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Good afternoon, everybody. As you know, this weekend, I traveled to Afghanistan to thank our men and women in uniform and our deployed civilians, on behalf of a grateful nation, for the extraordinary sacrifices they make on behalf of our security. I was also able to meet with our commanding General and Ambassador to review the progress that we’ve made. And today, I’d like to update the American people on the way forward in Afghanistan and how, this year, we will bring America’s longest war to a responsible end.The ed States did not seek this fight. We went into Afghanistan out of necessity, after our nation was attacked by al Qaeda on September 11th, 2001. We went to war against al Qaeda and its extremist allies with the strong support of the American people and their representatives in Congress; with the international community and our NATO allies; and with the Afghan people, who welcomed the opportunity of a life free from the dark tyranny of extremism.We have now been in Afghanistan longer than many Americans expected. But make no mistake -- thanks to the skill and sacrifice of our troops, diplomats, and intelligence professionals, we have struck significant blows against al Qaeda’s leadership, we have eliminated Osama bin Laden, and we have prevented Afghanistan from being used to launch attacks against our homeland. We have also supported the Afghan people as they continue the hard work of building a democracy. We’ve extended more opportunities to their people, including women and girls. And we’ve helped train and equip their own security forces.Now we’re finishing the job we started. Over the last several years, we’ve worked to transition security responsibilities to the Afghans. One year ago, Afghan forces assumed the lead for combat operations. Since then, they’ve continued to grow in size and in strength, while making huge sacrifices for their country. This transition has allowed us to steadily draw down our own forces -- from a peak of 100,000 U.S. troops, to roughly 32,000 today.2014, therefore, is a pivotal year. Together with our allies and the Afghan government, we have agreed that this is the year we will conclude our combat mission in Afghanistan. This is also a year of political transition in Afghanistan. Earlier this spring, Afghans turned out in the millions to vote in the first round of their presidential election -- defying threats in order to determine their own destiny. And in just over two weeks, they will vote for their next President, and Afghanistan will see its first democratic transfer of power in history.In the context of this progress, having consulted with Congress and my national security team, I’ve determined the nature of the commitment that America is prepared to make beyond 2014. Our objectives are clear: Disrupting threats posed by al Qaeda; supporting Afghan security forces; and giving the Afghan people the opportunity to succeed as they stand on their own.Here’s how we will pursue those objectives. First, America’s combat mission will be over by the end of this year. Starting next year, Afghans will be fully responsible for securing their country. American personnel will be in an advisory role. We will no longer patrol Afghan cities or towns, mountains or valleys. That is a task for the Afghan people.Second, I’ve made it clear that we’re open to cooperating with Afghans on two narrow missions after 2014: training Afghan forces and supporting counterterrorism operations against the remnants of al Qaeda.Today, I want to be clear about how the ed States is prepared to advance those missions. At the beginning of 2015, we will have approximately 98,000 U.S. -- let me start that over, just because I want to make sure we don’t get this written wrong. At