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William Ward sells a lot of gum. He works at a newspaper stand just around the corner from a bizarre attraction called the gum wall near Pike Place Market just off the waterfront here, and people show up unprepared. He also sells a lot of hand sanitizer.威廉·沃德(William Ward)卖出了许多口香糖。他的报刊亭就在稀奇古怪的“口香糖墙”景点的拐角,位于河畔派克农贸市场(Pike Place Market)附近。人们来这通常都没什么准备。他同时也卖出了很多洗手液。“I tell people it’s the second-most disgusting tourist attraction in the world,” Mr. Ward, 31, said. In his view, only the Blarney stone in Ireland, which millions of tourists actually kiss, can top the gum wall on the gross-out scale.“我常跟人说这是全世界第二恶心的旅游景点,”32岁的沃德说。在他看来,只有爱尔兰的“亲吻巧言石”(Blarney stone)能与之媲美,在那里,成千上万的旅客真的在现场亲吻那块石头。相比之下,恶心规模可以胜过一筹。But gum, in a dozen or so varieties — helped by the sign out front, “We sell gum!” — still flies off the shelves. In most cases, he said, the gum is destined for only the briefest of chews before commemoration or deposit or whatever it is that people do, usually with a photo, in making the wall one of this city’s strangest destinations.但是因为店前写着“口香糖有售!”的招牌,十几种口味的口香糖依然飞快地销售一空。沃德说,通常这些口香糖的宿命,只是被飞快咀嚼几下,然后成为一种祭奠或存念,或是别的什么东西——通常要拍张照片,把这座墙变成了城市里最奇怪的一个地方。Now, the gum is coming down, after accumulating for 20 years in a deeply encrusted pointillist display of perhaps a million pieces — and about 2,200 pounds of sugary, cavity-inducing weight that Pike Place officials say threatens the integrity of the 115-year-old brick wall. Crews on Tuesday morning started to remove the gum with garden rakes and superheated water, 260 degrees Fahrenheit, in a three-day display of industrial-strength dental hygiene.20多年来,这幅仿佛出自点派画家之手的斑斓杰作,在墙壁上结成了硬壳。现在,派克市场的管理人员认为,这2200磅甜腻的、让人觉得要蛀牙的重物,对这座拥有115年历史的砖墙构成了安全威胁,应该被铲除。从周二早上起,工作人员开始用园用钉耙和260华氏度的过热水清理口香糖。三天的清除,如同一场工业级的牙科清洁技术展示。In the days before the cleaning, there was a rush of last-minute visits and gum-themed selfies. People like the Fergus family, visiting from Phoenix this week, even stopped at Costco before leaving home to load up on supplies for a visit.在清理开始前,一大批想赶上末班车的游客蜂拥而至,专程前来和口香糖墙热烈合影。像这周从凤凰城赶来的费格斯一家,甚至在出发前到好市多超市采购物资,为此行做准备。“Five packs, 15 sticks in each,” Christie Fergus said. She and her husband, Brian, and their two children, Michael, 8, and Rachel, 3, chewed their way through the arsenal at a stop at the wall on Monday afternoon, then spelled the family’s name in large bright green spearmint.“五包,每包15条,”克里斯蒂·费格斯(Christie Fergus)说。她和丈夫布赖恩带着两个孩子——8岁的迈克尔和9岁的瑞切尔,在周一下午抵达前一路都嚼着口香糖。他们用薄荷味的口香糖,在墙上拼出自家硕大的姓氏。“It was pretty disgusting, but also a really interesting and fun family activity,” said Ms. Fergus, a pharmacist. Michael, she said, gets credit for the family name idea.“这真的挺恶心。但是作为一项家庭,也很有趣,”职业是药剂师的费格斯解释道。她说拼出姓氏这个主意是孩子迈克尔想出来的。Pike Place Market officials initially tried to protect the wall from gum after it began appearing there in the 1990s, added by people waiting to enter an improvisational comedy club. But after several cleanings, and the realization that mentions of the wall in tourist guidebooks like Frommer’s were spurring people on, they surrendered. A spokeswoman for the market, Emily Crawford, said she expected people would resume the practice the moment the wall was once again blank.1990年代,排队准备进入一家即兴喜剧俱乐部的人们,随手将口香糖黏在墙上,逐渐形成了这座口香糖墙。