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齐鲁医院治疗妇科炎症好吗济南市第五人民医院专家预约Down the footpath from his writing shed, along the curve of the water and up the hill, you see what the poet Dylan Thomas once saw: tall birds on the “heron priested shore,” a “sea wet church the size of a snail” atop the ridge, the castle ruin to your left still “brown as owls.”从诗人迪伦·托马斯(Dylan Thomas)写作的小屋沿小径直下,走过河流的拐弯,爬上山坡,你便能看到他当年曾目睹的景致:那高大的鸟儿,“神父般栖于岸边的鹭鸶”,山脊之上“被大海打湿的教堂如蜗牛壳大小”,左边毁弃的城堡仍然是“夜枭般的棕色”。“Poem in October,” in which Thomas reflects on his 30th birthday, unfolds verse after verse as you walk through the landscape that made him, and that he remade in turn, culminating with a final cliff-top exclamation:在《十月的诗》(Poem in October)中,托马斯思索自己的30岁生日,当你沿着那段造就了他,并为他重新造就的风景行走之时,这首诗便会一段段在你面前浮现,以终章对悬崖的惊叹而结束。“O may my heart’s truth“啊,但愿我心中的真理still be sung犹自被歌唱on this high hill in a year’s turning.”在一年的转折之期,在这高耸的山峦。”Thomas died young, at 39, after boasting that he had downed 18 straight whiskeys (“I believe that’s the record”) in New York in 1953. On Monday, he would have turned 100. His small country, long ill at ease with its hard-living, hard-loving son who wrote in English, not in Welsh, and caricatured his roots as much as he claimed them, is celebrating perhaps its greatest poet.托马斯1953年于纽约英年早逝,时年39岁,死前吹嘘自己连喝了18杯威士忌(“我相信这是纪录”)。星期一(10月27日——编注)是他的100周年诞辰。他的小小祖国一直为自己这位活得艰辛、爱得艰辛的儿子被视为它最伟大的诗人感到不安——他以英语写作,而非威尔士语,一边强调自己的威尔士根源,一边又对它进行讽刺夸张的描述。Thomas has been called the James Joyce of Wales and compared to his own hero, John Keats. He wrote some of the most recognizable verse of the 20th century: “Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”托马斯被称为威尔士的詹姆斯·乔伊斯(James Joyce),亦常常与他的偶像约翰·济慈(John Keats)相提并论。他写过若干20世纪最有特色的诗句:“不要温柔地进入这美好的夜晚/怒吼,怒吼,即使光芒即将熄灭。”Gillian Clarke, the national poet of Wales, who grew up in this part of western Wales, traces her own poetic awakening to the day she first heard Thomas on the B, his voice summoning her 15-year-old self to “the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack fishboat-bobbing sea” that she too knew so well. “He takes from and gives back to the landscape and the language, until the place speaks the poetry as much as the poetry voices the landscape,” Ms. Clarke said.威尔士国民诗人吉莉安·克拉克(Gillian Clark)也在西威尔士的这一片长大,她回忆自己对诗歌的觉醒是第一次在B中听到托马斯朗诵,他的声音令15岁的她想起“野李子的黑色,缓慢、黑暗,有着乌鸦般的黑色,渔船往来的大海”,她对这片海域亦是非常熟悉。“他从这片风景与这种语言中拿走了一些东西,又回馈了一些东西,直到这个地方诉说着诗歌,诗歌的声音也在风景中回响,”克拉克说。Many here say Thomas’s poetry has been denied the recognition it deserves on teaching plans and in academic circles. The colorful stories of his drinking and womanizing — some true, some invented (often by himself) — might have contributed to a James Dean-like notoriety in the ed States, where he counts two former presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, among his fans. (Mr. Carter was instrumental in winning Thomas a memorial stone, belatedly, in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey, in 1982.)很多本地人说托马斯的诗歌在学术圈和教案中没有受到应得的认可。关于他的酗酒好色有许多丰富多的故事,有些是真的,有些是编造的(通常是他自己编的),它们或许为他在美国赢得了詹姆斯·迪恩(James Dean)式的恶名,比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)和吉米·卡特(Jimmy Carter)两位前总统都是他的粉丝(1982年,吉米·卡特帮托马斯在威斯敏斯特教堂诗人角树立了一块迟来的纪念碑)。But that reputation appalled many in Wales, as did Thomas’s flawless English accent. Denied the Welsh language and sent to elocution lessons by his father as a boy, Thomas was long considered too English for the Welsh and too Welsh for the English. (“He belongs to the English,” the Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis scoffed.)