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青岛减肚子的美容院青岛市诺德医院好吗青岛脱毛大全 Increase your odds of meeting Mr. Right with these tips.根据下面的建议,增加遇到意中人的机会。You Will Need你需要Male-dominated locations男性主导的场合Cash现金A willingness to venture out in cold weather愿意在冷天外出Red clothing红色的衣Chutzpah放纵Late nights深夜A dive bar廉价酒吧Steps步骤STEP 1 Go where the men are1.到男性聚集的场合Go where the men are: not just the obvious spots like electronics stores, muscle gyms, steak houses, and sports bars after a big game. Take part in a political rally; join a rock-climbing center; visit a musical-instrument shop; spend time at a driving range; and sign up for improv classes.到男人喜欢出没的场合,不仅仅是比较显而易见的场合,例如电子产品商店,肌肉健身馆,牛排馆,重大比赛后的体育酒吧。还可以参加政治集会,攀岩中心,音乐设备商店;花费时间在高尔夫练球场,报名上即兴课堂。STEP 2 Ditch your guy friends2.抛弃男性朋友Separate from your male friends when you go to a party or bar. Men are far less likely to approach a woman who is hanging out with a bunch of guys.去派对或酒吧的时候和自己的男性朋友分开。男人们通常不可能接触置身许多男孩中的女孩。STEP 3 Buy a round3.请他喝酒Have your eye on a guy? Buy him a drink or three. As people consume alcohol, their brains become less able to distinguish nonsymmetrical patterns. And because human beings are attracted to facial symmetry, thats good news for the majority of us with imperfect faces.看上某个男孩?请他喝几杯酒。人们喝酒的时候,大脑辨别不对称图案的能力下降。因为人类会被面部的对称性吸引,这对于我们大多数面部不完美的人来说是个好消息。Packing on a few extra pounds? Hang out in dive bars at happy hour. Studies show that when men are poor and hungry, they find plumper women more pleasing than thin women.多带一点现金。欢乐的时光在酒吧流连。研究表明,当男性贫穷和饥饿的时候,他们会发现丰满的女性比苗条的女性更有吸引力。STEP 4 Dont hibernate4.不要蛰伏Dont hibernate in cold weather – go out and show a little skin in a low-cut or sleeveless top. Men find womens bodies more attractive in the dead of winter, possibly because theyve been deprived of seeing bikini-clad cuties for months.寒冷的天气不要蛰伏——勇敢的走出去,穿低领或无袖上装露出一点皮肤。在寒冷的天气里,男性发现女性的身体更有吸引力,可能是因为他们已经好几个月没有看到比基尼美女了。STEP 5 Be that lady in red5.穿红色的衣Wear red when youre out on the prowl. Men are more inclined to ask out a lady in red, spend more money on the date, and want to take her to bed.外出猎捕意中人的时候穿红色的衣。男性更喜欢约会穿红色衣的女性,在约会上花更多的钱,更想把她带到床上。STEP 6 Make the first move6.采取主动Next time you see an attractive guy, smile and ask him for the time. If hes interested, hell find a reason to continue the conversation. If not, you havent embarrassed yourself.下次看到有吸引力的男孩时,微笑,问一下对方是否有时间。如果他也感兴趣,他会找理由继续对话。如果他没有兴趣,你也不会让自己尴尬。STEP 7 Be a night owl8.做一只猫头鹰Shift your timing. Guys often go out for the evening on the later side, so stick around parties and nightclubs until at least 11:00 PM. Night owls get more dates!调整时间。男性更喜欢深夜外出,所以在聚会或夜间俱乐部坚持到至少晚上11:00,猫头鹰一样的女性能够获得更多约会。San Jose, California; Salt Lake City; Arlington, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and San Francisco are the five best cities to meet single men over 35, according to a survey.根据一项调查,加州的圣何塞;盐湖城;德克萨斯的阿林顿;北卡罗来纳的罗利;旧金山是邂逅35岁以上男性的五大最佳城市。201408/318519青岛怎样去处眼袋

