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重庆爱德华女子医院阳痿早泄价格重庆男性哪家最好重庆爱德华切包皮用什么线 In 1980, the population of the People’s Republic of China numbered close to a billion, and most were among the poorest people on earth. China produced barely a third as much steel as the US. Thirty five years later, it makes more steel in six weeks than the US does in a year, and has engineered the greatest fall in poverty in world history. Set beside the arrival of China into the global economy, no event since the industrial revolution has had a greater impact — not the financial crisis, nor even the collapse of the Soviet Union.1980年,中华人民共和国人口接近10亿,其中大部分属于全球最贫困人群,钢产量勉强达到美国的三分之一。35年后的今天,中国6周的钢产量就比美国一年的还要多,并且实现了世界史上最大规模的减贫。工业革命以来,没有任何事件比中国融入全球经济更具影响力——金融危机、甚至苏联解体都无法与之匹敌。The Middle Kingdom is still — just — the world’s most populous country, but the number of its people that are of working age is on a downward trajectory. There is growing evidence of labour shortages, wages rising faster than productivity, and of the flow of migrant labour from the rural interior slowing sharply. Named for the Nobel Prize-winner Sir Arthur Lewis, countries that hit this Lewis Turning Point usually see economic growth fall. Handling lower growth will preoccupy China’s rulers in the decades to come, and provide the rest of the world with much to think about.“中央王国”如今依然是世界第一人口大国(不过与第二名的差距已非常小),但劳动年龄人口数量呈下降趋势。劳动力短缺、工资上涨快于生产率增长、以及内陆农村地区农民工外流大幅放缓的迹象越来越多。一个国家到达“刘易斯拐点”(Lewisian Turning Point)后,经济增长通常会减速。这个拐点是以诺贝尔奖得主阿瑟#8226;刘易斯爵士(Sir Arthur Lewis)的名字命名的。未来几十年,低增长将成为困扰中国统治者的主要问题,如何应对这个问题将为世界其余国家带来许多值得思考的东西。It is important not to exaggerate the significance of this turning point. While the sheer number of its people mesmerises the outside world, China has long been far more than a sweatshop. Closer examination shows a pattern of growth based more upon increased capital than labour, and by combining the two more cleverly. In recent years, investment has made up more than half of GDP, while the reforms launched by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s triggered a 30 year-long spurt of productivity growth.重要的是不应夸大这个拐点的影响。尽管中国庞大的人口数量令外界印象深刻,但这个国家早已彻底摆脱血汗工厂的身份。更仔细的研究显示,中国的增长模式更多基于资本(而非劳动力)的增加、以及资本与劳动力更巧妙的结合。近年来,投资对中国国内生产总值(GDP)的贡献超过一半,而邓小平上世纪70年代启动的改革,引发了一场长达30年的生产率井喷式增长。The cheap goods churning out of Chinese factories were a boon to the developed world, helping to bring about a long spell of non-inflationary growth. There is no need to fear the loss of this tailwind; India alone could add three times more people to its workforce than China will lose, and other countries such as Nigeria and Bangladesh are on a similar upswing. The challenge is for such countries to upgrade their infrastructure, improve their business environment, and thereby come to compete effectively for the business.中国工厂大量生产出来的廉价商品曾造福发达世界,帮助后者实现了较长时期的无通胀增长。担心这种福利消失是没有必要的;仅印度一国的劳动力增加量,可能就三倍于中国的劳动力减少量,而尼日利亚和孟加拉国等国家也将出现类似的劳动力大幅增长。这些国家面临的挑战在于升级基础设施、改善营商环境、从而能在争取业务时进行有效的竞争。As much as to adapt to this demographic slowdown, China’s task is to wean itself away from a risky overreliance on investment. Its incremental capital output ratio, the GDP eked from each extra unit of capital, has deteriorated, and will be further undermined by rising wages. Shifting investment away from construction and towards productivity-enhancing machinery is one way forward; by 2017, China is forecast to have more robots installed in its manufacturing plants than any other country.与适应这种人口变化趋势同样重要的是,中国须摆脱危险的、对投资的过分依赖。