最开始,派克农贸市场的管理人员企图保护墙壁。但经过数次清理,再加上像弗罗默旅行指南(Frommer’s)一样的旅行手册纷纷提到这堵口香糖墙,吸引了无数人前来参观,让管理人员放弃了继续清理的想法。市场的发言人艾米莉·克劳福德(Emily Crawford)称,她估计墙壁清理一空后,人们还会继续来黏口香糖。“It’s a crowdsourced piece of public art,” Ms. Crawford said. “We don’t need to promote it.”“这是一件众筹的公共艺术作品,”克劳福德称。“我们不需要做宣传。”Chris Borgen, 31, a firefighter from a Seattle suburb who had never visited before, said he was prompted to come by his mother, who told him about the cleaning. He was there on Monday, holding up his son, Abbott, who is almost 2, for photos.31岁的克里斯·格斯(Chris Borgen)是来自西雅图郊区的一名消防队员。此前他从未参观过这座墙壁。他说,是他母亲告诉他现在的口香糖将被清除,催促他来看看。周一,他带着两岁的儿子艾伯特来到这里,拍照留念。Mr. Borgen said he imagined coming back for a kind of time-lapse series as the gum gradually comes back and Abbott grows up.格斯说,随着日后墙壁上的口香糖重新多起来,艾伯特也慢慢长大,他打算带儿子重返旧地,拍一些见时光流逝的照片。Donna Prust, a retired technology worker, was taking photos on Monday of Ed the Clam, a smiley-faced clamshell character that has become a kind of “Kilroy was here” figure for many people, who post pictures of him on his Facebook page. Ms. Prust, 68, who has taken photos of herself and the clam in various places around the world, pressed the figure into the gum, which was several inches thick in spots, then pasted on a blue bubble as though Ed was chewing bubble gum.唐娜·普鲁斯特(Donna Prust)是一名退休的技术人员,周一,她带着她的卡通玩偶Ed the Clam来拍照。她的这个摆出笑脸的蛤壳卡通玩偶,就像“Kilroy到此一游”的卡通形象一样,很多人拿着它在各处拍照,再把照片发到Facebook上。68岁的普鲁斯特曾经和Ed the Clam在全世界许多地方合影。这次,她把玩偶按进墙壁上的口香糖里(墙壁上有几处口香糖有几英寸厚),还在墙壁上贴了一个蓝色的泡泡,假装是玩偶自己在吹口香糖。“Hand sanitizer!” she said, rifling through her purse when the task was done.等做完这一切,她一边嚷着“洗手液”,一边在手袋里使劲翻找着。Thanks to the scale of their gum deposit, and perhaps the gross-out factor as well, Ms. Fergus said the family’s visit to the wall had just about exhausted their desire for gum.由于口香糖的量非常大,再加上确实也挺恶心,费格斯说全家此行后,算是彻底没有嚼口香糖的欲望了。“I think we will take a break from chewing gum for a while after that,” she said in a telephone interview as they prepared to head home.“我觉得,这之后我们得有一阵子不嚼口香糖了,”当他们准备回家时,她在电话里这么说。 /201511/409947Hundreds of South Koreans are travelling to the North for a rare reunion with family members whom they were separated from by the Korean War. Many of the South Koreans heading for the reunions are in their 80s or 90s成百上千的韩国人奔赴朝鲜去和当年因朝鲜战争而被迫分离的亲人们团聚。这些探亲者中,很多人已经八九十岁高龄了。The reunion, comprising a series of meetings over a week, will be held in a Mount Kumgang resort, near the border.这次团聚在朝韩边界的旅游胜地金刚山举行,为期一周,由一系列会面组成。Thousands of families have been separated with little or no contact since the war ended in 1953.1953年朝鲜战争结束后,成千上万的家庭被迫分离,自此几乎没有任何联系。Reunions have been held sporadically since 1988 and depend on the state of relations between the two countries. The last reunion was held in February 2014.自1988年后,根据两国关系的好坏,偶尔有零星地探亲活动。 最近的一次探亲发生于2014年2月。This year#39;s meeting comes after an agreement in August that de-escalated tensions sparked by a border explosion that injured South Korean soldiers. The first batch of South Korean participants, accompanied by their family members, have crossed into the North for the reunions继朝韩边界发生爆炸伤及韩国士兵后,两国在八月份达成共识,缓和了紧张的形式。今年的探亲在此之后进行。首批韩国的探亲参与者在家人的陪伴下,进入朝鲜与亲人团聚。The meetings, organised by the Red Cross, are hugely popular with tens of thousands signing up, but few on each side get chosen and they tend to be elderly.