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万州妇幼保健院不孕不育专家咨询重庆做人流最便宜的医院New Delhi — The last time Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ed States, he stood with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and declared, for some reason, “May the force be with you.” This month, when he meets the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Menlo Park, Calif., Indians hope their leader won’t yell, “Don’t be evil.”新德里——印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上一次访问美国时曾和“金刚狼”休·杰克曼(Hugh Jackman)同台,出于某种原因,他说了一句“愿原力与你同在”。本月,当他和Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在加州的门洛帕克市见面时,印度民众希望自己的领导人别喊出“不作恶”来。But if he does end up shouting Google’s motto in Facebook’s headquarters, some Indians would be pleased. For that is what they wish to tell Facebook.但如果他最后真的在Facebook总部说出这句谷歌(Google)格言,有一部分印度人会比较高兴。因为这正是他们想对Facebook说的。Mr. Modi wants every Indian to get online, and Mr. Zuckerberg has figured out a way to do this. But the Modi government has been under pressure from the minority of Indians who consume most of the nation’s bandwidth to pass legislation that would deny free Internet access to the poor.莫迪想让所有印度人都用上网络,扎克伯格想到了一个实现的方法。但莫迪政府受到来自少数印度民众的压力,这些人享用着印度大部分带宽,却想要通过一项不给穷人提供上网途径的法案。In February, Facebook and its partners introduced Internet.org in India, a diminished but free Internet for the more than 100 million mobile subscribers of Reliance Communications. More than 75 percent of Indians do not use or have access to the Internet, but almost every Indian has a mobile phone. So, millions of Indians now have access, in seven languages, to dozens of websites and applications, including B News, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook.今年2月,Facebook及其合作伙伴将Internet.org引入了印度,它可以让印度信实通信公司(Reliance Communications)的1亿手机用户享受到不完整但却完全免费的网络。超过75%印度人不上网或没有上网途径,但他们几乎人手一部手机。所以,现在有数百万印度人可以浏览几十种网站和应用,包括B新闻、Wikipedia,当然还有Facebook,这些务有七种语言可以选择。Internet.org would not have drawn much rage if not for something else that was going on. Weeks after the initiative emerged, an Indian telecom operator tried to introduce a service that would make it free or cheap or faster for people to gain access to some applications that have a commercial agreement with the operator.如果不是因为还有一些其他的事,Internet.org不会引起太多怨愤。这一计划推出几周后,一家印度通信运营商试图引入一项务,可以让人们免费或以更低的价格或更快的速度下载一些与该运营商有商业协议的应用。There is a global movement against strategies that corrupt the open nature of the Internet, and Indians joined the lament. The movement ended up including Internet for the poor among the offending telecom strategies. This was a flawed, principled stand. And it fit well in the history of the Indian elite deploying ideology to the detriment of the poor — central planning instead of a market economy, a focus on higher education over primary education and rocket science over virology.目前全球在进行一场运动,反对破坏互联网开放属性的策略,印度也加入了控诉的一方。这场运动最终把为穷人提供网络列为不合理的电信策略。这是一个有缺陷的、坚持原则的立场。它与印度精英阶层宣传对穷人不利的意识形态的历史一脉相承,这些人强调中央计划,而非市场经济;重视高等教育大过基础教育;重视火箭科学大过病毒研究。Mr. Zuckerberg has been at pains to tell Indians that his offer of free Internet to the poor does not violate any ethics. Facebook does not charge for any application that wishes to be on Internet.org, and it does not post ads on the Facebook pages of the users. Also, the company does not pay Reliance to provide the free service. Mr. Zuckerberg has said that any telecom operator would be allowed to carry Internet.org. A Facebook spokesman told me, “We are actively in discussions with other mobile phone operators in India.”扎克伯格一直在竭力让印度人明白,他给贫穷阶层提供的免费网络务并不违反任何道德准则。Facebook不向任何希望出现在Internet.org上的应用收费,不在用户的Facebook页面上发广告。而且,Facebook也不为信实通信公司提供的免费网络务买单。扎克伯格已经表示,任何通信运营商都可以为其用户提供Internet.org的免费应用。一位Facebook发言人告诉我,“我正在积极地和印度的其他手机运营商进行商谈。”He said that “more than 40 percent of those coming online via” Internet.org are so intoxicated by the idea of connectivity that they soon pay the telecom operator for data and enjoy the full expanse of online life. So, the telecom operator has commercial rewards in offering an exceptional social service. It is an idea that can transform India.