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RENT is rising in cities across China, and young Chinese are feeling the brunt of this worrying trend. 最近一段时间,中国各大城市的房租都在持续上涨,年轻人成了这一趋势的主要受害人群。  Apartment rent in major cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan has increased by an average of 10 percent, according to Xinhua News Agency. Prices are up as much as 20 percent in some of these cities' districts.   据新华社报道,北京、广州、武汉等主要城市的房租平均增长了10%。其中,个别城区的房租上涨幅度达20%之多。   Experts blame the rising costs of renting an apartment on a number of factors, such as recent government regulations on housing prices, and an influx of rental demand from new graduates and other groups.   对此,专家认为,导致房租上涨的原因很多,例如,不久前政府调控房价、应届毕业生和其他人群租赁需求的涌入等等。 /201007/108499

  Buckingham Palace白金汉宫;The Queen and Prince Philip are delighted at the news of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge#39;s baby.;“伊丽莎白女王和菲利普亲王听到剑桥公爵夫妇孩子出生的消息感到非常高兴。”Duke of Cambridge剑桥公爵;We could not be happier.;“我们实在太高兴了。”Prince Charles查尔斯王子;Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy.“我和我的妻子为长孙的到来感到万分欣喜,这对威廉和凯特来说是一个非常特殊的时刻,我们为他们感到激动。”;Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone#39;s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future.#39;#39;“最近几个月有无数人告诉我,当祖父母在每个人的生命里都是一段特别的时光,所以第一次当爷爷让我感到无比自豪和开心,我们非常急切地盼望尽快见到小宝宝。” /201307/249852

  The people of the Brussels will have to mind their manners from now on, with the city authorities announcing new fines of up to 250 euros (pound;200) for insults traded on the streets.生活在比利时布鲁塞尔的人们今后要注意言语文明了,该市政府宣布了一项新举措,要对在公众场合骂人者予以最高250欧元(200英镑)的罚款。;Any form of insult is from now on punishable, whether it be racist,homophobicor otherwise,; a spokesman ed Socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans as saying.一名发言人援引社会党市长弗雷迪-蒂勒曼斯的话说,“任何讲污言秽语的人都将受到惩罚,不管是种族主义言论,歧视同性恋者的言论,还是别的。”Brussels, home to the EU and many top international institutions, is known for its family-friendly and cultivated lifestyle but the mayor wants tocrack down onthe everyday unpleasantness found in any big city.布鲁塞尔是欧盟总部和很多高级国际机构的所在地,以有利于家庭和有教养的生活方式而著称,但市长想以此打击在所有大城市都存在的脏话问题。To do so, officials came to an agreement with judicial authorities to impose fines of between 75 and 250 euros for insults,petty theftand rough jostling where no physical harm is caused.为此,当地政府和司法机关达成一致,对骂人者、小偷小摸、和没有造成身体伤害的粗鲁推撞予以75欧元到250欧元的罚款。The spokesman for the mayor said the courts up to now had been too busy to take up such cases and as a result many police ;had little incentive to take any action over such incidents;.市长发言人说,法院一直太忙,没有精力处理类似案件,因此很多警察“没有什么动力处理骂人这种事”。The issue was highlighted in a recent film by Belgian director Sofie Peeters who recorded in secret the everyday insults andexchangesshe ran into on the streets of the city.比利时导演苏菲-皮特斯最近拍摄的一部影片里也强调了这一状况。她在影片中秘密拍摄了自己在该市的街道上碰到的辱骂和口角。 /201209/198409。


  The chairman of the Australian radio network at the heart of a hoax call targeting Prince William#39;s pregnant wife has called the apparent suicide of one of the nurses duped by the prank ;truly tragic.;澳大利亚之声谎冒电话询问凯特王妃情,造成牵涉其中的一名护士自杀身亡。澳大利亚广播网络的主席近日对此事做出回应,表示因为恶作剧造成的死亡事件“非常不幸”。;It is too early to know the full details leading to this tragic event and we are anxious to review the results of an investigation,; Southern Cross Austereo#39;s Max Moore-Wilton wrote Sunday in a letter to the head of King Edward VII#39;s Hospital in London。涉案之声属于澳大利亚的南十字星广播集团。该集团主席麦克斯·尔-威尔顿周日在致伦敦德华七世国王医院主席的信中这样写到:“现在还不清楚导致悲剧事件的完整细节,但我们承诺会审查检讨整个事件过程。”