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A lossmaking Chinese miner is snapping up a British computer games developer in a 0m deal that encapsulates the spirit of China’s frenzied, and often incongruous, debt-fuelled shopping spree. 中国一家亏损矿商将要买下英国一家电脑游戏开发商,这笔3亿美元的交易堪称中国疯狂而往往不协调的、债务助燃的收购热潮的典型代表。 The deal, which will see a fantasy games developer bed down with an iron ore miner, comes as insurer Anbang gatecrashes a bn deal for Starwood Hotels and Resorts; itself barely 24 hours after sewing up a .5bn bid for Strategic Hotels amp; Resorts. 该交易将意味着一家奇幻游戏开发商与一家铁矿石生产商联姻。交易宣布之际,中国保险商安邦(Anbang)刚向喜达屋酒店及度假村国际集团(Starwood Hotels and Resorts)发出130亿美元收购要约,而在这条消息传出的24小时前,安邦刚刚达成65亿美元收购Strategic Hotels amp; Resorts的交易。 A total 2bn of outbound dealmaking has been announced from China so far this year, according to Dealogic, aly almost as much as the record 6bn spent in 2015. Dealogic的数据显示,今年以来中国已宣布总计1020亿美元的境外收购交易,逼近2015年全年1060亿美元的纪录。 Shandong Hongda, the iron ore miner, may be putting down less cash, but the 0m price tag is six times its forecast net loss for last year. 身为铁矿石生产商的山东宏达矿业股份有限公司(Shandong Hongda)也许砸下的资金略少一些,但3亿美元的价码已是其去年预测净亏损的6倍。 After beginning life as a village-owned iron ore mine in the early 1990s, it is bolting on Jagex, UK developer of online role-playing game RuneScape. 上世纪90年代初作为村办铁矿诞生的宏达,将要收购在线角色扮演游戏《江湖》(RuneScape)的英国开发商Jagex。 Incongruous diversification is also part of the Zeitgeist. 不协调的业务多元化也是“时代精神”的一部分。 Old industry, such as steel mills and miners, is weighed down by overcapacity and debts and is turning to new areas of business — from pig farming to property to finance. 受到产能过剩和债务拖累的老工业企业,如炼钢厂和矿商,正在转向新的业务领域,从养猪、房地产,到金融。 For two decades investment surged into China, initially capitalising on cheap labour, and then in an effort to tap the flourishing Chinese market that was growing at near double-digit rates annually. 在长达20年的时间里,大量投资涌入中国,最初是为了利用廉价劳动力,后来是为了挖掘蓬勃发展的中国市场,当时中国经济以年均接近两位数的速度增长。 But China’s slowing growth and the mounting pressure of debts accumulated during the boom has turned the tide, and Chinese corporations are seeking the lower but relatively more stable returns of investments abroad. 但是,中国经济增长放缓、繁荣时期积累的债务所带来的越来越大的压力已经使这股潮流发生了逆转,中国企业正纷纷在境外物色较低、但相对比较稳定的投资回报。 Just as RuneScape players battle monsters in the realm of Gielinor, Shandong Hongda has found itself at the mercy of forces beyond its control. 正如《江湖》玩家在Gielinor奇幻世界对战怪兽,山东宏达也受到自己无法控制的力量的摆布。 Flush with cash during the commodities boom, Chinese miners expanded aggressively, then saw margins shrink as a slowdown in growth pummelled ore prices. 在大宗商品繁荣时期赚得盆满钵满的中国矿商,曾经大举扩张,结果却看到经济增长放缓重创矿石价格,导致它们的利润大幅下降。 /201603/432077


  China#39;s First Hydrogen Bomb氢弹In June 17,1967 , China successfully exploded its first hydrogen bomb in western China. The explosive power is 150 times that of the A-bomb used by the ed States in Hiroshima of Japan during the World War II.It marked a breakthrough in China#39;s nuclear development, and indicated China#39;s nuclear technology has entered a new era.1967年6月17日,我国西部地区上空,第一颗氢弹爆炸试验获得完全的成功,其爆炸威力,相当于美国当年投到日本广岛那颗原子弹的150多倍。震惊世界的蘑菇云异常炫目耀眼。氢弹的爆炸成功,是中国核武器发展的又一个飞跃,标志着中国核武器的发展进入了一个新的阶段。It took the ed States more than seven years from its first A-bomb test to its first hydrogen bomb test, the USSR, four years, the UK, four and a half years and France, eight years and eight months. While in China, it only took two years and eight months, a surprise to the entire world !从原子弹到氢弹,美国用了7年4个月,苏联用了4年,英国用了4年7个月,法国用了8年8个月,而中国只用了两年8个月,在全世界引起了轰动。 /201602/419391。


  The traditional path onto Wall Street for women typically involves getting your degree from a top-20 university and then landing a position within an analyst program at a prestigious firm like JPMorgan JPM 0.17% , Citi C 0.61% , Bank of America BAC -0.36% , Goldman Sachs GS -0.41% , or Morgan Stanley MS -0.33% , all of which actively recruit women graduates. There, you would spend the required “two years” determining where you fit within the company and how to pursue your career. However, while this remains a coveted and valid path to success, it isn’t the only one.对于女性来说,进驻华尔街的传统路径包括,就读美国排名前20的高校,然后在根大通、花旗、美国、高盛或根士丹利等知名公司获得一份分析员工作,所有这些公司都在积极地招聘女性毕业生。在那里,人们可以在公司要求的“两年期”内决定自己契合的部门以及职业路径规划。不过,尽管这仍是一条令人梦寐以求的通往成功的康庄大道,但并非唯一的路径。If you’re working towards a career on Wall Street don’t limit yourself to an analyst program – this isn’t the only door of opportunity. There are many other areas on Wall Street where your skills and talents will be equally as valued.