the beginning of 2015, we will have approximately 9,800 U.S. servicemembers in different parts of the country, together with our NATO allies and other partners. By the end of 2015, we will have reduced that presence by roughly half, and we will have consolidated our troops in Kabul and on Bagram Airfield. One year later, by the end of 2016, our military will draw down to a normal embassy presence in Kabul, with a security assistance component, just as we’ve done in Iraq.Now, even as our troops come home, the international community will continue to support Afghans as they build their country for years to come. But our relationship will not be defined by war -- it will be shaped by our financial and development assistance, as well as our diplomatic support. Our commitment to Afghanistan is rooted in the strategic partnership that we agreed to in 2012. And this plan remains consistent with discussions we’ve had with our NATO allies. Just as our allies have been with us every step of the way in Afghanistan, we expect that our allies will be with us going forward.Third, we will only sustain this military presence after 2014 if the Afghan government signs the Bilateral Security Agreement that our two governments have aly negotiated. This Agreement is essential to give our troops the authorities they need to fulfill their mission, while respecting Afghan sovereignty. The two final Afghan candidates in the run-off election for President have each indicated that they would sign this agreement promptly after taking office. So I’m hopeful that we can get this done.The bottom line is, it’s time to turn the page on more than a decade in which so much of our foreign policy was focused on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When I took office, we had nearly 180,000 troops in harm’s way. By the end of this year, we will have less than 10,000. In addition to bringing our troops home, this new chapter in American foreign policy will allow us to redirect some of the resources saved by ending these wars to respond more nimbly to the changing threat of terrorism, while addressing a broader set of priorities around the globe.I think Americans have learned that it’s harder to end wars than it is to begin them. Yet this is how wars end in the 21st century -- not through signing ceremonies, but through decisive blows against our adversaries, transitions to elected governments, security forces who take the lead and ultimately full responsibility. We remain committed to a sovereign, secure, stable, and unified Afghanistan. And toward that end, we will continue to support Afghan-led efforts to promote peace in their country through reconciliation. We have to recognize that Afghanistan will not be a perfect place, and it is not America’s responsibility to make it one. The future of Afghanistan must be decided by Afghans. But what the ed States can do -- what we will do -- is secure our interests and help give the Afghans a chance, an opportunity to seek a long, overdue and hard-earned peace.America will always keep our commitments to friends and partners who step up, and we will never waver in our determination to deny al Qaeda the safe haven that they had before 9/11. That commitment is embodied by the men and women in and out of uniform who serve in Afghanistan today and who have served in the past. In their eyes, I see the character that sustains American security and our leadership abroad. These are mostly young people who did not hesitate to volunteer in a time of war. And as many of them begin to transition to civilian life, we will keep the promise we make to them and to all veterans, and make sure they get the care and benefits that they have earned and deserve.This 9/11 Generation is part of an unbroken line of heroes who give up the comfort