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I want to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating St George’s Day. Up and down the country – including here in Downing Street -- the flag of St George is flying high and celebrations, from the archaic to the eccentric, are taking place. In Plymouth, a patriotic festival. In London, a great feast in Trafalgar Square. In Leicester, a medieval re-enactment. And in Worcestershire, an annual ‘asparagus run’, to welcome the new harvest. St George has been England’s patron saint since 1350. But for too long, his feast day – England’s national day – has been overlooked. Today, though, more and more people are coming together on or around April the 23rd, eager to celebrate everything it is to be English. And there is much to celebrate. Because this is a country whose achievements in industry, in technology, in sport, music, literature and the arts, far outweigh our size. Our counties and cities are known the world over: In America, where Newcastle Brown Ale is the most imported ale. In China, where the most popular international football team is from London: Arsenal. In Australia, where they go mad for a Cornish cuisine, the humble pasty. In South Korea, where Yorkshire-set Downton Abbey is a TV favourite. And across the globe, where the best-selling band is from Liverpool, the Beatles. This St George’s Day, I want us to reflect on one of England’s greatest achievements. Its role in the world’s greatest family of nations, the ed Kingdom. In just five months, the people of Scotland will go to the polls and decide whether they want to remain a part of this global success story. So let’s prove that we can be proud of our individual nations and be committed to our union of nations. Because no matter how great we are alone, we will always be greater together. So once again, to everyone across England, I’d like to wish you a very happy St George’s Day.201503/361681That thing doesnt exist in the world.世界上不存在这种革命。Whenever you see young people in front of the road trying to fraternize with the police or military,如果你看到年轻人在接上态度友好的和警察或者军队交涉,somebody was thinking about it before.肯定有人实现计划。Now, at the end, nonviolent discipline,最后我要谈一谈不使用暴力的重要性,and this is probably the game-changer.这在一场运动中可能会起到决定性的作用。If you maintain nonviolent discipline, you will exclusively win.如果坚持非暴力斗争,你就会取得胜利。You have 100,000 people in a nonviolent march,如果十万人参加了非暴力游行,and one idiot or agent provocateur is throwing stones,如果其中一个白痴或者奸细扔了石头,guess what takes all the cameras? That one guy.媒体的镜头全都会对准这一个人。One single act of violence can literally destroy your movement.一个暴力行为就可以毁掉整个运动。Now let me move to another place.现在我们看下一个问题。Its selection of strategies and tactics.战略和战术的甄选。There are certain rules in nonviolent struggle you may follow.在非暴力斗争中遵守一些规则是必要的。First, you start small.第一,从小规模的运动开始。Second, you pick the battles you can win.第二,将精力集中在可能赢的活动上。Its only 200 of us in this room.今天出席的观众大约两百人。We wont call for the March of Millions.我们没办法组织百万人大游行。But what if we organize spraying graffiti throughout the night all over Krakow city? The city will know.如果我们趁夜晚在克拉科夫四处涂鸦呢?市民们一定会知道的。So we pick the tactics which accommodates to the event,因此,我们根据形势挑选策略,especially this thing we call the small tactics of dispersion.尤其是运用分散的小规模策略。Theyre very useful in a violent oppression.这种策略在暴力镇压中特别有效。We are actually witnessing the picture of one of the best tactics ever used.这张照片记录的就是有史以来最棒的策略之一。It was on Tahrir Square, where the international community was constantly frightened that the Islamists will overtake the revolution.这是在解放广场,国际社会一直担心伊斯兰教徒会在这里改变革命的性质。Well, theyve organized Christians protecting Muslims, who are there praying,于是,他们安排了基督教徒保护正在祈祷的穆斯林,Coptic wedding cheered by thousands of Muslims.以及受到成千上万穆斯林祝福的科普特人婚礼。The world has just changed the picture,他们改变了世界的想法,but somebody was thinking about this previously.这一切都是事前计划。So there are so many things you can do instead of getting into one place, shouting and showing off in front of the security forces.除了聚集在一起,在安保人员面前大叫示威之外,还有很多其他的斗争方式。Now there is also another very important dynamic,事实上还有一种动态制衡也非常重要,and this is a dynamic normally analytics dont see.而且常被分析家忽略。201601/420528

This story starts: I was at a friends house,故事的开头是这样的:我在一个朋友家里and she had on her shelf a copy of the DSM manual, which is the manual of mental disorders.在她的架子上有一本《DSM手册》,就是《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》It lists every known mental disorder.它列举了所有已知的精神疾病And it used to be, back in the 50s, a very slim pamphlet.而在50年代的时候,它还是本苗条的小册子And then it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and now its 886 pages long.然后一步一步被增加成大胖子,现在已经有886页厚了And it lists currently 374 mental disorders.目前手册列举了374种精神疾病So I was leafing through it,所以我大致翻阅了一下wondering if I had any mental disorders, and it turns out Ive got 12.好奇我是否有任何精神疾病,结果显示我得了12种Ive got generalized anxiety disorder, which is a given.我得了广泛性焦虑症,这是与生俱来的Ive got nightmare disorder, which is categorized我还得了梦魇症,这是根据分类得来的if you have recurrent dreams of being pursued or declared a failure只要你周期性地梦见被追逐或者被宣判失败and all my dreams involve people chasing me down the street going, ;Youre a failure.;而我的梦里都有人在街道上追赶我,向我叫道,;你太失败了;Ive got parent-child relational problems, which I blame my parents for.我还有亲子关系问题,这得归咎于我父母Im kidding. Im not kidding. Im kidding.我开玩笑的,我还真没开玩笑。好吧,开玩笑的And Ive got malingering.我还得了诈病症And I think its actually quite rare to have both malingering and generalized anxiety disorder,我觉得同时拥有诈病症和广泛性焦虑症,这并不是很常见because malingering tends to make me feel very anxious.