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How To Walk in High Heels on HowcastItrsquo;s not as easy as you think, girls! Shoetube.tv host Stephanie Simons shows you how to own the walk and turn heads.女孩们,这并不像你们想象的那么简单。Shoetube.tv主持人 Stephanie Simons将向你显示如何走路和转头。Step 1: PostureStomach in, buttocks out, shoulders back注意姿势收腐败,翘臀,肩部耸起Step 2: Land on ball of foot For balance do not step on toe or heel用脚掌下面近拇趾根的球形部分着地为了保持平很,不要用脚趾或脚后跟着地Step 3: Use thigh muscles for liftFeel them contracting as you walk用腿部肌肉来提起抬腿走路的时候要感到腿部肌肉收缩Step 4: Put one foot in front of the otherDonrsquo;t walk with your feet parallel交错步子行走不要走平行的步子 Article/201110/159374People are now making more career changes than ever before. Our careers expert will advise you on the factors to consider when moving into a new line of work. This short tutorial will teach you the exact steps you need to take to change your career.现代社会的人们比以前更频繁地更换职业。我们的职业专家向你介绍更换职业时应该考虑哪些因素。这个短片将教给你准备更换职业时应该遵循哪些步骤。Step 1: Why do you want to change?1.为何要改变职业Think about the reason you want to make a career change. Perhaps you#39;ve never been satisfied with your job? Maybe you were pressured into it by your family, and you have always harboured secret ambitions in another direction? If you#39;re no longer fulfilled by your job, a new challenge could be just what you need. Or maybe your ambition is to run you own business and be your own boss. Although this will take great commitment and hard work, it could give you the kind of freedom you really want.考虑一下你想要更换职业的原因。或许你从来都不满意自己的工作?或许是迫于家庭压力,还是你一直有志于其他行业?如果你对现在的工作不满足,你或许需要新的挑战。或许你的理想是经营自己的公司,自己做老板。尽管这需要坚持和努力,却可以让你拥有自由。Step 2: Finding your new job2.寻找新工作Once you know what line of work you want to change to, consider whether you have the necessary skills for it. You may have to get some additional training or education before you can start work in your chosen field. It can also help to gain some unpaid experience in the form of volunteering or an internship.一旦知道自己想从事哪个行业,考虑一下自己是否拥有这个行业必需的技能。进入你选择的新领域之前,你或许需要进行一些培训或教育。你还可以通过志愿或实习的方式来获得一些无报酬的工作经验。It#39;s important to do lots of research into your new line of work. Find out how active the jobs market is in that industry,and how the recruitment process usually works.要对你即将进入的行业做大量调查研究,这是非常重要的。查看一些这个行业的就业状况,招募程序通常是怎样的。Talk to as many people as you can. Use your network of family and friends to gather information, and remember that networking is not something that#39;s just done at stuffy business events.尽量和比较多的人讨论一下。通过你的家人和朋友网来收集信息,记住,社交网络并不是只有进行繁琐的商务活动时才用的到。Get advice on the best way to market yourself in your job hunt. It#39;s important that your CV and interview skills are as good as possible, so it might be a good idea to speak to a careers adviser.求职过程中寻找能够推销自己的最佳方法。你的简历和面试技巧都必须尽量做到最好,所以,你可以向职业顾问咨询。You#39;ll also need to consider whether to quit your old job before starting your search. Jobhunting can be a long process, so you#39;ll need to have enough money saved up to live on while you search.你还应该考虑一下是否应该在找新工作之前辞掉原来的工作。求职是一个漫长的过程,所以你需要存够足够的钱来应付找新工作期间的费用。Step 3: Your new career3.你的新职业When you#39;ve found the job you want in your new line of work, bear in mind that it will take some time for you to adapt. In some cases you will have to start from the very bottom of the ladder again, and this will take some getting used to. You may also have to take a salary cut to get into some types of jobs.进入新的领域之后,你要记住,你需要一段时间来适应。在某些情况下,你需要从最底层开始,你必须慢慢习惯。在某些工作岗位,你的薪水可能会很低。Once you#39;re in your new career, keep setting new goals for yourself, so that you feel stretched and challenged. Re-evaluate your career regularly, and remember that a new career is one of the most rewarding changes you can make to your life. Good luck!开始新的职业后,一定要为自己设立新的目标,这样才会有挑战性。经常重新评估自己的职业。记住,新的职业是你为自己的生活做出的最有回报的改变。