青岛去眼袋专家医生Stress is a well known trigger for depression so its important that you identify the signs early and deal with them quickly.众所周知,压力是导致抑郁的缘由,所以,及早鉴别出压力征兆,尽快进行解决是非常重要的。Step 1: Physical Symptoms1.身体征兆These are probably the first thing that you will become aware of. No one likes pain after all. These are common complaints;这或许是你最先感觉到的变化。毕竟没有人喜欢痛苦。最普遍的抱怨就是:Headaches头痛Muscle tensions/cramps肌肉紧张Neck amp; Chest pain脖子和胸部疼痛Excessive sleepiness嗜睡Lack of sex drive缺乏性冲动High blood pressure高血压Skin complaints皮肤差Be particularly aware of any rise in blood pressure as this can be potentially dangerous, resulting in heart conditions. Its recommended that you dose yourself up with Vitamin C if you feel run down as this can boost your immune system and help you fight infection.一定要警惕血压上升,因为这可能是非常危险的,可能会导致心脏问题。医生建议,如果你感到状况不佳,可以自己补充维生素C,增强免疫力,抵抗疾病。Step 2: Emotional Symptoms2.情绪征兆If youre stressed youre obviously not going to be in your best mood but you could be suffering from other symptoms you may not have realised are related to stress:如果你承受着压力,很明显你的情绪不会处于最佳状态,但是可能也有其他你没有意识到的与压力有关的征兆:Moodiness喜怒无常Over sensitivity过度敏感Lack of self confidence缺乏自信Anger and resentment愤怒和憎恨Urge to laugh or cry大笑或大哭的强烈冲动Irritated容易恼怒Step 3: Behavioural Symptoms3.行为征兆Be particularly aware of your alcohol and drug intake as this can increase rapidly when stressed. Excessive intake of these can damage your health permanently. However be aware for the slightly more subtle behaviour changes:警惕酒精和药物的摄入量,因为压力大的时候,这两种物质的摄入量会迅速增加。过量用会永久性地危害健康。然而,也要警惕一些更加细微的行为变化:Eating more or less than normal饭量比平时增加或减少Weight change体重变化Increase in nervous habits紧张不安的习惯增加Overreacting反应过度Excessive exercising过度锻炼Excessive shopping过度购物Step 4: Intellectual Symptoms4.脑力征兆These include:包括:Memory problems记忆问题Inability to concentrate难以集中精力Trouble making decisions难以作出决定Seeing the negative in things悲观情绪Confusion思维混乱Lack of judgment缺乏判断Desire to run away逃跑的冲动Dont let these become stressors as well, dont get angry with yourself as this will only make things worse.不要让这些成为造成压力的因素,不要生闷气,这只会让事情更加糟糕。Being aware of the symptoms of stress from an early stage can prevent long term health problems. Please also see VideoJugs other s for more tips for a calmer stress free life.及早发现压力征兆可以避免长期的健康问题。请观看VideoJug其他视频,查看缓解压力的其他建议。视频听力节目由。201308/250713山东省青岛滕州专业祛痘哪家好 A History of Pilates彼拉提斯的一段历史Joseph Pilates was a fitness guru and inventor born in 1883 near the northern German city of Dusseldorf. His father was a prizewinning gymnast of Greek ancestry. His mother was a naturopath, who believed in stimulating the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery. His mothers healing philosophy and fathers physical achievements were to greatly influence Pilates ideas on therapeutic exercise.乔瑟夫·彼拉提斯是1883年于德国北部城市杜塞道夫出生的健身专家和发明家。他的父亲是希腊血统的得奖体操运动员。他的母亲是一名自然疗法师,她深信不用药物或手术就能刺激身体修复自己。他母亲的治疗哲学以及父亲在体能的成就,将会深深影响彼拉提斯在运动疗法上的想法。Pilates was a sickly child, suffering from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. To make matters worse, the bigger children at school taunted him by making fun of his name. He became determined to overcome his physical disadvantages, and dedicated his life to improving his health and strength.彼拉提斯是个体弱多病的孩子,饱受气喘、佝偻病、和风湿热之苦。让情况更糟糕的是,学校里较魁梧的孩子借由开他名字的玩笑来嘲弄他。他下并决心要克生理上的不利条件,并将他的人生投入在改善他的健康及力量上。