此次由红十字会组织的会面受到了广泛地欢迎,成千上万的人登记参加,但是两国被选中的人都很少,并且中选者一般都是的高龄老人。Stephen Evans, B News, SeoulB首尔站记者斯蒂芬·埃文斯报道:It is hard to imagine a more bitter-sweet event. The reunion of Korean families who have not seen each other for six decades will be a tumultuous mix of emotions. There will probably be both tears and laughter as old people divided from those they have not seen for most of their lifetimes get a brief and final meeting.你很难想象比这个会见更加充满甜蜜与苦涩的活动。再次与六十年未曾相见的亲人团聚,人们百感交集,情绪激动。老人们与此生几乎都没有见过的亲人匆匆地见最见一面,他们脸上将会既有笑容又有泪水。More than 65,000 South Koreans were eligible for reunions with relatives in the North but only 100 were chosen. Of those hundred, 10 have since died or become too ill to travel. In South Korea participants are picked at random by a computer which takes into account their age and family background. They also have to sit for interviews and take medical examinations to determine if they are fit to travel.超过65000的韩国人符合于朝鲜亲人团聚的条件,但是只有100个被选中。在这100人中,有10个或者已经过世,或者病入膏肓、无法前往。在考虑过韩国的这些报名者的年龄和家庭背景后,通过电脑随机摇号,产生入选者。他们还必须通过面试和体检来明他们适合探亲。The first group of about 400 South Koreans, comprising of chosen participants and their accompanying family members, are heading for the first round of meetings running from Tuesday to Thursday, reported Yonhap news agency. Another 250 will attend the second round of meetings from Saturday to next Monday. Each round comprises of six two-hour sessions.据联合通讯社报道,第一批探亲者约有400人,包括入选者和他们的家人,他们将一起参加从周二到周四的第一轮会面。 另外的250人将参加从周六到下周一的第二轮会面。每轮会面由六次为时两小时的小会面构成。Many of those attending from South Korea are bringing gifts for their North Korean relatives such as clothes, food, toothpaste, and cash.许多来自韩国的参与者给他们朝鲜的亲人来了了礼物,如衣、食物、牙膏、现金等。 /201510/405139

If you#39;re old enough to these words, there#39;s a 99.9% chance you#39;ve said something to piss off a woman. And while we#39;re sure you probably didn#39;t mean to elicit that strong of a reaction, you can probably recall a few cringe-worthy memories when some flippant remark made your girl (or a complete stranger) fly off the handle.如果你是到了一定年纪才来看这篇文章,那很可能是你说了什么不中听的话惹恼了某个女性。不过虽然我们明白你并无心让对方生气,但是你一定也能回忆起几段因为失言而得罪了你的爱人(或者某个陌生女人)的尴尬经历。To help you know what not to say to any woman from here on out, we asked 10 female comedians about what men say that irritates them the most. Here are their takes on the words that should never leave your lips again—unless you really enjoy the doghouse.为了帮助大家弄清楚女性对哪些来自男性的话最反感,我们询问了10个女喜剧演员。以下是她们的回答。看完这些,你要是不想住窝的话,可千万不要再把这样的话挂在嘴边了。;Are you wearing that?;No.1 “你真的要穿这件衣?”;If you#39;re taking me out somewhere, and you see me with clothes on, then yes, I#39;m wearing that. This is not a hologram outfit under which I#39;m actually naked and about to get dressed in something you won#39;t passive-aggressively tell me you don#39;t like.;“你跟我出门的时候,如果你看见我穿了,那我就是穿了。我并没有裸体穿全息装,我也不打算换上合你口味的衣。”—Fara Greenbaum, comedian, New York City——喜剧演员法拉·格林鲍姆,来自纽约;You should smile more.;No.2 “你应该多笑笑。”;I hate when guys tell me to smile more. Maybe I just got fired today. Maybe I#39;ve just been walking around in 5-inch heels all day. Maybe I#39;m just not impressed with your mesh t-shirt. I don#39;t tell you to do things, like get a haircut. But you definitely need one.;“我很讨厌男人告诉我要多笑笑。我今天不笑,或许是因为我今天被炒了鱿鱼,或许是因为我已经穿5英寸的高跟鞋走了一整天,或许只是因为我对你的网眼T恤无感。我并没有叫你去理发或者做别的什么事,尽管你的确该理发了。”