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哈尔滨市儿童医院好不好网址黑龙江省哈尔滨第五人民医院剖腹产需多少钱黑龙江三院妇科人流 7 Ways To Stay Balanced And Happy Even When Youre Extremely Busy即使极度繁忙,也能保持平衡和快乐的7个途径People are living busier and busier lives these days, taking on more and more with every passing month—more work commitments, relationship commitments, family commitments, social commitments, the list goes on...theree staying happy and relatively balanced seems a task of Sisyphus (the man in mythology who rolled a boulder up a mountain every day only it to roll back down to the bottom at the end of the day), i.e. Impossible.人们现今的生活愈加繁忙,每过去一个月就要面临更多的事务——更多的工作上、关系上、家庭中和社交上的承诺,而这个表单可以无限地延长……,保持幸福和相对平衡的状态就像西绪福斯艰巨的任务一样(神话当中一个每天推着巨石上山,只为一天结束时让其再滚下来的人),即,不可能的Is it impossible to be balanced and happy when youve got a hell of a workload? No. Dont get me wrong, it a tricky tightrope act to master, but dont worry—plenty of people have their own ways achieving everything they need to do and still have time everything they want to do in life. This is the art of life-balance. Here are just seven of the best tips that I heartily recommend if youre stuck looking how to keep your balance and be happy at the same time.当你工作量惊人时,想要保持平衡和幸福的状态是不可能的吗?不是不要误解我,这确实是一项棘手的工作,但不要担心——很多人都有他们自己的方法来实现他们需要做的所有事情,还能有时间做完生活中他们想做的事情这是平衡生活的艺术这里有7个我诚心推荐的最好的建议,如果你也像我一样,陷入困境,想要寻找保持生活平衡和幸福的方法时,不妨看看1. Check your necessary needs.检查你的需求是否得到满足Let get down to basics—if you want to stay balanced and happy, you need to make sure all of your basic needs are being met. Anyone who has ever pulled an all-nighter finishing up work or a project can tell you that while the sense of accomplishment remains, you physically feel a wreck and you can barely keep your eyes open unless you have an intravenous drip of coffee somewhere about your position.让我们先把精力集中在基本要点上——如果你想要保持平衡和幸福的话,就需要保自己的基本需求得以满足任何通宵完成工作、或者项目的人都会告诉你,虽然你会保持拥有一份成就感,但是身体上会感到自己受到了摧残,除非在你身边正好可以打点滴,把咖啡注入你的静脉,否则你几乎不能保自己的眼睛还可以睁开【阅读】You should make sure you get enough sleep every night, that your diet has plenty of healthy, balanced food, and that your work is not completely taking over your life to the point of exhaustion, both physically and mentally, and you should make sure that even when youre busy, you stay balanced by making sure your basic human needs are being met.你得保自己每天晚上都能睡足觉,你的饮食足够健康、营养均衡,你的工作没有完全占据你的生活,致使你在精神上和肉体上都疲惫不堪,还得保即使自己繁忙时,也能通过满足自己的基本生命需求来保持生活的平衡. Plan ahead as much as you can.尽可能地提前制定计划One way to ensure that you have everything under control, minimizing the chances missing something and throwing your busy day off course, is to plan everything you possibly can. People can plan things however they want—there are plenty of to-do list and organization apps on every kind of smartphone platm possible, or a good old pen and paper works well too (I use both).保一切都处于控制之下,最小化错过某事并使你忙碌的一天偏离方向的一个方法是尽可能提前制定计划人们可以完全照自己的意愿来制定计划——任何一种智能手机平台上面都有许多待办事项和日常安排app,你还可以使用一只好用的旧钢笔和纸张进行日常安排(这两种我都用)【阅读】I mean, it impossible to control everything, but in the end, making sure you have a list of everything you need to do, obtain, and achieve by the end of the day will make sure that going about your day, no matter how busy, will give you a reminder of everything that not only you need to complete, but what you have aly successful achieved.我知道,想要控制所有的事情是不可能的,但是到头来,保你自己有一个列表上面写着所有你在一天结束之时需要做、获取、实现的事物,将会使你在不管多么忙的情况下,都得到提醒,保自己不仅可以完成你需要完成的事项,并可以提醒自己你已经成功完成了哪些事项3. Stay fed and stay hydrated.吃饱饭,喝足水This all seems like such basic stuff, but one way to make sure you stay happy and balanced throughout every instance of being busy is to keep up a solid eating and drinking routine. That not to say you should only stick to the same thing day in, day out, or even that you shouldnt indulge on a daily basis (in fact: go it, but in moderation); rather, I am simply proposing making sure you have three decent meals a day.