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郴州人民医院看不孕不育永兴县人民中妇幼保健医院看前列腺炎好吗奶能量是牛奶倍,未来或成为人类的超级食物 --01 :5:56 来源: 是这个世界上最顽强的生物,一个月不吃东西也饿不死,还打不死杀不死,即使经历核爆炸也依然能存活人人都避之不及的,居然要在今天要翻身起义了——奶能量是牛奶倍,极有可能是人类未来的超级食物 (CNN)A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transmed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.(CNN) 一点儿奶配上小点心?新的研究显示,这种昆虫的奶富含蛋白质,它有一天会成为人类消费的超级食物Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a mula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.科学家已经发现,太平洋甲壳喂给幼虫吃的奶里富含蛋白质、脂肪和糖Don’t expect to find it next to the regular milk in the dairy section, however, at least not now.然而,不要指望马上在你每天的餐桌上喝上它,至少现在不行"Any liquid harvested from a cockroach is not true milk. At least not as we think of it," said Becky Facer, director of school and educator programs at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.亚特兰大弗恩班克自然历史物馆的学校教育项目负责人贝琪.费瑟说“这种产出的液体其实并不算真正的‘奶’,至少跟我们想象中的奶是不一样的”Most people would agree. After all, the insect liquid takes the m of protein crystals in the guts of baby cockroaches.大多数人都同意毕竟,这种昆虫奶是以蛋白质晶体的形式存在于的内脏里"The protein crystals are milk the cockroach infant. It is important its growth and development," said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research. He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.进行这项研究的研究员雷纳德.哈瓦斯说,“这种蛋白质晶体对于幼虫来说就相当于乳汁它对幼虫的生长发育非常重要”他解释说,这类蛋白质晶体富含能量,是同等质量野奶的3倍,普通牛奶的倍"The interest here was, what is it really made of?" said Chavas, one of the authors of the research, published in July in the journal International Union of Crystallography.这项研究成果于今年7月刊登于国际结晶学联合会的刊物上,作为联合作者之一的哈瓦斯说,“有趣的是,它到底是怎么形成的?”Chavas and his colleagues examined the species, also known as Diploptera punctate, which is the only species of cockroach known to be viviparous -- able to bring th live babies that have developed within the mother’s body, instead of the mother laying eggs to develop outside her body.哈瓦斯和他的同事们研究了这种又被称为太平洋折翅蠊的,它是所有种类中唯一的胎生昆虫——也就是说它们的繁殖不用生蛋出来,而是直接在身体里哺养后代Like other viviparous creatures, this species of roach nourishes its growing embryos with a protein-rich liquid secreted by its brood sac -- the roach version of a uterus.和其他胎生动物一样,太平洋折翅蠊也有类似于子宫的育囊,通过育囊分泌富含蛋白质的液体来哺育胚胎Soon after the embryo ingests the liquid, protein crystals develop within its midgut.胚胎吞下蛋白质营养液体后,很快将其输送到幼虫的肠道Chavas and his colleagues extracted one of these crystals to learn more about it and its potential nutrition. Following tests and even genome sequencing, they discovered it was a complete food.为了对其营养成分做更多深入的了解,哈瓦斯和他的同事从幼虫肠道中提取了一种蛋白质晶体,进行了一系列的测验,甚至启用了基因序列分析,最终发现这种晶体完全可以作为一种食物"It is what one would need: protein, essential amino acids, lipids and sugars," Chavas said, explaining that the energy content is so high that it helps infants within this unique species grow much bigger than cockroach babies of other species.哈瓦斯说:“它正是我们所需要的——蛋白质、人体必需的氨基酸、脂肪和糖分”他解释说,营养成分如此之高,怪不得这一种幼虫发育得都要比其他种类的幼虫体型大得多So, how do you milk a cockroach?那么问题来了,喝这种奶该怎么下口?The crystals are currently extracted from the midgut of cockroach embryos -- perhaps not the most efficient way of feeding a growing world population.