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  • Thousands of Venezuelans streamed across the border into Colombia Sunday to purchase essential goods that have become impossible to find or purchase in their home country because of a severe economic crisis that has caused critical shortages.成千上万委内瑞拉人星期天通过边界涌入哥伦比亚,购买生活必需品。他们无法在国内买到这些必需品,原因是委内瑞拉发生严重经济危机,市场供应短缺。Many drove hours to take advantage of the 12-hour opening of the border between Tachira, Venezuela and Cucuta, Colombia.有些人开车几小时,就是为了赶上委内瑞拉的塔奇拉和哥伦比亚的库库塔之间边界开放12个小时。Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro closed the border last year for security reasons, but ordered Sunday#39;s temporary lapse.委内瑞拉总统马杜罗去年以安全为理由关闭了与哥伦比亚之间的边界,但是下令这个星期天临时开放。Venezuelans were able to stock up on items in Colombia that have become almost impossible to find or afford in Venezuela, like flour, oil, toilet paper, shampoo and medicines amid triple-digit inflation.委内瑞拉人在哥伦比亚囤积在委内瑞拉几乎已经买不到或者因为通货膨胀达到三位数而买不起的商品,比如面粉、油、卫生纸、洗发液和各类药物。Last week, hundreds of Venezuelans illegally crossed into Colombia in search of basic goods.上个星期,数以百计的委内瑞拉人非法进入哥伦比亚,寻找基本生活用品。The shortages are mainly blamed on the drop in oil revenues in Venezuela, a country that imports almost everything it consumes.委内瑞拉市场供应短缺主要被归咎于委内瑞拉石油收入下跌。这个国家几乎所有消费品都依靠进口。 /201607/453817。
  • B News – A Bill Leak cartoon published in The Australian newspaper depicts an Aboriginal man who has forgotten his son#39;s name. Indigenous groups said the cartoon was ;ugly, insulting and embarrassing;. But the paper#39;s editor said the cartoon brought a ;crucial issue; into the public domain.B新闻 – 发表在《澳大利亚人报》上的比尔.利克的卡通画描绘了一个忘记儿子名字的男人。土著人团体说,卡通画“丑陋,侮辱人,令人难堪”。但该报编辑说,卡通画把一个“紧要问题”带入了公众领域。In the cartoon, a police officer is shown bringing an Indigenous child to his father, saying: ;You#39;ll have to sit down and talk to your son about personal responsibility.; The father, who is barefoot and holding a beer can, asks: ;What#39;s his name then?;画中显示一名警官把一个土著儿童带到其父面前说:“你得坐下来跟你儿子谈谈个人责任的问题。”赤着脚,拿着个啤酒罐的父亲问道:“那他叫什么名字?”The cartoon comes in the wake of debate about the Northern Territory#39;s juvenile justice system and high incarceration rates among Indigenous youth. It appears to be a response to comments from Indigenous leader Noel Pearson, who said that Aboriginal people needed to take more responsibility for the behaviour of their children.这幅卡通画出现之前,刚刚发生过有关澳大利亚北方领地的少年司法制度和土著青年中高监禁率的辩论。卡通画似乎是对土著领袖诺埃尔.皮尔逊的作出的回应 – 皮尔逊说,土著人需要对他们孩子的行为负起更多责任。The SNAICC, a non-governmental group for Indigenous children and families, called the cartoon ;disgusting, disrespectful, and hurtful;, adding: ;Those involved in publishing such a clearly racist cartoon should be ashamed and should issue a public apology to all Australians.;为土著儿童和家庭务的非政府组织“全国土著和岛民儿童保育秘书处”(SNAICC)称这幅卡通画“讨厌,无礼,伤人”,还说:“那些参与刊登这样一幅种族歧视明显的漫画的报纸应当感到羞耻,应当对全体澳大利亚人作出公开道歉。”The Australian newspaper typically takes a right-wing position on social affairs, favouring individual responsibility and free-market economics over government spending and intervention. But it dedicates substantial resources to Indigenous affairs.《澳大利亚人报》通常在社会事务上采取右翼立场,偏向个人责任和自由市场经济,而不是政府出和干预。但它为土著人事务奉献了大量资源。The newspaper#39;s editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker, stood by the cartoon, saying too many people skirted around issues in Indigenous affairs. ;Bill Leak#39;s confronting and insightful cartoons force people to examine the core issues in a way that sometimes reporting and analysis can fail to do,; he said in a statement.该报主编惠特克持这幅卡通画,说太多的人回避土著人事务中的问题。“比尔.利克直面问题,富于洞察力的画以一种报道和分析有时无法做到的方式促使人们去审视核心问题。” /201608/461923。
