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襄阳市中医院打胎有风险么?襄阳四院医院介绍R: alright, tell me what you think.J: don't you think it’s a bit bright?R: yeah, maybe you’re right. How about this outfit?J: that dress looks lovely on you, but it’s not very practical, is it?R: no, I don't have an plans to go to a formal dance any time soon, but I love the way it looks. I just had to try it on! What do you think about this? It’s casual, yet sophisticated.J: I like the jeans, but you need something to go with the top. It’s too plain on its own.R: how about this scarf, these earrings, amd an anklet?J: that might be going overboard a bit. How about just that scarf with a bracelet?R: that’s a good idea. You have a lot of good fashion sense.J: thanks. You’d be ok on your own. There are loads of fashion victims out there, and you are not one of them. Have you tried it on yet?R: yep. Here it is. What do you think?J: that looks great. Just one more thing---you need some high heels with those jeans. Do you want a pair with a plain pattern or ones with a leopard print on them?R: the leopard print sounds fabulous. Are they a name brand?J: no, they’re a Prada knock-off for 1/10 of the price of the real thing.R: that’s even better than the real thing.J: if I were you, I’d buy that now while it’s on sale. If you spend 0, you get a voucher for more clothes.R: it’s too bad I did all that shopping yesterday! /08/82333枣阳一医院妇科官网 Finn: Welcome to On the Town from B Learning English. My name's Finn.Zoeuml;: 大家好,我是刘佳, 欢迎收听今天的都市掠影,今天我们来到了泰晤士河岛上,周围都是一些天高楼。Finn: Yes today we've just arrived in a part of London which is called Canary Wharf. It's on the river Thames. Zoeuml;: Canary 金丝雀, wharf 码头. That's a cute name!Finn: Yes but Zoeuml;, you won't find many canaries here unfortunately! This area originally used to be one of the busiest docks in the world, with all the main docks for London.Zoeuml;: Dock 就是码头的另一种说法,就是装卸码头。Finn: You won't find many boats here either. It's now been transformed into an important financial centre for London, with modern buildings built on top of these old docks. Zoeuml;: It has been transformed 就是被改造了,改造成 a modern financial centre 非常现代的金融中心.Finn: Yes and Canary Wharf is now home to the UK's three tallest buildings which are owned by banks, like HS and Citibank. Zoeuml;: 汇丰和城市. 是啊,我能看见他们在楼顶的标志。 Finn: You can see these buildings from miles away at the other side of London.Zoeuml;: Finn, there's a museum over there.Finn: Yes, let's find out a little bit more about the history. This is Brian and he works in the Museum of Docklands.Insert 1 Yes in the early days this West India Dock where we are today was for the goods coming in from the West Indies: rum, molasses, sugar and bananas. This dock actually opened in 1802. Zoeuml;: Brian 说这个码头叫西印度码头 West India Dock, 这里接受从西印度运来的货物 goods。Finn: Yes that's right, the goods. Did you hear which goods he mentioned? Let's listen again, Brian speaks quite fast.Insert 2 Rum, molasses, sugar and bananas. Finn: That's rumZoeuml;: 雷姆酒Finn: and molassesZoeuml;: 糖浆Finn: and sugar and bananas. So this dock, it opened in the year 1802 but it is now no longer used as a dock and in the 1980s all the docks were aly closed and they lay empty. So a new project was started by the government to regenerate the area.Zoeuml;: Regenerate 重建. So now we have all these skyscrapers. It all looks very modern, very different to other parts of London. 我还真想知道在这里工作的感觉是怎么样的。