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Arthur:You know that youve taken on an impossible task, right?亚瑟:你知道自己已经接手了一个不可能完成的任务吗?Martha:Teaching you to dance?玛莎:你指的是教你跳舞?Im sure youre selling yourself short.我肯定你低估了自己Arthur:No, really, I have two left feet.亚瑟:不,是真的,因为我笨手笨脚Im completely uncoordinated and have no sense of rhythm. Im just not cut out dancing.我完全不协调,而且没有节奏感我就是不适合跳舞Martha:Let not get ahead of ourselves.玛莎:咱们先别走路都不会就想着一步登天Well just start by loosening up and swaying to the music.我们刚开始只是放松,跟着音乐摇摆You dont even need to swing your hips yet.你甚至臀部都不需要动Arthur:That good, because I dont think I can learn even the simplest dance steps.亚瑟:这倒不错,因为我想自己甚至连最简单的舞步都学不会Martha:Not only will I teach you some useful dance steps, well put together a dance routine down the line.玛莎:我不但会教你一些有用的舞步,而且我们还会一起舞蹈Arthur:That seems like a pipe dream to me.亚瑟:对我来说,这似乎只在梦中才能实现Martha:Nonsense. Bee long, dancing to you will be as eftless as breathing.玛莎:少说多干不久,你舞跳的就会像呼吸一样轻松Arthur:But until then, Ill look and feel like a dancing hippo!亚瑟:但在那之前,我看起来感觉就像一只跳舞的河马! 57After Adrian Mocerian's real estate business went bust and his friend Mark Jordan got laid off, they travelled all the way from Tennessee to Chicago to an empty parking lot, outside of this Vienna Beef factory, to learn how to sell hot dogs."I slide my thumb so I'm not crushing the bun top.Enrollment has doubled. Tuition "Wiener Work 1" will run you 00 dollars. But a year-round vendor has the potential to be pretty lucrative. Business is up 5%.Whenever the economy has turned sour, the recession or whatever, there's always been an increase in mobile vending hot dog carts.Jack Beller works at one of the largest vendor cart companies in the country. Business is heating up, especially now. Between Memorial day and Labor day, just a three-month span, Americans eat about 7 billion hot dogs. Food like hot dogs, I would consider the comt food. And I would expect that's one of the pop reasons they are popular. Also in the terms of down economy, people tend to eat more comt foods. He calls this the most basic m of capitalism, and it has its advantages. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, and it's an all-cash business with very little overhead. Usually the permitting from whatever municipality you are in is a couple hundred dollars a year at most.So how much will this cart run?This cart will run about ,00. The average hot dog costs 5 cents. Most vendors sell a hot dog .50. If you sold 0 hot dogs a day , working five days a week, you'd clear ,500 a year; 50 hot dogs a day, more than 80,000 dollars a year. Sounds like a cake some could really relish. Linsey Davis, A news.词汇失业了,卖热去Go bust: 失败,破产Lucrative: 赚钱的,有利可图的a lucrative investment 赚钱的投资Overhead: 一般管理费;日常开relish1.喜好;乐于She won't relish having to do the household chores every day.她不喜欢每天料理家务.欣赏;玩味;品尝I don't relish ham salad.我不喜欢吃火腿色拉. 899Sharon Stone enrages ChinaSharon Stone may suffer a backlash in China following her comments regarding the earthquake as a "bad carma" the Chinese government's policy in Tibet Reuters.Sharon Stone is big in China, but this picture may soon be removed. Christian Dior is pulling adverts featuring the Hollywood actress after comments she made last week. She suggested the recent earthquake could be bad karma or punishment the government’s policy in Tibet."I think she is ridiculous, people from all over the world have shown their sympathy the disaster. She is an international super star went too far saying something like that. It’s just proved she is not a good character. "The Basic Instinct star made her comments during the Cannes Film Festival last week. Just a year bee that she was receiving awards in Shanghai. It's been an extrodinary experience me to come to China, and experience the amazing aspects of your culture.At least, 68,000 people died as a result of the recent earthquake, it took place just months after China’s handling of unrest in Tibet sparked an international outcry. Like most Tibetans Stone is Buddhist. And her comments have now reached China’s eign Ministry. "We are aware of the comments that Ms. Stone made, today I also notice that she passed on her apologies to the Chinese people through her agent. We hope that the efts made by the Chinese government and the Chinese people can be recognized fully by the international commy."The Beijing Times claims Chinese cinema won’t be showing any Stone films. But the number of eign movies distributed is limited anyway and it seems Stone does regret what she says. Perhaps, say some, she is the one experiencing the bad karma.Sonia Legg, Reuters. Basic Instinct——本能,莎朗斯通凭此剧出名 6