这虽然看起来也像是基本要点,但是保自己在每次忙碌起来时都可以保开心和平衡的一个方式就是保持固定的饮食规律这并不是说你日日夜夜都得吃相同的食物,更不是说你每天都不能放纵自己(事实上:想要放纵就放纵吧,但是要有节制);相反,我仅仅是在提议,你需要保自己每天都能吃三顿像样的饭菜【阅读】This is the generation of people–myself included–who see something hot from Starbucks as a nutritious breakfast; coffee may motivate you a little while, but then youll crash pretty damn hard. Make sure you drink plenty of water too; dehydration is the last thing you need on a busy day, and water also has the benefits of flushing out the kidneys and making the skin better, so that if an important meeting with a client is on your agenda, then looking your tip-top best is something we cannot help but advocate.这是向我们这一代将来自星巴克的热品视为营养早餐的人的提议;咖啡确实可以在一段时间内为你提供动力,但是之后你就得十分崩溃还得保自己喝足够的水;脱水对于忙碌的一天而言,是你最不想面对的状况,并且水还能冲洗你的肾脏,把你的皮肤变好,如果你的日程上面有一个重要的会议的话,以你的最佳形象示人是我们不得不倡导的事情. Keep an eye on your emotions.注意你的情绪There are some times when were running late or just generally having a bad day, when our emotions begin to spiral out of control. Anger escalates, stress skyrockets, anxiety soars. Our handle on our emotional experiences can drop and make us act extremely out of character, often to the detriment of our loved ones. We snap, we yell, and we lose our true selves when were under huge amounts of pressure.有些时候,当我们工作到很晚,或者经历了糟糕的一天,这时候我们的情绪就会开始脱离控制你的愤怒升级,压力飞升,焦虑猛增这时我们对于情绪体验的控制就会降低,这会使我们做出与自己性格不相称的事情,通常会对我们心爱的人造成损害在面临巨大的压力时,我们会厉声说话,叫喊,失去自我【阅读】So what can be done to change this? After all, it doesnt do to be snapping at friends and family. So how about keeping an eye on your emotions throughout the day, say every half an hour. Stop, see how youre feeling, and then see if something needs to be done. Maybe make a mental visual picture of traffic lights; if things are all okay, see green lights; if theyre not, then use amber or red, so that you can realize what happening and then regulate those emotions. Take deep breaths, centre yourself, and then move on with your day.那么怎样做可以改变这一点呢?毕竟,对着朋友和家人大喊大叫并没有什么效用那么,一整天,每隔半个小时就留意一下你的情绪怎么样呢?停下手中的事情,看看你自己的感受是什么样的,再看看你是不是需要做点什么也许你可以在脑中想象交通灯的视觉画面;如果你的情绪还好,就让自己看到绿灯;如果不好,就用琥珀色或者红色,以此来告诉自己究竟在发生什么,之后调节那些情绪之后做深呼吸,集中自己的精力,之后再继续你一天的工作5. Make time yourself.为自己腾出时间No matter what you go through in your day-to-day life, one of the best ways to stay balanced and maintain a feeling of happiness is to schedule in plenty of pockets of me time. Rather than rushing around and then trying to gain some kind of peace and serenity at the end of the day, it is better to carve out segments of time throughout your working day.不管你在你的日常生活当中经历如何,保持平衡和幸福感觉的最好的一个方法就是腾出“私人专属时间”不同于整天忙忙碌碌,之后在一天结束之时试图获取某种意义上的平静祥和,更好的做法是在工作的间隔当中留出不同的时间段【阅读】Ensure that you actually take time with lunch and it not on the move or at your desk. Spend five minutes at the beginning of your day with some breathing exercises. Make sure you shower or bath regularly and that the end of the day is spent without mobile phones, email, or anything more taxing. Listen, example, to some relaxing music or a good book. Make sure that you are treating yourself and ensuring yourself of some relaxation time are sp throughout the day at scheduled intervals–theyll allow you some breathing room, a chance to clear your head and reassess the situations youve been in at work, and allow your mind to be at its best.保自己确实可以从容地吃午餐,而不是在路上或者桌上吃每天开始之时花上五分钟进行呼吸训练保自己每天结束冲澡或者泡澡时不受手机、邮件,或者任何比令人放松的音乐或者一本好书更费力的事情的干扰务必整天在计划好的不同时间段来让自己放个松,流出一些休息的时间——它们会让你有呼吸的空间,有机会清理你的思维,重新评估自己在工作当中所面临的局面,并且让你的思想保持最佳状况6.Dont take on more than you can handle.不要承担过多的任务In this modern age, were expected more and more to take on more and more—it doesnt matter that were aly juggling impossible expectations, work, dealing with pressures of family, friends and social media; we always seem to find more and more stuff piled on our proverbial plate. My advice, in order to keep your sanity, is to theree keep your load to a minimum amount.