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Change Your Career感谢收看“怎样改变自己的职业”视频节目。 Article/201210/205635STEP 1: Understanding that you#39;re not alone amp; the feeling isn#39;t permanent.步骤一:明白自己并非特例或者这种情绪不会一直都在。STEP 2: Start believing in yourself; You have the power to let go of negative beliefs about yourself and the power to create positive beliefs that will empower you rather than hinder you.步骤二:拥有自信。你有足够的能力赶走消极想法,并对自己产生一些积极的想法,使自己能够勇往直前。STEP 3: Start changing your life in ways that will reflect a change in your attitude towards life.步骤三:开始改变自己生活方式,反映你在生活态度上的变化。STEP 4: Surround yourself with people who exhibit qualities that you want to possess.步骤四:有的人会展现出你所希望拥有的品质,去和这样的人做朋友。Visualization.想象。Whenever I feel like giving up, I visualize my dream materializing in front of me.当我想要放弃的时候,我都会想像自己梦想成真。I imagine I am standing right there looking at my dream vacation place, or spinning the chair at my favorite company, or eating my favorite mom-made dish, or driving that one car I#39;ve always wanted. I close my eyes and imagine myself doing what I want to do. I make-believe, like a kid.我会想像自己站在梦想的度假胜地,或者在我最爱的公司里面上班,或者正在品尝麻麻做的菜,或者开着我一度想要的车。我闭上眼睛,想像自己此刻正在做着一切我想做的。我像个孩子一样做白日梦。This gives me a head start and a much-needed motivation straightaway. But then, you#39;ve got to work for your goal too! You cannot just go watch a movie after that!想这样想让我感觉有了全新的开始,给我很大的鼓励。但是在那之后,你应该重新朝着目标前进,而不是去看场电影。I make a pros and cons list.我会列一份利弊清单。I often feel the need to give up. I often feel that it#39;s not worth doing whatever it is that I#39;m doing, especially if I#39;m not getting any results.我经常想要放弃。我经常认为我所做的并不值得继续下去,尤其是在我没有得到任何实质性成果时。During that time, I make a pros and cons list, the pros usually outweigh the cons, which instantly motivates me.在此刻,我就会列出利弊清单,利通常大于弊,这可以激励我继续前进。 /201706/514099

同John Hardy一起参观绿色环保学校, 看在他位于巴厘岛的环保学校里怎么教孩子们建造, 园艺, 创新(和怎样进入大学). 校园的中心建筑是螺旋形的学校之心, 有可能是世界上最大的独立式竹楼。 Article/201203/173033

Steve Redman from Holland Park in London shows VideoJug users how to fertilise roses with manure. This should be carried out in late Winter or early Spring, so fertilise your roses successfully with our help.伦敦荷兰大学的Steve Redman向VideoJug用户展示怎样为玫瑰施有机肥。这项工作应该在冬末或初春季节进行,所以,在我们的帮助下成功地为你的玫瑰施肥吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要Manure,A shovel,A wheelbarrow,Gloves肥料,铁锹,独轮手推车,手套Step 2: Add the manure2.撒肥料Use the shovel to sprinkle manure loosely around your roses, so there is a layer approximately 10 centimetres deep.用铁锹把肥料松散地撒在玫瑰周围,形成厚约10厘米的肥料层。Step 3: Protect the branches3.保护枝杈Move the manure away from the crown of the plant, as if the branches are kept in contact with the manure, they will start to rot as the manure decomposes. It#39;s important to wear gloves when handling manure as it may cause health problems.把撒在植株顶上的肥料抖掉,因为如果枝杈接触到肥料,在肥料降解的过程中枝杈会腐烂。处理肥料的过程中一定要戴手套,否则可能会造成健康问题。Thanks for watching How To Fertilise Roses.感谢收看“怎样为玫瑰施肥”视频节目。 Article/201211/208445心理学家 Jonathan Haidt 研究构成我们政治选择的五种道德基础。无论我们是左派、右派还是持平。在令人大开眼界的谈话中,告诉我们自由主义和保守主义在道德上的偏好。 Article/201205/183194

The wind brought other hazards to travellers in these deserts风还会给沙漠中的商旅带来其他危险Marco Polo wrote马可·波罗写到sometimes the stray travelers will hear the tramp and hum有时迷途的商旅会听到远离正途处传来of a great cavalcade of people away from the real line of march宛如大型马队般嘈杂的行旅声and taking this to be their own company并误以为是他们的同伴they will follow the sound而跟随着声音的踪迹前去寻找And when day breaks ,they find that a cheat has been put on them当破晓降临 他们会发现一切不过是个骗局and that they are in an ill plight自己仍深陷困境To this day至今为止no one knows what causes the sands in some parts of the desert没有人知道缘何沙漠中的小片沙地会to sink意外下陷No wonder travellers call this place无怪乎商旅们称此地为fury of God神怒and sea of death与死海But the most severe problem was lack of water但最严重的问题莫过于水源匮乏The reason this place is so intensely dry这个地方如此干涸的原因can best be appreciated from a satellite