The Lewis and Clark Expedition; Famous Authors: Anne Rice; to generate versus to create versus to make; a tad off target; run-on sentenceWords:expeditioncorpsto lay claim tonavigablefur trapperto split upjournalmanifest destinybicentennialvampireoff-and-on relationshipto renounceto generateto createto makea tadoff targetrun-on sentence 3655

6  Marriage Views of One-child Generation in China  The 6.1 million children received certificates of their single-child status in 1979 when China first carried out the ;one-child; policy. Now China first one-child generation has aly grown up into marriage and childbearing age. However, their attitudes towards marriage are different from those in the early 1980s and 1990s. Nowadays marriage has become more complicated. The two parties are placing more emphasis on after-marriage life quality and stability of family life, in addition to social and economic status.  The children above twenty years old from the one-child families are more tolerant towards premarital sex than those of the same age from multi-children families. ;In fact, premarital sex goes a long way in helping both sides to understand each other better. It is not harmful as long as it doesnt go too far;, said Miss Li, an employee with a publishing house.  Since the 1990s, extra-marital relationships such as mistress-fostering have become less uncommon, resulting in psychological fear among the youth nowadays. So it is becoming quite common to have a trial marriage, Unsatisfactory sex is one of the major reasons divorces, theree premarital sex, in this sense, may help avoid unhappy marriages.  Freedom and late marriage are popular new attitudes towards marriage among China first one-child generation. In the past, it was a natural thing to get married and bear a child at the age of about twenty-four. Because it was considered an important responsibility to carry on the family line, young people still single after twenty-four were then considered ;odd;. However, nowadays it is odd most young people to get married at an earlier age.  Some sociologists pointed out that, to the new generation, marriage was just a choice of lifestyle. Young people can decide when to get married and choose their partners freely according to their economic status and emotional needs.  A pessimistic opinion on marriages involving the one-child generation holds that such marriages would go through difficulties out of personality and social conflicts. Young people are rushing in and out of marriages; many marriages are short-lived. In most young people mind, real love is all about passion. Marriage is dead once the passion is gone.  What are the advantages of such marriages compared with those in the past? Marriages involving the one-child generation are more mutually compensating. Children brought up in the one-child families feel lonely as they as they have no brothers or sisters company. And marriage will make up their loneliness. In addition, the one-child generation is in a comparatively stronger and more stable economic situation, which to some extent ensures the stability of the family lifestyle. Their marriages also have more advantages in the education of their children, as they themselves are usually well educated and socially active. 18668hearing aid助听器,supervisor负责人,parcel包裹Hearing AidA woman rushed into the post office and wanted to see the supervisor. I asked, “What’s the trouble?”“I went out this morning,” she began, “and when I came home I found a card saying the mailman tried to deliver a package but no one was home. My husband was in all morning. He never heard a thing!”After apologizing, I got her the parcel. “Oh, good,” she gushed. “we’ve been waiting this ages.”“What is it?” I asked.“My husband’s new hearing aid.”