因为诈病症会让我觉得非常焦虑Anyway I was looking through this book,总之我浏览了这本书wondering if I was much crazier than I thought I was,惊讶我比我想象中还要不正常or maybe its not a good idea to diagnose yourself with a mental disorder又或许给自己诊断精神病并不是一个很好的想法if youre not a trained professional,如果你不是一个受过培训的专家or maybe the psychiatry profession has a strange desire to label whats essentially normal human behavior as a mental disorder.又或许精神病学专家有一种怪癖,想要将正常的人类行为定义为精神疾病I didnt know which of these things was true, but I thought it was kind of interesting.我不知道这哪些是真的,但我觉得还蛮有趣的And I thought maybe I should meet a critic of psychiatry to get their view.然后我想我应该和一个精神病学家见一面,看看他有什么想法Which is how I ended up having lunch with the Scientologists.所以我就和一个科学论派学者共进午餐It was a man called Brian who runs a crack team of Scientologists他叫Brian,他管理着一个一流的科学论派团队who are determined to destroy psychiatry wherever it lies.同时也下定决心捣毁所有的精神医学Theyre called the CCHR.他们被称为公民人权委员会And I said to him, ;Can you prove to me that psychiatry is a pseudo-science that cant be trusted?;我就跟他说,;你能向我明精神医学是一门不值得信任的伪科学吗?”And he said, ;Yes, we can prove it to you.;然后他说,“可以,我明给你看。”And I said, ;How?;我又问,“怎么明?”And he said, ;Were going to introduce you to Tony.;他说,“我打算介绍Tony给你认识。”And I said, ;Whos Tony?;我问,“谁是Tony?;And he said, ;Tonys in Broadmoor.;他说,“Tony现在在布罗德莫。”Now Broadmoor is Broadmoor Hospital.布罗德莫,就是布罗德莫精神病院It used to be known as the Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane.过去被称为精神病犯人的庇护所Its where they send the serial killers and the people who cant help themselves.连环杀手就是被送到那里的,还有那些无法自控的人And I said to Brian, ;What did Tony do?;我又问Brian,“Tony干过什么事?”And he said, ;Hardly anything.他说,“基本什么也没干He beat someone up or something, and he decided to fake madness to get out of a prison sentence.他好像打了人还是其他什么事, 然后他决定装疯以此逃过牢狱之灾But he faked it too well, and now hes stuck in Broadmoor and nobody will believe hes sane.但他装得太像了,现在就在那里出不来了,但没人相信他是正常的Do you want us to try and get you into Broadmoor to meet Tony?;你想让我们把你弄进去和Tony见面吗?”So I said, ;Yes, please.;然后我说,“嗯,劳烦你了。”So I got the train to Broadmoor.所以我踏上了前往布罗德莫精神病院的列车201603/429134

The president often criticized for his caution is now doing things in his own way.由于谨慎而时常遭受批评的总统现在决定任性一回。He is cut a climate deal with China and he issued an immigration order.他与中国达成了气候协定并颁布了移民令。Well see how far he can take it.让我们来看看他能做到什么程度吧。Good evening, everybody.大家晚上好。Welcome to the White House Correspondents dinner.欢迎参加白宫记者晚宴。A night when Washington celebrates itself.一个华盛顿自我庆祝的夜晚。Somebodys got to do it.必须得有人做才行。And welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency.欢迎来到我的第四季度总统任期。Its true...thats Michelle cheering.是的...那是米歇尔在欢呼。The fact is I feel more loose and relaxed than ever.事实上我感觉到从未有过的轻松。Those Joe Biden shoulder massages theyre like magic.乔·拜登的肩膀神奇极了。You should try one.你应该试试。Oh, you have.哦,你已经试过了。I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left.我决定利用好剩余的每一分钟。After the midterm elections, my advisors asked me ;Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?;中期选举之后,我的顾问问我:“总统先生,你有遗愿清单么?”And I said, ;Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.;我说:“我倒是有一些跟遗愿清单押韵的东西。”201512/414116

  We think this can all be standardized, and then people我们觉得这可以标准化can personalize the stuff that goes into that wall,那样人们就可以个性化墙上的其他物品and like the car, we can integrate all kinds of sensing就像那辆车一样,我们能完善各种to be aware of human activity, so if theres a baby or感应人类活动的传感装置,所以a puppy in the way, you wont have a problem.哪怕有婴儿或小路中挡道,也不会出大乱子。So the developers say, well this is great. Okay,开发商说也觉得这样很不错,很赞同so if we have a conventional building,所以如果我们有一栋传统的建筑we have a fixed envelope, maybe we can put in 14 units.有一个固定的底线,那么我们可能可以放14个单位进去If they function as if theyre twice as big,如果他们能用起来像两倍的空间一样we can get 28 units in.那么我们就等于放进28个单位了That means twice as much parking, though.这就意味着有两倍的泊车空间Parkings really expensive. Its about 70,000 dollars泊车真的是很贵的,在一栋建筑物里per space to build a conventional parking spot建一个传统型的停车场,每个车位inside a building.大约要7万美金So if you can have folding and autonomy,所以如果能折叠,也有自动化you can do that in one seventh of the space.那么你只需七分之一个停车位That goes down to 10,000 dollars per car,每辆车就只需花1万美金而已just for the cost of the parking.就单停车这一项You add shared use, and you can even go further.如果加上共享使用,那么你行动范围就更大了We can also integrate all kinds of advanced technology我们能在这一个过程中加入各种高科技through this process. Theres a path to market创新型公司把科技融入家居中for innovative companies to bring technology into the home.这方面的市场也是行得通的In this case, a project were doing with Siemens,有这么个项目,我们正和西门子在合作we have sensors on all the furniture, all the infill,我们在所有的家具和填充物中加入传感器that understands where people are and what theyre doing.能感知人们的位置和所做的事情Blue light is very efficient, so we have these tunable蓝光是很有效率的,所以我们做出了24-bit LED lighting fixtures.可调节的24位LED灯固定装置It recognizes where the person is, what theyre doing,它能辨识人的位置,以及所做的事情fills out the light when necessary to full spectrum white light,需要的时候就变为全光谱的白灯and saves maybe 30, 40 percent in energy consumption,并节省下30%到40%的能源消耗we think, over even conventional state-of-the-art我们觉得,这比传统的最新型照明系统lighting systems.还要节能This just shows you the data that comes from the sensors这里的数据是来自那些传感器的that are embedded in the furniture.就安装在家具里面We dont really believe in cameras to do things in homes.我们不认为摄像机能在家里帮得上忙We think these little wireless sensors are more effective.我们觉得这些小型无线传感器更给力We think we can also personalize sunlight.我们也可以将日光个性化Thats sort of the ultimate personalization in some ways.某种程度上,这算是一种终极的个性化了So we, weve looked at articulating mirrors of the facade我们现在看到的就是连接镜的正面that can throw shafts of sunlight anywhere into the space,它能往空中投射光束therefore allowing you to shade most of the glass这样就能在像今天一样热的天气里on a hot day like today.遮蔽掉大部分的光线In this case, she picks up her phone, she can map在这个例子中,她拿起手机,在准备食物时food preparation at the kitchen island to a particular在岛式厨房上指定位置映射出阳光location of sunlight. An algorithm will keep it in that location会有一个算法能记住这个映射位置as long as shes engaged in that activity.