The hospital, where a nurse apparently committed suicide after being duped by two DJs from Australian radio station 2DayFM, has condemned the radio station in a strongly worded letter.伦敦德华七世国王医院的一位护士在澳大利亚2DayFM之声的主播恶作剧电话后,疑似因此自杀身亡。事件发生后,医院方面措辞强硬,致信谴责该之声的恶劣行径。The DJs, impersonating Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, called the hospital Tuesday and gained information about the condition of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- which they subsequently played on air。周二,该之声的两名主播冒充英国女王伊丽莎白二世和查尔斯王储,致电医生询问凯特王妃的怀近况,后来还将整个对话的音频发布出来。On Friday, the nurse who transferred the call through to the ward, Jacintha Saldanha, was found dead。周五,当时将电话转接入病房的值班护士萨尔达尼亚被发现死在宿舍中。The fallout from Saldanha#39;s death has stretched from Britain to Australia -- with questions being raised about how far is too far in the effort to find out details about Catherine#39;s pregnancy。萨尔达尼亚死亡事件的影响从英国蔓延到了澳大利亚,人们纷纷质疑:媒体通过这样的方式挖掘凯特王妃怀的细节,是不是太过了?The two Australian DJs behind the practical joke, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, have come under fire, with some using the phrase ;blood on your hands; to condemn their actions on the Sydney-based radio station。拨打恶作剧电话的两名澳大利亚主播分别叫梅尔·格雷格和迈克尔·克里斯蒂安,在事件发生后也遭到了民众的谴责。甚至有人用“手上沾满鲜血” 来谴责他们的行为。2DayFM 之声的总部位于悉尼市。The DJs have since apologized, and ;mutually decided; to go off the air for an undetermined period, Rhys Holleran, CEO of the Southern Cross Austereo media group, said Saturday during a news conference。这两名主播也在事件后道歉。澳大利亚南十字星广播集团行政总裁里斯·霍勒伦在周六的新闻发布会上表示,他们会被无限期停职。But he defended the legality of the station#39;s action, saying he was ;very confident that we haven#39;t done anything illegal.;不过他也为之声的行为进行了辩护,表示“相信之声并没有做任何违法的事情。”Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate told how they are #39;deeply saddened#39; by the tragedy. A Palace spokesman said the couple had not made a complaint about the prank call.威廉王子夫妇发表声明,对萨尔达尼亚的死“深表哀悼”。王室发言人还强调,他们没有就恶作剧事件向院方投诉过。 /201212/213320

  Global gold demand hit its lowest level in more than two years in the second quarter amid a weakening appetite for the yellow metal in India and China. 随着印度和中国黄金需求的下降,今年二季度全球黄金需求降至两年多以来的最低水平。 Demand in the period fell by 7% to 990 metric tons from the second quarter of 2011, according to the World Gold Council, an industry group. This is the lowest since the first quarter of 2010. 根据行业组织世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)提供的数据,二季度全球黄金需求降至990吨,同比下降7%,为2010年一季度以来的最低水平。 India and China, the world#39;s heavyweight gold consumers that together accounted for 45% of second-quarter gold demand, both cut back their purchases of the precious metal amid concerns about growth, according to the council#39;s quarterly report on the gold market, which was released Thursday. 世界黄金协会周四发布的黄金市场季度报告显示,作为全球主要的黄金消费国,印度和中国二季度黄金需求占全球黄金总需求的45%。由于经济增长放缓引发的担忧,两国都减少了黄金这种贵金属的购买量。 The demand from exchange-traded funds that buy gold bars on behalf of their investors was flat, according to the report. 报告显示,交易所交易基金(ETF)的黄金需求与去年同期持平。 #39;When you have two out of the three pillars of gold demand wobbling, then you can have potential problems#39; in the form of lower prices, said Jon Nadler, senior analyst with at Montreal bullion dealer Kitco Metals Inc. 位于蒙特利尔的金银交易商Kitco Metals Inc.的高级分析师纳德勒(Jon Nadler)说,当撑黄金需求的三根柱有两根已经摇摇欲坠时,你可能要遇到价格下跌的潜在问题了。 Gold futures for August delivery gained .40, or 0.8%, to settle at ,616.10 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Gold prices are up 3.2% on the year, but off 14.4% from a record ,888.70 hit Aug. 22, 2011. 纽约商品交易所Comex分部8月交割的黄金期货合约涨12.40美元,至每盎司1,616.10美元,涨幅为0.8%。