of the familiar to serve a half a world away -- to protect their families and communities back home, and to give people they never thought they’d meet the chance to live a better life. It’s an extraordinary sacrifice for them and for their families. But we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re willing to make it. That’s who we are as Americans. That’s what we do.Tomorrow, I will travel to West Point and speak to America’s newest class of military officers to discuss how Afghanistan fits into our broader strategy going forward. And I’m confident that if we carry out this approach, we can not only responsibly end our war in Afghanistan and achieve the objectives that took us to war in the first place, we’ll also be able to begin a new chapter in the story of American leadership around the world.Thanks very much.201503/363510

I said, through my interpreter, whats the word in your... do you have a word in your language that could be a name that means new beginning? 我通过翻译问她 你们有没有一个词 你们的语言中有没有一个能用来做名字的词语 意为新的开始 And this woman got a big smile on her face, and she said to me through the interpreter, she said yes, lucky for you 这位女士挂着大大的笑容 通过翻译告诉我 她说 有的 正巧 In our language, the word dawn DAWN is a boys name, not a girls name 在我们的语言中 黎明这个词 可以用作男孩的名字 不是女孩的名字 We will name this boy Dawn 我们给这个男孩起名叫黎明 And he will be the symbol of our new beginning 他会象征着 我们的新的开始 I am telling you this because no matter what happens to you, 我跟你们讲这个故事 是因为无论你们遇到什么挫折 it is highly unlikely that you will ever face anything as awful as what happened to that mother and father 你们基本不可能 会面临着比这家的父亲母亲 还要悲惨的遭遇 They somehow found the strength to treasure the one who remained, and to serve others 他们找到了力量 去珍爱幸存的孩子 去为大众务 That is the heritage you take with you from Howard 这就是你们从霍华德离开时要继承的传统 That is what your people are doing in Rwanda half a world away 这就是和你们一样的人在半个地球之外的卢旺达在做的事情 If you do what makes you happy, and you dont give up, and you keep serving, 如果你们能做让自己感到开心的事 而且不言放弃 为大众而务 I think you will live the most interesting, prosperous and peaceful time in human history 我认为你们会赶上人类历史上最为有趣 丰富多的和平年代 Good luck and God bless you all 祝你们好运 上帝保佑你们 201508/390677

Hi, everybody.Over the past year, more than 10 million Americans have gained the financial security and peace of mind that comes with health insurance.大家好!过去一年里,有超过1000万人获得了医疗保险,这一保障为他们带来了经济上的安全感和心理上的安定感。More than seven million people enrolled in affordable coverage by visiting HealthCare.gov, or going to the marketplace in their state.On average, theyre paying just 82 a month for coverage.有700多万人通过访问HealthCare.gov网站注册或者是访问各州的网上医保市场获得平价医疗保障。人们平均每月花82美元就可以获得相应保障。For a lot of people, thats less than a cell phone bill or a cable bill.对多数人而言,这比一个月的手机费或有线电视费都要低。Insurance companies can no longer deny you coverage just because you have a preexisting condition, and they now have to cover free preventive care like checkups and mammograms.保险公司也不能因为你的既往病史而拒绝为你投保,他们现在必须提供诸如体检,透视检查之类的预防性免费保障项目。If you missed your chance to get covered last year, heres the good news.Starting November 15th, today, you can go online or call 1-800-318-2596 and get covered for 2015.如果你去年错过了参保机会,那么现在好消息到了。从11月15日开始,也就是今天,你可以通过访问网站,或致电1-800-318-2596投保2015年的医疗保险。And weve spent the last year improving and upgrading HealthCare.gov, to make it faster and easier to use.过去一年我们对HealthCare.gov网站进行了大量优化升级,现在访问速度更快,也更方便。If you aly buy insurance through the online marketplace, now is the time to take a look at some new options for next year.如果你已经通过网上医保市场购买了保险,现在你也可以上去看看今年新增的一些项目。You might be able to save more money, or find a plan that fits your familys needs even better than the one youve got now.你也许可以节省更多的钱,或者选到比当前已有的计划更适合你家庭需求的保险计划。If you havent signed up for insurance yet, this is your chance.如果你还没有在保险市场注册,现在就是难得的机会。Odds are, youll qualify for tax credits to help you afford it.