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Over 3000 kilometres long, the Himalayas are Chinas real Great Wall.喜马拉雅山脉的长度超过了3000千米,是中国真正意义上的长城。With hundreds of peaks over 7,000 metres and 13 peaks higher than 8,000 metres, they are the highest mountains on Earth.有上百个山峰的海拔超过了7000米,其中十三个的海拔超过了8000米,是地球上最高的山峰。The Tibetan region contains over 35,000 glaciers that cover over 100000 square kilometres. They comprise the largest area of ice outside the polar regions and nearly a sixth of the worlds total.西藏地区有3万5千个以上的冰川覆盖了超过10万平方千米的土地,组成了除去极地之外的最大的冰区,接近世界冰区总面积的六分之一。These glaciers are the source of most of the water in the region. And the Tibetan plateau is studded with glacial lakes. At over 4,500 metres up, Lake Manasarovar in the far west of Tibet is the highest freshwater lake in the world.冰川是这个地区大部分水流的源头。青藏高原上镶嵌着众多冰冷的湖泊。坐落在西藏遥远西部海拔4500米处的玛旁雍错湖,是世界上海拔最高的淡水湖。 /201402/277725



  First today, though, the U.S. and Russia work out a deal - youre seeing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the left and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the right. 今天的头条,美国和俄罗斯达成一个协议——你看到的左边是美国国务卿约翰·克里,而右边的正是俄罗斯外交部长拉夫罗夫。They met in Switzerland late last week to talk about Syrias supply of chemical weapons. 他们于上周末在瑞士会面,就叙利亚化学武器问题进行讨论。And they came up with steps for Syrias to hand over control of those weapons.他们想出了让叙利亚一步步交出化学武器控制权的方法。Heres the plan: step one: within one week, Syria has to offer a comprehensive list of all of its of chemical weapons. 计划如下:第一步:一周之内,叙利亚必须交出一份关于全部化学武器的详细列表。Step two, international inspectors must be in Syria no later than November. 第二步,11月之前,国际观察员必须进入叙利亚。And step three, all of Syrias chemical weapons materials must be destroyed by the middle of next year. 第三步,在明年年中之前,必须销毁叙利亚所有的化学武器物质。 /201309/256841。