黄金价格8月同比上涨3.2%,但较2011年8月22日的1,888.70美元的历史最高水平下跌了14.4%。 Excluding central banks and industrial users, gold demand was down 13% to 721.1 tons. Central banks continued their bullion buying spree as they diversify their reserves away from dollars and euros, purchasing 157.5 tons in the second quarter, a record. 剔除央行和工业使用者的需求后,全球黄金需求下降了13%,至721.1吨。为了减少美元和欧元储备、使储备多样化,全球央行仍然在大举购买黄金,第二季度的购买量创下157.5吨的历史新高。 India recaptured the crown as the world#39;s top consumer in the second quarter, after losing out to China for two consecutive quarters. However, India#39;s consumer demand for gold, a metric that combines sales of jewelry, coins, and bars, is down 38% to 181.3 metric tons. 二季度印度重新夺回了世界第一大黄金消费国的地位,此前两个季度,印度的黄金需求皆落后于中国。不过,印度消费者的黄金需求下降了38%,至181.3吨。消费者的黄金需求包括珠宝、金币和金条的销量。 The decline was attributed to the persistently weak rupee, which has kept gold in rupee terms near record highs despite declines in global gold prices. 卢比的持续疲软导致印度消费者黄金需求的下降。尽管全球金价下跌,但卢比的疲弱导致以卢比计价的黄金价格保持在接近历史高点的水平。 #39;India will continue to be out of the market for a while,#39; said George Gero, senior vice president with R Wealth Management. He said the dry monsoon season has cut into farmers incomes, leaving many buyers with little disposable income. 加拿大皇家财富管理公司(R Wealth Management)高级副总裁格罗(George Gero)说,印度消费者对黄金的需求将继续保持低迷状态。他说,干旱的季风季令农民收入减少,许多买家可配收入都微乎其微。 There were bright spots in the demand data. Excluding India and China, global retail investment demand for gold, mostly from Europe, actually rose 16% to 195.2 metric tons. 黄金需求数据中也不乏亮点。除印度和中国外,全球黄金零售投资需求上升了16%,达到195.2吨,其中大多数来自欧洲。 /201208/195700

  How 90 percent of mothers judge other parents on how they raise their children Every mother has her own opinion on how to best raise a child. But according to a new survey, 90 percent of women with children admit to casting judgment if they don't agree with a fellow parent's methods. 每个妈妈都有一本她自己的育儿经。但一项新研究发现,90%的妈妈承认,如果不同意其他孩子父母的育儿方式,她们会提出批评。 The poll of 26,000 mothers by TODAY Moms/Parenting.com found that they will compete on everything from breastfeeding to discipline. 由今日妈妈育儿网发起的这一调查发现,妈妈们会从母乳喂养到管教子女各个方面进行较量。该调查涵盖了2.6万位母亲。 Mothers who didn't try to breastfeed their babies, for example, will be considered badly by one in five other parents, while those who nurse a child for 'too long', will be judged badly by 43 percent of their peers. 在五分之一的妈妈们眼中,不愿用母乳喂养宝宝的妈妈不是好妈妈,而那些母乳喂养期太长的妈妈也会被43%的妈妈认为不称职。 Sixty-six percent of respondents said they would judge another parent harshly if their child was badly behaved, and 32 percent if a mother let her kids watch too much television. 66%的被调查者说,如果孩子不乖,她们会严厉批评那个孩子的母亲。32%的人说如果妈妈让她的孩子看太多电视,她们也会指责那个妈妈。 Diet was another key issue for parents - 37 percent said they would judge mothers of an overweight child or those who allowed their children to eat junk food. 对妈妈们来说,孩子的饮食也是一个关键问题。37%的妈妈说,如果一个孩子太胖,或是一个妈妈允许孩子吃垃圾食品,她们会指责那个妈妈。 Many women who participated in the survey admitted suffering from an inferiority complex when surrounded by other mothers - and guilty for judging fellow parents themselves. 很多参加这次调查的女性都承认当被其他妈妈围绕的时候,都有自卑心理,而她们自己也喜欢批评其他妈妈,并为此感到内疚。 Lacey Davis, a mother in West Virginia, admitted on the Today.com website: 'When I go to other moms' homes I do the quick once-over and pick apart things... Dishes in sink, floors not swept, no sweeper lines in carpet. 