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广州长安妇科医院免费取环多少钱广州治输卵管堵塞哪里好Why the Earth Is Round?地球为什么是圆的?Our never-thought to ask question for today is: Why is the earth round? Why not a cube? A cube? No, thats silly. Is it? Why?今天,我们“从未想过的问题”是:地球为什么是圆的?为什么不是方形的?方形?那太可笑了。是吗?为什么?Because..., because really big things like to be round for some reason. Exactly right.And that reason is gravity.因为……因为非常大的东西通常都是圆的。完全正确。这个原因就是重力。Think of it this way. Suppose the earth were a cube. Then some points on its surface would be farther away from the center than others. The corners, for example, would be much farther out than the rest.我们这样想,假设地球是一个立方体。而地球表面的某些端点离中间或其它端点比较远。比如,立方体的各个角离得很远。Since gravity works equally on everything, there would be a tendency to pull those uneven places down. The surface would even itself out. The only geometrical object in which every point on the surface is the same distance from the center is a sphere.由于重力对所有物质的作用是相等的,因此不均匀的地方会被向下拉。表面使其本身变得平均。唯一一个表面上的每个角到中心距离都相等的几何物体就是球体。But wait a minute, Ive seen pictures of asteroids that have all sorts of crazy shapes. Why arent they round? Only because they arent big enough for gravity to be a determining factor. If an asteroid were to suddenly become as big as a moon, it would indeed rearrange itself gradually into a sphere.等一下,我看过很多行星的图片,它们都是奇形怪状的。它们为什么不是圆的?那只是因为行星太小,重力不能成为其决定因素。如果行星突然变得和月亮一样大,它就会真正重新安排逐渐变成一个球体。 /201209/202018广州多囊治疗医院 Science and Technolgy科技Diagnosing dementia痴呆症的诊断Advance warning病情恶化预警How to detect Alzheimers before symptoms appear-if you are a woman作为一名女性,如何在症状出现前诊断阿尔茨海默氏症ALZHEIMERS disease has no cure.阿尔茨海默氏症目前尚无法治愈。There are, however, five drugs-known and approved-that can slow down the development of its symptoms.然而,有五种已知并获批准的药物能减缓其症状的恶化。The earlier such drugs are administered, the better.这些药物越早使用,效果越佳。Unfortunately, the disease is usually first noticed when people complain to their doctors of memory problems.遗憾的是,该疾病一般在病人向医生抱怨自己出了问题时才第一次被察觉。That is normally too late for the drugs to do much good.通常在这种情况下,药物的最佳治疗时机已过。A simple and reliable test for Alzheimers that can be administered to everybody over the age of about 65, before memory-loss sets in, would therefore be useful.因此,只有找到一种能在65岁以上人群衰退前检测该病的简单、可靠的方法,才能真正收到疗效。Theo Luider, of the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, and his colleagues think they have found one-but it works only in women.荷兰鹿特丹伊拉斯姆斯大学医学中心的西奥?路德和同事找到了一种有效的检测方法,但只对女性有效。They made their discovery, just reported in the Journal of Proteome Research, by tapping into a long-term, continuing study that started in 1995 with 1,077 non-demented and otherwise healthy people aged between 60 and 90.该发现刊登在了最新的《蛋白质组学研究杂志》。这是一项始于1995年的长期且仍在持续的研究,共有1077名年龄在60至90岁的精神正常且身体健康的人参与。At the beginning of the project, and subsequently during the periods 1997-99 and 2002-04, participants were brought in for a battery of neurological and cognitive investigations, physical examinations, brain imaging and blood tests.研究初期,以及此后的1997-1999和2002-2004两个时间段内,参与者分别接受了一轮神经和认知系统测试、身体检查、大脑成像和血液检查。During the first ten years of the study, 43 of the volunteers developed Alzheimers disease.研究的第一个10年间,43名志愿者患上了阿尔茨海默氏症。When Dr Luider compared blood samples from these people with samples from 43 of their fellow volunteers, matched for sex and age, who had remained Alzheimers-free, he found something startling.