  • RIO DE JANEIRO — In the campaign against mosquitoes, Brazil has deployed soldiers to destroy habitats where the insects thrive. Colombia is releasing swarms of mosquitoes treated with bacteria that limit their capacity to sp disease. Mexico is testing the first vaccine against dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus raging throughout the region.里约热内卢——为了消灭蚊子,巴西派遣士兵去摧毁蚊子滋生的栖息地。哥伦比亚放出了大批经过细菌处理的蚊子,该细菌可以限制蚊子传播疾病的能力。而墨西哥正在测试第一登革热疫苗,这种蚊媒病毒正在整个地区肆虐。Yet at each turn, mosquitoes are outwitting their human opponents, a challenge highlighted by the ed States’ decision to advise pregnant women to postpone traveling to more than a dozen Latin American or Caribbean countries and Puerto Rico where mosquitoes are rapidly expanding the reach of Zika, the virus linked to a surge in cases of infants born with brain damage.但是在每轮战斗中,蚊子都击败了人类对手,美国的一个决定更是突显了该问题的严重性——美国建议,计划前往十多个拉丁美洲和加勒比国家以及波多黎各的妇,应延期出行,因为在这个地区,蚊子正迅速扩大兹卡病毒(Zika)的传播范围。这种病毒可能导致婴儿出生时就患有脑损伤,目前这种病例出现了激增。The warning by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has intensified a debate across Latin America over the hemisphere’s growing vulnerability to mosquito-borne diseases. These concerns are especially acute in Brazil, the region’s largest country, where officials hope that tourism can help revive a beleaguered economy as they prepare to host the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.西半球对蚊媒传染病日益脆弱的防线,已经在拉丁美洲各地引发了争论,而亚特兰大的美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)发布的这项警告,更是加剧了这种争论。在巴西,人们的担忧尤为严重。巴西是该地区最大的国家,2016年夏季奥运会将在这里的里约热内卢举办,官员们寄望旅游业能有助于重振该国陷入困境的经济。Henrique Alves, Brazil’s tourism minister, took issue with the C.D.C.’s warning on Saturday. He argued that the Brazilian authorities were adopting measures to prevent Zika from intensifying in the country, even though health officials were investigating more than 3,500 cases of microcephaly, a previously rare condition linked to Zika in which infants are born with abnormally small heads.巴西旅游部长恩里克·阿尔维斯(Henrique Alves)对美国疾控中心上周六发布的警告表达了不满。阿尔维斯说,巴西当局正在采取措施,防止兹卡在该国蔓延;但是该国卫生官员正在调查逾3500起婴儿小头症(microcephaly)病例,这种与兹卡有关的疾病以前很罕见,患病婴儿在出生时头部小得不正常。Asked in a telephone interview if Brazil was a safe destination for pregnant women, Mr. Alves responded, “I think so, without a doubt,” emphasizing that his government’s decision to refrain from travel alerts regarding Zika coincided with World Health Organization’s policies.当被问及巴西作为旅游目的地对妇是否安全时,阿尔维斯在电话采访中说:“我想是的,毫无疑问。”他强调,巴西政府决定暂不发布有关兹卡的旅游警告,与世界卫生组织(WTO)的政策是一致的。Mr. Alves added that he expected the Zika outbreak to ease to the point so that the Olympics here in August would not be affected.阿尔维斯还说,他预计兹卡疫情将会有效缓解,不会影响8月在这里举办的奥运会。Yet others in Brazil applauded the C.D.C.’s alert, pointing to the country’s struggle not just with Zika, a virus with origins in Uganda that is thought to have made the leap to Brazil in 2014, but also with two other mosquito-borne viruses, dengue and chikungunya. Last year, Brazil registered more than 1.6 million cases of dengue, a virus causing fever and joint pain, with 863 people dying from the disease.但在巴西,其他人却对美国疾控中心发出的警告提出了称赞,指出该国不仅在努力控制兹卡病毒,还在与另外两种蚊媒病毒——登革热和基孔肯雅热(chikungunya)抗争。据信,源于乌干达的兹卡病毒于2014年传播至巴西。去年,巴西登记的登革热病例超过了160万例,有863人死于这种疾病。这种病毒会引起发烧和关节痛。Those infected with Zika usually experience mild or no symptoms. It is not known whether the virus alone causes microcephaly or if it occurs only if the mother has had a previous infection, like dengue.感染兹卡病毒的人通常出现轻微症状,或没有症状。目前尚不清楚小头症是否由这种病毒单独引起,还是只在母亲之前感染过登革热等病毒的情况下,才会发病。