更难得的是,购买保险还可以获得免税资格,帮你节约出。But this window wont stay open forever.但这一时间窗口不是永久有效的。You only have three months to shop for plans, so its worth starting right away.大家只有三个月的时间来购买自己的保险计划,所以做好现在就开始。And it might make a big difference for your familys bottom line.这将为大家的家庭保障带来巨大变化。Last year, I got an email from a woman named Amy Williams, in Augusta, Georgia.去年,我收到一封信,是乔治亚州奥古斯塔市一位名叫艾米?威廉姆斯的女士写的。She and her husband are self-employed in the trucking business.For years, they paid about 1,200 a month for their health insurance.Then they checked out HealthCare.gov.They found a plan with coverage they liked, and it was way less expensive.She says that theyve saved around 13,000 on their premiums this year alone.她和她丈夫是做个体运输的。多年来,他们每月要为购买医疗保险出将近1200美元。去年他们在HealthCare.gov网站上算了一笔帐,他们选择了一份他们中意的保险方案,花的钱却要少得多。她说,他们今年一年在保险费上就节约了差不多1.3万美元。Stories like Amys are why we fought so hard to pass the Affordable Care Act.To help more families breathe a little easier.In part because this law is working, health care prices have grown at their slowest rate in nearly 50 years.And this year, insurance premiums for families who are covered through an employer grew at a rate tied for the lowest on record.像艾米家这样的故事很多,这正是我们千辛万苦也要通过《平价医疗保险法》的初衷。为了帮助更多家庭减轻压力,一定程度上,正是有了这部法律的实施,医疗保险的价格增长速度降到了50年来的最低水平。今年,对由雇主购买保险的家庭而言,保险费的增长率是有史以来最低的。So sp the word.Tell your friends and family members to get covered.Talk to folks in your church or your classroom.Tell them to take a few minutes to check out Healthcare.gov, CuidadoDeSalud.gov, or call 1-800-318-2596-it can make a big difference in their lives.Let them know that its easy, its affordable, and that they have just three months, starting today, November 15th, to sign up.Together, we can make sure that even more of America gets covered in the year ahead.因此,请大家相互转告,告诉你们的亲朋好友参保。告诉教会的教友,学校的同窗,告诉他们花点时间去HealthCare.gov、CuidadoSalud.gov网站上看看,或者致电1-800-318-2596,一定会给他们的生活带来巨大改变的。让他们知道,这样买医保方便,价格合理,时间仅限三个月,所以今天就开始,11月15日,抓紧时间注册。最后,让我们团结起来,让更多美国人民为未来的一年获得医疗保险。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201411/343257

  Ive heard that its easing up the restrictions, and its easier to get a visa. My young Chinese friends, I want to tell you that in case no one from America has ever invited you, let me do this right now personally. I want to warmly invite all of you here to come to the ed States, and especially to come to California, becasue thats the happening place. California is the best place.我听说,限制条件已趋于宽松,获得签更容易了。年轻的中国朋友们,我想告诉你们,如果美国还没有人邀请你们,那么我现在就以个人名义邀请你们。我想热情地邀请你们所有人到美国,尤其要来加利福尼亚州,因为那里上演着许多传奇。加利福尼亚州是首选之地。Please come and visit us, we will welcome you. I invite you all to come there and to travel, to meet the American people, and to come there and study in our universities, and some day hopefully you will come and do business over there, or maybe youll want to move over there. Whatever your goal is, youre always welcome. America, after all, lets not forget, is the land of opportunity. And its not only the land of opportunity for Austrians like me, but for Chinese people as well. Remember that.来吧,我们将欢迎你们来访。我邀请在座的各位去那里旅游,去结识美国人民,去我们的大学学习,希望你们有朝一日能在那里做生意,你们或许想要移居那里。无论你们的目的是什么,我们都欢迎你们的到来。不要忘了,美国毕竟充满了机遇,不仅对像我这样的奥地利人是这样,对中国人也是如此。请大家记住这一点。I know that beginning with this century, China is also becoming a land of opportunity.我知道自本世纪以来,中国这片大地上也开始充满机遇。Its a fast growing place, and as the students of this great university and the citizens of a rising China, I think that you have a great future also here in this country.中国正在快速发展,而你们作为这所出类拔萃的大学的学生,作为这个正在崛起的国家的公民,我相信你们在这个国家也会有一个光辉灿烂的未来。And today I want to talk to you a little bit about the dreams, about the dreams of your future, and dreams for this country.今天,我想跟你们谈谈梦想,关于畅想你们未来的梦想,关于中国的梦想。I want to talk to you a little bit about dreams, because it seems to me that Im somewhat of an expert in dreams, because I had a lot of my dreams become a reality.我之所以想跟你们略谈梦想,是因为我觉得自己似乎是这方面的专家,因为我的许多梦想都已经实现。So let me just briefly tell you my story, and tell you a little bit about how I started with my career. I think that this story kind of relates a little bit also to you, and also to China.因此,让我简单地讲述一下我的故事,告诉你们我是怎样开始我的职业生涯的。我想这个故事多多少少会对你们甚至对中国有所启示。201403/281744

