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青岛人流哪个医院好点青岛专业外阴白斑治疗医院A fossilised piece of million-year-old animal dung more than a metre in length is set to go on auction tomorrow in the US.明天,一块长度超过1米的动物粪便化石将在美国拍卖。这块化石已经有上百万年历史。It’s not clear what beast produced the sample (technically known as a coprolite) but it’s expected that it will fetch between ,000 and ,000 when it goes under the hammer.目前尚不清楚这块化石(专业术语叫粪化石)是哪种动物留下的。但预计它的拍出价在8千至1万美元之间。The clay-coloured sample is thought to date back to the Oligocence and Minocene Epochs, making it between 5.3 and 33.9 million years old.这块粘土色的标本被认为来自渐新世或中新世,也就是530万到3390万年前。“This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite - fossilised dinosaur feces - ever to be offered at auction,” s the auction description from I.M. Chait. “It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow colouring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length.”“这块吸引眼球的标本可能是有史以来被拍卖的最长的一块粪化石(化石化的恐龙粪便),”I.M.Chait拍卖行的拍卖品描述中写道,“这块极长的葡萄状化石拥有浅棕黄色的外表和非常细致的纹理。”For those of you who have never had to describe fossilized, possibly-dinosaur poo, ‘botryoidal’ means globular and comes from the Greek word ‘botrus’ – meaning a ‘bunch of grapes’.如果你从未描述过这块可能是恐龙粪便的化石,“botryoidal”这个词的意思是球形的。它来自希腊语“botrus”,意思是一串葡萄。The specimen will be “presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40-inches in length overall.”这块标本将被“分成四份展出,每份都会放在定制的黑色大理石底座上,总长40英寸,令人瞩目。”Despite their innate weirdness, coprolites and paleofeces (fossilized human faeces) are rich sources of information for archaeologists and were also invaluable at the time of their creation: dinosaur droppings provided the fertilizer necessary to keep those prehistoric jungles looking green and lush.除了本身的奇异,粪化石和远古人类粪便化石能够为考古学家提供大量信息。此外,它们在远古时代也是无价之宝:恐龙粪是让史前丛林茂密生长的肥料。Coprolites have been used for everything from dating the timeline of certain species to proving the existence of cannibalism in ancient human cultures (thanks to the discovery of human proteins in unearthed paleofeces).从确定物种的生存年代到发现古人类的食人习俗(感谢出土的远古人类粪便化石中发现的人类蛋白质),粪化石的用处非常广泛。The 40-inch sample seen above will actually go on sale alongside five other stool-shaped specimens that to have come from a Miocene-era turtle, each of which is estimated to sell for ,000 to ,000.上述的40英寸标本会和其它5块中新世龟的粪便状标本一起出售,这5块标本的售价为每块4千至6千美元。 /201407/314193青岛女性健康检查哪里好 September is an exciting month in every college freshman’s life. For many, it’s the first time they leave home to live in a new environment. But after the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks, excitement gives way to a less enjoyable emotion — homesickness.对所有大一新生来说,每年的九月都是激动人心的日子。许多人都是第一次走出家门,在一个新环境中生活。但在开学数周的喧嚣过后,激动的心情慢慢地被一丝乡愁所取代。Homesickness manifests itself in many ways. You may miss mum’s cooking, your pets, or even your old bed. All this becomes a fond memory of the past. Homesickness can be a bitter feeling, especially when faced with the challenges of settling into an unfamiliar environment.乡愁的表现方式可谓多种多样。你可能想念妈妈的厨艺、你的宠物、甚至是自己的旧床铺。林林总总汇集成对过去时光的美好记忆。乡愁是苦涩的,尤其当你置身陌生环境中,面临诸多挑战时。But remember, you’re not alone. According to a recent B article, 70 percent of British college students experience homesickness. In this increasingly globalized world in which people migrate to far away places for education, work or a relationship, homesickness is a feeling shared by many adults.但记住,你并不孤单。英国广播公司B近日报道称,70%的英国大学生饱受思乡之苦。在这个日益全球化的世界里,人们为了学业、工作或感情而远走他乡,许多成年人心中都弥漫着乡愁。Relocating to a new place is not an easy process, particularly if you don’t speak the local language or are not familiar with local customs.易地而居并非易事,尤其当你对当地语言与风俗一窍不通时。Homesickness can have similar symptoms to depression, explains psychologist Caroline Schuster in an interview with the B. In extreme cases it can develop into a panic attack, she says, while it can also result in social withdrawal, sleep disruption, nightmares, and concentration problems.心理学家卡洛琳#8226;舒斯特在接受B采访时解释道,乡愁与抑郁症状相似。她表示,乡愁严重时可发展成恐慌症,同时也会导致逃避社交、睡眠障碍、噩梦连连以及注意力无法集中等问题。