现在,这种蛋白质晶体是直接从幼虫的肠道提取的很显然,这种生产方式在效率上太低了Ultimately, however, Chavas and his team are hoping to reverse bioengineer cockroach milk, but first they need to understand the exact biological and chemical mechanisms underlying the process.不过,最后,哈瓦斯和他的团队希望通过基因工程来生产奶但是在这之前,他们先要弄清楚奶生产背后的生物和化学机理" now, we are trying to understand how to control this phenomena in a much easier way, to bring it to mass production," Chavas said.哈瓦斯说“现在,我们想的是怎样用一种简单的方式使奶能实现批量生产”Having lost a drinking game with his colleagues, Chavas tasted the cockroach milk once. "No particular taste," he commented, though the idea of ice cream appeals to him. He imagines "a flavor with honey and crispy pieces."一次,哈瓦斯在跟同事喝酒时输了游戏,作为处罚他尝了这种奶他说“尝起来并没有什么特别的”,他甚至开始脑补,像是加了蜂蜜和饼干碎屑的冰淇淋的味道Laugh as you may, there is no irony lost on the fact that that this insect that can survive a nuclear disaster may someday provide the ultimate liquid superfood.看到这里你可能会笑,然而,这种顽强的生物真的是经历核爆炸也依然能存活,是不是很讽刺,就是这种生物没准哪天会成为人类未来的超级食物郴州有哪些男性医院 企鹅中的旱鸭子:落水后死命挣扎找饲养员 -- :1:8 来源:   This is Charlotte. She’s having a little bit of trouble right now thanks to a pretty big phobia of water.  这是夏洛特由于对于水的恐惧,她现在有些陷入了困境  In the wild penguins get used to the water quickly as it’s where their main source of food (fish, duh) comes from.  在自然环境下,企鹅能够快速适应有水的生活,因为他们的主要食物(鱼——废话)来源就是那里  But Charlotte is used to having her food brought directly to her – sort of like a lady of leisure with webbed feet – because she’s lived at Birdland Park Gardensin Gloucestershire since she hatched.  但是夏洛特已经习惯了食物被直接送到她面前——有点像一位长着蹼足的悠闲的女士——因为自称她被孵化出来她就住在格罗斯特郡的Birdland Park Gardens里  Normally, young penguins would learn to swim by watching their parents, so the keeper who hand-raised her, Alistair Keen, has stepped in as instructor – complete with snorkel and goggles.  通常情况下,年幼的企鹅会听歌观察他们的父母来学习游泳,所以亲手抚养她的饲养员——阿里斯泰尔·肯金作为一个指导员介入——连同一通气管和一副护目镜   The flightless bird has been going to pretty extreme lengths to avoid getting her feathers wet, including trying to take off.  并不会飞的夏洛特会竭力将翅膀张开到最大以避免弄湿自己的羽毛——她也还试着飞起来   Alistair said: ‘At first it didn’t seem like she was ever going to get the hang of it, she certainly hasn’t taken to it like a duck to water.’  阿里斯泰尔说:“一开始它似乎并不准备好好掌握游泳这个技能,她肯定是不会像鸭子一样喜欢水的”  But let’s have a little faith, you guys. These pictures from one of Charlotte’s recent swimming lessons are… erm, promising. Sort of.  但是让我们有点信念好吗,朋友们这是一些最近夏洛特上游泳课的照片……呃……还是有希望的……的吧首家全自动快餐厅在旧金山开业 -- :36: 来源: 首家全自动快餐厅在旧金山开业Place your order on an iPad and pick it up from a giant vending machine: First fully automated restaurant opensA San Francisco fast food restaurant has opened with no waiting staff or cashiers and instead dispenses its meals using a giant vending machine.旧金山一家快餐店开张了,不过店里没有务生和收银员,只有一台巨大的自动贩卖机分发食物Customers of eatsa, in the middle of the city"s financial district, order their dishes on iPads, which are prepared by staff in a hidden kitchen and delivered to the fully automated 'cubbies'. The only staff that can be seen are in store to help customers with problems they may have with the software. The restaurant offers a range of Quinoa-based salads.