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When graduate school entrance exam scores are released every year at this time, many romantic relationships take a hit. Lovers considering different locales for work or study must make some tough choices – beginning with whether or not to break up. 每年这个时候正是考研分数公布之时,许多恋情都因此经受着打击。对于恋人们而言,异地工作或学习可能会迫使他们做出艰难抉择,最先面对的就是分不分手的问题。    The moment that Fang Yunxia, a 22-year-old English major from a university in Nanchang, learned that she had been awarded a second interview at Peking University, she shed tears of joy. While she was imagining new life on her future campus, a congratulations call from her boyfriend pulled her back to reality: She was in a committed relationship with someone who is unlikely to follow her to Beijing.  22岁的方云霞是南昌某高校英语系的学生,当得知自己进入北大第二轮面试时,她留下了高兴的眼泪。当她还沉浸在崭新校园生活的遐想之中时,男朋友打来的祝贺电话将她拉回到现实:她和男朋友的感情十分真挚,但他可能不会追随她去北京。    So she sent him a message that , simply: “We need to talk.”  于是她给他发了一条信息,聊聊几个字:“我们需要谈谈。”  Although the two did not break up right away, they knew their two-year relationship had come to an end. “We are still seeing each other, but things have changed. We don’t talk about the future,” said Fang. “And we sigh a lot.” 尽管没有立刻分手,但他们清楚这段两年的恋情已经走到了尽头。方云霞说:“我们仍然会见面,但是一切都变了。我们不再谈论未来,只是一声声叹息。” /201108/146964摘要:算命是占卜的一种形式,在欧洲历史上曾十分流行。古希腊罗马人就相信神谕能通过先知之口传达,所以凡遇大事,总要征求神谕,以预知未来。Fortunetelling is the practice of trying to guess or predict what will happen in the future. Persons who claim to foretell the future are called fortunetellers.Fortunetelling has been especially popular during certain periods of history. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans believed the gods spoke to them through prophets called oracles. Many people went to oracles for advice about the future. During the Renaissance, the period from about 1300 to about 1600, a type of fortunetelling called astrology became extremely popular in Europe. Some form of fortunetelling remain popular today as ways of amusement, but many believe in them sincerely. Some methods of telling fortunes are complicated, and fortunetellers often say they are scientific. But scientists consider them to be pseudosciences.There are four popular ways to tell fortunes. Some fortunetellers tell what one’s future will be by studying the lines, markings, shape, and the size of the person’s hand. This is called palmistry. Fortunetelling by cards is also popular. The person whose fortune is being told may select cards from a deck of playing cards that is lying face down on the table. The cards have meanings for the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller lays down the cards in a pattern on a table and tells the fortune by the order in which the cards appear. One of the most famous methods involves gazing into a crystal ball. A crystal ball is actually a glass ball, in which the fortuneteller is supposed to be able to see a picture of some future event. Another way to tell fortunes is astrology. This way is based on the belief that positions and movements of the sun, the moon, planets, and stars are related to people’s lives. /200905/70819Recession harms fertilityMen's testosterone levels could be harmed by stress caused by the global economic downturn, according to a British doctor.Chronic stress caused by redundancy, financial worries or working longer hours could make levels of the hormone drop, says Richard