在这个现代社会,我们受到的期待越来越高,并需要完成越来越多的任务——不管我们是不是已经周旋于不可能的期待、工作、家人的压力、朋友和社交媒体之间;我们似乎总是能找到更多的东西堆积在我们的事项表上我的建议是,为了保你能头脑清醒,你需要将你的任务降低到最低水平【阅读】There are, obviously, going to be commitments that you will not be able to shed—work, family, friends—but dont go signing yourself up extra projects and events that will take up more time than youre secretly okay with sacrificing. Saying no doesnt mean youre giving up, it means youre selecting and dividing up boundaries, which is not a bad thing and will prove conducive to keeping your balance in check.当然,有一些承诺是你不能够脱离的——工作、家庭和朋友——但是不要使自己承担过多的你私底下认为可以牺牲掉的任务和事件拒绝并不代表你放弃了,而是说明你在选择和划分界限,这并没有什么错,而且将会表明有利于控制你的平衡7. Learn your human limitations.了解你的能力限度This final tip works particularly well in the wake of the New Year where everyone is making big resolutions that usually fall flat by the end of the first month—but let be realistic, all of us. When youve got a big day ahead, one teeming with errands and possibilities and commitments, it will make you much happier and more balanced.最后一个建议在新年结束之后最为奏效,这时每个人都在制定宏伟的计划,虽然这些计划一般在第一个结束时就搁浅——但是我们应该更实际一点,我们所有人都应该当你面前摆着繁忙的一天,一个充满了差事、可能性和义务的一天,现实一点将会让你变得更幸福,更平衡【阅读】Youre not a superhuman. You cannot fit more hours into the day, and if youre following all the tips Im offering, youll be getting plenty of sleep and personal time anyway. Youre a flawed, fantastic human being, so going around like a thing possessed trying to get everything done in the span of a few hours is not only unrealistic, it also suggests that you need to sit down and reconsider what important in your life. Staying balanced and staying happy are not impossible when you happen to be living a busy life. Sure, they require a bit of planning and contemplating about your life and what important, but implementing these tips might be able to help add some centre to your life.你并不是一个超人你不可能让一天多出几个小时,而且如果你遵循了我提出的建议,你不管怎样都会获得更多的睡眠和个人时间的你是一个出色的人,但也有缺陷,疯狂地想要在几个小时之内就完成所有的事情不仅是不现实的,同样还表明你需要坐下来,重新思索一下生活的重心保持平衡和幸福的状态在你拥有一份忙碌的生活时,并不是不可能的确实,这需要你进行计划,反思你的生活,思考什么最重要,但是实践这些建议也许可以帮助你为生活添加一些重心 9Page: 1The Greek scientist Eratosthenes was the first man to work out the size of the earth.He heard that there was a deep well into which on one day of the year the sun light went all the way down to the bottom.He took the angle of the sun at the same hour from another place 500 miles from the well and worked out by geometry that the earth was about 9,000 miles round.The size of the earth, scientists now tell us, is about 5,000 miles round.Page: Geometry starts with ideas about lines and spaces.Here are two circles and two squares.The circle on the left is inside a square.That is the relation of that circle to that square.The square on the right is inside a circle.That is its relation to the circle.These are facts about the circles and squares on this Page:.Statements which tally with facts are true.Statements which dont tally with facts are not true.It is untrue that the square on the right is outside the circle.To say it is would be to make a false statement.Page: 3What is a circle?It is easy to see what it is, but not equally easy to say what it is.Here is a straight line half an inch long.If you could turn the line right round like the hand of a watch, it would have covered a circle.One end of the line would have to keep in the same place while the rest of the line was turning.Here is another line the same length; it is half inch long.If you could pull it down like a map on a roller a distance equal to its own length then it would make a square with sides half an inch long.This is not a square though its sides are equal.Why not?Because its angles are not right