他表示,通过Internet.org免费应用接触到网络后,有“超过40%的人都非常沉醉于联网的感觉,会很快给通信运营商付费购买流量,以享受完整的网络乐趣。所以,通信运营商在提供一项杰出的社会务的同时,也可以获得商业回报。这是一个可以改变印度面貌的观念。The elite Indian condemnation of Internet for the poor is cloaked in righteous objections. For instance, that it is “restrictive,” thereby violating the fundamental spirit of the web. But Internet.org is limited because data is expensive, not because it promotes some websites over others. In fact, it is paid Internet that is restrictive because it denies the web to those who cannot pay.印度精英阶层反对为贫穷阶层提供网络,有一些表面看似正当的理由。比如,他们指责它是“限制性的”,因此违反互联网的基本精神。但Internet.org之所以有所限制,是因为数据太昂贵,而不是为优先推广某些网站。事实上,真正有限制的是付费互联网,因为它们把不能付费的人挡在了门外。Another objection is that the poor would think Facebook is the Internet as many in other nations do. But then in India “xerox” is a verb that means photocopying, and many think the Internet is an American company. If the whole world were surveyed, it would come across as generally ill informed. Many are ignorant because they never had the opportunities, like being connected, to be informed.他们反对的另一个理由是,印度贫穷阶层会和其他国家的许多人一样,认为Facebook就代表互联网。但在印度,“xerox”只是意为“复印”的动词,不代表施乐公司,还有很多人认为“互联网”就是一个美国公司。如果在全球进行问卷调查,印度人会给人以孤陋寡闻的印象。很多人那么无知,是因为他们没有机会接触网络等获取新知的途径。Also, there is a view that free Internet is just a ploy by Facebook to capture new markets. The history of modern India is proof that corporate self-interest is often more useful to society than altruism.还有一种观点认为,网络只是Facebook为了占领新市场而策划的阴谋。现代印度发展的历史明,企业的自利往往比利他主义对社会更有益。Mr. Modi, instead of banishing Internet.org, may consider uploading government websites on it. Facebook is discussing that possibility with his team.莫迪可能会把印度政府网站放在Internet.org上,而不是驱逐它。Facebook正和他的团队就这一可能进行讨论。 /201509/400006重庆不孕不育的检查 Taxi app Uber has set its sights beyond the roads of China with a push into the air and on water as the US company adds helicopters and boats to its services.出租车应用优步(Uber)将视线超出了中国的马路,向空中和水上发展。这家美国企业在其务中增加了乘坐直升飞机和乘船的务。The company will tomorrow APR 25unveil UberChopper, a helicopter ride above Shanghai that will cost Rmb2,999 (4), including transport in a Mercedes-Benz to and from the helipad. The event is a one-day promotion designed to “raise awareness” of Uber and gauge interest in airborne services aly used in countries including the US, India, Brazil and South Africa.该公司将于4月25日公布UberChopper应用。该应用提供了乘坐直升机游览上海的务,价格将为2999元人民币(合484美元),这其中包括了乘坐梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)轿车往返直升机起降场的接送。该活动是一次为期一天的营销活动,旨在“提高(优步)知名度”,考察人们对空中务的兴趣。目前美国、印度、巴西和南非有这类空中务。Uber has also rolled out a boat-hailing service in the southern city of Hangzhou’s scenic West Lake as well as a trial rickshaw-hailing service in downtown Beijing.此外,优步还在南方城市杭州风景秀丽的西湖推出了叫船务,并在北京市中心推出了呼叫人力车的试点务。Uber is a late-comer to the Chinese market and faces competition from local companies Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. The pair announced a merger in March, creating a Goliath in the Chinese car-hailing industry with an estimated 99.8 per cent market share, according to Beijing-based internet consultancy Enfodesk.对于中国市场来说,优步是一位后来者,面临着来自滴滴打车(Didi Dache)和快的打车(Kuaidi Dache)等本土企业的竞争。后两者在今年3月宣布合并,缔造了中国叫车产业的巨无霸。根据北京互联网咨询公司易观智库(Enfodesk)的数据,合并后的公司市场占有率估计达99.8%。However, Uber said it was more competitive in the high-end with its UberBlack service, featuring luxury cars.不过,优步表示其在高端市场有更大的竞争力,其中包括以豪华轿车为特色的UberBlack务。 /201504/372019重庆爱德华挂号

巴南涪陵区治疗痛经多少钱石柱土家族自治县生孩子哪家医院最好的 重庆爱德华综合医院治疗腹胀多少钱

重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院做彩超B超价格 Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, has a new partner in rooting out products deemed unsafe for American consumers, but the cooperation could also bring it more headaches.中国电商企业阿里巴巴有了一个新伙伴,帮助其根除那些被认为对美国消费者不安全的产品,但相关合作也可能会给该公司带来更多令人头痛的事情。The company, which listed its shares in New York in September, is teaming up with a ed States government agency to prevent its online platforms from exporting items to America that have been recalled. The agreement is likely to have its largest effects on Alibaba’s business-to-business site, which sells goods produced by Chinese manufacturers to American importers and businesses.9月在纽约上市的阿里巴巴正在与美国一家政府机构合作,以防止其在线平台向美国出口已被召回的货物。