如果你准备在华尔街谋职,请勿将自己局限于分析员职位,这并非唯一的机会之门。华尔街还有许多其他领域同样珍视你的技能和才干。So, where should you look then?那么,其他的选择都是什么?For starters, don’t think of Wall Street as just the sell side. There’s a whole world out there that is buying what the sell side is offering in fact, at a number of funds, jobs on the buy side can be more lucrative than analyst positions. But even adding only the buy side to your perspective is still too narrow. Many parts of Wall Street would not exist without the exchanges and IT aspects, which from my personal experience are both extremely interesting and rewarding areas to work. As a matter of fact, Nasdaq would not be where it is today if not for some of the great women who have held managerial and leadership roles in various areas within the company.对于新人来说,不要把华尔街看做是唯一的卖方。事实上,在一买一卖的闭环中,购买卖方产品的公司多如牛毛。在一些基金公司中,买方的工作比分析员职位更赚钱。但是,仅把目光放在买方公司仍然过于狭隘。如果没有交易所和IT业务,很多华尔街公司都无法存在。从我的经验来看,这些领域都有一些非常有意思而且能让人获益匪浅的工作。事实上,纳斯达克有今天的成绩,多亏了在公司各个部门担任管理和领导职务的一些伟大女性。Entry-level jobs are excellent opportunites to educate young women about the realities of the financial world, and can prepare them for the next move up within the firm or another area of the financial industry. And I can assure you that exchanges and financial technology firms are fast-paced, dynamic organizations that often sit at the center of the financial fabric of our economy. Additionally, industry oversight organizations, such as FINRA and the SEC, are also critical components of the financial ecosystem and present relevant opportunities for women. It’s important to experience as many parts of an organization as you can – because some day, you may have the chance to lead that organization.入门级别的工作是年轻女性认识金融界的绝佳机遇,而且能够让她们为今后在公司或金融行业其他领域的晋升做好准备。可以肯定的是,交易所和金融技术公司都是快节奏、充满活力的公司,通常位于经济金融构架的核心。此外,像美国金融业监管局和美国券交易委员会这样的行业监管机构也是金融生态系统的关键组成机构,也为女性提供相关机遇。尽可能多地去体验一个组织不同环节的工作至关重要,因为未来有一天,你可能有机会来领导整个组织。Regardless of how or where you enter Wall Street use your inherent skills and strengths to succeed. One of many strengths that I often see in successful women on Wall Street is a responsible balance between risk taking and risk mitigation – the ability to assess situations smartly and make the right medium-to-long-term decisions without being lured into reckless, short-term profit-taking. Particularly in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the ability to achieve this balance was highly prized and much sought after.不管你是如何进入华尔街的,运用你的内在技能和优势来获得成功。在华尔街成功女性所具有的众多优点当中,我经常看到的一个优点便是对风险进行认真负责的权衡,她们合理判断形势并做出正确的中长期决策,而不是盲目地追求短期利益。尤其是在2007-2008年金融危机过后,实现这一平衡的能力被高度珍视,而且供不应求。As you start your journey into the world of Wall Street, assume nothing, question everything, and open your eyes to all possible opportunities. Frankly, this advice will help you succeed on Wall Street or anywhere else.随着你开始华尔街的征程,对任何事不要先入为主,但保持怀疑精神,睁大双眼探求所有可能的机遇。坦白地说,这一建议将有助于你在华尔街或其他任何地方获得成功。 /201503/364317Alibaba and Suning are planning a shopping spree - of each other#39;s shares.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和苏宁(Suning)计划上演一场购物狂欢,它们收购的对象是对方的股票。Alibaba is splashing out RMB 28.3bn (.63bn) to buy a 19.99 per cent stake in Suning, which bills itself as China#39;s largest consumer electronics retailer , a deal that will make the Chinese electronics giant the second biggest shareholder in Suning.阿里巴巴将斥资283亿元人民币(合46.3亿美元)买入苏宁19.99%的股份,这家中国电商巨头将因此成为苏宁的第二大股东。苏宁自称是中国最大的消费电子产品零售商。At the same time, Suning will spend up to RMB14bn (.28bn) to buy up to 27.8m newly issued ordinary shares in Alibaba.而苏宁将斥资140亿元人民币(合22.8亿美元)买入阿里巴巴至多2780万股新发普通股。After the investment, Suning will hold a stake of approximately 1.1 per cent in Alibaba.做出这笔投资后,苏宁将持有阿里巴巴近1.1%的股份。The companies said:“The strategic collaboration between Alibaba and Suning marks a milestone that signals the further integration of digital and offline retail. This strategic collaboration will bring benefits to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use Alibaba#39;s online platforms and Suning#39;s offline channels. By cooperating, Alibaba and Suning will be able to provide holistic and more convenient shopping experiences, as well as superior customer service to users looking to purchase online and through mobile devices.”两家公司表示:阿里巴巴和苏宁的战略合作,具有里程碑式的意义,标志着数字化零售和线下零售的进一步整合。对于使用阿里巴巴线上平台和苏宁线下渠道购物的中国数亿消费者来说,这一战略合作将给他们带来好处。通过相互间的合作,阿里巴巴和苏宁将能够提供线上线下融合的便捷购物体验,还能为那些追求线上购物和移动购物方式的用户提供超值的客户务。 /201508/392135

