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Zhaozhou Bridge赵州桥Zhaozhou Bridge is also called Anji Bridge. It is on the Jiaohe River to the south of Zhaoxian County town, 45 kilometers southeast of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Because lhe whole bridge was made of stone materials, it was called Big Stone Bridge by the local people. It was first built between 595 ~605 and the construction was supervised by Li Chun, a famous craftsman in the Sui Dynasty. The structure of Zhaozhou Bridge is original, and the appearance is beautiful. The ancient people said that ;The architecture is so novel that nobody knows how it was constructed. ; The bridge is 64.4 meters long, 9.6 meters wide and the span is 37. 2 meters. It is a single-hole arc bridge made up of 28 comparatively separate arches. The greatest scientific contribution of Zhaozhou Bridge is its pioneering work of ;open spandrel;. At each shoulder of the main arch, there are 2 small parallel arches. This not only increases passages for the running water, decreases the weight of the bridge, and saves stone materials, but also enhances the stability of the bridge. Therefore, though l ,400 years has passed, having undergone many floods, eight earthquakes, and heavy traffic, it is still standing firm over the Jiaohe River. There are many beautiful legends about the construction of Zhaozhou Bridge. In the past, the Jiaohe River overflowed, and the local people could only ferry across by boat. Lu Ban, the carpenters#39; ancestor, turned the sheep into stones overnight to make the bridge. Zhang Guolao and Chai Wangye, two immortals, came to test the solidity of the bridge. Zhang Guolao rode on the don-key-back, facing backward. In the long bag on the donkey-back, there were the sun and the moon. Chai Wangye pushed a one-wheeled cart, on which there were the five famous mountains in China. When they came to the middle of the bridge, it began to shake and was likely to fall down. Seeing the situation was unfavorable, Lu Ban jumped into the water, and held up the bridge with his hands. Luckily, the bridge was safe and sound. So there left on the surface of the bridge clear hoof prints of the donkey and a rut. Lu Ban#39;s fingerprints were also left on the arch of the bridge. Just like what was sung in the folk song ;Child Cowherd;, ;Zhaozhou Bridge was built by Lu Ban, and the boulder railings were left by sages. Zhang Guolao passed the bridge on the donkey-back, and Chai Wangye made a rut by pushing the cart on the bridge. ;赵州桥,又名安济桥,坐落在石家庄东南45千米赵县城南汶河之上,因桥体全部用石料建成,当地俗称大石桥。建于隋代开皇至大业年间(595-605),由匠师李春监造。赵州桥结构新奇,造型美观,古人说它“制造奇特,人不知其所以为”。桥全长64.4米,宽9.6米,跨度37. 02米,是一座由28道相对独立的拱券组成的单孔弧形大桥。赵州桥最大的科学贡献就是它“敞肩拱”的创举。在大拱两肩,砌了四个并列小孔,既增大流水通道,减轻桥身重量,节省石料,又增强了桥身稳定性。这就有力地保了赵州桥在1400年的历史中,经受住了多次洪水冲击,8次大地震摇撼,以及车辆重压,仍挺立在汶河之上。关于赵州桥的建造,有很多美丽的传说。昔日汶河水泛滥,百姓只靠木船摆渡。木匠祖师鲁班一夜之间把羊群化成石头建起大桥。张果老和柴王爷一同来试桥。张果老倒骑毛驴,驴背褡裢里装着日、月;柴王爷推小车,运载着五岳名山,他们行于桥中心,将桥压得摇摇欲坠。鲁班见势不妙,纵身跳入水中,用手将桥托住,石桥安然无恙。至今桥上面还留下了清晰的驴蹄印、车道沟和膝盖印;桥底保留着鲁班的手印。正如民歌《小放牛》所唱的:“赵州石桥鲁班爷修,玉石栏杆圣人留;张果老骑驴桥上走,柴王爷推车轧了一道沟。” /201601/419356

Hybrid Rice杂交水稻Since the foundation of the People#39;s Republic of China, China has made one after another outstanding achievements in agriculture technology, one of which is the successful development of indica hybrid rice. With the application of this technology since 1976, China#39;s total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which added rice output by some 240 billion kilograms up till 1994.What’s more, this technology was exported to other countries.新中国成立以来,中国在农业科技上的一项举世瞩目的成就是籼型杂交水稻的育成。这项技术自1976年在全国大面积推广以后,仅至1994年,就已使中国的稻谷累计增产达2400亿公斤。此外,该技术还被出口到美国等国家和地区。The research of indica hybrid began in 1964, when a teacher from Hunan Province, Yuan Longping first put forward the idea of utilizing the heterosis in rice and initiated the research on hybrid rice in China. At the beginning, he discovered male-sterile rice. Then he brought forward the third hybriding paddy and carried out experiments on farmland. Yuan Longping made breakthrough in 1973. He was the first person to develop indica hybrid rice. The new technology was tested in many areas of South China in 1974 and 1975, and then extended to other areas. China became the first country that is capable of producing hybrid rice. Yuan Long-ping is the first scientist who successfully altered the self-pollinating characteristic of rice and realized large-scale farming of hybrid rice. This earned him the title ;Farther of Hybrid Rice;. The achievements of Yuan Longping greatly solved the food shortage, and provided as a solution the worldwide starvation. It is regarded as the fifth invention after China#39;s Four Major Inventions, and is acclaimed as the Second Green Revolution.杂交水稻的研究始于1964年。当时任职于湖南省安江农校的袁隆平最先发现了水稻天然雄性不育株,便带领助手们开展了有关研究。他首先发现了雄性不育株,以后又率先提出了通过培育水稻三系进行杂交的设想,并进行了田间实验。1973年终于获得突破性进展,在世界上第一个育成强优势灿型杂交水稻,1974至1975年在中国南方多处试种效果良好,1976年后开始大面积推广。从此,中国成为世界上第一个实现利用水稻杂交优势的国家。袁隆平也被誉为“杂交水稻之父”。他的成果不仅在很大程度上解决了中国人的吃饭问题,而且也被认为是解决世界性饥饿问题的法宝。国际上甚至把杂交稻当作中国继四大发明之后的第五大发明,誉为“第二次绿色革命”。 /201602/419397