  The apartheid destruction on my subcontinent is in calculable. The fabric of family life of millions of my people has been shattered. Millions are homeless and unemployed. Our economy lies in ruins and our people are embroiled in political strife. Our resort to the armed struggle in 1960 with the formation of the military wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe, was a purely defensive action against the violence of apartheid.种族隔离制度给我们这片次大陆造成了难以估量的破坏。我们成千上万人的家庭生活遭到了毁坏。几百万人流离失所,没有工作。我们的经济遭到严重破坏,我们的人民卷入了政治冲突。我们在1960年诉诸武装斗争,建立了非洲人民国民大会的战斗组织——“民族之矛”,这纯属为反抗种族隔离制度的暴力而采取的自卫行动。The factors which necessitated the armed struggle still exist today. We have no option but to continue. We express the hope that a climate conducive to a negotiated settlement will be created soon so that there may no longer be the need for the armed struggle.今天,必须进行武装斗争的种种原因依然存在,因此除了继续进行武装斗争外我们别无选择。我们希望,不久将会出现一种有利于通过谈判解决问题的局面,这样就没有必要再开展武装斗争了。 /201305/241812。


  The globalization of financial markets that took place since the 1980s was a market fundamentalist project spearheaded by the ed States and the ed Kingdom. Allowing financial capital to move around freely in the world made it difficult to tax it or to regulate it. This put financial capital in a privileged position. Governments had to pay more attention to the requirements of international capital than to the aspirations of their own people because financial capital could move around more freely. So as a market fundamentalist project, globalization was highly successful; individual countries found it difficult to resist it. But the global financial system that emerged was fundamentally unstable because it was built on the false premise that financial markets can be safely left to their own devices. That is why it broke down and that is why it cannot be put together again.20世纪80年代以来形成的金融市场全球化是一次由美国和英国发起的市场原教旨主义运动。这次运动允许金融资本在世界范围内自由流动,就造成难以对其征税或实施监管,使金融资本处于一种优势地位。因为金融资本可以自由流动,各国政府必须更加重视国际资本的要求,而不是本国人民的愿望。因此,作为—种市场原教旨主义运动,全球化是非常成功的,各个国家均难以抵制其影响。而由此产生的全球金融体系是不稳固的,因为它是在一个错误的前提下建立起来的,即金融市场可以依靠自身的调节机制来正常运行。这就解释了它为什么失灵和不能再拼凑在一起的原因。Global markets need global regulations, but the regulations that are currently in force are rooted in the principle of national sovereignty. There are some international agreements, most notably by Basel Accords on minimum capital requirements, and there is also good cooperation among market regulators. But the source of the authority is always the sovereign state. This means that it is not enough to restart a mechanism that has stalled; we need to create a regulatory mechanism that has never existed.全球市场需要全球规则,但目前实施的规则植根于国家主权的原则之中。的确存在一些国际协定,最明显的例子是规定了最低资本要求的《巴塞尔协议》,并且在市场监管部门之间也有良好的合作。但是,权力总是属于主权国家。这就意味着仅仅重启已经停止运作的机制还是不够的,我们需要建立一个全新的调节机制。201409/328506So, when I came back to make my next movie, which was ;Avatar;, I tried to apply that same principle of leadership which is that you respect your team, and you earn their respect in return. And it really changed the dynamic. So, here I was again with a small team, and you know, in Uncharted territory doing ;Avatar;, coming up with new technology that didnt exist before. Tremendously exciting. Tremendously challenging. And we became a family, over a four and half year period. And it completely changed how I do movies. So, people have commented on how, well, you know, you brought back the ocean organisms and put them on the planet of Pandora. To me it was more of a fundamental way of doing business, the process itself, that changed as a reslt of that.