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A Japanese online retailer is branching out into bras, knickers and even silky nighties that, despite looking exactly like something you#39;d usually find in a woman#39;s lingerie drawer, are actually intended for men.一家日本在线零售店正将产品发展到文胸、内裤、甚至丝绸睡衣,尽管看起来像是你常在女性内衣抽屉里找到的东西,它们实际上是为男性设计的。The lingerie is specifically designed with men#39;s larger frames in mind and, although they still feature the lace, florals and underwiring you might expect to find in a woman#39;s underwear collection, the bra cups lack padding, allowing men to slip them on without feeling #39;unnatural#39;.内衣为男性的身体结构专门设计,尽管文胸仍有女性内衣的蕾丝、花边和钢圈,却没有海绵垫,让男性穿上时不会觉得“不自然”。Wish Room#39;s say the line is designed to allow men the chance to #39;enjoy the same kind of soft, luxurious undergarments that women are used to#39;.店家说这条产品线是为了让男性有机会“享受女性早已习惯穿的柔软和奢华的内衣”。(The underwear features all the lace and underwiring you might expect to find in a woman#39;s collection)(男性内衣有女性内衣有的蕾丝和钢圈)In response, thousands debated the merits of men wearing bras on Mixi, Japan#39;s top social network website.上千人在日本最火的社交网站上讨论男性穿文胸的好处。Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya said she was surprised at the number of men who were interested in embracing their feminine side in this way.执行董事奥宫明子说她很惊讶愿意以这种方式拥抱自己女性一面的男性人数。#39;I think more and more men are becoming interested in bras.Since we launched the men#39;s bra, we#39;ve been getting feedback from customers saying, ;Wow, we#39;d been waiting for this for such a long time;,#39; she said.“我觉得越来越多的人对文胸感兴趣了。自从我们推出了男士文胸,我们一直得到客户的反馈说‘哇,我们等这个等的太久了。’”她说。(The cup sections lack padding, allowing men to slip them on without feeling #39;unnatural#39;)(文胸没有填充物,让男性穿上时不会觉得“不自然”)The bras and knickers come in pink and mint green sets, and retail for the surprisingly low price of #163;11.50 (1,995 yen). Prices go up to around #163;18.粉色胸罩和薄荷绿内裤套餐以11.50英镑(1995日元)的惊人低价出售。价格现上涨至约18英镑。#39;I like this tight feeling. It feels good,#39; Wish Room representative Masayuki Tsuchiya told Reuters.“我喜欢这种紧致的感觉。感觉非常不错。”店方代表告诉路透记者。The company spokesman himself wears the bra, which can be worn discreetly under clothing.这位公司发言人自己也穿文胸,它可以在衣里不着痕迹的穿上。 /201401/274344