助听器一位妇女冲进邮局,要见负责人我问她:“出了什么问题?”她说:“今天早上我出去了回来的时候看到一张卡片,说邮差送来一个包裹,但家里没有人接我丈夫一上午都在家,根本就没有听到有什么”我向她道了歉,又给她拿来了包裹她说:“噢,太好了,我们已经等了好久了”我问她那是什么,她说:“我丈夫的新助听器”1.supervisor负责人具体说来,supervisor可以指很多种职务,比如“(政府)指导者、管理人”、“镇长、区长”、“(学校)视导员”、“(铁路)工务段线路主任”billing supervisor票据管理员;sales supervisor销售监管;line supervisor生产线主管. mailman邮递员这是美式英语中“邮递员”的说法,而在英式英语中,“邮递员”是postman.3. package包裹也可以指有关联的一组事物:a package of rems一整套改革;an emergency package一整套应急措施Your hotel suite, transportation and taxi fares were paid in the package.你的旅馆套房、旅费和出租汽车费都已一并付清. deliver投递还有“发表”的意思:He delivered his speech effectively.他演讲生动有力也有“投,掷”的意思:deliver a flashing smile投以微笑也可以指“拉票”:deliver the necessary votes拉必须的选票5.apologize道歉apologize about/ sth.对…表示道歉;apologize to sb.向某人道歉6.gush滔滔地说话All the girls gushed about the movie star.姑娘们滔滔不绝地谈论那个电影明星还有“喷涌”的意思:His eyes gushed sudden tears.他突然泪如泉涌gush还可以作名词:a gush of enthusiasm热情奔放;a gush of pleasure一阵高兴 79roaster供烤食的食物(土豆、鸡等),butcher肉贩,counter柜台I’ll Take All ThreeWhen a woman requested a whole roaster at the market, the butcher didn’t let on that the bird was the last one.“Do you have one a little larger? ”she asked.“Of course,”said the butcher. He took the roaster behind the counter, away from view, and made a lot of noise rolling it around the ice as if he were searching just the right chicken. He then showed the same bird to her.“Better,”she said. “Do you have one with a little more meat on it?”He took the chicken, rolled it in the ice and offered it up a third time.“Great,”the woman said. “I’ll take all three.”三只我都买了当一个女顾客说她要买一只整鸡的时候,卖肉的人没有告诉她这是最后一只她问:“有没有比这只大一点的?”卖肉的说:“当然”他把这只鸡拿到柜台后面看不见的地方,把鸡放在冰上滚得沙沙响,好像正在找一只合适的鸡然后,他把同一只鸡拿给她看她说:“这只好一点,还有没有肉多一些的?”他又拿这只鸡放在冰上滚,然后拿上来第三次给她看她说:“太好了,三只我都买了!”1.request要求. I request her to go alone.我要求她自己一个人去Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits.参观者请勿触摸展品request a loan from a bank请求贷款request也可以作名词,有“要求/需求”的意思:meet a request to do sth.满足做某事的要求. Do they play requests on this radio show?电台在这挡广播中播放点播节目吗?.butcher肉贩还可以指“屠夫/侩子手/凶手/笨蛋”等等作动词可以指“屠宰/大肆屠杀/残害/糟蹋”等:Don’t butcher that song by singing off key.别唱走调而糟蹋了那首歌3.let on泄密/流露真情:He never let on that he was married.他从不透露自己已经结婚Never let on to anybody.千万别对任何人说还有“假装”的意思:She likes to let on that she is rich.她喜欢装模作样,让人以为她很有钱.counter柜台a lunch counter柜台式长餐桌还可以指“筹码/硬币/本钱”等等5.roll滚动.The coin rolled under the table.硬币滚到桌子下面去了Rally drivers sometimes have the mistune to roll.拉力赛车手有时会遭遇翻车之灾还有“滔滔不绝”的意思:Sharp retorts roll from the tongues of the people he characterizes.尖锐的反驳滔滔不绝地出自他所塑造的人物6.search寻找The policemen are still searching survivors of the plane crash.警察仍在搜寻飞机失事的幸存者search into a matter深入调查一件事 5

Voice : The problem of counterfeit drugs is not only in Nigeria. It is not only in developing countries. It is a problem in many parts of the world — including Britain and the ed States. Akunyili says that international action is needed. She said,声音:假药并不仅仅是尼日利亚存在的问题也不仅仅是发展中国家的问题这是世界许多地方共同存在的问题,这在英国和美国也是问题阿库尼丽表示现在需要的是国际行动她说,Voice 3: ;(Removing) counterfeit drugs should be treated as an international health emergency.;声音3:“清除假药应该被看作是国际卫生紧急事件”Voice 1: Akunyili says that increasing public knowledge has produced big results in Nigeria. Many true drug companies fear losing business if news of fake drugs becomes public. But Akunyili urges nations to be more open and honest. People lives are at risk. She points out that making the problems public will help the true drug companies in the end. People will be surer that the drugs they take are safe. This can only be good the drug industry and sick people. It is a fight that Dora Akunyili knows is worth it.声音1:阿库尼丽表示,不断增加的公共知识在尼日利亚产生了重大效果许多真药公司担心,一旦假药新闻被公开,他们会失去生意阿库尼丽敦促各国更加开放和真诚人们的生命面临危险她指出,公开这些问题最终将对真药公司有益人们会更加确定,他们用的药物是安全的这对药品行业和患者来说都是好事朵拉·阿库尼丽知道这是一场值得的斗争译文属 836Cellphone translator 手机翻译 Cellphone software provides bidirectional audio translation between English and Chinese Welcome to JaJah Paypal to translate m English to Chinese, press 1 to translate from Chinese to English, press …And it's really that simple--using your cell phone and software fittingly called Baybal from a Silicon Valley company called Jajah to translate your English phrases "please tame me to my hotel"into Chinese. Jajah CEO Trevor Healey showed us how dialing one number can make your Olympic trip to Beijing more talkative. The combination of three technologies, voice over IP technology,real time translation technology, and then voice recognition technology. It's not perfect yet, but it's new and enventually this--becomes of this. "I am sorry I have no watch" I spoke this morning to, actually one of the Irish athletes who said that taxi drivers in Beijing don't understand the Olympic Village.So it certainly immediately needed the market.And all you need is your cellphone to make the world a smaller place one conversation at a time.Skut Budman From N News. 