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Jiayuguan fortress was considered嘉峪关的城堡被认为是to be the last outpost of Chinese civilization中国文明最后的前哨Beyond this point, lays utter desolation从这一点往更远处 坐落着绝对的荒漠China#39;s largest desert, the Taklamakan lies out here中国最大的沙漠——塔克拉玛干 坐落于此Its name has been translated as它的名字被翻译成you go in, and you never come out有去无回This is a place of intense heat这是一个酷热的地方abrasive wind blown sand烈风吹舞着狂沙Totally hostile to life完全与生命作对Yet, there wasn#39;t a route through the desert虽然有足够勇敢的人们为之冒生命危险for those brave enough to risk their lives for it但至今仍然没有穿过沙漠的明确路线People were lured into the horrors of the deserts人们为沙漠的恐惧所诱惑because the Chinese had a secret so powerful是因为中国有一个如此强大的that it changed the course of history以至于可以改变历史历程的秘密The key to that secret lies in the distant past那个秘密的埋藏在遥远的过去Legend has it传说at around 5000 years ago在五千年前a princess was walking in her garden一位公主在她的花园中漫步when something unusual fell into her teacup突然有样不寻常的东西掉进茶杯中A magical th was extracted一种神奇的纤维从中抽了出来and it became more prized than gold or jade它比黄金或珠宝更加贵重The th, was silk这种纤维 就是丝Incredibly, such a beautiful substance and all the history behind it这些渺小虫子育了无数come from a humble little insect美丽丝线和引人入胜的传奇故事the silkworm它就是蚕Silk moths lay several hundred eggs蚕蛾每次产下数百个卵and the tiny caterpillars that emerge而孵化后的小蚁蚕eat nothing but mulberry leaves只以桑叶为食 /201208/197021。

Z4xDzs(D%Z5W;7SCs@MASiXMHW.pt*S8EwnCaMlFp2YMakeup artist Lisa Glassock Shows VideoJug users how to make your lips look bigger. Using the tricks of the trade, follow these tips and get fuller lips without the surgery and get the look you#39;ve always dreamed of.^tT2u.gMh9g**wEdq!%化妆师丽莎#8226;格拉斯科在VideoJug教你如何让嘴唇看起来更大Gaf7W-h[Z1F。利用这一行业的窍门,学习这些技巧,让嘴唇不用手术即可得到一直梦想以来的效果UTrVCJ*F^%7aa^Zn。x@Td824k41+_7Vo*CS2pppZcun;#oJ+M2Nzl1 Article/201205/180804。

Don#39;t discard that boring old jacket just yet. Take this advice to spruce it up and add a fresh look.不要丢弃那件让你厌倦了的旧外套。采纳我们的建议,将你的外套装饰一下,焕发出新的感觉。Step 1 Add color1.增添色Add color with a fun scarf and gloves. Many winter coats are boring black or brown and need a punch of color to brighten up those gloomy days.搭配比较有趣味的围巾或手套。许多冬天的外套都是枯燥的黑色或棕色,需要增添鲜艳的色来为那些阴暗的日子增添一抹亮光。Look for a scarf and gloves set so they#39;re guaranteed to match.可以购买配套的围巾和手套,这样看上去搭配更加协调。Step 2 Carry an umbrella2.携带雨伞Carry a coordinating umbrella. Pop it up when weather permits to display a shield of color.携带一把色比较协调的雨伞。天气允许的情况下撑开雨伞,展现出多样的色。Step 3 Embellish with jewelry3.用珠宝装饰Embellish your coat with some jewelry. Add a little bling with a vintage broach.