莱西#8226;戴维斯是来自西弗吉尼亚州的一位母亲,她在“今日”网站上坦言说:“我一进到别的妈妈的家里,我就迅速扫视一圈,然后就开始指摘起来……水槽里的碟子没洗,地板没扫,地毯没用清扫器清洁过。” "I HATE this about myself because I know if I am doing it, then so is everyone else that comes to MY house!' “我讨厌自己这么做,因为我知道,如果我这么做,别人到我家的时候也会对我说三道四!” And Lawna Hurl, a mother-of-two from Alberta, Canada, says the reason she returned to work was because the pressure of competition among fellow parents was too intense. 来自加拿大阿尔伯塔省的劳娜#8226;赫尔是两个孩子的母亲。她说她重返职场的原因是同辈母亲间的竞争压力太大了。 She admitted: 'I didn't like being around other moms because I often felt inferior. It saddens me that among moms there is so much judgment – no matter what you do it seems someone is judging.' 她承认说:“我不喜欢和别的妈妈们待在一起,因为我经常觉得自卑。当妈的凑到一块儿就老爱评判来评判去,真让我伤心。不管你做什么,好像总有人品头论足。” Author and parenting expert Wendy Mogel explained that the judgemental habit is a means mothers use to feel better about themselves. 作家兼育儿专家温迪#8226;孟格尔解释说,这种爱评判的习惯是妈妈们保持良好自我感觉的手段。 She told the site: 'Mothers are judging themselves and judging others to make themselves feel a little better. We're all trying to look good, and we want our kids to look good and impress others.' 她告诉网站说:“妈妈们通过自我评判和评判她人来让自己感觉好些。我们都想让自己看上去很好,我们也想让我们的孩子看上去很好,给他人留下好印象。”Vocabulary:inferiority complex: 自卑感once-over: 粗略的查看 /201108/148864

  In the same week that Prince Alwaleed complained to Forbes about not being high enough up its list of billionaires, a different sort of complaint was being made in an industrial tribunal in east London. Stella English, a former winner of Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice show, claimed that the #163;100,000 job she had won as a prize had been previously done by someone on a salary of a mere #163;35,000, making her feel an “overpaid lackey”.就在沙特王子阿尔瓦利德#8226;本#8226;塔拉尔(Prince Alwaleed bin Talal)因为自身在富豪榜上的排名不够靠前而向《福布斯》(Forbes)杂志提出抗议的当周,伦敦东部的一个行业特别审理委员会受理了一起截然不同的抗议。斯特拉#8226;英格利希(Stella English)是舒格勋爵(Lord Sugar)真人秀节目《学徒》(The Apprentice)的前任获胜者。她声称自己所赢得的年薪10万英镑的工作机会,此前是由一个年薪仅3.5万英镑的人完成的,这让她感到自己像是一个“光拿钱不干事的马屁精”。Prince Alwaleed’s protest might be unseemly but at least it’s is psychologically straightforward. If Mr Forbes says you’ve only got bn when you think you’ve got more, I dare say it is quite annoying.阿尔瓦利德王子的抗议或许不够体面,但至少他的心理非常容易理解。如果《福布斯》声称你仅有200亿美元,而你认为自己的财富不止于此,我相信这件事情确实非常令人不快。But to complain about earning too much is more outlandish. No one does it. If you type “I’m overpaid” into Google, all you get is RBS chief executive Stephen Hester saying “even my parents think I’m overpaid” – which isn’t the same as thinking it himself. And Bono saying “I’m overpaid, so shoot me” – which is the sort of thing uppity rock stars say simply to wind up annoying journalists.但抱怨挣得太多则奇怪得多。没有人会这么做。如果你在谷歌(Google)搜索框中输入“我的薪水过高”,你所能得到的就是苏格兰皇家(RBS)首席执行官史蒂芬#8226;赫斯特(Stephen Hester)承认“即便我的父母都认为我的薪酬过高”——这与自己本身就这么认为并不是一回事。而U2乐队主唱诺(Bono)所唱的“我的薪水太高,拿把我干掉”(I’m overpaid, so shoot me),只不过是自负的摇滚明星为了捉弄惹人心烦的记者所说的调侃之词。To winkle out a few better examples, I asked on Twitter if anyone would admit to earning too much. The response: zero. Chance would be a fine thing, someone tweeted.为了挑出几个更好的例子,我在推特(Twitter)上询问是否有人愿意承认自己的薪水过高,但没有人给我回应。有人说,可惜遇不到这种好事。Yet I refuse to believe that it’s as simple as this. My own dysfunctional relationship with money and self-worth (which I will try to explain later on) tells me it can be quite complicated.但我拒绝相信事情就这么简单。我自己在处理金钱与自我价值方面的糟糕经历(我将在后文中进行解释)告诉我,实际情况可能非常复杂。At a party at Claridge’s last week to celebrate the launch of the Lunch with the FT: 52 Classic Interviews book, I went on a fact-finding mission. The event was perfect for my purposes both because half the guests were bankers and chief executives – whom the rest of the world deems to be excessively overpaid – and because teams of waiters were diligently lowering guards by refilling glasses.