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我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo ) -- :19: 来源: 我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo )  There is an Aoyu in the picture. The Aoyu has a green tail, two colorful horns and the silver skin. It’s a silver Aoyu.  It looks beautiful and lively. Aoyu dance is a traditional dance in Shawan Piaose. It means it can always get the first. It’s a good symbol. Everyone likes it very much.The Colour of Autumn --19 ::5 来源: The Colour of Autumn Autumn comes , it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue and the clouds are white. You would say autumn is blue and white. Look ! Birds are flying from the north to the south. The leaves are yellow. Some are hanging on the trees, some are on the ground ,some are dancing in the wind. Someone would say autumn is yellow. There are so many fruits in autumn in Xinxing . Pears ,peaches. Mangos, oranges and so on. They’re fresh and healthy. Oh! I see. Autumn is a harvest season. Autumn is colourful. What a beautiful season !My Favorite Teacher -- :56:00 来源: My Favorite Teacher Everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do I. My favourite teacher is Miss Wei, our English teacher. We felt English very difficuit when we began to study English. Miss Wei had a good idea to solve the problem. One day, Miss Wei came into the classroom with some fruits, such as apples,bananas,and oranges. She said: “Today we are going to learn the names of the fruits. You can eat the fruits if you can tell me their names in English . ”All the students listened carefully and studied hard . Someone even stood up to answer questions. Class was over ,and the fruits were all eaten. From then on ,I am more and more interested in English, and I want to say from my heart: “ Thank you, Miss Wei!”

中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:中国紫檀物馆 -- ::31 来源: 中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:中国紫檀物馆Top 1: China Rosewood Museum中国紫檀物馆Chen Lihua, founder of the Fu Wah Group invested 0 million RMB in the establishment of the China Rosewood Museum, which opened in 1999. It is the largest museum in China focusing on red sandalwood artworks.中国紫檀物馆于1999年由富华国际集团主席陈丽华女士投资两亿元人民币兴建,是中国规模最大的紫檀艺术物馆The museum has nearly 1,000 precious pieces, including furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. In addition, it has on display a gorgeous replica of the Palace Museum, as well as the traditional quadrangle dwellings of Beijing and memorial archway of Longquan Temple.中国紫檀物馆收集了包括明清时代家具在内的近00件珍贵紫檀,另外,还公开展出故宫物馆、北京四合院的华丽副本,龙泉寺的牌坊All of the exhibits are made of high quality imported rosewood. Visitors can also take the opporty to watch the production process of traditional Chinese furniture and marvel at the exquisite skills on display.所以展览都由进口的高质量紫檀制成,游客同时还可以趁机观看传统中国家具的制作过程 私人物馆英文介绍 中国紫檀物馆