所以,当我开始拍摄我的下一部电影《阿凡达》时,我试着将这种互相尊重的领导力原则应用在电影拍摄中。很快情况就改变了。在《阿凡达》拍摄过程中,我的团队也很小,你知道,也在未知领地拍摄《阿凡达》,创造新的科技。这非常有意思,非常有挑战性。四年半的时间里,我们成为了一个家庭。这完全改变了我拍电影的方式。有文章说,卡梅隆把海底的一些生物放到了潘多拉星球上。对于我来说,这只是做事情的基本方式,这个过程本身改变了事情的结果。So, what can we synthesize out of all this? You know, what are the lessons learned? Well, I think number one is curiosity. Its the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world. I have young film makers come up to me and say, you know, ;Give some advice for doing this.; And I say, ;Dot put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you, dont do it to yourself, dont bet against yourself and take risks.;最后,总结一下,我学到了什么?我觉得第一:好奇心,这是你拥有的最有力量的东西;第二:想象力,这是你创造现实的力量;第三:对团队的尊重,这是比世界上其他所有荣誉都更重要的东西。你知道,有年轻的电影制作人过来跟我说:“给我一些拍电影的建议吧”。我回答说:“不要给自己加上限制。其他人会替你这么做,不用自己这么做,不要拿自己下赌注。不要冒险。”NASA has this phrase that they like: ;Failure is not an option.; But failure has to be an option in art and in exploration, because its a leap of faith. And no important endeavor that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. So, thats the thought I would leave you with, is that in whatever youre doing, failure is an option, but fear is not.美国国家航空航天局有这样的警句:“失败并不是一种选择”。但是失败,在艺术上、在探险上肯定是一种选择,因为这是信仰的飞跃。任何需要革新的重要努力都需要冒险。你必须愿意承担这些冒险。所以,这是我想给你的想法,不管你做什么,失败是一个选项,但畏惧不是。Thank you.谢谢! /201311/263797And think about the friends who never got the chance to go to college but were still invested in your success—friends who talked you out of dropping out, friends who kept you out of trouble so that you could graduate on time, friends who forced you to study when you wanted to procrastinate.想想那些从来没有机会进入大学但依然为你们的成功出钱出力的朋友们吧——想想那些劝告你们不要辍学的朋友们,想想那些让你们远离麻烦以便你们能够准时毕业的朋友们,想想那些当你们想偷懒时强迫你们去学习的朋友们。Most importantly, tough, think of the millions of ids living all over this world who will never come close to having the chance to stand in your shoes—kids in New Orleans whose schools are still recovering from the ravages of Katrina; kids who will never go to school at all because theyre forced to work in a sweat shop somewhere; kids in your very own communities who just cant get a break, who dont have anyone in their lives telling them that theyre good enough and smart enough to do whatever they can imagine; kids who have lost the ability to dream. These kids are desperate to find someone or something to cling to. They are looking to you for some sign of hope.但是最重要的,想想世界上还有数百万计的孩子们,他们永远不会像你们一样离机会如此之近——想想纽奥良的那些孩子们,他们的学校遭受了卡特里娜飓风的肆掠,目前还在修复;想想那些将永远没有机会上学的孩子们,他们会被迫在世界各个角落的血汗工厂里做工;想想你们自己社区里的孩子们吧,他们没有这么好的运气,在他们的生命里没有人告诉他们,他们聪明优秀,足以完成他们想象的任何事情;想想那些失去梦想的孩子们吧。这些孩子们迫切想找到可以依赖的人或事物。他们想要从你们那里看到希望的曙光。So, whenever you get y to give up, think about all of these people and remember that you are blessed. Remember that you are blessed. Remember that in exchange for those blessings, you must gives something back. You must reach back and pull someone up.所以当你们准备放弃的时候。想想所有这些人,记住你们是幸运的。记住你们是被祝福的。记住,得到了这些幸福后,你们必须拿出东西来回馈社会,你们必须回过身去拉别人一把。 /201303/228914

  My friends,This is a time to give thanks for loved ones, and look back on the past year. We come together – in places of worship, around the table, or under the tree – to celebrate the spirit of the season.We often celebrate this time of year by showing our generosity to family and friends. I trust that we will do the same with the thousands of people who are experiencing the Canadian holidays and the Canadian winter for the first time – the Syrian refugees. After all, we share values of love, hope, and compassion. Its what we do and its who we are.Let us also take time to remember the brave women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces who cannot be with their families. We appreciate their sacrifices for our country – not just today, but every day.My friends, Im deeply grateful for the support youve shown my family and me over this past year. I am honoured to have this opportunity to serve you.From our family to yours, Sophie and I send you the warmest of Christmas wishes and all the best for health and happiness in 2016.201512/418400