view从卫星上得以一目了然China#39;s deserts are the farthest place on Earth from any ocean中国的沙漠是地球上最为远离海洋的地方This lack of water is what created the Taklamakan水的缺乏造就了塔克拉玛干沙漠an area the size of Germany covered in sand dunes through which the Silk Road traversed这片几乎与德国等大的区域是世界上最大的流沙沙漠This is the world#39;s largest shifting sand desert这里遍布沙丘 丝绸之路贯穿其中Most living would die here大多数生物在此难以存活but the camel is uniquely equipped for desert survival但骆驼却对适应沙漠环境得天独厚Its nose humidifies the dry desert air as it breathe in它的鼻子可在吸入时加湿then dehumidifies it in the way out呼出时除湿conserving precious water锁住珍贵水分The camel#39;s thick fur keeps it warm at night浓密的驼毛在夜间可以保暖while reflecting sunlight by day在白天可以反射阳光And its body temperature can rise by 6 degree Celsius它的身体在增温6°以内before it even begins to sweat不会出汗With these adaptations they can go for days without drinking靠着这些调节 他们可以不喝水前行数日 /201208/197372The slightest miscalculation即便最微小的失误and the snake is left with a mouthful of feathers.也会导致狩猎的失败The dropped meal is tracked down mainly by smell,蛇只能通过嗅觉寻找失去的美味the viper using its forked tongue毒蛇用分叉的舌头to taste the air until it is close enough to see its quarry.分辨空气来靠近追逐的猎物The final challenge is to swallow a meal that#39;s twice the size of its head.最后的挑战是吞下自己头部两倍粗的食物It does so by dislocating its jaws and positioning its prey蛇能让下巴脱臼并合理安排食物的方向so the beak is pointing backwards.使鸟嘴指向后边For the reptiles, this time of plenty is all too brief.对于爬虫来说,充足的时间也很短暂In a couple of weeks, the migration will be over再过几个星期,迁移就要结束了and the birds will have moved on.鸟群会继续前进This could be the snake#39;s last meal for six months.这可能是蛇六个月中的最后一餐But it isn#39;t just islands但是并不是岛上会经历that experience cycles of feast and famine.盛宴和饥馑的循环The sea, too, has its seasons,海也有季节变化a fact well known to fishing communities along the neighbouring coasts.沿岸的渔民都知道这个变化In Chuwang harbour,在初望港the start of a new fishing season provides the excuse for a massive party.盛大的聚会是新汛期开始的明But for boat owner Mr Zhao,但是对于船主老赵来说it#39;s a day of prayer as well as celebration.既有庆祝又有祈祷Zhao hopes that by presenting gifts and showing respect to the sea goddess,老赵希望通过祭祀海神he can help ensure a prosperous and safe year ahead来确保他们来年for him and his crew.顺利安全 /201209/202261UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for ;The Shoutout.;这是“大声喊出来”时间。The term ;bicameral; means having two of what?这个术语“有两个议会的”表示有两个什么?If you think you know it, then shout it out! Is it: parties, lenses, cylinders or chambers? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是:党派,镜头,圆筒还是议院?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!In a bicameral legislature, there are two chambers or houses.在一个双议院立法机构中有两个议院。That#39;s your answer, and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Those who serve in America#39;s bicameral legislature, are back at work today, and along with the president, representatives and senators have a major challenge ahead in December: the fiscal cliff you#39;ve heard us talk about.那些在美国两院制的立法机构工作的人今天回到了工作岗位,包括了总统、代表和参议员都将在十二月遇到严峻的挑战:你刚才才听到我们提到的财政悬崖。Senators and representatives and the president are trying to find a way to avoid this.参议员,代表和总统正在努力避免这件事。And it all comes down to agree on how the government spends money and takes in money.这全都取决于在政府如何花费和赚钱方面达成一致。But with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, Athena Jones explains how compromise is going to be the name of the game.但民主党控制着参议院同时共和党控制着众议院,雅典娜#8226;琼斯解释了妥协为何成为这场游戏的名字。 /201211/211299

