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  • Tom Brokaw: I know that I speak for both of us when I say how deeply touched we are by that reception and it makes all the more poingant, the absence for our colleague Peter Jennings. We have hoped that he would be here so that we could have a reunion tonight, a celebration, because, the three of us really thought that to have been a reporter at large in a world of such profound change in the last quarter of the century was reward enough. So this recognition is a true dividend tonight, and for that we're deeply grateful.Dan Rather: But to the millions of people who invited us into their living rooms every evening over the years, it's important for us to say-- 'coz we feel it so deeply--how much we appreciate that and that we never took that invitation lightly, nor the responsibilities. It still comes as something of a shock to say that word WE in the absence brought by Peter's passing. He left us far too soon and with everyone thought so much good work's still ahead of him.Tom Brokaw: You know, despite the occasional differences that the three of us may have had, Dan, Peter and I had a common commitment to the importance of serious journalism because that's what the American people expected. No less than that. We also talked about the unique brotherhood that we shared that developed over the years. And we were competitive on a day- to- day basis around the world, but we are always bound together by a shared devotion to being reporters first whether we are on the anchor chair or on the road. And as for our personal relationship, Peter probably summed it up the best one, he said "yes, we are friends." then he added laughingly, "because we don't see each other very much." Our friend, our true friend, Peter's gone, but tonight Cathy, Christopher and Elizabeth, Dan and I want you to know that Peter will have a place in this brotherhood forever. Dan Rather: And finally, finally we want to thank the Academy most of all for a gesture that I hope reaffirmed the need for strong, relevant, quality television journalism. Using this medium for good journalism comes with undeniable challenges but there are times--as we've been most recently reminded with Hurricane Katrina--when the immediacy and images that television provides--not only the best way to convey a breaking news story, but also an essential part of the story itself. Tom Brokaw: I know that if Peter were here tonight, he'd join us and saluting our colleagues, the next great generation of broadcast journalists for their tireless and courageous work in covering the tragedy of Katrina so brilliantly for the last three weeks .Dan Rather: Television has been called a medium of the tremendous potential powers and we continue to believe in the potential of those powers to do good. Thank you! Good night! Godspeed.200807/44412。
  • G8 Leaders to Discuss Africa, Climate八国峰会讨论援助非洲、气候问题  Leaders from the world's biggest industrial nations meet in Japan on Monday for the annual Group of Eight summit. 世界主要工业化国家领导人星期一在日本出席八大工业发达国家高峰会议。U.S. President George Bush says he will use this year's G8 summit to press other leaders to honor previous commitments to help Africa.  美国总统布什说,他将利用今年八大国峰会的机会,敦促其他国家领导人履行先前作出的对非洲的援助承诺。"We need people who not only make promises, but write checks for the sake of human rights and human dignity and for the sake of peace. Accountability is really important when it comes to our work on the continent of Africa," President Bush said. 他说:“我们需要那些不仅能够作出承诺、而且能够兑现承诺的人,能为人权和人的尊严以及和平努力提供资金。在我们为非洲大陆所作的努力中,我们必须能承担责任,这很重要。”Two years ago, G8 leaders promised to double financial assistance to Africa to billion by the year 2010. But the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered. 两年前,八大工业国领导人承诺,到2010年时,要把对非洲的经济援助提高一倍,达到220亿美元。但是,从事艾滋病和贫困工作的无党派组织“统一行动”说,到目前为止,只发放了14%的资金。Julianne Smith directs the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a bipartisan public policy research group in Washington. 朱利安娜.史密斯是战略和国际研究中心欧洲项目部主任,这个研究机构是华盛顿的一个跨党派的政策研究机构。"