路德医生将这些人的血液样本和另外43名性别、年龄匹配但没有患病的志愿者对比后,有了惊人的发现。Levels of a substance called pregnancy zone protein had been unusually high, even before their symptoms appeared, in some of those who went on to develop Alzheimers disease.某些患上阿尔茨海默氏症的志愿者,其血液中一种名为妊娠带蛋白的物质含量非常高,甚至在症状出现前也是如此。Those ;some;, it turned out, were all women.这些志愿者,最终都被确认为女性。On average, levels of pregnancy zone protein in those women who went on to develop Alzheimers were almost 60% higher than those of women who did not. In men, levels of the protein were the same for both.通常,女性患者体内的妊娠带蛋白含量比健康女性高出60%,男性的这一蛋白水平则没有变化。The reason for this curious result seems to be that the brain plaques associated with Alzheimers disease are themselves turning out pregnancy zone protein.出现这一结果的原因可能是,与阿尔茨海默氏症相关的大脑斑块自身分泌这一蛋白。Certainly, when Dr Luider applied a chemical stain specific to that protein to the plaques of dead Alzheimers patients he found the protein present in them.路德医生将针对该蛋白的特定化学染色剂注入死亡病人的大脑斑块中,从而明了这一蛋白的存在。Confusingly, though, it was there in the plaques of both sexes.然而,令人不解的是,男女病患的大脑斑块中都有这一蛋白。Presumably, female cells (and therefore the plaques of female brains) make more of it than male cells do.据此推测,女性细胞(包括女性大脑中的斑块)比男性细胞分泌更多的妊娠带蛋白。But that remains to be proved.不过,这一理论还有待实。Whatever the reason, however, this result means that women, at least, may soon be able to tell whether and when they are at risk of Alzheimers-and thus do something about it before they start losing their minds.不论是什么原因,这项结果至少意味着女性能更早知晓自己是否有罹患阿尔茨海默氏症的危险,从而在丧失记忆之前尽快加以治疗。 /201210/206692I know how difficult it can be to piece together an ancient skeleton from fragments, but Ive only ever worked with one species, humans. So Im really impressed by paleontologists who have to understand the anatomy of hundreds of different dinosaur species.我知道将古老的骨化石碎片拼凑在一起是多么不容易。因为我研究过人类的骨骼,所以古生物学家给我留下了深刻的印象,他们要了解上百种不同的恐龙骨骼。Identifying a dinosaur is just the starting point for unlocking its secrets and getting it y for display. It will be years before this dinosaur is y for the public. Instead, the centerpiece of Luiss exhibition will be three T. Rex skeletons that have aly been excavated and are now y to be mounted.识别恐龙还只是揭开迷雾,将它们公开展览的起点而已。将这只恐龙向公众开放还需数年的努力。不过,刘易斯展览的核心——三个霸王龙骨架,已经完成挖掘工作,目前处于准备安装阶段。Resurrecting these awe-inspiring creatures will require mounting the bones in a way that reflects the latest scientific understanding about posture, movement and behaviour. But the fossil remains of each of these animals are desperately incomplete. Paul Zawisha is in charge of turning the partial distorted skeletons into the most up-to-date reflection of scientific knowledge.为了重塑所有这些让人肃然生畏的生物,安装骨化石的方式需要体现科学家们对恐龙的姿势,动作和行为的最先进的思想。然而,每只恐龙的遗体都极其不完整。Paul Zawisha 负责将部分扭曲的骨骼化石转化为科学知识最先进的写照。Working closely with Luis, Paul and his team will turn a miniature model of the three T. Rexes into a finished exhibit. The science will come alive through a combination of art and engineering.在与刘易斯的密切合作下,保罗和他的团队将三个微型的霸王龙模型转变成了完整的展览。结合了艺术和工程,科学也能变得栩栩如生。Luis came out here several months ago. He pretty much shifted things around to the scenario thats going on here. But again we have a little liberty, because we want to make these things come to life. Otherwise, they just dont move, they dont look real.刘易斯几个月前离开这里。他几乎确定了周围的场景。当然,我们也有一点权限,因为我们想让这些恐龙活过来。否则,它们只是站在那里不动,这看起来不真实。原文译文属!201209/200276广州番禺便宜的人流手术