—Chrissie Mayr, comedian and host of Comedy at Stonewall Inn, New York City——喜剧演员、《石墙旅店》主持人克里希·迈尔,来自纽约;A pet peeve is when strangers—always men—tell me to smile. This happens a lot on the NYC subway, and no one on the subway is happy to be taking the subway. While waiting for the train one day, a guy asked me, #39;Why aren#39;t you smiling?#39; and I told him, #39;Because I didn#39;t push you in front of the train yet.#39; “我很受不了陌生人(一般都是男人)让我多笑一笑。这样的事情常常发生在纽约的地铁上,没有哪个坐地铁的人是喜欢坐地铁的。有一天,我在等地铁,一个家伙问我:‘你怎么不笑呢?#39;我回答:‘因为我还没把你推到列车前面去。#39;-Jessica Sager, comedian, New York City——喜剧演员杰西卡·赛琪,来自纽约;You#39;re too pretty to [FILL IN THE BLANK].;No.3 “你太漂亮了,所以不要这样……做”;A friend of mine encountered this pretty recently when a man came up to her after a show she was on and told her she was too pretty to use explicit language during her act. Unfortunately, this sort of comment crops up more than you#39;d think, as well as the notion that women can#39;t be both ‘pretty and funny.#39; This sort of backhanded compliment is guaranteed to incite rage in the recipient because, shocker, I don#39;t like being told what I can and can#39;t do because of the way society may perceive me. And no, I#39;m not too pretty to kick your ass.;“我的一个朋友前不久遭遇了这么一件事:一个男人在她演出结束后对她说,她太漂亮了,不该在台上使用那样露骨的语言。不幸的是,这样的可不少见,好像女性绝对不能‘既漂亮又有趣#39;一样。这样讽刺挖苦的恭维话真的很让人不爽,因为我不喜欢别人按照外界的标准来告诉我可以怎样和不可以怎样。对,我很漂亮,但我一样可以揍你!”—Nikki Black, comedian, Philadelphia, PA——喜剧演员兼项目管理员尼基·布莱克,来自费城;You wanna watch a movie?;No.4 “你想看部电影吗?”;I love movies. But come on, we all know what that means! #39;You wanna watch a movie?#39; translates to #39;Let#39;s bone.#39; Most sentences uttered by men can be translated to #39;You wanna f—?#39; Sure, let#39;s bone but you said we could watch my favorite movie! You can#39;t ask a movie lover to watch a movie unless you plan on finishing the flick. You better be a real good fella if you#39;re going to interrupt Good Fellas.;“我确实喜欢看电影。但是,我们都知道那是什么意思。‘你想看部电影吗?#39;就是‘你想约炮吗?#39;其实男人很多话都有那样的意思。你明明是那个意思,却偏要说‘我们看部喜欢的电影吧#39;。除非你真的打算好好把电影看完,否则你绝不能对一个电影爱好者提出去看电影。如果你想在看《好家伙》的时候中途离开,那么你最好自己是个真正的好家伙。-Jessimae Peluso, comedian and star of MTV#39;s Girl Code——喜剧演员杰西米·佩鲁索,MTV连续剧《女孩密码》演员;You look tired.;No.5 “你看起来很累。”;This makes me irate! (And I never say that word!) This is never okay! No one ever wants to hear that, especially a girl. We aly have enough problems trying to keep things sucked and tucked in all day let alone you telling us we look like we didn#39;t sleep well. Yeah, yeah, I am tired. I#39;m busy walking my dogs, writing a book, touring the country, putting on acrobatic lingerie, and posing for you all while you make yogurt commercials.;“这句话真的让我很不爽(我才不说这样的话)!这根本就很让人讨厌。没有人想听到这话,特别是女孩。我们整天忙这忙那已经够了,不用你来提醒我们的气色有多差。我承认我很累。我忙着遛,忙着写书,忙着旅游,忙着穿杂技,在你拍摄酸奶广告的时候,我还得忙着给你当模特。”-Jessimae Peluso——杰西米·佩鲁索;Have you lost weight?;No.6 “你减肥了吗?”;When a guy says this, or #39;Wow, you look slimmer!#39; my blood starts to boil because, nope, I#39;m the exact same weight I was yesterday. I resist the urge to grab a marker, pants this doofus, circle all his fat and instead say, #39;I haven#39;t lost any weight. But you#39;ve lost any chance of going home with me.