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岷县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养盐津县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养The end of winter comes late to the mountainous northwest of the ed States, and in particular, it lingers in Yellowstone.寒冷的冬季在美国西北部山区迟迟才结束,尤其是它逗留在黄石公园不肯离去。The heart of Yellowstone is a high cold plateau, 8,000 / feet up, surround by the spires of the Rocky Mountains. 黄石公园的核心是一个8000 英尺高寒冷的高原,环绕着落基山脉。After five months sleeping in those mountains, a powerful presence returns.在那些山脉中沉睡了5个月后,一个强大的存在终于回归。This female grizzly bear has awoken early to find food for her two-year-old cubs.这名母灰熊已经很早醒来为给她两岁的幼崽们寻找食物。But she may have brought her family here too early. 但是她可能将她的家人太早带到这里。The Tetons, on the extreme southern edge of the Yellowstone plateau, is where the spring thaw normally begins.提顿山脉,在黄石高原极端的南部边缘,正是春天万物复苏的开始。But this year, its come late.但今年,它却姗姗来迟。注:听力文本来源于普特 201208/197120若羌县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 AFTER three years of stagnant loan growth, The Peoples Bank in Coldwater, Ohio, has noticed a change. Clients who two years ago would not have qualified for a loan now find that they can. One customer who was working for only 35 hours a week two years ago is now working 45 to 50 hours. ;That was his reason for coming in: he had steadier income,; says Jack Hartings, president of the seven-branch bank. Since the bankrsquo;s main alternative to lending money is buying Treasury bonds that yield only 1%-2%, Mr Hartings is eager to make new loans.借债增长停滞三年以后,在俄亥俄州的冷水的人民已经公告了一个变化。两年前没有贷款资格的顾客现在获得了贷款资格。两年前每周只需工作35小时的顾客现在每周可以工作45-50小时。;这就是顾客来到的原因:他们拥有了更稳定的收入;第七分的行长杰克bull;黑斯廷斯如是说。由于贷款被购买收益仅仅1%-2%的国库债券所替代,所以黑斯廷斯先生热切渴望新的放贷。Across the country, bank lending, which shrank almost steadily from early , is growing again (see chart), thanks to modest employment growth, stabilising home prices in many regions, and the Federal Reserversquo;s Herculean efforts to hold down interest rates.从年初几乎有规律缩水的遍布各地的放贷再次增长(如图),这得益于适度的就业增长、一些区域的稳定的家庭消费和美联储压低利率的大力努力。This is helping. In the fourth quarter, Americarsquo;s economy grew by 2.8% at an annual rate, the fastest in an otherwise dreary year. Much of that was from inventory restocking which will not be repeated. Still, consumer spending rose at a 2% annual rate and house building expanded by 11%, the most since 2004.这是有所帮助的。在第四季度,美国经济以年利率2.8%的速率增长,比起其他萧条的年份是最快的一年。这很大程度上得益于后无来者的库存补充存货。此外,消费性开以2%的年率增长,住房建筑以11%的年率扩张,是自2004年以来最可观的一次。Both of these sectors were helped by easier credit. Moderate job growth, skimpy pay rises and higher petrol prices held growth in income after taxes and inflation to just 0.9% last year. Consumption grew faster because households borrowed more and saved less. Saving, which had topped 5% as a share of disposable income in the wake of the recession, had fallen to 3.5% in November.两个这样的部分都是得益于更简单的信用。稳健的就业增长,微薄的工资增加和更高的汽油价格在税后的收入和通货膨胀的影响下仅是去年的九成。消费更快的增长是由于家庭承担了更多的借款而存款变少。作为超过可配收入一份额5%的存款随着不景气的到来已经在十一月落到了3.5%。This was not sustainable, and indeed the saving rate jumped back to 4% in December. Are further increases in store? If so, that would hold back consumption, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of GDP. And indeed that is the main reason recoveries after financial crises are usually sluggish: households and businesses have to hack back the debt they accumulated during the boom years, a process called deleveraging. Households have as expected reduced their debts relative to their incomes; much of that has come by defaulting on their loans. More such defaults are probably in store. The question is, will consumers also divert more of their income from consumption? That would cause the saving rate to rise further.