广州番禺子宫肌瘤消融术Books and Arts; Book Review;20th-century women; Dandy dames;文艺;书评;20世纪的女性;逆世唯心的巾帼;Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson were remarkable—by any standards;无论何时,Rebecca West和Dorothy Thompson都吸引着世俗的目光;Dangerous Ambition: Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, New Women in Search of Love and Power. By Susan Hertog.代偿巨大的野望:Rebecca West和Dorothy Thompson,新时代女性追寻的爱与权力。作者:Susan Hertog。Dorothy Thompson and Rebecca West were career women long before the term had been invented. In the 1930s, when Thompson and West were making their mark as established professionals, a Gallup poll recorded that 82% of the American population believed women “should not have paying jobs outside the home” if their husbands were employed. Yet both women worked consistently from their early 20s in occupations that were almost entirely male-dominated—Thompson as a foreign correspondent and then a political commentator; West (pictured) as a literary critic, lauded novelist, historian and travel writer.DOROTHY THOMPSON和Rebecca West是名符其实的”职业女性”----远在这个专有名词发明之前。在20世纪30年代,Thompson 和West凭其过硬的专业本领广为人知。一项盖洛普民意显示82%的美国国民坚信只要丈夫保有一份工作,妻子就“不应该在抛头露面赚钱养家”。然而就是在那样一个男性主导的工作环境中,两位女性从20几岁开始变贯己之念长驻岗位:thompson先是作为一个外国通讯记者,随后转职为政治员;West(如上图)则集文学家、广集赞誉的小说家、历史学者以及游记著撰者多职于一身。Susan Hertogs biography, an accomplished synthesis of these two lives and the remarkable parallels between them, is also a history of the 20th century, a study of female emancipation and literary culture, and an acute analysis of dysfunctional family life.这部由Susan Hertog所著的传记将两位女性的生涯与两人间惊人的相似之处完美地结合起来。它也是一部20世纪的史著,更是一份女性解放运动的研究报告和文学作品,同时亦敏锐地剖析了那个年代的人们真实的家庭生活。The most striking similarity between Thompson and West is their seemingly innate self-belief and fearlessness. On her 27th birthday in 1920 the American-born Thompson sailed for England. With no contacts but with portfolio in hand, her goal was to gain credentials as a freelance reporter and make her way across Europe to witness the aftermath of the revolution in Russia. By 1927 she was living in Berlin as the first female head of a news bureau in Europe. West, the daughter of an Anglo-Irish journalist who abandoned the family when she was eight, was a reviewer and essayist by the time she was 19, when “regardless of reputation” she published cutting critiques of established writers such as Arnold Bennett and George Bernard Shaw. West wrote consistently until her death at 90 in 1983, and was in the enviable position of having Harold Ross, the editor of the New Yorker, write to her, pleading: “Please write any story you want for us, fact or fiction.” In 1941 West published her best-known book, “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon”, a history of the Balkans and a meditation on the rise of Nazism.两位女性让人最印象深刻的相似性在于她们看似天性使然的坚定自我和无所畏惧。在Thompson1920年27岁生日的那一天,这位美国年轻女子仅持一文件夹,心携能够取得自由时事记者的工作资格并穿越欧洲去见俄国沙皇革命余波的目标,孤身一人远赴没有亲朋所在的英国。到1927年,她已定居柏林,成为首位欧洲新闻署的女性负责人。West的父亲----爱尔兰记者,抛弃妻子之时,她才8岁。幸而至19岁时已经是一位家和散文家,并“弃名声于不顾”地以初生牛犊之势发表了前辈级作家Arnold Bennett和George Bernard Shaw删减过的批判性。West女士直到1983年90岁与世长辞之前从未间断过写作,并曾得到让人梦寐以求的《纽约客》编辑Harold Ross的暗藏丰盛赞誉的来信:“请以我们写个故事吧,真实的虚构的都可以!”1941年,West出版了举世闻名的书:《黑色的小羊羔和灰色的猎鹰》---叙述了巴尔干半岛的历史以及对纳粹主义兴起的沉思。