  This Week: Clinton vs. RoveA News Jon Karl reports on Karl Roves comments this week and the controversy over Hillary Clintons health.There was Hillary Clinton celebrating Barbara Walterss last day on The View, one stop in a week that had the feel of presidential campaign in full swing, after Karl Rove took a shot at Clintons health and the whole Clinton Camp fired back.Heres chief White House correspondent Jonson Carl.Hillary Clinton seems to be enjoying the endless 2016 speculation. Check out how she dodged the big question from Barbara Walters.-The question I wanna ask is how you gonna run. But...-Well I am running, around the park.But this week the Clintons were out in force-14 public appearances, not just Hillary but Bill too. And when Karl Rove attacked, the Clintons rapid-response operation was also out in force.It started when the New York Post ing Rove questioning how bad Mrs Clintons brain was hurt by a concussion she suffered in December 2012,; 30 Days in the hospital? And when she reappears, shes wearing glasses thats are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know whats up with that!Reality—Mrs Clinton spent 3 days, not 30 in the hospital. Her spokesman hit back accusing Rove of flat out lying.Then it was Bill Clintons turn:;First they said she fake her concussion, and now they say she’s auditioning for a part in The Walking Dead.;But Rove wasnt backing down.She had a serious health episode.This will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she like it or not.This much is not in dispute. In December 2012, Mrs Clinton was ill with the virus, fell, and suffered a concussion and a blood clot. She stayed out of public view for nearly a month. Her spokesperson downplayed her condition:She is still under the weather.This week Bill Clinton acknowledged it took her 6 month to fully recover. Clinton appears to be in good health now. But Rove made it clear that the health and age of Mrs Clinton, now 66, will not be off limits.;Republicans are sending a message and a sense to Hillary Clinton that its not gonna be easy, its not gonna be a free ride.;Bill Clinton says he expects the attack to get harsher:;It is the Beginning.;And no doubt the Clintons, both of them will be taking plenty of shots, too.For this week, Jonson Carl, A news, Washington. /201405/301983Men are natural givers and the very act of giving can make a woman happy. Men should not hold back, but instead appreciate a woman as they like to be wanted. Here are some tips on how men could make women happy.男人是天生的付出者,他们的行为可以让女人开心。男人不应该犹豫不决,而应该以女人希望的方式对待他们。以下是男人使女人开心的几点建议。Im going to talk to you now about how to make a girl happy. Clearly, Im smiling because obviously this is dear to my heart. For if men really knew how much power they have to make a woman happy, I think it might surprise them and shock them.我将要告诉你,怎样使心仪的女孩开心。很明显,我在微笑,因为这对我来说是非常珍贵的。因为如果男人知道他们有多少威力来使女人开心,他们自己都会感到震惊。But actually, men have so much to give. Theyre natural givers. Men are natural caring giving people and for whatever reason,maybe shyness, maybe not feeling worthy, they hold back.但是实际上,男人有许多可以付出的,他们是天生的给予者。在付出和帮助别人方面,男人是天生的,但由于各种各样的原因,或许是害羞,或许是觉得不值得,他们裹足不前。But I want to say to you, give, give, give, give all of you, give what you have to give, because you could really delight a woman. All women, let me tell you, all women would love to receive your giving. I assure you, your level of giving is so needed and wanted.但是我要告诉你,一定要付出,付出,付出你的所有,因为这样可以使你心仪的女孩开心。让我告诉你,所有女人都乐于接受你的付出。我向你保,你的付出是非常有必要的。Now, I know men get afraid of making this line, stepping over, Im not talking about stepping over lines, Im talking about telling her shes beautiful, offering her a flower or a bunch of flowers, taking her for lunch, appreciating who she is,listening to her, asking her questions and receiving the answers and I just want to assure you, give, give, dont worry about the outcome. It will build you, grow you, love you, you will feel so incredible and fantastic and you will see the being before you, joyous, free and happy.现在,我知道男人都害怕走出这一步。走出这一步,我说的并不是跨越界限,而是大胆告诉她她很漂亮,送给她一束花,邀请她共进午餐,欣赏她,听她说话,问她问题,认真听她的回答。我向你保,一定要付出,付出,不要计较结果。久而久之,你会感觉到自己的魅力难以置信,你会看到你心仪的女孩非常非常开心。Thanks for watching How To Make A Girl Happy感谢收看“怎样让你心仪的女孩开心”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/257612