Zika has emerged as a health threat elsewhere in Latin America. In El Salvador, cases of Zika have escalated since it was first reported at the end of November. As of last week, 3,836 cases had been reported, and the government raised the alert level in 47 municipalities where the illness had been detected. The government is planning intensive fumigation campaigns in those areas.兹卡病毒还在拉丁美洲其他地方蔓延,成为健康威胁。在萨尔瓦多,自11月末首次通报兹卡病例以来,感染人数急剧增加。截至上周,该国已有3836个报告病例。政府在47个出现病例的市镇提高了警戒级别。政府正计划在这些地区开展密集的喷雾消毒行动。El Salvador’s Health Ministry is particularly concerned about the rise of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, which leads to paralysis, usually temporary; researchers are exploring a possible link between Guillain-Barré and Zika. Forty-six suspected cases of the syndrome had been reported as of last week, Violeta Menjívar, the Health minister, said in a radio interview.格利-巴林综合症病例的增加令萨尔瓦多卫生部尤其担心,这种疾病会导致瘫痪,瘫痪症状通常是暂时的。研究人员正在探究格林-巴利综合症与兹卡病毒之间的潜在联系。该国卫生部长维奥莱塔·蒙吉瓦尔(Violeta Menjívar)在接受电台采访时表示,截至上周,上报的格利-巴林综合症疑似病例已达到46例。Dr. Pablo Kuri Morales, Mexico’s undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, said in a telephone interview on Saturday that Mexico had diagnosed 15 cases of Zika, 10 of them in the state of Chiapas, on the border of Guatemala. He added that the authorities were preparing a television and radio campaign to warn everybody, especially women of reproductive age.周六,墨西哥疾病预防与健康促进部(Prevention and Health Promotion)副部长巴勃罗·库里·莫拉莱斯(Pablo Kuri Morales)士接受电话采访时表示,墨西哥已经诊断出15个兹卡病例,其中10例出现在靠近危地马拉边境的恰帕斯州。他还表示,当局正在准备发起电视及电台宣传,对所有人发出警告,特别是针对育龄妇女。Dr. Kuri said the C.D.C. was “within its rights” to issue the travel warning, but he argued that the blanket admonition did not make sense when the virus has appeared in only three Mexican states. The mosquitoes that carry the virus, he said, could not survive in the high altitudes of the central plateau, including Mexico City.库里士表示,美国疾控中心“有权利”发布旅游警告,但他辩称,墨西哥只有三个州出现兹卡病例,发布这种一刀切的警告不合情理。他表示,携带病毒的蚊子无法在高海拔的中央平原存活,包括墨西哥城。“I think it’s good to have these warnings,” he said, “but these things should be explained to people.”“我觉得发布警告是正确的,”他说。“但应该向人们说明这些情况。”In Washington, administration officials said the decision to issue a travel alert on Friday developed quickly at the end of the week and set off a flurry of diplomatic efforts to inform officials in the countries named in the alert.在华盛顿,政府官员表示,相关机构很快就在周末做出了于周五发布旅游警告的决定,并开展一系列外交努力,通知了警告所涉及国家的官员。Officials said the notification process forced the C.D.C. to postpone a news conference that had been planned for Friday afternoon, ultimately delaying an announcement until that evening.官员们表示,这个通知程序迫使疾控中心推迟了原本定于周五下午召开的新闻发布会,最终延迟到晚上才公布消息。Aside from anecdotal accounts, it seems too early to tell how the alert will affect travel. In Brazil, Olympic officials emphasized that the Games will take place in August, during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. The dryer, cooler weather around that time is thought to reduce the presence of mosquitoes, though virologists warn that the insects can transmit viruses year-round in Brazil.除了各种传言,现在断定这种警告会如何影响旅游还为时过早。在巴西,奥运官员强调,奥运会将在8月举行,那会儿是南半球的冬季。人们认为,到时候干燥、凉爽的天气会致使蚊子减少,尽管病毒学家警告称这种昆虫能够全年在巴西传播病毒。“Rio 2016 will continue to monitor the issue closely and follow guidance from the Brazilian Ministry of Health,” said Philip Wilkinson, a spokesman for the committee organizing the Games.里约奥组委发言人菲利普·威尔金森(Philip Wilkinson)表示,“2016里约奥组委将持续密切关注这个问题,并听从巴西卫生部的指导。”Dr. Isaac I. Bogoch, a tropical infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto who is part of a team modeling the potential for Zika to sp, warned that the Olympics could serve as a catalyst for the virus, which some researchers believe may have arrived in Brazil during another sports mega-event, the 2014 World Cup.