Petty, the medical director of a top London men's health clinic.Testosterone, the hormone produced by the testicles, triggers the development of male sexual characteristics. It is linked to sexual function, circulation and muscle mass, as well as concentration, mood and memory."When a man becomes grumpy or irritable, it's easy to blame work or simply the effects of aging," says Petty."In the short-term, stress can increase levels of testosterone and this is useful in helping people respond quickly to pressures and new situations."But chronic stress, which is ongoing, is a major factor in the decline of testosterone."Chronic stress occurs all too frequently due to our modern lifestyles, when everything from high-pressured jobs to unemployment keeps the body in a state of perceived threat."Petty advises men to reduce their stress levels as much as possible by resting, eating healthily and exercising. /200902/63331From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, these young stars collectively banked 410 million in the lastyear.从碧昂斯到泰勒·史薇芙特,这些年轻的明星去年共“抢钱”4.1亿美元。In addition to topping charts, winning matches and luring fans, the top 12 highest-earning celebrities under 30 collectively pulled in 410 million over the last year.在过去一年里,跻身高收入排行榜的前12位名人(年龄均在30岁以下)除了在流行音乐排行榜上屡登榜首,在众多比赛中力拔头筹,吸引了大批狂热粉丝之外,还总共吸金高达4.1亿美元。With an average age of 23, the cadre of talented--and rich--upstarts consists of athletes,singers, actors etc.这些天资过人的新晋富豪平均年龄仅有23岁,主要包括运动员、歌手、演员等。The Queen B raked in an estimated 87 million between June 1, 2008 and June 1, 2009, thanks to a diversified portfolio of music, film, fashion and so on.“流行乐天后”碧昂斯借助自己在音乐、电影、时尚等领域多元化的发展,从去年6月1日至今年6月1日的总收入达到了8700万美元。The 27-year-old songstress turned actress turned global brand found time to release a double album (I Am...Sasha Fierce), star in two films (Cadillac Records and Obsessed), perform at both the Academy Awards and a presidential inaugural ball and embark on a 110-date international tour.这位27岁的女歌手继触电成功之后,开创了自己的全球性品牌,还抽空推出一张双碟专辑(I Am...Sasha Fierce),出演了《蓝调传奇》与《纠缠》两部电影,参加了奥斯卡金像奖颁奖晚会,在奥巴马的就职典礼上引吭高歌,并积极筹备她的110天国际巡回演唱会。 /200909/8308721世纪让你变得更健康些If you are the parent of a young child, you need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet not only for your child but also for you. Towards this end, one step that you will want to consider taking is the eating of smaller meals and the eating of smaller portions when you do eat.Nutritionists have long held that it is better to eat smaller meals more often than it is to eat 2-3 large meals every day. However, most people have ignored this advice because it is often easier to eat fewer times a day and they are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In today’s world, many people are so busy throughout the day that they feel they don’t have time to eat 5-6 times per day, as experts often recommend. This is understandable, especially since there are certain social aspects built around the three main meals, especially lunch and dinner. Restaurants and other eating establishments also design their s around three square meals.But if you care about your health, there are many reasons to consider switching to eating small. Most people who eat fewer times a day tend to really stuff themselves at mealtime. This is due in part because they know that it will be awhile before their next meal, and also because they are used to the humongous