只要她还在这个活动的过程中This can be combined with LED lighting as well.这也能和LED照明结合起来We think workplaces should be shared.我们认为工作场所也应该共享I mean, this is really the workplace of the future, I think.我意思是,我觉得这真的就是未来的工作场所This is Starbucks, you know.其实,这是星巴克。Maybe a third.And you see everybody has their back或许三分之一——你可以看到每个人to the wall and they have food and coffee down the way都背靠着墙,桌上有食物和咖啡and theyre in their own little personal bubble.他们都融入到自己的小私人空间里We need shared spaces for interaction and collaboration.我们需要共享的空间进行互动和合作Were not doing a very good job with that.这方面,我们做得不是很好At the Cambridge Innovation Center, you can have在剑桥创新中心shared desks. Ive spent a lot of time in Finland有能共享的桌子。我曾在芬兰阿尔托大学at the design factory of Aalto University,的设计工厂待过很长时间where the they have a shared shop and shared Fablab,那儿有共享的商店和私人实验室shared quiet spaces,共享安静的环境electronics spaces,电子设备环境recreation places.休闲场地We think ultimately all of this stuff can come together,我们相信这些最终都会结合在一起a new model for mobility, a new model for housing,成为新型的流动方式,新型的住宅方式a new model for how we live and work,新型的生活工作方式a path to market for advanced technologies,也为高科技市场打开门道but in the end the main thing we need to focus on但最终我们需要关注的are people. Cities are all about people.是人类。城市和人类是分不开的Theyre places for people.他们是人类的住所Theres no reason why we cant dramatically improve所以没有理由不去大力提升the livability and creativity of cities like theyve done城市的宜居性和创意性in Melbourne with the laneways while就像在墨尔本的巷道一样at the same time dramatically reducing CO2 and energy.同时也大规模地降低了CO2排放量和能源使用量Its a global imperative. We have to get this right.这个全球性问题迫在眉睫,刻不容缓Thank you.谢谢。201504/371246

  I leaned something that day 那天 我得到了一些教训and what I learned is if you are going to connect your business and your philanthropy 我认识到 如果你要将经营和慈善结合起来you better make sure that is integrated deep into your culture 你要确保慈善深深融入到企业文化中that its not just something that youre going to tack on 慈善不能机械地加到经营上but youre going to build an integrated business, youre going to build an integrated life 你要将两者融为一体 形成有机的整体youre going to get these things to work deeply together 让两者能够深深地兼容and you can do it 这是可以做到的And when I started my company salesforce.com in 1999 1999年我创建了自己的公司 salesforce.comI decided to do three things 我打算做三件事One, a radically new technology model called cloud computing 一 建立一个全新的技术模式 叫云计算Two, a radically new business model 二 建立一个全新的经营模式which was subscription services for software 也就是针对软件的订阅务And three, a radically new philanthropy model 三 建立一个全新的慈善模式At that day we started the company, we put 1% of our equity 创建公司的那天 我们将1%的股权1% of our profit and 1% of all of our employees time charity 1%的利润和所有员工1%的时间into a 501(c)(3) public charity 用于一家501(c)(3)慈善机构It was very easy 这很简单We had no products 我们没有产品We had no equity. We had no people 我们没有股本 我们没有员工That was an easy decision 这个决定很好做But today salesforce.com is doing great 不过如今 salesforce.com做得很好with more than 13,000 employees 我们有超过1.3万名员工well do more than billion in revenue this year, were 今年的年收入将超过50亿美元heading into the Fortune 500, the top 500 companies in the world 我们即将跻身全世界财富500强公司的行列we are Fortune Magazines most admired software company for 2014 我们是财富杂志2014年度最令人钦佩的软件公司we are Forbes most innovative company in the world for three years in a row 我们连续三年被福布斯评为全世界最具创新性的公司and we are Fortune Magazines best place to work number seven this year in the world 我们还在财富杂志今年的最佳雇主排行榜中名列世界第七Thank you 谢谢大家Thank you 谢谢大家And if youre looking for a job, graduates, ceo@salesforce.com 想找工作的毕业生 可以发邮件到ceo@salesforce.comThats my email address 这是我的电子邮箱201601/422596。

  Hi, everybody. 大家好!As 2014 comes to an end, we can enter the New Year with new confidence that America is making significant strides where it counts.2014年就要结束了,这一年我们取得了巨大的成就,籍此我们将满怀信心迎接新的一年的到来。The steps we took nearly six years ago to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation helped make 2014 the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s. 过去六年里我们为经济复苏和重建经济发展基础所制定的政策在2014年结果,这也使得2014年成为自上个世纪90年代以来就业增长最强劲的一年。Over the past 57 months, our businesses have created nearly 11 million new jobs. 在过去的57个月里,私营部门共创造了1100万个就业岗位。And in a hopeful sign for middle-class families, wages are on the rise again.同时让中产阶级看到希望的是,工资也再次上涨了。Our investments in American manufacturing have helped fuel its best stretch of job growth since the 90s. 我们在制造业上的投资成为上世纪90年代以来就业增长最好的助推剂。America is now the number one producer of oil and gas, saving drivers about 70 cents a gallon at the pump over last Christmas. 现在,美国已成为最大的石油气生产国,自去年圣诞节以来,每加仑油价下降了70美分。The auto industry we rescued is on track for its strongest year since 2005. 汽车产业在我们的扶持下取得了自2005年以来最强劲的发展。Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 10 million Americans have gained health insurance in the past year alone. 由于有了《平价医疗保险法》,仅仅去年1年就有大约1000万人获得医疗保险保障。And since I took office, we have cut our deficits by about two-thirds.自我主政以来,我们的财政赤字已经削减了2/3。Meanwhile, around the world, America is leading. 同时,美国也在全球发挥领导作用。Were leading the coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL. 我们领导全球力量打击和消灭ISIL。Were leading the global fight to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 我们领导全球力量抗击西非爆发的埃拉疫情。Were leading global efforts to address climate change, including last months joint announcement with China. 我们领导全球力量共同应对气候变化,包括上个月与中国签署的联合声明。Were turning a new page in our relationship with the Cuban people.我们与古巴人民的关系也翻开了历史新篇章。And in less than two weeks, after more than 13 years, our combat mission in Afghanistan will be over, and our war there will come to a responsible end. 一个多星期前,在经过13年多的战争后,我们在阿富汗的军事行动宣告结束,我们也将以负责任的态度结束这一地区的战争。