用一些珠宝装饰外套。可以用一枚胸针增加一些珠光宝气。Step 4 Wear a hat4.戴帽子Wear a knitted hat if your coat does not come with a hood. It will keep you warm while giving you a great look.如果你的外套是没有帽子的,可以戴一顶毛线帽,不仅可以保暖,还可以让你看上去焕然一新。Step 5 Focus on the feet5.双脚Focus on your feet. Add a pair of trendy boots to complete your look and keep your feet as warm as your body.注意一下双脚。穿一双时髦的靴子,让你的整体形象更加完善,同时让你的双脚像身体一样暖。Waterproof your boots to keep your feet dry and your boots free of stains.选择一双防水的靴子,保持双脚干燥,同时要保靴子一尘不染。Step 6 Sport a bag6.搭配手袋Sport a stylish bag, purse, or briefcase that not only complements your coat but also carries your shoes that you will need to slip on when you arrive at your final destination.搭配一款时尚的手袋,钱包或公文包,不仅可以搭配外套,还可以装进到达最终目的地之后要换的鞋子。Step 7 Alter your coat7.修改外套Alter your out-of-date coat to update the look. Shorten the sleeves to a three-quarter style or bring up the hem. Change the buttons or add a faux fur collar for a fresh look. Now you can go outside and know you look good!将过时的外套修改一下,改头换面。将袖子剪成四分之三短袖的样式,或者镶一下滚边。换一下扣子,或者加上人造毛领。现在,你可以穿上你的外套美美地出门了!The record for the world#39;s longest scarf as of 2010 is held by a group of Welsh knitters who knitted the 33-mile-long scarf in 2005.2010年之前,世界上最长的围巾是由威尔士一些编织者在2005年编织的,围巾长大33英里。 Article/201301/218259。

哈尔滨国际冰雕赛盛大开幕 Article/201301/220063。

This film will help you lose weight quickly! 这个小短片将教你快速减肥的秘诀!Step 1: Drink lots of pure or distilled water 第一步:喝大量的纯净水或蒸馏水 Step 2: Eat less than 1500mg of salt 第二步:吃不到1500毫克的盐 Step 3: Limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat by going on a high protein diet 第三步:限制你高蛋白饮食中摄入的碳水化合物的数量 Article/201203/173654。

【视频欣赏】How To Find Your Personal Style on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Everywhere you look there are clues to your personal style. You just need to do a little style-sleuthing.You Will NeedArt evaluation Repeating themes List of favorite shops Favorite hotel Favorite room 1 odd piece Step 1: Look at art(观察一下你身边的艺术品)Look at the art on your walls; this is probably the best representation of your style. Abstract prints? You like modern design. A flea market painting? Your style’s eclectic.Step 2: Look for repeats(统计一下自己身边经常会出现的艺术品的类)Look for repeating colors, textures, shapes, and styles around your house and in your wardrobe that can tell you a lot about the things you frequently purchase, and therefore, your style favorites.Step 3: List favorite shops(找出自己最喜欢的商店)List the shops you go to most often — even if