但在威尔士,托马斯的名气和他完美无瑕的英格兰口音一样,令很多人感到震惊。托马斯拒绝使用威尔士语,小时候父亲还曾让他去上过演讲课程,长久以来,威尔士人认为托马斯过于英格兰化,而英格兰人又认为他太威尔士(“他属于英格兰,”威尔士民族主义者桑德斯·刘易斯[Saunders Lewis]嘲讽说)。Refocusing public attention on his work has been one of the aims of the centenary, said Hannah Ellis, president of the Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain and a patron of this year’s events. (The other being, no doubt, to make him the tourist attraction that Joyce has long been in Ireland. Thomas’s melancholy portrait now appears on everything from whiskey bottles to aprons.)英国迪伦·托马斯社团的主席,以及这一年若干活动的赞助者汉娜·埃利斯(Hannah Ellis)说,百年庆典的目标之一就是令公众重新关注他的作品(毫无疑问,另一个目标是让他吸引游客,就像乔伊斯长期以来为爱尔兰吸引游客一样。托马斯忧郁的肖像如今出现在从威士忌酒瓶到围裙在内的各种东西上)。It is a personal quest for Ms. Ellis, 36, who shares the poet’s short build and unruly locks. The daughter of Thomas’s daughter Aeronwy, she discovered her grandfather’s work only five years ago when she lost a baby and her mother, and then had a son. She found comfort in Thomas’s “timeless wisdom” about life and death and birth and God, she said. Ms. Ellis, a schoolteacher, wants his work to be taught more widely and creatively.这是埃利斯的个人诉求,36岁的她和这位诗人一样,身材矮小,有着一头凌乱的卷发。埃利斯的母亲是托马斯的女儿艾伊洛维(Aeronwy),五年前,艾伊洛维去世,埃利斯也失去了一个婴儿,之后又生了一个儿子,就是在这个时候,她发现了外祖父的作品。她说,自己在托马斯关于生命、死亡、分娩与上帝的“超越时代的智慧”中找到了安慰。埃利斯是一位教师,她希望学校里能够更广泛、更有创意地教授他的作品。A duplicate of his writing shed — complete with a half-smoked pack of Woodbine cigarettes and paper balls of discarded verse strewn across the desk — has been set up at schools, housing projects, literary festivals and even last month’s NATO summit meeting, held mostly in Newport, Wales.托马斯写作小屋的复制品(桌上还有半包伍德拜恩香烟,以及揉皱的纸团,上面是废弃的诗句)已经出现在学校、住房计划和文学节之中,甚至出现在上个月的北约峰会上,这个峰会主要在威尔士的新港举行。Thomas’s birthplace, Swansea, that “ugly, lovely town,” where he wrote two-thirds of his work in a teenage outpouring, is erecting another statue. Thomas ations zip around the city center on public maintenance vehicles and the No. 5 bus: “Swansea is still the best place,” s one, an extract from a letter he wrote to a friend in 1938.托马斯出生在斯旺西,这是个“丑陋又可爱的小镇”,青少年时代的他才思迸发,在这里写下了自己一生2/3的作品,如今这里又为他建起了一座雕像。坐上公共交通工具或5号巴士在市中心兜风,托马斯的名言快速从眼前闪过,其中一句是“斯旺西仍然是最好的地方”,这句话选自1938年他写给朋友的信。There are guided tours of nearly every aspect of Thomas’s life: His childhood home; Cwmdonkin Park, whose dense vegetation gave him nightmares of “terrifying half-people,” but also became the inspiration for a story about a love triangle; the near beaches of the Gower Peninsula, where he rehearsed for the Swansea Little Theater and debated politics with his friend Bert Trick, a socialist grocer; and a seemingly interminable list of the poet’s favorite haunts: the Uplands Hotel, the Bay View, the No Sign Bar, the Antelope, the Mermaid and more.市内有提供导游务的旅游路线,几乎涵盖了托马斯生活中的方方面面:他童年时的家;科姆多金公园,那里浓密的植被让他做了关于“可怕的半身人”的噩梦,但也给了他灵感,让他写下一个三角爱情故事;还有高尔半岛的近海海滩,他曾在那里为斯旺西小剧场的演出排练,还在那里和朋友、信仰社会主义的小贩伯特·特里克(Bert Trick)讨论政治;还有许多他最喜欢出没的地点,这份名单看上去长得可怕,包括阿普兰酒店、湾景酒店、无标记酒吧、安蒂洛普酒吧、美人鱼酒吧等等。But nothing is as it was in Swansea, badly bombed during the war. A more timeless glimpse can be found 40 miles west in Laugharne (pronounced LARN), in Thomas’s words, “the strangest town in the world.”但是斯旺西在战时曾遭严重轰炸,如今已经没有什么是当初的原貌了。还是40公里以西的拉尔恩受时间影响较小,用托马斯的话说,那里是“世界上最奇异的小镇”。