存款利率在十二月降到了4%已是不争的事实,并且让人无法忍受。那么物价会进一步增长吗?如果增长,那么大致占GDP2/3比例的消费将回落。实际上,主要原因在于金融危机之后的复苏通常是迟缓的:家庭和企业必须归还他们在经济高度增长年份所积累的债务,这过程被称作资金杠杆。家庭希望债务相对于收入来说能够得到缩减;到头来他们大多数都拒还贷款。或许还有更多的这样的拒绝偿付贷款的行为将要发生。问题是,消费者投入到消费性开的收入会不会变得更少。如果会,那将会导致储蓄率进一步提升。Nathan Sheets, an economist at Citigroup, reckons that household debt, now running at 120% of disposable income, should be 100% to 110% given the current configuration of interest rates, unemployment and asset values. This, he reckons, can be achieved with a saving rate of just 4.5%, not much higher than it is now. But the Bank Credit Analyst, a financial forecasting service, thinks householdsrsquo; current net worth is more consistent with a saving rate of 6%.一位花旗集团的经济学者南森bull;史特斯估计到目前家庭负债已经达到了可配收入的120%,其中100%-110%应该是由当前利率、失业率和资产价值的结构所造成的。他估计这可能会伴随着仅仅4.5%的储蓄率发生,而绝不会比现在的储蓄率更高。但是一项金融预报务信贷分析表认为家庭当前的资产净值绝对能够和6%的储蓄率想匹配。A higher saving rate would be much less painful for the economy if it were achieved through increased income rather than lower spending. That could happen. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in its economic outlook released on January 31st, reckoned that real disposable incomes would grow by 3% this year thanks both to faster wage growth and a big drop in inflation. That, it reckons, should support growth in consumption and overall GDP of 2%.一个更高的储蓄率如果是通过增加收入而非降低花销所成就那么经济所承受的创伤会更小。那将会发生。无党派国会预算局,在其1月31号发布的经济前景报告中预计真正的可配性收入将会在今年增长3%,这得益于更快的工资增速和通货膨胀的大跌落。这项报告同样预测那将会促进消费的增长,同时也会促进GDP总体上升2个百分点。Plenty could go wrong with this scenario. Oil prices could spike again; banks, worried about Europe, could tighten their lending standards, as they aly have done for some business loans. And at the end of 2012 an even bigger threat looms: taxes will automatically rise and spending shrink unless Congress votes to override existing legislation. The CBO reckons that would slice the deficit in half, but at the cost of pummeling the economy. For private deleveraging to proceed, public deleveraging may have to wait.在这种情况下,大量的事物将不会按照正常的轨道运行。油价可能再次飙升;尤其在欧洲可能会收紧贷款标准,就像他们曾经对待一些商业贷款时做的那样。到2012年末一个更大的威胁甚至会出现:除非国会推翻现存的立法,否则税金将会自动的增长并且消费将会缩水。国会预算局认为那将会使赤字减半,但要以刺激经济为代价。为了个人的资金杠杆得以运行,公共的资金杠杆必须的拖后。 201202/171370苏卡达象龟品种介绍种类区别

东光县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养Business Thomson Reuters Screen test商业 汤姆森路透 荧屏上的考验The information company, in danger of losing its top spot, gets a new boss为了防止失去榜首,新上司上位。IN SEVEN years as head of Reuters, Tom Glocer brought the British-based news agency from the verge of bankruptcy to a state of rude health.汤姆?葛洛瑟在路透社高层工作了7年。在这7年间,他把路透社,这家总部设在英国濒临破产的新闻社重新走上了正轨。But he has done less well as chief executive of Thomson Reuters, the company created when Thomson, a Canadian purveyor of professional information for lawyers, accountants and others, bought Reuters in 2008.汤姆森是加拿大一家为律师,会计等提供信息务的公司,在2008年收购了路透社。汤姆森路透信息公司也随之成立。然而在收购之后,公司首席执行官汤姆?葛洛瑟的表现却不甚理想。Bloomberg, the firms American rival, has almost wiped out its once-clear lead (see chart).彭,路透在北美的竞争对手,缩小与路透社曾经的巨大差距,现已与路透的市场份额非常接近。(见图表)On December 1st Mr Glocer said he would step down at the end of the year. His replacement, James Smith, the chief operating officer, is a former Thomson man.葛洛瑟说他会在今年年底辞职。他的继任者詹姆?史密斯,新的首席执行官,曾经也是汤姆森的员工。The revenues of the professional division of Thomson Reuters grew by 10% in the year to the third quarter, but those of the markets division—which provides financial data and services, and accounts for more than half of total sales—managed only 1%.汤姆森路透其专业部(1)今年三季度收入增长率为10%。市场部负责提供金融数据务,占据公司总销售额超过一半,然而其增长率仅为1%。