在近期为庆祝《与英国〈金融时报〉共进午餐:52次经典采访》(Lunch with the FT: 52 Classic Interviews)一书发行而在Claridge#39;s酒店所举行的派对活动上,我展开了一项探寻真相的行动。这次活动完美地符合我的目标,因为半数来宾皆为家或首席执行官——全世界都认为这群人的薪酬过高——此外成队的侍者不断殷勤地为来宾斟满酒杯,降低了他们的警惕性。The first man I cornered was someone who has made a lot of money in the City. “Are you overpaid?” I asked. “Yes!” he replied at once. And how did that make him feel? His face lit up. “F***ing terrific!”第一个被我提问的人在伦敦金融城挣了很多钱。我问道:“你觉得自己挣得太多吗?”“当然!”他不假思索地回答道。那么大把挣钱的感觉如何?他的脸上开始放光:“爽呆了!”He then told me that there was a moment as a younger man when he looked in the shaving mirror and wondered how come a boy like him was earning so much. “But then you stop thinking about it, or you cut yourself.”随后他告诉我说,在他较为年轻的时候,曾有那么一刻,他在凝视剃须镜的时候想到,一个像他这样的小青年怎么可能挣这么多钱。“但很快你就会停止思考这个问题,否则你会把自己划伤的。”The next man I asked had made many millions as a chief executive. He also admitted to being wildly overpaid. But he didn’t feel bad either, as he gave most of it away.我提问的第二个人在担任首席执行官期间获得了数百万英镑的收入。他也承认自己的薪酬水平实在太高,但同样没有因此感觉不好,因为他将大部分所得捐献了出来。Then I talked to a young banker who said – disarmingly honestly, I thought – that his head told him he was paid too much, but his heart could only see that other colleagues were getting even more.接下来我和一名年轻的家聊了起来。他的诚恳让我无法对他有敌意,他说,他的理智告诉他,他的薪水太高了,但他的情感只看到其他同事挣得更多。Eventually I tracked down one of wealthiest men there, to whom I had to repeat the question several times before he got the drift. Overpaid?最后我找到了派对现场最富有大亨中的一位。我向他重复了好几遍问题才使他明白了我的意思。薪酬过高?No way. He had created jobs and delivered value.绝无可能。要知道他创造了工作岗位并且带来了巨大的价值。Only one of the poorest guests, a journalist on another paper, said that she felt grossly overpaid when she thought of the interns doing the same work for nothing at all.一位为另一份报纸工作的记者是现场最穷的来宾之一。只有她表示,当她想到做着同样工作却没有分文酬劳的实习生时,她会觉得自己的薪酬水平实在高得过分。My impertinent cross-questioning left me with two tentative conclusions. First, the more money people make the more they think they deserve it. And second, people are extraordinarily skilled at finding arguments to stop them feeling bad.通过莽撞的盘问,我得到了两个试探性结论。第一点是,人们挣得越多,就越感到自己理应得到高额报酬。第二点是,人们极为擅长找到理由让自己不再有负罪感。My own story (which I’m still sure is more common than people admit) is that I feel vertigo when my estimation of my market value is far less than is being offered. I once turned down a job with another company mainly because the size of the salary filled me with terror.就我自己而言,当我对于自己市场价值的估计远远低于我所得到的报酬时,我会感到不知所措(我相信自己的这种情况远比人们愿意承认的更加普遍)。我曾经拒绝过另一家公司提供的一个工作机会,主要原因就在于那份工作的薪酬水平高得让我害怕。I’ve done some unpacking of this pathetic, girly response and think there are four reasons for it. The first is a general sense of: because I’m not worth it. This is a version of the imposter syndrome, which I’ve flirted with for decades though recently seem to have shaken off.我曾分析过自己这种小女生气的可怜反应,并找出了四点可能的原因。原因之一是一种认为自己不值这么多钱的笼统感觉。这是冒充者综合征(imposter syndrome)的一种表现,在过去的几十年里我一直都有这种心理,直到最近似乎才真正摆脱。It has nothing to recommend it.这种想法没有任何值得推荐的地方。The second is that earning too much is a burden, as it sets the bar too high. When you pay footballers more, they sometimes get so stressed by what is expected of them that they forget how to kick the ball.原因之二是,挣得太多是一种负担,因为随之而来的将是过高的绩效标准。如果你提高足球运动员的薪酬,他们有时会因为肩上背负的沉重期望而感到压力过大,以至于忘记如何踢球。The third is feeling that you don’t want to be disliked and resented by worse-paid colleagues.原因之三是一种不希望被收入较低的同事们讨厌和憎恶的感觉。And the fourth is not wanting too much now, as it’s nice to feel there is more for later.原因之四则是不想现在就拥有太多,未来还有更多可以期待之事的感觉很好。Even though reasons two to four are fairly sane, in describing them I am talking myself out of the whole thing. Increasingly, I’m wondering if the man with the mirror didn’t have a point: get over it.虽然第二至第四条理由看起来非常合理,但我把它们表述出来,是在说自己完全抛开这件事。我越来越强烈地感到,之前照剃须镜的那位男士的做法或许是正确的:把这件事置之脑后。Though, as a PS, I was right about that job. The organisation quickly fell on hard times and all the tall poppies got cut down.不过最后附带一句,我拒绝那份工作是正确的。那家机构在形势恶化时迅速受创,所有高薪雇员都遭到了解雇。 /201303/231475。

