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对抗演练James: Miss Wang, how do you do? I’m Allan James, the director of human resourse department of this company. Miss Wang: How do you do, Mr. James? Thank you for asking me to come in.James: Not at all. Please sit down, then we can begin.Miss Wang: Thank you.James: As you know, Miss Wang, we are looking for an executive secretary with business background and good English skills. We looked into your resume and thought you might be a good candidate. Miss Wang: Thank you.James: Today’s interview is for us to get to know a little about you. And the interview will last a little bit longer. So, if you’re comfortable, I want to ask you some questions. 詹姆斯: 王,你好。我是詹姆斯,这家公司的人力资源部主人。王: 您好,詹姆斯先生。谢谢您给我这个面试的机会。詹姆斯: 别客气。请坐,我们开始吧。王: 谢谢。詹姆斯: 王,正如你所知道的,我们需要一位有经贸背景和相当英语水平的行政秘书。看了你的简历,我们认为你是一位不错的人选。王: 谢谢。詹姆斯: 今天的面试是想对你有所了解。面试的时间可能比较长。如果你准备好了,我想问你一些问题。 /201107/143998第一句:What mode of transportation do you want?你方希望何种运输方式?A: What mode of transportation do you want?你方希望何种运输方式?B: Can you give us any suggestion?你方能够给我方一些建议吗?A: Our customers often choose sea tranportation.我们的顾客一般采用海运。B: Sometimes sea transportation is troublesome to us.有时海运对我们来说很麻烦。第二句:To move the goods by railway is quicker than by sea.铁路货运比海运快。A: Transport by air is too expensive.空运太贵了。B: Yes. To move the goods by railway is quicker than by sea.是的。铁路运输比海运快。A: Thats right.你说得对。其他表达法:Please dispatch the TV sets we ordered by sea.请海运我们订购的电视机。Because of the high cost of railway transportation, we prefer sea transportation.因为铁路运输费用高,我们更喜欢走海运。铁路货运一批托运的货物,必须托运人,收货人,发站,到站和装卸地点相同(整车分卸货物除外)。整车货物每车为一批。跨装,爬装及使用游车的货物,每一车组为一批。零担货物或使用集装箱运输的货物,以每张货物运单为一批。使用集装箱运输的货物,每批必须是同一箱型,至少一箱,最多不得超过铁路一辆货车所能装运的箱数。 /201301/223290

A 21-year-old French tennis players ;inappropriate behavior; towards a female journalist during a live TV interview at a major tournament has been described as ;reprehensible; by the French Tennis Federation.法国网球联合会表示,21岁的法国网球选手马克西姆-哈姆在大型比赛中接受电视直播采访时对一名女记者的“不当行为必须遭受谴责”。Maxime Hamou pulled Eurosport journalist Maly Thomas close to him and kissed her repeatedly while holding her around her neck and shoulders Monday.本周一,马克西哈姆将欧洲体育台记者玛托马斯拉近身边,搂住她的脖子和肩膀数次强吻。On Tuesday, the FTT revoked Hamous accreditation for the prestigious French Open, while the organizations President Bernard Giudicelli has asked the disputes committee to investigate for improper conduct.本周二,法国网球协会取消了马克西哈姆参加著名的法国网球公开赛的件。协会主席伯纳德-朱迪切利要求争议委员会调查这次不当行为;I want to offer my deepest apologies to Maly Thomas if she felt hurt or shocked by my attitude during her interview,; Hamou wrote on his Instagram account.哈姆在他的Instagram账户中写道:“如果因为我在采访中的态度感到不快或震惊,我要对玛托马斯表示最真挚的歉意。”In a statement sent to CNN, Eurosport said: ;We sincerely regret the incident that occurred during yesterday evenings interview between Maly Thomas and Maxime Hamou.欧洲体育台在发送给美国有线新闻网的一份声明中说:“对于昨晚在玛丽-托马斯采访马克西哈姆时发生的事,我们深表遗憾。;The behaviour of the interviewee was highly inappropriate and we do not condone such conduct in any way.;“被采访者的行为是不恰当的,我们无法原谅这样的行为。”In es carried by the Huffington Post, Thomas said that if she ;hadnt been live on air, I would have punched him.;据《赫芬顿邮报》报道称,玛托马斯说,“如果不是在直播,我会把他揍一顿。”The incident happened after Hamou, who is ranked No. 287 in the world, had been knocked out of the first round in straight sets by Uruguays Pablo Cuevas.此番事件发生前,排名世界287位的哈姆首轮连丢3盘不敌乌拉圭选手巴勃奎瓦斯。Following a defeat, its normal for players to still be allowed on site with their accreditation, though usually most would take off to prepare for their next tournament.在输掉比赛后,选手仍可凭参赛件留在赛场,尽管通常情况下大部分选手会离开,以准备下次比赛。来 /201706/512155