The most famous adult to have suffered from homesickness is probably Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem, who spent 10 years on a journey trying to get home. It was the memories of his family that helped him get through those difficult times.饱受思乡之苦的、最为著名的人物要数荷马史诗《奥德赛》中的英雄人物——奥德修斯,他历时十年才与家人团聚。正是凭借与家人有关的记忆,他才得以度过重重难关。But the term homesickness, or nostalgia, wasn’t invented until the 17th century. It was considered a disorder by a Swiss physician, who attributed soldiers’ mental and physical discomfort to their longing to return home, “nostos” in Greek, and the accompanying pain, “algos”.然而,乡愁一词(英文homesickness,又被称为“nostalgia”)直到17世纪才得以面世。一名瑞士医生视其为一种疾病,认为士兵们的身心不适源于他们的思乡之情。Nostalgia一词来自希腊语词,nostos(返乡)以及 algos(思乡之痛)。Back then, people saw homesickness as a dangerous and even fatal disease, says Susan Matt, author of Homesickness: An American History. Gradually, it came to be considered childish and immature, she says, ill-fitting to a culture of capitalism and imperialism that required people to travel and explore.《乡愁:一种美国历史》一书的作者苏珊#8226;马特表示,那时人们将乡愁视为一种危险、甚至致命的疾病。她说,后来,乡愁被认为是幼稚、不成熟的表现,是人们不适应资本主义与帝国主义文化的表现。而这种症状需要他们在旅途中不断摸索克。Studies in recent years, however, have shown that nostalgia may have some benefits to our mental health.而近年来的一些研究结果显示,乡愁可能对我们的心理健康大有裨益。After a decade of surveys and research, Constantine Sedikides, a US social psychologist, found thatnostalgia is what makes us human.经过近十载的调查研究,美国社会心理学家康斯坦丁#8226;塞迪基德斯发现,乡愁是人性的一部分。In an interview with The New York Times, Sedikides explains that nostalgia can counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. It makes people more generous toward strangers and more tolerant of outsiders. Couples feel closer and happier when they share nostalgic memories.在接受《纽约时报》采访时,塞迪基德斯解释道,乡愁能够抵消孤独、厌烦以及焦虑。这使得人们在面对陌生人时更加慷慨,对外人更加宽容。分享过往的时光使得情侣间更加亲近和快乐。Sedikides admits that nostalgia has its painful side, but the net effect is to make life seem more meaningful. When people speak wistfully of the past, they typically become more optimistic and inspired about the future. The trick is not to become obsessive about the past, but always to live life forward.塞迪基德斯承认乡愁固然有痛苦的一面,但它可以有效地让生命更有意义。怀旧时,人们通常会变得更加乐观、对未来充满希望。而诀窍在于,不过过分迷恋过去,生活要一直向前看。 /201310/262219青岛新阳光妇科医院妇科检查

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莱阳打胎费用A Russian daredevil has captured a vertigo-inducing selfie - while standing on top of a Dubai skyscraper.一名胆大的俄罗斯男子站在迪拜天大楼顶端,拍下了一张令人晕眩的自拍。Nineteen-year-old Alexander Remnev scaled the Princess Tower - the world#39;s tallest residential building at 1,350ft - before getting his camera out to take these stomach-churning pictures.19岁的亚历山大·瑞涅夫登上了1350英尺的公主塔——世界上最高的住宅楼,之后他拿出相机拍下了这些叫人反胃的照片。Alexander, who was on holiday in Dubai with friends, says they climbed a number of the city#39;s towering skyline during the course of their stay.亚历山大和朋友们在迪拜度假,他说他们待在迪拜的时候,攀登了好几座迪拜大楼的顶层。He said: ;Dubai has amazed me with its skyscrapers and views from them.他说:“迪拜的天大厦和上面的景色让我们震惊。”;We love the height of Dubai - it is a city of skyscrapers. We climbed on top of as many as we could.;“我们喜欢迪拜的高度——这座城市到处都是天大楼。我们尽可能多的登上楼顶。”;After this trip, buildings in Russia seem very small.;“经过这次旅行,俄罗斯的建筑都显得矮小了。”Fearless Alexander, from Moscow, Russia, claims gaining access to the buildings was straight forward.毫无畏惧的亚历山大来自莫斯科,他表示获登顶轻而易举。He added: ;In Dubai, there are a lot of open roofs. It was not difficult to climb up to them.;他补充道:“在迪拜,有很多开放的屋顶。爬上去并不难。”The daredevil is part of a growing group of #39;Skywalkers#39; - predominantly from Russia and Ukraine - who push themselves to the limit in search of dangerous thrills.亚历山大是一个名叫“天行者”组织的成员,这个组织不断壮大,在俄罗斯和乌克兰盛行。组织成员挑战通过寻找极限刺激挑战自我。Some have been pictured dangling from overhangs hundreds of feet in the air.一些图片是他们悬吊在几百英尺的高空上拍摄的。They rarely use safety gear, and share images of themselves online.他们几乎不使用安全装置,拍摄的图片都会在网上分享。 /201405/302463 连云港中医院好不好黄岛开发区中医医院有网上预约吗



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