  Just over a month after Rupert Murdoch surprised his wife of 14 years with divorce papers, Wendi Murdoch has switched lawyers, a move signaling that the separation could take an acrimonious turn.Mrs. Murdoch has hired William D. Zabel, a well-known New York trusts and estates lawyer who has represented several women in their divorces from wealthy businessmen, including Jane Beasley Welch during her contentious split from John F. Welch, the former chief executive of General Electric.A spokesman for Mrs. Murdoch, Christopher Giglio, confirmed the hiring of Mr. Zabel, but otherwise declined to comment.Mrs. Murdoch had been represented by Pamela M. Sloan, who advised Mrs. Murdoch on her prenuptial agreement with Mr. Murdoch in 1999, when the couple married in front of 82 guests on board his 155-foot sailing yacht, the Morning Glory.But since then, Ms. Sloan had become friendly with the Murdochs, and Mrs. Murdoch decided that she wanted more independent counsel, said a person with direct knowledge of the case who like many people declined to be identified discussing personal matters.Ms. Sloan did not return a request for comment.Although the Murdochs signed a prenuptial agreement and two postnuptial agreements delineating the separation of assets in the event of a divorce, there are a number of areas that remain up for negotiation, said people with knowledge of the case who spoke only on the condition of anonymity.For one, there are the custody arrangements and child support for their daughters, Grace, 11, and Chloe, 9, these people said. Because they are not binding on the court, custody arrangements and child support are rarely part of prenuptial agreements, and are often used by the less-moneyed spouse as leverage in negotiations.Other issues that could be contended include the division of certain assets, like their Fifth Avenue penthouse and the yacht, on which Mrs. Murdoch, 44, and her daughters are currently vacationing in the Caribbean.There is also the contentious issue surrounding the Murdoch family trust. Mr. Murdoch surprised his wife in 2006 when he announced during a television interview with Charlie Rose that Grace and Chloe would have the same economic interest in the family’s trust but not the same voting rights as his four children from his previous two marriages.The slip almost created a separation, and prompted Mrs. Murdoch to negotiate more favorable terms for her daughters, according to people close to the couple.Mr. Zabel, an expert in trust law, is expected to examine the soundness of the trust structure.“Even with the most sophisticated couple, unless you have perfect 20/20 foresight often some issues can arise that weren’t taken into consideration and are prime for negotiation,” said Paul M. Talbert, a divorce lawyer at Donohoe Talbert in New York, who is not involved in the Murdoch case.Representing Mr. Murdoch, 82, in the divorce proceeding is Ira E. Garr of the law firm Garr Silpe. But Mr. Murdoch is also relying heavily on the advice of Gerson A. Zweifach, the general counsel of both News Corporation and 21st Century Fox, as the newly separated