Thomas’s parents grew up across the estuary, and he spent his childhood summers in Fern Hill, his aunt’s farm and the title of one of his most famous poems. He lived in the area on and off for 15 years, including the last four, and is buried in the village cemetery with his wife, Caitlin.托马斯的父母在这里的港口长大,童年时期的托马斯常常去弗恩山避暑,那是他阿姨的农场,他有一首著名的诗正是以此为名。他在这里断断续续住了15年,包括他人生的最后四年,他与妻子凯特琳(Caitlin)合葬在这座村庄的公墓。“The soul of his poetry is here,” Ms. Clarke said.“他诗歌的灵魂就在这里,”克拉克说。The Boathouse, where Thomas lived (“a seashaken house on a breakneck of rocks”), is still there, as is Browns Hotel, his local haunt and now a boutique hotel that calls itself “a bar with rooms.” At the corner table facing the door, Thomas would “molder,” collecting stories and picking up colloquialisms. “Under Milk Wood,” his best-known play, which locals insist is based on their town, chronicles a day in an imaginary seaside village called Llareggub. (Read it backward for a sense of his mischievous humor.)托马斯住过的船库(“危险的岩石之上,被海浪撼动的房子”)仍然保留着,还有他常去的布朗斯酒店,如今已成为一个精品酒店,自称为“带客房的酒吧”。托马斯常常在对着门的角落里“铸造”,收集故事和俗语。本地人说,他最著名的剧本《牛奶树下》(Under Milk Wood)就是以这座小镇为蓝本的,它按时间顺序描写了虚构的海滨村庄拉来加布一天内发生的事(Llareggub,这个词从后往前读是“bugger all”,即“全是蠢货”,显示了他恶作剧的幽默感)。“If Dylan Thomas walked into Laugharne today, he could write ‘Under Milk Wood’ all over again,” Carl Thornton, a 48-year-old architect, said over a pint one recent evening. “In this town, if you say good morning to the wrong person, within 10 hours you are having an affair.”“如果迪伦·托马斯走进今日的拉尔恩,他可以再写一部《牛奶树下》,”前不久的某天晚上,48岁的建筑师卡尔·桑顿(Carl Thornton)一品脱酒下肚后这样说,“在这座小镇,如果你对错误的人说了句早上好,十个小时之内就会有艳遇上身。”Bob Stevens, the mayor of Laugharne, feels a special relationship with Thomas: His birthday is in October, too. When his children were young, he would take them up Sir John’s Hill and them Thomas’s “Poem in October,” telling them of the poet who lived across the water from their family farm.拉尔恩市长鲍勃·斯蒂文斯(Bob Stevens)觉得自己同托马斯有着特殊的联系——他的生日和托马斯一样也在10月。斯蒂文斯在自己的孩子们还小的时候,会带他们去爬约翰爵士山,为他们读托马斯的《十月之诗》,给他们讲这位诗人的故事,他居住的地方距离斯蒂文斯家的农场只有一水之隔。For the centenary, Mr. Stevens, 67, created the Dylan Thomas Birthday Walk, which guides literary pilgrims through the poem and its landmarks on a series of placards. The walk is free, and those who come on their own birthday get a free drink at Browns.67岁的斯蒂文斯为这次的百年庆典创立了一条迪伦·托马斯步行路线,用一连串的标语牌向文学朝圣者们提示托马斯的诗歌和诗歌中的地标。步行路线是免费的,当天过生日的人还可以在布朗斯酒店享受一杯免费饮料。“I’m just a farmer, but in the end, I think Dylan was like all of us,” said Mr. Stevens, ing the Rev. Eli Jenkins from “Under Milk Wood”: “Not wholly good or bad.”“我只是个农夫,但最终我想迪伦和我们大家一样,”斯蒂文斯引用《牛奶树下》里面伊莱·詹金斯牧师(Rev. Eli Jenkins)的话:“不是完全好也不是完全坏”。On Thomas’s hundredth birthday, Mr. Stevens said, he just wanted to make sure that the poet’s “heart’s truth” is still sung on this high hill and beyond.在托马斯百年诞辰的那天,斯蒂文斯说,他希望这位诗人“心灵的真理”仍然能在高耸的山峦上被歌唱,而且传到更远的地方。 /201411/341525淄博儿童医院周日上班吗 The emotional bond a child secures with its parents has a greater impact on its education than previously thought, a report suggests.萨顿信托基金会(The Sutton Trust)的一份报告指出,良好的亲子关系对孩子日后的教育学习影响重大,远超以往预期。The Sutton Trust study says children#39;s early attachment to parents has far-reaching consequences for their ability to speak, learn and think.研究发现,婴幼儿与父母的亲子关系会对他们日后的读、写以及思辨能力产生深远影响。Parents who are insecure themselves find it harder to provide children with security, it says.报告指出,那些缺乏安全感的父母很难给予孩子关怀。And the report calls for more help so parents can develop such crucial bonds.报告指出,基金会呼吁多方的关注,帮助父母们认识到亲子关系的重要性。