  Uber is much in the news recently, for mostly the wrong reasons. One of its senior executives threatened to investigate journalists who wrote negative things about the taxi service platform. An Uber passenger was allegedly attacked by a driver. And an Uber-affiliated driver ran over a pedestrian in San Francisco. And the company’s CEO has been accused of fostering a frat boy culture.打车应用Uber最近吸引了很多媒体的关注,但引发关注的可不是什么好事。该公司一位高管近日威胁称,要对一位给Uber写负面新闻的记者进行调查。另外据称,一位用Uber打车的乘客被司机殴打。在旧金山,一位在Uber上提供务的司机碾压了行人。而且,Uber的CEO因为据说培养了一种“兄弟会文化”而受人诟病。Without downplaying the seriousness of these events, I believe the fundamental issues posed by Uber have less to do with the company’s specifics and more to do with a business model that works by offloading responsibilities, something that many other platform companies—businesses that make money by making connections rather than providing a real product or service—do as well. I am not sure people fully appreciate the many problems inherent in this type of business.我无意淡化这些问题的严重性,不过我认为,Uber带来的这些基本性问题,与该公司一些具体的经营手法并没有多大关系,而主要是由于它采用了一种自身不承担责任的商业模式。除了Uber之外,其他很多做平台的公司——也就是通过扮演中介的角色赚钱,而不是自身提供某种产品或务——也有同样的问题。我不知道人们是不是充分意识到了这种模式的许多内生性问题。This summer, I used Airbnb to rent a house in Claremont, Calif. The booking fee was —more than 10% of the rental cost. Did the house have a king-sized bed, I inquired of the owner? She would put one in time for our rental, she assured me by e-mail.今年夏天,我用租房应用Airbnb在加州克莱尔蒙特租了一套房子。预订费用是79美元——超过了租金的10%。我问房东,房子里有大床吗?她在电子邮件里回复说,等到我们入住的时候,她就会放一张大床进去。Four weeks before the reservation date, I tried to reach her. No response. Airbnb provided only modest help, with a long lag between e-mailing them and getting any reply. In the end, no king-sized bed, so we stayed at the Sheraton in Pomona as hotels in Claremont were fully booked by that time. Airbnb did, with some prodding, refund our entire booking fee, but they didn’t have to. As the company’s terms of service clearly state, this is an online platform and “Airbnb is not an owner or operator of properties.”在入住日之前四个星期的时候,我试图再次联系房东,但是没有得到任何回复。Anrbnb只是提供了非常有限的帮助,从我联系他们到收到回复之间隔了很长时间。最后,那间房子里没有大床,我们只好住进了波莫纳的喜来登酒店(Sheraton in Pomona),因为克莱蒙特的旅店当时都已经订满了。经过一番催促,Airbnb的确返还了我们所有的预订费用,不过其实他们不必这样做。正如该公司的务协议明示的那样,这只是一个在线平台,“Airbnb并不是房产的拥有者或运营者。”What a great business model. Airbnb collects money for providing a matching service on a highly scalable IT platform but faces none of the normal operating costs entailed in providing accommodations. The company is not responsible for maintenance and repairs, cleaning (or cleanliness, an issue that has caused a colleague of mine in Berkeley to stop using them)—or anything, really.多好的一个业务模式啊!通过在一个具有高度可扩展性的IT平台上提供一种对接务,Airbnb就能坐收大笔收入,它也无需承受与任何常规住宿务相关的运营成本。Airbnb不用负责房子的维修和清洁工作(或者干净程度,这个原因让我在伯克利的一个同事不再使用Airbnb),其实它什么都不用做。Making a business out of not being responsible做一门不用承担责任的生意Of course, Airbnb is not alone in perfecting a business model in which companies take fees for doing nothing other than facilitating transactions. As it makes abundantly clear in its terms of service, Uber does not function as a transportation carrier nor does it provide logistics services. Passengers and drivers, and maybe even pedestrians in the way of Uber cars, are pretty much on their own.当然,Airbnb并不是唯一一家通过赚中介费挣钱的公司。Uber在其务协议中也非常清楚地阐明,Uber既不是运输商,也不提供物流务。所以无论是乘客也好,司机也好,甚至挡了车辆的行人也好,出了问题只能靠他们自己解决。Similarly, eBay is not a retailer. As it explains in its user agreement, eBay does not “guarantee the existence, quality, safety, or legality of items advertised.” I bet the retailers who get stuck with toys with lead in them or with inventory they can’t sell wish they had thought of such a clever out.与之类似,易趣(eBay)也不是一家零售商。就像它在用户协议中阐明的那样,易趣并不“保所展示商品的存在、质量、安全性或合法性。”我敢说,那些因为销售含铅玩具而倒了霉的零售商,或是那些有大量存货卖不出去的零售商,肯定希望他们当初也能想到一个如此绝妙的生意。The list of companies that build platforms but eschew responsibility for the quality or even availability of goods or services grows daily, and why not? Margins can be enormous if you don’t have to deliver anything other than a website.现如今,通过构建中介平台来赚钱的企业越来越多,因为这样能规避为产品和务的质量甚至可用性承担风险,所以何乐而不为呢?如果你除了网站之外什么都不用做,利润当然是非常可观的。