servings that most eateries now offer. People get so used to eating large meals that they feel unfulfilled if they shrink their portions. If they knew that they would be able to have another snack before their next meal, though, it might change their approach to eating.Some nutritionists believe that eating smaller meals more often can lower your cholesterol. A study published in the British Medical Journal determined that people who eat six small meals a day lowered their cholesterol by 5% compared to those who ate 2-3 big meals every day. Of course, most of these people were probably not eating fast food six times a day. No matter how often and how much you eat, healthy choices must still be made in regards to the type of food you eat. But it does appear that eating more frequently can help lower cholesterol.Another health advantage to eating small is that it is easier on your digestive system. When you eat large meals, your stomach and intestines are forced to process more material at once, which can lead to indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn and occasionally ulcers. More food goes to waste when a lot of food is eaten at once, since the body can’t digest and use it all at once. Eating smaller is easier on the digestive system because your body is able to slowly process the food and properly distribute the nutrients. Eating smaller also makes it easier to be active between meals, since it doesn’t take your stomach so long to rid itself of all the food. 如果你的孩子还小,你一定得知道保持饮食健康对你的孩子和你自身都十分重要.为此,可供你考虑的一种方法就是实行少食多餐制.营养学家早就提出与其每天吃2-3顿正餐,不如增加餐次同时减少每餐的食物摄入量.然而大多数人都对此不屑,因为少量的餐次对大多数人来说比较可行,而且人们也习惯了早餐,午餐,晚餐这种形式.如今,许多人太繁忙以至于他们认为没有时间像专家所推荐的那样,一天中吃5-6顿饭.这是可以理解的,因为现在的人们在三顿正餐间都需要进行一定的社会活动,尤其在午餐和晚餐之间.饭店和其他享用饮食的地方所提供的菜单也都是针对这三顿正餐而制订的.但是如果你关心自己的健康,那就有太多理由让你少食多餐啦.大多数每天就吃几顿饭的人会每顿都吃得饱饱的.一部分原因是他们知道在下顿饭之前还有一段时间,另外,他们也已经习惯了如今这种食物的大供应量.一旦人们习惯了每餐都吃得很多,那么一旦要让他们减少食物量,他们就会觉得没吃饱.但如果让他们知道在下一顿饭之前还有一顿点心,那么也许他们会改变一下现在进食的方式了.一些营养学家认为每顿吃少点可以降低你的胆固醇.刊登于英国医学杂志上的一篇研究显示,与那些每天吃2-3顿大餐的人相比,每天吃6顿饭,但每顿量都很少的人们体内的胆固醇含量低了5%.当然,这些人可不能一天6顿都吃快餐.无论你吃几顿,每次吃多少,选择健康的食物也是很重要的.但少食多餐确实被明可以降低你的胆固醇含量.每顿吃少点同样也对你的消化系统有好处.当你吃得多时,你的胃和内脏同时被迫接受太多的东西,就会出现消化不良,胃痛, 胃灼热等状况,偶尔还会出现胃溃疡. 由于你的身体无法一下子消化你吃的所有食物,如果你一次进食很多,许多食物其实是被浪费的.如果吃得少一点就能减轻消化系统的负担,因为你的身体可以慢慢消化食物并且合理分配营养成分. 吃得少点也可以使你的胃在两餐之间变得更活跃点,因为你的胃不必再用很多时间去消化所有的食物了. /200803/30959

Everyone wants to achieve beauty and health. To succeed humans should constantly work ontheir diet. It is very important to eat nourishing but healthy food and decrease fats; all these effectively impact on our complete conditionand appearance。  人人都想既美丽又健康。若要如此,你就必须坚持在饮食方面下功夫。食用营养丰富、脂肪含量少的健康食物十分重要,因为这些食物可以有效地影响我们整个的机体以及外表。  To feature out which food results your beauty on the following。  想知道哪些食物能帮你变漂亮,那就不要错过下面的内容。  Carrots 胡萝卜  This vegetabl eprotects and keeps the outer skin layer and results preventing premature aging. The components of carrot correspond to Retin A。  这种蔬菜能保护皮肤外皮层防止它的提早衰老。胡萝卜中起主要作用的成分是维生素A。  Tomatoes 西红柿  Tomatoes is a remarkable vegetable for your skin as it is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium。  对于你的皮肤来说,西红柿是一种了不起的水果,因为它富含了维生素A,维生素C以及钾元素。  Sweet Potatoes 红薯  Sweet potatocontains lots of vitamin A. This vitamin is very important as it isconsidered to be anti-wrinkling agent. Include it into your diet and your skin will become smother and cleaner。  红薯富含被认为是抗皱代表的维生素A。只要多吃它你的皮肤将变得更加紧致和洁净。  