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Ive missed you so much, Ive missed you so much.我可想你们了 想死了I love being here which is good because thanks the stock market I have to be here.我喜欢回来做节目 因为股票不景气我不得不来but I really do.I just really have been looking forward to getting back to work我真心的 我老是盼着回来工作because Im one of those people who cant sit still which is why I only got laser surgery in this eye right here因为我是个闲不住的人 我还去做了眼科激光手术 就在这边so this side of the room,is anybody over there.I cant even see.you are beautiful over here演播厅的这一边 有人么 我看不到啊 这一边的观众都好靓I kept busy this summer I was working out a lot,Pretty much worked out every single day这个夏天我可忙着锻炼身体 天天大运动量健身I will go to my trainers house,and he would make me do these insane crazy exercises,where I climb ladders and I carry cement blocks我去教练家里 他让我做各种稀奇古怪的训练 爬梯子 搬水泥块now I think about it,I may have been building his master bedroom现在想起来 也许我把他们家的主卧都给装修了cause yesterday we insult the faucet,he said it was good to tricipe to keep turning因为昨天我们修了水龙头 他说这有利于保持三头肌的灵活性and he also said hanging dry wall was good for the up body.so now,but I did work out a lot this summer他还说 粉刷墙可以锻炼上肢 所以 这个夏天真是锻炼了不少and I did some hiking and there are some trials around my house,hiking trials and we have horse trials我还徒步过 我家周围有几条登山路 徒步路线 还有马术的三项赛道which is pretty much the same thing.the horse trials someone rides you and some knows a lot这两样其实差不多 马术赛道就是有马儿驮着你走路 有人很了解哈I went out saw some movies this summer.I saw a lot of good movies我还去看了几部电影 好多很棒的片子did you see Crazy Stupid Love.did you see that.thats a good movie right你们看疯狂愚蠢的爱了吗 看了吗 很好看 对吧Crazy Stupid Love is a good movie.thats a really good movie疯狂愚蠢的爱是部好片 很赞的片子not just cause my brother produced it.but Crazy Stupid Love is a really really good movie.I like that虽然制作人是我兄弟 但真的真的是好片哦我喜欢and I finally gave in and watch the entire episode of the Jersey Shore我最终妥协 看了整季《泽西海岸》 /201605/442462Goldie Michelson, the oldest American person has reportedly died at her Massachusetts home at age 113 just a month shy of her 114th birthday. 据报道,美国年龄最长者迈克尔逊在她马萨诸塞州的家中去世,享年113岁,距她114岁的生日仅差一个月。Los Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group senior consultant Robert Young, who confirmed Michelsons death, 洛杉矶老人医学研究组高级顾问罗伯特·杨实了迈克尔逊的去世,said that she had been ;very frail and confined to bed; and hadnt been seen in public for a long time. 称,她一直非常虚弱,只能呆在床上,并且很长一段时间没有与公众见面。Michelson was born in Elizabethgrad, Russia, in 1902 and moved to the ed States when she was a child. 迈克尔逊于1902年出生在俄罗斯的Elizabethgrad,小时候就搬到美国居住。According to reports, the new oldest American is New Jersey resident Adele Dunlap, whos also 113.据报道,美国最新年龄最长者是新泽西的邓拉普·阿黛勒,也是113岁。译文属。201607/453543It induces euphoria, and excites the sexual regions of the brain.它能引起快感,刺激大脑的性区域,It is quite possibly hallucinogenic.引起幻觉。It leads to strange, unpredictable, and unproductive behavior in those who use it.使用它的人可能产生奇怪,出乎意料的,不明智的举动。Whats more, it growswild, much as a weed.更重要的是它和杂草一样是野生的。