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惠州友好医院做包皮过长手术要多少钱惠州友好惠城区看男科怎么样 Todd: So Abidemi, youre talking about food in Nigeria, are there any other dishes you can talk about?托德:阿比德米,你之前介绍了尼日利亚美食,你能再介绍几道菜吗?Abidemi: Yes, I could talk all day about food but Ill mention one more that I know that a lot of children in Nigeria really love. Its called dodo. In my region of Nigeria, Im Yoruba we call it dodo but its basically fried plantains. So when plantains are really ripe fried, actually, plantains are like bananas but they are bigger and starchier. So when they get really ripe, we fry them in oil over the stove, deep fry it and it just comes out really sweet and a bit caramelized, just a little bit and little kids just really love it. And we have this at home or even school and if you tell a little kid, when I was growing up if you told us that, ;Okay, if you dont do your homework, youre not going to have dodo.; It would freak us out because we just wanted to have it so we always listened then because thats what we wanted to have. So yeah, I have really good memories of eating it.阿比德米:可以,美食这个话题我可以说上一整天,我再介绍一道食物,尼日利亚很多小孩都非常喜欢。那就是dodo。在我生活的那个地区,我是约鲁巴族人,我们称这道菜为dodo,其实就是油炸大蕉。这道菜就是把大蕉炸熟,大蕉和香蕉很像,不过比香蕉大,淀粉含量比香蕉多。在大蕉成熟以后,在炉子上做油炸大蕉,要炸透,这样做出来的油炸大蕉非常甜,而且上面会有一点儿焦糖,虽然只有一点儿,但是小孩子非常喜欢。我们经常在家里做这道菜,甚至学校也会做,如果你跟一个小孩说……我记得我小时候,如果家长跟我们说:“如果你们不写作业,那就不给你们做油炸大蕉吃了”。这会把我们吓坏的,因为我们非常想吃油炸大蕉,所以那之后我们就听话了,因为我们非常想吃油炸大蕉。那种美味对我来说是非常美好的回忆。Todd: So is this a dish like that you just make at home or is it something you buy on a street stall, or can you buy it in a supermarket?托德:你们是在家里自己做,还是去路边摊上买,或是在超市里买?Abidemi: Actually, both. When I was growing up we didnt have it so much outside but now you can buy it just about anywhere. They have little kind of like plantain chips but its made from, yeah, its sweeter and you could buy it anywhere on the streets or you can make it at home. I make it definitely at home when I get my hands on plantains. So, its very accessible, yeah.阿比德米:都有。我小时候,外面卖这种食物的地方不多,不过现在哪里都可以买到了。外面卖的是那种大蕉片,味道更甜,现在在街上任何地方都可以买到,也可以自己在家做。我通常在家里做,我拿到大蕉的时候就会做。大蕉很好找。Todd: Thats great. So in your country is there lots of street stall food?托德:真不错。你们国家有很多路边摊美食吗?Abidemi: Yes. Yes, actually there is. In my area of Nigeria, the southwestern part, the Yorbas, we like to eat out. We can buy food from the market or from outside people cooking. In the mornings lots of people outside making pastry-like food that you can buy and eat, for people going to work who dont have time to cook at home. In the afternoons for lunch too, you could just pop out of your office and buy something. And at night, there are lots of people in different neighborhoods who make food on the street. And you can just buy it hot and fresh and delicious.阿比德米:对。没错。我生活在尼日利亚西南部地区,约鲁巴地区,我们非常喜欢去外面吃饭。我们可以在市场买食物或是在路边摊买。早上有很多人在路边做油酥面团这类的食物,赶着去工作或是没时间在家做饭的人会买来当早点吃。午饭时可以走出办公室买东西吃。晚上的时候,会有很多人在社区街道上做吃的。你可以买刚做好的又热又新鲜的食物,非常美味。Todd: Oh wow! So what are some dishes that you can buy, like whats a typical lunch that somebody would buy on the street?托德:哦哇!那一般在街上可以买到什么,午饭时人们通常在街上买什么吃?Abidemi: I would say, probably something made from rice — rice and beans with stew. Thats very easy to buy. You could also buy for lunch maybe, we call it Puff Puff, its like a...阿比德米:基本上是用米饭和豆类做的炖菜。很容易买到。