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说起Halloween的来历,有些美国人自己也讲不清,一方面由于现今大家多关注节日的趣味性,节日的意义渐失,另一方面也是因为万圣节的来历太曲折,又是异教风俗,又是天主教风俗圣化。我们有些人会把万圣夜当成万圣节,其实十一月一日是万圣节,十月三十一日是万圣夜,即万圣节前夜,英文称之“Halloween”,为“All Hallow Eve”的缩写,“hallows”是“神圣”的意思,“Eve”是“前夜”的意思,是指万圣节(All Hallow's Day)的前夜。而万圣节南瓜灯(Jack O' Lantern)的由来有两种说法,一说是人挖空了南瓜又刻上鬼脸点上烛火用以驱散鬼魂;另一种说法是鬼魂点上的烛火,试图骗取人们上当而跟着鬼魂走,所以人们就在南瓜表面刻上一个嘲讽的脸面,用以调笑鬼魂。传说因为首用南瓜灯的是一位爱尔兰人Jack,所以人们又将鬼脸南瓜灯叫做Jack O' Lantern。 为了迎合这个恐怖的节日气氛,来说英语中是如何表达“吓死我了”这句话的。 1. You scared me! 你吓死我了!  2. I am freaked out! 吓死我了!  3. I am frightened out of my wits! 我的魂都被吓飞了!  4. That nearly scared me to death! 我差点被吓死!  5. Spiders scare me stiff. 蜘蛛把我吓坏了。  6. You did give me a good scare! 你着实吓了我一跳。  7. That sudden scream in the middle of night scared the daylights out of me. 半夜那突如其来的一声尖叫把我给吓得魂飞魄散。  8. What a scare you gave me, disappearing like that! 你那样突然失踪,可真把我吓了一跳!  9. The ghost story frightened the pants off me. 这个鬼故事把我吓得够呛。  10. Have such thing unexpectedly? Frighten me to jump! 居然有这样的事?吓我一跳! /201111/159547You can't go on like this. 你不能老这样下去. /201002/96215N: how come you're still up? Shouldn't you be asleep by now?G: I've been having a hard time sleeping lately.N: as far as I know, insomnia is usually caused by stress. Are you stressed at all?G: well, I'm really worried about my grades. I didn't think this course would be so stressful.N: you're a good student. I'm sure you can do well. What you need to do is to relax.G: you're probably right. I just wish it were that simple. How can I stop feeling so anxious all the time?N: taking a yoga class or learning some relaxation techniques can help you cope with your stress.G: I don't really have time to learn anything new. I need to spend my time studying!N: you need to take some breaks throughout the day. Studying all day isn’t very usually effective.G: you’re right. I usually end up starting at my computer or checking my email instead of doing my work for class.N: besides, it’s not diffciult to learn yoga. In fact, I can teach you a move that’s supposed to help you fall asleep! You just have to sit down like this, bend over and breath in deeply.G: that’s fantastic. I’m going to go try that out in my room now. good night!N: good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite! /09/846771. I am going to have a test. Knock on wood. 我等一下有考试, 老天保佑. 在美国的习惯里, 敲木头代表祈求好运的意思, 有些人在讲这句话的时候, 还会用手敲敲头, 真的是很有意思. 总之在你讲一些你自认是很幸运的事情时, 你就可以说 knock on wood. 例如你说, 我差一点就被一台车给撞到, 真是好险, 就是, I almost got hit by a car. Knock on wood. 所以这个 knock on wood 就有点像是中文里"好险" 的那个味道.一个iPad商标,引发了一场知识产权的血战,也引发了网友的围观。苹果公司在与唯冠科技(深圳)有限公司的商标侵权案中一审判决败诉,唯冠申请禁售令,苹果公司iPad在中国各地的专卖店遭遇下架。请看中国日报网的报道:The tablets have been confiscated from shelves in many retail shops and electronic stores due to a Chinese companys lawsuit against the Apple Inc over the trademark infringement, in Shijiazhuang city, capital of North Chinas Hebei province.在河北省省会石家庄市,由于苹果公司商标侵权案,使得多处零售商店和电子产品商店中的iPad平板电脑遭遇下架的命运。文中的trademark infringement就是指;商标侵权;,是指行为人未经商标权人许可,在相同或类似商品上使用与其 trademark registration(注册商标)相同或近似的商标,或者干涉、妨碍商标权人使用其注册商标,损害商标权人legitimate interest(合法权益)的其他行为。行为人销售明知或应知是counterfeit registered trademark(假冒注册商标)的商品, right to exclusive use of trademark(商标专用权)被侵权的natural person(自然人)或者legal entity(法人)在civil affairs(民事)上有权要求侵权人cessation of fringerment(停止侵害)、eliminate ill effects(消除影响)、redress damage(赔偿损失)。唯冠科技(深圳)有限公司是在2011年年初提出上诉,起诉苹果公司iPad商标侵权,并开始了court proceedings(法律诉讼程序)。公司还向北京工商管理部门提出投诉,并向其他三地的法院申请禁售令。双方自此陷入了trademark infringement(商标侵权)的诉讼混战中。 /201202/171949

电影词典: sound track 原声碟美国俚语: Get a head start on走在别人的前面例句:You should get up early and study. Get a head start on your classmates. (你要早起学习,这样你就走在了你同学的前面。)He is a slow runner, but he got a head start on the others, so he might win the race.(他跑得慢,可是他总是比别人先出发,所以赢得总是他。) 经典对白: “You know about this, Rockhound? You knew?” “No, I had no idea.” “Where’s Harry?” “Harry! All right! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I understand, okay? You are mad. Who wouldn’t be mad?” “But he’s gonna shoot you.” “Nah, No he’s not, oh, shit.” “This guy’ got a gun, man! He’s shooting at me! “Harry, this is not funny!” “Harry, listen to me! We can talk this over! “So this is a, uh, serious thing?” “Yeah, pretty serious.” “Bear, man!” “What’s up” “He’s shooting at me. Uh, you see Harry coming, crack him that wrench!” “You told A.J.’s dad just before he died that you would take care of the boy. Now I’m not sure that shooting him is taking care of him.” /200812/57778

Billy: What's that?Jennifer: It's my new pendant. Do you like it?Billy: Is that Hello Kitty?Jennifer: Yes, in a monkey suit. It's adorable!Billy: Is it real gold?Jennifer: Yeah. Two-toned, white and yellow. 内容来自: /201102/126239

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