The study focuses on the application of the theory of attachment - a key theory in child development and psychology.基金会主要采用依恋理论(theory of attachment)进行研究——该理论在儿童成长与心理学领域颇为著名。This says the degree to which children are secure and resilient as they grow up depends on their own early experiences with their mothers and fathers and how they have bonded.研究重点关注了依附理论,孩子小时候与父母的关系如何,决定了他们在成长过程中能否拥有安全感以及积极乐观的心态。But the report from the Sutton Trust education charity, entitled Baby Bonds, makes the case that it has an important impact on children#39;s future educational chances as well as their emotional well-being.但英国慈善教育机构萨顿信托基金会在题为《婴儿的情感纽带》报告中指出,亲子关系除了会影响孩子的心态以外,还会影响他们日后的学习生活。It is based on an analysis of more than 100 studies on the issue, including home visits and assessments and observations of children in a range of countries.该结论是基于对于100多项研究的分析得出的,这其中包括对各国儿童所进行的家访、行为评估以及观察。The trust argues that although psychologists have been aware of attachment theory, it has not been seen by policy makers as a key influence on educational attainment. And it asks them to take this into account.研究人员认为,尽管心理学家对依附理论有所关注,但决策者并未将这一理论与学习机能联系在一起,希望有关部门能采纳这一研究成果。The report says when babies and toddlers do not form these strong parental bonds - known as secure attachment - they are more likely to exhibit poor language and poor behaviour before they reach school.报告指出,孩子在婴幼儿时期若是与父母的关系不甚良好——也就是缺乏安全型依附——那么入学前,这些孩子的语言及行为能力可能会表现得差一些。And it cites international studies which suggest this continues late into life, with insecure children more likely to leave school early or duck out of employment or training.报告引用了世界各国的研究,研究表明亲子关系会对孩子日后的生活产生影响,与同龄人相比,那些缺乏安全感的孩子更可能辍学或逃避就业。They are also more likely to suffer from aggression, defiance and hyperactivity later in life.缺爱的孩子长大后还可能更叛逆,更有攻击性,更加多动。The Sutton Trust says its analysis of the research suggests that about 40% of children in the UK lack a secure attachment with their parents.萨顿信托基金会的研究表明,英国大约有40%的孩子无法无法从父母处获得安全感。Lead author Sophie Moullin said that when her team looked at large scale representative studies in a number of countries they all found, from their observations, that between 38% and 42% of children suffered from poor attachment in all the different study locations.主要研究者苏菲穆兰表示她所在的小组从全球的案例中选用了许多有代表性个案。通过观察发现全世界大约有38%到42%的孩子与父母的关系很疏远。She added: ;Secure attachment really helps children with emotional and social development and at school it really helps them to manage their behaviour. These are the things that teachers will tell you that are stopping children from learning.苏菲补充说道:“安全性依附使孩子保持良好的心态以及更好的融入社会。孩子入学后,良好的亲子关系使他们的日常行为更加规范。相反,那些缺乏安全感的孩子学业可能就不会那么顺利,老师可能会向家长反映孩子行为乖张,情绪不稳,无法融入集体,以致成绩不佳。”;It#39;s really only as we understand more about these behaviour problems that we have decided that a lot of it goes back to this early bonding with parents.;“当我们对这些不良行为的理解加深后才发现,这其中的许多问题都归咎于婴幼儿时期父母对孩子的冷落。”Research director at the trust Conor Ryan said: ;Better bonding between parents and babies could lead to more social mobility, as there is such a clear link to education, behaviour and future employment.信托基金会的研究负责人康奈尔瑞安表示:“良好的亲子关系不但有助于孩子未来的学习以及求职,能规范孩子的行为,还能帮助孩子更好的进行社会职能的转变。”;The educational divide emerges early in life, with a 19-month school iness gap between the most and least advantaged children by the age of five.“五岁时孩子学习能力的差距就开始显现,第一名和最后一名之间大概相差19个月。”;This report clearly identifies the fundamental role secure attachment could have in narrowing that school iness gap and improving children#39;s life chances.“我们的报告强调了安全性依恋的重要性,良好的亲子关系既能缩小同龄人间学习能力的差距还能使孩子拥有更多发展的机会。”;More support from health visitors, children#39;s centres and local authorities in helping parents improve how they bond with young children could play a role in narrowing the education gap.;“本国的卫生访视员,儿童中心和地方当局已意识亲子关系的重要性,有关部门已采取措施,督促父母给予孩子更多关爱,以便缩小同龄人间学习能力的差距。” /201404/284309山东省第五医院有什么科