#39; The only way this dude can recover is by full-on admitting he was just trying to be nice and didn#39;t know what else to say because I#39;m always looking great. But seriously, don#39;t comment on a woman#39;s weight, ever!;“如果有个男人说,‘哇,你看起来变瘦了!#39;那我简直就要怒发冲冠了,因为我的体重跟昨天差不多。我拼命压住想抓起一马克笔把这蠢货身上的脂肪都圈出来的冲动,说:‘我并没有变瘦。但是你已经失去和我做朋友的机会了。#39;唯一挽救的办法就是,这家伙要诚心诚意地承认,他只是想说点好听的,但是不知道该说些别的什么,因为我一直都很美。不过,说真的,不要一个女人的体重,永远不要!”—Marianne Schaberg, writer and comedian——作家、喜剧演员玛丽安·史嘉伯;Wow, I didn#39;t recognize you with makeup on.;No.7 “哇,你化了妆我都认不出来了。”;It drives me nuts when I wear makeup and a man says to me, ‘Oh my god, I didn#39;t recognize you! You#39;re so pretty.#39; This is the ultimate backhanded compliment. I don#39;t wear make-up at my day job because I don#39;t consider all of life a show. A simple #39;You look very pretty today,#39; is fine. Beyond that, we#39;re not that close, so please keep your comments to yourself. I don#39;t tell you when your bald spot looks extra shiny, don#39;t tell me when I#39;m looking tired or fat or thin. I have a mirror. Believe me, I know.;“要是我化了妆,一个男人对我说: ‘我的天,我都认不出你了!你真美。#39;那我绝对要气炸。这纯粹是挖苦。我白天工作时不化妆,因为我不认为整个人生是一场戏。他只要简单地说:‘你今天真漂亮#39;就很好。别的话就算了,因为我们的关系并没有那么近。所以,不要乱说话。我不会告诉你今天你的秃头有多亮,所以你也别告诉我我看起来很累或是胖了瘦了,我自己有镜子。相信我,我自己知道的。”—Corinne Fisher, comedian, New York City——喜剧演员科琳·费希尔,来自纽约;Can#39;t you take a joke?;No.8 “怎么就这么开不起玩笑?”;Sometimes when men find out I perform stand-up comedy, they think that gives them permission to #39;fake-insult#39; me. When I don#39;t laugh, they ask, ‘Can#39;t you take a joke?#39; to which I say, #39;Can#39;t you tell a joke?#39; Enjoying humor isn#39;t a green light for reciting every sexist joke your uncle told the family at Thanksgiving dinner.;“有时候当男人发现我是个单口相声演员时,他们就会认为自己有权拿我开涮。如果我不赔笑,他们就会问:‘怎么就这么开不起玩笑?#39;我说:‘你就不能自己来个笑话?#39;看滑稽表演并不意味着你可以把你叔叔在感恩节家庭聚餐时说的黄色笑话搬到这里来。”—Carolyn Busa, host of ;Side Ponytail; in Williamsburg, Brooklyn——布鲁克林区威廉斯堡市节目《侧马尾》主持人卡洛琳·布萨 /201603/430027An inexpensive vitamin can help reduce the occurrence of common skin cancers in people prone to that disease, researchers reported on Wednesday.周三,研究人员报道,一种便宜的维生素有助于降低常见皮肤癌高危人群中此类疾病的发生率。In a clinical trial, people who took two pills a day of nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3 available as a nutritional supplement, had a 23 percent lower risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer than those who took placebo pills.在临床试验中,每天用两片烟酰胺作为营养补充剂(一种维生素B3)的人比用安慰剂药片者发生非黑素性皮肤癌的风险低23%。“It’s safe, it’s almost obscenely inexpensive and it’s widely available,” Dr. Diona Damian, the lead investigator of the study, said in a news conference organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, who said the findings could be put into practice right away.该研究的负责人,澳大利亚悉尼大学(University of Sydney)的皮肤病学教授迪奥纳·达米安(Diona Damian)士在美国临床肿瘤学会(American Society of Clinical Oncology)举办的新闻发布会上说道:“它(烟酰胺)安全,价格极其低廉,且很容易买到。”该学会称这一发现可以立即付诸实践。“This one’s y to go straight into the clinic,” said Dr. Damian, a dermatology professor at the University of Sydney in Australia. However, she said the vitamin should be used only by people who get frequent skin cancers, not by everyone.达米安士说:“该研究结果可以直接进入临床。”不过,她也指出这种维生素只能用于皮肤癌高危人群,而不适用于所有人。The study will be presented at the annual meeting of the oncology society, which begins May 29 in Chicago. Abstracts for most of the nearly 5,000 studies were released late Wednesday, and a few results were discussed in a news conference organized by the society.