这家店名叫 Eatsa,位于旧金山金融中心区,顾客在ipad上点餐,顾客看不到后厨,员工做好后会把食物放进全自动贩卖机中店里唯一可见的务人员的职责是帮助顾客解决他们遇到的软件问题店里供应各式藜麦沙拉According to Tim Young, eatsa"s co-founder the company 'is reinventing fast food by combining the speed and afdability of fast food with the delicious flavors and nutritious ingredients of premium fast casual. 'By developing new technology to automate every aspect of the food experience, we are able to deliver a product with the best qualities of premium fast casual at a price point that is accessible to everyone.'Eatsa的合资人蒂姆?杨(Tim Young)表示,“快餐食品快速便捷,优质便餐美味营养,通过两者的结合,公司正在彻底改造快餐通过发展新技术,将用餐体验的每一环节自动化,我们有能力提供价格亲民、质量最好的快餐”The customers order their food using a virtual cashier, who retains details of previous purchases allowing tailored suggestions. When the food is y, the dish is delivered to an individual glass door "cubby' which shows personalized graphics allowing the customer to quickly identify their own lunch.店内虚拟收银员负责点餐,虚拟收银员还保留顾客的点餐记录,由此提供量身定做的就餐建议食物备好后会被送到独立的玻璃门“小隔间”,上面会显示个性化的图像,以便顾客快速识别自己的食物Vocabularyfast casual: 快速休闲餐英文来演:每日邮报译者:Garfield猫郴州市中心人民医院看泌尿科怎么样

桂东县中医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱最新调查:全球幸福指数排名 越南第二中国60 --5 :6:7 来源: We all dream of living a long, happy life - often in a warmer, more relaxing climate than we are currently based.   我们总梦想着能有幸福长乐的生活——比起当下有着更舒适的气候和四季如春的温暖   But where are the happiest places in the world?   那么世界上最幸福的地方在哪里呢?   A new map of 1 countries has revealed exactly which parts of the globe deliver long and happy lives their citizens, within the environmental limits of the planet.   在全球环境的限制下,世界上1个国家哪里为市民提供的生活最为幸福长乐呢——就由这张地图来告诉你   The map was compiled by the relocation website Movehub, using data from the latest Happy Planet Index (HPI) - a global measure of sustainable wellbeing.   通过收集最新的地球快乐指数(简称HPI,全球可持续幸福程度)搬家网站Movehub编辑发布了这张地图   The HPI claims it 'measures what matters', rather than wealth: the extent to which countries deliver long, happy, sustainable lives the people that live in them.   地球快乐指数比起富有,更注重在一定程度上哪个国家能为居民提供更为长久的幸福生活   The happiest nations   And the results may surprise you, with Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam topping the league. The UK features at position - higher than Germany (7), Spain (6), Canada (65), Australia (76) and the US (1).   结论会让你大吃一惊哦,哥斯达黎加、哥伦比亚和越南位居前三英国排名第,比排名7的德国,排名6的西班牙,排名65的加拿大,排名76的澳大利亚和排名1的美国都要前   The happiness of other nations   The HPI (Happy Planet Index) puts at the heart the idea that happiness is not necessarily about wealth, but living long lives with a high experience of well-being. The idea is that if a country had to be completely self-sufficient, most of the developed world would be unable to do that (without losing a lot of its population first).The reason some high-income nations to score significantly below other nations is the ecological footprint left on the planet.   地球快乐指数的核心理念是:幸福和财富的多少没有必然联系,而是长时间的幸福体验理念认为,如果标准是一个国家必须自给自足,那么大多数发达国家将做不到这一点(首先在不流失一大部分人口的情况下)一些高收入国家的指数之所以比其他国家低是输在了生态足迹一值上   HPI of Europe   Each of the three component measures – life expectancy, the level of well-being experienced and ecological footprint – is given a traffic-light score based on thresholds good (green), middling (amber) and bad (red) permance.   