济阳县人民医院有四维彩超吗LAST month a local official in Aichiprefecture set out a daring proposal. Tomonaga Osada suggested that theauthorities could distribute secretly punctured condoms to young marriedcouples, who would then get to work boosting the birth rate. His unorthodoxploy won few supporters, yet it reflects a gathering concern about Japan’sdemographic plight. Last year just over 1m babies were born, far fewer than thenumber needed to maintain the population, which is expected to drop from 127m toaround 87m by 2060. Why are young Japanese so loth to procreate?上个月,日本爱知县当地官员提出了一项大胆的提议。Tomonaga Osada提议有关当局秘密向已婚的年轻夫妇发放被刺破的避套,以此让他们提高生育率。这个异端的计策并未获得持,但这却反映了日益让人感到担忧的日本人口困境,去年,日本只迎来了100万新生儿,这些数量远低于维持人口所需的数量。据预期,截至2060年,日本人口将从1.27亿落到8700万左右。那么,为何日本的年轻人不愿意生育子女呢?The spiral of demographic decline isspinning faster as the number of women of child-bearing age falls. In May areport predicted that 500 or more towns across the country will disappear byaround 2040 as young women migrate to bigger cities. The workforce is alyshrinking, imperiling future growth. In recent years governments have embarkedon a plethora of schemes to encourage childbearing, including a “women’shandbook” to educate young females on the high and lowpoints of their fertility, and state-sponsored matchmaking events.随着育龄妇女人数的减少,人口呈螺旋式下降的速度越来越快。5月份发布的一份报道预示,随着年轻女性移居大城市,截止2040年左右,日本国内将有500个甚至更多的城镇消失。日本的奥洞里已经在萎缩,这将危及将来的发展。近年来,政府已经实施了大量鼓励生育的方案,其中包括发放“妇女指南”对妇女的生育能力高低峰进行指导,还有国家赞助的相亲活动。The chief reason for the dearth ofbirths is the decline of marriage. Fewer people are opting to wed, andthey are doing so later in life. At least a third of young women aim to becomefull-time housewives, yet they struggle to find men who can support atraditional family. In better economic times potential suitors had permanentjobs as part of the “lifetime employment” system. Now many hold down temporaryor part-time work. Other women shun marriage and children because Japan’sold-fashioned corporate culture, together with a dire shortage of childcare,would force them to give up their careers. Finally, young people are bound bystrict social codes. Only around 2% of babies are born outside marriage(compared with 30-50% in most of the rich world), which means that as weddingsplummet, so do births. Even for those who do start families, the rising cost ofchild-rearing often imposes a de facto one-child policy.低生育率的主要原因是结婚率的降低。越来越少的人选择步入婚姻殿堂,他们选择在晚年结婚。至少有三分之一年轻女性的目标是成为全职家庭主妇,然而他们很难找到可以撑起这种传统家庭模式的男人。在经济情况比较好的时候,她们潜在的求婚者拥有着“终身就业”体制内的稳定工作,但现在,很多人只有临时或兼职工作。日本老式的企业文化以及严重缺乏儿童保育迫使妇女不得不放弃职业也是另一些妇女避开婚姻和生育的原因。最后就是,年轻人受到严格社会规范的制约,只有2%的婴儿出生率发生在婚外(相比之下,大多发达国家达到了30-50%)。这意味着,结婚率下跌,出生率也跟着下跌。即使对于那些有孩子的人来说,养育孩子成本的增加使得他们往往只能落实一胎政策。So far the government of Shinzo Abe hastalked about such steps, but shied away from taking them. Instead Mr Abe isacting to help women combine careers with children. Many demographers reckon itis aly too late to lift Japan’s birth rate, now at 1.43children per woman. The eventual answer, they say, will be more shocking eventhan spiked prophylactics: mass immigration.目前,安倍政府已经提到了这些措施,但却在回避落实。相反,安倍先生正采取行动帮助女性兼顾职业和孩子。很多人口学家认为,提高日本的生育率为时已晚,现在日本女性人均生育率为1.43。他们说,最终的解决方法将比发放被刺的避套更令人感到震惊:大批移民入境。 /201408/318564商河县妇幼保健院预约电话 济南市第四医院营业时间