Finn: Well let's find out. In between all these skyscrapers there's a few small parks and a few green spaces, and I can see some people taking their lunch break. Let's ask this lady what she thinks.Insert 3 Well I think there's a very strong sense of community here. These are people who like to try new things. There's a very strong sense of it all being new. It is basically a pleasant place to work, and the facilities are superb, I mean, everybody eats very well here, for example. It's like that because people can work very long hours. People have been known to work day and night here for, sort of, 3 or 4 days at a time. Zoeuml;: People work so hard around here – that's crazy!Finn: Yes, she said some people have been known to work 3 or 4 days and nights at a time. It has to be a pleasant environment because people work such long hours.Zoeuml;: 她说这里的设施 facilities 是非常好。她用的形容词就是 superb,就是很好的意思。Finn: And she said the food is good. She said that people eat very well around here.Zoeuml;: 极其拼命的工作,也能使自己的胃口大开。 这儿坐着另外一个人,让我们来问问他在这里工作的感受。Insert 4 I'm Brian and I work in corporate banking in Canary Wharf. Yeah, I work in one of the tallest towers in the UK but I'm only halfway up the tower on level 23. It's a bit like Sim City really, it's all ordered and planned and everything has its place. Zoeuml;: 他可真有意思,他说她虽然在最高的楼里工作,可是他办公的地方却是在楼层的中段儿。Finn: Yes, he said he's only halfway up. He describes the Canary Wharf area as being like Sim City which is the computer game.Zoeuml;: 你玩儿过吗?是个非常流行的电脑游戏,可以随便设计自己喜欢的城市的样子。Finn: He thinks it's like Sim City because everything here is so ordered and so planned.Zoeuml;: 周围的一切都设计的井井有条。Finn: Yes, but I really like the way that some of these old docks have been developed. They've got cafes, art galleries and museums.Zoeuml;: Such a nice atmosphere. Fancy a bite to eat?Finn: Well, I'd love a bite to eat but I think we really have to get back to the office.Zoeuml;: Ok then. 咱们来坐船回市中心吧。Finn: And that's all for this week's programme. Don't forget you can log on to our website to practise your English and to hear the programme again. The address is:Jean: bbc.co.uk/china.Finn: Bye for now.Jean: 咱们下次节目再见! /200711/19878襄樊市中心医院打胎

襄阳东风人民医院割痔疮多少钱停车场经常有很多空着的车位,于是有人想做车位出租的买卖,可是价格是怎么定的呢?一起来看看吧! Listen Read LearnBenjamin:How big is this parking lot in our community?Security guard: It has fifty parking spaces.Benjamin: So you guys should be always busy.Security guard: Why?Benjamin: I bet it is always full of cars.Security guard: Quite the contrary, sir. Plenty of the spaces here are free when people drive their cars out to work.Benjamin: Ah…I see.Security guard: We plan to rent some of them out at the hourly rates.Benjamin: What is the hourly rate for a car like this?Security guard: I am not sure. But it'll be at least ten yuan an hour.Benjamin: How mush would it cost if someone parks here for one hour and ten minutes?Security guard: That would be twenty yuan, sir. We charge only by the number of hours, no split of each hour.Benjamin: That's expensive.听看学本杰明:我们社区的停车场有多大?保安:这儿有50个停车位。本杰明:那你们一定会很忙吧。保安:为什么呢?本杰明:我猜它一直车满为患。保安:恰恰相反,先生。人们把车开出去上班时,这儿很多车位都空了。本杰明:呵......我知道了。保安:我们打算把一部分车位按小时收费租出去。本杰明:那每小时停车收费是多少呢?保安:我不敢肯定。不过不会少于10元钱。本杰明:如果有人在这里停了1小时零10分钟呢?保安:那就是20块钱了,先生。我们只按小时整点收费,不按部分收费。经典背诵 RecitationSecurity guard: There are fifty parking spaces in our community's parking lot. But it's almost empty during the day time because people drive their cars out to work . So I suppose it's a good idea to rent some of the parking spaces out at hourly rates. That would be a good way to make some money.生词小结community n. 社区bet vi. 打赌contrary n. 反面,相反rent vt. 出租rate n. 比率cost vt. 花费split n. 部分,裂片单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder汽车种类的词汇jeep 吉普车truck 卡车bus 巴士taxi 出租车mail car 邮车police car 警车van 面包车trailer 拖车sports car 跑车ambulance 救护车racing car 赛车minibus 面包车saloon 轿车station wagon 旅行车wrecker 清障车convertible 敞篷车家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读并表演出来,并用中文给出一个理由。You can't park your ( )here.[例] 家长读jeep 吉普车孩子读You can't park your jeep here. 因为这儿是救护车专用车位! /200805/37554襄阳第四人民医院网站 美国习惯用语-第145讲:set of wheels/free-wheelerWheel是轮子的意思。