这项研究还在5月29日开始的芝加哥肿瘤学会年会上发表。与会的近5000项研究中的大部分研究摘要在5月13日晚些时候发布,其中的一些研究结果在该学会组织的新闻发布会上得到了讨论。Investors and Wall Street analysts began poring over the abstracts late on Wednesday, looking for information that could affect the stocks of pharmaceutical companies.从5月13日晚上起,投资者和华尔街分析师们就开始钻研这些文献摘要,以期从中寻找可能影响制药公司股票的信息。In another study, an experimental drug for relapsed multiple myeloma being developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb and AbbVie reduced the risk of cancer progression by about 30 percent when added to two existing drugs.另一项研究报道,在现有的两种药物——雷利米得(Revlimid,即来那度胺)和地塞米松——的基础上,添加使用百时美施贵宝公司(Bristol-Myers Squibb)和艾伯维公司(AbbVie)开发的一种治疗复发性多发性骨髓瘤的实验性药物elotuzumab,可将癌症进展的风险降低约30%。Those who received the experimental drug, called elotuzumab, had a median of 19.4 months before their cancer worsened or they died, compared with 14.9 months for those who received only the two existing drugs, Revlimid and dexamethasone.在仅接受现有两种药物的患者中,中位无进展生存期(即癌症恶化或患者死亡前的时间中位数)为14.9个月,相比之下,在加用了elotuzumab的患者中,中位无进展生存期为19.4个月。A spokeswoman for Bristol-Myers said it was premature to say when the company would apply for approval of the drug. Another trial is in progress.百时美施贵宝公司的一位女发言人说,谈论公司将何时申请批准该药还为时过早。还有一项试验正在进行当中。The skin cancer prevention study focused on non-melanoma skin cancer, particularly basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Together, these are the most common form of cancer in the ed States, with the most recent study estimating that in 2006 there were 3.5 million cases in 2.2 million Americans. Most of these are curable through surgery or other techniques, though the surgery can leave scars and in some cases the cancers do become more serious.皮肤癌的预防研究主要侧重于非黑素性皮肤癌,特别是基底细胞癌和鳞状细胞癌。这些都是美国最常见的癌症,据最近的研究估计,2006年,此类癌症在220万名美国患者中就达350万例。其中大部分都可以通过手术或其他技术治愈,只不过手术会留下疤痕,而且在某些情况下,癌症还会变得更加严重。The study involved 386 people in Australia who had had two or more such skin cancers in the previous five years. The average for the patients in the trial was eight cancers over the past five years; one patient had 52 cases.本文开篇介绍的研究纳入了386名在过去5年内曾发生至少2例上述皮肤癌的澳大利亚人。参与试验的患者在过去5年平均发生过8例癌症;其中一名患者甚至多达52例。Those who were randomly assigned to take the vitamin had an average of 1.77 new cancers in the year of the study compared with 2.42 cases for those in the placebo group, a risk reduction of 23 percent, after certain statistical adjustments. Those getting nicotinamide also had fewer cases of actinic keratosis, thick patches of skin that may become cancerous.经过一定的统计学校正后,被随机分入维生素组的患者在研究的一年期间平均出现了1.77例新发癌症,较之安慰剂组的2.42例风险降低了23%。用烟酰胺的患者中光化性角化病、有癌变风险的皮肤胼胝病例也较少。Dr. Damian said the effect of the vitamin seemed to disappear once people stopped taking it. She said that nicotinamide did not have the side effects, like headache and flushing, of niacin, another form of vitamin B3.达米安士表示,一旦停止用该维生素,它的效果似乎就会消失。她还说,烟酰胺不像另一种维生素B3——烟酸那样有头痛和潮红等副作用。Protecting oneself from the sun is perhaps the most effective way to prevent non-melanoma skin cancers. Drugs called retinoids, which are related to vitamin A, can also be used, but they can cause birth defects and other side effects. Some studies have suggested that aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be preventative.防晒是预防非黑素性皮肤癌的最有效方式。