you just go to browse. Whether it’s a flea market, a hip downtown boutique, or your parents’ basement, where you shop represents your style.Step 4: Use your favorite hotel(看看自己最喜欢的旅馆的类型)Use your favorite hotel to tell you about your style. Whether you prefer a rustic bed and breakfast or a sleek, downtown high-rise, that hotel’s clear design style is a tipoff to your own.Step 5: Look at favorite room(看看你最喜欢的居室的类型)Look at the design of your favorite room in the house. Chances are, it’s your style, so feel free to repeat it in the rest of the house.Step 6: Don't ignore the odd(不要忘记那些你很少会买的不同的东西)Don’t ignore that one odd piece that is different from anything else in the room. It may just hold the key to your true style.One-time Vogue editor-in-chief Edna W. Chase said, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Article/201005/104081。

kTQM34Sq;+JsWsP7%(|NpnB2Aqz@j0yYo|YrNxc7JTEXT:Rolfe marries the daughter of the king of the Powhatan Empire.Her name becomes legend:Pocahontas. In England, Rolfe makes her a celebrity when her face is put on a portrait t hat sells all over London, advertising life in the New World.Shakespeare mentions the colony. England#39;s rich invest money here. All of London knows about this land of plenty. Within two years, tobacco grows in every garden. From a living hell, Jamestown is America#39;s first boomtown. Two years later, nearly 1,000 more settlers arrive, including 19 from West Africa. Slaves. But some go on to own their own land in Virginia. 12 years after the founding of Jamestown, Africans were playing a shaping role in the creation of the colonies. That#39;s pretty incredible. 30 years later, there are over 20,000 settlers in Virginia. America is founded on tobacco. For the next century and a half, it#39;s the continent#39;s largest export.Ten years after Rolfe arrives in Jamestown, another group of English settlers lands in North America. They come ashore on a deserted beach 450 miles up the coast from Jamestown, and call the place Plymouth, after the English port they sailed from. These are a different breed of settler, a group of religious dissidents with faith at the center of their lives. They made the dangerous Atlantic crossing, seeking religious freedom in the New World.24-year -old apprentice printer Edward Winslow arrives with a group of religious sectarians on a boat called the Mayflower.By April 1621, their settlement is taking shape. The Mayflower returns to England.BAX|aAc+%zB4(J8译文:罗尔夫娶了波瓦坦部落联盟首领的女儿,她的名字已成为传奇--波卡洪塔斯2Va@sJt_,efwy-I;p@m。