Give these companies credit for learning from experience. Remember Webvan, the startup run by a former Accenture executive that ran through billion in an effort to build a business delivering groceries to homes? Webvan hired employees to drive trucks that the company purchased to haul products from its own distribution centers operated by extraordinarily complex software. Dumb business plan. Today, companies such as Instacart use contractors, not employees, to buy products at existing grocery stores and deliver it to people. Much less investment and risk.要说这些公司还是学到了不少经验的。不知大家是否还记得Webvan,这是一家前埃森哲公司(Accenture)高管创办的企业,这家公司砸了10亿美元重金,试图提供日常生活用品送货上门务。Webvan雇了很多人驾驶该公司自己购买的货车,然后利用非常复杂的管理软件,让司机从该公司自己的配送中心提货。现在看来,这个商业计划还真是蠢到家。如今像Instacart等公司使用的都是承包商,而不是自家的员工,从现成的食杂店里购买产品,然后递送给消费者。这种运营模式的投资和风险都小得多。Amazon could follow suit and raise its profit margins significantly. Why should it have warehouses or warehouse employees? It, too, could turn itself entirely into a transaction facilitator and simply take a cut for bringing buyers and sellers together—never needing to house a book or anything else it sells.亚马逊也完全可以跟个风,显著提高自己的利润水平。它为什么要搞自己的仓库并且雇那么多工作人员呢?它完全也可以把自己改造成一个中介,通过介绍买卖来提成——完全不需要储存书籍或其他商品。No responsibility, greater profits无责任,大利润So, what’s wrong with this? Nothing, if you don’t mind a sort of Wild West business ecosystem. The nice thing about big companies with substantive physical businesses is that you can collect taxes from them, regulate them, enforce employment laws, and do all the other things that go out the window in the “new economy.”那么,这种业务模式有什么不对的地方?其实没有任何问题,只要你不在乎它犹如“狂野西部”的商业生态系统。对于那些拥有大型实体业务的企业来说,最妙的一点是你能向他们征税并且监管他们,要求他们遵守劳动法,做所有其他你在“新经济时代”逐渐无法做的事情。For example, while Airbnb posts requirements for its “hosts” to adhere to disability and anti-discrimination laws on its website, enforcement is obviously much tougher than it would be in dealing with a hotel chain. Many cities and counties that have passed hotel and occupancy taxes aren’t going to collect from Airbnb, which has finally agreed to collect taxes only in a handful of cities and leaves it to the individual “hosts” to comply with tax regulations.比如,尽管Airbnb在网站上明文要求“房东们”必须要遵守残疾人法和反歧视法,但相较于一家连锁酒店,让他们执行这些法律的难度要大得多。很多已经通过旅馆税和占用税的城市和县都不会向Airbnb征收这些税,该公司最终只同意在极少数城市代收税款,而履行税法的义务则完全在个体“房东”一方。There are regulations that govern how long people, particularly in transportation, can work. These regulations seek to protect drivers and others from accidents. Good luck enforcing those rules on thousands of independent contractors. And say goodbye to unemployment insurance and employer contributions to Social Security—because most of the people working for these companies are independent contractors, not employees.有些法律规定了人们的工作时间(特别是交通业)。这些法规旨在保护驾驶员及他人免于遭受交通事故。但愿政府能够督促个体承包商遵守这些法规。另外,不要指望这些公司缴纳失业保险和社保金,因为大多数为这些公司工作的人都是独立承包商,而不是雇员。The other nice thing about real businesses providing real products and services is that if there are problems, there is an entity that can offer remedies. The old Webvan would be responsible if it delivered rotten produce or bad meat from its warehouses, but not the new delivery services. Retailers like Nordstrom guarantee their products’ quality, not eBay. Limousine companies have established liability for hiring and supervising their drivers, and paying when things go wrong. Not Uber, although that remains to be seen as cases wind through court. Hotels carry liability insurance and have the financial wherewithal to protect guests who are assaulted by their workers or otherwise harmed by building safety problems. Not Airbnb, which certainly has plenty of financial resources but, as a “non-operator,” has shed any responsibility for what happens to you in your temporary rental.提供实际产品和务的企业还有一个好处,就是一旦出了问题,毕竟会有一个实体出来采取补救措施。比如,如果Webvan给消费者提供了变质产品或肉类,就得为此负责。诺德斯特龙(Norstrom)等零售商会给产品质量提供质保,但易趣不会。有一些租车公司在雇佣和管理驾驶员方面已经建立了良好的信用,一旦出了问题也愿意赔钱。而Uber就不会这样做——不过如果打起官司,会是什么结果还不好说。酒店一般都交了责任保险,也有必要的财务手段,一旦住客受到员工侮辱、伤害或其它安全问题,酒店会出面赔偿损失。Airbnb则不会这样,虽然该公司有大量经济资源,但是作为一家“非运营商”,不管你在短租期内出了什么问题,它早已把任何责任推卸得一干二净。Offloading responsibility, including the responsibility for liability insurance, compliance with government regulations, and payroll taxes, saves costs, lots of costs. This gives new economy companies an inherent, and maybe even unfair, advantage over the competition.这样推卸责任,包括推卸责任保险、遵守政府法规和缴纳工资税等责任,的确会节省大量的成本。这使得这些所谓“新经济”公司得以获得天生的、或许也是不公平的竞争优势。