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The number of millionaires is on the rise as the growth of private wealth around the world surged in 2013.随着2013年全球各地私人财富激增,百万富翁的人数也增加。The total number of million households reached 16.3 million in 2013, or 1.1 percent of all households globally, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group on Monday. In 2012, meanwhile, that number was just 13.7 million.据波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)周一发布的一份报告显示,2013年,拥有百万财富家庭的总数达到,630万,约占全球人口.1%。而在2012年,这个数字仅为1,370万。Of those figures, the U.S. holds the highest number of millionaires, with 7.1 million, along with the “highest number of new millionaires (1.1 million).”在这数字当中,美国拥有710万名百万富翁,数量最多,而且“新增百万富翁人数也最高,10万”。China, too, saw robust growth with 900,000 more millionaires entering the ranks to 2.4 million total. Those numbers easily surpass Japan, where millionaires are down to 1.2 million households “driven by the 15 percent fall in the yen against the dollar,according to the report.中国也新0万百万富翁,总数达到240万。据这份报告称,这个数字轻松超过了日本。日本百万富翁家庭数量减少到20万,原因是因为“到了受日元兑美元汇率下5%的影响。”The report also stated that the highest density of millionaire households is in Qatar, where 175 out of every 1,000 households are above that threshold. All findings in the report are based on U.S. dollars.这份报告还表示,卡塔尔百万富翁家庭密度最高,,000个家庭中就有175个家庭超过百万美元的门槛。以上所有数据都基于美元计算 /201406/305344。

  • FREETOWN: Sierra Leone declared a healthemergency and called in troops to quarantine Ebola victims on Thursday, joiningneighbouring Liberia in imposing tough controls as the death toll from theworst-ever outbreak of the virus hit 729 in West Africa.弗里敦:周四,塞拉利昂宣布一起卫生紧急情况并召集军队将埃拉病毒感染者隔离。随着埃拉病毒爆发致使西29人死亡,塞拉利昂同邻国利比里亚施行了强硬的控制措斀?The World Health Organization said it was in talks with donors andinternational agencies to deploy more medical staff and resources to one of theworlds poorest regions. The WHO reported 57 new deaths between July 24-27 in Guinea, Liberia,Sierra Leone and Nigeria.世界卫生组织表示,为了向世界上最贫困的地区部署更多的医务人员和资源,该组织正在与捐献者和国际机构开展对话。据世界卫生组织报道4号至27号期间,几内亚、利比里亚、塞拉利昂和尼日利亚新增57个死亡案例。Authorities in Nigeria,which recorded its first Ebola case last week when a UScitizen died after arriving on a flight from Liberia, said all passengerstravelling from areas at risk would be temperature-screened for the virus. In ameasure of rising international concern, Britain on Wednesday held a governmentmeeting on Ebola and called it a threat requiring a response. The White Housealso said President Obama was being briefed on the situation.利比里亚有关当局于上周记录了首例感染埃拉病毒案例,当时一名美国公民从利比里亚搭乘航班,在抵达后死去。有关当局称,所有经过危险区域的乘客都要接受是否感染病毒的体温检查。一部分出于国际担忧的升级,周三,英国就埃拉病毒举行会议并称需要对此威胁作出回应。美国也表示,奥巴马已经对情况作了简要汇报。But international airlines association IATA said the WHO was not recommendingany travel restrictions or border closures, and there would be a low risk toother passengers if an Ebola patient flew. The outbreak of the haemorrhagicfever, for which there is no known cure, began in the forests of remote easternGuinea in February, but Sierra Leone now has the highest number of cases.但国际航空运输协会IATA称,世界卫生组织并不建议进行任何旅行限制或边界封锁,如果埃拉病毒感染者搭乘飞机对其他乘客造成的威胁也很小。出血热于二月份在几内亚偏远的东部森林爆发,目前还未找到治愈方法。但目前最多的病例出现在塞拉利昂。Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma said he would meet leaders of Liberia and Guineain Conakry onFriday to discuss ways to combat the epidemic.塞拉利昂总统科罗马表示,他将于周五同利比里亚和几内亚两国领导人在科纳克里会面,就对抗传染病的方法展开讨论。来 /201408/317523。