He focused on breathing techniques to assist with his asthma, and by exercising outside in his shorts, was able to cure his rickets which is caused by a vitamin D deficiency. By the age of 14, he was fit enough to pose for anatomical charts. He loved skiing and being outdoors. He studied bodybuilding, yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics.他专注于呼吸技巧以帮助改善他的气喘,借由穿着短裤在户外运动,他能够治疗因为缺乏维他命 D 所引起的佝偻病。在十四岁时,他已经够健壮到能当人体结构图的模特儿。他喜欢滑雪和待在户外。他研读健身、瑜伽、武术、和体操。You can recognize the influence of these activities in the Pilates technique. For example, the long stretch and up stretch on the Reformer are drawn from ;downward-facing dog; and ;plank; in yoga. He uses punching and sidekick movement similar to martial arts. And some exercises on the chair are similar to gymnastic ring work. The natural movements of animals also inspired him and this can be seen in exercises such as the cat stretch on the Cadillac.你可以在彼拉提斯的技巧中辨识出这些运动的影响。举例来说,器械床上的延长伸展和向上伸展是取自于瑜伽中“面朝下的式”和“棒式”。他使用类似武术的出拳和侧踢动作。有些在椅子上的练习类似于体操吊环运动。动物的自然动作同样也给他灵感,这可以在练习动作中看到,像是在凯迪拉克床上的猫式伸展。In 1912, Joseph Pilates moved to England and earned a living as a professional boxer, circus performer, and self-defense trainer at Scotland Yard. During World War I, however, the British authorities interned him, along with other German citizens, in a British Enemy Citizens Camp on the Isle of Man.在1912年,乔瑟夫·彼拉提斯搬到英国,并以职业拳击手、马戏团演员、和伦敦警察厅的自卫训练师谋生。然而,第一次世界大战期间,英国当局将他和其他德国公民一起拘留在曼岛上的英国敌国国民拘留营。The health conditions in these camps were poor, but Pilates insisted that everyone in his cellblock participate in daily exercise routines, which he had devised to help maintain their physical and mental well-being.这些拘留营中的健康状态很差,但彼拉提斯坚持在他狱区里的所有人都要参加每日的运动行程,那是他设计出来帮助维持他们身理及心理健康的运动。Some of the injured German soldiers were too weak to get out of bed. Not content to leave his comrades lying idle, Pilates took springs from the beds and attached them to the headboards and footboards of the iron bed frames, turning them into equipment that provided a type of resistance exercise for his bedridden patients. These mechanized beds were the forerunners of the spring-based exercise machines, such as the Cadillac and the Reformer, for which the Pilates method is known today.有些受伤的德国士兵太过虚弱而无法离床。不甘愿于丢下他的伙伴们闲躺着,彼拉提斯从床上取出弹簧并将它们接到铁床架的床头板及床尾板上,将它们变成为久病患者提供一种耐力运动的器材。这些机械化的病床是那些以弹簧为基础的运动机械的先驱,像是凯迪拉克床和器械床,那些都是彼拉提斯法今日为人所知的器材。Pilates legend has it that during the great flu epidemic of 1918, not a single soldier under his care died. Remarkable! Considering the terrible living conditions of the internment camps.彼拉提斯传说这样流传着,在1918年的大流感期间,没有一个在他照护之下的士兵丧命。非常惊人!考虑到那拘留营中糟糕的生活环境。After the war, Joseph returned to Germany and collaborated with experts in dance and physical exercise, such as Rudolf Laban. In Hamburg, he trained police officers. He was also pressured to train members of the German army, but left his native Germany, disappointed with its political and social conditions, and immigrated to the ed States. En route, he met his future wife, a young nurse named Clara. The couple founded a studio in New York City and taught and supervised their students well into the 1960s.战后,乔瑟夫回到德国,并与舞蹈及体能运动专家合作,像是Rudolf Laban(舞蹈家)。在德国汉堡,他训练警察。他同样也被迫使去训练德国军队,但他离开了土生土长的德国,对于其政治和社会条件感到失望,并移民到美国。在路上,他结识了他未来的妻子,一位名叫 Clara 的年轻护士。这对情侣在纽约成立一间工作室,并教导且监督他们的学生一直到六零年代。