午饭也可以买泡芙吃,就像……Todd: Puff Puff?托德:泡芙?Abidemi: Puff Puff, yes, its like dough, its doughy and its fried in oil. And its like a simple lunch that you can have, a simple dish not very filling but mostly they would eat what I talked before, maybe Inyan or Amala. These are all made from yam, different ways of making yam, of processing yam that comes out to different food, yeah.阿比德米:对,泡芙,就是油炸面团。这是很简单的午饭,很简单,可能吃不太饱,通常人们会买我之前说过的Inyan或Amala当午饭。这两道菜都是用甘薯做的,但是做法和工序不太一样,所以做出的食物也不一样。Todd: Oh, sounds yummy. What about fruits?托德:哦,听起来很好吃。那水果呢?Abidemi: Lots of fruits. Nigeria is a tropical country so weve got an abundance of fruits: mangoes, pineapples, watermelons and we also have fruits that Ive never heard of. Theres one thats called in my language Agbalumo but I checked it on the internet the other time and its called African cherry and Ive never seen it anywhere but Nigeria before.阿比德米:尼日利亚有很多水果。尼日利亚是热带国家,所以盛产水果,有芒果、菠萝、西瓜等,还有我从来没听说过的水果。用尼日利亚语来说这种水果叫Agbalumo,我之前在网上查过,这种水果就是非洲樱桃,除了在尼日利亚,我没在其他地方看到过。Todd: Oh really, whats it like?托德:哦,真的吗,那种水果长什么样子?Abidemi: Its ... how do I ... the color is bright orange, inside its sour and really sour and a little bitter. Its just got this really strong taste and...阿比德米:要怎么形容呢,颜色是那种亮橙色,味道又酸又有点苦。味道特别强烈……Todd: So its not sweet like a normal cherry?托德:不像普通樱桃那样是甜的?Abidemi: No, its not. No, not at all. Its not sweet like a normal cherry but its got its own different ... it tastes a little bit like grapefruit but its not citrus. Its not a citrus fruit so its really interesting when you eat it and its really good. And the thing about Nigeria is like other tropical countries, you have fruits that come in, in different seasons so thats always exciting to look forward to because some things you can only get at a certain time of the year. So when it comes out and its really cheap and everyone is buying it so its really good.阿比德米:不是,一点儿也不甜。并不像普通樱桃那么甜,不过它有自己……味道有些苦,有些像葡萄柚,但它并不是柑橘类水果。它不是柑橘类水果,这很有意思,味道其实还不错。尼日利亚和其他热带国家一样,不同的季节有不同的水果,所以期待不同的水果一直是令人兴奋的事情,因为有些水果只在一年的特定时期才能吃到。水果成熟后价格非常便宜,所有人都可以买得起,所以非常不错。Todd: Oh, well that sounds great. And you like ... it sounds youve a lot of really good food in your country.托德:哦,听起来真好。你们国家真的有很多不错的食物。Abidemi: Yes, we do, definitely. Come check them out.阿比德米:对,没错。欢迎你过来品尝。 译文属 /201701/485842At elevator在电梯中1.The door of the elevator wont open.电梯的门打不开。2.The elevator stopped on the way.电梯在途中出故障了。3.What can I do?我该怎么办?4.Please keep pushing the interphone.请连续按对讲机。5.Im calling to a elevator company.我正打电话给电梯公司。6.Please come and help me.请来帮助我。7.Therere three persons in the elevator.有三个人在电梯里。8.Im afraid of a narrow place.我害怕待在狭窄的地方。9.How long do I have to wait?我必须等多久?10.Please let me off at the nearest floor.请让我停在最近的一层楼。11.Ill be soon there.我很快就会到那里。At toilet在厕所里12.Anyone there?有人吗?13.The door of the toilet doesnt open.厕所的门打不开。14.Please open the door from outside.请从外面开门。15.Please pull the door.请拉门。16.The lock seems out of order.这个锁好像坏了。17.Could you call a bellboy for me?你能为我叫一位侍者来吗?18.Will you lift the door a little?请你把门抬高一点,好吗?19.Strike it from inside,please.请从里面敲打。20.I go to call a clerk,so wait a minute,please.我去叫务员,请等会儿。21.Please take me out at once.请立刻让我出去。22.Step back because Ill break the lock.退后一点,我要砸锁了。 /201503/364048惠州霉菌性尿道炎怎么治疗

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