罗尔夫使她在英国家喻户晓,她的肖像被当做新世界生活的广告~2l9GZbph。在整个伦敦热卖,莎士比亚在作品中提起过殖民地tQDj^-,sGB1Eqovwcth。英国的有钱人都往这里投资,所有的伦敦人都知道这片富饶的土地Sc)X-3j!.F。在两年内,烟草进入了千家万户的菜园,jbMMHLmT~。詹姆斯敦由人间地狱变成了美国第一座兴旺之城Y[KhC[y3gb。两年后 又有近一千名移民来到了这里,其中的19人来自非洲西部,奴隶C(|oOrPAxBm。但其中一些人后来在弗吉尼亚有了自己的土地%LHmQky4]lF|(M2KWKXX。小亨利·路易斯·盖茨[哈佛大学非洲和非裔美国人研究所所长]:“在詹姆斯敦建立12年后,黑人在殖民地的形成过程中起到了重要作用,这一点非常惊人”Vg@UOTF7sO。30年后,弗吉尼亚的移民超过了两万人,可以说没有烟草就没有美国xSI@CKdp^DgO9Om]aY(U。在接下来的一个半世纪里,它一直是这块大陆最主要的出口产品-_2hPlORs6。在罗尔夫抵达詹姆斯敦的十年后,又有一批英国移民登上了北美大陆,他们在一处荒凉的海滩靠岸,这里距詹姆斯敦的海岸有450英里,他们把此地命名为;普利茅斯;以纪念他们起航的英国港口!MQk%l.L37eied。他们是移民大潮里的另一朵浪花,一群被视为宗教异端,但信仰虔诚的人M6NcGy1,G%。他们成功横渡了危险的大西洋,希望能在新世界找到信仰自由Rh5,osRu1u%gQ]N2!1。24岁的印刷学徒爱德华·温斯洛是和一群清教徒一起乘坐;五月花号;来到这里的Qm^ipteKb.(4GlnMI。1621年4月,他们的殖民地逐渐成型,;五月花号;返航英国7Tp,v,,ErIJEUPkV#。Ess,~8PlJZG)13bpMAB5hW4PHl1Y《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景l#C1#E6yoQU9XLozd2背景知识:约翰·罗尔夫和烟草的故事(下)WXr|osgzFcJ.mQx重要联姻1614年春天,罗尔夫与波瓦坦部落首领“最亲爱的女儿”宝嘉康蒂举行了婚礼,宝嘉康蒂系被绑架到詹姆斯敦的pxegtaQt)Ur.。最初,绑架者要求波瓦坦部落以英国战俘和武器来交换宝嘉康蒂f%y.55o2L4Z。但交易未果,宝嘉康蒂被带到殖民地恩里科.JA|R@FstHCA。在那里她学会了英语,改信基督教,并更名为“丽贝卡”D9,RxvMF#ro[T。大概就是在那时,她走进了罗尔夫的生活DPa5^8x,G04。罗尔夫与宝嘉康蒂的这桩婚姻使殖民者与印第安人保持了长时间和平共处,为殖民者开发和扩大殖民地创造了有利条件wB%;14Kn56pK|s@。与宝嘉康蒂结婚后,罗尔夫住在流经亨利克的詹姆斯河对岸的烟草农场里m8es.@cBZLCCY[。因为自认为这次的结合体现了“多样性”(Variety),罗尔夫把他经营的农场命名为“瓦里纳”(Varina)!6aLoA3_HyVFF!6P。在瓦里纳农场,宝嘉康蒂也经常与她的丈夫在烟田中并肩劳作QStSiUD0|I0%。1615年,她生下了儿子——托马斯83Y8~JCehWH9_L@zq。两年后,在去英国的家庭旅行中,宝嘉康蒂染病去世Yjc3rUfLA+lKpZ+2e(。伤心欲绝的罗尔夫把托马斯留在英国接受教育,独自一人返回了其在弗吉尼亚州的家SJgBbdmU#8WT。此后,他再未能见托马斯一眼goPUqz8Tfx7UHh[iai。后来,重返“百慕大一百”种植园栽种烟草的罗尔夫再婚了,妻子为他生了一个女儿)-HvuQg-t5843。1622年,印第安大屠杀席卷亨利克,同年罗尔夫去世BxO!X,|](cTB+3]9o2。无从考罗尔夫是否死于这场大屠杀,但有据表明此前他已生了病,并于前一年立下遗嘱cjp%y1Ge)D,@。罗尔夫去世10余年后,20岁的托马斯返回弗吉尼亚,继承了罗尔夫的土地B73u1Ds)vY。“救世主”2000年5月,为了宣传罗尔夫和亨利克在烟草产业发展历程中的地位,菲莫美国调派500名员工参与建设亨利克斯历史公园的第一条步行道和展览区[ctJB.8Xn6ru8]^TRChy。如今,在奥驰亚集团的资助下,约翰·罗尔夫农场开始向游客展示当年用于烟叶生产的仓库和烟田qoLcGUp#PPP)i-Z8pL。在烟田里,林赛·格雷他们使用17世纪的工具和方法劳作,展示罗尔夫种植烟草的方式l5+@^fg;pQjeaM|。作为一个在自己所处时代不甚为人知的人,罗尔夫生前似乎并未意识到他在培育一种重要经济作物中所扮演的角色cNPW(K]IF9G3@DEW,W。但毫无疑问,如果他能预知,一定会为自己培育的烟草被推崇到如此地位而感到欣慰,l)n6)]Cy9wdrKH。尽管罗尔夫的作物并未向弗吉尼亚公司的投资者提供其一直寻找的快速发财方案,但烟草种植确实为这家公司提供了足够的利润0]CsBIEfD2iI4*1。“这并非快速积累财富,但它很稳定!%6hB*x+9*]7L6~A]l)。”格雷说,当时吸烟正成为人们的一种习惯0b_Q5w]QL]kX#nTu。因烟草售价较低,吸烟是一种并不奢侈的嗜好HbT2Mv6S.)oss.j[yno。比较可知,此前十年,殖民地的商业利润缩小到近乎为零,移民人口亦是如此7l%KT7H4-iuZdPwu]x。但随着17世纪20年代烟草生产的发展,移民的数量达到了峰值lIHjekV5YX704W7。在新的殖民浪潮中,新来的殖民者在弗吉尼亚河流上下游的低洼地带不断开拓,带来了人口数量的迅速增长,最终将弗吉尼亚经济从衰退的边缘拉了回来3jj-~_[jmHn。这正如格雷所说:“烟草是弗吉尼经济的救世主0jp.dN1F[Gw^!FB[,qG。”(下期讲述美国史《“五月花号”与感恩节》)6RomLLQFRW8wta+_s~27a)rX8r2Q+@;.(9 /201207/189267。