I think one thing Bush can say to the other G8 leaders is, look, the data that's out in terms of compliance, with the commitments that were made at the last - you know, they always check countries' compliance with the commitments that are made at the last summit," she said. "And the U.S. is really at the top of the list if you look at that data. And so, I think President Bush can come to the summit and say, I would like to see other countries increase their compliance with the commitments, whether it is aid to Africa or other economic commitments we have made." 史密斯说:“我想布什在八大工业国会议上可能会对其他国家领导人说的一件事是:看,我们在上一次峰会上所作承诺的兑现情况的数据在这里。要知道他们总是会审查这些国家对在上一次峰会中的承诺的执行情况。如果你看一下这些数据,你会发现美国真的是最信守承诺的国家。因此我想,布什总统可以在会议上说,我希望看到其它国家不论在对非洲的援助、还是在其它的经济承诺方面,都更为努力地履行诺言。”Global climate change is also on the agenda. At last year's G8 meeting in Germany, President Bush blocked binding limits on greenhouse gases because they did not apply to other big polluters, including China and India. 全球气候变化问题也是这次峰会的议程之一。去年八国集团峰会期间,布什总统阻止对温室气体排放设定限制,因为这些规定并不应用于其它污染大国,包括中国和印度。This year's summit will include China and India in a separate meeting of 16 major economies responsible for 80 percent of world carbon-dioxide emissions. 今年的峰会将让中国和印度参加另行举行的16个主要经济体会议,这16个经济体的二氧化碳排放量占全球的80%。Michael Levi is the Senior Fellow for energy and environment at the nonpartisan private research group the Council on Foreign Relations. He says summit host Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda wants to keep the ed States in the process ahead of what many world leaders expect to be a different approach to climate change from the next American president. 迈克尔.利瓦伊是另一个无党派私营智囊机构“外交关系协会”的能源和环境问题高级研究员。他说,峰会东道主日本首相福田康夫希望赶在美国下一任总统上台前把美国纳入气候变化问题的进程。许多世界领导人预计,美国下一任总统在气候变化问题上会有不同的做法。"I think you will see a similar thing at this meeting: the Japanese trying to balance a desire to have the strongest-possible outcome with an even larger interest in making sure that whatever path this meeting sets the group on for the future, the ed States can be part of it and a new U.S. administration can steer it in a direction that they will be pleased with," he said. 利瓦伊说:“我想,在这次会议上你会看到类似的情况:即日本想努力平衡希望尽可能达到最强效果的愿望。他们更感兴趣的是无论这次会议为这个集团的未来设定什么样的目标和方向,都要确保美国参与其中。新的美国总统的政府能朝他们所乐意的方向前进。”Prime Minister Fukuda wants a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. White House officials say that is a worthy goal, but they are focused more on each nation setting its own mid-term targets. 福田康夫首相希望在2050年时,把温室气体的排放量减少50%。白宫官员说,这是很有价值的目标。但是,他们更关注的是每一个国家都设定自己的中期目标。Michael Green was senior director for Asian affairs at the U.S. National Security Council in 2004 and 2005. He is now an associate professor of international relations at Georgetown University. 迈克尔.格林曾经在2004年到2005年期间担任美国国家安全委员会亚洲事务的高级负责人。他现在是乔治敦大学国际关系副教授。"The other leaders know there is an election in November. And they are looking very, very closely at the positions that Senators McCain and Obama are taking on issues like climate change, non-proliferation, North Korea, Iran, and so forth," Green noted. "But I do not think that the president's potential leadership role or stature is as diminished as you might expect in this forum, in part because he knows them all quite well. They have a working relationship. They have a common interest in demonstrating that this forum can do something." 格林说:“其他国家领导人知道今年11月美国要举行大选。因此,他们都在非常密切地注视参议员麦凯恩和奥巴马在气候变化、核不扩散、北韩、伊朗等问题上的立场。但是,我认为,布什总统在这次论坛上的领导人角色或是领导地位不会像你可能预想的那样会弱化。部分原因是,他很了解这些领导人,他们之间有工作关系。他们有共同的利益,那就是,他们需要向世界展示这是一个可以有所作为的论坛。”In addition to China and India, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa are invited to this summit as are South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia. Reflecting the meeting's focus on African issues, the head of the African Union is expected to attend as are the leaders of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania. 除了中国、印度、墨西哥、巴西和南非外,韩国、印度尼西亚和澳大利亚也被邀请参加这次峰会。为了展示非洲问题是这次峰会的主要议题,预计非洲联盟领导人、埃塞俄比亚、加纳、尼日利亚、塞内加尔以及坦桑尼亚领导人都会出席会议。200807/43501。
