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主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!Mike给女朋友买了性感内衣,给杨琳买了个围裙。可是呢,这礼物到了小贝手里,会发生什么呢?1.Go steady with someone 和某人确立正式的恋爱关系;2.Close, but no cigar. 离正确或成功只差一步 ;3.Inner beauty 内在美;4.Wrong on so many levels 怎么都不对;5.Girly stuff 小女生喜欢的甜美东西 ;6.Have something up one’s sleeve 心中藏着秘密的计划或想法 /201310/257387李华正为了完成一项作业而焦头烂额。她和Larry要用到两个常用语:Do something till youre blue in the face和run a tight ship.Larry: Hey, Lihua, are you y to go to dinner? Im starving.LH: 吃饭?我可没心情吃饭。我没想出这作业要怎么写。我们小组的组长肯定饶不了我!Larry: Youve been sitting there for almost four hours! Lets go get something to eat, and then you can come back and think about it some more.LH: 不行,我发誓,不写出个提纲我就绝食!Larry: Look, Lihua, if you dont eat anything, you can sit there and think about your project till youre blue in the face and you still wont get any good ideas.LH: 啊?我的脸变成蓝色?这怎么可能?Larry: Thats just an expression, Lihua. If you do something till youre blue in the face, youre doing something over and over again for a very long time - and making no progress.LH: 哦,Do something till youre blue in the face,就是说反复做一件事,但一直不成功。你是说我瘪了半天也写不出论文,可还拼命地想。但是,我不管,我非写出来不可!Larry: But, Lihua, Im starving!LH: Larry, 别嚷嚷了,就算你一直抱怨到youre blue in the face! 我是不会理你的。Larry: OK, OK. I get the point. Maybe I can help you. Whats the project about?LH: 这就对了! 这个作业是美国历史课的。我们小组的每个人都要介绍一个美国历史人物,可是别的组员都是美国人,他们的历史知识当然比我丰富啊!Larry: Dont put so much pressure on yourself. Why dont you ask your group for some help? That would be more productive than sitting here until youre blue in the face.LH: 可是,我们组长凶巴巴的,特别不好说话,还让我们明天都要交一份提纲出来!Larry: Hmm...I think I have an idea, Lihua. Why dont you do your report on George Washington! He was a military leader who ran a very tight ship in the American Revolution.LH: A tight ship? 一艘很紧的船?乔治华盛顿不是美国第一任总统吗?难道他还在美国独立战争期间当过船长??Larry: No, he wasnt the captain of a ship; he was the Commander in Chief of the entire army! And he ran a very tight ship with his soldiers - meaning, he was a very strict leader.LH: 原来如此! To run a tight ship就是指纪律严明的领导风格,严格管理。Larry: Thats right. He ran such a tight ship, in fact, that he was able to lead an army of largely untrained soldiers through a very harsh winter during the war.LH: 率领没受过什么训练的士兵在寒冬作战,这可不简单!Larry: Well, Lihua, a good leader can run a tight ship no matter how bad the situation is.LH: Larry, 这倒让想起了我们的组长。她对我们特别严格。Larry: It certainly sounds like your group leader runs quite a tight ship, but a good leader can command the respect of his soldiers by setting a good example, not yelling. Without that respect, you could yell until youre blue in the face and you still wouldnt be able to lead effectively.LH: 没错! 严格管理并不等于每天冲手下人大喊大叫。我们这个小组的组长人特别厉害,可说实话没什么威信。我真希望下次分到别的组,不要再待在她的tight ship上。Larry: I hope so, too. Now, since you have your topic, lets go eat pizza!LH: Pizza 不行! 我在减肥!Larry: Oh, Lihua, youre so skinny aly! You could diet until youre blue in the face and it wont make any difference. Dont be so hard on yourself!LH: 啊?你说我已经很瘦了,所以再怎么减肥也不会变更瘦?得了! 我现在比在中国时胖了好多,我要看牢自己的嘴,Im going to run a tight ship,只吃健康食品!Larry: Not another tight ship! I think Im getting sea-sick.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 Do something till youre blue in the face,意思是“重复做某事,但是不成功”。另一个是run a tight ship,意思是“严格管理”。 /201204/177809

joss paper------- 纸钱大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。今天我们来说一个阴森森的话题——纸钱。这东西呢,大家应该还是比较熟悉的,因为现在很多地方还保留了烧纸钱这样一个祭奠死者的习惯。那么,“纸钱”是不是paper money呢?那你就错了。Paper money指的是 money in paper form, rather than coins与硬币相对的纸币。我们中国文化里的“纸钱”要用joss paper。在词典里面呢,joss means a Chinese deity worshipped in the form of an idol中国神像。我们来学习下例句:Joss paper is burned to ensure that the spirit of the deceased has lots of good things in the afterlife.人们烧纸钱以使亡灵在来世物资丰盈。烧纸钱的由来有不同版本。有一个是这样子的,还挺有意思,就说东汉时期造纸术的改良者蔡伦的哥哥蔡莫技术没学到家,造的纸卖不出去,于是他的妻子想了妙计,自编自导了一出自己暴毙但因为丈夫烧了纸所以活过来了的短剧。邻居们看到原来烧纸钱可以有这么大的好处,于是就纷纷买纸了。说到这儿,小强君不想说纸钱了,只想说“无商不奸”啊!有内涵,无节操,本期的小强英语就到这里!搜索新浪微@小强爱英语,找到小强!本栏目由原创,。 /201501/351900