  • Tactical victories often end in strategic defeats. That is what Vladimir Putin is in for. The Russian president’s calculations appeared correct at first: the west swallowed the annexation of Crimea, and the Ukrainians did not resist for fear of all-out war. That put Russia on the path of military-patriotic mobilisation, enabling Mr Putin to claim absolute power without resorting to mass repressions. Yet by turning Russia into a war state, Mr Putin has unleashed the process he cannot stop and made himself hostage to suicidal statecraft.战术上的胜利往往会以战略上的失败告终。这就是俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)将迎来的命运。普京打的算盘起初看起来是正确的:西方无奈接受克里米亚被吞并的事实,乌克兰由于害怕爆发全面战争而不敢反抗。这让俄罗斯走上了军事爱国主义的道路,从而使得普京能够不用依靠大规模肃反运动就能获得绝对权力。然而,通过将俄罗斯转变为一个战争国家,普京启动了一个他自己都无法停止的过程,自杀性的治国方略将让他身不由己。He cannot now exit the war paradigm without risking a loss of power. For now he makes deals and wears a peacemaker’s hat, but he will inevitably return to the besieged fortress. He can rule only by subjugating the nation in a way that only war can justify. Russians will remember their economic problems soon enough.普京现在退出战争模式很可能导致自己丧失权力。就目前而言,他缔结协议,摆出调停人的姿态,但他将不可避免地重新陷入四面楚歌的状态。他只有发动战争才能合法地统治国家。俄罗斯人很快就会想起他们的经济问题。Mr Putin has dismantled the post-cold war settlement that allowed him to engage economically with the west in the interests of the Russian petrostate, while keeping Russian society closed to western influence. His aggression has ensured Russia’s Ukrainian neighbour will forever look west.普京抛弃了冷战后达成的允许俄罗斯与西方展开经济往来的安排。这种安排符合俄罗斯石油国家的利益,而且还让该国社会不受西方的影响。他的侵略行径让其乌克兰邻居永远地将目光投向西方。The peace plan Mr Putin announced in September, which was instrumental in securing a ceasefire, is an attempt to formalise the new status quo. The alternative, the Kremlin makes clear, is continued bloodshed. It will not relinquish the occupied territories, and its offer of a deal is backed by dark threats from a country that still possesses one of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenals.普京在今月宣布的和平计划有助于促成停火,这是企图将新现状正式确定下来。克里姆林宫明确表示,不同意该计划就会导致流血冲突持续。俄罗斯将不会交出已经占领的领土,它提出协议的背后暗含着威胁——俄罗斯仍拥有全球最大的核武库之一 。The west dare not call the Russian incursion an act of aggression. They talk euphemistically of a “political solutionto the Ukrainian crisis, which means that the Kremlin’s interests should be taken into account. The Nato summit held in Wales this month demonstrated that the alliance is not prepared to do much more than condemn Russia.西方不敢将俄罗斯的入侵称为一种侵略行为。他们委婉地谈论乌克兰危机的“政治解决方案”,这意味着克里姆林宫的利益应该得到考虑。本月在威尔士举行的北约(Nato)峰会表明,北约除了谴责俄罗斯以外不准备做别的。The promises of lethal aid for Ukraine that have apparently been made by some Nato countries will not shift the military balance though both sides have an interest in pretending otherwise. Western sanctions will not force Mr Putin to backtrack. The west has proved that it is neither y to include Ukraine in its security umbrella, nor to live up to their commitments under international law as guarantors of Ukrainian territorial integrity. A New Russia (or “Novorossiya on the territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists is on its way to becoming a reality. The partition of Ukraine is silently being ratified by the rest of the world.部分北约国家据说承诺向乌克兰提供致命性武器援助,但这不会改变乌俄双方的军力对比,不过双方都有意佯称它会改变平衡。西方制裁将不会迫使普京改弦更张。西方已经明,它既不准备将乌克兰置于其保护伞之下,也不会按照国际法履行保障乌克兰领土完整的承诺。位于由亲俄分裂分子控制的领土上的“新俄罗斯Novorossiya)正逐渐成为现实。分割乌克兰正获得世界其他地区的默认。Does this mean that Mr Putin is winning? Just the reverse: he is again miscalculating. He thinks he can do what other Russian leaders have done before subdue his subjects by putting Russia in a state of permanent confrontation with the outside world. But the propaganda that plays endlessly on Russian television channels will not mesmerise them for long. Russian society will only accept short and victorious war. It is not prepared for bloodshed.