Today, more of our troops are home for the holidays than at any time in over a decade. 今天,相比10年前,有更多的军人可以回家与家人团聚过节。Still, many of our men and women in uniform will spend this Christmas in harms way. 然而,依然还有大量军人还要在前线度过这个圣诞节。And as Commander-in-Chief, I want our troops to know: 作为最高统帅,我希望我们的军人知道:your country is united in our support and gratitude for you and your families.你们的祖国和人民全力持你们和你们的家庭。并对你们和你们的家人致以最崇高的敬意。The six years since the financial crisis have demanded hard work and sacrifice on everyones part. 金融危机发生六年来,每个人都付出了艰辛的劳动和巨大的牺牲。But as a country, we have every right to be proud of what weve got to show for it. 但作为一个国家,我们有权自豪的宣布我们所取得的成就。More jobs. More insured. 更多的就业,更多的保障,A growing economy. Shrinking deficits.Bustling industry.Booming energy.不断增长的经济,不断减少的赤字,欣欣向荣的工业,方兴未艾的能源产业。Pick any metric you want-Americas resurgence is real. 无论你用什么方式来衡量,美国复苏的步伐都是坚实的。And we now have the chance to reverse the decades-long erosion of middle-class jobs and incomes. 现在,我们有机会改变十多年来中产阶级的就业和工资收入受到侵蚀的现状。We just have to invest in the things that we know will secure even faster growth in higher-paying jobs for more Americans. 我们要做的就是在保在可以更快促进经济增长,提供更多高薪岗位的产业上投资。We have to make sure our economy, our justice system, and our government work not only for a few, but for all of us. 我们要确保我们的额经济、司法体系、政府部门为所有人务而不是只为少数人务。And I look forward to working together with the new Congress next year on these priorities.明年,我也期待着与新一届国会合作,在这些优先事项上取得突破。Sure, well disagree on some things. 当然,我们在某些事情上有不同意见。Well have to compromise on others. 我们当然需要与他人妥协。Ill act on my own when its necessary. 我也会在必要的时候自己采取行动。But I will never stop trying to make life better for people like you.但我想让大家生活的更好,为了这一目标我不会止步。Because thanks to your efforts, a new foundation is laid. 由于有了大家的付出,我们的经济有了良好的发展基础。A new future is y to be written. 崭新的未来等着我们去书写。We have set the stage for a new American moment, and Im going to spend every minute of my last two years making sure we seize it.我们为新的美国时代打造了一个平台,接下来的两年里,我将为确保我们抓住这一机遇而不懈努力。On behalf of the Obama family, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.同时我也代表奥巴马全家,中心祝愿大家圣诞节快乐!Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday season.谢谢大家,祝大家度过一个快乐的假期。 201412/350500

  Thank you.谢谢。Thank you. Thank you.谢谢。谢谢。Chris Anderson: Ethan, Chris Anderson:Ethan,congrats quite the reaction.恭喜—反应相当的热烈。That was a powerful talk.真是个震撼的演讲。Not quite a complete standing, though,and Im guessing that some people here and maybe a few watching online,maybe someone knows a teenager or a friend or whatever who got sick,maybe died from some drug overdose. 虽然不是所有人都起立鼓掌了,而我猜测,在场观看的一些人或者一些在网络上在线观看的人里,会有人认识一些青少年或朋友或者不论是因毒品而生病,还是因为过量用药而去世。Im sure youve had these people approach you before.我敢肯定,之前有这些人找过你。What do you say to them?你是怎样跟他们说的?Ethan Nadelmann: Chris, the most amazing thing thats happened of late Ethan Nadelmann:Chris,is that Ive met a growing number of people who have actually lost a sibling or a child to a drug overdose,and 10 years ago, those people just wanted to say,lets line up all the drug dealers and shoot them and that will solve it.最近所发生最让人惊喜的事,就是我碰到越来越多的人,那些失去兄弟或者子女因为亲人滥用药物的人,在10年前的话,他们只是会说:把毒贩们排成一排拉出去毙了吧,这就会解决问题。And what theyve come to understand is that the Drug War did nothing to protect their kids.而现在他们渐渐明白的是禁毒战争并没有保护到他们的孩子。If anything, it made it more likely that those kids were put at risk.如果禁毒真的做了什么,那就是让这些孩子们更容易处于危险之中。And so theyre now becoming part of this drug policy reform movement.因此,他们现在成为了这个药物政策改革运动的一分子。Theres other people who have kids,ones addicted to alcohol, the other ones addicted to cocaine or heroin,and they ask themselves the question: 还有一些家长,有多个孩子,一个孩子嗜酒,另一个对可卡因或海洛因上瘾,他们问自己这样一个问题:Why does this kid get to take one step at a time and try to get better and that ones got to deal with jail and police and criminals all the time?为什么一个孩子可以一步一步努力变得更好;而另一个则要去面对监狱、警察和罪犯呢?So everybodys understanding,the Drug Wars not protecting anybody. 因此大家现在理解了,禁毒战争并没有保护任何人。CA: Certainly in the U.S., youve got political gridlock CA:on most issues.显然在美国,在大多数问题上,都存在政治僵局。Is there any realistic chance of anything actually shifting on this issue in the next five years?这些议题在5年内取得现实进展的机会大吗?Id say its quite remarkable. Im getting all these calls from journalists now who are saying to me,Ethan, it seems like the only two issues advancing politically in America right now are marijuana law reform and gay marriage.我得说这是非常引人注目的。我总会接到一些电话,记者现在会跟我说:Ethan,看起来如今在美国政治上,唯一在进步的两个议题就是大麻政策改革和同性恋婚姻了。What are you doing right?你现在在做什么吗?And then youre looking at bipartisanship breaking out with, actually, Republicans in the Congress and state legislatures allowing bills to be enacted with majority Democratic support,so weve gone from being sort of the third rail,the most fearful issue of American politics,to becoming one of the most successful.然后你会看到两党打破隔阂开始合作通过…实际上,共和党努力在国会,和各州议会让法案颁布,有赖于大多数民主党议员的持,所以,毒品这个议题,从一个不能踩的雷区,美国政治中最可怕的问题,变成了最成功的议案之一。Ethan, thank you so much for coming to TEDGlobal. Chris, thanks so much. CA:Ethan,非常感谢你来到TED Global。Thank you. Thank you.非常感谢。201503/363078Another very unique thing for China is that,另一件在中国特别的事情是for this chart at the bottom,从图表底部you can tell that there are more than 700,000可以看出每年有超过70万的engineering graduates each year.工科毕业生Engineering - meaning computer science-related engineering.这里的工科指的是与计算机相关工程科学So the talent pool there is huge.中国有着巨大的人才库But many of them are not so experienced.但他们中的多数人缺乏工作经验When I started this company back almost nine,大约是9到10年前,公司成立初期ten years ago, I started to recruit talents,我们开始招聘人才,招聘工程师recruit engineers, and I wrote in the job description职位介绍由我亲自执笔that requires five-plus years of related experience.要求具有五年以上的相关工作经验Then I found that I couldnt find anyone in China because结果在中国没有人符合要求nobody at that time really focused on technology.