Ms Hertogs style is frequently novelistic, which is less irritating than might be anticipated. In her description of Thompsons life in Berlin, for example, Ms Hertog assumes the voice of an omniscient narrator: “As Dorothy walked to the small office she kept on Motzstrasse, she remembered the first time she had met Rebecca…” Her writing style can be fanciful, as when Ms Hertog imagines the colour of Thompsons dress and how her hair might have been styled for her un-photographed first wedding. But it works well in the passages where the author attempts to draw out the romantic and family dramas which so defined the lives of both women.Hertog女士的写作风格极富新意,因此料想不大会像某些传记那样枯燥乏味。比如说,在她对Thompson女士的柏林生旅中,hertog女士以像如临现场那样通晓各事的口吻记叙道:当Dorothy漫行于专设于Motzstrasse的小工作室的途中,回忆起了初次与rebecca相见的场景。她的写作风格布满想象的泡泡,或者细细描绘Thompson的衣着之色,又或者刻画她初次婚礼所打理的发型,尽管现实里Thompson并未留下一张她初婚的照片。然而这虚构的情节却一反世人为她们所定性的刻板的职业女性形象,恰到好处地丰富了一个女人所拥有浪漫温馨的家庭生活的一面。When she was 21 West had an illegitimate son with H.G. Wells, 26 years her senior and then on his second wife, before marrying Henry Andrews, a banker, who was frequently unfaithful and suffered early from a form of dementia. Thompson was married three times and also had a son, with Sinclair Lewis, her second husband and winner of the Nobel prize in literature. Resentful of their mothers after lonely childhoods, both sons married young before abandoning their first wives, pursued unrealistic ambitions, and, when they proved unsuccessful, demanded lifelong financial assistance.West在21岁时与年长她26岁的H.G.Wells生下了一个非婚子之后便成为了他的第二任妻子。第二任丈夫Henry Andrews是早年罹患痴呆症并在婚姻生活中频繁出轨的家。Thompson历经三次婚姻,同样育有一子,是与第二任丈夫,荣获诺贝尔文学奖的Sinclair Lewis所生。两位儿子不满他们的母亲专注工作而导致自己孤寂残缺的童年,在首次婚姻中,妻室尚在却与年轻女子重婚,并追寻着不切实际的梦想,当最终幻灭之时,又央求母亲终身的经济援助。The danger of the books title refers to the effects of their ambitions to be, as Thompson put it, “something no other woman has been yet”. Both women turned out to be poor parents, even if they came up to roughly the standard expected of working fathers of the time; both chose work and travel over their child, sent them away to school and placated them with lavish gifts. Ms Hertog poignantly renders the conflict between maternal instinct and the desire for realisation of ambition, backed by a fear of diminished “intellectual lustre” and of becoming lost in a “cocoon of domesticity”. Thompson and West undoubtedly chose work over family, but in doing so helped to break down barriers, not only for women journalists but for all working women.剑走偏锋的书名披露了她们的事业野心,正如Thompson所说,这是“其他女性未曾经历的一切”。两位女士在养育子女方面是失败的典范,虽然可以说她们大致符合那个时代在外打拼的爸爸的标准:在子女年纪尚小时便投身事业周游列国,并且将儿子打发到学校,又用奢华的礼物慰藉他们缺乏母爱的童年。在担心以家庭为重会埋没聪颖天资与害怕投身事业会为家庭所茧缚而带来失落感的进退维谷的情境下,Hertog女士入木三分地刻画了母爱的天性与实现事业宏愿的冲突所带来的苦痛。两位女性毫不迟疑地选择了后者,但正因为这个选择,才帮助了千万女性记者乃至所有的在职女性跨越了世间予以她们的枷锁。 /201304/234537广州白云治疗不孕不育哪家医院专业 梅州输卵管复通医院哪家好

江门微创手术去哪好 Obituary;David Kato;讣告;大卫·卡多;David Kato Kisule, a gay campaigner in Uganda, died on January 26th, aged 46. 乌干达同性恋者大卫·卡多1月26日被害,现年46岁。To the 935 pupils at St Herman Nkoni primary school, on the Masaka-Mbarara road, the slight, bookish-looking, soft-voiced man with the thick-lensed glasses was a pretty good head teacher. But to Ugandas tabloid magazines, such as Red Pepper and Rolling Stone, he was a monster: a “bum-driller”, ever seeking “shaftmates” for “romping sessions”. To the sponsors of Ugandas anti-homosexuality bill of , which required witnesses to report homosexual activity within 24 hours, and which proposed the death sentence for repeat offending, he was a deviant and a corrupter of innocent boys. In the sermons of the evangelical Christian pastors who toured round Ugandas towns, he was a dog, a pig, possessed by devils. Even the Anglican priest who conducted his funeral broke off to shout that he was worse than a beast, because animals at least knew the difference between a male and a female.