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湖州双眼皮手术一般要多少钱湖州哪个祛斑好Brett: Hi, Dr. Mollie. Could I speak to you a few minutes?布雷特:嗨,莫丽士我能跟你说几分钟话吗?Dr. Mollie: Certainly. Have a seat.莫丽士:当然请坐Brett: Im really enjoying your psychology class and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.布雷特:我真的很喜欢上您的心理学课程,我想知道我能否问您几个问题Dr. Mollie: Sure, go ahead.莫丽士:当然,问吧Brett: Well, I have a friend who is nervous all the time, especially around other people. Could he have a serious problem?布雷特:好吧,我有一位朋友,他总是紧张兮兮的,尤其是在有人的时候他的问题严重吗?Dr. Mollie: It hard to say without knowing your friend, but he may have an anxiety disorder or some type of phobia.莫丽士:这很难说,因为我还不了解你的朋友,但是他可能患有焦虑症或者某种类型的恐惧症Brett: I was afraid of that. Well, I have another friend who has mood swings all the time and washes his hands 50 times a day.布雷特:我很担心他还有另一位朋友,他总是情绪波动,并且每天要洗手50次Dr. Mollie: Again, I dont know your friend so it hard to make a diagnosis, but he may have a bipolar disorder and may also be obsessive-compulsive.莫丽士:还是那句话,我不了解你的朋友,所以很难做出诊断不过他可能患有躁郁症,同时可能患有强迫症Brett: That sounds really serious. Well, I have another friend who doesnt eat and sits around all day playing with fire. That bad, isnt it?布雷特:这听起来很严重我还有一位朋友,他不吃饭,整天坐在那里玩火这样很糟糕,不是吗?Dr. Mollie: It could be. Your friend may have an eating disorder and his interest in fire may indicate that he has pyromania, but it very hard to say.莫丽士:可能是的你朋友可能患有进食障碍,他对火感兴趣表明他有纵火癖,不过也不能确定Brett: Did I mention that he likes to steal things, too?布雷特:我跟你提过吗,他还喜欢偷东西?Dr. Mollie: People who feel compelled to steal may have kleptomania. Who are all of these friends youre talking about? Do I know them?莫丽士:有些人迫使自己去偷窃,可能有偷窃癖你说的这些朋友都是谁啊?我认识吗?Brett: No, definitely not.布雷特:不,你肯定不认识Dr. Mollie: Hmm, would your “friends” like to make an appointment with a therapist? It sounds like it may be a good idea.莫丽士:嗯,那你的“朋友们”愿意预约治疗师吗?这个主意听起来不错Brett: No, no. My “friends” wouldnt like that. He has a real fear of doctors.布雷特:不,不我的“朋友们”不愿意他真的很害怕医生原文译文属! 98湖州第六医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 Lucinda: You look tired. Are you all right?露辛达:你看起来很疲惫你还好吗?Elan: Im fine. It this clinical trial Im enrolled in. Im suffering from some side effects.依兰:我很好我报名参加了临床试验现在我正饱受副作用的折磨Lucinda: Are they serious?露辛达:你是说真的吗?Elan: No, theyre not too bad. I was told to expect some adverse reactions in the first weeks of the pilot study. I guess that why only a small group of volunteers is taking part right now. It so they can judge the drug effectiveness bee the pharmaceutical company does a large-scale trial.依兰:不,事情没那么糟我被告知在试点研究的前几个星期有可能会出现不适反应现在我才明白,这就是为什么只有一小部分志愿者参加的原因只有这样,制药公司才能在大规模生产之前判断药物的疗效Lucinda: At least you know youre not in the group getting a placebo.露辛达:至少你知道你不是那一组用安慰剂的成员Elan: Who knows? I hope not. If I successfully get through this first phase, Ill get a full dose of the drug in phase two.依兰:谁知道?我希望不是如果我能成功通过第一阶段,那么第二阶段我将用整剂药Lucinda: Then you may once and all be rid of Podcaster Disease.露辛达:那么你可能会一劳永逸地根除“播客人疾病”Elan: I really hope so. No one should go through life sounding like a podcaster.依兰:真希望如此没有人应该像播客那样虚度一生原文译文属! 31湖州曙光整形美容医院好不好