  • Report Says US Plan for Commandos in Pakistan Delayed报导称美计划追剿巴境内恐怖份子  The New York Times reports there is a secret plan to put American commandos in Pakistan's tribal areas, along the Afghanistan border, to hunt for terrorists who take refuge there. But the Times says the plan has not been implemented due to concerns about the impact of such operations. 纽约时报报导说,美国有一项秘密计划,准备向巴基斯坦与阿富汗接壤的部落地区派遣特种兵部队,追剿在那里藏身的恐怖分子。但是报导又说,由于担心行动带来的影响,这项计划一直没有得到实施。The Times report says the plan was designed to end disagreements among U.S. government agencies about how to pursue leaders of the al-Qaida terrorist network. But the newspaper says those same disagreements have prevented the plan from being implemented.  纽约时报报导说,这项计划的目的是结束美国各机构之间就如何追剿基地恐怖组织头目产生的不同意见。但是,报导说,也正是由于这些分歧使得计划至今无法付诸实施。In particular, the paper says there is concern about the impact on Pakistan's government, a key U.S. ally, if the presence of U.S. ground troops became public. 报导说,各机构特别担心的是,如果美国派遣地面部队到巴基斯坦境内的消息公诸于众后,会对巴基斯坦政府造成的影响。巴基斯坦政府是美国的一个重要盟友。The Times reports "mounting frustration" in the U.S. Defense Department about the continuing delay in implementing the plan.  纽约时报说,美国国防部对计划一再被推迟感到“越来越沮丧”。But Spokesman Bryan Whitman says, although he can not comment on whether any such secret plan exists, he is not aware of any frustration about not using U.S. troops to hunt terrorists inside Pakistan. 但是,国防部发言人惠特曼说,他并没有感到国防部内部因为不能派遣美国部队追剿巴基斯坦境内的恐怖分子而存在任何沮丧的情绪,虽然他对是否存在这样的秘密计划不置可否。"I, quite frankly, have not sensed that kind of frustration," he said. "I have sensed the same kind of frustration that you have heard from our military commanders, and that is with a border region that is long, challenging, porous, in an area where operations have taken place in the past, and where some elements have appeared to find some safe haven in Pakistan, and what Pakistan is doing to try to address those." 惠特曼说:“坦白地说,我没有感到有这样的沮丧存在。我倒是从我们的指挥官那里感受到了你所说类似的沮丧。他们对边界如此漫长,富有挑战,同时存在这么多的安全漏洞感到困惑。 虽然过去也一直在这个地区采取清剿行动,但是看起来,一些恐怖分子还是在巴基斯坦找到了藏身之处。他们困惑的是不知巴基斯坦方面采取什么样的措施,试图解决这个问题。”The use of Pakistani territory along the Afghan border as a safe haven for al-Qaida and other terrorist groups has been a cause of growing concern among U.S. officials. The groups regularly send militants across the border to attack U.S., Afghan and allied forces. Pakistan says a U.S. air strike against one such group killed 11 Pakistani soldiers earlier this month. 基地和其他恐怖组织利用巴基斯坦靠近阿富汗的边境地区藏身,这是美国官员的担心与日俱增的一个因素。这些组织经常派遣激进分子越境袭击美国、阿富汗以及联军部队。巴基斯坦这个月早些时候说,美国针对这些组织发动的空袭造成11名巴基斯坦士兵死亡。Last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the situation "a real concern." But he also said the insurgent activity has increased only recently. Gates indicated the ed States is y to help Pakistan address the problem, but did not specify exactly how. "The Pakistani government, I think, now understands that it is a problem for the Pakistani government as well," he said. "It is not just a problem for us. So I think this creates an opportunity for us to talk with them and see if we can work together in a better way to try and deal with the problem in the FATA."The FATA are Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, along the Afghan border. The New York Times says its story is based on more than four dozen interviews with current and former U.S. and Pakistani officials. It says al-Qaida now has a string of camps in Pakistan's border area that give it a similar capability to what it had in Afghanistan eight years ago, when it planned the September 11th attacks.  纽约时报报导说,他们对40多名美国和巴基斯坦的现任或是前任官员进行了采访,完成了这篇报导。报导说,基地组织目前在巴基斯坦边境地区建立了一连串的营地,他们的战斗力与八年前在阿富汗计划发动9/11恐怖袭击时的战斗力接近。The article es the Pakistani general responsible for the region as denying allegations of a strong terrorist presence, but it also es U.S. officials who are critical of the general's efforts to get the facts. 文章援引了负责该区域安全的巴基斯坦将军的话,这位将军否认有关恐怖分子在该地区势力强大的说法。报导同时也援引了美国官员的话。美国官员批评这位将军没有尽力寻求事实真相。For now at least, the ed States is only conducting air strikes in the area, based on intelligence reports or when in 'hot pursuit' of terrorist units. 至少到目前为止,美国只是在得到情报或是“现场追剿”恐怖分子时,才对该地区发动空袭行动。But Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the hunt for al-Qaida leaders and the broader war on terrorism are not just U.S. concerns, and American forces will continue to implement the policy outlined by President Bush just after the September 11 attacks."We continue to pursue terrorist activities wherever they take place," he said. "We seek to not only deny them operations, but also the ability to plan, seek safe harbor. Our efforts are to identify, capture, if necessary kill."U.S. officials say when it comes to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area, that effort needs to be pursued in cooperation with those two governments, and with other allies in the NATO and coalition commands.200807/43138。
