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Federal and local police in Boston are undertaking a painstaking examination of images and photographs from the site of Monday’s attack, which Barack Obama described as “an act of terror美国联邦及波士顿当地警察正在认真检查星期一波士顿爆炸案的视频画面和照片。巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)称这次爆炸案是“恐怖主义行为”。Police appealed for witnesses to send in any images they had of the area around the finishing line of the Boston marathon, as they hunker down for what could be a long and difficult investigation.警方呼吁目击者提交在波士顿马拉松终点线周围区域拍下的任何画面。警方正在着手调查这起可能漫长而艰难的案件。In a brief comment yesterday the president said the authorities still did not have “a sense of motivefor what he called “a heinous and cowardly act The police did not know whether the two bombs were the work of foreign or domestic terrorists or “a malevolent individual昨日美国总统在简短的中表示,当局对作案动机仍无把握,他称这次爆炸案是“既十恶不赦又懦夫般的行为”。警方不知道两起爆炸案是外国恐怖分子还是国内恐怖分子,亦或是“恶毒的个人”所为。Boston police said 176 people were injured by the two explosions, which took place within about 20 seconds of each other on Monday afternoon, with 17 people in critical condition. Three people died, including Martin Richard, an eight-year-old boy.波士顿警方表示,两起爆炸导致176人受伤。这两起爆炸发生在周一下午,前后相距约20秒钟7名伤者伤势严重。已人死亡,包括8岁男孩马#8226;理查Martin Richard)。Police said no other unexploded devices had been found, contrary to reports.警方表示,没有发现其他未爆炸的设备,这与媒体报道的说法相反。In an indication of the skittish atmosphere engendered by potential further security threats, an aircraft at Logan airport in Boston was held on the ground while two passengers were removed for unspecified reasons, and a section of New York’s LaGuardia airport was evacuated over a suspicious package.波士顿洛根机Logan Airport)的一架飞机被扣留在地面,机上两名乘客被带走,原因未知。纽约拉瓜迪亚机LaGuardia Airport)的一个区域因一件可疑包裹而疏散。这些迹象都表明,潜在的进一步安全威胁引发了不安定气氛。Despite the huge investments in security since the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, security officials said the Boston marathon bombings app#173;eared to exploit the most vulnerable possible situation: a low-tech device left at an open event that attracts tens of thousands of visitors across a large part of the city.尽管001年纽约和华盛顿遭到恐怖袭击以后,美国投入重资加强安全,但安全官员表示,波士顿马拉松爆炸案似乎利用了可能存在的最为脆弱的情形:在吸引数万观众、范围覆盖市内大片区域的公开活动上,放置低科技的爆炸装置。The initial details from the attacks gave only small clues to potential suspects, according to security experts, although the FBI said it was pursuing a number of leads.安全专家指出,最初的袭击细节只透露出有关潜在嫌疑人的细小线索,尽管美国联邦调查局(FBI)表示正在追查数条线索。“It is very early to say, but the fact this took place on tax [filing] day and was a low-tech device seems to suggest it could be someone other than a conventional al-Qaeda attack,said Juan Carlos Zarate, a former deputy national security adviser now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. During the past decade, Islamist terrorist groups had been eager to claim responsibility for attacks, he said. “We might have to get used to the idea that it could take weeks or even monthsto solve the case, he said.前副国家安全顾问、现就职于华盛顿国际战略研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS)的胡#8226;卡洛#8226;萨拉Juan Carlos Zarate)表示:“现在得出结论为时尚早,但这起事件发生在报税截止日,而且装置的技术含量低,似乎表明本案可能不同于传统的基地组al-Qaeda)袭击。”他表示,过0年间,伊斯兰恐怖组织急于声称对袭击事件负责。他指出,“我们可能要习惯于,要花上数周甚至数个月的时间”才能侦破此案。来 /201304/2353161.What do I need to take with me?我需要携带什么吗?.What documents do I need to carry?