Last year that division launched a new information platform, Eikon, to compete with the terminals offered by Bloomberg, but just 8,000 customers have taken it up.去年,市场部发布了一个新的信息平台Eikon,以此与彭的终端产品竞争,可是使用平台顾客只有8,000人。The company has 400,000 financial-data subscribers in all.公司金融数据订购者的人数为400,000。Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg are the big fish in the professional-publishing pond, at least eight times larger than their nearest competitor.汤姆?葛洛瑟和彭都是专业出版界的巨头。即使是最接近的同类竞争者,汤姆?葛洛瑟和彭的规模至少也是他们的八倍多。Bloomberg, besides expanding its terminals business, which has over 300,000 customers (at about ,000 a pop), is pushing into government-related news and data.彭的顾客数量为300,000,除了继续扩展他的终端业务,彭也正在进军与政府相关的新闻和数据。In 2010 it launched Bloomberg Government, which competes with Congressional Quarterly, a sister company of The Economist.2010年,彭发布了;彭 政府;。它的竞争对手将是经济学人的兄弟企业;国会季刊;。In September it made its biggest purchase ever, spending 0m on BNA, a legal- and tax-information firm.在九月,彭将花费9.9亿美元完成它最大一次的收购,被收购的公司是BNA,一家有关法律税收的企业。So what happened to Mr Glocers winning streak?那么葛洛瑟如何延续他的连胜态势?His allies say his departure was always just a matter of time: once a firm buys another, it completes the takeover by putting its own people in charge.其助手认为他的离开只是个时间问题:一旦企业收购一家公司,企业就会让自己的人员来取代之前的公司员工。The Thomson family still owns 55% of the company, and some think the generous price Mr Glocer secured from Thomson for Reuters made him all the more vulnerable.汤姆森家族一共拥有路透的55%。与此同时,葛洛瑟从汤姆森那里获得慷慨的报价,一些人还认为这也会使他备受诟病。But he might have stayed longer were it not for a mix of bad luck and overconfidence.葛洛瑟也可以选择继续高职就位。然而如果是这样,这对自命不凡的葛洛瑟来说,厄运也就将至。Eikon, intended to replace Reuters grab bag of services with a single offering, was designed to be more user-friendly than Bloombergs devices,Eikon,意在取代提公司唯一的综合务供商—路透社,原计划设计成比彭更加用户友好的平台。but it was launched hastily and with flaws.但是Eikon发布仓促,平台也有一定的缺点。With hindsight, a more gradual upgrade might have been more prudent.不过有事后之名,因而选择逐渐升级Eikon会比较稳妥。This summer, under pressure from the Thomson family, Mr Glocer fired Devin Wenig, a close ally he had put in charge of creating Eikon, and took it over himself—tying his prospects even more closely to Eikons.今年夏天,葛洛瑟在汤姆森家族的压力下,解雇了他之前任命的负责创始Eikon的德温?维尼希。德温?维尼希也是葛洛瑟的一位心腹。葛洛瑟将亲自运营Eikon,把自己的未来前途和Eikon结合的更紧密。Perhaps Mr Smith can do better.也许史密斯会做的更好。He will almost certainly have a freer hand, and some upgrades to Eikon are planned for next year.他肯定会给让路透拥有更大自由空间。他也着手对于Eikon明年进行升级。But these are still stormy seas.然而排在他面前的仍有许多困难。According to Claudio Aspesi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, an investment bank, it took most professional-publishing firms three to four years to recover from the 2001 recession.克劳迪奥-埃斯皮西 ,投资Sanford C. Bernstein的一个分析师,说在2001年出版业萧条期间,Sanford C. Bernstein挽救了许多出版业企业。This time, Bernstein predicts, revenue growth at Thomson Reuters will not reach pre-crash levels until at least 2015.这次,Bernstein预测,汤姆森路透的收入增长直至2015年才能保有防冲击水平。One area of potential growth, though, is trading services.交易务是潜在的增长点。Changes in financial regulation in America and Europe will force a lot of trading in derivatives from the murky world of private ;over-the-counter; deals onto exchanges, where contracts will be standardised and prices ed.在美国和欧洲的金融法令的变化也使得金融衍生品的交易从;单方面;的销售扩展成互相交易。This presents both Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg with an opportunity to gather and sell data on these markets and perhaps to capture a share of the trade by linking banks and their clients through their own electronic trading platforms.在这些法令下,合同交更加规范并且要引报价。这也给汤姆森路透和彭机会来收集市场上的数据并进行销售。之后他们也有可能通过自身的电子商务平台连接与客户,从而在交易中占有一定份额。