参考中文翻译:手机软件提供英语汉语双向翻译功能欢迎来到JaJah Paypal,1从英语翻译到汉语,……这的确很简单——适合的应用你的手机和软件致电硅谷名为Jajah的公司,将英语短语“please tame me to my hotel”翻译成汉语JajahCEO向我们演示了怎样拨打一个号码就可以让你在奥运旅途中更健谈主要依赖于加载IP的语音技术,实时翻译技术和语音识别技术三项技术的结合现在该技术还不完美,但这是一项新技术,最终会向完美方向发展“I am sorry I have no watch”今天早上我对一个爱尔兰运动员说了这句话,他曾说北京的出租车司机不明白Olympic Village是什么意思所以,该技术存在广泛的市场你只要有手机就可以在谈话中让世界变得更小 57566

Ask an American-Participatory Science; to attend versus to take part in versus to participate in versus to join; standalone versus to stand alone; hair of the dog that bit me Words:limited taxa citizens science project sample to involve the publicmobile technology latitude longitude to attend to take part into participate in to join standalone to stand alone hair of the dog that bit me 388Coney Island Roller Coaster Breaks Down科尼岛过山车卡壳A world-famous wooden roller coaster on New York’s Coney Island got stuck on the first run of the season this weekend. The Cyclone stalled bee the first drop, cing riders to get out and walk down the hill by foot. Though everyone escaped unharmed, many who were on the stalled roller coaster said the incident was terrifying. Some said they would get back in line when it was up and running again. The Cyclone has been in operation since 197.纽约科尼岛世界著名的木质过山车在夏天的“第一翻”里卡壳了龙卷风过山车在第一次下落前突然停滞在了空中,游客被迫徒步走下山顶尽管没有人员伤亡,但是乘坐那次过山车的游客称这简直太吓人了许多人说等过山车重新运转之后还要再排一次队龙卷风过山车自197年以来就开始运行译文属原创,,不得转载 367339In the secret world of North Korea, politics doesnt get much bigger than this, a rare meeting at the workers party. And the expectation is who could set the scene the handover of power from Kim Jong to his third youngest son.在朝鲜的秘密世界、政治不会比工会一次罕见的会谈大到哪去期望是一种金正日给他第三个最小的儿子现场交接政权的场景He may not be unveiled as Kim Jong Il successor. That may come later, but if he does, example, become a member of central committee, then we know things are in process.他也许不会被宣布成为金正日的继任者那以后可能会实现,但是如果他真的这么做,例如,成为中央的成员,那我们就知道事情已经在筹划过程当中Little is known about Kim Jong Un. This, a rare photo of him is a teenager. He is now in his late s.很少有人了解金正恩这是一张罕见的他是一个十几岁的青少年的照片他现在应该已经多岁Equally unclear is whether the entrenched aporatis in North Korean ruling party, in the North Korean military, particularly that reigns in their sixties, and seventies and so on will accept somebody who is not even thirty as the new leader.同样不清楚的是根深蒂固的朝鲜执政党,在北韩军队中,尤其是已经六十,七十多岁的老人是否可以接受甚至没有到三十岁的人成为新领导人Kim Jong Il served as the twenty years of -- by his father side, but with the daily announced 68 in poor health after suffering a stoke. Analysts believe succession plans will be accelerated.金正日二十年在他父亲身边,但他已经宣布自己68岁的身体已经病入膏肓分析家认为继承计划将会被很快实行If he can give his son a few years to consolidate his power, build the network of relationships within the security --, the military, the party. That will offer a well-off of a smooth succession. If he dies sooner than that there will be more uncertainty.如果他能给儿子几年时间巩固权力,建立;;;军队,政党内部关系安全网络这将提供其继任的顺利性如果他比那更早之前离开人世,将会有更多的不确定性Kim most recent trip to China may have been partly to build support his young son. Without Beijing the regime in Pyongyang will most likely collapse.金最近到中国的经历可能是为了建立持他年幼的儿子没有北京,平壤政权最有可能崩溃If China can totally kind of help North Korea flow, then it makes it easier the new regime to pursue instead of -- policies.如果中国可以以完全形式帮助朝鲜,追求新政权会更加容易,而不是;;政治作祟But the US, Sorth Korean and Japan, the steady coil is a problem, and analysts say there is little indication in that North Korea ruled by younger king would open up and end its illicit nuclear and missile programmes.但对于美国,韩国,日本和意大利而言、稳定的关系是一个问题,分析家说年轻国王几乎没有可能开放并结束其非法核武器和导弹计划John --, CNN in Beijing.CNN,约翰bull;波尔从北京为您发回的报道注:听力文本来源于普特 8

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