Todd: Hey, Akane, the other day we were coming home on the bus and I got off the bus and I thought you were on the same bus as us, but when I started walking home, you werent around. What happened?托德:嘿,茜,那天我们坐公交车回家,我觉得你和我们在同一辆公交车上,可是我下车往家走的时候,并没有看到你。发生什么事了?Akane: Well, its kind of a funny story actually. I fell asleep on the bus and I was so tired that afternoon. It was a Friday afternoon and Id had a long week and just fell deep into sleep and I really didnt notice when we were at the end of the bus ride and we were at the station, and then I was really upset because the bus driver didnt say anything and so I just kept sleeping and by the time I woke up and noticed we were on our way back to the school again. Yes, and I didnt get a chance to press the button and get off until I was almost halfway to the school, so I ended up getting home really late and even more tired and it wasnt a very good experience at all.茜:这实际上有点搞笑。那天我在公交车上睡着了,因为我那天下午太累了。那是周五下午,整整工作一周很累,所以我睡着了,我真的没有注意到我们到了公交车总站,之后我非常恼火,因为公交车司机什么都没说,我只是一直在睡觉,等我醒过来的时候我发现我们正在返回学校的路上。离学校还有一半路程的时候我才有机会按按钮下车,所以我非常晚才到家,而且我更累了,那次经历太糟糕了。Todd: Did you say anything to the bus driver when you got off?托德:你下车的时候有没有跟公交车司机说什么?Akane: No, I didnt because I was so flustered and I was in a rush to get off that I didnt really get to say anything.茜:没有,我没有说的原因是我太慌乱了,而且我很着急下车,所以我什么都没说。Todd: Oh, that must have been so annoying.托德:哦,那一定很让人生气。Akane: It was.茜:的确是。Todd: So what time did you actually make it home?托德:那你几点到的家?Akane: I think it was around 7:30, maybe.茜:我想大概7点半左右。Todd: Well, the next time we come home, Ill look for you and Ill make sure to wake you up.托德:嗯,下次回家的时候我会注意你的,而且我保会叫醒你。Akane: For sure, and make sure to look in the back seat and make sure Im not lying down horizontally because I think thats maybe how the bus driver missed out on the fact I was there.茜:一定要确保看看后排的座位,确保我没有平躺在椅子上,因为我想那可能是公交车司机没有意识到我在那里的原因。译文属 /201410/333783

Making changes---getting rid of bad habits做出改变--摆脱坏习惯I was cleaning up my computer yesterday, organizing files, deleting some unused things to make more space, and improving what I aly have.我是昨天整理我的电脑,整理文件,删除一些闲置的东西以便腾出更多的空间,提高我已经有的文件。Even though my computer was almost five years old, pretty old in computer years, I dont plan on buying a new computer any time soon, because I just use it for some simple things.虽然我的电脑已经用了几乎五年,这在计算机的寿命中已经算老当益壮了,但我并不打算买一台新电脑,因为我仅仅使用它处理一些简单的东西。Anyway, so I got to thinking about, well, if I could delete different things from ;Me;, what would I delete?无论如何,我开始思考,如果我可以从自己身上删除不同的东西,我会删除吗?If I would add certain things, what would I add.如果我能增加某些东西,我肯定会这么做。I guess its possible to add or subtract certain physical traits.我猜可能增加或减去特定的物理特性。Many people plastic surgery or get liposuction, or whatever, but I was thinking more about habit.许多人通过整形手术或抽脂,或者任何东西让自己改变,但我想的更多的是习惯问题。If I were able to delete one bad habit, and add one good habit, what would it be?要是我能删除一个坏习惯,并添加一个好习惯,那将会是什么?I started running through my list of bad habits, after a number of three thousand four hundred and seventy-one, I thought, ;OK, Asaac, choose one!;我就开始想自己的一些坏习惯,在数到三千四百七十一这个数字后,我自言自语道:;好吧,艾萨克,选择一个吧!;So, I decided on knuckle cracking.所以,我决定以扳指关节开始。Thats the one habit I want to get rid of.那是一个我想除掉的习惯。If I could magically add habit, I guess it would be ;exercise every morning before I go to work;.如果我能神奇地增加习惯,我想这会是;每天早上锻炼后才去工作;。All of us had bad habits, some of them arent so bad, these could be things like: not turning off the lights when leaving the room, or watching too much television.我们所有的人都有不好的习惯,它们中的一些也不是那么坏,这可能是诸如:不关灯离开房间,或看电视看得太多。But, some of these bad habits are more serious, like: drinking too much, or smoking.但是,其中的一些坏习惯更为严重,如:酗酒太多,或吸烟。I am glad I dont have those habits.我很高兴我没有这些习惯。There are lots of good habits we can pick up.我们也可以养成很多好习惯。A person might try being nicer to people, or stop eating junk food, or try to be more punctual, not be later all the time.一个人可能试着对人友善,或者停止吃垃圾食物,或尽量更守时,一直不吃到。Everyone probably wants to lose bad habits, or pick up good habit, how about you?大概每个人都希望丢掉坏习惯,或者养成良好的习惯,你呢?What would you like to add or subtract from you life?你想要在生命中加加减减吗?Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:What are your good habits?你有什么好习惯吗?What are your bad habits?你有什么坏习惯吗?Whats one bad habit you would like to get rid of?你会想摆脱什么坏习惯?Whats one good habit you would like to add?你会想给自己增加什么好习惯?What would you like to change about your life?你想要改变你的生活什么?Is there a habit that you have that is different or unique?你有不同或特别的一种习惯吗?When breaking bad habits like smoking, people often say that they are cooking cold chocolate, do you know what this experience means?当改掉像吸烟这样的坏习惯时,人们常说这好像非常难,你知道这种经验的意思吗?What do you think the best method for breaking about a habit is?你认为最好的改掉一个习惯的方法是什么? /201203/174970

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