也可以使用与维生素A有关的维甲酸类药物,但它们可能导致出生缺陷和其它副作用。一些研究表明,阿司匹林和其它非甾体类抗炎药也有预防作用。Two experts not involved in the study said the results were “interesting and potentially important,” in part because nicotinamide had fewer side effects than the pharmaceutical alternatives for skin cancer prevention.两位没有参与这项研究的专家——美国亚利桑那大学(University of Arizona)皮肤癌研究所(Skin Cancer Institute)的临床主任克拉拉·库列尔-莱万多夫斯基(Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski)士和药理学家史蒂文·斯特拉顿(Steven Stratton)都表示,这些结果“很有趣,且可能有重大意义”,部分原因是烟酰胺的副作用比皮肤癌防治的替代药物要少。The experts, Dr. Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski, clinical director of the Skin Cancer Institute at the University of Arizona, and Steven Stratton, a pharmacologist there, said in a joint email that patients should nonetheless talk to their doctors before taking the vitamin.他们在一封联名电子邮件中写道,无论如何,在用该种维生素前,患者仍应该与自己的医生商量。 /201510/405501Five Dynasties and Ten States五代十国The Ten States十国The Ten States in the Five Dynasties period included the state of Wu founded by Yang Xingmi, the state of Wuyue by Qian Liu,五代时期的十国包括由杨行密建立的吴、钱镠建立的吴越、the state of Southern Han by Liu Yin, the state of Chu by Ma Yin, the state of Former Shu by Wang Jian and finally, the state of Min by Wang Shenzhi.刘隐建立的南汉、马殷建立的楚、王建建立的前蜀以及王审知建立的闵国。These states were established about the time when the Later Liang was founded.这些国家大概建于后梁立国之后。The founders of these states formerly had all been garrison commanders during the later part of the Tang Dynasty.国家的创立者以前都是唐朝末期的戍边将领。Gao Jixing, a garrison commander during the period of the Later Liang had been exterminated.后梁时期的一位边关将领高季兴建立的国家被消灭了。The state was the smallest among the Ten States.他的国家是十国之中最小的。The state of Later Shu founded by Meng Zhixiang, the state of Southern Tang by Xu Zhigao,孟知祥建立的后蜀、徐志高建立的南唐and the state of Northern Han by Liu Chong appeared somewhat later than the others,以及刘崇建立的北汉比其他国家都出现得晚一些,as they were established, respectively, towards the end of the Later Tang, early during the Later Jin, and early during the Later Zhou.它们分别被建立于后唐末期、后晋初期和后周早期。 /201511/405265

A KFC restaurant in the UK has been forced to issue their first ever ban on youngsters eating without adults inside the restaurant after a spate of fights involving teen gangs.继一连串青少年聚众斗殴事件后,英国一家肯德基店被迫首次禁止青少年在无成人陪同下在店内用餐。The fast food chain announced the restriction just days after a McDonald#39;s restaurant on the same retail park adopted the same policy.在同一销售地区内的一家麦当劳餐厅采取了这一措施几天之后,这家快餐连锁企业很快也宣布了这一限制。Under-18s can only eat inside the restaurant if they are accompanied by an adult. If they are on their own they can only enter the premises to order food for takeaway.在一名成人陪同下,未满18岁者方可进店用餐。如无成人陪伴,未满18岁者只能进店点餐带走。Last week, McDonald#39;s confirmed an identical ban after police were called when 24 youngsters were caught fighting on the nearby A50.上周,因为24个未成年人在附近的A50地区发生了斗殴事件,警察也被叫了过来。这件事之后,麦当劳方面确认了一项相同的禁令。Now, KFC manager Liam Dalgarno said that the way some of these youngsters act can be scary for staff. The ban will help the staff feel safer at work.现在,这家肯德基餐厅的经理利亚姆·达尔加诺表示,一些青少年的行为举止让店内员工提心吊胆。禁令会让值班员工更有安全感。KFC has almost 900 restaurants in the UK, but this is believed to be its first ban on under-18s.肯德基在英国有大约900家分店,但是这家分店被认为是第一家禁止18岁以下青少年的餐厅。 /201603/429815

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