angles.This is not a square though its angles are right angles.Why not?Because its sides are not all equal.Page: Six thousand years ago in Egypt there were people who saw how to measure their land through their knowledge about squares and triangles.How large is this square?What is its size?Because the square is on squared paper, it is easy to see what its size is.We count the number of small squares in the large square.This number is the area of the square.If the small squares were an inch square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square inches.If they were one foot square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square feet.If they were one yard square, the area of the large square would be sixteen square yards.Whatever the of measure used the relation of side to area is the same.Page: 5People took the first s of long measure from their bodies.The end of a man thumb is about one inch long.A tall man foot is about twelve inches or one foot long.A long step is about three feet or one yard long.The simplest way of measuring a short distance is to step it.These s of long measure have been a great help to us.They have made it possible us to measure and compare lengths and areas and volumes.Measuring lets us build a room the size and shape we want it, example, twenty feet long, sixteen feet wide and twelve feet high.Page: 6Sometimes a family fields were not square.some of them were like this:or like this.People walked across their fields; they planted them and took in the grain.They knew how much land they had from working them bee they could measure them.They saw that a field like thiswas the same size, though not the same shape, as a field like thisbee they knew that they could measure how long and how wide a field was, and then get the area by taking one measure times the other.Page: 7They saw that they could get half a field in this way...or in this way,bee they knew how to measure rectangles or triangles.Can you see whether these two fields have the same area?Put in lines to prove that they are or are not equal in area.The answer is at the bottom of Page: 8.Page: 8Here is a right angled triangle.The two shorter sides are three and four s long.How many s long is the longest side?Can you tell without measuring?How?About 500 years ago a great Greek,Pythagoras, proved that the square on the longest side of any right angled triangle is equal to the squares on the other two sides added together.We can use his discovery to get our answer.We multiply the length of each of the two shorter sides by itself.We add the answers together.Then we find a number which,multiplied by itself,gives us this number.Page: 9Here is the answer:When we multiply a number by itself we ;square; it.Any number is the square root of its square.5 is the square root of 5.Page: 180It was not until many centuries later that people put this knowledge of geometry to wide use.The development of science had to wait until the days of Galileo and Newton.In the last three centuries our ways of living have been and are being deeply changed by science.These changes can be compared only with three or four great earlier steps in the history of human development.These are the birth of language,the use of fire and farming, and the invention of writing.Here is a horse walking round and round the mouth of a well.He is pulling on a strong stick of wood which is kept turning by his motion.This moves a chain with buckets on it.The motion of the chain carries buckets full of water up and takes empt buckets down.The horse has a cloth over his eyes to keep him from seeing that he is walking all the time in a circle.Would he stop if he knew he was going round in circles?哈尔滨九州医院贵不贵

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