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安徽省池州市妇幼保健院在哪里A half-Indian woman was last Monday crowned Miss Japan, the second year in a row a biracial person has won the beauty pageant.上周一,一名有着1/2印度血统的女性获得了“日本”选美冠军,这是连续第二年混血儿在选美大赛中获胜。Priyanka Yoshikawa, 22 and who also has an elephant training license, said she would use her win to ;change perceptions;.今年22岁的吉川·普里安卡还拥有大象训练执照,她表示自己会用她的获胜来“感变人们的认知”。Last year#39;s Miss Japan, Ariana Miyamoto was the first mixed-race person to win the pageant. Critics complained then that a ;pure; Japanese should have won.去年的日本宫本·亚丽安娜是首次摘取该桂冠的混血儿。当时就有批评者抱怨称,日本应该由“纯”日本人做代表。;We are Japanese,; Ms Yoshikawa told news outlet AFP. ;Yes, my dad is Indian and I#39;m proud of it, I#39;m proud that I have Indian in me. But that doesn#39;t mean I#39;m not Japanese.;吉川在接受法新社采访时表示:“没错,我的父亲是印度人,而且我为此自豪,我自豪于我体内的印度血脉。但是这并不代表我不是日本人。”She credited her win to Ms Miyamoto, saying she had helped show ;mixed girls the way;.她将她的获胜归功于宫本·亚丽安娜,并表示是宫本激励了“混血女孩”。;Before Ariana, haafu girls couldn#39;t represent Japan,; said Ms Yoshikawa. ;That#39;s what I thought too. Ariana encouraged me a lot by showing me and all mixed girls the way.;吉川说道:“在宫本获胜之前,混血女孩不能代表日本,我也曾对这个想法深信不疑。宫本的事迹激励了我,以及很多像她一样的混血女孩。”;I know a lot of people who are haafu and suffer,; she said. ;When I came back to Japan, everyone thought I was a germ.;她说:“我知道很多混血儿遭遇到很多不公。当我回到日本时,许多人当我是病毒一样的存在。”;Like if they touched me they would be touching something bad. But I#39;m thankful because that made me really strong.;“他们接触我的时候就像碰到了什么不好的东西。但是我对此表示感激,因为恰恰是这令我变的更为坚强。”The pageant winner, also an avid kick-boxer and qualified elephant trainer, said that she hoped to change perceptions.这位选美冠军同样热衷搏击,还是一位专业训象师,她希望自己能改变人们的看法。;When I#39;m abroad, people never ask me what mix I am. As Miss Japan, hopefully I can help change perceptions so that it can be the same here too.;吉川表示:“我在国外的时候,没人问我是哪里的混血,作为日本,我希望能够改变日本对混血的偏见。这样人们也就能慢慢接受。”Ms Yoshikawa#39;s win did not trigger the backlash that Ms Miyamoto received on social media. There were however, several on Twitter that expressed unhappiness.吉川的胜利,并未像去年宫本的获胜那样,在社交媒体上引发强烈的不满。不过,还是有推特用户表示了不快。;It#39;s like we#39;re saying a pure Japanese face can#39;t be a winner,; said one user.一网友说道:“看起来好像我们纯正的日本面孔就不可能是赢家。”;What#39;s the point of holding a pageant like this now? Zero national characteristics,; another complained.另一人抱怨说:“这样的选美有什么意义,选出来的人一点民族代表性都没有。” /201609/466369池州做宫外孕手术需要多少钱 池州市东流人民医院是不是有主任

青阳县九华山人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱1. Forgive everyone1.原谅所有人The first step to becoming a better person is forgiveness. This can be a difficult one, but by learning to forgive everyone, your life will become much easier and happier. First of all, you should forgive your parents. Everybody has some scars from their childhood, even if they’re raised by wonderful parents, and perhaps you are no exception. Remember it was in the past and you live in the present so let go of those past childhood hurts and you will feel much better. No parent is ideal. They have never raised kids before, and sometimes they’re learning as well as growing with their kids.成为一个更幸福的人的第一步就是原谅。这是很难做到的一点,但是通过学会原谅所有人,你的生活会变得更加容易和幸福。首先,你应该原谅你的杜牧。每个人在他们的童年的时候,都会留下一些上吧,即使他们父母对孩子照顾得无微不至,或许你也不例外。记住那些都是过去的事情了,你要活在当下,所以忘却那些儿时的伤害,你会感觉更好。没有完美的父母。他们以前也从未抚养过孩子,有时候他们在与自己的孩子相处的过程中,边学边成长。2. Learn to keep your dignity2.学会保持自己的尊严Another important thing to do to become a better person is to learn how to keep your dignity. Keep in mind that only you’re responsible for your choices and decisions in life and never get down on yourself when you do something wrong.成为更幸福的人,另一个重要的事情就是学会如何保持自己的尊严。要记住你只有你对自己生活的选择和决定负责,当你做错事情的时候,永远不要萎靡不振。