  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, so much. Thank you, all. Thank you very, very much. Well, this isnt exactly the party Id planned, but I sure like the company.谢谢你们,谢谢你们。非常感谢你们。感谢你们所有的人。非常非常感谢大家。准确地说,这并不是我计划中的活动,但肯定地说,我喜欢大家的陪伴。And I want to start today by saying how grateful I am to all of you, to everyone who poured your hearts and your hopes into this campaign, who drove for miles and lined the streets waving homemade signs, who scrimped and saved to raise money, who knocked on doors and made calls, who talked, sometimes argued with your friends and neighbors, who e-mailed and contributed online, who invested so much in our common enterprise, to the moms and dads who came to our events, who lifted their little girls and little boys on their shoulders and whispered in their ears, ;See, you can be anything you want to be.;我想以表达对你们所有人的感谢来开始—所有倾注了你们的心血和希望的人、不远万里开车赶来站在街道两旁挥舞自制的标语的人、靠精打细算地节省来筹集资金的人、敲门拜访和致电的人、因谈论我而有时与朋友或邻居争论的人、给我发过电子邮件和上网持我的人、给我们共同的事业投资巨款的人、来到选举现场把女儿或儿子举在肩头并对他们轻声耳语“瞧,只要你想,你可以做成任何事”的妈妈爸爸们。 /201307/248705。

  Now once we mate, we click on the egg.我们一旦交配之后,就可以点这个蛋。And this is where the game starts getting interesting,这样游戏就变得很有趣了,because one of the things we really focused on here was giving the players very high-leverage tools,因为我们的重点工作致意就是让玩家利用事半功倍的工具,so that for a very small amount of effort the player can make something very cool.简单而巧妙地做出很酷的事情。And it involves a lot of intelligence on the tool side.工具栏中包含了很多的智慧。But basically, this is the editor基本上,这就是编辑工具,where were going to design the next generation of our creature.我们可以用它设计我们的生物的下一代。So it has a little spine.它有一个小脊柱,I can move around here. I can extend.它可以移动,可以延伸。I can also inflate or deflate it with the mouse wheel, so you sculpt it like clay.我也可以用这个鼠标操纵的转盘来使它膨胀或者紧缩,这样你就可以塑造它的形状,We have parts here that I can put on or pull off.就像捏橡皮泥一样。这儿我们有零件,你可以添加或者拆减。The idea is that the player can basically design我们的理念是,玩家可以用这个编辑工具设计anything they can think of in this editor, and well basically bring it to life.任何他们想设计的东西,然后让它有了生命。So, for instance, I might put some limbs on the character here.比如,我可以在这个家伙身上装一些肢体。Ill inflate them kind of large.我要把它们胀大。And in this case I might decide Im going to put --这儿我打算——Ill put mouths on the limbs.我打算在它的肢体上加几个嘴巴。So pretty much players are encouraged to be very creative in the game.所以这个游戏鼓励玩家尽可能地发挥他们的创意。Here, Ill give it one eye in the middle, maybe scale it up a bit. Point it down.这里,我要在中间安一只眼睛,放大,视线向下一点。And Ill also give it a few legs.我还要给它装几条腿。So in some sense we want this to feel like an amplifier for the players imagination,所以我们想要这个游戏,能够放飞玩家的想象,so that with a very small number of clicks a player can create something这样玩家只要轻点鼠标,就能创造that they didnt really think was possible before.他们以前想也不敢想的东西。You know, this is almost like designing something like Maya that an eight-year-old can use.你瞧,这就像是一款八岁的小孩都能使用的玛雅设计软件。But really the goal here was, within about a minute,我们真实的意图是,让玩家可以在一分钟之内,I wanted somebody to replicate what typically takes a pictorial artist several weeks to create.制作出一个平面设计师一般需要几周来创作的东西。OK, now Ill put some hands on it.好,现在我要为它加上几只手。OK, so here Ive basically thrown together a little creature.嗯,这样我就拼装好了一个小生物。Let me give it a little weapon on the tail here, so it can fight.我接着在它的尾巴上添一个小武器,这样它就能战斗了。OK, so thats the complete model. Now we can actually go to the painting phase.好啦,大功告成。然后我们就可以为它涂色了。Now, at this phase, the program actually has some understanding of the topology of this creature.在这个阶段,程序实际上对这个生物的拓扑有自己的理解。It kind of knows where the backbone is,它知道哪里是后背,where the spine, the limbs are.哪里是脊柱,哪里是肢体。It kind of knows how stripes should run, how it should be shaded.它知道条纹应该如何分布,如何造型,And so were procedurally generating the texture map,于是我们就顺理成章地得到了这个纹理图。and this is something a texture artist would take many, many days to work on.这样的作品交给一个纹理艺术家来做可能需要很多天。201512/418913