圣赫尔曼尼日尔小学位于马萨卡-马巴拉路上,对于这里的935名小学生来说,这个身体瘦小,书生气十足,和声细气,并戴着一副厚厚眼镜的人曾是一名非常非常好的老师。但是对于像红辣椒和滚石这样的乌干达小报杂志来说,他就是一个怪物:一个为了消遣一直在寻找姘头的同性恋。年通过的乌干达反同性恋法案,要求目击者必须在24小时内报告自己所看到的同性恋行为,此法案还建议对屡教不改者实行死刑。对该法案的持者来说,他藐视法案而且还会教坏孩子们。福音派基督教牧师在乌干达各地的巡讲中称他是魔鬼的走。甚至为他主持葬礼的英国圣公会牧师也称他还不如一个畜生,畜生至少还能分清楚公母。David Kato was one of a group so tiny, hated and hounded—indeed, illegal—that most Ugandans had never knowingly met one. Gays like him called themselves kuchus, meaning “same”, as in “same-sex”. He was not the same in any way ordinary Ugandans cared to recognise.大卫·卡多所属的组织很小,且招人厌恶,有不断的麻烦,事实上,它还是非法的。因此,大多数乌干达人刻意的躲开它。像他那样的人都自称“kuchus”,意思是“相同”,因为他们都有相同的性别。他和普通乌干达人一点都不一样。His neighbours in Nansana and Mukono, the districts near Kampala where he lived at various times, admitted that he could be generous and kind. He paid for electricity wires to be put up locally, settled peoples hospital bills, took drifters in when they were homeless. But this, they told the tabloids, was because he was “filthy loaded” with foreign dime, most of it donated to him for sping a Western evil in Uganda, and a lot of the money was used as bribes for sexual favours. It was dangerous to get too close to him, because of his love for bums. His cleaning woman (who observed which young men came and went, and who stayed the night) noticed that he was tired on the day he was killed, and put it down to AIDS. A doctor took the false story on: Mr Kato was HIV-positive, and sping it around, despite the governments campaign to keep AIDS in check. An ex-homosexual called Paul Kagaba claimed that he had been irreparably seduced into evil in Mr Katos white house with the columns along Villa Road, after a couple of Guinnesses and a takeaway meal. He implied he was one of many.大卫·卡多曾于不同时期在坎帕拉附近的南萨那和木叩诺居住过,那里的邻居承认他非常友好,大方。他为架设当地的电线付款,解决人们的医疗费用,为无家可归的流浪者提供住宿。但是,他们告诉小报,他做的所有这些都是因为他有很多外资,而其中大部分捐给他是让其在乌干达宣扬西方的邪恶文化,还有很多被他用来当做性取乐的资本。跟他走的太近非常危险,因为他对屁股又特殊的喜爱。他的女清洁工(负责观察记录哪个年轻男子来了,哪个走了,哪个留下过夜了)注意到被杀害那天,他很疲惫,她把这归咎于艾滋病。一位医生继续了这个错误的故事:卡多先生是HIV病毒携带者,并且还到处传播,置政府的控制艾滋病政策于不顾。一位叫保罗·卡嘎巴的前同性恋者声称,在卡多先生别墅路旁带有大圆柱的“白宫”里,他喝了几杯啤酒,吃了外卖,之后就被引诱做了无法弥补的邪恶事情。他暗示他只是众多被引诱者之一。In Mr Katos mind there were only two ways to deal with being gay in Uganda. The first was to hide, to seek the dark. This was how he had first encountered the gay scene in Kampala in the late 1990s, after hearing rumours of a night party in some gardens outside the city and deciding he had to gatecrash. The party hosts, suspicious of his eagerness, gave him the wrong address; they did not want him to find this secret, illegal gathering among the trees. When he gave interviews to Western media it was often in dark alleys or deserted bars, face shadowy and close to the camera, or on some red-dirt road out of town, while he kept nervously walking.在卡多先生看来,在乌干达作为一名同性恋,你只可能有两种生活。第一种生活就是躲藏,去寻找黑暗。他听到了一些关于在城外的花园里举行深夜聚会的传言,并且决定一定要去,就这样他于19世纪90年代末在坎帕拉第一次见到了同性恋场景。