中国的增量资本产出率(衡量每增加一单位资本能产生多少GDP)已经恶化,而且会因工资日益上涨进一步变糟。一条出路是,减少对建筑业的投资,增加对能提高生产率的机械设备的投资;到2017年,中国工厂中的机器人装机量预计将超过其他任何国家。But even better is for Beijing to push through structural reforms, such as subjecting more state-owned enterprises to market discipline and liberalising the financial sector. This last reform also ought to help encourage ordinary Chinese consumers to open their wallets, thereby rebalancing growth towards household spending.但更好的出路是,中国政府推进结构性改革,比如让更多国企接受市场的约束和放开金融业。这场最新的改革还应该有助于鼓励普通中国消费者打开钱包,从而增加居民消费所占的比重、让经济增长恢复平衡。China’s leaders have never been complacent about the country’s growth prospects, even as rivals remain daunted. Somehow they need to provide higher living standards, clean up their polluted cities and husband a water supply shrinking to dangerously low levels. There is a reason that international busybodies like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank clamour tirelessly for more structural reform: in the end economic growth comes down to producing more from less. The past 30 years are proof that China can pull it off. The dwindling number of workers in China will not so much change the agenda as reinforce it.尽管中国的增长前景依然让竞争对手自叹不如,但中国领导人从未因此自满过。他们需要设法提供更高的生活水平、清除城市污染、节约正萎缩至危险水平的水资源。国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界(World Bank)等国际组织不知疲倦地大声呼吁加大结构性改革是有道理的:经济增长归根结底要靠用更少的资源生产出更多东西。中国用过去30年明了自己能够做到这点。劳动年龄人口减少不会改变这个议程,只会进一步强化它。 /201505/375098重庆男科必尿

重庆人民妇幼保健中医院看前列腺炎好吗The decline in China’s housing sector continued in September, with prices for new homes falling in all but one of 70 major cities surveyed.今年9月份,中国房地产行业的下滑势头仍在延续。在统计覆盖的70个城市中,有69个城市的新建商品住宅价格出现下降。The National Bureau of Statistics said that prices for new homes fell by up to 1.9% in the cities surveyed, with drops of 0.7% in Beijing and 0.9% in Shanghai. Prices for existing homes fell in all 70 cities, with drops of between 0.5% and 2.0%.据中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)称,受访城市中,新建商品住宅价格最大环比降幅为1.9%,其中北京和上海环比跌幅分别为0.7%和0.9%。与上月相比,70个受访城市的二手住宅价格环比全部下降,最小降幅为0.5%,最大降幅为2.0%。The figures suggest that recent measures by the People’s Bank of China to support the market haven’t succeeded in turning it round, at least yet. The central bank recently cut downpayment requirements for those buying a second property to 30% from over 60%, the same level as first-time buyers enjoy.这些数字表明,最近中国央行推出的救市措施至少到目前还未能成功地扭转房地产市场的颓势。近期,中国人民(People’s Bank of China)将居民第二套住房首付比例要求从60%以上,下调至30%,执行与首套房房贷一样的首付比例要求。The numbers add to unease about the unwinding of a speculative bubble in the country’s real estate sector, which analysts fear may lead to a big rise in bad loans among its banks.最新房价数据加剧了围绕中国房地产市场去投机泡沫化进程的不安情绪。分析师们担心,泡沫破裂可能导致不良贷款大幅上升。China Construction Bank Corp CICHY 0.17% said Thursday bad loans rose to 1.13% of its total portfolio in the third quarter, from 1.04% at the end of the second quarter. While that’s still well below the level that analysts would consider stressed, the increase of 0.09% was faster than the 0.02% reported in the previous three months. Overall bad loans in the sector were at their highest in three years in June, according to the PBoC at 1.08%.中国建设股份有限公司(China Construction Bank Corp)上周四称,截至第三季度末,该行不良贷款率升至1.13%,高于第二季度末的1.04%。虽然这仍远低于分析师们眼中的警戒线水平,但0.09%的增幅比前三个月0.02%的增幅要迅猛。根据中国人民公布的数据,6月份业总体不良贷款率达到1.08%,为三年来最高水平。Analysts worry, however, that official data may not capture the full picture, as much of the credit to the real estate sector goes through the informal, or shadow, banking sector.但分析师们担心,官方数据可能没有反映房地产信贷的全貌,因为许多信贷来自非正规渠道或所谓的“影子”。