Is this the latest menace to society? No, its catnip.这是对社会的最新威胁吗?不,它是猫薄荷。The catnip plant is actually an herb, and a relatively common member of the mint family.猫薄荷实际上是一种药草,是薄荷家族中常见的一员。If kitties ever decided to have a war on drugs, catnip would be outlawed because of a chemical called“nepetalactone.”如果猫咪们决定来一次反毒品大战,那么猫薄荷将会被认定为非法药物,因为它含有一种叫做荆芥内酯的化学物质。Lactones carry chemical messages inside a body, and nepetalactone carries its message straightto the pleasure center of a cats brain, where it can randomly excite the cats neural circuits associatedwith sex, playing, hunting, and feeding.内酯在身体内传送化学信息,荆芥内酯则直接将信息传入猫脑的“快乐中枢”,在那里可以随意刺激猫与性欲,玩耍,捕猎以及喂养有关的神经环路。Although a cat may try to eat catnip or a catnip toy, it is only the smell of catnip that transfers the drug toa cats brain, not the actual ingestion.尽管猫会尝试吃掉猫薄荷或者猫薄荷玩具,但这仅仅是猫薄荷的气味将药物传输至猫的大脑中,并不是实际的摄取。This is why a small amount of catnip inside a toy can make a cathappy again and again.这就是为什么玩具里的一小点猫薄荷就能让猫不停地兴奋。Its also why a cat will sometimes be more interested in the cardboard box that acatnip toy came in than the actual toy-the cardboard might carry more of the smell.这也是为什么猫有时会对装猫薄荷玩具的箱子而不是猫薄荷玩具更感兴趣,因为箱子可能有更多的气味。If your cat seems unaffected by catnip, dont worry.如果你的猫不受猫薄荷的影响,不用担心。A cats sensitivity to catnip is genetically determined,and some dont respond at all.猫对猫薄荷的敏感度是由其基因决定的,有些根本毫无反应。 201411/341640Eurosceptics疑欧派A cunning plan狡猾的计划Eurosceptics adopt an old Marxist technique欧洲怀疑论者采用了古老的马克思主义技术BRUSSELS-BASHING is never out of season in Britain, but the past few weeks have been unusually strenuous. On December 16th Theresa May, the home secretary, proposed capping the number of EU migrants entering Britain. On January 13th David Cameron, the prime minister, received a letter signed by 95 Tory MPs demanding a parliamentary right of veto over every piece of EU legislation. The next day Business for Britain, a Eurosceptic group, argued that only firms that export to other EU countries should be subject to common regulations.“唱衰”布鲁塞尔的论调在英国永远不会过时,然而过去几星期的局势却有些不同寻常的紧张。12月16日,内政大臣特蕾莎·梅提议限制进入英国境内的欧盟移民数量。1月13日,大卫·卡梅伦首相收到了一封由95名保守党国会议员共同签署的谏言信,要求履行针对欧盟制定的每一条法律的议会否决权。隔日,一家疑欧派组织“商业英国”表示,只有出口至其他欧盟国家的企业才应该受到共同条令的规制。 Such proposals contradict the fundamental principles of the EU single market, which relies on free movement of people, common rules and a degree of pooled sovereignty. Undermine these and it will collapse, as other MPs, diplomats and Britains reformist allies in the EU have warned. One Tory MP, close to despair, shakes his head at his colleagues lack of realism. Do they really think they will get what they want?以上这些提议无疑都与欧盟单一市场的基础原则相抵触,单一市场的形成既依赖于人员的自由流动以及共同规范的规制,又依赖于一定程度上的多个国家的联合主权的形成。正如其他国会议员,外交官以及英国在欧盟中的改革派盟友们所警告的一样,只要逐渐破坏这些因素,欧盟的单一市场最终就会瓦解。一位保守党议员因同僚们缺乏现实性的想法而几近绝望地摇了摇头。