然而,聚会的组织者对他的如此主动和渴望产生了怀疑,给了他一个错误的地址,他们不希望他找到这个秘密——暗中进行了非法集会。他在接受西方媒体采访时总是喜欢选在黑暗的街道或人烟稀少的酒吧,坐的离摄影机很近并且把脸部遮起来,再或者选在城外的土路上,他一边紧张的踱着步子,一边接受采访。The second way of being gay, however, was to be out and proud. This was what he preferred, despite the risks. In 1998, just back from a few years of teaching in South Africa—where he had seen apartheid fall, and the old anti-sodomy laws with it, and had decided at last to admit his homosexuality—he held a televised press conference to start the push for gay rights in his own country. The police beat him up afterwards, the first of several beatings (he would show the scars on his head, where bottles had been broken on him), and arrested him, the first of three arrests. Not deterred, in 2004 he co-founded Sexual Minorities Uganda to campaign against the anti-homosexuality bill and general prejudice. He was the groups litigation officer, partly because he knew his way round the mazes of the law, but mostly because he was loud, impatient, demanding, angry (too much so, when the beer got to him), and didnt care that his face was now “Gay Uganda” for the tabloids.作为同性恋的第二种生活方式就是骄傲的走出去。尽管这样做有危险,但卡多先生更喜欢这种生活方式。他在南非教了几年书,在那里他看到了种族隔离制度和陈腐的反同性恋法的消亡,并且最后决定承认自己的同性恋身份,因此,1998年,他刚从南非回来就举行了电视新闻发布会,开始在自己的祖国争取同性恋的权利。随后他就遭到了警察的毒打,这只是第一次(他头上还留着被瓶子砸过后的伤疤),而且被捕了,也是他三次被捕中的第一次。他并没有被吓倒,2004年他联合建立了乌干达性少数派组织来对抗反同性恋法案和大众的偏见。他是这个组织的诉讼官,一部分是因为他了解法律,能够在其中游刃有余,但大部分是因为他很喜欢表达自己,没有耐心,要求很高,容易发怒(喝了啤酒之后更是如此),而且对小报上说他是“乌干达同性恋先生”也毫不在意了。When, last October, Rolling Stone ran a front-page article on “homos” recruiting in the schools, promising to expose 100 of them and calling for them to be hanged, Mr Kato was one of three who sued the magazine. He was the only one who went to court to state his case that homosexuals were born, not made, and therefore could not be recruited. He had known he was different as a child growing up in Nakawala, his ancestral village; his twin brother, John, had noticed it too, and simply laughed when, after years, he came out to him.去年10月份,滚石杂志发表了一篇头版头条文章,细数了在学校中的同性恋者,希望曝光其中的100人并呼吁把他们处以绞刑,有3个人起诉了这家杂志社,卡多先生就是其中之一。卡多先生是唯一一个到法庭陈述案情的人,他称同性恋也是人生出来的并不是造出来的,因此也不能被雇佣。他知道作为一名在他故乡那卡瓦拉村长大的孩子,他是与众不同的;他的双胞胎哥哥,约翰也注意到了这点,几年之后,他们再次见面时,他会心的笑了。The new year looked propitious. On January 3rd a judge ruled against Rolling Stone; Mr Kato received compensation of 1.5m Ugandan shillings, or 0. It was not much, but it was the principle that mattered. Meanwhile, debate was suspended on the anti-homosexuality bill, partly as a result of world pressure that he had helped to stir.新的一年看起来运气还不错。1月3号法官判滚石杂志败诉;卡多先生收到了150万乌干达先令的赔偿,约合640美元。数目并不大,但重要的是这个结果。期间,关于反同性恋法案的争论一直没有停止,部分是他所引起的外部世界施压的结果。Young men continued to mill around his house. One of them was a thief well known in the area: a rough part of town, with 15 iron-bar attacks in two months. Police assumed that when Mr Kato was bludgeoned to death with a hammer, on the afternoon of January 26th, he was just another victim in the series. Gay groups blamed the tabloids for incitement. Neighbours, hanging about, noticed with surprise that his blood on the walls looked much the same as theirs.年轻人继续在他家周围聚集。其中一个是这个地区出名的小偷,这是城中很不平静的一个区域,在两个月内发生了15起铁棒袭击事件。警察推断1月26日下午,卡多先生被用短棒袭击致死事件就是这一系列事件之一。同性恋组织责备那些小报在其中进行了煽动。闲逛的邻居们吃惊的发现墙上卡多先生的鲜血依然清晰可见,就像他们自己的一样。 /201301/220038广州市盆腔炎哪家医院最好的广东长安医院是三甲医院吗



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