我需要带什么材料?3.Is there anything I need to take?我要带什么资料去面试吗?.Anything that I should prepare the interview?我应该为面试准备些什么?5.I am calling to tell you the items you are supposed to bring the interview the day after tomorrow.我打电话是想通知你后天来面试时需要带来的东西6.The materials you need to bring are the ID card including a duplicate and the original,the academic transcript in college.你需要带的材料有身份原件及复印件、大学成绩单7.And you need to have bachelorship certificate and your CV when you come.你来时需携带学士学位和个人简历8.Youd better bring the diploma, identification card and several copies of your resume.你最好带上毕业、身份和几份简历复印件9.You can bring life photos, recommendation letters and certificates.你需要带上生活照、推荐信和各类资格明书.You are supposed to bring your entire proficiency certificate such as computer certificate, TOFEL or GRE certificate.你应该带上所有的资格书,如计算机书、或GRE书等Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hi, this is Huipu Corp. Is that Miss Zhang?A: 你好,这里是惠普公司你是张吗?B: Yes. speaking. Is there anything I can do you?B: 我是有什么事吗?A: I am calling to tell you the items you are supposed to bring the interview the day after tomorrow.A: 我打电话是想通知你后天来面试时需要带来的东西B: What do I need to take with me?B: 我需要携带什么材料?A: Youd better bring the diploma, identification card and several copies of your resume.A: 最好带上毕业、身份和几份简历复印件Dialogue 对话 A: Hi, is that Jason?A: 你好,是杰森吗?B: Yes. What can I do you?B: 是的,有什么事?A: I am calling to let you know that you are expected to come an interview in our branch.A: 我打电话是想通知你来我们公司参加面试B: That cool. What docunients do I need to carry?B: 太好了我需要带什么材料吗?A: You can bring life photos, recommendation A: letters and certificates.A: 你需要带上生活照、推荐信和各类资格明书 353

务费是的,务费记在这里了,%A:What about the service, is that included?务费怎么算,是开在账单里了吗?B: I’m, that marked down Here, percent service.是的,务费记在这里了,%同类问句:Service fee is included.务费包括在内了How about the service, is that included? 务费呢?也开在账单上吗?No.没有签字请您在这儿签个字好吗?A: Thank you, Mr. Green. Would you please sign here?谢谢,格林先生,请您在这儿签个字好吗?B: OK.好的同类问句:Would you like to sign that? 您能签一下字吗? 057It better to designate Tanggu as the loading port.在塘沽装货比较合适A manager of a Japanese Company and a staff member of a Chinese corporation hold a discussion on the loading port at Beijing Hotel.中国公司一名业务员与日本公司的经理在北京饭店就装运港问题进行了洽谈Wed better have a brief talk about the loading port.我们最好能就装运港问题简短地谈一谈You may choose Tianjin as port of shipment.你可以选择天津作为交货港How about shipping them from Huangpu instead of Shantou?把汕头改为黄埔交货怎么样?You insist that Dalian is the loading port, right?您坚持把大连定为装运港,对吗?Now Huangpu is fine as the loading port.现在可以把黄埔定为装运港We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports.我们总希望用较大的港口作为装运港Wed like to designate Shanghai as the loading port because it is near the producing area.我们希望把上海定为装运港是由于它离货物产地比较近It makes no difference to us to change the loading port from Shantou to Zhuhai.将装运港由汕头改为珠海对我们来说问题不大Shall we have a talk on the port of discharge this afternoon?咱们今天下午是不是谈谈卸货港的问题?He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr. Smith.他和史密斯先生就选择卸货港问题交换了意见What your unloading port please?你们的卸货港定在哪里?It not reasonable to have the goods unloaded at Hamburg.把货卸在汉堡不太合适We dont think it proper to unload the Chinese tea at London.我们认为把伦敦作为中国茶叶的卸货港,很难让人接受As most of our clients are near Tianjin, wed like to appoint Tanggu as the unloading port.我们的大多数客户离天津较近,所以选择了塘沽作为卸货港There are more sailings at Shanghai, so we have chosen it as the unloading port.因为上海的船次多,我们把这里定为卸货港Wed like to change the unloading port from Tokyo to Osaka.我们愿意把卸货港由东京改为大阪Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇port of call寄航港saillings船次optional port选择港loading port装货港unloading port卸货港port of shipment装运港port of destination目的港European Main Ports (E.M.P.)欧洲主要港口Customary Quick Dispatch港口习惯快速装运 3680