Studies have shown that children affected by maternal depression are more likely to face developmental challenges later in life, such as lower cohesion, warmth and expressiveness, and higher conflict, rigidity and affectionless control. So, what is a mother to do? According to science, we need to look to dad for some answers.研究表明:受产妇抑郁影响的孩子更有可能在以后的生活中面临发育挑战,比如凝聚力低、不热情、表现力低、更容易和人发生冲突、刻板和无情控制。所以,母亲该做些什么呢?据科学表明,我们需要向父亲寻找。Researchers at the Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University in Israel published results of their a study exploring whether fathering helps moderate adverse effects of maternal depression on the family dynamic. Ruth Feldman, Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) and colleagues, from the university#39;s department of of psychology, published their findings in Development and Psychopathology.以色列巴兰伊兰大学多学科脑研究中心的研究人员发表了他们的研究成果,该研究探索了父亲是否能缓解母亲抑郁症对家庭生活的不利影响。该大学心理学系的露丝·费尔德曼、苏珊·龚达(Susan Gonda)和同事们在《发展与精神病理学》(Development and Psychopathology.)期刊上发表了他们的研究成果。In a longitudinal analysis, the group looked at married or cohabiting mothers of young children who experiences chronic depression. They observed interactions among the couples and their child from the time the child was a year old until they turned 6. The observations noted interactions between the mother and child, the father and child. They also watched taped interactions of both parents together with their child.在纵向分析中,研究团队研究了已婚或同居并有小孩的母亲,这些母亲长期抑郁。在孩子一至六岁期间,研究员们观察了夫妻和孩子之间的互动。观察并注意了母亲和孩子以及父亲和孩子间的互动。他们还看了录像,观察父母与孩子在一起时的互动。The findings showed that depressed mothers exhibited low sensitivity and high intrusiveness. Simply put, they frequently took over simple tasks that a child could do on their own, thus damaging their emotional and social development.研究结果表明患抑郁症的母亲会表现出低敏感性和高侵入性。简单而言,她们经常会抢过孩子可以独立完成的事情,因此有损他们的情感和社交发展。To counteract mom#39;s influence, the children of depressed moms lower social engagement during mother-child interactions. To make matters worse, partners also exhibited sensitivity, high intrusiveness and provided minimal opportunities for child social engagement. Though this parenting style isn#39;t doing any favors for family unit, it doesn#39;t mean that children exposed to maternal depression are doomed from the get-go.为了抵制母亲的影响,患有抑郁症母亲的孩子会在母子互动中降低社会参与度。更糟糕的是,母亲还会表现得特别敏感、容易干预,为孩子的社会参与提供最小的机会。虽然这种育儿方式并不会给家庭带来好处,但这并不意味着患有抑郁症母亲的孩子从一开就注定失败。Despite conflicting results, not all partners of maternally depressed women showed signs of distress. Those (fathers) who were sensitive, nonintrusive, and engaged children socially inadvertently acted as a shield for their child.尽管结果相互冲突,但并非所有患有抑郁症母亲的另一半都会表现出痛苦的迹象。那些敏感、没有侵入性并让孩子参与社交活动的父亲在无形中成为了孩子的后盾。Where#39;s the unicorn? This is Magical!独角兽在哪?真的是太神奇了!;When fathers rise to the challenge of co-parenting with a chronically depressed mother, and form a sensitive, nonintrusive, and reciprocal relationship with the child that fosters his/her social involvement and participation,; says Feldman, ;fathering can buffer the spillover from maternal depression to the family atmosphere.;;当母亲长期抑郁,父亲接受共同抚养的挑战时,父亲就会与他们的孩子形成敏感、非侵入性和互惠的关系,能促进孩子参与社会,;费尔德曼说道,;父亲可以缓解母亲抑郁给家庭氛围带来的不良影响。;译文属 /201706/513661Step 1 Fix the source of the leak1.修理漏水点Fix the source of the leak before repairing water stains.处理水渍污染之前先修理好漏水的地方。Look carefully. The source of a leak may not be directly above the water stain.要仔细查看。漏水的地方不一定刚好在水渍上方。Step 2 Mix cleaning solution2.配置清洁溶液Mix a solution of three parts water and one part bleach in the bucket.按照三比一的比例在桶里加入水和漂白粉,配置清洁溶液。Step 3 Scrub away mold3.刷掉霉菌Apply the solution with a large sponge and scrub away any mold. After 20 minutes, rinse the spot with a clean sponge and dry it with paper towels.用一块大海绵蘸着溶液刷掉霉菌。20分钟后,用干净的海绵清洗污渍处,用纸巾擦干。Step 4 Apply primer4.涂抹胶料Use a brush or roller to apply a stain-blocking primer to cover the area and ensure that the stain does not come back.用刷子或滚轴刷上一层胶料,遮盖污渍,确保污渍不会再出现。Step 5 Repaint5.重新粉刷Repaint the area, if necessary, when the primer is dry. You can now sleep soundly knowing your ceiling and walls are as good as new.如果必要的话,胶料干燥之后重新粉刷一下水渍污染处。现在你可以安心睡觉了,因为你的墙壁和天花板都已经完好无损了。 Article/201301/222632

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