济南无痛人流哪家好 It has been almost a quarter century since the fall of the Soviet Union, but the settings for classic espionage and suspense novels have been slow to take root in the obvious new center of intrigue: Beijing. Adam Brookes, formerly a longtime China correspondent for the B, changed all that this year with the publication of “Night Heron,” a page turner that takes the er from China’s far west to the streets of the fascinating Chinese capital, pulsing with power and danger.The flawed hero, Philip Mangan, is, like Mr. Brookes, a British journalist. Mr. Mangan finds himself enmeshed in a spy ring when an escapee from a labor camp, a burly man known as Peanut, reactivates a decades-old espionage network he had set up with British intelligence. In an interview, Mr. Brookes discussed his novel, which is published by a division of the Hachette Book Group. Excerpts follow:苏联解体已经过去将近四分之一个世纪,如今新的阴谋中心显然是北京,但是经典间谍悬疑小说在这里扎根的速度还很慢。曾长期担任B驻京记者的亚当·布鲁克斯(Adam Brookes)今年出版了《夜鹭》(Night Heron),改变了这种情况。这本引人入胜的小说把读者从中国的西部边陲带到迷人首都的街头,这里涌动着权力和危险。书中性格上有缺陷的主人公菲利普·曼根(Philip Mangan)和布鲁克斯一样是英国记者。一个名为“花生”(Peanut)的壮实男人从劳改营中逃出来,重新激活几十年前他与英国情报机构建立的间谍网络,曼根发现自己陷入了该网络。在采访中,布鲁克斯谈论了自己的小说。该书由阿歇特出版集团(Hachette Book Group)的旗下出版社出版。以下是采访节选:Q. What was the inspiration behind “Night Heron”? Is it something you always wanted to do?问:《夜鹭》的灵感来源是什么?它是你一直想写的东西吗?A. I didn’t harbor a deep ambition to be a fiction writer. I’d always thought of myself as a reporter. Fiction sort of crept up on me. I trace the start of the process back to an odd experience I had in Beijing when I was based there as a correspondent for the B.答:我并没有特别想成为小说家。我一直认为自己是记者。写小说的想法是悄悄在我头脑中产生的。它起源于我在北京担任B驻外记者时的一次奇特经历。An elderly Chinese man came to the bureau and tried to hand me classified documents. He strongly implied he wanted to pass secrets to the British government, and wanted me to help him do it. I’m pretty certain it was a provocation of some kind, someone dangling secrets at me to see what I’d do. I sent him packing. But in the months and years that followed, I kept thinking about him sitting there on the sofa, clutching his documents and spouting these ludicrously dangerous suggestions, and I found myself spinning a story around him. As the story took shape, the elderly man morphed into a rotund, sharp-eyed rogue named Peanut, and the story became “Night Heron.”一个上了年纪的中国男人来到社里,想交给我一些机密文件。他强烈暗示我,他想向英国政府传送机密,想让我帮忙。我确信他是在挑拨,向我炫示机密,想看看我的反应。我把他打发走了。但是在之后的几个月甚至几年里,我不断想起他坐在沙发上,拿着文件,喋喋不休地说着荒唐、危险的建议,我围绕着他编了一个故事。这个故事成形后,那个上了年纪的男人变成了一个名叫“花生”的圆圆胖胖、目光敏锐的无赖,这个故事就是《夜鹭》。Q. Were there any models that you used? Any famous espionage thrillers that you consulted? Robert Ludlum? John le Carré?问:你参考了任何样本吗?有没有参阅什么著名的间谍惊悚小说?比如罗伯特·勒德拉姆(Robert Ludlum)或约翰·勒卡雷(John le Carré)的作品?A. I’ve every word of le Carré and marveled at how he puts the spy novel to serious purpose, how he combines suspense and superb character-driven writing. For atmosphere and economy, Alan Furst. For pace and plot, well, all the greats, Robert Ludlum, Len Deighton, Robert Littell. “Night Heron” is first and foremost a suspense novel, but when it aspires to be a little more, it looks up at le Carré for instruction.答:我读了勒卡雷的所有作品,为他把间谍小说用于严肃目的,把悬疑和极佳的角色导向写作融为一体而惊叹。我向艾伦·弗斯特(Alan Furst)学习气氛的营造和行文简洁;向所有伟大的作家学习节奏的把握和情节的设计,比如罗伯特·勒德拉姆、伦恩·戴顿(Len Deighton)和罗伯特·里特尔(Robert Littell)。