Company attempts to shed responsibility for their employees—and costs—is an old story. Many years ago, some employers decided that having actual employees was a pain. There were the payroll taxes, the expense and time of hiring, legal exposure to wrongful discharge and discrimination suits if you fired people; all in all, too much trouble. So, employers offloaded employees and their work to temporary help agencies and contracting organizations, which is one reason that “nonstandard employment” has grown so rapidly and there are even associations representing the interests of the many companies operating in this industry.企业推卸对员工的责任,削减成本,早已是老生常谈。很多年前,就有雇主觉得雇佣员工是件头痛的事。既要缴纳工资税,又要花时间去招聘,如果你炒了人家的鱿鱼,还要小心人家以不当解聘或是歧视为由把你告上法庭。所以有不少企业裁掉了不少员工,把他们的工作交给临时性持机构和承包商来完成,这也就是所谓“非正规雇佣”发展得如此之快的原因之一。现在市场上甚至出现了一些协会,代表的正是这个行业中许多公司的利益。The IRS and state employment services feared that they were going to lose out on unemployment and payroll taxes from independent contractors. So, they developed a checklist to ascertain whether “nonemployees” doing work for some company actually were or were not employees, and they conducted audits to ensure employees were treated as such.美国国税局和各州就业务部门担心,他们将无法掌握个体承包商的失业率和工资税情况。所以他们制定了一份清单,以确认为某些公司工作的“非雇员”究竟是不是雇员,然后进行审计以确保雇员获得合理待遇。The jig may soon be up好日子即将到头Cities and states are beginning to try to impose some oversight on at least some of the new economy companies, although such efforts are often met with derision and characterized as stifling innovation. I am not sure that avoiding responsibility and legal liability is really as “innovative” as is sometimes claimed. Bypassing zoning regulations on where hotels can be located and negating licensing requirements related to who can pick up passengers poses risks that, if you believe the terms of service agreements, truly should make the buyer beware.美国各州和各大城市已经开始对至少某些新经济公司实施监管,尽管此类努力经常会受到人们的嘲笑,并且背上了扼杀创新的罪名。我不知道推卸责任和法律义务是否真的属于“创新”。规避旨在监管旅馆位置的区划法规,对谁有资格开车载客的规定不管不顾,必然会带来一些风险,被务一方真的应该警觉这些风险,如果你相信务协议的话。For those people who worry about income inequality, there is another reason to think twice about these new business models. In a careful analysis of 53 countries from 1960 to 2006, University of Michigan business school professor Gerald F. Davis and a colleague found that the higher proportion of employees who worked in large companies, the lower the level of income inequality. This makes sense because internal labor markets and the greater social contact among employees reduces variation in wages much more so than in market-like arrangements.对于那些担心收入不均的人,还有一个理由让他们重新审视这些新商业模式。密歇根大学(University of Michigan)商学院教授杰拉德oFo戴维斯和他的同事对53个国家在1960-2006年之间的数据进行了仔细分析。他们发现,人们在大公司里工作的比例越高,收入不均的水平就越低。这一发现是有道理的,因为内部劳动力市场以及雇员之间更密切的社会交往,比市场安排更易于减少员工的收入差异。Call me old-fashioned, but I actually like a company whose “terms of service” entails providing the product or service I am purchasing rather than stating all the things it is not responsible for. I prefer to buy from a company that stands behind its products, with management that cares enough about its customers to provide oversight of its employee workforce and quality assurance for its services.你可以说我“老套”,但我的确更喜欢一家公司的“务协议”里写明它究竟提供哪种产品和务,而不是说它对任何事都不负责。我喜欢光顾的公司,是那种有自己的产品、有严格的管理、关心它的顾客、对员工提供监管、为务提供质量保障的公司。(财富中文网) /201412/346015


  WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers.华盛顿——在整个美国,除了加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪击案袭击者使用的那部iPhone,司法部还在要求苹果公司(Apple)帮助解锁至少九部手机。The disclosure appears to buttress the company’s concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case.这似乎持了苹果的担忧,即此次争议可能会对产品的加密保护构成威胁,其影响远不止加州这一例。Apple is fighting the government’s demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, Marc J. Zwillinger, a lawyer for the company, said in a letter unsealed in federal court on Tuesday.在联邦法院周二公布的一封信中,苹果公司律师马克·J·茨维林格(Marc J. Zwillinger)表示,在这另外九起案子里的至少七个案子中,苹果拒绝配合政府的要求。“Apple has not agreed to perform any services on the devices,” Mr. Zwillinger wrote. Starting in December, the letter says, Apple has in a number of cases objected to the Justice Department’s efforts to force its cooperation through a 1789 statute known as the All Writs Act, which says courts can require actions to comply with their orders.“苹果一直没有同意在这些设备上提供任何务,”茨维林格写道。信中还表示,自去年12月起,苹果在多起案件中拒绝了司法部通过《所有令状法案》(All Writs Act)迫使其合作的要求。依据这项1789年的法案,法院可以要求当事人按其命令行事。In the San Bernardino case, prosecutors have cast their demands for Apple to help them unlock the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook — one of the attackers in the December rampage, in which 14 people were killed — as a limited effort in response to an unusual situation.