Even if someone hurts you or you have a big disagreement with somebody, don’t let anyone or anything bring you down and remind yourself that your life is unique, special and really worthwhile.即使有人伤害了你,或是你和别人有很大的分歧,不要让任何人或者事情打垮你,提醒自己:你的生命是独一无二的,特别的,真正有价值的。3. Pursue your passion3.追求你的目标It’s important to find yourself and pursue your passion. Learn to listen to your inner self, and this will help you make your dreams a reality and become a better person, even when someone is trying to bring you down.找到自我,追求自己的目标很重要。学会倾听自己的内心,这会帮助你梦想成真,成为更幸福的人,即使有人想要打垮你。Some people try to bring you down because they’re too weak and diffident to pursue their passions and they think you shouldn’t pursue yours. Don’t listen to them. Spend time with yourself and think about the thing that bring you joy. You’ll soon discover your passion and start pursuing it.有人想要打垮你,因为他们太虚弱,缺乏信心,而不能追求自己的目标,他们认为你不应该追求你的目标。不要听信他们的话。花时间独处,想想那些给你带来快乐的事情。你很快就能发现自己的所在,然后开始追求目标。 /201701/488437 Choosing a pup for your family can be tricky business. There#39;s so many dog breed options and so many factors to consider - where does one even start?! Well, good news, mama, we#39;ve done the hard work for you. Here are 7 parent-approved pups that are known to get along well with children.选一只能和家人融洽相处的小可能是件棘手的事情。因为的种类太多了,要考虑的因素也很多--甚至都不知该从何处着手!好消息来了,妈妈们,我们已为您做好了准备工作。下列这7种都得到了父母的认可,它们能和孩子们和睦相处。1. Pug1. 哈巴This pint-sized pup has an irresistible face and prominently curved tail that any child will find intriguing. The Pug does especially well in a moderate climate but is just as comfortable hanging out indoors to keep your kiddos entertained.这款只有品脱大小的小有着让人无法抗拒的脸蛋,它那突出的蜷曲的小尾巴会让孩子们玩性大发。哈巴在温和气候下的表现尤为出色,但在户外和你的孩子一起玩耍时,它也很舒适。2. Yorkshire Terrier2. 约克郡犬Though a tiny canine, the Yorkie has a big adventurous personality that makes it an engaging dog. This affectionate pint-sized pup is an ideal pet if your family loves travel - it will keep your kids affectionately entertained in the back seat while you#39;re en route.尽管约克郡犬体格娇小,但它十分喜欢冒险,这一点让它十分有趣。如果你们一家人都喜欢旅游,那这种亲切的只有品脱大小的就是你的理想宠物--当你们在旅行的途中时,约克郡犬能和你的孩子们在后座开心的玩耍。3. Miniature Schnauzer3. 迷你雪纳瑞犬The most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds (which include the giant and standard sizes), the Mini Schnauzer is an intelligent and cheerful canine that is as happy hanging out in the house with the family as it is romping outdoors with the kids in the yard or at the park.这是三种雪纳瑞犬中(包括巨型雪纳瑞犬和标准大小的雪纳瑞犬)最受欢迎的一种,迷你雪纳瑞犬是聪明、欢乐的犬种,在家里能陪伴家人,在院子或公园里能和孩子们一起嬉笑玩闹。4. Beagle4. 猎兔犬One of our favorite small dogs, the Beagle is naturally communal and friendly with humans and other animals. This curious, energetic pup will keep the kids on their toes as it needs love and exercise to keep itself out of trouble.这是我们最喜欢的小型犬种之一,猎兔犬天生就与人类以及其它动物友好共处。这一好奇而又精力充沛的小会让你的孩子时刻保持警觉,因为它需要爱和锻炼才不会捣乱。5. Havanese5. 哈威那This toy-sized silky-coated canine is in high demand as a family pet because of its affectionate temperament, easy trainability and hypoallergenic non-shedding coat. The Havanese is as eager to be a loved-on lap dog as it is to playfully chase the kids around.这一玩具大小的小皮毛如丝绸般,很多家庭对其呼声很高,因为它脾气温顺、易于训练、不易过敏,而且不掉毛。哈威那既渴望成为集万千宠爱于一身的哈巴,又渴望与孩子们开心的追逐嬉戏。6. Shetland Sheepdog6. 喜乐蒂牧羊犬If you#39;ve got a big yard or live on a farm, the Sheltie will keep your kids well-exercised. One of the best obedience breeds, this long-haired, energetic beauty thrives on physical and mental activity.如果你有一个大大的后院、或生活在农场里,那喜乐蒂牧羊犬定能让你的孩子得到良好锻炼。作为最顺从的犬种之一,这一长毛精力充沛的美犬能让你的身心都得到良好发展。7. Boston Terrier7. 波士顿The Boston Terrier is a diminutive dapper-looking dog that has a gentle disposition and enjoys being close by its family#39;s side.波士顿是一种小而精神焕发的犬种,性格温顺,喜欢靠在家人的身边。译文属 /201704/504841东至县第二人民医院收费贵吗池州市第二人民医院包皮手术多少钱



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