At the Hotel: Checking In第十章 旅馆登记住宿Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.reception1.接待柜台.lobby.大厅3.service bell3.务铃.check in.办理住宿登记5.check out5.退房6.single room6.单人房7.double room7.双人房(一张大床)8.twin room8.双人房(两张单人床)9.bath9.卫浴设备.elevator.电梯.key.钥匙.key card.房卡钥匙.breakfast.早餐.shuttle bus.接送车.swimming pool.游泳池.buffet restaurant.自助餐厅.gymnasium.健身房(gym)18.sauna18.桑拿浴室19.bar19.酒吧 3956In the aftermath of dramatic events like Mondays bombing attack at the Boston Marathon, its a truth of our times that millions of people will get early bits of news via social media.在类似波士顿爆炸案这样的重大突发事件之后,数百万人会通过社交媒体获得早期报道,这是我们时代的事实。To be sure, sites like Twitter and Facebook were used extensively by police, relief groups and governments to share important information about the bombings. But theres also a more unfortunate side to how the Web responds to sudden bad news.诚然,警方、救援团体、政府在分享有关爆炸的重要信息方面大量使用twitter和facebook这样的社交网站,但网络在应对突发坏消息方面还有更不幸的一面。Sometimes accidentally and sometimes maliciously, false information gets loose. And in the rapid-fire digital echo chamber, it doesnt take long to sp.有些出于无心,有些则是故意,假消息不断涌现,而在当今时代,这些不实信息会迅速扩散传播;On days like this, Twitter shows its best amp; worst: loads of info at huge speed, but often false amp; sometimes deliberately so,; said Mark Blank-Settle, of the B College of Journalism, in a post on the site.“在发生这样重大事件的日子,推特展现了它最好和最坏的一面:信息得以快速传播,但经常有假消息还是故意散播开的”,B新闻学院的马克在网上一篇报道中这样说道。As always, news discovered online (or anywhere else, really) should be double-checked before its passed along -- especially in times of tragedy.同平时一样,在传播网上以及任何其他途径得来的消息之前应当进行核实,尤其是在这样的悲剧时刻。Here are some of the most widely shared untrue news items weve found on social media in the past 24 hours.以下是CNN在过4小时内在社交网站上发现的有关波士顿爆炸案传播得最广的一些不实新闻。Man planned to propose, girlfriend killed男子计划终点线求婚,女朋友却被炸死Among the many gripping images to emerge from the bombings aftermath was one of a man in a red shirt, kneeling on the ground cradling a woman in his arms. It went viral -- with a heartbreaking, but fake, story attached.爆炸案发生后出现了众多引人注意的照片,其中有一张拍的是,一名穿红色衬衣的男子跪在地上,手臂抱着一名女性。这张图片迅速传开,但是人们给它加上了一个令人心碎却不实的故事;The man in the red shirt planned to propose to his girlfriend as he crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but she passed away; it s. ;Most of us will never experience this amount of emotional pain.;“穿红色衬衣的男子计划在跨过波士顿马拉松比赛终点线后向女朋友求婚,但她却过世了”,故事写道,“我们中的大多数人永远不会体会到那样深重的情感痛苦。”The image is, in fact, real. It comes from the Boston Globe and was shared through Getty Images. But the agencys caption merely describes the scene as a man comforting an injured woman at the finish line.实际上,图片是真实的,来自《波士顿环球报》,通过盖蒂图片社分享到网络上。但图片社的图片说明只是称:那是一名男子在终点线安慰一名受伤女子。That didnt stop it from making the rounds in a big way. A somewhat misleading Facebook account pretending to represent actor Will Ferrell (it calls itself a ;parody; but has 385,000 likes) shared the post. By Tuesday morning, the picture had more than 448,000 ;likes; and had been shared over 92,000 times.这个事实并没有阻止“求婚”说法大量传播。一个冒充好莱坞演员威尔·法瑞尔的Facebook账号转发了这张图片(该账号自称是恶搞,却85000个“赞”)。