《夜鹭》首先是一部悬疑小说,但它想不至于此时,就向勒卡雷学习。Q. Were any of the characters drawn from your own experiences? And you? How much is Philip Mangan like Adam Brookes, B Beijing correspondent?问:有没有哪个人物是根据你的亲身经历创作的?菲利普·曼根与你有多少相似之处?A. Plenty of “Night Heron” ‘s characters draw on encounters that I’ve had over my years as a correspondent: the officious policeman; the quiet, dangerous security type; the smooth and conniving diplomat; Chinese men and women bewildered by change. Philip Mangan, who is my journalist character, shares both my love of reporting and my frustrations with it. But the big difference between him and me is that I told the man who came to my bureau to take his secrets and leave. Philip Mangan didn’t, and through his own vanity, restlessness and misplaced curiosity, was drawn into espionage.答:《夜鹭》中的很多人物源于我当记者这么多年遇到的各种人:指手画脚的警察;沉默危险的国安人员;搞密谋的圆滑外交官;面对变化不知所措的中国男人和女人。我笔下的记者菲利普·曼根跟我一样,热爱记者工作,也为它感到沮丧。但我跟他最大的区别是我让那个来社里找我的男人带着他的机密离开;菲利普·曼根则不然,由于虚荣、不安分以及不合时宜的好奇心,他被卷入了间谍网络。Q. There haven’t been too many spy thrillers set in China. Why do you think that is and is it changing?问:以中国为背景的间谍惊悚故事不多。你觉得原因是什么?你觉得情况在变化吗?A. I think many ers find China quite forbidding territory. The history can seem bleak and alien, the terrain hard to visualize and navigate. Names are a big problem. The Romanization of Chinese words in the pinyin system makes them very hard to recognize unless you’ve learned the rules of pinyin while studying Chinese. What on earth is a non-Chinese speaker to make of words like xue, or qiu or zhi?答:我觉得很多读者认为中国是一片禁土,认为那里的历史阴暗、陌生,那里的地貌难以想像和驾驭。名字是个大问题。除非你在学中文时学过拼音规则,否则很难辨识汉字的拼音系统。一个不懂中文的人怎么可能会念xue、qiu和zhi这样的拼音呢?I’ve tried in “Night Heron” to keep the er who is new to China oriented, and to make sure that I chose names and locations that people can pronounce and keep straight. I’ve tried to show something of China in all its variousness, in its humor, the scope of its culture. In the novel, you’ll come across a little Chinese poetry, some history as experienced and felt by the characters. People have said they like the description of food in the novel because that’s something that everyone can relate to.为了让不太熟悉中国的读者不至于一头雾水,我在《夜鹭》中选用的人名和地名都是容易念、不会混淆的。我尽量展示中国的多样性、精神气质和文化广度。在小说中,你会读到一点中国诗歌以及书中人物经历过或感受到的历史。有读者说他们喜欢小说中的食物描述,因为它跟每个人都有关系。I think there is lots of room for spy fiction that takes China seriously as a subject. We know that China spies energetically on Western countries, and there’s a growing body of evidence that we spy vigorously on China, the opaque and complex emerging power. As someone said to me at the beginning of the process of getting “Night Heron” published, Beijing is the new Berlin. The West’s future with a strong and unpredictable China is undefined. The stakes are there. The stories should be there, too.我觉得以中国为严肃主题的间谍小说还有很大写作空间。我们知道,中国针对西方国家的间谍活动十分活跃,有越来越多的据表明,我们也在中国积极进行间谍活动,因为中国是个不透明的、复杂的新兴大国。在《夜鹭》的出版过程之初,有人对我说,北京是新的柏林。由于中国的强大和不可预测,西方国家的未来也变得难以预料。那里利害攸关。故事也应该发生在那里。Q. The novel’s pace is really fast. How hard was it to craft the plot in a way that kept things moving so fast?问:这本小说的节奏非常快。设计如此快速推进的情节有多难?A. Hard. The editing process was everything, and I had some very serious help. Professional editors know how to do this stuff, and I listened and learned. I think coming from a background in broadcast journalism might have helped a little with the pacing. Writing for broadcast makes you write tight, and gives you a feel for the rhythms of speech. 