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数字语音务Husband:I’m so frustrated!真扫兴!Wife:what’s wrong,Jim?怎么了,Jim?Husband:I called the electronics shop to find out what time they close,and it took me twenty minutes to get what I wanted!我给电器店打电话问他们什么时候关门,可我花了二十分钟才弄清楚。Wife:Twenty minutes just to find out what their business hours are?二十分钟才查出他们的营业时间?Husband:yes.They have some sort of digital receptionist.So when I called in ,a machine told me to push a button for the department I wanted to be transferred to.是的。他们使用的是数字语音务。我打进电话后,机器告诉我按一个键接通要找的部门。Wife:Oh,I hate getting voicemail instead of a person.What did you do?我不喜欢语音务。你当时是怎么办的?Husband:I just kept pushing buttons.I was transferred to customer service,but there a machine told me to choose between technical help,warranty information,or price information.我不停地(根据提示)按键。先是接通的客户务部,可机器让我按键选择技术务,保修信息或是价格信息。Wife:Couldn’d you choose to be transferred to a real person?难道你就不能选择接通务人员?Husband:Eventually I did get to a real person.I found out the closing time,but by then the store had aly closed!最后,终于有个人接了我的电话。我知道了关门时间,但是那时已经关门了。 /05/69687。

Youd better hedge your bets.你最好给自己留条后路。hedge ones bets 直译过来就是:“用树篱笆围住某人的赌注”,在口语中表示努力使自己做到万无一失,避免可能的损失(尤指不只把钱投在一种生意上),所以这个习语的正确意思也就是:“躲避风险,留条后路”。因此,当美国人说;Youd better hedge your bets.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;You should leave yourself a route to retreat.;、;Leave yourself a way out.;。情景对白:Jane: Ive made up my mind and Im gonna submit my resignation after work today.简:我下定决心了,准备今天下班后递交辞呈呢。Shirley: Are you serious? Well, youd better hedge your bets. Dont fall out with the general manager while resigning.雪莉:你是认真的?好吧,你最好给自己留条后路。辞职时不要跟总经理闹翻。搭配句积累:①Dont rush to resign before contacting a new job.还没有联系好新工作以前,先不要忙着辞职。②Dont displease everyone before you quit.不要在你离开之前把所有人都得罪了。③Be sure to have your offer in hand before you resign.确保在递交辞呈之前已是聘书在手。④Keep in touch with coworkers you have worked with, for they may lend you a hand someday.和以前的同事保持联系,或许日后他们能帮到你。单词:1. hedge vt. 用篱笆围住Mr. Green began to hedge his courtyard in last year.去年格林先生开始把他的庭院用篱笆围起来。When Im asked about this on occasion, I hedge the question too.偶尔有人向我提这个问题时,我也避免直接回答。2. retreat vi. 退休,撤退Retreating soldiers were dousing homes and shops with petrol and setting them on fire.撤退的士兵把汽油浇到住宅和商店上,并放火焚烧。I believe people should live in houses that allow them to retreat from the harsh realities of life...我认为人们所居住的房子应该能让他们远离残酷的现实生活。3. resignation n. 辞呈Mr Morgan has offered his resignation and it has been accepted.根先生己经递交了辞呈,并已获准。We havent yet received his resignation.我们尚未收到他的辞呈。 /201308/253872。

killer instinct 野蛮本性英文释义 Strong inclination or desire to be ruthless and aggressive.例句 Our manager is intelligent and very competent, but his killer instinct makes everyone afraid to work with him, or to trust him.我们的经理聪明且很有才干,但他的野蛮性格让所有人害怕与他共事,也不愿信任他。 /201210/202869。

愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 14 /200710/18739。

第一句:We want to find out about your marine insurance.我们想询问你方的海运保险。A: We need to send a shipment to England.我们要把货物通过船运运往英国。B: No problem.没问题。A: We want to find out about your marine insurance.我们想询问你方的海运保险。第二句:We have insured the shipment for 130% of the invoice value.我们按发票全额的130%投保。A: We have insured the shipment for 130% of the invoice value.我们按发票全额的130%投保。B: Thats good.那很好。A: If you can accept this term, lets go to the next step.如果你们能够接受这项条款,我们讨论下一步。B: OK.好的。保险包括基本险(general risk)和附加险(additional risk)。基本险用来保船只安全,是必选的,附加险是用来保货物安全,是双方协商选的。其他表达法:What kind of insurance do you usually provide?你们通常提供什么样的保险?What kind of insurance can you suggest for these goods?你们建议给这些货物投什么样的保险? /201208/195940。