莫桑比克Tofo旅行游记 -- ::00 来源: 莫桑比克Tofo旅行游记Freshseafoodand friendly locals abound off the beaten beach path in Tofo, Mozambique, writes Seth Kugel.An hour up the sand from the little beach town of Tofo, perched on a peninsula jutting off the southern coast of Mozambique on a bay of gently surfable Indian Ocean waves, I met five children who had never heard of pizza. We were the only six people on that stretch of beach - five black children in the water chattering in Bitonga, and one ghastly white, sunscreen-covered body walking along the sand under a relentless midday African sun."Hello! How are you?" one called out in English, a -year-old girl. The view from Baia Sonambula, a friendly guesthouse with a deck overlooking the beach, in Tofo, Mozambique When they realized I spoke Portuguese, Mozambique's official language, things got more interesting: They asked me to take photos of them, then to see whatever photos from "your country" were stored in my phone.Snow in New York didn't faze them; they easily identified a hippo in a picture I had taken days bee in South Africa. Then a pepperoni pizza popped up; I asked if they knew what it was."Food?" asked the girl.I'm admittedly cynical on cultural globalization - I've spotted Doritos in small towns in the Amazon - but children with no concept of pizza, just down from a beach town where Peace Corps volunteers, scuba fanatics and South African families vacation? The world can still surprise you.The exchange captured what was so appealing about Tofo (pronounced more like tofu).I cannot bear to be shuttled to a beach resort to lie in the sun a few days - all the more so if I'm as far away as Mozambique, a country I added to my swing through southern Africa specifically because it was not well-known to most travelers.Tofo, though, is relatively undeveloped and inexpensive - and, as my conversation with those locals indicated, still very traditionally African. Rough sand roads, never far from the beach, are host to a mix of African- and expat-run businesses and local fishermen hawking their catch every morning door to door.Rickety ride to TofoMy four-day plan to drive up the coast, seeking out smaller, emptier beaches, was scuttled when I got a rental car e of per day. (I had hoped to keep my entire daily budget well below that.) So in Maputo, the capital, I hopped a chapa - a rickety, cramped minibus - an eight-hour anything-but-nonstop ride to Inhambane, a city near Tofo. It cost 700 meticais, or .3 at 33 meticais to the dollar each way.The bus was hot, and the music was loud (particularly unpleasant given the 5 am departure time), but that was expected. What was not was that across the aisle, an obviously mentally ill man spent the trip grimacing, screaming and cursing; between me and him sat his elderly father, who rapped him on the head with a cane.I soon realized he had been barbarically restrained the ride: ankles lashed together with rope, wrists tied behind his back. I knew such measures weren't unusual in places where mental health care barely exists, but had never seen it up close.More extraordinary, though, was how everyone on board reacted. The other passengers showed only patience, and the fare collector, Mauricio, between hamming it up with other passengers, took on the role of lay psychologist. He joked with the tied-up man and play-argued, always smiling, and when the man strained so hard against his constraints that his pants came down, Mauricio literally straddled him, pulled his pants up and tried to calm him down.After arriving in Tofo, I divided my lodging as I divide my travel personality. my 0-something adult side, I chose one night in Baia Sonambula, a friendly guesthouse with a comtably relaxed deck overlooking the sand; breakfast was mostly homemade, from muffins to marmalades, yogurt to peanut butter. my overgrown backpacker side, I spent two nights at Mozambeat Motel, an upscale hostel with boxy and poorly lit but spacious and slightly stylish private cabins My Home -- :56:50 来源: My HomeMy home is on the first floor. there are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is GREen. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much..Baia Sonambula was right on the beach near the town's center, a central market of stalls featuring African artwork and more-kitschy souvenirs. From there, restaurants, dive shops and small homes radiated out; the Mozambeat, about a -minute walk, was about as far as anything got from town.Many restaurants served seafood at prices and freshness levels not conceivable at home - 0 meticais seemed the going rate fresh seafood if you didn't want anything too fancy.That's what I paid three dinners in a row: a plate of shrimp at Sabores Caseiros, a new and somewhat romantic spot under a thatched roof on the road out of town; two small grilled lobsters at a no-name shack by the water; and best of all, shellfish in matapa, a local creamy stew of peanuts, coconut milk and cassava leaves at Tofo Tofo at the edge of town. (There was also plenty of Thai food and burgers and pasta, which I imagine become more popular the longer you stay.)With a ,00-kilometer coastline, the second-longest on the African continent after Somalia, Mozambique has a lot of beach towns to choose from, but Tofo has another attraction - it's a -meticai, 5-minute chapa ride to Inhambane, a lazy but historically interesting port town. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama stopped here while rounding Africa, and it was involved in the Indian Ocean slave trade long bee European colonialists started exporting Mozambican slaves. Its mixed Muslim-Christian-Hindu population is the legacy of that history.Led by childrenIt turned out to be more challenging; in fact, just finding a way over the dunes to the flat land below was hard - I was met a few times by overgrown, steep valleys but finally found a steep but passable path down to the area I would later learn was the commy of Conguiana. Below, the path split and curved and disappeared; it was all palm trees, cassava fields and, walking farther, the occasional cluster of rectangular homes with thatched or metal roofs and reed siding and no electricity. Also - no people.Eventually I spotted a family, including three women under a shade tree, one doing another's hair and another caring the children. I called out from afar, so as not to startle them, and they waved me over, asked me to take pictures and gamely answered my question about why there were thousands of shells piled up around the tree's trunk."It's to make the foundation of a house," said one of the men who joined us, Luis Ernesto. He spoke to the women in Bitonga, and told me they would send two of the children to lead me to the road, if I'd give the kids meticais.Then, in a moment that would have seemed surreal to American parents, they sent a girl and a boy, Dulce and Manito, maybe ages 8 and 6, off with a stranger through the woods to the road.It took about 30 minutes to reach the main road - I would never have found it on my own. I gave them their money (50 meticais instead of , still less than $). As I waited the chapa to Tofo, I chatted with three men sitting at a table drinking a snow-white drink."Do you know what this is?" one said. Much like the kids I had met on the beach who had been unable to identify New York pizza, I did not recognize Mozambican coconut beer.The difference, of course, was that the kids couldn't eat the pizza photo; whereas I sure could have a few glasses of beer while I waited the bus. 旅行游记


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