The market for these derivatives is gigantic.金融衍生品的市场无疑是巨大的。A competitive edge there could make a big difference to both companies fortunes.对于两家公司来说,拥有竞争优势会让他们公司的财富状况截然不同。 /201212/211789饼干乌龟批发采购价格报价 Loneliness Is Contagious寂寞会传染Some diseases are contagious–like colds, flu, and chicken pox. But what about loneliness? Loneliness may not be a disease, at least not in the same way that chicken pox is. But loneliness can be contagious.一些疾病是会传染的,例如一般感冒、流感以及水痘。但是寂寞会不会传染呢?寂寞或许并不是一种疾病,至少跟水痘不一样吧。但它是会传染的。How so? The same way that many emotions can be infectious. Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood. While hanging around someone who’s depressed can be, well, depressing.为什么会这样呢?同样的道理,人的许多情绪都是可以传染的。在一个快乐的人旁边可以让你心情愉快;然而在一个失落的人旁边会让你感到沮丧。The same goes for loneliness. According to one study, the average person feels lonely about forty-eight days per year. Having a lonely friend adds around seventeen extra days of lonely feelings.寂寞也是这样的。一项调查表明,人在一年当中感到孤独的平均时间是48天。 若是有个寂寞的朋友,会增加17天左右。Following more than five-thousand people for ten years, the study observed how loneliness can sp through a group. Lonely people, it seems, transmit their sad, lonely feelings to people around them. What happens, according to the study, is that interacting with a lonely person can leave you with a negative feeling toward friendship generally. And so you’re more likely to have negative experiences with other friends, weakening social bonds. If loneliness is allowed to sp unchecked, it can destroy a social network.该项目在十年间跟踪调查了5000多人,观察寂寞是如何在一群人中蔓延的。结果似乎是寂寞的人会把他们悲伤、寂寞的感觉传播给他周围的人。根据这项调查,在一般情况下,与一个寂寞的人相处会会让你对友谊有着消极的情绪。这样一来,你就很可能与朋友发生不愉快,削弱你的社会联系。倘若寂寞可以随意蔓延,它会毁掉你的社交网络。The best way to ward off this sort of lonely contagion is to pay more attention to people on the edges of a group. Reaching out to those who are shy or don’t fit in, and are therefore lonely, can make them feel less alone. And so they’re less likely to sp lonely feelings throughout the group.避免寂寞传染的最好方式就是将更多的注意力放在处于群里边缘的人身上,向那些害羞或者不适应的人伸出手,这样会让他们感到没那么寂寞。从而就不太将寂寞感传给群体里的人。 /201212/214731舒城县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养

马来食螺龟喂养养殖指南Mike: I just finished taking my last test! Now I dont have to use my brain at all for the next two weeks. Im going to play games and watch TV all vacation.迈克:我刚考完最后一场考试!接下来两周我不必再用脑子了。我要利用整个寒假来打游戏和看电视。Amanda: I was just going to ask if you wanted to go hiking with me. This could be our one chance to see snow this year! And hiking doesnt involve that much thinking either, even though it is much healthier than staring at a screen all day.阿曼达:我刚想问你是否愿意跟我一起去远足。这可是今年唯一一次看雪的机会!远足不会涉及多少脑力劳动,况且这比整天待在屏幕面前健康得多。Mike: It involves exercise, though, and Im lazy. . .Wait, my family is going to be cleaning house this weekend because relatives are coming. Going hiking would be a good way to get out of that. Okay, Ill go.迈克:不过要涉及到运动,我很懒...等等,这周末我们家要进行大扫除,因为亲戚们要来。去远足是一个躲避干活的好办法。好吧,我会去的。Amanda: You are too much! Oh, well, anything that gets you to come with me, I guess. We ought to get an early start to beat the crowds.阿曼达:你太过份了!啊,好吧,只要你能跟我一起去。我们应该早出发,免得碰到人群高峰期。Mike: Therell be a bunch of people whenever we go. Cant we sleep in a while?迈克:不论在哪都会有一大群人。我们就不能多睡一会儿吗?Amanda: No, we also have to go early because we have a long way to go if we want even a chance of getting a glimpse of some snow.阿曼达:不行,我们必须早出发,因为在我们还有机会瞥一眼雪景之前还有很长的路要走。Mike: All right, Ill go early if it means we can make it to the snow and I can throw snowballs at you.迈克:好吧,为了看到雪,为了能朝你扔雪球,我会早起的。原文译文属!201303/227868 武邑县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养哈米顿氏龟多少钱一只



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