  • Disputes over Insurance保险纠纷A: As you may recall.the June consignment arrived at India seriously damaged.The loss through breakage was over 30% of the consignment. Weve presented a claim to the underwriters through your firm,but the insurance company refused to admit liability.as there was no insurance on breakage. We naturally were not satisfied with such a reply. ld like to hear what Mr. Li has to say about it.A: 你也许记得,6月份发运到印度的那批货破损严重。破碎损失超过这批货的30%。我们已经通过你们公司向保险公司提出了索赔,但保 险公司以没有投保破碎险为由,拒绝承担责任。我们当然对这种答复不满意。我想听听李先生对此的看法。B: You know,the loss in question was beyond the coverage granted by us.According to your instructions.we made out an insurance certificate covering WAP and the risk of breakage wasnt mentioned in it.B: 你说的损失并不包括在我们承保的责任范围内。根据你们的要求,我们出具了投保水渍险 的保险凭,但没提及到破碎险。C: In the letter of credit only coverage for all marine risks was requested. ld like to point out that our prices were calculated without insurance for any special risk. So we applied for the usual WAP coverage and let our customers deal with the matter of breakage.C:信用只要求投保“综合海运险”。我想要指出的是,我们的价格没把任何特殊险计算在内,所以我们只投保了通常的水渍险,而让我 们的客户自相办理破碎险事宜。A: Mr. King. we presume that the wording of our UC implies covering the risk of breakage. Besides.when I take a WAP insu-rance which is with particular average.l should think the risk of breakage is a particular average.isnt it?A: 金先生,我认为信用的措辞包含了投保破碎险。此外,我投保水渍险时.那就是对单独海损要负责赔偿,我想破碎险是属于一种单独海损对不对? C: Not every breakage is a particular average. It is a particular average when the breakage results from natural calamities or maritime accidents.lf none of these conditions occur,breakage is often considered as an ordinary loss,which is outside the scope of the coverage.C: 并不是所有破碎险都属于单独海损。只有由于自然灾害或意外事故造成的破碎才属于单. 独海损。如果没有发生上述事故,破碎险常被 认为是一种普通损失,不属于承保范围之内 。A: But the risk of breakage is covered by marine insurance,isnt it?A:但破碎险是包括在海洋运输货物险之内,对不对?B: Of course,but it is a usual practice to make specific mention in the insurance policy or certificate that the risk of breakage is included.The inclusion of this special risk will be subject to an additional premium that will normally be higher than the basic insurance for the ordinary marine risks.B:当然,但按照惯例要在保险单或保险凭上特。别注明破碎险包括在内。包括这种特别险就必须附加保险费。这种保险费一般比通常的海洋运输货物险高。A: I see. Another thing I dont understand now is the advantage of WAP coverage.l thought that the WAP insurance should cover all principle risks while,according to what you say.it means very little.A:我懂了。另外一件事我现在还不明白,保水渍 险有什么好处。我原以为水渍险包括全部主要风险,而根据你说的,它承保责任却很少.B: Neither the WAP nor the FPA mention the risks covered or excl- uded. Look at the insurance certificates and you will find that the risks of theft and pilferage, freshwater, oil, grease. hooks, breakage.leakage, contamination. deterioration. etc. are specifically mentioned and must be specifically applied for. These are special risks.B: 无论水渍险还是平安险都不注明包括哪些险别或不包括哪些险别。保险范嗣是写在基本保险单内和各种险别条款里。你看保险凭就会发现偷窃险,淡水险,油渍险,油污险,钩损险,渗漏险,玷污险,变质险等都特加注明,并且必须特别申保。这些就是特别险.A: It seems that the error was on both sides and I think the loss should be shared by both parties.A: 看来双方都有错误,我认为损失应由双方承担。B: Our price calculation could hardly admit that. Besides,we acted upon your instructions, so it is not our fault. But in view of our good partnership,well supply you with a favorite offer to compensate some of your losses.B: 我们的计价不容许这么做。此外,我们是按你们的要求办理的,所以这不是我们的过错。但鉴于我们良好的伙伴关系,我们准备给你们提供优惠的报盘,借以补偿贵方的一些损失。 /201603/430595。
  • Officials Struggle to Provide Relief to Hurricane Zone in Texas德克萨斯州艾克飓风袭后艰难恢复 More than a million people remain without electrical power and other normal services nearly five days after Hurricane Ike passed over the Houston-Galveston area. Tensions are growing between various government entities over problems in providing needed relief. 飓风艾克5天前袭击了休斯敦-加尔维斯顿地区,5天过去了,仍有100多万人家里没电,也得不到其他正常的务。如何提供急需的救助问题使政府各部门间关系出现紧张。U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff says he may have to, as he puts it, "kick someone in the rear" over reported failures in the federal effort to provide disaster victims with food, water, ice and material to cover damaged roofs. 