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For:正方辩词:Marriage compatibility tests can help the couple understand each other better.婚前性格检测可以帮助男女方更好地了解彼此。The right choice of a life and romantic partner has always been of primary importance for hurnan beings. Timely knowledge of the type of future relationships of the couple will help avoid mistakes.对于我们来讲,正确地选择生活和伴侣一直是首要任务。及时了解未来双方婚姻关系的特点将会帮助我们避免犯错。The quality of the relationships in a given couple is predetermined by each partners personal characteristics, and by his/her capability to develop optional behavior in the couple. Each one has a number of personal traits which substantially affect his/ her behavior in the couple. Besides, some other factors such as, educational level, religiosity, financial status, origin, etc. are supposed to exert influence upon the couple relationships.情侣在婚后关系如何,可以通过双方的性格以及恋爱期间最佳行为表现的能力预测出来。每个人都有自己的个性特点,而这些性格会极大地影响个人在恋爱中的行为表现。另外,其他一些因素,如教育程度,宗教信仰,经济状况及出身背景等等,都会对情侣婚后关系产生一定的影响。The compatibility tests enable the couple to better understand each other before marriage so as to adapt to the partner to enhance the relationship. It is through the efforts from both parties that they achieve a happy family.婚前性格检查能让情侣们更好的了解彼此,以适应对方,增进婚后感情。经过双方的共同努力,相信他们能够组建一个幸福美满的家庭。Against:反方辩词:Marriage is not a gamble.婚姻不是。There is no denying that compatible personalities of the couple are necessary for a happy family. Although we cant change basic personality, we can improve behavior. We will turn out more compatible with our mates through learning to adapt to each other.不可否认,双方个性的和谐是婚后幸福必不可少的条件。虽然本性难改,但我们可以改善自己的行为态度。通过努力彼此适应后,双方将会更加和睦。When you love someone, the differences dont matter as much. Compatibility is not effective enough to bond you two together for a lifetime. As people get older, their preferences change and their compatibility might change as well. If there is true love involved, they wil understand those differences and concentrate on the things they enjoy doing together.当你爱上某人的时候,你并不会在意彼此的差异。因此,性格合与不合对于决定共度一生的情侣来说并不会产生太大的影响。随着年龄的增长,人们的喜好会有所改变,从而情侣间的和谐程度也随之变化。如果是真心相爱,夫妻之间会理解彼此的不同并专注于两人共同的喜好上。No amount of tests can save a marriage, and the onus lies on the two individuals to the marriage work. It is all about your beliefs in the marriage system.测试并不能说明什么,只有双方的责任感才能成就段婚姻。如何做完全取决于个人对于婚姻制度的看法。 /201501/355020

Todd: You know, Greg, you were talking about being lost in Thailand. I have my own story about being lost in Bangkok.托德:克雷格,你说过你之前有在泰国迷路的经历。我也曾经在曼谷迷过路。Greg: Really?克雷格:真的吗?Todd: Yeah, I was supposed to go and stay with some Thai friends in Thailand and I was coming from America and I had a business card, like you suggested and so I got in the cab and I just showed the guy the business card and he took off. And he was this really old taxi driver. Kind of a sweet guy but I didnt know anything about Thailand. And we get in the cab and in the cab he had this smell like an orchid flower or something and it was really strong and it was really making me sick.托德:对,当时我是要去找一些泰国朋友,我从美国去泰国,像你建议你的那样,我带了张名片,我坐上出租车以后就把名片给司机看,然后他就出发了。他是一名老出租车司机。司机看上去人还不错,不过当时我对泰国一无所知。我坐进出租车以后就发现,车里有种类似兰花的香味,味道特别强烈,让我头很晕。Greg: Probably jasmine flower.克雷格:可能是茉莉花。Todd: Maybe yeah. That could have been it. And so we are driving and driving and we get out of the city and were way out in the countryside in like rice fields and things like that. Now, Ive only been in Thailand for about an hour.托德:也许吧。可能是。我们一直开一直开,然后出了城,一直往乡村开去,能看到稻田之类的田地。那个时候我刚到泰国一个小时。Greg: And youre probably getting worried.克雷格:那你一定很担心。Todd: Yeah.托德:对。Greg: Thinking, maybe you are going to get ripped off.克雷格:你当时是不是认为你被骗了。Todd: Right, like Im thinking, ;Oh, no!; This guys gonna take me somewhere and take advantage of me or hes lost and he doesnt know, and Im just getting really, really skeptical, so before we had left I had negotiated a price and I think I said Id pay him a thousand baht or something like forty dollars and he was very happy with the price.托德:对,我当时想,“哦,不!”这个人可能要把我带去某个地方然后欺骗我,要不然就是他迷路了可是他却不知道,我越来越怀疑,不过在出发前我们已经谈好了价钱,我说我会付他1000泰铢,大约40美元吧,他当时对这个价钱很满意。Greg: Thats a lot of money in Thailand,克雷格:在泰国来说那是很大一笔钱了。Todd: Yeah, and I didnt know that. So this guy is driving here, driving there. Hes stopping the cab. Hes asking people. He cant find the business, so eventually, Im getting sick cause of the flowers, its been like three hours, weve been driving around in the cab and Im worried that I dont have enough money for the cab fare. So I feel really, reallyy worried so I just tell the guy, ;back to the airport; cause he doesnt know any English, and I dont know any Thai, so I just sort of communicate, ;back to the airport.; The guy is like, ;Huh! Alright;, so he takes me back.托德:对,可是当时我并不知道。所以那个司机就一直开一直开。他有时会停下问人,因为他找不到我要去的那个公司,最后我实在受不了那个花的香味了,而且我坐着那个出租车已经转了三个小时,我很担心我没有足够的钱付车费。因为我越来越担心,所以我就跟出租车司机说回机场,他不懂英语,而我又不会泰语,所以我只能试着交流,跟他说回机场。那个司机回答说好的,然后他就把我带回了机场。 译文属 /201510/402326第一章 练习18:阶梯状语调的应用 Exercise 1-18 Reading with Staircase Intonation Exercise 1-18:Reading with Staircase IntonationRead the following with clear intonation where marked.Hello, my name is ______.Im taking American Accent Training.Theres a lot to learn, but I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible.I should pick up on the American intonation pattern pretty easily,although the only way to get it is to practice all of the time.I use the up and down,or peaks and valleys,intonation, more than I used to.Ive been paying attention to pitch, too.Its like walking down a staircase.Ive been talking to a lot of Americans lately,and they tell me that Im easier to understand.Anyway, I could go on and on,but the important thing isto listen well and sound good.Well, what do you think?Do I? /201506/380188