多伦多大学(University of Toronto)热带传染病专家伊萨克·I·格赫(Isaac I. Bogoch)士警告称,奥运会可能成为这种病毒的催化剂,一些研究人员认为,这种病毒可能是在举办另一场体育盛事——2014年世界杯——期间传播到巴西的。格赫参与了一个通过建模来研究兹卡病毒潜在传播范围的小组。“There will be people traveling to Brazil from all over the world,” Dr. Bogoch said in an email.格赫士在邮件中表示,“世界各地的人都会前往巴西。”“The concern is that infected individuals will travel back to their home country and introduce the virus to new regions.”“令人担心的是,那些感染病毒的人会回到自己国家,将病毒带到新区域。”Dr. Bogoch and other researchers determined that Zika had the potential to rapidly sp to other parts of the world, according to findings published last week in the British medical journal The Lancet.英国医学期刊《柳叶刀》(Lancet)上周发表的文章显示,格赫及其他研究人员确定,兹卡病毒可能会迅速传播至世界其他地区。 /201601/424025。
  • A potential host for Wanda’s backdoor listing in China has pulled out of talks, causing a headache for Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, as he seeks to replace a poorly performing Hong Kong listing with the higher valuations offered in Shanghai and Shenzhen.万达(Wanda)在中国内地上市的潜在借壳对象宣布终止谈判,这或许会让中国首富王健林感到头疼,目前他正寻求回归A股,用上海和深圳的较高估值取代表现不佳的香港上市。Shenzhen-listed Soft Rock Investment Group yesterday said it had dropped out of discussions over an asset swap deal to restructure itself as Wanda Commercial Properties’ shell.深圳上市的绵石投资集团(Soft Rock Investment Group)昨日表示,其已退出关于将自身重组为万达商业地产(Wanda Commercial Properties)上市外壳的资产置换协议的谈判。Mr Wang paid .4bn earlier this year to privatise Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties just 18 months after listing in Hong Kong. The privatisation was the biggest such deal by a Chinese group in the city, and its success in relisting onshore was being closely watched as a template that others might follow.王健林今年早些时候斥资44亿美元,将在香港上市仅一年半的大连万达商业地产公司收归私有。那是中资集团在香港进行的规模最大的私有化交易,其在内地重新上市的成败受到密切关注,被视为其它公司可能效仿的模板。More than bn of take-private deals by Chinese companies have been announced this year, following .7bn last year, according to Dealogic. Most are believed to be seeking a mainland listing, where valuations are higher than those in New York or Hong Kong.Dealogic的数据显示,今年迄今中资企业宣布了超过120亿美元的私有化交易,而去年全年达到217亿美元。据信多数交易是为了寻求在估值高于纽约或香港的内地交易所上市。But the potential for a wave of backdoor listings has raised concerns among Chinese regulators, worried that companies will escape the scrutiny of the initial public offering process by reversing into aly-listed shells.但是,出现一波后门上市的可能性引起了中国监管机构的关注,他们担心企业通过借壳上市逃避首次公开发行(IPO)过程的审查。Shares in scores of companies suspected to be shells in search of a backdoor buyer have leapt in Hong Kong as well as the mainland this year, as tighter bank funding conditions have pushed executives to seek other funding routes including public equity.今年以来,香港和内地股市有几十家疑似潜在外壳、正在寻觅后门买家的公司股价飙升,其背景是融资条件有所收紧,促使管理层物色其他融资渠道,包括公共股本。Shells in Shanghai and Shenzhen also provide a means of jumping the queue of several hundred mainland companies seeking regulatory approval for an IPO.在上海和深圳上市的外壳,还提供了跳过数排队等候IPO监管审批的内地公司的手段。Soft Rock said in a statement to the Shenzhen bourse: “Because the relevant parties could not reach an agreement on the timeframe of this major restructuring, in order to protect shareholder interests#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;we have decided to end the restructuring plans.”绵石投资在提交深圳交所的一份公告中表示:“鉴于相关各方未能就本次重大资产重组的时间安排协商达成一致,为维护全体股东利益……公司决定终止本次重大资产重组事项的筹划。”Wanda said it “only had preliminary contact” with Soft Rock and “did not enter formal discussions for restructuring Wanda Commercial Properties, nor did we reach any common purpose”.万达表示,只与绵石投资“进行初步接触”,“未就万达商业重组进行正式协议谈判,也未达成任何一致意向”。 /201611/479836。
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