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Top 10 Modern Foods With (Mostly) Delicious Histories10种拥有美妙历史的现代食物3. Sausages3.香肠The exact origin of the sausage is unclear, with reports ranging around 50,000. There is an agreement, however, that the sausages, frankfurters, and hot dogs that people eat on a daily basis originated from a desire to preserve meat.香肠的准确起源并不清楚,大约在公元前50000年就已经有了相关记载。不过存在着一个共识,那就是人们每天吃的香肠、法兰克福香肠和热都是源于人们保存肉类的愿望。Ever wonder why sausages are wrapped in some form of casing? The reason is that, before refrigeration, butchers would want to preserve meat during transit. They took the meat, organs, and blood of a slaughtered animal, sprinkled it with salt to preserve it, then wrapped the gristly results in the animal#39;s intestine or stomach to stop it going off before it could be eaten.想知道香肠为什么要用各种肠衣包裹?原因就是在冷藏之前,屠夫想要在运输途中保存肉类。他们将动物屠杀,在所得的肉、五脏和血上撒盐以便保存,然后将这些柔软的东西包进动物的肠或胃里,防止吃之前腐坏。This is why some sausages contain a large amount of blood in their recipes; the origin of this practice was to help use up any blood that was left over after slaughtering an animal.这就是为什么有些香肠的制作食谱中包含有大量的血,这种做法是为了用尽屠杀动物后所留下的所有血。We have no real use for salting today, given how good fridges can be with preserving meat. The tradition of meat in casing, however, still goes strong to this day.在今天,我们已经无需再盐腌肉类,因为有冰箱可以保存肉类。但是,将肉灌进肠衣的传统至今仍然盛行。 /201506/383117。

Two accountants are in a bank ,当武装捻匪突然冲进的时候。when armed robbers burst in.正好有两名会计人员在里面。While several of the robbers take the money from the tellers,正当几个抢匪向出纳员取钱的时候,others line the customers,其他的抢匪就把顾客们,including the accountants,包括这两名会计人员在内,up against a wall,and proceed to take their wallets,watches,etc.靠着墙壁排成一线开始夺取他们身上的皮夹子和手表等物品。While this is going on accountant number one jams something in accountant number two#39;s hand.当这件抢案正在发生的时候,一号会计人员把纂样东西塞迸二号会计火员的手里面。Without looking down,a没有向下看,ccountant two whispers,二号会计人员就轻声地说:;What is this ?; to which accountant number one replies,“这是什么东西呀?”;It #39;s that I owe you.;一号会计人员回答说:“那是我欠你的五十元啦。” /201503/361479。

Women earn most in DPRK在朝鲜,女性挣钱更多Women in the DPRK earn more than 70% of household income, mainly as traders in the informal markets that have proliferated in recent years, research by the Korea Institute for National Unification found. That is despite women making up only about half of the 12m residents in the country.韩国统一研究所研究发现,虽然女性只占朝鲜1200万人口的一半,但朝鲜女性收入占家庭总收入的70%以上。她们主要在近年激增的非正式市场里进行贸易活动。Most men are stuck in state jobs that pay little or serve in the army.大多数男人在从事薪酬较少的政府工作或在军队役。With state rations a distant memory, residents have increasingly turned to the informal economy to support their families.由于国家补给早已不复存在,越来越多的朝鲜人转向非正式经济来养家。 /201505/377957。

Councillors in a small town in Poland have banned Winnie the Pooh claiming the bear is of #39;dubious sexuality#39;, is #39;inappropriately dressed#39; and is #39;half-naked#39;.波兰一小镇的议员封杀小熊维尼,他们声称维尼熊“性向不明”,“衣冠不整”而且是”半裸体”。Officials in Tuszyn, central Poland even attacked author AA Milne, describing him as #39;disturbing#39;.波兰中部城市图申的官员甚至对作者A·A·米尔恩进行了人身攻击,称他“扰乱人心”。The town was considering a special mascot for their new children#39;s playground and someone suggested the popular creation.小镇正在考虑为当地孩子们的新游乐场寻觅一个意义非凡的吉祥物,有人提议了人气王小熊维尼。However, some members of the council attacked the plan, claiming that Winnie the Pooh was a dangerous influence on children.然而,一些议员反对这个提案,声称维尼熊对孩子们会造成不良影响。Councillor Ryszard Cichy, 46, said: #39;The problem with that bear is it doesn#39;t have a complete wardrobe.46岁的议员理夏德·齐希说道:“这只熊的问题在于他衣冠不整。”#39;It is half-naked which is wholly inappropriate for children.#39;“他是半裸体的,这对孩子们来说太不合适了。”He then suggested a Polish fictional bear, saying: #39;Ours is dressed from head to toe, unlike Pooh who is only dressed from the waist up.#39;他随后提名了波兰的一只虚构熊并说:“我们的这只熊从头到脚都包的严严实实的,不像维尼只穿着上衣。”The meeting, which was recorded by one of the councillors and leaked to local press, then turned on Winnie the Pooh#39;s sexuality.这次会议被一位议员记录在册并泄露给了当地出版社,且他们对维尼的性向也颇有说辞。One official is heard saying: #39;It doesn#39;t wear underpants because it doesn#39;t have a sex. It#39;s a hermaphrodite.#39;一位官员听说了此事说道:“他性向不明所以没有穿内裤。他是雌雄同体的。”Councillor Hanna Jachimska then began criticising the Winnie the Pooh author Alan Alexander Milne.议员汉纳·杰齐西卡随后开始抨击小熊维尼的作者艾伦·亚历山大·米尔恩。She said: #39;This is very disturbing but can you imagine! The author was over 60 and cut his [Pooh#39;s] testicles off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity.#39;她说:“你能想象这有多么恼人吗!这位年逾60的作家拿刀片切掉了维尼的睾丸,就因为他对自己的性向认知感到迷茫。”The councillors have yet to make a formal decision about which bear will be the patron of the children#39;s playground.议员们尚未正式决定由哪只熊坐镇孩子们的游乐场。But Winnie the Pooh is not a candidate, they said.但他们表示小熊维尼绝不会是候选人。 /201411/345149。