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必背句型:A:To carry out an objective review of current legislation is important.对现行立法进行客观审查很重要B:How to carry out an object review?怎样进行客观审查?It is important to carry out an objective review of current legislation.对现行立法进行客观审查很重要To increase farmer incomes is important.增加农民收入很重要延伸阅读:A:What do you want to do about legislation?对于立法你想做什么?B:Id like to know more about legislation.我想要更多地了解立法Id like to know more about the Mid-Autumn Day.我想要更多地了解中秋节Id like to know more about the Dragon Boat Festival.我想要更多地了解端午节Id like to know more about the Spring Festival.我想要更多地了解春节 50They might look tasty but you probably wouldn't want one of these on your toast in the morning. For these bizarre fried eggs are actually a peculiar type of jellyfish that has just been successfully born in captivity.   这个“煎蛋”看起来实在很诱人,然而谁都不会拿它搭配“土司”做早餐。因为这是工作人员通过“圈养的方式”培育出的“新兴水母”,有趣的是,它的形状酷似“荷包蛋”  The photos were taken by keen photographer Torben Webber, who scrambled for his camera after hearing the unusual creatures had been born. The odd jellyfish are found naturally in the Mediterranean, because they require a huge amount of sunlight to survive.   这张海底“煎蛋水母”的照片是摄影师Torben Webber拍摄的。据悉,这种煎蛋水母从小生长在地中海海域,喜阳光,充裕的阳光是它生长的动力 /201011/119527

These stills are taken from previously unseen footage showing the devastation beneath the World Trade Center after the September 11 terror attacks.   这些视频照片是之前从未公开过的,它们一定程度向大家展示了在9.11恐怖袭击之后被摧毁的世贸中心的景象   As New York gears up for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, this footage, taken by rescue workers, shows the eerie scenes in the basements beneath the wrecked skyscrapers.   日前,纽约正在积极准/11恐怖袭击事件十周年的纪念活动,援救人员记录下来的这些片段正好显示了失事大楼地下室从未曝光的可怕情形  Workers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) spent eight months documenting the scene in Lower Manhattan as they searched the six storeys beneath the complex.   就在联邦紧急事务的工作人员在复杂的情形下搜寻了六层楼之后,用个月的时间将下曼哈顿悲惨的情形编入文档  Guided by periodic shafts of light, rescue teams made their way through the pitch-black as they searched for survivors.   在忽明忽暗的竖井灯光的指引下,援救队伍在黑暗的废墟中开辟道路寻找幸存者  None were found. 然而一个幸存者也没有找到 /201109/152245

The U.S. economy had a net gain of 103,000 jobs in September, but that was not enough to cut the unemployment rate from 9.1 percent. Friday's report from the Labor Department said the job gains came largely in the private sector, particularly in health care. The monthly job gains were stronger than most economists had predicted and include 45,000 employees returning to work after a strike at telecommunications giant Verizon in August. Friday's report from the Labor Department says 14 million Americans are out of work. Four out of 10 of the unemployed have been off the job for six months or more. 美国经济9月份净增加10.3万个工作岗位,但是失业率仍然处在9.1%的高位美国劳工部星期五公布的就业报告说,新增职位大部分来自私营部门9月份新增就业数据高于大多数经济学家的预测月份数据包括了电讯业巨头Verizon.5万个月罢工后重返岗位的职工星期四,美国总统奥巴马在一个记者会上敦促国会议员批准他提出的价470亿美元的就业法案。他说,这项法案将通过重返就业来刺激经济发展 /201110/156987

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Sign HereNew Yorkers Laura Jackson and Gary Zaremba met on a dating website in 2005. Two years later, Mr. Zaremba, a 52-year-old real-estate developer, popped the question. Ms. Jackson accepted.Then he popped another: 'Will you sign a prenuptial agreement?'He had been through a divorce, had a college-age son and several real-estate investments. She, a publicist and also 52, had never married.'When he first mentioned it,' Ms. Jackson, now Ms. Jackson-Zaremba, says, 'I thought, 'Oh, my God.' It definitely took a little bit of the romance out.'Baby boomers looking to protect their assets are increasingly turning to prenuptial agreements -- legal contracts drawn up before a marriage that dictate what happens to assets in the event a couple should part ways, either by divorce or death.'They used to be for the rich and famous,' says Marlene Eskind Moses, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a lawyer in Nashville, Tenn. 'It's become more commonplace in the market as an estate-planning opportunity for boomers.'Even before the financial crisis hit, prenuptial agreements were on the rise: Some 80% of matrimonial lawyers said they had seen an increase in couples signing them in recent years, according to a 2006 survey sponsored by the matrimonial lawyers group.The financial crisis -- which hit boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, especially hard -- accelerated the trend. Many of them, just on the cusp of retirement, saw their investment portfolios pounded, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 53% from Oct. 9, 2007, to March 6, . Home values, which represented significant chunks of boomer net worth, were down almost 31% as of March 31 from their peak in mid-2006, according to the Samp;P/Case-Shiller national index.As a result, boomers have become more anxious to hold on to whatever they have left, says Gabriel Cheong, a divorce attorney with Infinity Law Group LLC in Quincy, Mass. Today, the majority of inquiries come from boomers 'concerned about protecting their assets,' he says. 'Not just with the markets, but with protecting their spouses and children.' And they often enter a marriage with substantial assets -- and children from an earlier union.Baby boomers are more likely to get married multiple times than younger or older couples because they also are more likely to have gotten divorced. Almost 40% of boomers who have been married have gone through at least one divorce, according to 2004 Census data, the most recent available, while only about 30% of all people who have been married have been divorced. By their 50th birthday, 27% of boomers have moved on to their second or third marriage.None of this, of course, makes discussing a prenup with one's betrothed any easier. Ms. Jackson-Zaremba and Mr. Zaremba 'put the elephant on the table,' he says, and disclosed everything to each other before their lawyers drafted the agreement. Though his net worth was significantly higher than hers, she had retirement savings and an annual salary she wanted to keep separate. He owned a string of properties in several states and several lighthouses he was in the process of restoring that he, too, wanted to keep separate.Under the terms of the prenup, one investment property on Long Island's North Fork that the couple purchased would be owned 75% by Mr. Zaremba and 25% by Ms. Jackson-Zaremba. A second property on Long Island would have the same split, but after five years ownership would change to 50-50.Assets filed on a joint tax return wouldn't be considered joint assets, the agreement states, and Mr. Zaremba's name would be added to the lease on Ms. Jackson-Zaremba's New York apartment. Neither party would take on each other's debts. Ms. Jackson-Zaremba also would receive a life-insurance policy, a provision added in the drafting.'The prenup changed me,' she says. 'I became more assertive.' Most of all, she finds it much easier, both professionally and personally, to discuss money.Lawyers usually recommend that couples with substantial assets -- or those who expect to inherit such assets later on -- consider a prenup. Without one, they are at the mercy of a smorgasbord of state laws in the event of a divorce or death. In 'community property' states, such as California, marital assets are typically split 50-50. In 'equitable distribution' states, judges generally look at what is 'fair,' so all marital property is considered before it is divided.Such uncertainty has helped prenups gain favor as estate-planning tools. Yet they are anything but simple to execute, and prospective couples need to make sure they avoid some common traps. /201007/108725

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