Todd: Could you talk about, when you travel, do you prefer to travel with somebody to travel alone?托德:你在旅行时是喜欢和朋友结伴旅行还是独自旅行?Keren: I prefer to travel with someone but on my next trip Im actually traveling alone so Im looking forward to seeing whether I enjoy myself. Yeah.凯伦:我喜欢和朋友们结伴旅行,不过下次旅行我要独自旅行,我很想看看我是否能玩得愉快。Todd: So this will be the first time youve travelled alone?托德:这是你第一次独自旅行吗?Keren: It will be the first trip where I actually plan the whole trip by myself. Yeah.凯伦:这是我第一次一个人计划整个旅行。Todd: OK, next. When you travel do you like to follow a guide book or do you like to explore and just do things without any planning.托德:好,下一个问题。你在旅行时是喜欢按照旅游指南去玩,还是没有计划,四处逛逛?Keren: I tend to be on a time budget so I do use guidebooks and in general it will be the Lonely Planet — the same as everybody else.凯伦:我会进行时间预算,所以我会参考旅游指南,一般我会和其他人一样,参考《孤独星球》旅行指南。Todd: You go to the same places as everybody else.托德:你也和其他人一样去同样的地方。Keren: Yeah.凯伦:对。Todd: Yeah. I guess thats just how it normally works... OK When you travel do you usually like to go on a budget for a long time or do you like to spend a little money and have more of a good time and a shorter vacation?托德:好。我想基本上都是这样的……你在旅行时是喜欢节省费用玩得时间长些,还是喜欢稍微多花些钱,在较短的旅程中好好享受?Keren: Definitely I prefer to be on a budget and have much longer time. Yeah, and I think on a budget that you experience the culture better as well, so I think its better all around.凯伦:我当然是节省费用,希望玩得时间长些了。我认为节省费用可以更好地去体验当地的文化,去各个地方都转转更好一些。Todd: Now when you travel what are some things you do to save money?托德:你在旅行时会怎么节省费用呢?Keren: I cut down on alcohol.凯伦:我会少喝酒。Todd: Oh, yeah.托德:好。Keren: Because thats usually a big expense and I shop at supermarkets and tend to, try not to eat in restaurant so much.凯伦:因为喝酒花费很多,我会在超市买东西,尽量不去餐厅吃饭。Todd: OK, and the last one is when you travel to you try to stay away from other tourists and travelers or do you like to meet other people as you travel?托德:最后一个问题,你在旅行时是会避开其他游客还是喜欢在旅行中结识新朋友?Keren: I like to spend time away from other tourists but I find that thats often difficult and for example in a place like Machu Pichu there are thousands and thousands other tourists and theres nothing you can do about it.凯伦:我会努力避开其他游客,不过我发现这点很难,比如说,像马丘比丘这样的景点有数万名游客,所以你没办法避开其他人。Todd: Right.托德:对。Keren: Yeah. Unfortunately.凯伦:嗯,很不幸。Todd: Well, anyway on your trips, I hope you have a good time.托德:好,希望你旅行愉快。Keren: Thank you very much.凯伦:非常谢谢你。Todd: Thanks, take care.托德:谢谢,保重。Keren: Thank you.凯伦:谢谢你。 译文属 /201510/403413讲解文本:make no bones about 直率,毫不犹豫,直言不讳I think you should make no bones about your idea.我觉得你有想法就应该直率的说出来。I make no bones about it. I want the promotion.我可以直言不讳的说,我确实想要升职。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/502940

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