因为那是没人致力于技术研究Multinational companies usually hire跨国公司常常雇佣工科学生engineering student to do pre-sells, to do technical support.去做售前顾问,或者,技术持Theres little research,那时候,根本没有研究little development, little innovation at that time.何谈发展,何谈创新So for us to train the students,这就需要公司对学生to train the engineers to become more experienced以及工程师进行培训in developing innovative products,使其在开发产品创新性方面更有经验but thats where the opportunities are.这也是机会所在If you are experienced,如果你经验丰富if you have, say, better ways of managing engineering team,如果你有更好的管理方式this is a very good space you can be in.百度欢迎你加入You can really manage a lot of people.你可以管理很多人There are a lot of people that can do work,人们的工作能力毋庸置疑and if you have a more efficient way如果你能够有效管理to manage a large crowd of engineers,一个大的团队you can be very competitive in the technology world.那么在这个领域,你的竞争力就提升了Well, this is the real purpose Im here.这就是我来到这里的真正目的Baidu welcomes talents like you! So what kind of people we like?百度欢迎你们这样的精英! 那么我们选材的标准是什么呢?We like people who fit in our culture.第一,能够适应百度文化And we like people who is competent,第二,能够胜任工作who can do the job that we require them to do.也就是能够完成公司要求的工作的人And more importantly,更重要的是we like people who have the desire and ability to learn quickly.有求知欲,并且有快速学习的能力Because this is a fast-changing market.市场时刻都在变化Its a fast-changing industry.这个行业也在变化Its very exciting, but if you think you这很令人兴奋,但如果你认为know everything you dont need to learn,你什么知道,你不需要学习了you dont belong to us. I always need to learn.那么请你退出百度,因为人总是在学习Everyone from our company need to be y to每一位公司员工都要做好准备learn new things almost on a daily basis.几乎每天都要学习新的东西So thats very important. Whats our culture?这很重要Its simple and reliable. Simple means theres no politics.我们的文化是;简单可依赖; ;简单;意味着没有政治Theres no ladder, no differences between CEO没有阶级划分and an average engineer on the surface.表面上看来,普通员工和CEO也没有差别And reliable means everyone is competent.;可依赖;意味着每个人都能胜任工作They can deliver the job thats assigned to him or her.他们能够完成指定的工作They are very smart. They are intelligent. They can be counted on.他们聪明伶俐,他们才华横溢,他们值得信任So thats the culture of Baidu.这就是百度的企业文化201503/366155Thats the end of that.这个故事讲完了。The next story is called In Praise of the Taxpayer.下一个故事叫作《纳税人的荣耀》。That so many of the citys most venerable taxpayers have survived yet another commercial building boom,is cause for celebration.这个城市里,很多受人尊崇的纳税人又逃过了一次拆旧楼建新的商业大楼浪潮的劫难。他们为此庆祝。These one or two story structures,designed to yield only enough income to cover the taxes on the land on which they stand,were not meant to be permanent buildings.设计这些一两层的建筑,也只期望它们获得的收入能付得起土地租金就行了,并不把它们当做这长久的建筑。Yet for one reason or another they have confounded the efforts of developers to be combined into lots suitable for high-rise construction.然而由于种种原因,这些低层建筑常常困扰开发商让他们不知道该如何把这些零星的点组合成一块适合高层建筑的地皮。Although they make no claim to architectural beauty,they are, in their perfect temporariness,a delightful alternative to the large-scale structures that might someday take their place.虽然不能说这些小楼房有什么建筑设计的美感,但是,在它们这短暂存在的这段时间里,的确是钢筋水泥高楼林立的城市中一道亮丽的风景线,尽管最终要被取代。The most perfect examples occupy corner lots.最突出的例子就是拐角处的小楼盘。They offer a pleasant respite from the high-density development around them.它们是被迅猛发展的高楼包围着的一片惬意的栖息地。A break of light and air,这些小楼房为这高密度的水泥森林提供缕缕阳光和清新空气,an architectural biding of time.它们在和时间赛跑。So buried in signage are these structures,这些小楼房就这样被淹没在形形色色的商标之中,that it often takes a moment to distinguish the modern specially constructed taxpayer from its neighbor:以至于,要把它们的应纳税款和那些,附近的特别设计的大楼房区分开来,还得花些时间。the small commercial building from an earlier century,这是栋上世纪的小型商业建筑。whose upper floors have been sealed,他们的上面几层已经被查封了。and whose groundfloor space now functions as a taxpayer.但是一楼还营业着,并且缴着税。201512/417929

  To give me an idea of how many of you here为了让我知道这里有多少人may find what Im about to tell you待会儿会觉得我告诉你的事情of practical value,有实用价值,let me ask you please to raise your hands:请符合条件的人把手举起来:Who here is either over 65 years old这里有谁已经超过65岁or hopes to live past age 65或者想要活到65岁以后or has parents or grandparents who did live或者有父母、祖父母的岁数or have lived past 65,达到或超过65岁,raise your hands please.请举手。Okay. You are the people to whom my talk好。你们就是会发现我的演讲will be of practical value.有用的人。The rest of you其他人,wont find my talk personally relevant,不会觉得我的演讲和你有切身的关系,but I think that you will still find the subject但我觉得你仍会发现这个主题fascinating.非常有趣。Im going to talk about growing older我要谈一谈在传统的社会里in traditional societies.慢慢变老是什么样子。This subject constitutes just one chapter这一主题是我新书的of my latest book, which compares一章,这本书在比较traditional, small, tribal societies传统上基于部落的小社会,with our large, modern societies,与我们现在的庞大社会之间,with respect to many topics在许多事情上都有很大不同,such as bringing up children,例如后代的培养,growing older, health, dealing with danger,老年问题,健康问题、危机处理,settling disputes, religion领土和宗教争端等,and speaking more than one language.现在社会很多人都能说一种以上语言。Those tribal societies, which constituted这中小部落社会组织形式all human societies for most of human history,是人类漫长历史上最主要的社会形式,are far more diverse than are our modern,远比我们现代的,近代的大社会recent, big societies.更多样化。All big societies that have governments,所有具有政府的,and where most people are strangers to each other,且大多数人互不认识的大社会,are inevitably similar to each other都不可避免地相互类似and different from tribal societies.并且与部落社会不同。Tribes constitute thousands of natural experiments部落的形成是大自然实验的结果in how to run a human society.成千上万次的实验形成了部落的多样性。They constitute experiments from which we ourselves在大自然的实验中,部落形成的过程中may be able to learn.我们可以学到很多。Tribal societies shouldnt be scorned不应该认为部落社会as primitive and miserable,原始而悲惨的,并因此看不起它们but also they shouldnt be romanticized但也不应该觉得它们是as happy and peaceful.幸福与和平的,从而把其浪漫化。