companies are now known. Mr. Murdoch’s 1998 divorce from his second wife, Anna, cost more than 0 million in cash.A company spokeswoman has said the divorce will have no effect on either company.Shortly after a visit to the couple’s Northern California home in June, Mrs. Murdoch returned to New York to learn that Mr. Murdoch had served her with divorce papers, according to several people close to the couple who would not discuss their private matters for attribution.Mrs. Murdoch, after interviewing about eight different lawyers, including leading members of the matrimonial bar like Robert Stephan Cohen and Peter E. Bronstein, chose Mr. Zabel. Initially, Mrs. Murdoch did not have time to screen potential divorce lawyers and turned to Ms. Sloan, a trusted confidante, by default.The core of Mr. Zabel’s practice at the law firm Schulte Roth amp; Zabel is advising wealthy clients like George Soros and the Lehman family, drafting their wills and trusts and advising on estate planning. But he also handles messier matters for his clients; in 2010, for instance, he represented the estate of his longtime client, the Palm Beach philanthropist and investor Jeffry M. Picower, in a .2 billion settlement with the federal government over claims related to money that he received from Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.There is also the occasional divorce assignment. Much of the time, Mr. Zabel will play the role of mediator, and has peaceably settled the divorces of the late author Michael Crichton, the radio host Howard Stern and the New York Jets owner Robert Wood Johnson IV.But at times, he has been involved in nasty marital spats, like that of Ms. Welch, whose marriage collapsed after she discovered her husband’s dalliance with the journalist Suzy Wetlaufer. The divorce was fiercely litigated and settled on the courthouse steps in 2002 only after Mr. Welch agreed to pay Ms. Welch several hundred million dollars.More recently, he represented Christina Lurie, the former wife of the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who divorced after 20 years of marriage. Ms. Lurie remained a part owner of the team.Because he keeps divorce representations to a minimum, Mr. Zabel often refers cases to his former wife, Eleanor B. Alter, herself a prominent matrimonial lawyer in New York. /201308/250776


  A half-demolished residential building stands alone in the middle of a vast construction site near a railway station in Wenling city of East China’s Zhejiang province on Nov 21, 2012.图释:2012年11月21日,在中国东部浙江省温岭市火车站附近,一栋半拆除的居民楼孤独地矗立在大型建筑工地中间。An isolated five-floor building is standing in the middle of a new road that will soon be open in Wenling, Zhejiang province, the People’s Daily reported.人民日报报道,在浙江省温岭市一条将要开通的宽阔的道路中间,一栋5层小楼突兀地矗立在其中。A family from Xiayangzhang village insists on living on the isolated building, because they are not satisfied with the relocation compensation offered by the government, according to the neighbors.据此楼附近的邻居说,由于对政府提供的搬迁赔偿不满意,这个来自下洋张村的家庭坚持居住在这栋孤楼上。To guarantee their safety, neighboring rooms next to them are being kept from demolition, though the neighbors all moved out.鉴于安全理由,尽管邻居们都搬走了,政府仍保留了这家邻近的房间,没有进行拆除。The road, which leads to the Wenling Railway Station, hasn’t been put into use yet.这条通往温岭市火车站的道路还没有投入使用。Luo Baogen, one of only two residents including his wife living in a half-demolished residential building, watches TV in his bedroom.图释:罗保根和他的妻子两人住在这半拆除的房子的卧室里收看电视。 /201211/210759

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