他们真的认为自己能够如愿以偿?The answer, in some cases at least, is no. Outists seem to be adopting the old Marxist ploy of the transitional demand: requests that are likely to remain unfulfilled but help to expose the limitations of the prevailing order. The equivalent, for those agitating for Britain to leave the EU, is to call for the country to cherry-pick bits of EU membership—and, on failing, hail its ghastliness. Business for Britain, for example, accepts that Britains partners will not agree to “unilateral opt-outs for British industries”—yet demands a series of such exemptions. Senior Tory sources speculate that Ms May too knows that her immigration proposals would require Britain to leave the EU.至少在某些情况下是“不”的。脱欧派们似乎要采取过去满足过渡时期需求的马克思主义策略:(人们的)要求虽然有可能一直实现不了但却有助于将地区主导秩序的缺陷暴露出来。对于那些鼓动英国脱离欧洲的人来说,这就等同于号召国家择优挑选少数欧盟成员国——当然如果失败的话,也会遭受灭顶之灾。例如,“商业英国”认同英国的盟友们是不会同意“英国产业的单方面选择退出”的观点——然而还是要求享有一系列诸如此类的豁免权。保守党高层消息人士推测梅女士也知晓她所谓的移民提案也会要求英国脱离欧盟。Polls suggest that although voters are hostile to European immigration and rules, they are wary of renouncing the single market entirely. Mr Cameron is committed to renegotiating Britains EU membership, then putting it to a referendum. Though some Eurosceptic backbenchers scorn that plan in private, only the most rebellious are willing to do so publicly. But by demanding impossible changes, those who want to leave can simultaneously name-check the prime ministers plan, indicate their dissent and nudge ordinary Britons towards outism. This may be particularly useful for Tories positioning themselves for the next leadership contest. “Can Theresa May lead us out of the European Union?” asked one tabloid, helpfully, in response to the home secretarys thoughts on immigration.民意调查显示,尽管选民们反感欧洲移民以及欧盟规章,他们也在谨慎的考虑宣布放弃整个单一市场可能带来的损失。卡梅隆先生也致力于重新谈判英国的欧盟成员资格,打算随后再经由全民公投决定。虽然有部分疑欧派的后座议员私底下对卡梅隆的计划冷嘲热讽,但也只有最桀骜不羁的人才愿意公开反对了。然而,考虑到改变现状既是件苛求的事也不太可能,脱欧派们也同时提名首相的计划,指出他们的不满并推动舆论风向倒向自己这边。这也许会使保守党在下届党魁选举中占尽上风。“特蕾莎·梅可能带领我们脱离欧盟吗?”一家小报抛出这样的问题,有力的回应了内政大臣关于移民问题的政见。Political leaders who want Britain to stay in the union must perform a delicate balancing act in response. Pooh-poohing outlandish demands would look patronising and unambitious. But echoing them would spook business. On January 15th Ford, a carmaker, firmly advised against leaving the union. The same day George Osborne mounted the pro-membership tightrope. In a good speech, the chancellor of the exchequer warned that Britain could leave the EU but prescribed mostly Europe-wide reforms to improve matters. It was a deft display. As the outist demands become noisier—and their impossibility more evident—he and Mr Cameron will have to perform it many more times.亲欧派的政治领袖必须导演一出精美的与之相抗衡的戏以此作为回应。亲欧派们的要求古怪又令人瞧不起,看上去既屈尊俯就又毫无野心。但是一旦有一群人随之附和也能使商界震惊。1月15日,汽车制造商福特公司郑重地建议反对脱离欧盟。同一天,乔治·奥斯本扼紧了脱欧派的喉咙。这位财政大臣在一次精的演讲中发出了警告,英国是可以脱离欧盟的但仍然大多制定了欧洲范围内的改革措施来改善问题。这是灵活的一击。随着脱欧派间的争执越来越激烈并且其不可能性越来越明显,他和卡梅隆先生将不得不再多演几遍了。译者:朱大素suki 译文属译生译世 /201510/406607