  Now listen to two conversations. In the first conversation Richard Davies is calling the marketing department of a company and wants to be put through to Rosalind Wilson. In the second conversation Mike Andrews wants to talk to Jason Roberts in the marketing department.Michelle: Hello, youve reached the marketing department. How can I help?Male: Yes can I speak to Rosalind Wilson, please?Michelle: Who’s calling please?Male: It’s Richard Davies hereMichelle: Certainly. Please hold and I’ll put you through.Male: Thank you. Michelle: Hello, marketing. How can I help?Male: Could I speak to Jason Roberts please?Michelle: Certainly. Who shall I say is calling?Male: My name’s Mike Andrews.Michelle: Just a second - I’ll see if he’s in. Hello, Jason, I’ve got Mike Andrews on the phone for you ... OK - I’ll put him through. Hang on a moment, I’m just putting you through. /07/78966


  1.我是来应聘贵公司所招聘的销售员一职的。I came in answer to your advertisement for a salesperson.2.我没有什么销售经验。I have no experience as a salesperson.3.我在家乡的一个商店里工作过。I worked in a store in my hometown.4.我主修商业。I majored in commerce.5.我们需要找到一种新的配货销售方式。We need to find a new way of distribution.6.我将对这种产品进行全球销售。I'll lauch a new worldwide distribution of this product.7.我想以最低价格卖掉这些过季产品。I want to sell these out-of-season products at a bottom price.8.我将应用一种新的市场营销策略。I'll practice a new marketing strategy.9.我修过的课程有市场营销,营销原理,销售管理等。The courses I completed are marketing,marketing principles, sales management and so on.10.销售的最佳办法是建立一个销售网络。The best way of selling is to build up a sales network. /201106/139042

  1.All the manufactures in the areas try to supply the demands of consumers.  这地区的所有生产商都设法满足消费者的需求。  重点词语:consumer n.消费者  商务用语:consumers' goods 消费品  consumer credit control 消费信贷管理  2.The automobile manufacturer continued to produce minibus to meet the farmers' demand at low profit.  这家汽车制造商为了满足农民的需求,继续以低利润生产小型公共汽车。  重点词语:continue vi. amp; vt.继续;连续  商务用语:continue to improve 不断改善  continue working 持续工作  3.The contributed food and clothing for the refugees.  他们向难民捐赠食品和衣物。  重点词语:contribute vi.捐款 vt.捐赠(款项等)  商务用语:contribute to the Red Cross 向红十字会捐献  contribute to a literary journal 向文学杂志投稿  4.The ambassador personally conveyed the president's message to the premier.  大使亲自向总理传达了总统的问题。  重点词语:convey vt.传送,输送;转让(财产等)  商务用语:convey the supplies to the warehouse 把物资运送到仓库  5.Clerk wanted, able to cost.   招聘职员,须能计算成本。  重点词语:cost n.成本,费用 vt.花费(金钱,时间),使付出(代价);估定……的成本  商务用语:cost and freight (C.F.)离岸加运费价  anticipated cost 预期成本  living costs 生活费用 /200811/555277. 快乐兴奋三句英文任你选Im on top of the world.我太高兴了。I feel I am the happiest person in the world.我觉得自己是世界上最幸福的人。He was on cloud nine.他高兴极了。半个句型要记牢~ on top of the world.高兴到极点,心满意足Tip:汉语和英语里都习惯用;高度;来表达情绪。所以不难理解on top of the world, high, on cloud nine (极乐心境,狂喜状态)的意思了,这和汉语里;乐翻了天;的意思很像。 /201502/354332第11课暂无文本 相关专题推荐:商务口语讲义视频商务英语口语 /200809/47207