这意味着普京赢了?正好相反:他再次误判形势。他认为自己也可以做到其他俄罗斯领导人以前做过的事情——通过让俄罗斯永久性与外部世界对抗来统治其臣民。但俄罗斯电视台无休止播放的宣传片不会长久地迷惑他们。俄罗斯社会只会接受短暂且能取得胜利的战争。它没有对流血冲突做好准备。Few are willing to die for Mr Putin’s regime. News that hundreds of Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine and their bodies secretly buried in Russia has aly begun to undermining the patriotic mood.很少有人愿意为普京的政权献身。数百名俄罗斯士兵在乌克兰丧生以及他们被秘密安葬在俄罗斯的消息已开始破坏爱国主义情绪。Soon, declining living standards will also begin to chafe, and Russians will start asking why they are suddenly so much worse off. Aly, 37 per cent of Russians believe that the interests of individuals should trump the interests of the state. Mr Putin is not the new Stalin. He cannot mobilise Russia for a Great Patriotic War.生活水平不断下降很快也会产生影响,俄罗斯人将开始质问,为何他们的生活境况突然变得这么差。已经有37%的俄罗斯人认为,个人利益应该高于国家利益。普京不是斯大林第二。他不可能动员俄罗斯打一场“伟大的卫国战争”。The irony is that Novorossiya will soon become a problem for the Russian president. The Kremlin will have to contend with heavily armed separatists, embittered by their failure to secure a stipend from Moscow, just as the tide of protest begins to rise at home.具有讽刺意味的是,“新俄罗斯”将很快成为普京的一个包袱。在国内兴起抗议浪潮之际,克里姆林宫将不得不应对全副武装的分裂分子,他们因为未能从莫斯科领到薪俸而感到怨恨。Moscow will have to keep its heroes at arm’s length. Those who are bravely fighting for a “Russian worldcould quickly become a threat to Mr Putin if they were allowed into Russia proper. They are welcome in the motherland, but only in coffins.莫斯科将不得不与他们的英雄保持距离。那些勇敢地为“俄罗斯人的世界”战斗的人如果获准进入俄罗斯本土,可能很快就会对普京造成威胁。他们在祖国受到欢迎,但只是在棺材里。来 /201410/333566。
  • The first time I used Amazon’s mobile application I was flabbergasted.当我第一次使用亚马逊的移动应用时,我大吃了一惊。I used the app to scan a bar code at Wal-Mart. Not only did it properly identify the toy in my hand, I was able to order it for overnight delivery with a few more taps. Oh, and I saved . With order confirmation in hand, I immediately ran over to my wife, who was a few aisles away. I picked up another product to demonstrate. She shared in my amazement. From that point forward, our approach to shopping was forever changed.我用这款应用在沃尔玛超市(Wal-Mart)扫描了一个条形码,它不仅正确识别出了我手中的玩具,而且我只要再点击几下,就可以让亚马逊用隔夜快递把它送到我家,而且我还能省8美元。当我看到手机上显示订单已确认的消息后,我马上到超市的另一边找我的妻子。我拿起另一样商品向她展示亚马逊应用的神奇功能,她也感到惊奇不已。从那个时刻开始,我们的购物习惯被永远地改变了。The impact that Amazon has had on the way people buy things is difficult to overstate. According to ComScore, 73.3 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. accessed Amazon’s mobile websites in December 2013, the height of the winter holiday shopping season. That’s more than 114 million people.亚马逊对人们购物习惯的影响,无论怎么说都不夸张。据ComScore公司统计,在2013年冬天,有史以来销量最高的一个节日购物季里,美国智能手机用户中有73.3%,即1.14亿多人上过亚马逊的移动网站。Here’s the rub: according to the same report, Amazon’s dedicated app—the one with the barcode scanning feature, which isn’t available on the company’s website—was only used by 22.6 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. That’s still a lot of people, and it all results in revenue for Amazon. But people made 17.6 billion trips to U.S. stores in November and December 2013, according to ShopperTrak, suggesting that there is plenty of money still on the table and, for an e-tailer like Amazon, ample opportunity to turn the world into a giant showroom.但是根据ComScore公司的同一篇报告显示,亚马逊的专用APP,也就是拥有条形码扫描功能的那个(你在亚马逊网站上还下载不到这个应用),在美国只有22.6%的智能手机用户使用它。虽然这个人数也不少,而且给亚马逊带来了相当的收入。不过根据研究机构ShopperTrak统计,在20131-12月,美国人到实体店消费合760亿次,这说明像亚马逊这样的电商仍然有很大的赚钱空间,甚至是把全世界变成一个巨大的“样品间”。