When we learn of tribal practices,当我们去了解部落的做法时,some of them will horrify us,有些做法会吓坏我们,but there are other tribal practices which,但也有其他部落的做法,when we hear about them,当我们听说时,we may admire and envy我们可能会觉得佩和羡慕and wonder whether we could adopt those practices并思考,是否我们自己,ourselves.也可以采取这些做法。Most old people in the U.S. end up living生活在美国的大多数老人,最终separately from their children都与子女分开生活and from most of their friends他们年轻时就认识的朋友们of their earlier years,也会相互分开,and often they live in separate retirements homes for the elderly,他们很可能生活在单独为老人设立的养老院里,whereas in traditional societies,而在传统社会中,older people instead live out their lives年纪大的人和他们的子女,among their children, their other relatives,他们的其他亲戚,and their lifelong friends.以及他们认识了一辈子的朋友生活在一起。Nevertheless, the treatment of the elderly虽然,老年人的待遇varies enormously among traditional societies,在不同的传统社会间差别极大,from much worse to much better有比我们的现代社会糟糕很多的,than in our modern societies.也有比我们的现代社会好很多的。At the worst extreme, many traditional societies在最坏的极端,许多传统社会get rid of their elderly通过以下四种一种比一种残忍的方式in one of four increasingly direct ways:来处理部落中的老年人:by neglecting their elderly第一种做法是忽略他们and not feeding or cleaning them until they die,不给他们吃的,不打理他们,任其自生自灭,or by abandoning them when the group moves,第二种做法是在整个群体迁移时,抛弃他们,or by encouraging older people to commit suicide,第三种做法是迫使老人自杀,or by killing older people.最后,最残忍的,杀死老人。In which tribal societies do children到底是什么样的部落社会,abandon or kill their parents?子女会抛弃或杀死他们的父母?It happens mainly under two conditions.主要在以下两个环境下会发生。One is in nomadic, hunter-gather societies一个情况是游牧部落,打猎和采摘为食的社会that often shift camp这些部落常常需要迁移,and that are physically incapable他们没有能力of transporting old people who cant walk带着无法自己迁移的老人,when the able-bodied younger people aly四肢健全的年轻人have to carry their young children要携带年幼的子女and all their physical possessions.和其所有的物质财产。The other condition is in societies另一种是生活在极端恶劣living in marginal or fluctuating environments,或极端不稳定环境中的部落,such as the Arctic or deserts,比如北极或沙漠,where there are periodic food shortages,这些地方有周期性的粮食短缺,and occasionally there just isnt enough food并且时不时的会有饥荒,to keep everyone alive.粮食无法满足所有人。Whatever food is available has to be reserved这种情况下,食物必须for able-bodied adults and for children.为健全的成年人和儿童保留。To us Americans, it sounds horrible对我们美国人来说,这听起来非常可怕,to think of abandoning or killing想想抛弃或杀死your own sick wife or husband你自己生病的妻子或丈夫or elderly mother or father,或年迈的母亲或父亲,but what could those traditional societies但是,那些传统社会还可能do differently?怎么样呢?They face a cruel situation of no choice.他们面对别无选择的残酷态势。Their old people had to do it to their own parents,他们的老人都不得不对自己的父母做这样的事情,and the old people know并且老人们知道what now is going to happen to them.现在什么会发生在他们身上。201506/382294

  We use those in my field of bone marrow transplantation.我们把这些干细胞用于骨髓移植领域。Geron, just last year, started the first trial using human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries.杰龙去年开始第一次尝试用人类的胚胎干细胞治疗脊髓疾病。Still a Phase I trial, but evolving.仍在试验阶段,但是不断进展。Weve been actually using adult stem cells now in clinical trials for about 15 years to approach a whole range of topics, particularly in cardiovascular disease.我们已经应用成体干细胞在临床试验大约15年了,在不同的课题,尤其是心血管病。We take our own bone marrow cells and treat a patient with a heart attack,我们取出自己的骨髓细胞治疗心脏病人,we can see much improved heart function and actually better survival using our own bone marrow drive cells after a heart attack.我们可以看到心脏功能改善了并且存活率提高了在心脏病发作后用我们自己的骨髓细胞。I invented a device called the MarrowMiner,a much less invasive way for harvesting bone marrow.我发明了一种装置叫骨髓采集器MarrowMiner,一种温和得多的收集骨髓的方式。Its now been FDA approved,and itll hopefully be on the market in the next year or so. 它已经被FDA认,将会在一两年内投放市场。Hopefully you can appreciate the device there curving through the patients body and removing the patients bone marrow,instead of with 200 punctures, with just a single puncture under local anesthesia. 希望你能重视这种装置,它沿着患者的身体曲线获取患者的骨髓,以前需要200次穿刺,现在在局部麻醉的情况下只要一次穿刺。But where is stem cell therapy really going?但是干细胞治疗的前景会怎样?If you think about it, every cell in your body has the same DNA as you had when you were an embryo.如果你考虑一下,身体里的每个细胞有同样的DNA在你还是胚胎的时候就形成了。We can now reprogram your skin cells to actually act like a pluripotent embryonic stem cell and to utilize those potentially to treat multiple organs in that same patient making your own personalized stem cell lines.我们现在能重新构造你的皮肤细胞就像一个多能的胚胎干细胞,利用这种技术可能治疗同一个患者的多个器官制造你自己个人化的干细胞系。And I think theyll be a new era of your own stem cell banking to have in the freezer your own cardiac cells,myocytes and neural cells to use them in the future, should you need them. 我认为这将是你自己干细胞库的新时代把你自己的心肌细胞存放在冰箱中,还可以是肌肉细胞和神经细胞在你将来需要它们的时候用。And were integrating this now with a whole era of cellular engineering,and integrating exponential technologies for essentially 3D organ printing replacing the ink with cells and essentially building and reconstructing a 3D organ.我们现在集成这些技术作为一整个细胞工程学时代。集成指数技术对于3D器官复制,用细胞替代墨水最终重建一个3D器官。Thats where things are going to head-still very early days.这是未来的展望;仍然在初始阶段。But I think, as integration of exponential technologies,this is the example. 但是我认为,作为指数技术集成,这是一个例子。So in close, as you think about technology trends and how to impact health and medicine,were entering an era of miniaturization,decentralization and personalization. 近期,当你考虑技术趋势怎样影响健康和医学,我们正进入小型化分散化和个性化时代。And I think by pulling these things together,if we can start to think about how to understand and leverage these,were going to empower the patient,enable the doctor, enhance wellness and begin to cure the well before they get sick. 我认为把这些特性结合在一起,如果我们能开始思考怎样了解和利用这些技术,我们将会使患者恢复地更好,医生更有能力,增强福利防患于未然。Because I know as a doctor, if someone comes to me with Stage I disease,Im thrilled-we can often cure them.因为作为医生我知道,如果某人在患病初期找到我,我很高兴-我们通常能治愈他们。But often its too late and its Stage III or IV cancer, for example.但是经常太晚了,比方说癌症3期或者4期。So by leveraging these technologies together,I think well enter a new era that I like to call Stage 0 medicine. 通过集成这些技术,我认为我们将进入一个新时代我愿意叫它零阶段医学。And as a cancer doctor, Im looking forward to being out of a job.作为一名癌症医生,我期待失业。Thanks very much.非常感谢。Host: Thank you. Thank you.主持人:谢谢。谢谢。Take a bow. Take a bow.鞠躬。鞠躬。201504/370599