His method, which he and Clara originally called Contrology, encouraged the mind to control muscles. It focused attention on core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and of alignment of the spine, and strengthen the deep torso and abdominal muscles. Pilates came to believe that modern lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing lay at the roots of poor health.他的方法,他和 Clara 原先称作“控制哲学”,刺激心志去控制肌肉。那能集中注意力在帮助维持人体平衡及提供脊椎撑力的核心姿势肌上。最特别地,彼拉提斯运动训练对呼吸以及脊椎矫正的认识,并强化躯干深处与腹部的肌肉。彼拉提斯开始相信现代的生活型态、不正确的姿势、以及无效率的呼吸为不良的健康状态扎根。Joseph Pilates New York gym put him in close proximity to a number of dance studios, which led to his discovery by prominent members of the dance community, including George Balanchine and Martha Graham. The Pilates repertoire itself has many references to classical ballet and also the Graham technique. For example, the ballet stretches on the Cadillac and Ladder Barrel, the round back and straight back in the stomach massage series on the Reformer. Many dancers, actors, and famous people in New York depended on Pilates for the strength and grace it developed, as well as for its rehabilitative effects.乔瑟夫·彼拉提斯在纽约的运动中心将他带到几间舞蹈工作室的邻近区域,这使得他被舞蹈界的知名人物发现,包括 George Balanchine 和 Martha Graham。彼拉提斯的动作本身就有许多古典芭蕾、也有葛莱姆技巧(现代舞技巧)的参考依据。举例来说,像是凯迪拉克床及梯桶上的芭蕾伸展、还有器械床上胃部系列的拱背及直背。许多舞者、演员、和纽约名人都为了它所带来的力量及魅力而仰赖彼拉提斯,还有为了它那复健的效果。Joseph Pilates wrote two books, Your Health and Return to Life through Contrology, and was also a prolific inventor. He passed away in 1967 at the age of 83 in New York. He had maintained a fit physique throughout his life, and photographs show that he was in remarkable physical condition in his older years.乔瑟夫·彼拉提斯写过两本书:“你的健康”以及“透过控制哲学重返人生”,他同样也是作品丰富的发明家。他在1967年83岁时在纽约逝世。他在他的人生中都保持强健的体魄,也有照片显示他在晚年仍处于绝佳的生理状态。He is also said to have had a flamboyant personality. He smoked cigars, liked to party, and wore his exercise briefs wherever he wanted—even on the streets of New York. Its said that he was an intimidating, though deeply committed, instructor. Although Joseph and Clara had no children, his legacy and exercise techniques were preserved and developed through the work of his disciples. These disciples who started out as their apprentices are now called the Elders.据说他同样也有高调的个性。他抽雪茄、喜欢参加派对、无论他想在哪穿都穿着他的运动小内裤--甚至在纽约大街上。据说他是名虽然深深投入、却也很令人敬畏的导师。即使乔瑟夫和 Clara 没有孩子,他的遗产及运动技巧都透过他追随者的努力,被保留下来并成长发展。这些一开始是他见习生的追随者们现在叫做“长老”。Until exercise science caught up with the Pilates method in the 1980s, it was chiefly dancers and elite athletes who utilized the Pilates technique. Now, Pilates has made it to the mainstream, with its health benefits and mental discipline widely recognized as being of great benefit to the health and well-being of all types of people, no matter their shape, size, gender or age.直到运动科学在八零年代跟上彼拉提斯的方法前,主要是舞者和菁英运动员利用彼拉提斯的技巧。现在,彼拉提斯已成为主流,其对健康的益处以及其心志训练,被广泛认为对所有类型的人们的健康及幸福有极大益处,不论他们的身形、大小、性别或是年龄。Today, Joseph Pilates teachings are carried on by the Pilates Elders, their progeny, and by a large group of contemporary teachers all over the world.今天,乔瑟夫·彼拉提斯的教学由彼拉提斯长老们、他们的后代、以及世界各地一大群现代的老师们接着传承下去。201411/343552城阳区妇女儿童医院激光除皱多少钱

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