It was once used by nearly 1bn people, making it one of the world’s best-known technology brands. But even Microsoft, its maker, has been forced to admit that it is deeply unloved.它一度有近10亿名用户,使得它成为全世界最知名的科技品牌之一。但现在就连它的开发者微软(Microsoft)也被迫承认,它非常不受喜爱。Internet Explorer — the software that launched the browser wars of the 1990s and became a symbol of the Seattle company’s former stranglehold on the tech world — is about to be ushered into retirement.Internet Explorer(简称IE)即将被退休。这款软件曾引发上世纪90年代的浏览器大战,成为总部位于西雅图的微软曾经把持科技世界的标志。The group said this week it would not use the IE name for the new browser it plans to deliver with the next version of its Windows operating system, due this year. The revised software, codenamed Project Spartan, is intended to catapult Microsoft beyond the Web 1.0 world for which IE was designed.微软本周表示,定于今年推出的下一版Windows操作系统自带的新浏览器将不再使用IE这个名字。新的浏览器代号Project Spartan,微软意图凭借这款新浏览器跳出IE面向的Web 1.0世界。With Spartan, Microsoft hopes to vault past IE’s weaknesses to produce a browser that is more suited to a digital life lived on multiple devices — part of the strategy of new chief executive Satya Nadella to break the company’s reliance on its old personal-computer monopoly.微软希望凭借Spartan一举超越IE的弱点,开发出一款更适合多设备数字生活的浏览器,这是新任首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)战略的一部分,目的是打破微软对自己过去垄断个人计算机(PC)的依赖。Tom Bedecarre, chairman of Akqa, a digital advertising agency owned by WPP, said the 20-year-old brand was long past its sell-by date. “In the war of the future, which is mobile, they’re losing. Nobody’s going to download Internet Explorer as their mobile browser.”WPP旗下的数字广告公司Akqa的董事长汤姆#8226;贝德卡雷(Tom Bedecarré)表示,IE这个已经20岁的品牌早已过了保质期。“在面向未来的这场移动战争中,它们不断失去地盘。没人会下载IE作为自己移动设备上的浏览器。”Microsoft has admitted that it failed to make IE a more loved part of daily life over the years. It even resorted to self-mockery in some of its advertising, referring to it as “The Browser You Loved To Hate”. Nearly a decade ago, Dean Hachamovitch, then head of the IE business, confessed: “We messed up.”微软承认这些年来它未能使IE成为人们日常生活中一个更受喜爱的部分。它在一些广告中甚至自嘲IE,称其是“那款你喜欢痛恨的浏览器”。近10年前,当时的IE业务负责人迪安#8226;哈查莫维奇(Dean Hachamovitch)就承认:“我们搞砸了。”“It’s been a product problem for a long time,” said Dan Brewster, a senior interactive designer with Wolff Olins, the marketing agency. People used it, he added, only because it was pre-installed on their computers or because they were required to by their employers.市场营销公司沃尔夫#8226;奥林斯(Wolff Olins)的高级交互设计师丹#8226;布鲁斯特(Dan Brewster)说:“这款产品早就有问题了。”他补充说,人们以往之所以使用它,只不过是因为他们的电脑上预装了它,或他们的雇主要求使用它。Designed to counter the rise of browser pioneer Netscape at the dawn of the internet, IE was delivered free with the pervasive Windows operating system, a tactic that made Microsoft the target of an antitrust investigation.IE是在互联网诞生初期,为对抗早年大受欢迎的浏览器网景(Netscape)而设计的,微软将它预装在普及率极高的Windows操作系统上,这种做法曾让微软成为反垄断调查的对象。It overtook Netscape within three years and went on to account for an estimated 95 per cent of browser usage soon after the turn of the millennium. But first the open-source Firefox browser and then Google’s Chrome ate into IE’s market share. It has fallen to about 20 per cent, similar to Firefox, while Chrome has risen to nearly 50 per cent.IE在不到3年的时间里就超过了网景浏览器,到千禧之交后不久,IE据估计已占到浏览器市场的95%。但开源浏览器火狐(Firefox)和谷歌(Google)的Chrome,先后开始蚕食IE的市场份额。IE的市场占有率已降至约20%,跟火狐差不多,Chrome的市场占有率则升至近50%。 /201503/364993

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