Lets talk about it.Cause obviously things have changed a lot since we were kids.我们来谈谈这事 显然现在和我们小时候大不一样了No cell phones.Do you think its harder to discipline kids these days?那时没手机 你觉得现在更难管教小孩了吗Oh,Definitely.I mean you know,I came up in one of those neighborhoods where everybody could beat the kid,you know.当然了 在我成长的那个区域 所有人都可以打小孩If you got in any kind of trouble,anybody in the neighborhood could give you a whooping.I mean,要是你惹上什么麻烦 那个社区的任何人都能打你一顿 我的意思是It was allowed.It was customary.I mean,I got,we moved into a neighborhood.那是允许的 那很正常 我们搬到了某个社区I got a beating for taking the for sale sign out of our own yard.我因为搬走了自家院子里的出售标志牌而被打了一顿You know,From a stranger?From a lady.What are you doing?You dont know these people.I am these people.Pop,Pop!你知道吗 陌生人打的 一个女士打的 她说你在干嘛 你又不认识屋主 我说我就是屋主 啪啪 她就打我Was she hitting you with the sign?No,I was holding the sign away from her,so she wouldnt beat me with sign.She was spanking with her hand.她在用牌子打你吗 不 我把牌子举得远远的 这样她就不能用牌子打我了 他在用手打我屁股Those were different times.she was older.I was like maam,youre killing me.时代不同 她年龄比较大 我假装说 女士 疼死了Totally different times.Now my kids,my son,you know,our parents used to have a look,conan.时代完全不同 现在我的孩子 我的儿子 我们的父母以前会瞪眼 柯南Like if you were cutting up,my mother could give me a look and I would know to shut it down.如果你在插科打诨 我妈妈会瞪我一眼 我就知道该收敛了Now its nothing.I tried to do my son like that the other day.Im giving him the look.但现在没用了 我有天也想这样对付我儿子 我瞪着他Hes not looking at me.I had to text him,hey,look at me.他没看我 我必须给他发短信 喂 看着我Look up.Look up,Im trying to give you the look,son.come on.抬头 抬头 我在瞪你呢 儿子 拜托201609/464374

Ok,thats righ,Ellen gives her audience great gift,yeah.没错 艾伦给观众送礼物Ellen aslo gave everyone a gold medal from the 1932 Olympics.艾伦还给了一块1932年的奥运会金牌Sounds impossible,but anyway I should explain, that woman was in our audience last night,听上去不太可能 我得解释下 这女人昨天就来了she showed us all the gifts she got at the Ellen Show.Take a look.她向大家展示了她昨天在《艾伦秀》上得到的各种礼物 看看吧Why do you have a cappuccino machine?你为什么有一台咖啡机啊I came here straight from ;Ellen;.She is doing her 12 days of giveaways.我从艾伦那儿直接过来的 她在做12日送礼Ellen also gave me an iphone nine.Ellen gave me a pair of Jon Hamms youths basketball shorts.艾伦还给了我一部iPhone 9 艾伦给了我一条乔恩·汉姆穿过的篮球短裤Ellen also got each of us this amazing terra cotta statue of a warrior.My brand-new M.R.I machine that Ellen gave me.艾伦还给我们每个人送了一尊兵马俑 艾伦给了我台新核磁共振机Ellen also gave each of us our own personal Fabio to operate it.艾伦给我们每个人配备了私人操作师模特法比奥Look,those gifts are wonderful.Ellen is terrific.I just cant do that.Its a lot of work.这些礼物很棒 艾伦是个大好人 但我做不到 这太费事Come on,if Ellen can give away a silver toilet filled with Asian Rubies,why cant you?得了 艾伦都能送出放满亚洲红宝石的银质马桶 你怎么就不能Thats nice,but I happen to believe the greatest gift I can give my audience is the gift of laughter.这很好 但我认为我能带给观众最好的礼物就是欢笑Ive been here two nights in a row and I havent laughed once.我都连续来两晚了 一次都没笑过Look,Maam,Im really sorry.Im not handing out gifts.Its not going to happen.女士 很抱歉 我不会发礼物的 别想了What kind of monster are you?Hello?Can you believe this cream?No gifts!I dont know what to say about that,I...你是什么样的禽兽啊 喂 你相信这混蛋吗 不送礼物 我不知道该说什么201610/471689

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