至周二早上,这张图片已48,000个“赞”,被分享超2,000次。Young girl died at finish line小女孩在终点线遇难Another heart-wrenching image of a supposed victim went viral. In this one, a young girl running in a road race is pictured, with text saying she died in one of the blasts. As an added cruel twist, the post says she was ;running for the Sandy Hook victims.;另一张据称是受害者的图片也在网上大量传播,这张照片令人心碎。照片中一名小女孩在跑步,文字描述称她死于波士顿爆炸案的其中一起爆炸中,甚至还称,她是为了去年底的桑迪胡克校园击案遇难者而参加波士顿马拉松的。那次击案导致20名小学生死亡,在美国全国掀起控大讨论。But a quick look at the photo shows that her runners bib is from the Joe Cassella 5K in Great Falls, Virginia. Also, the Boston Marathon does not allow runners that young.但仔细看看照片就可以发现,她的胸牌上写着,她参加的是弗吉尼亚州大瀑布城的卡塞公里跑。此外,据悉波士顿马拉松并不允许这么小的选手参赛。On Google+, one of the users who shared the image followed it with ;poor little girl..got killed in boston..):; By Tuesday, it had more than 500 comments and had become a ;Whats Hot; post on the site -- appearing in the feeds of all users who havent turned off that feature.一名用户在Google+分享这张图片,加上了文字描述:“可怜的小女孩,在波士顿遇难”。至16日,它已00个,入选热门贴子,并出现在所用订阅用户的推送中。On Tuesday, organizers of that race shot down the tale on their Facebook account. ;We would like to clarify that the picture circulating on the web and Twitter of a little girl wearing a Joe Cassella 5K bib claiming to have been killed at the Boston marathon is being used fraudulently,; the page for the Joe Cassella Foundation. The group raises funds for the families of children who are ill in the Washington area.46日,卡塞拉基金会也出面辟谣:“我们想澄清一下,在网络和Twitter上传播的一张戴着卡塞公里跑胸牌的女孩跑步的图片被错误使用。该慈善组织为在华盛顿地区生病孩子的家庭筹集款项。Race organizers will donate for retweets波士顿马拉松组织方将为转发捐款A Twitter account sprouted up under the handle @_BostonMarathon. Posing as the organizers of the race, whoever is behind the account tweeted: ;For every retweet we receive we will donate to the #BostonMarathon victims #PrayForBoston.;@_BostonMarathon是仿冒波士顿马拉松组织方的假账号(正牌账号是@BostonMarathon,没有下划线),这个假账号称:“每转发此推文一次,我们将向波士顿马拉松炸弹袭击案件的受害者捐美元。”By Monday evening, the post had been retweeted more than 50,000 times. It was, of course, fake. And to its credit, Twitter disabled the account soon afterward.5日晚,这条推文已被转发了5万多次。当然这是假的。Twitter官方也很快就封了那个帐户。It wasnt the only Twitter phony. Another widely talked-about account, @Hope4Boston, shared both the image of the 8-year-old girl who supposedly died and a photo of a young boy, running in a race, who was another supposed victim.另一个用户@Hope4Boston,分享了据称在爆炸案中遇难的8岁女孩和另一张据称也是在爆炸案中遇难的小男孩参加比赛的图片。Eight-year-old Martin Richard was one of three confirmed fatalities as of Tuesday morning. But he was watching the race, not running in it.8岁的马丁·理查德是三名已实的爆炸案死者之一,但他当时是在观看马拉松比赛,而不是参加比赛。The ;Hope for Boston; account was created on March 24, according to the Web tool When Did You Join Twitter? But account holders are able to change their handles and names on the site.根据网络工具“你何时加入twitter显示,@Hope4Boston4日建立的,但是帐户持有人可以更名。Authorities shut down cell phone service政府关闭了移动电话务Reports flew around social media, mainly Twitter, on Monday that police in Boston had shut down cellular networks to prevent an attacker from using a cell phone to detonate another explosive. At least one media report ed an unnamed source with information to that effect, before later recanting.网上还流传这样的消息5日当天波士顿警方关闭了移动网络以防止袭击者用手机来引爆另一个爆炸物。至少有一个媒体使用“匿名消息人士”说法报道这个信息,但媒体随后又撤回报道。