答:挺难的。编辑过程是关键,我得到了一些非常重要的帮助。专业编辑知道如何做这件事,我倾听他们的意见,向他们学习。我觉得我的广播新闻背景可能对把握节奏也有所帮助。为广播撰稿会让你行文紧凑,注意话语韵律。Q. How much research did you do for the novel in China? Did you go out to Qinghai Province, for example, for the labor camp breakout scene? And how much time did you spend in Beijing? How did you learn about the details of the government agencies in both the Chinese and British governments?问:你为这部以中国为背景的小说做了多少研究?比如说,你是否曾为劳改营越狱的场景而远赴青海?你在北京待了多长时间?你是怎么知道中国和英国的政府机构的细节的?A. I’ve traveled a lot in China over the years, beginning back in the 1980s when I was a student in Beijing. Seven years as a reporter there gave me a sort of reservoir of scenes and atmospheres to draw on. As for the elements of the novel related to the intelligence agencies — Chinese, British and American — I assembled what I could about how these agencies work and I imagined outwards from there. I had some help from people who know the intelligence trade, and there’s more than you might imagine in the public domain these days — in academia, court records and such like. Living in Washington helps. This city is full of intelligence types, and you can listen to the way they speak. It’s always going to be hard for an outsider to portray the spy world with verisimilitude, but some of the plot ths in “Night Heron” mirror real-life cases. I’ll leave you to figure out which ones.答:这么多年我去过中国的很多地方,最早是在20世纪80年代,当时我在北京读书。我在北京做了七年记者,积蓄了很多可以借用的场景和氛围。至于小说中与情报机构有关的元素——中国的、英国和美国的——我尽我所能搜集关于这些机构运行情况的资料,然后展开想像。我从了解情报行业的人那里得到了一些帮助,如今你能在公共领域得到的信息超乎你的想像,比如学界和法庭笔录等。住在华盛顿也有所帮助。这座城市充满了各种情报机构,你可以倾听他们讲话的方式。让一个外行人逼真地描绘间谍世界总会比较难,不过《夜鹭》中的某些情节线索反映的是真实情况。具体是哪些我还是留给你来猜测吧。Q. That big corporation, Shady Creek, is ominous. Anything analogous in real life? How did the idea of having it as an alternate power come about?问:那个庞大的公司——暗溪(Shady Creek)——非常凶险。现实生活中有没有类似的机构?让它作为替代势力的想法是怎么产生的?A. I put a ation at the start of the novel which refers to the growth of an “espionage-industrial complex.” It’s clear that the private sector now plays a significant role in the intelligence activities of the U.S. and U.K. Private corporations supply equipment, manpower, analytic expertise and computing and communications capacity to the intelligence agencies, and on occasion they appear to supply people to carry out operations. With Shady Creek, I’ve tried to imagine how private equity might view opportunities in this growing world of intelligence contracting. Espionage may have been one of the last activities to be conducted solely by the state. Not anymore.答:我在小说开头有一段引语,说的是“间谍工业联合企业”的增长。如今私营公司在美国和英国的情报活动中显然扮演着重要角色。私营公司为情报机构提供设备、人力、专业分析意见以及计算机和通讯能力,它们似乎偶尔也提供从事间谍活动的人员。我想通过暗溪公司来想像私营企业如何看待不断膨胀的情报外包业的机会。间谍活动可能是最后几项单独由国家从事的活动之一。不再会有了。Q. When will the next book be out? And with Hollywood so entranced with the Chinese movie market, is there a chance of this becoming a movie? Or is the small screen more realistic?问:下一本书何时出版?现在好莱坞对中国电影市场非常着迷,这本小说是否有可能拍成电影?还是更有可能拍成电视剧?A. The manuscript of “Night Heron” ‘s sequel has just gone to the editors at Little, Brown and is due out in the first half of next year. “Night Heron” has been optioned for the small screen, which I think would suit it well. We wait to see how that develops! 答:《夜鹭》续集的草稿已经交给利特尔amp;布朗出版社(Little, Brown)的编辑们,计划明年上半年出版。《夜鹭》的电视剧改编权已经卖出,我觉得它非常适合拍成电视剧。结果如何,让我们拭目以待! /201410/333784济南市无痛人流医院阳光女子医院怎么样



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