轮子是在很久以前就发明的,现在都没有人记得到底是谁发明了轮子。可是,轮子的发明对人类做出了非常大的贡献。要是世界上没有轮子,那我们就不可能有马车、汽车、火车和飞机,也不可能有发电机。实际上,没有轮子世界上大部份的机器都可能消失。我们很难想象要是没有轮子,人们的生活将成什么样。我们今天再来给大家介绍两个由 wheel 这个字组成的俗语。第一个我们要讲的就是和汽车有关的:set of wheels。Set这个字的意思就是:一组或一套。大家都知道,一辆普通的小汽车有四个轮子,因此,有的人就把汽车叫做:set of wheels。下面是一个人刚买了一辆汽车回家,非常骄傲地想显示一下。他对他的朋友说:例句-1: "Hey Pete, come on over and take a look at my new set of wheels. Fire-engine red, real leather upholstery -- I tell you, the girls will go crazy over it!"这个人说:"喂,彼得,到这儿来看看我的新汽车。大红的颜色,座位和四周都是皮的。我告诉你,那些女孩子看见了这车可真是会喜欢的了不得的。"为什么这个人要说女孩子会特别喜欢呢?这是因为美国许多年轻人都开车带女朋友出去玩,当然,车越漂亮他也就觉得越光,女朋友也会感到特别骄傲,有面子。下面这个例子里说的人和上面这个买新车的人的想法完全不同:例句-2: "I'm too old to worry about impressing the girls. All I want is a cheap set of wheels I can count on to get me to work every day and that doesn't cost a lot to keep running."这句话的意思是:"到了我这个年龄根本不用担心我的车给那些女孩子什么印象。我所要的就是一辆便宜一点的车,既可以靠它每天去上班,也不要花很多钱来保养。"以上两个例子充份体现了美国人之间的代沟。年轻人喜欢的是色鲜艳的跑车,最好还是敞棚的,车开的飞快,旁边坐一个金发女郎,这是最得意的事了。可是,年纪大一些的人就喜欢实惠,车要牢靠、舒,价钱不要太贵,最好还不要老出问题。有的年轻人甚至不要开家长的车,怕同学们笑话。现在我们来给大家介绍第二个由wheel组成的习惯用语:free-wheeler。Free就是自由,不受控制的。Wheeler是在wheel这个字后面加上e和r这两个字母,这个字的意思就成了:用轮子的人。那末,free-wheeler究竟是什么意思呢? Free- wheeler就是指那些不愿意遵守自己所属公司或机构的规章制度,自己喜欢怎么做就怎么做的人。这个习惯用语是来自自行车后轮胎上面的一个装置,这个装置可以让骑自行车的人在下坡的时候不用踩踏脚,而自行车会自己往下滚。下面我们来举个例子:例句-3: "Joe got fired from that big company because they thought he was too much of a free-wheeler: he wouldn't fit into the system. Now he's working as a used-car salesman."这句话的意思是:"乔伊被那家大公司解雇了,因为他们认为他不能按照公司的制度办事,过于自作主张。现在,他在一个卖旧汽车的地方做推销员。"每个公司,机构都有一定的规章制度,不能遵循这些规章制度的人往往就会被解雇,这是常常发生的事。每个社会都有不同的规章和法律,那些不能遵守法律的人往往就会犯罪,被淘汰。这种free-wheelers恐怕在哪个社会里都有。然而,不是所有的free-wheelers都是不好的,有的时候free-wheelers在不犯法的情况下却还是很受人尊敬。大家都知道,美国国会由民主党和共和党组成。在投票通过某些法案的时候,一般来说,民主党的党员都按照民主党的主张投票,属于共和党的议员一般听从共和党的决策。可是,也有一些议员在不同意自己所属党的观点的时候,会站到对方的立场,投票持对立党。这样做当然会受到压力,需要勇气。下面就是一个例子:例句-4: "Other Congressmen call Mr. Blank a free-wheeler because he doesn't always vote the way the party wants. But in our district we like a man who votes his honest convictions."这个人说:"其他国会议员说布兰克先生是一个不受约束的人,因为他不见得每次都按照党的意愿去投票。但是,在我们选区里,我们喜欢一个能够老老实实根据自己的原则来投票的人。"今天我们给大家介绍的两个习惯用语都和wheel这个字有关系。首先我们给大家讲解了:set of wheels。Set of wheels从字面上来解释是:一组轮子。但是在口语中,set of wheels就是指汽车。今天我们讲的第二个习惯用语是:free-wheeler。Free-wheeler是指那些不愿意按一个公司或一个机构的所定之规来行事的人,他们一般喜欢怎么做就怎么做。好,今天的[美国习惯用语]就学习到这里,谢谢大家,我们下次节目再见。 /200711/21013湖北襄阳人民医院肛肠医院

襄樊市第二人民医院看妇科炎症多少钱电影词典Indiana Jones 夺宝奇兵AMERICAN SLANG 美国俚语 剧中:That wall is jinxed.jinxed : 不吉利,不幸e.g. lt;1gt;After 3 divorces she started to believe the marriage was jinxed. 在她离了三次婚以后,她开始认为婚姻不是好东西。 lt;2gt;He felt that the summer was jinxed because there had even been one hot day. 他感到这个夏天太不幸了,因为天天都是酷热的天气。经典对白 from “魅力四射”1.剧中:I have a feeling about you. have a feeling about someone :有什么样的感觉e.g. lt;1gt;Even though the evidence proved otherwise, the judge had a feeling that the man on trial was guilty. 法官感觉这个人是有罪的,尽管据不是很充分。 lt;2gt;After meeting my boss for the first time, I had a feeling that we would get along. 在和我们老板见过第一次面后,我就感觉我们会相处得很好。2.剧中:You'd better not push me.push somebody: 惹怒e.g. lt;1gt;Don't push me when I'm tired or I will get angry. 当我累的时候或者生气地时候不要惹我。 lt;2gt;The students pushed the teacher so much that he resigned. 学生们惹得老师太生气了,所以老师辞职了。原声碟I'm Still Here I am a question to the worldNot an answer to be heardor a moment that's held in your arms /03/65206 Im sping myself too thin. I do too much./I work too hard.;Can we schedule a photo shoot next Wednesday? 我们可以下周三拍一组照片吗?;Nope, Im booked until next month. 不行,直到下个月我都有预约了。;Next month? Man, youre sping yourself too thin. 下个月?你太忙了。schedule a photo shoot 安排拍一套照片Im booked.Im full. 没有时间。bookedno time availableIm sorry, were completely booked. There are no rooms available. 抱歉,房间已经订满了。没有可出租的房间了。 /201201/169620枣阳市第一人民医院宫颈糜烂怎么样襄阳中医院治疗痔疮怎么样



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