美国国土安全部长切尔托夫表示,有报导指出,联邦政府没能及时为灾区民众提供食物、饮水、冰块以及遮盖受损屋顶的材料,他可能不得不“踢一些人的屁股”了。Callers to local radio stations are complaining about lack of electrical power and fuel, and blaming government officials for the delays in providing relief. Lack of coordination has been a problem in some cases.  人们打电话给当地电台抱怨说,他们没电,没汽油。他们批评政府官员延迟了救援努力。这其中有些是因为缺乏协调而造成的。There was one report of food donations from a large grocery store chain being turned away by federal officials at a point of distribution in Houston. 有一则报导说,一家大型副食品商店捐赠的食品在休斯敦一个分发点被联邦官员拒绝接收。On Tuesday, Houston officials took control of supply distributions after they learned of people standing in line for hours only to be turned away empty handed. Chertoff says some of the problem may result from the Houston metropolitan area's sprawl, which he says makes it a logistical challenge to get supplies to the right places.  星期二,休斯敦官员听说有人排了几个小时的队、但却空手而归之后,接管了物资分发工作。切尔托夫部长说,有些问题可能是因为休斯敦面积太大、把物资运往所需要的地方会比较困难。He is to meet with Houston Mayor Bill White and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett in the coming hours to work out problems and foster better cooperation. Meantime, in Galveston, officials have had to suspend a program started Tuesday that would allow residents to return to the stricken island to check their property and then leave before sunset. A massive line of vehicles formed after the announcement was made and the traffic was slowed further by officials checking every person's identification before letting them proceed. After a heated city council meeting, Galveston city Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas won extension of her emergency powers for another week, but complaints from displaced citizens are growing. Most of the beachfront area on the island was devastated, but houses and business buildings farther in withstood the storm even though many of them are in dire need of repairs and cleaning because of the storm surge from Hurricane Ike.  岛上建在岸边的房屋大都被摧毁,但离岸远一些的房屋和商业建筑都经住了暴风雨的冲击,不过很多都急需修复和清理。Many buildings downtown show a high water mark, left by the flood, more than two meters high. Merchandise, furniture and equipment inside many businesses were soaked and, in many cases, ruined by the water. The biggest problem for most of the Houston area is lack of energy - a matter viewed with some chagrin by residents of the city that touts itself as the "energy capital of the world."  休斯顿地区大部分地区的最大问题是缺乏能源,当地居民认为这对素有“世界能源首都”之称的休斯顿是一大耻辱。Refineries came through the hurricane with little damage, but they are struggling to resume full operations, partly because they are operating on emergency generators.  休斯顿的炼油厂虽然在暴风雨中只受到轻微损害,但还无法恢复全面运作,因为他们使用的是紧急发电机。People are still waiting in long lines for gasoline at the few stations that have fuel and more than a million people remain without electricity.  少数几个还有汽油的加油站前排满了等待加油的民众,有超过100万人家里还在停电。Texas Governor Rick Perry says private companies that supply power to the Houston area are making progress in restoring electric lines. 德州州长佩里说,为休斯顿地区供电的几家私营电力公司在抢修电力上取得了一些进展。"There are more than 7,500 personnel working around the clock to restore power, you see trucks from Minnesota and Florida, they are here and they are doing work to get this power back on," he said. 他说:“7500多名工人正夜以继日地抢修电力,有来自明尼苏达和佛罗里达的卡车,他们来这里来协助抢修,帮助恢复电力。”Perry says close to three million people were without power after the storm. 佩里说,在暴风雨后有至少300万人家里停电。Each day that goes by without full electrical service represents a huge financial loss, not only for the businesses and corporate operations based in Houston, but for the entire country. Refineries in the area produce almost a quarter of the transportation fuel used in the ed States and Houston's port is the second busiest in the nation, when operating normally.  在还没有全面恢复供电前,每一天都会对休斯顿的商家和企业,甚至对全美国造成巨大的财政损失。休斯顿炼油厂生产的汽油占全美运输燃料的四分之一,而休斯顿港在正常情况下,是美国第二大繁忙的港口。Houston is the fourth largest city in the ed States and the metropolitan area is the sixth largest. Having this area shut down for more than a week represents a hard blow to the U.S. economy at a time when the housing finance crisis and Wall Street failures are hammering the markets. 休斯顿是全美第4大城市,更是全美第6大都会区,让这样一座大城市停摆超过一个星期,对美国经济来说,特别是在房贷危机以及华尔街动荡影响全球市场的时刻,将是一个更沉重的打击。200809/49277。
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