浙江湖州市麦格假体隆胸多少钱I was so glad it was Friday afternoon. I've been thinking--TGIF--all day. I was on my way out of the office when I saw Nick sitting at his desk. Even though the office was nearly empty, he didn't look like he was y to leave. In fact, he looked like he was still swamped with work. Linda: Hi, Nick. You're here late.Nick: Yeah, it looks like this may be an all-nighter. I just got a project dumped in my lap.Linda: You're kidding! On Friday afternoon? What happened?Nick: Well, the person who was put in charge of this project went on maternity leave this week and the person who was supposed to take it over just resigned.Linda: I can't believe that. When is the deadline? I hope you're getting some extra help.Nick: The project is due first thing Monday morning. And, with the lay-offs recently, I think I'm on my own on this one.Linda: Why don't you bring me up to speed? Maybe I can help. Nick: No, it's Friday. You look like you're about to head home. I can't ask you to do that.Linda: I don't have any big plans tonight. So, I'll tell you what. I'm having some trouble finishing the budget on my proposal and I know you're a whiz at numbers. Why don't I stay and help you with your project the next few hours and you can give me a hand with my budget next week.Nick: That's really nice of you. It would be a big relief. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed and I know you've done a project like this bee. Okay, you've got a deal! Linda: Good! Now, let's see what we've got.Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 019567湖州妇保医院美容整形科 Time School 6湖州中医院切眼袋手术多少钱

德清县第三人民医院做去疤手术多少钱 Fighting a cold对抗感冒How do you fight a cold?你怎样和感冒作斗争?When I get sick, I think every kind of bad strategy is manageable.当我生病时,我认为每一种不好的办法都是可行的Perhaps you can let me know some ways to get over a cold or give me some ideas that I haven’t tried yet the next time I get sick.也许下次我生病时你可以告诉我些方法来摆脱感冒抑或是我还没有尝试过的方法I try to dress warmly;我试着穿暖;I often use the humidifier;我经常使用加湿器;I drink tea, I suck on oranges;我喝茶,我吃桔子I eat plenty of soup;我喝很多汤;I gargle warm salt water;我用温和的盐水漱口;I take plenty of vitamin C.我用很多的维生素CIf that doesnt work, I go to the doctor.如果这都不行,我就会去看医生Sometimes I even go to the bathhouse and hang out the sauna to treat me through the hot stream.有时我甚至去澡堂蒸桑拿通过热流贯穿全身One time I went to the sauna and had to keep a towel over my head because the steam room was full of guys with dragon tattoos all over their bodies.有一次我去蒸桑拿,我必须用一条毛巾包住我的头,因为桑拿室内都是身体上纹满了龙纹身的男子们Most of all, I just try to get some rest.最重要的是,我只是想好好休息It seems that the body does certain natural healing while you sleep.看来是在你睡觉的时候人体会进行某些自愈I wonder if I am doing enough.我想自己十分做的足够多Once again, if you can think something I am missing or doing wrong.再一次,如果你想到我落下或做错的Please let me know.请让我知道That would really help me out the next time I catch a cold.那在我下次我感冒的时候真的能帮助我渡过难关Talk about it谈论下面的话题:How often do you get sick?你多久会生一次病?Do you go to the doctor when you sick?当你生病的时候你会去看医生吗?How long do you stay sick ?你会病多久?Do you still go to work or school when you are sick?当你生病的时候,你还是会去上班或上学吗?How do you take care of a cold?你如何应对感冒?Do you know any home remedies taking care of a cold?你知道有什么偏方治疗感冒吗?What was the worst part about having a cold?关于患感冒最糟糕的地方是什么?What are some strategies preventing a cold?有什么预防感冒的策略吗? 187777湖州怎么样让皮肤变白有光泽湖州南浔区红蓝光去痘费用



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