1.Custom broker 报关商 A: Why do we need a custom broker?B: They can get the shipment released quicker than we do.A:我们为什么需要报关商?B:因为他们可以帮助我们更快地通关。 2.Delivery time 交货期A: Did you get the defined delivery time? B: Yes. It will be in Korean plant on the 17th of April.A:你得到规定的交货期了吗?B:是的,4月17日在韩国工厂交货。 3.Freight car 火车A: How are you going to ship it?B: I plan to use railroad freight cars.A:你怎么运输啊?B:我计划使用铁路货运。4.Storage 仓库A: Do we need storage space in Dalian?B: Yes. We rented storage there.A:我们在大连需要仓库吗?B:是的,我们已经在那儿租了仓库。5.Tax free zone 保税区A: Is the storage in the tax free zone?B: Yes. If we need to ship it out of China, we don't have to pay taxes. A:仓库是在保税区吗?B:是的,如果要将货运出中国,我们不需要付税。 /200810/51441。

Jessica看到同事Claire情绪很低落。Jessica: Hey Claire, you look sad. Whats up?Claire: I guess I am a bit depressed.J: Having a bad hair day?C: (Chuckle) No, that not it.J: Come on. You can confide in me. I know how to keep a secret.C: OK... but you really have to keep this to yourself. I dont want to cause trouble.J: Wow. Sounds serious!C: You know my boss, Kevin?J: Sure...Ive met him at a couple of company functions.Jessica开玩笑,问Clare情绪低落是不是having a bad hair day. 说某人have a bad hair day意思是因为不顺,心情不好。 Jessica说自己嘴很严,所以Clair可以confide in me, 把秘密告诉我。Claire告诉Jessica说,事情跟自己的上司Kevin有关。听起来好象挺严重。C: Well, he keeps commenting on how pretty I am and he frequently touches my shoulders. He says I look tense and could use a massage.J: And this makes you uncomfortable, right?C: Yeah! I dont like it. I have a boyfriend and Im not interested in Kevin at all. Plus, hes my boss and its just a weird feeling!J: That sounds like sexual harassment to me!C: Really? Do you think its that serious?原来,Claire的上司Kevin经常夸她漂亮,还动手动脚,让Claire很不舒。Claire有男朋友,而且Im not interested in Kevin, 对Kevin没兴趣,所以感觉很奇怪。 Jessica肯定地说,这是性骚扰sexual harassment. 这么说性质可就严重了。J: The workplace is supposed to be a comfortable place to work in. You shouldnt have to be looking over your shoulder all day. Its the responsibility of a boss to make sure your workday is safe and productive.C: Well, every time he comes out to speak to me, I worry hes going to do or say something that makes me uncomfortable.J: Thats sexual harassment and its a crime!Jessica说,工作单位应该安全、舒适,员工不需要随时随地提心吊胆。You shouldnt have to be looking over your shoulder all day. Claire承认,每次 Kevin 跟她讲话,她都很紧张,生怕Kevin的举止会让自己感到别扭。不过,她又说...C: But overall he is a pretty good boss and most of the people in the office like him. I dont want to be the one to stir up trouble. Maybe Im too sensitive.J: Sexual harassment is a common problem. I remember I once had a boss who kept asking me out on a date...even though I was married and wearing my wedding ring!C: What did you do about it?Claire说,Kevin总的来说是个不错的老板;大家都很喜欢他,所以I dont want to be the one to stir up trouble. 不想当那个挑起是非的人. Jessica说,性骚扰是个很常见的问题,自己就曾遇到过一个老板,明知她已经结婚,还三番五次要跟她约会。Jessica是如何处理的呢?我们下次继续听。 /201301/219396。

大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: We have been in this line of business for more than twenty years. 我们经营这类商品已有二十多年的历史了。 /09/84270。

(一):What do you think of the schedule?这样安排可以吗?A: What do you think of the schedule?甲:这样安排可以吗?B: Really good.乙:非常好。这样安排可以吗: Heres your schedule. I hope its suitable.这是您的行程安排。希望适合您。Now have a look at your schedule, please. Is it all right?现在请看一下您的行程。这样可以吗? (二):The hotel is close to many major tourist attractions, such as the Purple Forbidden City. 酒店靠近众多主要旅游景点,如紫禁城。A: The hotel is close to many major tourist attractions, such as the Purple Forbidden City.甲:酒店靠近众多主要旅游景点,如紫禁城。B: Wow, thats wonderful.乙:哇唔,太棒了。酒店很不错:The hotel is in the shopping area.酒店座落在购物区里。The hotel has really nice swimming pool and attractive gardens.酒店的游泳池很棒,花园也很漂亮。The front area is quite dramatic and exudes the luxury.酒店前区很吸引人,流露出奢华。 /201409/331546。