在圣贝纳迪那个案子中,检方把它对苹果公司提出的帮助解锁赛义德·里兹万·法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)使用的iPhone的要求,描述为应对特殊情况的一种有限行为。法鲁克是去年12月致14人死亡的大规模击案的袭击者之一。Still, “no one should be surprised that we’re investigating other cases and looking for assistance in those other cases,” a law enforcement official said on Tuesday.不过,“我们也在调查其他案件,会在这些其他案件中要求协助,这不足为奇,”一名执法官员周二表示。Since challenging a judge’s demand in the San Bernardino case, which called for Apple to create a special tool to help investigators more easily crack the phone’s passcode, the company has repeatedly asserted that such a move could not be done in isolation.在圣贝纳迪案件中,法官要求苹果创造一种特殊的工具,从而帮助调查人员更容易地破解这部手机的密码,该公司予以拒绝。自此之后,苹果反复坚称,此类举措的后果不会仅限于这一例。“Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices,” Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, said in a letter to customers. And in a note on its website on Monday, Apple said law enforcement agencies nationwide “have hundreds of iPhones they want Apple to unlock if the F.B.I. wins this case.”“一旦创造出来,这种技术就可以在任意数量的设备上反复使用,”苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在一封致消费者的信中说。该公司在周一于官方网站上发布的一份说明中表示,“如果联邦调查局(FBI)赢了这个案子”,全美各地的执法部门“会有成百上千部iPhone等着让苹果解锁。”Apple has long maintained that it would hand over data to comply with a court order when it was technically able to do so. In a report covering the first six months of 2015, Apple said it had received nearly 11,000 requests from government agencies worldwide for information on roughly 60,000 devices, and it provided some data in roughly 7,100 instances.长久以来,苹果公司一直坚称,如果技术上可以实现,它就会配合法庭的命令提交数据。苹果在一份覆盖2015年上半年的统计报告中表示,它收到了将近1.1万份来自全美各地的政府机构的请求,涉及大约6万台设备中的信息,而苹果为其中的大约7100例提供了一些数据。But while the data backed up on Apple’s iCloud service is ily accessible by the company, it has made the security on the iPhone itself increasingly hard to crack.尽管苹果可以比较容易地获取备份在iCloud云端的数据,但它加强了iPhone本身的安全性,使之越来越难以破解。Because a number of the newly disclosed cases remain sealed, Apple’s letter did not describe the types of crimes at issue. But they appear to involve run-of-the-mill prosecutions for offenses like drug trafficking and pornography, rather than a high-profile terrorism investigation, officials said.因为刚刚披露的案件有不少还处在保密状态,苹果没有在信中描述这些争论案件的类型。但一些官员表示,它们涉及的似乎是针对诸如毒品走私和色情等犯罪活动的普通指控,而非引人注目的恐怖主义调查。The newly disclosed cases are in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.这些最新提到的案件发生于纽约、芝加哥、洛杉矶、旧金山和波士顿。The existence of the other demands came to light in a drug-trafficking case in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, where prosecutors are seeking access to the data held in an iPhone linked to a methamphetamine distribution ring.检方针对这些其他案件向苹果提出的要求,是在驻布鲁克林的联邦地区法院审理一件毒品走私案时曝光的。在这一案件中,检方试图获取与一个冰毒分销网络有关的一部iPhone中的数据。The owner of the phone, Jun Feng, 45, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the case. But prosecutors have pushed ahead anyway with their efforts to force Apple to unlock his phone, in part because they maintain that it could lead them to other drug suspects.这部手机的所有人是45岁的冯军(音)。他已经承认自己在这起案件中犯有共谋罪。但检方还在施压,要迫使苹果解锁他的手机,部分原因在于,他们坚持认为,这能帮助他们找到其他毒品嫌疑人。The two sides are awaiting a ruling from Magistrate Judge James Orenstein on whether Apple should be forced to cooperate. Before issuing a ruling, Judge Orenstein wanted Apple to detail other pending requests from prosecutors.双方正在等待治安法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦(James Orenstein)就苹果是否该被迫使合作做出裁决。在公布自己的裁决之前,奥伦斯坦法官想让苹果详细列举检方提出的其他尚未满足的要求。The Brooklyn drug-trafficking case has been dwarfed by the fight in California. But national security lawyers say the Brooklyn case remains important, because Judge Orenstein’s decision is expected to be the first to offer a broad examination of the government’s authority under the All Writs Act to force Apple to unlock passcode-protected iPhones.与加州的袭击事件相比,布鲁克林毒品走私案显得微不足道。但国家安全领域的律师表示,布鲁克林的案件也很重要,因为奥伦斯坦法官的判决,有望成为对政府依照《所有令状法案》要求苹果解锁有密码保护的iPhone的权力做出宏观审核的第一个判例。The judge has indicated skepticism over the government’s demands. Initially, Apple agreed to a formal order to help the Justice Department gain access to Mr. Feng’s phone, but Judge Orenstein balked, questioning whether the All Writs Act could be used that way. He invited Apple’s lawyers to raise objections.这名法官对政府的要求表现出怀疑态度。最初,苹果接受了一项正式命令,即帮助司法部进入冯军的手机,但奥伦斯坦法官有所保留,质疑《所有令状法案》是否能被这么使用。他请苹果的律师对司法部的要求提出异议。