  If we can make this point that Im making如果我们能够做出这些论点,我说这些,to powerful men and women in our society是对于全部有权力的男人和女人在我们的社会中,at all levels of institutional authority and power,在各阶层的有权力人物,its going to change, its going to change这将会改变,这将会改变the paradigm of peoples thinking.人们的想法。You know, for example, I work a lot你知道吗,比方说,我和很多in college and university athletics throughout North America.北美的学校和大学的运动员做过工作,We know so much about how to prevent我们知道很多防止domestic and sexual violence, right?家庭和性别暴力,对吗?Theres no excuse for a college or university没有借口可以给学校和大学说,to not have domestic and sexual violence prevention training不做防止家庭和性别暴力的训练mandated for all student athletes, coaches, administrators,给全部运动员学生,教练,工作人员as part of their educational process.作为他们一部分的教育系统。We know enough to know that we can easily do that.我们已经知道很多,我们可以很容易的做。But you know whats missing? The leadership.你知道缺少什么吗?领导能力。But its not the leadership of student athletes.但是这不是学生运动员的领导能力Its the leadership of the athletic director,这是运动教练的领导能力,the president of the university, the people in charge大学会长的领导能力,who make decisions about resources做资源决定的负责人,and who make decisions about priorities in the institutional settings.和做校园决定的负责人。Thats a failure, in most cases, of mens leadership.这是一个失败,在很多的例案,在男人的领导能力Look at Penn State. Penn State is the mother看看宾州州立大学。of all teachable moments for the bystander approach.宾州州立大学是很多旁观者方法可以学习的母亲。You had so many situations in that realm你会发现很多真实的情况中,where men in powerful positions failed to act很多有权力的男人无法保护to protect children, in this case, boys.他们的儿子,在这案子中,小男孩。Its unbelievable, really. But when you get into it,这是很难被相信的,真的。但是当你深入了解时,you realize there are pressures on men.你会发觉有很多压力施于男人。There are constraints within peer cultures on men,有些束缚发生在于男人的文化中which is why we need to encourage men所以我们必须鼓励男人to break through those pressures.去突破这些压力。And one of the ways to do that is to say其中一个方法是说theres an awful lot of men who care deeply about these issues.有很多男人真的关心这些话题。I know this. I work with men,我知道这。我和这些男人一起工作。and Ive been working with tens of thousands,还有我已经和一万个,hundreds of thousands of men for many, many decades now.十万个男人工作了很多很多年代。Its scary, when you think about it, how many years.其实停恐怖的,当我想想已经多少年了,But theres so many men who care deeply about these issues,但是还有很多男人真的关心这些话题。but caring deeply is not enough.但是仅仅关心是不够的。We need more men with the guts,我们需要有勇气的男人,with the courage, with the strength, with the moral integrity有胆量,有能力,有道德的to break our complicit silence and challenge each other去破解这些沉默然后挑战他们。and stand with women and not against them.然后和女人站在同一阵线,不是对抗她们。By the way, we owe it to women.但是,我们欠女人的。Theres no question about it.这是无可否认的。But we also owe it to our sons.但我们也欠我们的孩子。We also owe it to young men who are growing up我们也欠成长中的男孩,all over the world in situations where they didnt make the choice在世界各地的男孩,那些没有得选择的男孩,to be a man in a culture that tells them作为一个男人在一个文化中告诉他们that manhood is a certain way.男子气概是肯定的。They didnt make the choice.他们没得做选择。We that have a choice have an opportunity我们有机会做这个选择。and a responsibility to them as well.同时我们也对他们有责任。I hope that, going forward, men and women,我希望,往前看,男人和女人,working together, can begin the change一起工作,可以开始做出改变,and the transformation that will happen然后转变会发生。so that future generations wont have the level of tragedy然后未来的时代不会有同样的悲剧,that we deal with on a daily basis.就好像每天在我们的生活情况下发生。I know we can do it. We can do better.我知道我们可以做到。我们可以做得更好。Thank you very much.谢谢。201509/396678

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