阿里巴巴旗下企业对企业的网站可能是受相关协议影响最大的,该网站主要面向美国进口商和企业销售中国厂家生产的商品。The agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said it would provide Alibaba lists of recalled items, and in turn, Alibaba said it would ensure that those products were not for sale to companies or individuals in America. Alibaba has a small business facilitating the sale of goods to American consumers.参与合作的政府机构美国消费品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)表示,将向阿里巴巴提供被召回产品名录,而阿里巴巴则表示将确保不面向美国的企业或个人销售相关产品。阿里巴巴旗下有一家小公司专门负责促进面向美国消费者的商品销售。The commission’s chairman, Elliot F. Kaye, cited the recall last year of high-powered magnets being sold as toys in the ed States, noting that recently some companies on Alibaba’s sites had sold the magnets wholesale.该委员会主席埃利奥特·F·凯(Elliot F. Kaye)提到了去年在美国被当做玩具销售的高性能磁铁被召回一事,并指出最近,阿里巴巴网站上的部分公司在以批发的方式销售这种磁铁。Mr. Kaye said the new cooperation would help ensure that listings for dangerous items like the magnets — which were recalled because of a number of instances in which children ingested them, frequently necessitating surgery — would no longer be purposely or inadvertently imported by smaller ed States companies.凯表示,新展开的合作将有助于确保美国小企业不再进口——不管是有意还是无意——像前述磁铁那样的危险物品。前述高性能磁铁之所以被召回,是因为发生了一些事故,儿童吞下磁铁,常常需要进行手术。The cooperation serves as a test for Alibaba, which despite taking steps to clean up its e-commerce sites, retains a reputation for selling just about any product — brand, fake or occasionally dangerous.合作是对阿里巴巴的一次考验。尽管采取了诸多举措整顿旗下的电商网站,但阿里巴巴依然因为几乎什么产品都卖而声名远扬,其网站上有品牌货,也有假货,偶尔还会有危险物品。It is also a risk. If the company fails to live up to its end of the bargain, Mr. Kaye said the commission would not hesitate to pressure the company.此举也有风险。如果阿里巴巴未能信守承诺,凯表示该委员会将毫不犹豫地迫使其就范。Though Alibaba said last month that it spent about 0 million combating the sale of fake goods on its sites in 2013 and 2014, many companies complain that Alibaba can be slow to pull down listings of pirated goods. Others point out that removed listings often quickly reappear under different names.阿里巴巴上月表示,该公司在2013年和2014年投入了超过10亿元人民币,打击旗下网站上的假货交易,但还是有许多公司不满于阿里巴巴打击盗版产品时行动迟缓。还有一些公司指出,被撤下的产品往往很快又会换个名字重新出现。“We’re certainly going to hold their feet to the fire,” Mr. Kaye said on Tuesday at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair.“我们肯定会让他们感到有压力,”凯周二在香港玩具展(Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair)上说。Mr. Kaye said the agency would start with a list of five to 15 products at the top of the regulator’s priority list, then expand it. The commission, which first approached Alibaba about cooperation roughly two years ago, expects problematic items to be taken down in a matter of hours, he said.凯表示,消费品安全委员会首先会提供一份名单,上面会列出该机构重点强调的五到十五种产品,然后再扩充名单。他说,大概两年前,委员会首次就合作事宜找到了阿里巴巴。该委员会希望问题商品在几小时之内下架。“We’re not a very patient lot, and if it doesn’t happen pretty quickly, then they’ll be hearing from us,” he said, adding that he hoped an automated system could be worked out.“我们可不是一群有耐心的人,如果事情未能很快得到处理,他们就会了解到我们的应对措施,”他说。他还表示希望能制定一个自动化系统。The good-faith agreement raises the more complicated issue of cross-border Internet regulations. In recent years, China has pushed hard for the ed States to accept the idea that Internet companies operating in different nations follow the rules and laws of their own nations. And countries like China have demanded that ed States companies censor content or provide their governments with private user data to remain in compliance with their laws.这个用心良苦的协议提出了更复杂的跨国互联网监管问题。近年来,中国极力要求美国接受一点,即在他国运营的互联网公司遵守自己国家的法律法规。但中国等国又要求美国公司进行内容审查,或是向政府提供用户的私人数据,以遵守它们的法律。In this case, Alibaba is agreeing to respect ed States laws.在此事中,阿里巴巴同意尊重美国法律。Discussing potential concerns about setting a precedent on Internet regulation, Mr. Kaye said, “From my perspective, there’s enough known good that will result from this that if it turns out there are unfortunate side effects, we will try to work to ameliorate those.”谈到在互联网监管方面开创先例可能存在的问题,凯说,“在我看来,此举已知的好处够多了,如果出现不利的副作用,我们将努力改善。” /201501/354738重庆爱德华医院药流多少钱重庆爱德华看乳腺检查多少钱



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