯利亚的快车。” /201109/154071Top 10 stupid Christmas gifts unveiledShort of gift ideas for that person who really does have everything? Then how about an underwear repair kit or maybe a Barack Obama "Yes, We Can" can opener?Website Stupid.com, which claims finding a truly stupid gift is an art form, on Tuesday unveiled its second annual list of the top 10 "stupidest" holiday gifts for 2008."2008 might have been a bad year for the economy, but it was a great year for stupidity," said Stupid.com's founder Gary Apple. "Weird products seemed to come out of the woodwork this year. There was almost too much stupidity to choose from!"Last year the list featured a Hillary Clinton nutcracker, a Mother Teresa breath spary, and portable mistletoe with a suction cup to attach to your forehead.Here is New York-based stupid.com's top 10 list for 2008 (http://www.stupid.com/fun):1. Screaming Chicken, The World's Most Annoying Toy:This rubber chicken doesn't squeak or squawk. It screams.2. Wealth Redistribution 2008 Holiday Ornament:This tree ornament announces that the ornament that used to be there has been removed and given to someone who needs it more. The Redistribution Holiday Ornament will let everyone know you're sping the wealth whether you want to or not.3. Mini Guitar Hero:This miniature version of that mega-hit game is barely 6-inches long but you can still rock out to songs by Queen, Cheap Trick, Nirvana, and The Police.4. Potty Putter:Why waste time on the toilet, when you can use it to get y for the fairway? Potty Putter contains everything you need for an exciting round of golf without leaving your seat including a putting green for around the toilet, mini putter, flag stick and two golf balls.5. Wasabi Flavored Gumballs:These potent little green confections offer an intense explosion of wasabi. Strangely, the gum is actually delicious.6. Men's Underwear Repair Kit:In this troubled economy, don't throw away your old underwear but repair it with the Men's Underwear Repair Kit. This handy, inexpensive kit provides everything you need to get your unsightly undershorts back into presentable shape.7. Obama "Yes We Can" Opener:Every election spawns some interesting products, but this has to be one of the stupidest. To Obama fans, the "Yes, We Can" opener, seizing on his campaign refrain, could be a treasure.8. "How To Tie A Tie" Tie:Still struggle with your tie? This stylish tie has simple knot-tying instructions printed right on the front. Just follow the six step-by-step diagrams and you'll look as dashing as George Clooney in seconds.9. 2009 Dog Poop Calendar:Each month features a spectacular landscape or breathtaking tableau, but somewhere in every shot there's a pile of dog poop. Distasteful? You bet it is, but the contrast between the beautiful photography and dog poop is remarkable.10. Pole Dancer Alarm Clock:When the alarm goes off, dance music plays and disco lights flash. At the same time, a buxom blonde dancer gyrates around a pole under the spinning disco ball. /200812/57992武汉华夏男子医院看男科预约挂号

武汉哪家医院可以割包皮包茎武汉华夏视频 射手座是个在精神及言行上憎恨束缚的自由者,应找一位宽大且可以共享快乐、互相安慰的对象。光明磊落、明朗快活、慷慨大方、生活观一致的狮子座,具有崇高理想又能积极创造机会的白羊座,同属乐天性格的射手座都会带来幸福。不相称的有,消极悲观的双鱼使你难以实现理想;肤浅而精神质的双子只会带来分离;过于细腻严谨的处女座会使你有束缚感。SITTARIUS amp; ARIES:This is not a bad match while it lasts. Fun-loving, adventuresome, certainly compatible. Both you and the Ram like to do your own thing; therefore, you often part on friendly terms as you go off in your own directions.射手座和白羊座:你们的搭配不错而且能持久。共同的爱好和冒险精神让你们十分合拍。过于专注自己的事情可能导致分手,不过再见亦是好朋友。SITTARIUS amp; TAURUS:The Bull leads too structured a life for you to conform to. This is not a likely match. Taureans see you as a wanderer with no apparent direction.射手座和金牛座:牛儿希望你能遵从他/她结构化的方式来生活,显然,这对热爱自由的你来说很难适应。金牛座人也常将你归于没有目标的那类人里。 /201109/154845武汉做爱时很快就射精了是什么原因

武汉如何治疗男性早泄Did you know that Christmas shopping is even worse for our health than we previously thought?   你知道吗?在圣诞节进行血拼对你的健康有害,这甚至比你原先想象的那样更严重。 /200912/91584 Things men tell their buddies that they don't tell their wives and girlfriends.1. Yes, it's about sex. Men like sex, men like variety. Men like women that enjoy sex, enjoy variety, and are active partners in sex. 性。男人喜欢性,希望自己的女友也一样喜欢性,希望女人主动。 /201001/94550大冶看前列腺炎好吗武汉市第六医院治疗早泄多少钱



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