标准有三个部分构成测定——寿命,幸福水平值和生态足迹,他们共同决定了最后呈现的红绿灯式的临界值,结果表现为好(绿色),中(琥珀色)和差(红色)   HPI of Asia and the Middle East   The map also doesn't take into internal inequality measures and human rights issues which is why some countries like Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia feature so highly.   地图不考虑内部不平等问题和人权问题,这也是为什么像叙利亚、伊拉克还有沙特阿拉伯这些国家的指数能这么高   HPI of South Africa   South America has several countries where residents are happy, the report claims. Four of the top five happiest places are here - with Costa Rica coming top, followed by Colombia (third), Belize (fourth) and El Salvador (fifth).   报告显示南非几个国家的居民都活的很开心四个位居前五的国家都在这——哥斯达黎加位居榜首,其次是哥伦比亚(排名第三),伯利兹(排名第四)和塞尔瓦多(排名第五)郴州东方医院网上咨询 8岁俄罗斯演员与年仅岁的女友喜结良缘,两人相差60岁 -- 18::18 来源: 俄罗斯著名演员上演爷孙恋:在8高龄与比自己小60岁的女友组建家庭,之前已有3任妻子,6个孩子,已是3个孩子的祖父 An 8-year-old Russian actor famous more than 0 roles in Soviet and Russian films has announced he plans to start a family with his new wife who is 60 years his junior.曾出演前苏联以及俄罗斯电影,塑造超过0个角色的著名俄罗斯男演员,在今年8岁时宣布将与比自己小60岁的女友组建新家庭Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his -year-old fiancée Natalia Shevel, a mer student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family yesterday in St Petersburg.传奇的俄罗斯演员伊万·科拉斯科将迎娶岁的娇妻娜塔莉,她曾是伊万的学生他们昨日在圣彼得堡低调举行了婚礼,婚礼只邀请了家人及好友Despite criticism from many, the pair described their relationship in an interview with Russian media as a ’match made in heaven’.尽管两人的结合受到不少非议,但二人在一次俄罗斯媒体的采访中说到两人是天作之合They met while the father-of-six was teaching fine art at St Petersburg Institute of Liberal Education and Ms Shevel, one of his students, began writing him poetry which he said had made a ’huge impression’ on him.两人相识时伊万正在圣彼得堡自由教育学院教艺术,当时伊万已经是六个孩子的父亲而娜塔莉,作为他的学生,开始给他写一些诗歌,据伊万回忆,这让他印象深刻The actor, who has been married three times bee toy younger wives, said: ’As a result of her words, I started to feel like a man in a way that I thought had long since vanished. But it was like being rebooted, and something which was missing returned.’伊万之前已经有三任妻子,对于现在的娇妻,他说道:“在于她的相处过程中,我开始感觉到自己是一个男人,而这种感觉我已经很久都没有感受到了那种感觉就像重新启动了一样,就像消失的东西又重新回来了一样”In the interview shortly bee the ceremony the pair said they feel they cannot spend a single day apart and are living together in the actor’s apartment in central Moscow.婚礼不久前,这对新人接受了采访在采访中,他们说到他们现在一起住在伊万位于莫斯科中心的公寓,他们每天都在一起Mr Krasko, who will turn 85 in two weeks, added that the relationship prior to their marriage remained platonic, but he now hopes they will have a family together as they ’both wanted children’ and that there was a mutual attraction between them both.再过两周,伊万就85岁了,他说道随着婚礼的举行,他们之间柏拉图式的恋爱也就结束了,他们都喜欢孩子,他希望他们能一起组建家庭,这也可以加深他们之间的关系The grandfather-of-three said: ’Naturally she has some worries about the future, but me this is an exciting new time in my life.’伊万已经是三个孩子的祖父,他说:“娜塔莉对于未来仍有许多担忧,但对于我来说,这是人生的新起点,我很高兴”He said he had not yet met her family, although she had been introduced to his sons.他说现在他还没有见过娜塔莉的家人,娜塔莉已经见过自己的儿子们The actor proposed by getting down on one knee on the St Petersburg metro and presenting Ms Shevel with a diamond ring.