  Criticizing a smokerA: John, I’ve asked you not to smoke in here! I don’t want to see you smoking in my office again.B: I’m sorry, Ms. Fairbanks. I won’t let it happen again.A: That’s what you said the last time!If you want to smoke, you’ll have to use your break time and go outside!B: I understand, Ms. Fairbanks.批评吸烟者A:约翰,我告诉过你不要在这儿抽烟。我不容许你再在我办公室抽烟了。B:对不起,费尔班克斯女士。我再也不会了。A:你上回就是这么说的!如果你想抽烟,你必须用休息时间而且得到外边去!B:我明白,费尔班克斯女士。 /01/60925第一句:Any annex is the integral part of this contract.本合同一切附件均为本合同的有效组成部分。A: Any annex is the integral part of this contract.本合同一切附件均为本合同的有效组成部分。B: Any departure from the terms and conditions of the contract must be advised in writing.任何与合同条款相背离的地方,都应以书面形式通知。第二句:Any failure by a party to carry out all or part of his obligations under the contract shall be considered as a substantial breach.一方当事人不履行本合同的全部或任何部分义务均应被视为根本违约。A: Any failure by a party to carry out all or part of his obligations under the contract shall be considered as a substantial breach.一方当事人不履行本合同的全部或任何部分义务均应被视为根本违约。B: This term is rather important.这一条款很重要。A: Any party has no right to terminate this contract without the other partys agreement.未经另一方同意,任何方均无权终止本合同。其他表达法:Example of void contracts are those entered as a result of misrepresentation, duress or undue influence.因欺诈、胁迫和趁人之危而签订的合同属于可撤销合同。If any of the above-mentioned clauses is inconsistent with the following additional clauses, the latter to be taken as authentic.以上任何条款如与下列附加条款相抵触,以下列附加条款为准。 /201303/229667

  第一句:The goods will be sent to your door in a few days几天之内,他们会送货上门。A: What about the delivery?那怎么送货呢?B: The goods will be sent to your door in a few days. 几天之内,他们会送货上门。A: That’s so convenient.这太方便了。第二句:Maggie, you should click ;delivery on workdays;.麦琪,你应该点击“工作日送货”。A: Maggie, you should click “delivery on workdays;.麦琪,你应该点击“工作日送货”。B: Oh, yes. I neglected it.噢,是啊。我忽略了。A: No one would be in the office during weekends.周末办公室没有人。背诵句型:We employ forwarding agency for delivery.我们雇用了转运公司来送货。 /201309/254969


  1.Prototype 试制,样件A: Are we still in the prototype?B: Yes,but we still go into production in three months.A:我们还属于试制阶段吗?B:是啊,但我们会在三个月内进入生产阶段。 2.Product specification 产品标准A: How do we come up with product specification?B: We discuss and reach agreement with the customer.A:我们如何制定产品标准?B:我们与客户讨论达成共识。3.Rendering 效果图A: Where do we get a rendering when we design a product?B: We can either get it from our customer, or generate the rendering ourselves.A:我们设计产品的时候从哪里得到效果图啊?B:我们可以从客户那里得到也可以自己做效果图。4.Revision 改版,换版,更改版本号A: When you do a revision,do you get a different part number?B: No. You just get a new revision level.A:你改版的时候,会产生不同的零件号吗?B:不会,只是产生新的版本号。5.Template 模板A: It seems that we have template for everything.B: Can I have a template for my marriage?A:好像我们做什么都有模板?B:我能要一个结婚的模板吗? /200809/47679

  Describe the best job you ever had.请描述一下你所做过的最好的一份工作。I enjoyed all the jobs Ive had,but if I were to choose one,it would probably be when I worked as Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing of EU Pharmaceuticals.到目前为止,每份工作我都做得非常愉快。如果要我选择一个的话,那可能就是在EU制药公司担任的营销副总裁行政助理一职。It was the first time I worked for a senior-level executive.那是我第一次在高层主管手下工作。He was the best boss Ive ever worked for.他是我所遇到的上司中最棒的一位。The pace was fast and he was demanding,but I learned a great deal from him-organizational skills,industry knowledge,business acumen,professionalism and integrity,to name a few.虽然他是一位步调快,要求高的人,但是我从他身上学到了许多东西,如组织技巧,行业知识,商业智慧,专业精神以及诚实正直的品质等,实在不胜枚举。It was almost an honor and reward to be able to work so closely with a competent executive like him.能够这么近距离地与像他这样一位有才能的高级主管一起工作,简直是一种荣耀与奖赏。By the time he became president,I was indispensable to him and continued to serve as Executive Assistant to him until he returned to his headquarters in Europe.到他成为总裁的时候,对他而言我已经不可或缺。后来,我一直担任他的行政助理,直到他回到欧洲总部。 /201311/265517

  pitch black ---------- 漆黑一片英文释义 Extremely dark; black as asphalt. (NOTE:;pitch;in this usage is a kind of tar)例句 On moonless nights in the mountains the night sky is pitch black.晚上若没有月亮,这片山区的夜空会是漆黑一片。 /201502/359278

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