Nonfat Yogurt 脱脂酸奶  If you wish tohave your teeth cavity-free and white-teeth smile nonfat yogurt should be included in your diet. Its bonus contains in calcium, it is high init。  如果你想避免蛀牙,并想展露洁白牙齿的笑容,那你就该把脱脂酸奶加入菜单之中。因为它富含钙元素。  Citrus Fruits 柑橘类水果  Lemons, orangesand any other citrus fruit form collagen resulting to holding the skincells together. It is necessary to drink fruit juices and eat fruitevery day. As the matter of fact, collagen cannot be added to the skintopically。  柠檬、桔子等柑橘类水果里富含的胶原物质能使皮肤紧致。事实上,胶原物质不能直接进入皮肤,所以每天喝一些果汁以及吃水果是很必要的。  Garlic 大蒜  Garlic is very useful for your beauty as well. It assists to combat wrinkles. In addition, it restores tissue。  大蒜也能对你的美丽做出贡献。它除了可以预防皱纹,还可以帮你修复组织。  Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽  If you do not know how to become free of pimples, wheat germs will effectively help you. The only thing you should do to eat two or three tables poons of what germs per day. Add it into your food such as to yogurt, cottage cheese and such。  如果你不知道如何摆脱粉刺的困扰,小麦胚芽就是你的好帮手,你要做的只是每天吃上两三匙分量的小麦胚芽。你可以把它添加进酸奶、奶酪一类的食物中一起进食。  Apple Cider Vinegar 苹果醋  The heavy concentration of apple cider vinegar results to peeling off dead skincells. In addition it splits fat and assist food digest。  浓度高的苹果醋有助于皮肤中坏死、衰老细胞的清除。除此之外,苹果醋还能裂解脂肪,帮助食物消化。  Cheese 芝士  It is better toeat such kind of cheese as Swiss, cheddar, or Gouda. These ones assistin preventing cavities. In addition, the above kinds of cheese blockbacteria in the mouth. Hence if you wish to have a nice smile, includea slice or two into your diet。  芝士最好是吃瑞士的、英国产的或者是荷兰制作的。这些芝士有助于预防蛀牙。另外,上面说的芝士还能阻止口腔里的细菌。因此,如果你想拥有一个漂亮的笑容,饮食中加入一两片芝士吧。  While choosing the food do not forget to include the beneath-mentioned。  在选择食物的时候,不要忘记以下的几类食物哦。  Vegetables 蔬菜  You need to eat vegetables at least times per day. It will be useful to eat raw and leafy greens。  每天要应该吃几顿蔬菜,生的蔬菜和绿色叶子的蔬菜会非常有用。  Meat 肉类  Eat no more than three ounce servings per day. Do not forget to take off all fat. It will be better to include turkey or chicken in two servings. And the third ounce should be fish。  每天不要吃多过三盎司的肉,还要避免肥肉。最好其中的两盎司肉里含有火鸡肉或是鸡肉。剩下的一盎司就应该是鱼肉了。  Fruits 水果  To keep your beauty keep two to three servings of fruit in a day. You may eat fruitsalad for the 1st serving and chopped /sliced fruit for the 2nd serving。  为了你的美丽,每天要吃两至三份水果。第一餐吃水果沙拉,其他的可以直接切块来吃。  Dairy 乳制品  Try to keep two servings per day. A serving should contain eight ounces of milk or yogurt。  尽量每天都吃两份乳制品,每份都应该包含8盎司的奶或者酸奶。  Fats 油脂  Try to decrease to two servings of salad dressing, cooking oil, butter, and mayonnaise。  Note your health and beauty depends only on you. Be sure you will manage to keep them。  尽量将油脂用量减少至两餐分量,这里面包括沙拉调味料、食用油以及蛋黄酱所含的油脂分量。你的健康和美丽靠你自己来经营。要相信自己能够做得到。 /200911/88735

编者按:喜欢打扮、追求时尚再也不是女孩子的专利了,有的男生比女生还要懂得衣着打扮之道,比女生还关注时尚动向的男生越来越多。套用一个时尚一点的词语,他们被称为“粉雄族”。Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed。一项调查显示,保养、修护、滋润皮肤是全世界在意形象的消费者们的首要大事,而且他们将为此采取越来越 “极端”的措施。A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend。AC尼尔森调查集团对46个国家开展的一项调查发现,三分之一的人在护肤上的花销占美容总花销的大头,这一潮流为亚洲和美国的消费者所引领。Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleaching products and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object。调查显示,皮肤美白在亚洲最为盛行,十分之一的亚洲消费者购买过皮肤漂白产品,50%的人称如果经济上不成问题,他们会去做美白护理。The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks, peels, serums and oils。此外,调查预测,使用面膜、去角质用品、乳液和精油类等护肤品的人将大幅增加。 /201006/107279

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