While his ultimate decision will not be legally binding in California, it could influence the legal arguments there. And an appeal by either side has the potential to work its way through the federal court system to become significant case law.尽管他的最终裁决对于加州的案件不会有法律约束力,但它可以对那里的法律争论产生影响。控辩双方任何一方提出的上诉,都有可能沿着联邦法院系统一直往上走,成为重要的判例法。Law enforcement officials around the country are anxiously watching the cases in both Brooklyn and California to see how their own investigations might be affected.全美的执法官员都在紧张地关注着布鲁克林和加州两个案子的进展,以判断他们各自的调查会受到怎样的影响。At a news conference last week after the debate erupted in California, the New York City police commissioner, William J. Bratton, and the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said they had collected about 175 iPhones, in investigations, that they have been unable to unlock.上周,在有关加州案件的争论浮现后举行的一场新闻发布会上,纽约警察局长威廉·J·布拉顿(William J. Bratton)和驻曼哈顿的地区检察官小塞勒斯·R·万斯(Cyrus R. Vance Jr.)表示,他们在调查中收集了大约175部无法解锁的iPhone。Mr. Vance rejected the notion that Apple should be forced to cooperate only in certain prominent crimes.有一种观念认为,苹果应该只在某些重大犯罪案件上被强行要求配合调查。对此,万斯并不同意。“What we discover is that investigation into one crime often leads into criminal activity in another, sometimes much more serious than what we were originally looking at,” he said.“我们的发现是,针对一项犯罪活动的调查往往可以把我们引至有关另一项犯罪活动的调查,有时候后者会比我们原先调查的事情严重得多,”他说。 /201603/428685。



  Many Blackstone executives worked grueling seven-day weeks for a month to put together last Friday’s billion acquisition of mortgages and office buildings from General Electric. But Blackstone’s chief executive says he has been spending twice as much of his time on an entirely different project: the scholarship fund he started at a top Beijing university.这一个月来,黑石集团(Blackstone)的很多高管每周七天地艰苦工作,为上周五斥资230亿美元(约合1400亿元人民币)收购通用电气公司(General Electric,简称GE)的抵押贷款和写字楼做准备。但黑石集团的首席执行官说,他在一个截然不同的项目上花的时间是这个的两倍,那就是他在北京一所顶级大学设立的奖学金。Stephen A. Schwarzman, Blackstone’s chairman, chief executive and co-founder, said that he had been immersed in a welter of details for his Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University, for which applications became available online Wednesday morning. All the while, he was advising his staff members on crucial decisions as they analyzed a complex montage of mortgages and equity stakes in G.E. buildings around the world.黑石集团董事长、首席执行官以及联合创始人苏世民(Stephen A. Schwarzman)说,他一直沉浸在清华大学苏世民奖学金(Schwarzman Scholars)项目的细节中,这个项目于周三上午开始接受在线申请。与此同时,他的下属在分析GE在世界各地的建筑物的复杂抵押贷款和股权,如果需要做一些关键决定,他也会向他们提供建议。“G.E. was easy for me; it was hard for everybody else,” he said. “It was 110 percent of their time for these weeks; for me, it was 5.”“对于GE的事情,我的这部分很容易,其他人的很难,”他说。“这几周他们投入了110%的时间;而我只投入了5%的时间。”By now, real estate transactions were practically second nature to Mr. Schwarzman. He has been making real estate investment decisions practically every week at Blackstone since 1993 and had a process in place at the company to provide him with the information he needed for each of them. He typically starts his day every morning at 6 and finishes at midnight.时至今日,房地产交易几乎已经成了苏世民的第二天性。自1993年以来,他在黑石集团几乎每周都要做房地产投资方面的决策,他还在公司里规定了一个流程,向他提供每项决策中他所需的信息。他通常每天早上6点开工,到午夜才结束工作。That allows him ample time, he said, to run Blackstone, the world’s most profitable money management company for the last two years, and also oversee the minutiae of starting a scholarship program 12 time zones away in China.他说,因此他有足够的时间来经营黑石集团,并兼顾一个奖学金项目的细枝末节;这个项目在12个时区之外的中国开展,而过去两年里,黑石是全球最赚钱的资金管理公司。Mr. Schwarzman estimated that he had been spending about 10 percent of his time on the Schwarzman Scholars program, for which he has aly raised 3 million, including 0 million of his own money. He plans to announce shortly that he is raising his target for the overall scholarship fund to 0 million, and he believes he can reach that target next year, he said.苏世民估计自己的时间有10%用在了奖学金项目上。他已经为该项目筹集了3.33亿美元(约合人民币20亿元),其中有1亿美元是他自己的钱。他计划不久后宣布自己要将整个奖学金基金的目标提高到4亿美元,他说,自己很可能明年就能实现这个目标。“We’re not chasing a rainbow; we’re chasing an overhead structure,” he said.“我们追逐的东西不像虹那么遥远,就在我们头上,”他说。The program was a labor of love for Mr. Schwarzman and underscores the tremendous importance of China and its market to Wall Street financiers and corporate leaders.苏世民不计回报地开展这个项目,显示了中国及其市场对华尔街的金融家和企业领导者的重大意义。