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抚顺中山妇科医院收费好不好抚顺新抚妇幼保健院看男科好吗抚顺市东洲人民医院肛肠医院好不好 The EU is close to a deal with Ankara that would see all non-Syrian migrants reaching Greek islands returned to Turkey, marking a crucial step in the bloc’s hardening stance against the flow of people pouring into its territories. 欧盟接近与安卡拉方面达成协议,按照该协议,抵达希腊岛屿的来自叙利亚以外国家的所有难民将被送回土耳其,这标志着欧盟迈出关键的一步,对源源不断涌来的人潮立场转向强硬After weeks of diplomatic pressure from Berlin and Brussels, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish prime minister, privately signalled in negotiations yesterday that Ankara would accept the systematic return of non-Syrians and step up action against smugglers. 在柏林和布鲁塞尔施加外交压力数周之后,土耳其总理阿赫迈特#8226;达乌特奥Ahmet Davutoglu)昨日在谈判期间私下发出信号暗示,安卡拉将接受系统化地遣返所有非叙利亚难民,并加大力度打击人口走私贩Although the agreement is tentative, the terms could mark a long-sought turning point in Europe’s migration crisis, giving a harder edge to a strategy that has largely failed to dent flow of people across the Aegean Sea. 虽然这份协议是试探性的,但其条款可能标志着欧洲的移民危机达到了一个各方努力已久的转折点,使迄今基本上未能阻止人潮渡过爱琴海的战略具备更加强硬的锋芒The flood of migrants has triggered acute tensions within the EU as more than 1.2m people reached the 28-country bloc by sea last year. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has come under pressure at home and from other countries to stem the flow after she pledged to accept Syrian refugees last year and then sought an EU deal to share the burden with reluctant member states. 难民洪流引发了欧盟内部的严重紧张。去年有120余万人从海路进入8个成员国的欧盟。德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)在国内外都受到要求阻止难民潮的压力,去年她曾承诺接受叙利亚难民,但随后寻求在欧盟内部就分摊难民安置负担达成协议,其中一些成员国对此很不情愿Two diplomats familiar with the discussions yesterday said Turkey also agreed to accept all migrants rescued in international waters by a Nato mission a sensitive issue that had held-up progress on the operation. 熟悉相关商谈的两名外交官昨日表示,土耳其还同意接受北约在国际水域救助的所有难民。这是一个敏感问题,此前曾阻碍北约救助行动的进展。来 /201603/430506抚顺铝厂职工医院包皮手术怎么样

抚顺宫颈糜烂做微创手术大概多少钱辽宁抚顺孕前检测哪家医院好的 Police sealed off German leader Angela Merkel’s chancellery on Wednesday after a suspicious parcel was found in the building.周三,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)的总理府内发现一个可疑包裹,警方随后封锁了这幢办公大楼。“We are investigating a suspicious object sent in the post,said the police, adding that the alarm was raised during a routine check of incoming mail, writes Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin.德国警方称:“我们正在调查包裹内邮寄的一件可疑物品。”警方还表示,总理府是在对外来邮件进行例行检查时报的警。The police gave no further details. The building is to remain closed until the checks are complete. Ms Merkel is due to hold a cabinet meeting later in the day.警方没有透露更多细节。总理府将封锁到调查行动完成为止。默克尔原定于今日晚些时候举行内阁会议。The incident comes amid a heightened security alert in Germany following the terror attack in Paris late last year.这一事件发生时,正赶上德国在去年底巴黎发生恐怖袭击后加强了安全警戒。An international football match was called off in Hanover in November after the authorities received information of a possible terrorist assault. And in Munich, two railway stations in a terrorist scare on New Year’s Eve.去年11月,汉诺威的一场国际足球比赛被取消,因为之前当局收到消息称可能会发生恐怖袭击。另外在新年前夜,慕尼黑的两个火车站也受到恐怖分子的恐吓。来 /201601/421907抚顺市望花区医院在哪

抚顺市第五医院预约Attorney-general Jeff Sessions failed to disclose during his confirmation hearings in January that he twice met the Russian ambassador while acting as a close adviser to Donald Trump during last year’s presidential campaign.美国司法部长杰夫?塞申Jeff Sessions)在今月的就职听会上,未能披露曾在去年总统选战期间两次会晤俄罗斯大使的事实。而在与俄罗斯大使会晤时,塞申斯身为与唐纳特朗Donald Trump)关系密切的顾问。Mr Sessions met Sergey Kislyak on September 8 in the then-senator’s private office in the US Capitol building, after having spoken with him briefly two months earlier at the conservative Heritage Foundation.去年9日,时任美国参议员的塞申斯曾在其位于美国国会山的私人办公室会晤谢尔盖?基斯利亚Sergey Kislyak)。此前,塞申斯曾于两个月前在保守的美国传统基金会(Heritage Foundation)与后者短暂交谈。The meetings occurred as Russian officials were mounting an increasingly aggressive effort to interfere with the US election in a bid to aid Mr Trump’s chances of winning, US intelligence agencies concluded this year.今年,美国情报机构曾经认定,上述会晤发生之际,俄罗斯官员正在以日益激进的力度干预美国大选,试图帮助提高特朗普获胜的可能性。During his confirmation hearing testimony before the Senate judiciary committee on January 10, Mr Sessions who chaired candidate Trump’s national security advisory committee was asked about published reports of continuing contacts between the Republican nominee’s representatives and Russian officials.塞申斯曾是总统候选人特朗普的国家安全顾问委员会主席。今0日,在为其就职听向参议院司法委员会做时,塞申斯曾被问及有关特朗普的代表和俄罗斯官员持续接触的公开报道。Asked by Senator Al Franken what we would do if he learnt of evidence of contacts between Trump campaign surrogates and Russian officials, Mr Sessions replied: “Im not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didnt have did not have communications with the Russians.”当时,参议员阿弗兰Al Franken)曾问塞申斯,如果他获悉特朗普选战代理人与俄罗斯官员接触的据,他们应该怎么做。对此,塞申斯回答:“我并未发现有任何此类活动,有那么一两次我曾被称为代理人,而我没有与俄罗斯人联系过——完全没有。”Late on Wednesday, as Democrats claimed that Mr Sessions had lied under oath and should recuse himself from any US Department of Justice investigation of the president’s Russian links, a spokeswoman said he had acted properly.周三晚上,塞申斯曾试图就他在参议院词中的誓言与这一新爆料的出入做出澄清。塞申斯表示,他从未“以讨论选战问题为目的”,与俄罗斯官员会晤。来 /201703/495274 China will launch a nation-wide campaign to eliminate online services and materials that help fraudsters, according to the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on last Tuesday.公安部上周二表示,我国将开展清理为诈骗分子提供便利的网络务和信息的全国性行动。During the campaign, which will run until September, police will clean up and crack down on online platforms that offer services such as account-stealing Trojan virus, information exchange or information on hacking, trading of ID and bank account information, and falsified certification, among others.此次行动将持续至9月。行动期间,公安机关将整治和打击提供盗号木马病毒、传播交流黑客技术的信息、销售公民身份、卡信息和虚假认等务的网络平台。The MPS, said cyber scams and cyber theft had become rampant in recent years, and offenders often go online to obtain the tools needed.公安部表示,近年来,网络诈骗、网络盗窃活动猖獗,不法分子经常通过网络获取所需的犯罪工具。Moreover, police will also remove information pertaining to cyber fraud off the Internet.此外,公安机关还将清除网络上涉及网络诈骗的信息。来 /201605/442882抚顺中医院在哪里抚顺东洲人民医院治疗不孕不育多少钱



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