China#39;s love affair with the Oreo is crumbling.中国人对奥利奥(Oreo)的锺爱之情正逐渐减弱。Mondelez International Inc., the maker of Oreo cookies, Cadbury chocolates and Ritz crackers, announced Wednesday that its revenue was down in the fourth quarter and for the full year in part because China#39;s appetite for the crème-filled sandwich cookie fell. Distributors had excess biscuit inventory, Mondelez reported.奥利奥曲奇、吉百利(Cadbury)巧克力和乐之(Ritz)饼干的生产商亿滋国际(Mondelez International Inc., MDLZ)周三公布,第四财政季度及整个财政年度的收入都有所下滑,部分原因是中国人对奥利奥夹心饼干的偏好下降。亿滋国际报告说,分销商的饼干库存过剩。Oreo has been one of the country#39;s most popular cookie brands since it launched in China in 1996, with Mondelez holding the largest market share in China#39;s biscuit segment at 16%, according to market-research firm Euromonitor International. Cookie sales in China have more than tripled from 2003 to 50.4 billion yuan, or roughly .3 billion, last year.奥利奥于1996年进入中国市场,它已经发展成为中国最受欢迎的饼干品牌之一。据市场研究机构欧睿国际(Euromonitor International)的数据,亿滋国际在中国饼干市场的占有率最高,达到16%。2013年中国的曲奇饼干销售额较2003年增长了两倍多,达到人民币504亿元(约合83亿美元)。But industry watchers say China is one tough cookie, and Mondelez is facing bigger obstacles to growth here.但业内观察人士说,中国是一块硬骨头,亿滋国际要想在中国实现进一步增长会面临更大阻力。Consumers in the world#39;s most populous country are curious and willing to try out new things, but that means as more brands enter the market, there are more snacks to distract them from Oreos, said Ben Cavender, a senior analyst at consultancy China Market Research in Shanghai.总部设在上海的咨询公司China Market Research高级分析师凯文德(Ben Cavender)说,中国这一世界人口最多国家的消费者很好奇且愿意尝试新事物,但这意味着,随着更多品牌进入中国市场,更多零食出现,会分散消费者对奥利奥的兴趣。Mr. Cavender said most companies are finding that Chinese consumers bore easily, so it#39;s key for food makers to innovate and introduce new brands. #39;You have to keep the market constantly hooked,#39; he said, noting that changing the packaging often isn#39;t enough.凯文德称,大多数企业都发现,中国消费者很容易对某种商品产生厌倦,因此对食品生产企业来说,创新和推出新品牌很重要。他还表示,企业必须确保市场上不断有能够吸引消费者的产品出现,只改变包装通常是不够的。Mondelez has been broadening its distribution channels, expanding deeper into China#39;s biggest cities and working with well-known figures such as former basketball star Yao Ming to promote its brands. The company has also been innovating, stocking store shelves with mini-Oreos, Ritz crackers and Chips Ahoy cookies in portable cuplike packages that resemble ramen-noodle containers. There are also more flavors in China than ever before, including green tea and birthday confetti.亿滋国际一直在拓展其分销渠道,不断向中国大城市深入扩张,并与中国前篮球明星姚明等知名人士合作,以期提高品牌知名度。此外,该公司也一直在创新,货架上到处可见杯状便携包装的迷你奥利奥、乐之饼干和趣多多饼干。这种包装与桶装方便面类似。而且中国市场上的口味也比以前多,包括绿茶和生日糖果等。Consumers like Zhou Mengmeng, who says she#39;s stopped buying Oreos because she doesn#39;t think they#39;re healthy, pose another problem. Ms. Zhou, a petite 24-year-old from central Henan province, said Chinese people who ate a lot of packaged food several years ago have stopped. #39;We just didn#39;t know they weren#39;t that good for you,#39; Ms. Zhou said, noting that she#39;s since switched to eating more fruit.周萌萌(音)说,她已不再买奥利奥了,因为觉得不健康。像她这样的消费者构成了另一项挑战。这个24岁的来自河南省的娇小女生说,中国人几年前吃了很多包装食品,现在已经不吃了。她说,我们以前不知道那些东西对人那么不好。自从知道以后她就吃水果比较多了。Mondelez executives have said they are aware that Chinese consumers are becoming more health-conscious. To address that concern, the company developed a cracker line, Pacific, with flavors such as sesame and red date are typically associated with health and traditional Chinese medicine.亿滋国际的高管说,他们意识到中国消费者开始更加注重健康。为解决这一问题,该公司开发出了Pacific饼干条,有芝麻和枣泥等口味,这两种食品一般都被认为是健康、传统的中国食品。Some other international biscuit makers are gaining ground in China, such as Korea#39;s Orion Confectionery Co., which sells Choco Boy mushroom-shaped biscuits and the Choco Pie sandwich snacks, and Japan#39;s Ezaki Glico Co., maker of the Pocky multi-flavored chocolate-coated pretzel sticks. Orion boosted its share of the fragmented market to 2.8% last year, up from 1.3% in 2008, according to Euromonitor. Ezaki#39;s market share rose to 2.6% from 1.7% in the same period, according to Euromonitor.其它一些国际饼干生产商正在中国站稳脚跟,如出售蘑菇状饼干Choco Boy和三明治快餐Choco Pie的韩国企业Orion Confectionery Co.,以及生产多种口味巧克力棒百奇(Pocky)的日本企业Ezaki Glico Co.。欧睿国际统计,Orion在这个零散市场的占有率从2008年1.3%增至去年的2.8%,同期Ezaki的市场占有率从1.7%增至2.6%。Mondelez reported a profit of .77 billion, or a share, in the fourth quarter, up from 9 million, or 32 cents a share, a year earlier. The company has said it is investing in emerging markets like Brazil and China, as well as restructuring to improve cost structure.亿滋国际公布,第四财季实现利润17.7亿美元,合每股收益1美元,上年同期利润为5.69亿美元,合每股收益32美分。该公司表示,将投资巴西和中国等新兴市场,并进行重组以改善成本结构。 /201402/275804

Brave tourists have been trying out Chicago#39;s newest attraction - a 1000ft-high viewing platform that offers spectacular downward facing views over the city.勇敢的游客都在体验芝加哥最新景点——1000英尺(约305米)高的观景台,从观景台向下看,整个城市一览无余。TILT is housed in 360 CHICO on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Tower and, as the name suggests, the enclosed glass and steel platform tilts visitors forward for a unique perspective of the city#39;s The Magnificent Mile.观景台取名TILT,设在天大楼“360芝加哥”内的约翰汉考克大楼第94层。正如它的名字,这个封闭的玻璃钢筋观景台可以令游客的身体前倾,从独特的视角向游客展示了芝加哥最著名的街区“华丽的一英里”。The attraction, which costs to tourists and is thought to be the first of its kind, holds up to eight people, with the platform slowly moving outward to an adventurous 30-degree angle above the Windy City.这个独一无二的景点门票定价5美元,可以同时承载8个人,平台会慢慢向下倾斜至非常惊险的30度,俯瞰整个“风城”。Patrick Abisseror, CEO of Montparnasse 56 Group, which owns 360 CHICO, said: ‘We had a vision for elevating the experience, and providing memories for guests that will last a lifetime.“360芝加哥”大楼曾隶属蒙巴纳斯56集团,集团总裁派瑞克·奥比瑟说:“我们有升级游客体验的想法,我们将会给游客们留下一生都难以磨灭的记忆。”‘TILT is yet another example of the innovative and forward-thinking vision of Montparnasse 56 Group.#39;“TILT观景台只是蒙巴纳斯56集团创新和超前的想法之一。”The company also owns the Observation Deck at Montparnasse Tower in Paris, France, and the iconic Berliner Fersehturm/TV Tower in Berlin, Germany.这家公司还拥有法国巴黎蒙帕纳斯大厦的观景台以及德国柏林标志性的柏林电视塔。Nichole Williamson, General Manager of 360 CHICO said: ‘Chicago has long been a pioneer in architecture.“360芝加哥”的总经理尼克·威廉森称:“芝加哥在建筑上一直勇于尝试。”‘As the birthplace of the skyscraper, Chicago continues to be the leader in innovative architecture and TILT furthers that tradition.“作为天大厦的诞生地,芝加哥在创新建筑的建设上一直处于领先地位,TILT是这种传统的延续。”‘Visitors to Chicago will soon be able to experience unsurpassable views while in motion on TILT.’“游客们很快就可以在TILT内体验无与伦比的动态景观了。” /201405/297911

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