  At first, the answer seemed simple.起初看起来显而易见Everyone was eating too much and exercising too little.那就是人们吃得太多 动得太少But this simple statement could not explain但简单的并不能解释why some people were gaining weight but others were not.为什么有人体重增加 而有人却没有The search was on to understand why.此调查就是试图找出其中原因Some believed that the answers were all in the mind.一些人认为已了然于胸I think this is actually a disease,我觉得这其实属于疾病的范畴and I think what is behind若深度剖析it is really a psychological disturbance.这还是种心理疾病Suleika had a modest overweight problem,苏莱卡有轻微的超重问题cured by a course of psychotherapy.通过参加心理治疗 解决了她的问题Looking back, she clearly sees回首往事 她能很清楚地明白the psychological problems behind her fatness.在她肥胖背后存在的心理问题It was a defence against the responsibilities of my own femininity.这是对我自己女性特质的一种抵抗If I could be fat, I would be inaccessible to young men,如果我变胖了 年轻男孩子就不愿意接近我I would avoid the responsibility of making relationships with young men.我就可以回避和年轻男孩交往的义务Eating can be a comfort to the unhappy and bored.吃东西可以缓解不开心和无聊的情绪Fatness may be a way of avoiding problems.肥胖可能是逃避问题的一种方式Somebody shy may become too fat to go out.有些害羞的人可能变得太胖以至于不能外出Obesity can be a way of avoiding sexual problems肥胖可能是逃避不和谐性生活的一种方式 and people may get fat because other people人们成为胖子 可能是由于其他人need them to be inactive and hence dependent.希望他们懒惰并由此产生依赖性While this kind of explanation suited the shrinks,这种解释对心理医生适用it couldnt be true for everyone.但不可能对每个人都合适If it wasnt neurosis,如果不是神经症 then where should research focus now?那么研究应该专注在哪里呢201306/244539Frederick Rodney Holt, he recently made an additional preferred purchase of 106,656 shares at 19 cents a share.弗里德里克 罗德 霍尔特 他最近追加认购了106 656股(以每股19美分的价格)Right, and to be clear, this new purchase,it does not affect Mr. Holts entitlement to founder stock.No, not at all. Steve?No, no, no. Rod gets his due.好吧 明确地讲 这些新认购的股票。并不影响霍尔特先生作为公司创始人的权益股票。不 绝不 史蒂夫?不 不 不 罗德·霍尔特得到了他应得的权益了Daniel Kottke,engineering technician, founding employee. Now, at our last meeting I,I dont believe that we met a consensus as to Mr. Kottkes entitlement to founder stock.丹尼尔·克特克,工程技师 我们的创始人之一 在上次的会议上。我不认为我们达成了一致意见。就是有关丹尼尔是否拥有创始人权益股票的问题Well, in all honesty, to be rewarding Daniel with the same amount of stock as Rod seems a bit unfair. Doesnt it?呃 实话实说 给丹尼尔...和霍尔特一样多股份的话 对霍尔特来说...有点不公平 是不是?Yes. Daniel gets nothing.Nothing?没错 丹尼尔没有股份。没有股份?Dont you think you should think about what youre doing, for a second?I have thought about it. Daniel gets nothing.你确定要这么做。你为你的决定再思考一下吗?我想过了 丹尼尔没有股份Yes, sir.Its noted.What?Any low grade technician could do his job.Ive been feeding him for years. Its not personal.Dont give me that bullshit, Steve. Of course its personal.明白,先生。事情已经很明显了...什么?随便一个初级工程师就能取代他。我白养了他很多年了 不能感情用事。去你的感情用事 史蒂夫 他是你兄弟耶He can barely do his job.他做现在的事都很吃力If we give Daniel preferred stock,some engineer with 10 times his talent gets nothing.如果我们给丹尼尔股份。那些让比他强10倍的工程师情何以堪Then what happens?Then we just draw this line right here, right now, okay?So you, what are you talking about? Management, or...Management and engineers.然后 你猜怎么着?我们现在就把原则定好 行吗?所以你在说些什么呢? 管理之道 还是...管理层和工程师Yeah, this means...I know what it means, Mike.Thanks.No, hes... You know what, I dont...Okay then. Shall we continue?是的 这意味着...我真的了解 麦克。谢谢。不 他是... 你知道的 我不知道...好 我们继续吗? /201407/309076




  High-quality lacquer was brilliantly smooth and virtually indestructible. Fine pieces like our cup required up to 30 or more separate coats, with long drying and hardening times between each, and so it could have taken up to about a month to make. Hardly surprising, then, that they were inordinately expensive-you could buy more than ten bronze cups for the price of one in lacquer-so lacquer cups were strictly reserved for top management, the Imperial governors controlling the frontiers of the Empire. Although the Han Chinese and the Roman empires covered roughly the same land area, a census conducted in China, only two years before our cup was made, came up with the wonderfully precise figure of a population of 57,671,400 individuals. Heres Roel Sterckx again:高级漆器的表面十分光滑,同时又非常坚固。如本文中的耳杯这样的精品漆器需要涂抹三十多层漆。每抹完一次便需耐心等待它干燥变硬, 因此制作周期需要一个月之久。毫不奇怪,它的价格十分昂贵,一只漆杯的价格相当于十只青铜杯,因此仅限驻守边疆的将领等位高权重的人使用。汉朝的领土与罗马帝国大致相当,但人口更多。漆杯制作前两年的一次人口普查得到了五千七百六十七万一千四百人的精确数字。胡司德说:;One of things we need to keep in mind, of course, is that the Chinese Empire is immense, and that it straddles a hugely diverse geographic region. And in the case of the Han, were talking about a distance that stretches from North Korea to Vietnam. Contact between people is obviously not always very obvious, and so the circulation of goods, the circulation of imperially sanctioned objects, together of course with texts, is part of that symbolical assertion of what it means to be an empire. You might not see people who are part of the same empire, but you might actually-by witnessing the goods that are produced across the empire-feel, or have a sense of belonging to, that greater imagined community in many ways.;我们必须了解,中国幅员辽阔,人口众多。汉朝的领土从朝鲜一直延伸到越南。但民众间的交流并不频繁,因此商品的流通、皇室专用物品的流通以及统一的文字,便成为帝国统一性的象征。你也许无法同帝国其他部分的百姓碰面,但各地产物的流通能让你找到身属一个庞大帝国的认同感。201411/344324


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