In truth, Bostons wireless network was simply overwhelmed with the volume of calls and other communications in the aftermath of the attack. Service was slow and spotty, but never shut down. Verizon and other mobile carriers confirmed theyd never been contacted by officials asking them to shut off service.真相是:波士顿无线网络只是由于袭击事件发生后巨大的通话量和其它通讯而承受了非常大的压力,务很慢而且时有时无,但从未关闭过。Verizon和其它手机运营商实,政府官员们从未就关闭务联络过他们。Soon after the bombings, mobile carriers were beefing up their networks in the Boston area. ATamp;T made its Wi-Fi system publicly available for free to help take the load off traditional phone lines.在爆炸发生后不久,移动运营商在波士顿地区加强了他们的网络。ATamp;T免费开通了它的Wi-Fi系统,以帮助缓解传统电话线的流量。Conspiracy theories阴谋说We almost hate to even address this stuff. Well start with a bottom line: Anyone saying they know what happened at this point is making it up.我们非常不想讨论这方面的内容,先从最基本的开始:现在说知道真相的人都是在编造谎言。But that didnt stop far-fetched imaginings, often based in political ideology, from flying almost immediately after the attack.但这并没有阻止牵强的想像在袭击事件发生后就立刻传播,而且经常是以政治意识形态为基础的。At least one Web user was y for this. He registered a website -- bostonmarathonconspiracy.com -- on Monday. Clicking the link reveals a white page with black text ing:;I bought this domain to keep some conspiracy theory kook from owning it. Please keep the victims of this event and their families in your thoughts. Thank you.;至少有一名网民已为此作好了准备,他周一注册了bostonmarathonconspiracy.com的域名(波士顿马拉松阴谋论)。这个网站没有任何设计,只有一行黑体字:“我购买这一域名是为了阻止一些阴谋论者拥有它。请想想这个爆炸案的受害者和他们的家人。谢谢你。”来 /201304/235783

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are 10th cousins through a common ancestor, John Smith, a 17th century pastor, according to genealogists。  Ancestry.com found that the two politicians, who could face each other in the 2012 race for the White House, are both related to Mr Smith, a Protestant pastor who was an early settler in Massachusetts。  The website, based in Provo, Utah, also discovered that Mr Obama was a 10th cousin once removed from Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk radio host and one of the president's most virulent critics. Their common ancestor is Richmond Terrell, a Virginia settler who arrived in America in the mid-17th century。  An Englishman called John Lathrop, exiled to the ed States for becoming a minister of an illegal independent church, was cited as the common link between Mrs Palin, Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, and Ann Coulter, a conservative author。  Mr Obama is apparently an 11th cousin of former president, George W. Bush, through common ancestor Samuel Hinckley。  "It is not unusual to find family members on different ends of the political spectrum," said Anastasia Tyler, an Ancestry.com genealogist. "This election season is an ideal time to look into the family trees of our candidates and their critics to learn more about the ties that make them all part of this great country."  During the 2008 election campaign, it was revealed that Mr Obama was related to Dick Cheney, then the vice-president, through a distant Huguenot forbear. Their shared ancestry became a popular laugh line in Mr Obama's stump speech and a spokesman joked that Mr Cheney was "the black sheep of the family"。来 /201010/115760Hotel front desk.饭店前台Hi, I’d like to leave a wake –up call.我需要明天早上叫醒我 what time?什么时候?Please wake me up at 6 am.请明天早上六点叫醒我 570

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