他们的求婚是在圣彼得堡地铁里,伊万单膝跪地,手捧钻戒The very next day the couple then went to register an application to become married.就在第二天,这对新人注册结婚Mr Krasko added one of the first things his sons asked him was who was going to get the family’s country estate, but he had assured them that nothing in his will would be changed.伊万又说到他的儿子们问起的第一件事是谁将得到他的财产,他和他们保到将来他的遗嘱不会有任何变化When a journalist implied the marriage was simply a publicity stunt by the young woman to shortcut the usual career ladder by linking herself with a famous fiance, Mr Krasko rejected the idea.一位记者暗指这场婚姻只是年轻的娜塔莉想通过嫁个名人而出名的手段而已,但伊万否定了这种猜测He said that it was a fact that she was currently unemployed but added he would not be attempting to boost her career saying: ’An actor is always best off when they work on their name and by creating their brand on their own.’他解释道娜塔莉确实现在没有工作,但是自己并不准备帮助她的事业,他说:“只有以自己的名义努力工作,并且打造出自己的品牌,才能成功”The couple said they wanted a quiet wedding with and had only invited close relatives and friends.这对新人说到他们的婚礼希望低调,只邀请了一些好友郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健看男科好吗

郴州宜章县人民医院妇幼保健治疗性功能障碍多少钱《那兔为什么这么火? -- :53:59 来源: 由林超创作的《那兔在网上几乎掀起了一股风暴,漫画的点击量达到了亿次 Focusing on a major event in China’s modern history and the development of military technology, That Bunny is an online comic that began serialization back in . Even though the comic featured simple doodle-like art and a plot that jumped around, the comic series has earned a total of 1 billion views all told, while the cartoon version of the series available online has reached 50 million views per episode.《那兔是从年开始连载的漫画,它聚焦于中国现代史上的大事件和军事科技上的大成就尽管这部漫画的画风很简单,像涂鸦一样,而且故事情节跳跃性也很强,但是这部漫画的观看率已经达到了亿次而《那兔动画版在线收视率每集都在5000万次以上The series’ use of cute animal characters to represent different political powers is one of its major draws.用非常Q版的动物角色来代表不同的政治力量是《那兔的主要特色之一 example, when it came to depicting the Geneva Conference (April 6 - July , 195), a Chinese bunny and a US eagle spit and throw bricks at each other in order to represent the heated negotiations that took place between the two countries at the time.例如,当描述日内瓦会议(195年月6日到7月日之间举行)的时候,《那兔描绘了中国兔酱和美国鹰酱互打口水仗、互相扔砖块的情景,以此来代表当时两国之间发生的激烈争论This caricaturistic representation has helped turn netizens on to history.这种漫画化的处理使得网民能够了解这一段历史Ni Guang Fei Xing’s real name is Lin Chao. He also goes by the nickname Ma She, a type of snake native to southern China. Lin explained that he got this nickname because, just like the snake, he is not attractive and lacks any distinctive features.《那兔的作者逆光飞行原名林超,绰号麻蛇(中国南方的一种蛇)林超解释是他之所以得到这个绰号是因为,就像麻蛇一样,他本人并不甩、而且没有任何鲜明的特点Lin didn’t actually set out to be a comic strip author.林超实际上并不是一个专职漫画作家Like many children, Lin was a huge fan of military aircraft as a child, and loved putting military models together or chatting on military ums as he got older.就像许多小孩一样,林超小时候也是军机的铁粉,喜欢组装军事武器模型,等他长大后就喜欢泡在军事论坛里According to him, it was a post in one of these ums, in which he jokingly recounted some historical events, that inspired him to create That Bunny.据林超透露,他创造《那兔的灵感就是在一个军事论坛的帖子里找到的,当时他以玩笑的口吻叙述了一些历史事件Although he is now a famous comic book author, Lin said he thinks his ability to draw is actually on a par with that of a kindergartner.