Amazon’s first smartphone, which it calls simply “Fire,is the company’s latest physical device to help it reach this quasi-digital nirvana. The handset, which will begin shipping on Friday and which the company announced with much fanfare in June, is loaded with Amazon’s own applications and services—taking a page from Google’s Android playbook, or perhaps its own Kindle one—to entice people to embrace a world where Amazon rules.亚马逊的第一款智能手机起了个简单的名字“Fire”(火),它也是亚马逊为打造数字购物天堂推出的最新一款硬件设备。这款手机将5日开始出货。早在六月,亚马逊便将这款手机吹捧得人间少有。它搭载了亚马逊自家的应用和务, 并且借鉴了谷歌安卓或是Kindle平板电脑的模式,力求吸引人们来到一个由亚马逊主宰的世界。On the hardware front, the phone keeps up with its peers. It has a 4.7-inch high-definition display, a 13-megapixel camera, 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage and two gigabytes of memory. It will retail for 9 or 9, based on storage selection, with a two-year ATamp;T service contract. (When I pressed Amazon regarding the length of the U.S. carrier’s exclusivity, I was met with annoyed smiles and “no comment.在硬件方面,这款手机基本上与竞争对手保持了一致水平。首先它具备一.7寸高清屏幕,一300万像素摄像头,可以选择324GB的存储空间,并且G内存。根据不同的存储空间,这款手机的零售价也分为199美元99美元两个价位,均为两年的ATamp;T合约价。(当我问亚马逊怎样看待ATamp;T合约长度的问题时,对方抱以似乎颇感不快的微笑,并表示“不发表”。)Nonetheless, today’s smartphones are most differentiated by their software, and the Fire’s operating system, a stripped version of Google’s Android dubbed FireOS, comes loaded with access to Amazon’s Instant Video, Kindle books, and Prime Music marketplaces, courtesy of a clever promotion that gives every new Fire owner a free one-year membership to Amazon’s Prime service. Still, a phone packed with Amazon services isn’t enough to turn the world into a show floor. That’s where Firefly comes in.不过,如今的智能手机经常要靠软件来分高下。亚马逊的Fire手机搭载了一个叫做FireOS的操作系统,不过它实质上是谷歌安卓系统的一个“纯净版”。它的自带应用包括亚马逊的即时视频、Kindle电子书、Prime Music市场,值得一提的是每位Fire手机用户都可免费享用一年亚马逊的Prime会员务。不过光靠一款搭载了亚马逊务的手机,还不足以把全世界变成一个大“样品间”。这时候就要靠FireFly(意为萤火虫)大显身手了。The phone’s flagship feature is a scanning application that can identify more than 100 million different products, from food to household items to media such as music, movies and games. It can scan physical items using the phone’s camera and pinpoint more slippery products—think music, television shows, or movies—using the phone’s microphone.作为这款手机的旗舰功能,FireFly实际上是一项扫描应用,它能分辨出1亿多种不同的商品,从食品、家庭用品甚至到音乐、电影和游戏等媒体产品都不在话下。它识别实物产品靠的是手机的摄像头,识别音乐、电视节目或电影等媒体产品则靠的是手机话筒。In my experience testing the app, I found that Firefly was flawless in zeroing in on book or game covers, but struggled when tasked with identifying common items such as food or cleaning supplies. When I scanned the front of a box of Kellogg’s Special K Cracker Chips, the app identified it as a box of Blueberry Special K Bars. (A second attempt did the trick.) When I tried to scan a Microsoft Xbox One game controller or an Apple iPhone 5S, Firefly didn’t recognize them at all. (Message received, Jeff Bezos.)在我亲自测试这款应用的过程中,我发现它在识别图书、视频游戏封面上,可以算得上是“秒开”,但是在识别一般日常用品比如食品和清洁用品时,有时却不是很顺利。比如有一次我扫描了一盒凯洛格公司的Special K薯片,但是这款应用却显示它是一盒蓝莓味的Special K饼干(不过第二次扫描成功了)。当我试图扫描微软的Xbox One游戏机或苹果iPhone 5S手机时,Firefly根本就不识别它们。(你一定是故意的,杰夫o贝佐斯。)After Firefly identifies an item, it presents you with the option to purchase it directly from Amazon. The company also allows third-party developers to integrate with Firefly—for example, iHeartRadio will create a radio station based off of a song identified by the app—extending its role beyond that of a point-of-sale system.Firefly识别出一样物品后,会给你提供一个在亚马逊上直接购买的选项。另外亚马逊也允许第三方开发者整合Firefly。比如通过iHeartRadio等应用,你甚至可以根据一首FireFly识别出的歌曲,建立一个自己的音乐电台——这样就使它的功能远远超出了一台简单的销售终端系统。