Although the construction of a college at Tsinghua to house scholars and provide meeting rooms for the yearlong graduate program has proceeded on schedule and on budget, other aspects of the program have proved more expensive than expected, Mr. Schwarzman said. Extra costs have involved areas like providing medical insurance for scholars and faculty members, recruiting and retaining visiting professors like Niall Ferguson of Harvard, and setting up internships and mentoring for scholars.这个研究生项目为期一年,清华大学正在修建一个学院,以安置该项目的学生,并提供会议室。虽然施工在按时按预算地进行,但该项目其他方面的费用实际上都高于预期,苏世民说。额外的费用涉及为学生和教师提供医疗保险,招聘和留住客座教授,比如哈佛大学的尼尔·弗格森(Niall Ferguson),并为学生提供实习和辅导机会。Gerard A. Postiglione, the director of Hong Kong University’s Wah Ching Center of Research on Education in China, said that philanthropists setting up large scholarship programs in China face difficult choices to keep their spending focused on academic pursuits.香港大学(University of Hong Kong)华正中国教育研究中心(Wah Ching Center of Research on Education in China)主任白杰瑞(Gerard A. Postiglione)说,在中国设立大型奖学金项目的慈善家要想把钱主要花在学术上,会面临着一些艰难的选择。“Foreign donor programs in China come along with many bureaucratic and financial hurdles,” he wrote in an email. “Making sure that the bulk of the donation is focused on the program objectives is always the main challenge.”“外国捐助项目在中国遇到了很多官僚主义和财务障碍,”他在一封电邮中写道。“要确保捐款主要用在项目的目标上,始终是个巨大挑战。”During a 75-minute interview in a wood-paneled penthouse meeting room overlooking the Upper East Side at Blackstone’s headquarters on Park Avenue, Mr. Schwarzman spoke mainly about the scholars program, while discussing the G.E. deal more briefly. To call an assistant and request a folder on the scholarship program, he pulled out an old Nokia flip phone from the outer right pocket of his dark blue suit coat (he later explained that he had no desire to get a smartphone).在公园大道黑石集团总部顶楼一个可以俯瞰上东区、用木壁板装潢的会议室中,苏世民接受了75分钟长的采访。他谈的主要是这个奖学金项目,虽然也比较简短地讨论了GE的交易。他从深蓝色西装外套的右口袋掏出一部老掉牙的诺基亚翻盖手机,让助手拿来一个文件夹,里面是这个奖学金项目的资料(后来他解释说,他无意改用智能手机)。His aggressive promotion of Tsinghua University since announcing the scholarship program two years ago appears to have played a role in the greater international visibility lately of Tsinghua; in an annual ranking released last month of the world’s best universities by reputation, Tsinghua jumped to 26th, from 36th a year earlier.自从两年前宣布推出这个奖学金项目以来,他一直非常积极地宣传清华大学;该校近来在国际上知名度进一步提高,他的宣传似乎有些帮助;在上个月公布的全球声誉最高的顶级大学年度排名中,清华从去年的第36位跃升至26位。The yearlong Schwarzman Scholars master’s degree program has a selection process modeled partly on the Rhodes scholarships at Oxford University. Online applications will be initially screened by the Institute of International Education in New York, and 300 finalists will be brought in for interviews in New York, London, Beijing or Bangkok. Mr. Schwarzman said that he planned to participate in the interviews done in New York and London.苏世民学者硕士学位项目为期一年,其遴选过程部分参照了牛津大学的罗德奖学金(Rhodes scholarships)项目。纽约的国际教育协会(Institute of International Education)将对网上申请进行初步筛选,300个入围者将在纽约、伦敦、北京和曼谷参加面试。苏世民说自己计划参加纽约和伦敦的面试。Mr. Schwarzman said that the finalist interviews would be scheduled so as not to coincide with the Rhodes Scholar selection interviews. Charles Conn, the chief executive of the Rhodes Trust and warden of Rhodes House at Oxford University, said in a telephone interview, “We work together not only with Steve’s program but also other programs to make sure we don’t put candidates in awkward positions.”苏世民说,面试在日期安排上会避免与罗德奖学金的遴选面试日期相冲突。罗德信托(Rhodes Trust)首席执行官、牛津大学罗德楼舍监查尔斯·康恩(Charles Conn)在接受电话采访时说,“我们不仅会和史蒂夫的项目进行协调,还会与其他项目协调,以确保不让候选人为难。”The Rhodes scholarships and Schwarzman Scholars programs have similar endowments and fund-raising goals. Which one is ahead in any given week depends mainly on the exchange rate of the pound, which has weakened lately against the dollar. The Rhodes Trust has about 200 million pounds, or 6 million, and has a fund-raising target of #163;250 million, Mr. Conn said.罗德奖学金和苏世民奖学金项目有类似的捐赠基金和筹款目标。任何一周中,哪一个项目处于领先主要取决于英镑汇率,而英镑兑美元的汇率近来已经走弱。罗德信托目前拥有大约2亿英镑(约合人民币18亿元),筹款目标为2.5亿英镑,康恩说。The Rhodes program announced last month that it was expanding to accept scholars from China.罗德奖学金项目上个月宣布,它将接收更多来自中国的学生。The logistical issues of setting up a program so far away have nonetheless been challenging, Mr. Schwarzman said, adding that his wife keeps asking him: “Why did you pick something half a globe away? Couldn’t you find something in the same time zone?”在如此遥远的地方开展项目,统筹安排上终归是个挑战,苏世民说妻子时常问他:“为什么会选半个地球之外的地方?你就不能找个同时区的吗?” /201504/370892

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