尽管现在林超是一位知名漫画作家,但是他认为自己的绘画能力和小孩子差不多Although a few people complain about the doodle-like nature of his drawings when he uploaded his first comic to a military um, Lin received lots of followers asking him to make more. He even attracted the attention of an expert on military history, who later helped him with explanations and fact checking, as well as provided more material that Lin could write about林超把他的第一份漫画上传到了一个军事论坛里,尽管当时有很多人吐槽他涂鸦一样的画风,但是还是有很多人成为了林超的粉丝,还要求他多画一点林超的漫画甚至引起了一位军事历史专家的注意,这位专家后来在史实解释和事实检查方面给了林超帮助,还给林超提供了更多可以用来创作的材料So far, the Baidu Tieba um That Bunny has nearly 750,000 members who gather and talk about the comic. The same fervor can be seen on Sina Weibo, where netizens post how they were moved by Lin’s work, urge him to come out with new issues and further discuss the history of the events depicted in the series.到目前为止,百度《那兔吧的成员差不多有75万多,他们经常聚在一起讨论这部漫画在新浪微上同样掀起了一股《那兔的热潮,网友们纷纷发文说林超的漫画让他们深受感动,还鼓励林超创作一些新作品,进一步讨论他作品中提到了那些历史事件"It is like a keyhole that connects reality to another world. Once you take a little glance, you never want to leave," Shi Kejian, a big That Bunny fan, posted on Sina Weibo.《那兔铁粉石克建(音)在新浪微上发文说道:“这部漫画就好像是一个钥匙孔,连接了现实和另外一个世界一旦你瞥上一眼,你就绝不会再想离开”The comic is not only popular among China’s younger generations, people in their 0s and older also follow it.在中国,《那兔并不只在年轻一代中受欢迎,0多岁或者年纪更大的人也很喜欢这部漫画Netizen Wo Shan posted: "I used to think comics were childish, but I was absorbed by That Bunny. The history represented in the comic is what moves me the most."网友我闪说道:“我曾经认为漫画是给小孩看的东西,但是我被《那兔完全吸引住了这部漫画里描述的历史最让我感动”Currently, Lin is still updating his comic, while the third season of the cartoon is being planned.目前,林超仍然在更新漫画,而且正在计划制作《那兔动画版第三季Focusing on producing new content and operating his brand, Lin hopes younger Chinese can learn more about the nation’s heroes and devote more energy to its prosperity and development.林超目前正在努力创作新内容,并且经营他自己的品牌林超还希望中国年轻人能够了解更多关于国家英雄的事迹,并且将更多的精力投入到祖国的繁荣和发展中去"I hope that when I’m 60, I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I recall this interesting thing that I did that was so welcomed by people," Lin said.林超说道:“我希望等我到了60岁,当我回想起我创作的这件有趣的作品受到了这么多人欢迎的时候,我能感觉到一种成就感” 俄罗斯运动员药检复检再爆丑闻 --6 :37:9 来源: 最近有31位参加过北京奥运会的运动员的药检复检结果呈阳性近日,又有位参加过北京奥运会的俄罗斯运动员没有通过药检复检里约奥运会临近,体坛一再爆发兴奋剂丑闻The Russian Olympic Committee has said of its athletes at the Beijing Olympics tested positive doping during re-tests of their samples.俄罗斯奥委会表示,有位参加过年北京奥运会的运动员的兴奋剂复检结果呈阳性Sports minister Vitaly Mutko said the news of the positive tests ;certainly doesnrsquo;t look good;.俄罗斯体育部部长Vitaly Mutko表示,复检结果为阳性的消息;看上去显然很糟糕;But speaking to B sports editor Dan Roan in Moscow, Mr Mutko said the results were ;not an objective picture; of Russiarsquo;s doping situation.然而他在莫斯科接受B体育板块编辑Dan Roan的采访时认为这样的结果无法反应俄罗斯反兴奋剂工作的;客观现状;The countryrsquo;s athletes are currently banned from international competition.目前俄罗斯的田径运动员已遭到禁止参加国际比赛的处罚In a statement (in Russian), it said it had received the inmation in ;official documents; from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).俄罗斯在一则声明中表示禁赛的信息出自国际奥委会发来的;官方文件;The IOC earlier said up to 31 athletes could be banned from the Rio Games.