During the phone’s debut, Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, worked to paint the Fire as a different kind of smartphone. Firefly helps, but the “unique user experiencehe alluded to comes from a feature called Dynamic Perspective—in essence a three-dimensional interface that Amazon has been working on for four years.在这款手机首次发布时,亚马逊的CEO贝佐斯努力想把Fire描绘成一种与众不同的智能手机。在这一点上Firefly做得很不错。另外贝佐斯在发布会上提到的“独特的用户体验”,其实来自一个叫“动态视角”的功能。它本质上就是亚马逊耗时四年开发的一D界面。The use of Don phones isn’t new—see the sleight-of-hand employed by HTC’s Evo 3D, or the parallax effect in Apple’s iOS. The Fire approaches it differently by using the phone’s four front-facing cameras to track the location of your face relative to the screen. Instead of moving your hand to shift the perspective of the items on the phone’s display, you can move your head.在手机上应用D”社交并不是什么新鲜事,比如HTC公司的Evo 3D和苹果iOS系统的视差滚动效果等等。不过Fire的不同之处,在于它利用手机的四台前置摄像头来抓取你的头部相对于手机屏幕的角度。因此如果你想要调节显示屏中物体的角度,你可以不用动手,只需要移动你的头就行了,就像看真实世界的物体时一样。It’s impressive the first time you experience it; a few days later, the feeling wears off, and you’ll notice information slipping off the display in odd ways. (Getting the status bar to remain on screen long enough to view battery percentage was a balancing act worthy of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Before anyone writes in, yes, there is a setting for making the status bar a permanent fixture, but critically, it’s disabled by default.)当你第一次体验这种视觉效果时,留下的印象的确很深刻。但过了几天后,这种新鲜感逐渐变淡,你就会注意到一些信息以奇怪的方式从手机上“滑落”了。(比如要想让状态栏在屏幕上多停一会,好看一看剩余的电量,简直像耍杂技一样难。当然,手机上也有永久显示状态栏的设置,但莫名其妙的是,它是默认禁用的。)And here’s the kicker: After I disabled Dynamic Perspective, the overall performance of the phone vastly improved. The stuttering behavior I experienced as I whizzed through the app carousel? The delay in how quickly the lock screen appeared after I pushed the phone’s wake button? Essentially gone. (The camera’s sluggish burst mode still left me wanting.) I suspect I’ll find the phone’s battery life improved as well, though it’s difficult to tell —it varied wildly during my testing, from 11 hours parked in my car’s cup holder to a full day that included streaming cartoons for my kids.在我禁用了动态视角功能后,这部手机的整体性能大大提高了。使用APP的卡顿、解锁时的延迟统统消失了。(不过摄像头的迟钝反应仍让我稍嫌不足。)我觉得手机的续航时间可能也相应提高了,不过这很难说——在我的测试过程中,几次续航时间的差异很大,有时我大部分时间把它放在车上的杯托里,它只能坚持11个小时;有时我整天都在把玩,包括用它给孩子从网站上放动画片,但它却能坚持一整天。If you’re wondering, Amazon’s App Store carries most of the big-name apps we’ve come to expect such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Notably missing: Starbucks and Foursquare, two staples on my home screen. (Your mileage in this highly personal area may vary.)亚马逊的应用商店里可以找到大多数我们期望的常用应用,比如Facebook、Instagram和Twitter等。值得注意提星巴克(Starbucks)和Fourquare这两个常年占据我自己手机主页的应用,在亚马逊的应用商店里却下载不到。(由于对应用的偏好众口难调,或许你的感觉跟我不一样。)The moment you pick up Amazon’s Fire, it’s clear that the phone’s primary reason to exist is to sell Amazon’s products and services. In truth, that’s hardly different from the smartphone in your pocket today—but the Fire is less subtle about it. Will people be put-off by that harsh reality? Beats me. I’m too busy thinking about the day when I’ll be able to scan an item and have it delivered to my exact location by Amazon drone. I can’t wait to share that amazement with my wife.在拿到Fire手机的那一刻,你就会发现这部手机存在的主要原因,就是销售亚马逊的产品和务。当然从这一点上看,它和你口袋里现有的智能手机也没什么两样,但是Fire表现得要更加直白些。人们会被它的直白吓得敬而远之吗?这可难倒我了。我想象着有一天,我可以随手扫描一样喜欢的东西,然后让亚马逊的无人机把它投递到我家里。我已经迫不及待想和妻子分享这种惊喜体验 /201407/315177。
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