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I spent days, months, years obsessing about the game and studying the journey of others我每天、每月、每年都痴迷在篮球这项运动中,并认真向其他人学习My Muses, who all came from different background and industries我的“缪斯”们来自于不同领域Taught me how to approach basketball in new ways他们教会我怎么样用前所未有的方式来打篮球They made me better他们让我变得更好Now, Its my dream to challenge you and teach you about using your imagination to achieve the impossible现在,我的梦想是让你们去追寻梦想和实现不可能I hope to inspire each and every one of you through academic and athletic curriculums designed to teach you about having a dream我希望激励你们每个人在学习和运动上拥有自己的梦想And letting the hard work and dedication follow并勤奋刻苦的去追求梦想I only ask that as you achieve greatness,you pass along you wisdom to our future generations让我们一起成就伟大,将我们的智慧共同传递给我们的后代们I am humbled and grateful to be here with all of you today今天,站在大家面前,我诚惶而感恩Thank you for this great honor and for allowing me to continue to inspire you lives感谢你们赐予我的这份荣耀 感谢你们让我帮助和激励更多人With much respect, Kobe. Thank You献上我的尊敬,科比。谢谢更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201612/483650

第一, 迷你对话A: Sue and Lily have both taken dancing lessons. They want to be famous dancers, I think.Sue 和Lily都选择了舞蹈课,我想她们将来想当舞蹈家。B: Yet Sue is not a patch on Lily because she’s not as diligent and clever as Lily.Sue比不上Lily,因为她没有Lily那么刻苦和聪明。A: I think you are holding a brief for Lily.我觉得你在有意维护Lily。第二, 地道表达hold a brief for1. 解词释义Hold a brief是在“在诉讼中当某人的辩护律师为其辩护”,引申为“为某人或某事辩护”“为……大声疾呼”“主张……”。2. 拓展范例e.g. I hold no brief for severe punishment.我不赞成严惩。e.g. I hold no brief for people with extreme views.我不持持极端观点的人。第三, 咬文嚼字as… as:和……一样e.g. This film is as interesting as that one.这部电影和那部电影一样有趣。e.g. Your pen writes as smoothly as mine.你的钢笔书写起来和我的一样流畅。be a patch on:不如……,比不上……e.g. What they accomplished was not a patch on what they had planned.他们的成就远不如预期。e.g. Her latest novel isnt a patch on her others.她这部新小说比以前所写的差得远。 /201611/478439

最近寒流来袭、天气变化很大,很多朋友都生病了,你知道英文里描述“生病”有25种说法吗?1. have:表示“生病”,后常跟表示疾病的名词,是最通俗的说法,多用于口语。例句:As I remember, my brother and sister both had severe asthmatic attacks in the childhood.我记得,我弟弟和小时候都得过严重的哮喘病。2. take/catch:均可表示“生病”,且含有“感染”之意。美国人多用take,英国人多用catch。例句:Mary takes cold easily. 玛丽易患感冒。3. contract:较正式的“生病”用语,常用于书面语。例句:The patient may contract appendicitis, in which case a surgical intervention should be considered.该病人可能患有阑尾炎,在这种情况下就得考虑手术处理。4. get:常作“生病”讲,后接表示疾病的名词。例句:I think shes got epidemic meningitis.我怀疑她得了流行性脑膜炎。5. suffer from:常用来表示“患病”,后接疾病名词,多用于医生与病人的交谈之中。例句:Is there anybody in your family who has suffered from the same eye disease as you? 你家中还有没有人得过跟你一样的眼病?6. (be) ill with:如表示“患……病”的时候后面须跟with,多见于英式英语。例句:The patient is ill with influenza.病人患流行性感冒。7. (be) sick with:多用于美式英语,与be ill with可以相互替换,但sick with不能改为sick of。例句:The doctor told me that I was sick(ill) with hypertension.医生说我患有高血压。8. fall ill(sick) with; fall ill(sick):表示“患……病”时,后面须加with。例句:Jackie fell ill with a fever last week and has been in bed ever since.杰克上星期发烧,一直躺在床上。9. be seized with:一般表示“突然患……病”。例句:The patient was seized with apoplexy yesterday afternoon.病人昨天下午忽患中风。10. be attacked with:基本意是“为……疾病所侵袭”,常译成“患……病”。例句:Attacked with acute myocardial infraction, the patient was warded for a week in hospital.病人患急性心肌梗塞后,在医院里监护了一个星期。11. be troubled with:意为“患……病”。例句:The patient troubled with constipation should have enough sleep, regular time for meal and proper mastication of food. 便秘病人应有足够的睡眠,进食定时,对于食物要细嚼慢咽。12. be vulnerable to:一般常用来表示“易患……病”。例句:Fibres from the macular region of the retina are particularly vulnerable to inflammation.视网膜斑区的纤维特别易患炎症。 /201209/56

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