国际奥委会此前表示有多达31名运动员将不得参加里约奥运会The Russian Athletics Federation said any athlete found to have used doping in previous years would not go to Rio.而俄罗斯田径协会称凡兴奋剂检测为阳性的运动员将不准前往里约It said it took ;such a tough decision; in order to do everything possible that only ;clean athletes; could take part at the 5-1 August event.该协会表示做出;如此艰难的决定;是为保参加里约奥运会的田径运动员都是;清清白白的;Mr Mutko told B Sport: ;Take into the fact the Russian national team is the second biggest after the USA - so this doesnrsquo;t give an objective picture of the doping situation in Russia.;Mutko在接受B体育频道的采访时称:;考虑到俄罗斯队是仅次于美国队的第二大代表队,眼下的问题并不能客观地反映俄罗斯反兴奋剂工作的现状 ;But asked if he expected Russian athletes to go to Rio when a final decision is made by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), expected on June, the minister replied: ;The IAAF is also to blame - they partly covered [up] the Russian athletes who were doping and their task is not to punish, not to sanction.国际田径联合会有望于6月日对此事做出终审裁决当问及是否希望看到本国田径运动员出现在里约的赛场上时,Mutko是这样回答的:;国际田径联合会难辞其咎,用兴奋剂的俄罗斯运动员遭到了禁赛,而他们的任务本不应是惩罚和制裁;;The priority them must be the development of track and field worldwide and you cannot achieve that with punishment. It would be useless.;他们工作的重点应该是在全球范围内发展田径运动,这靠惩罚是完不成的,惩罚起不到丝毫作用;;It damages hugely the reputation and image of track and field. It would decrease the popularity of the sport in Russia. Kids would not want to do track and field.;;这样的事件大大伤害了田径运动的名声和形象俄罗斯从事田径运动的人数将大大下滑,孩子们都不愿意参加田径运动了;Mr Mutko said if Russia was banned it would be ;a huge disappointment.;Mutko称倘若俄罗斯遭到禁赛,会;令人非常非常地失望;The Russian Olympic Committee said it would not name athletes from three sports disciplines until their B samples had been checked and official disciplinary proceedings had started.俄罗斯奥委会表示,待B样本检测完成,官方纪律处分程序启动后,才会公布这位参加三个不同项目的运动员的姓名However, Russiarsquo;s Match TV revealed the names, saying they included Olympic medallists.然而俄罗斯Match电视台却对名单提前进行了曝光,称其中有位曾站上过奥运会领奖台It said that among them were Yulia Chermoshanskaya, who won gold in the x0m relay team, silver medallist javelin thrower Maria Abakumova and Anna Chicherova, who won bronze in the high jump.其中有获得times;0米接力冠军的Yulia Chermoshanskaya,获得标比赛亚军的 Maria Abakumova和获得跳高比赛季军的 Anna ChicherovaChicherova was also the gold medallist in London .Chicherova在年伦敦奥运会上摘得金牌Last week, the IOC announced that 5 selected doping samples from the Games had been re-tested.上周国际奥委会宣布,5位参加过北京奥运会的运动员的体液样本将接受复检The IOC said the re-tests were conducted using the very latest methods of scientific analysis.复检所采用的将是最新的科学分析方法Earlier this month, a whistleblower alleged Russian secret service agents helped to protect drug cheats at the Sochi Olympics, although the Russian authorities denied the claims.本月初,有人检举俄罗斯情报部门曾协助本国运动员在年索契冬奥会药检中作假,俄罗斯当局对此予以否认The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) is now investigating those allegations and has appointed mer Interpol agent and French Gendarmerie Major Mathieu Holz to lead the inquiry.世界反兴奋剂组织正在对此展开调查,并已任命曾担任过国际刑警组织代理人和法国警察局局长的Mathieu Holz为此次调查行动的负责人郴州市妇幼保健院医院看男科好吗郴州哪里治疗生殖器疱疹最好



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