  They told me that Im a traitor to my own profession,that I should be fired,have my medical license taken away,that I should go back to my own country. 他们告诉我, 我背叛了自己的职业,我应该被解雇,我的医生执照应该被吊销,我应该回到自己的国家。My email got hacked.我的邮箱被入侵了。In a discussion forum for other doctors,someone took credit for ;Twitter-bombing; my account. 在一个其他医生开设的论坛上有人轰炸我的推特账户, 而且还得到了其他人的赞赏。Now, I didnt know if this was a good or bad thing,but then came the response: 当时, 我不知道是一件好事还是坏事,但是接着有人回复了:;Too bad it wasnt a real bomb.可惜不是真的炸弹。I never thought that I would do something that would provoke this level of anger among other doctors.我从来没有想到过我做的事情能激起其他医生们这种程度的愤怒。Becoming a doctor was my dream.成为一个医生曾是我的梦想。I grew up in China,and my earliest memories are of being rushed to the hospital because I had such bad asthma that I was there nearly every week. 我在中国长大,我最早的记忆是被匆忙送到医院因为我有很严重的哮喘, 以至于当时几乎每周都在那里。I had this one doctor, Dr. Sam, who always took care of me.我有一个总是照顾我的医生, 山姆医生。She was about the same age as my mother.她当时和我的妈妈一个年纪。She had this wild, curly hair,and she always wore these bright yellow flowery dresses. 她有一头狂乱的卷发,而且她总是穿着一条明黄色的花裙子。She was one of those doctors who,if you fell and you broke your arm,she would ask you why you werent laughing because its your humerus. Get it? 她是那些医生中的一个,如果你跌倒并摔伤了胳膊,她会问你是为什么不笑因为那是你的肱骨(与搞笑同音), 明白吗?See, youd groan,but shed always make you feel better after having seen her.你会痛得哇哇叫,但是在见到她之后她总是会让你感觉很好。Well, we all have that childhood hero that we want to grow up to be just like, right?我们所有人都有我们想长大后成为的儿时英雄, 对吗?Well, I wanted to be just like Dr. Sam. 我想成为像山姆的医生。When I was eight, my parents and I moved to the U.S.,and ours became the typical immigrant narrative.当我八岁的时候, 我的父母和我搬到了美国,我们成为了典型的移民家庭。My parents cleaned hotel rooms and washed dishes and pumped gas so that I could pursue my dream.我的父母去清理酒店房间、 洗盘子和给瓦斯充气来让我追逐我的梦想。Well, eventually I learned enough English,and my parents were so happy the day that I got into medical school and took my oath of healing and service.最后, 我学了足够的英语,我的父母很开心对于我进入医学院学习, 并为治疗务宣下了誓言。But then one day, everything changed.但是有一天, 所有的事情都变了。My mother called me to tell me that she wasnt feeling well,she had a cough that wouldnt go away, she was short of breath and tired. 我的妈妈打电话和我说 她感觉不是很好,她得的咳嗽一直没有好 她喘不过气而且一直很疲累。Well, I knew that my mother was someone who never complained about anything.我知道我的妈妈是那种 从来不向他人抱怨的人。For her to tell me that something was the matter,I knew something had to be really wrong.所以当她告诉我她觉得不对劲的时候,我就知道事情不妙了。And it was:结果:We found out that she had stage IV breast cancer,cancer that by then had sp to her lungs, her bones, and her brain.我们发现她已经到了乳腺癌四期,癌细胞当时已经扩散到她的肺,骨头和大脑里。My mother was brave, though, and she had hope.我的妈妈是勇敢的, 她一直抱有希望。She went through surgery and radiation,and was on her third round of chemotherapy when she lost her address book. 她经历了手术和放射治疗,在她在进行第三轮的化疗的时候她弄丢了她的通讯薄。She tried to look up her oncologists phone number on the Internet and she found it, but she found something else too.她想从网上找到她的肿瘤科医生的电话她找到了, 并且也找到了一些其他的东西。On several websites,he was listed as a highly paid speaker to a drug company,and in fact often spoke on behalf of the same chemo regimen that he had prescribed her. 在一些网站上,他是一家药物公司高薪聘请的代言人,而且, 事实上经常为他给我妈定的化疗方案作代表宣传。She called me in a panic,and I didnt know what to believe. 她很慌张的给我打电话,我不知道该相信什么。Maybe this was the right chemo regimen for her,but maybe it wasnt.可能为她做的化疗方案是对的,但是也可能不是,It made her scared and it made her doubt.这使她非常害怕并产生怀疑。When it comes to medicine,having that trust is a must,and when that trust is gone, then all thats left is fear.当我们遇到药物问题时,这种信任非常重要,当信任失去了, 那么剩下的就只有害怕了。Theres another side to this fear.这份恐惧也有着另外一面。As a medical student, I was taking care of this 19-year-old who was biking back to his dorm when he got struck and hit,run over by an SUV.作为一个医学院的学生, 我一直照顾一个19岁的骑自行车回他的宿舍的路上被撞倒, 卡在一辆越野车里的人。He had seven broken ribs,shattered hip bones,and he was bleeding inside his belly and inside his brain.他有七根断掉的肋骨,破裂的臀部骨头,他的腹部和脑袋一直在流血。Now, imagine being his parents who flew in from Seattle, 2,000 miles away,to find their son in a coma. 现在,想象一下他的父母要从2000英里外的西雅图飞过来,为了去见正在昏迷的儿子。I mean, youd want to find out whats going on with him, right?我意思是, 他们真的想找出 到底发生了什么在他的身上?They asked to attend our bedside rounds where we discussed his condition and his plan,which I thought was a reasonable request,and also would give us a chance to show them how much we were trying and how much we cared. 他们要求去参加我们的查房,听取我们的诊疗经过。我认为是个合理的请求。同时也给我们一个机会去向他们展示我们有多努力和关心,The head doctor, though, said no.尽管主治医生说不行。He gave all kinds of reasons.他给了很多方面的原因。Maybe theyll get in the nurses way.可能他们会妨碍护士的工作.Maybe theyll stop students from asking questions.可能他们会阻止学生问问题。 201503/365810。