New loans through such shadow banks have fallen sharply in recent months, as most regions struggle with excess supply after years of over-building.影子提供的新增贷款在近几个月大幅下滑,因为大部分地区经过多年的过度建设后均面临住房供给过剩的困局。A survey by China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in June said that more that 20% of homes in urban areas were actually vacant, while as of August, around 4 billion was owed on empty properties.中国西南财经大学(Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)6月份的一项调查报告显示,2013年中国城镇地区整体住房空置率超过20%,而截至今年8月份,空置住房占据了4.2万亿元(约6740亿美元)的住房贷款余额。In the last six weeks, the PBoC has injected an extra 0 billion in liquidity to the country’s largest banks in the form of three-month loans to ensure that a slowdown in the real estate sector doesn’t make credit markets seize up.在过去六周,中国央行已经通过向大型提供3个月期贷款的形式向业新注入了1000亿美元流动性,以确保地产业的放缓不会导致信贷市场冻结。The real estate slowdown has contributed to the economy’s overall growth rate falling to its slowest in five years. The government said earlier this week that gross domestic product grew only 7.3% year-on-year in the third quarter, short of the government’s 7.5% target.受房地产市场减速拖累,中国经济整体增速已经降至五年来最低水平。上周早些时候公布的最新官方数据显示,今年第三季度,中国国内生产总值(GDP)仅同比增长7.3%,低于政府7.5%的全年增速目标。 /201410/338841重庆市妇幼保健院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 重庆爱德华医院对慢性前列腺炎的治疗效果

重医附一院看男科好吗Chinese industrial action cost Cooper Tire m in the three months to September 30, the Ohio-based company reported, shedding rare light on the economic impact of a labour dispute in China.总部位于美国俄亥俄州的固铂轮胎(Cooper Tire)报告称,中国的劳工行动导致其在截至去年9月30日的3个月期间损失2900万美元。这也让人罕见地一瞥中国劳资纠纷的经济影响。While strikes are common across China, they typically occur at little-known suppliers. On those rare occasions when labour unrest disrupts operations at a large multinational, the impact on a global company’s overall operations is usually not material enough to force disclosure about a specific strike’s financial cost.中国各地尽管经常发生罢工,但通常发生在不知名的供应商中。少数发生在大型跨国公司中的劳工骚乱,对跨国公司整体运营的影响通常又不足以迫使其披露某一次罢工的财务成本。The seven-month industrial action at Cooper’s joint venture Chengshan Tire factory in Shandong province derailed a .4bn bid by Apollo Tyres for Cooper, in what would have been the largest Indian takeover of a US company. It also occurred at a facility that generates as much as one quarter of Cooper’s revenue and profit.发生在位于山东的固铂成山轮胎公司(Cooper Chengshan Tire,固铂旗下的合资公司)的这场为时7个月的罢工,让阿波罗轮胎公司(Apollo Tyres)对固铂24亿美元的收购计划告吹。该笔收购原本会是印度对美国企业规模最大的一笔收购。固铂有高达四分之一的营收和利润来自发生罢工的固铂成山。In a delayed third-quarter earnings report, Cooper said the strike had cost it m in reduced production and a further m in “manufacturing inefficiencies”. The company incurred a further m in expenses related to the failed transaction during the quarter.在这份延迟发布的三季度盈利报告中,固铂表示,罢工导致其因减产损失2200万美元,因“生产效率低下”进一步损失700万美元。固铂在该季度还产生了500万美元与收购交易失败有关的费用。The losses in Shandong contributed to a 25 per cent year-on-year fall in third-quarter sales, to 2m. Operating profit contracted almost 80 per cent compared with 2012, to m. Cooper reported a net loss of 8,000 for the July-September period, compared with a net profit of m a year earlier.受罢工事件的影响,固铂三季度销售额同比下跌25%,至8.32亿美元。营运利润比2012年缩水近80%,至2800万美元。在7-9月期间,固铂报告净亏损16.8万美元,而上年同期该公司报告净盈利7400万美元。Management and the workforce at Chengshan had opposed the proposed takeover by Apollo, arguing that it would saddle Cooper with too much debt.固铂成山的管理层和工人反对阿波罗的收购计划,称收购会让固铂背上太多债务。 /201403/278023 川北医学院附属医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱重庆爱德华男科咨询



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