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The European Union says its asylum processing is so clogged with foreign migrants seeking refuge that it would take a year to process all pending applications if the migrant influx stopped immediately.欧盟说,外国移民寻求避难的申请过程极为缓慢,如果现在移民马上停止涌入,仍需要一年时间处理所有申请。That analysis from the Malta-based European Asylum Support Office came Tuesday, as thousands of migrants - many of them from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan - continued arriving daily on Greek islands before pushing westward through the Balkans to western Europe. Italy has also been inundated in the past year with migrants, mostly from Africa and Asia.总部设在马耳他的欧洲庇护务办事处星期二公布这一分析报告的同时,数千名大部分来自战火纷飞的叙利亚和阿富汗的移民每天继续抵达希腊岛屿,之后他们向西穿过巴尔干国家前往西欧。意大利过去一年也有大批移民涌入,其中大多数来自非洲和亚洲。The EASO released data showing a backlog of 800,000 applications for international protection through September.欧洲庇护务办事处的数据显示,到9月份为止0万份要求避难的申请。It also said almost one in three migrants has been waiting at least three months for applications to be processed, and said 200,000 applicants have been waiting six months or longer.办事处说,几乎每三名移民中就有一人等候申请处理至少三个月,有20万申请者等候了六个月或更长。Ahead of a two-day EU summit in Malta with African heads of state, the EASO also said it had received fewer than half the workers requested from EU countries to process asylum applications.欧盟将与非洲首脑们在马耳他举行两天的峰会。在这之前,欧洲庇护务办事表示只从欧盟国家得到了处理庇护申请的工作人员人数的一半。It said it had asked for more than 370 workers, but that only 177 asylum experts had so far been provided, slowing the process so much that only 147 migrants have been officially relocated in Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France and Spain since a EU relocation plan was approved last month.办事处表示曾提出需70多名工作人员,但是目前为止只得到177名庇护专家。这大大放慢了处理的速度,以致自上个月欧盟批准移民搬迁计划以来,只有147名移民正式迁移到瑞典、芬兰、卢森堡、法国和西班牙。来 /201511/409101

An interim nuclear agreement between Iran and six major powers will be extended through Friday to provide more time for talks on a final agreement, the ed States said Tuesday.美国星期二表示,伊朗和六大国同意将伊朗核谈判延长到星期五,为谈判达成最后协议提供更多时间;We have made substantial progress in every area, but this work is highly technical and high stakes for all of the countries involved,; said U.S. delegation spokeswoman Marie Harf.美国代表团发言人哈夫说,“我们在各方面都取得了重大进展,但是本星期的工作是高技术性的,对所涉及的所有国家都至关重要。;We are frankly more concerned about the quality of the deal than we are about the clock ...; Harfs statement said.哈夫还说,“坦率地说,我们更关注协议的质量而不是时间。”EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said earlier Tuesday, ;We are interpreting in a flexible way our deadline, which means that we are taking the time, the days we still need, to finalize the agreement,; adding several difficult issues to resolve remain.欧盟外交政策专员莫格里尼星期二早些时候说:“我们对最后期限有灵活的解释,这意味着如果最后敲定协议需要时间,需要几天的时间,我们就要花这些时间。”他说,还有几个棘手的问题有待解决。来 /201507/384548

World major states and regional powers agreed Saturday on the time table of establishing a transition government of Syria, and to hold an election within 18 months, but failed to bridge gaps over the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.本周六,世界主要国家和地区就加快建立叙利亚过渡政府达成共识,表示叙利亚将于未8个月内举行大选,但会谈对叙总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的未来去留仍未消除分歧。After the one-day meeting here, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters that participants of the Syria talks agreed to start immediate talks with opposition groups in Syria, but the talks could be difficult, noting sides aim to hold an election in Syria within 18 month.当天会议结束后,德国外长弗兰瓦尔施泰因迈尔表示,叙利亚问题的各参与国同意立即启动与叙利亚反对派的谈判,但谈判会很困难,并指出双方都希望在18个月内能进行选举。The remarks are echoed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫和美国国务卿克里也做出同样的回应。Lavrov also said after transition political process within six month, the election would be held within 18 months, and led by Syrian people.俄外长拉夫罗夫还表示,经个月的过渡政府进程,大选将在未来的18个月内举行,由叙人民自由选举选择叙利亚未来领导人。According to a joint statement released by the ed Nations, the talks between difference sides in Syria should establish ;credible, inclusive and nonsectarian; transitional government that would set a schedule for drafting a new constitution in six month, then a UN-supervised election would then be held within 18 months.根据联合国发布的一份联合声明,叙利亚双方的谈判应旨于建立一个“互相信任、互相包容、没有派别”的过渡政府,在政治过渡的这6个月的进程中,叙利亚将有一部新宪法,并将于未来8个月内,在联合国监督下举行选举。Kerry also announced agreement on the date, Jan. 1, for the start of talks between al-Assads government and the opposition.美国国务卿克里还宣布日阿萨德政府将与反对派进行谈判。Its clear the talks made some progress over ending the ongoing crisis in Syria, while the meeting failed to bridge gaps over the role and future of al-Assad.会谈在结束目前的叙利亚危机方面取得了一些显著的成果,但未能对阿萨德未来的去留问题达成共识。Russian foreign minister Lavrov said Russia and the ed States are keeping in touch to prevent conflict in Syria, as both sides deployed military forces in the region.俄外长拉夫罗夫表示,俄国和美国为防止叙利亚冲突保持着联系,双方在叙均有军队部署。However, the two sides still have differences over Russian military operation in Syria, as the ed States said Moscow is attacking anti-al-Assad force in Syria while Russia emphasized they are fighting terrorism.不过,俄美双方仍然就俄国在叙利亚的军事活动有所分歧,美国表示,俄国目前正在攻击反阿萨德的叙利亚反对派,而俄国一直强调,他们是打击恐怖主义。Overshadowed by the deadly shootings in Paris, diplomats in Vienna showed solidarity in fighting terrorism.受巴黎恐袭的影响,在维也纳举行会谈的各国外长一致表现出打击恐怖主义的团结和决心。来 /201511/410105

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