  We were like this on the lawn at Georgetown just across the town我们就像这样坐在城那边乔治敦的草地上It started out to be a clear day一开始还天朗气清Then all of a sudden, this huge storm cloud came over突然之间暴风云袭来And the lightening began to dance in the sky天空中开始电闪雷鸣And a Howard graduate, the mayor of Wasington D.C., Walter Washington stood up at the podium as I am一位霍华德大学毕业生华盛顿特区市长沃特尔·华盛顿就像我一样站在讲台前He looked to the sky他仰望天空He looked to the shivering students and he said,又看看打颤的学生们说道Congratulations祝贺你们If we dont get out of here, we are all gonna drown如果我们不离开这儿 我们都得被淹死If you want a copy of my speech, you write me, and Ill send you one如果你想要一份我的演讲稿 写信给我 我给你发一份Good luck祝你们好运And off we went然后我们就走了Now what did I learn from that?我从这件事里学到了什么The most successful commencement speeches are brief and highly relevant最成功的毕业致辞既简练又有高度的现实相关性So wherever whoever you are Mr. Mayor, thank you for the memory所以不管你现在在哪儿市长先生感谢你留下的回忆When you leave here, it is important for you to remember that you have been empowered to do something most people who ever lived could not do当你们离开这里的时候千万不要忘了你们已经被赋予了做一些大多数人一辈子都无法做到的事情的能力Even with the employment situation and the economic challenges, virtually all of you have the power to choose what you will do to earn a living即便在现在的就业形势和经济挑战之下你们几乎所有人都有能力选择你们谋生的方式It may sound selfevident, but most people who have ever lived including hundreds of millions, even billions of people on that face of the earth today never had that choice这看似不言自明 但是大多数生活在地球上的人包括现在的数百万甚至数十亿的人都未能做出这种选择201507/384002

  President Powers, Provost Fenves, Deans, members of the faculty, family and friends and most importantly, the class of 2014. Congratulations on your achievement.Its been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT.I remember a lot of things about that day.I remember I had throbbing headache from a party the night before. I remember I had a serious girlfriend, whom I later married-thats important to remember by the way-and I remember that I was getting commissioned in the Navy that day.But of all the things I remember, I dont have a clue who the commencement speaker was that evening and I certainly dont remember anything they said.So…acknowledging that fact-if I cant make this commencement speech memorable-I will at least try to make it short.The Universitys slogan is,;What starts here changes the world.;I have to admit-I kinda like it.;What starts here changes the world.;Tonight there are almost 8,000 students graduating from UT.That great paragon of analytical rigor, Ask.Com says that the average American will meet 10,000 people in their life time.Thats a lot of folks.But, if every one of you changed the lives of just ten people-and each one of those folks changed the lives of another ten people-just ten-then in five generations-125 years-the class of 2014 will have changed the lives of 800 million people.800 million people-think of it-over twice the population of the ed States. Go one more generation and you can change the entire population of the world-8 billion people.If you think its hard to change the lives of ten people-change their lives forever-youre wrong.I saw it happen every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.A young Army officer makes a decision to go left instead of right down a road in Baghdad and the ten soldiers in his squad are saved from close-in ambush.In Kandahar province, Afghanistan, a non-commissioned officer from the Female Engagement Team senses something isnt right and directs the infantry platoon away from a 500 pound IED, saving the lives of a dozen soldiers.But, if you think about it, not only were these soldiers saved by the decisions of one person, but their children yet unborn-were also saved. And their childrens children-were saved.Generations were saved by one decision-by one person.But changing the world can happen anywhere and anyone can do it.So, what starts here can indeed change the world, but the question is…what will the world look like after you change it?Well, I am confident that it will look much, much better, but if you will humor this old sailor for just a moment, I have a few suggestions that may help you on your way to a better a world.And while these lessons were learned during my time in the military, I can assure you that it matters not whether you ever served a day in uniform.It matters not your gender, your ethnic or religious background, your orientation, or your social status.Our struggles in this world are similar and the lessons to overcome those struggles and to move forward-changing ourselves and the world around us-will apply equally to all.I have been a Navy SEAL for 36 years. But it all began when I left UT for Basic SEAL training in Coronado, California.Basic SEAL training is six months of long torturous runs in the soft sand, midnight swims in the cold water off San Diego, obstacles courses, unending calisthenics, days without sleep and always being cold, wet and miserable.It is six months of being constantly harassed by professionally trained warriors who seek to find the weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a Navy SEAL.But, the training also seeks to find those students who can lead in an environment of constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships.To me basic SEAL training was a life time of challenges crammed into six months.So, here are the ten lessons I learned from basic SEAL training that hopefully will be of value to you as you move forward in life.Every morning in basic SEAL training, my instructors, who at the time were all Vietnam veterans, would show up in my barracks room and the first thing they would inspect was your bed.If you did it right, the corners would be square, the covers pulled tight, the pillow centered just under the headboard and the extra blanket folded neatly at the foot of the rack-rack-thats Navy talk for bed.It was a simple task-mundane at best. But every morning we were required to make our bed to perfection. It seemed a little ridiculous at the time, particularly in light of the fact that were aspiring to be real warriors, tough battle hardened SEALs-but the wisdom of this simple act has been proven to me many times over.201503/366866

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